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BRADPITT makes his first public appearance since splitting from ANGELINA JOLIE, alongside his good friend


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Don’t miss OK!’s I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! special! ADAMTHOMASand his fiancée Caroline Daly join OK! for a shoot with their adorable son Teddy, ahead of the Emmerdale star’s trip to the jungle. We also jet out to Australia to chat to his campmates SCARLETTMOFFATT, CAROLVORDERMAN, WAYNEBRIDGE, OLA JORDAN and LISASNOWDON – who’s planning to avoid the shower, who’s absolutely terrified of spiders and who hates ‘everything’?!


et’s get ready to jungle! In our star-infested I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! special, we talk exclusively to Adam Thomas and his fiancée Caroline Daly ahead of his Aussie adventure. The Emmerdale actor explains why he’s mildly terrified about the prospect of life in the camp, but Caroline reveals that her advice to him is to ‘tuck his trousers into his socks so that nothing can crawl up his legs’! Adam’s never been away from his fiancée and their two-year-old son Teddy for more an a week, but he says he’s ready and hoping he can ‘man up’! We also chat to Adam’s I’m A Celebrity… campmates Carol Vorderman, Wayne Bridge, Ola Jordan, Lisa Snowdon and Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt, who spills the beans on her marriage plans with boyfriend Luke Crodden… and how many bikinis she’s packed! Also this week, in our exclusive shoot, Strictly Come Dancing favourites Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse tell us that it’s too early to think about winning, and former Hollyoaks actor Danny tells us he’s not concerned about the ‘Strictly Curse’ as his relationship with fiancée and former co-star Carley Stenson is stronger than ever. And in their first official interview and shoot together since leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, lovebirds Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor reveal why their relationship is for keeps. We also go behind the scenes at The X Factor ahead of this week’s crucial live shows, plus Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them star Eddie Redmayne opens up about being a new dad. Enjoy!






hen we pop round to see Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas and his fiancée Caroline Daly, we’re greeted with a scene of domestic bliss. Caroline answers the front door and introduces us to the other lady of the house – a little bundle of energy called Bella, the family’s four-year-old puggle, a cross between a pug and a beagle. Adam is lying on the sofa feeling poorly after a week-long vomiting bug and the couple’s young son Teddy is contentedly playing. The family are making the most of their time together as they are about to spend up to a month apart as Adam is one of this year’s contestants on I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Here!. Teddy is aware that Daddy is going to be heading off to the ‘gungle’, as he calls it, and runs into the kitchen to get a container full of his own plastic jungle. The two year old picks up a lion and gives us a roar to show us he means business, but when his mum asks him to make an elephant call he gets a bit shy and ducks behind the sofa. As we chat to Adam, 28, it becomes clear that he probably isn’t going to be adopting the Bear Grylls approach to jungle survival. ‘I’m scared of ants, cockroaches and all insects,’ he admits. ‘But I’m terrified of spiders. When Caroline was nine months pregnant I spotted one in our bedroom. I woke her up and asked her to get rid of it.’ Dance teacher Caroline, 26, and Adam have been together for eight years and got engaged in Dubai this year. He’s known to millions as Adam Barton in the long-running Yorkshire soap. Until recently, his older brother Ryan was a familiar face as Coronation Street’s Jason Grimshaw, while Adam’s twin brother Scott made his television debut earlier this year appearing on Love Island. A couple of days after our interview, we meet up with Adam, Caroline and Teddy for an exclusive pre-I’m A Celebrity… shoot at the magnificent Peckforton Castle, a 48-bedroom hotel and wedding venue near Tarporley in Cheshire. Here, the couple tell us how they’re going to cope with being separated, who Adam wouldn’t want to meet in the jungle and why he might shed a few tears on this year’s show… How are you feeling about going into the jungle, Adam? It’s only just kicked in that I’m going in. I’ve known for quite a while as they had to write me out of Emmerdale. To be honest I didn’t think it was going


to happen, I thought something was going to go wrong. It hasn’t unfortunately [laughs]! I’m feeling quite nervous but excited.

Adam: They are just bizarre. I can’t really explain them, but I haven’t been well and I’ve been on medication, so maybe that’s caused them?

How has going into the jungle affected you? Adam: I’m having sleepless nights. I’m just a bit on edge. Caroline: He has been having nightmares.

What made you decide to do the show? I just thought why not! It’s going to challenge me in many ways and I think that’ll be a really positive experience for me. You’ve been widely tipped to go into the jungle – has it been difficult trying to keep it a secret? I’ve had to lie to pretty much everyone and ask them where they heard the rumours when they asked me. It has been difficult, but everyone who does know has been really supportive. Caroline: I haven’t had many people asking – even after the rumours started to appear! Adam: I was in the doctors a few days ago, lying down as I couldn’t even stand up. Somebody said to me: ‘Are you going in the jungle?’ I said: ‘Do I look like I’m going in the jungle?!’ Your Emmerdale colleagues Chris Bisson, Gemma Atkinson and Lucy Pargeter have all appeared on I’m A Celebrity… – have you asked them for any advice on how to survive? Everybody has said they’ve had an amazing experience and they have great memories. I’ll just go in there and have a laugh and meet some new characters. That’s the main thing I want to do. Have you given Adam any advice, Caroline? Adam: She said don’t sleep with any girls [laughs]! Caroline: No I didn’t! I have told him that he needs to bring back the scally look and tuck his trousers into his socks so that nothing can crawl up his legs. That was my biggest tip! I just thought that would be good advice if he’s lying in a box having insects tipped over him. Have you given him any warnings about what not to do? No, I completely trust him, he just needs to go in there and be himself.

