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videos you’ve ripped and added to your iTunes library. But there’s no iTunes Movie Library, at least not yet, so the existence of these statuses is a bit odd. Unless Apple is planning to let us match movies to the iTunes Store at some time soon... Given the way the movie and TV industries work, we’d not hold my breath about that being possible, though We’d love to see it. Imagine if you could insert a DVD in the optical drive and have the iTunes Store match a movie? That would be great.

Matchless music Q: I’ve had an iTunes Match subscription for a number of years but I’m going to let it expire when it runs out this month. When I turned off auto-renew, I saw a message saying that my matched and uploaded tracks would no longer be available on iCloud. I understand that, but will all the matched songs, downloaded from the cloud, stay on my computer? And if I sign up for iTunes Match in the future, what then happens? A: All the songs on your computer stay on your computer. Which means if there are any that are in the cloud and not on your computer, you need to download them before you unsubscribe, or you’ll lose them. If you re-subscribe at a later date, then iTunes re-matches all your music; it won’t retain your library in the cloud.

Delete a song from a Apple Music playlist Q: How do you remove a song from an Apple Music playlist? I’m using the most recent version of iOS 10. 104 MACWORLD • JANUARY 2017 MWJAN17.indd 104

08/12/2016 13:52

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