Above: Adam and Teddy with Ryan and his daughter Scarlett. Top: Adam with brothers Scott and Ryan and niece Scarlett

How much are you going to miss Caroline and Teddy, Adam? I am going to miss them so much. If I stay till the end I’m not going to see them for nearly a month. I’ve never been away from them for more than a week. It’s going to kill me not seeing them while I’m in the jungle, but they’re not going to be too far away.

Teddy knows that his daddy is going into the ‘gungle’, as he calls it




Above: Adam says this is likely to be the longest he will have been apart from Caroline. Below centre: Adam’s promotional shot When are you due to fly out to Australia, Caroline? It will be a week after the show has started and we’re going to be there for a couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to a 24-hour flight with Teddy, but I’m hoping he will be fine. Adam’s mum, Gail, is coming with me and we get on amazingly well, so I’m looking forward to it. Caroline, how are you feeling about being apart from Adam? It’s hard, I don’t know how I’ll feel – I’ve never been in this position before. I think I’ll have a wobble on the day he leaves for Australia. It will be surreal as he’s rubbish at packing his suitcase so he will be all flustered. Then he’ll be gone. It will be a comfort knowing that I’m able 8

to see him every night, but if he starts to get upset and has a few wobbles then I’ll definitely be wobbling. How do you think Teddy will react when he sees his dad on screen in the jungle? When he sees his dad in Emmerdale he goes: ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ If he does that with I’m A Celebrity… that will set me off. Teddy says his daddy is going into the ‘gungle’. Will it be a bit weird knowing that they’re so close but so far away, Adam? They’re going to be at the Palazzo Versace hotel with my mum. Stacking up the bill no doubt! Is there anything you’re scared of, Adam?

Everything! That’s why I’m doing the show. I want to face my fears. I am so scared of spiders. It got so bad a few years ago that I went to see a hypnotist and that didn’t work. I’m scared of any insects – cockroaches, spiders – anything. We know you find spiders particularly bad – why is that? Adam: I just hate them. When Caroline was nine months pregnant I spotted one in our bedroom. I woke her up and asked her to get rid of it. I was nearly crying and it was only small. I am such a wuss, especially with spiders. Caroline: I was fast asleep! I had to get out of bed and was on my hands and knees trying to get hold of this spider.

Somebody who’s a bit of a drama queen or moaning all the time. I just can’t be bothered with all that. Either get on with it or shut up! Rumours have been circulating that Ola Jordan might be doing the show. How would you feel about that? I would be so star struck – it would be brilliant if Ola was in there, as I need somebody to teach me a wedding dance for next year! What are you looking forward to the most? I’m always on my phone, so just being able to switch off from the outside world and be sat round a campfire with a bunch of people I’ve never met. That will be fun. Caroline: Adam is a people person too. He likes talking to new people. How do you think you will cope living in a very enclosed space? I did ask about where you can go to have a private chat. They said there are different areas in the camp. But I’ve been told the camp is quite a small area so it’s going to be tough. Living with a group of strangers in an enclosed space is not ordinary. How do you think he will cope, Caroline? I think he’ll be fine. He’s nervous now but I think he’ll surprise himself at how well he’ll cope.


What about all the time when you’re just sat around in camp – will you get bored? I’ve been told you spend so much time doing nothing. You only see an hour on telly every night. It will be hard.


What luxury item are you going to be taking into the jungle with you? I had to put three options. So I put a photo of Caroline and Teddy and a pillow. I couldn’t think of a third one. Somebody said a lilo last time. Why would you want to take one of them with you?! Your brother Scott was on Love Island and had to live in an enclosed space in front of television cameras. Has he offered any advice? He told me I had to win it or don’t come home! He said just be myself. Don’t go out looking for moments, but when they come along seize them.

Left: Caroline and Adam say they’ll start properly planning their wedding once Christmas is over. Top: Adam on screen in Emmerdale

What has Ryan said to you about going into the jungle? He’s been really supportive. I wanted to say goodbye to him but he’s travelling round Canada so I’m not going to see him until I’m back from Australia now. You’re pretty close to your brothers, are you going to miss being able to speak to them on a regular basis?

The trio made the most of their time together before being separated for up to a month



It’s going to be hard. I speak to them every day. But it’s only a few weeks in there. If somebody is getting on your nerves, how will you deal with that? I’m quite a laid-back guy. If they start putting a dampener on the camp I’ll have to say something. Caroline: But in a nice way! He’s nice to everybody but me [laughs]. Do you think you will be any good at roughing it? Adam: I like camping. Well I mean glamping! Caroline: I think he’ll be good at mucking in with all the things they have to do in camp. Have you been getting in shape for your jungle stint? I have been training, but in the past week I felt so ill. I was in bed for four days and I’m feeling CAROLINE WEARS DRESS BY ASOS. ADAM WEARS JUMPER BY LINDBERGH; AND TROUSERS BY NEXT. TEDDY WEARS SHIRT BY PETIT BATEAU AT PIXIE; AND TROUSERS BY NEXT

‘I’MREALLYWEAK– IDIDMYPUBLICITY SHOTSANDTHEY TOLDMETOPUT MYTOPBACKON!’ really weak at the minute. I did my publicity shots yesterday and they wanted a few pictures of me in my vest and shorts. They took two shots and then said: ‘Right, put his shirt back on!’ Are you packing your budgie smugglers and planning a waterfall scene? Oh yes I’ll be doing all that, don’t you worry. I will have my own Marks & Spencer advert before you know it [laughs]. Caroline: Maybe you can do the Head & Shoulders advert! Apart from Caroline and Teddy, what will you miss most about the outside world? I think it’s going to be quite hard not listening to any music for so long, and I like watching a good film. But more important will be missing my family and just being able to do what you want when you want to do it. Some people I’ve spoken to who have done it said they’d just go off into the bush to have a cry because they can’t take it. That will probably be me! How do you think you’ll cope if you have to survive on rice and beans for a few days? I like beans, that’s Heinz Baked Beans! Lucy [Pargeter] has told me to soak the beans in water the night before and then slow cook them. So I have had some inside information already. If you get hungry, how does that affect your mood? I’ve just had four days without eating anything. 12

Above: While Adam’s roughing it, Caroline and Teddy will be living in the lap of luxury. Top left: The star with his brothers, who he says he will really miss Caroline: Adam does need to eat. I think getting hungry will be his main problem. He eats so much. He can have six chicken salads in a day!

Adam: I will be pretty gutted. If it happens it happens. Hopefully I’ll get to stay a little longer. Caroline: I think you’ll feel like you haven’t had your chance if that happens.

Who is going to meet you on the bridge when you leave? Hopefully Caroline, and fingers crossed she won’t be there cutting the ropes on the bridge with a knife [laughs]. My mum will be out there too as Teddy isn’t allowed on the set as it’s too dangerous for children.

Caroline, how are you going to cope living in a five-star hotel?! I think I will just about manage! Usually when I’m on holiday it’s with Adam, so that will be weird. But I do get on really well with Adam’s mum. So it will be a nice little break for us.

How do you think you’ll feel if you are the first one to leave the jungle?

Will there be any shopping opportunities while you’re out there? Caroline: I hope so!

we’ll get Christmas out of the way then start thinking about the wedding.


Have you got your dress yet? Caroline: I have ordered my dress but that doesn’t arrive until January. It’s going to have loads of alterations done on it.

Above: Caroline says she’s bought her wedding dress for her nuptials with Adam. Top: A cute father and son moment You’re going to be out there for some time. Have you started doing your Christmas shopping early? Caroline: I haven’t done anything! My dance school [ABCD Dance in Altrincham, Cheshire] has a show at the Wilmslow Leisure Centre on December 10 and 11. But my business partner Andrea has been really understanding about us going to Australia. We won’t be home until December 7, so I’ll be straight into final rehearsals for the show. Then it will be time to think about doing the Christmas shopping. What are your Christmas plans? Caroline: We always do Christmas dinner at home for everybody. There was talk of us going out, but I think we will do the same again. Ryan comes back for Christmas Day because he’s doing panto in Swindon and only has one day off.

What is Father Christmas bringing Teddy? Caroline: Not loads of clutter, hopefully! He likes Fireman Sam and PAW Patrol. Adam: He’s getting a trip to Australia!

‘TEDDYWILLBE GETTINGATRIPTO AUSTRALIAFROM FATHERCHRISTMAS!’ You’re getting married next year. How are the wedding plans going? Adam: They are coming on. Caroline: We have booked the venue. I think

Are you planning the wedding yourself? Caroline: We’ve both got plenty of ideas about what we want the day to look like. My sister is really arty and I think she wants to help out. We want to make it more personal rather than having somebody designing it for us. Our dance school has a big summer ball every year so hopefully it won’t be too different to that. Have you decided who is going to be your best man, Adam? Adam: Not yet. I have got a few options. But I want to pick my best man and then he can help choose my ushers. I don’t want to upset anybody. In Emmerdale, Adam Barton has had a pretty traumatic time recently… A traumatic time?! He’s lost his sister, his dad and his step-dad! It’s been a nightmare. How have they written you out of Emmerdale while you head off to the jungle? Adam goes away on holiday – I think he needs one! OK! STOCKISTS: ASOS WWW.ASOS.COM; BURTON WWW.BURTON.CO.UK; JUNK DE LUXE WWW.JUNKDELUXE. COM; LAVISH ALICE WWW.LAVISHALICE.COM; LINDBERGH WWW.LINDBERGHFASHION.COM; LITTLEBLACKDRESS.CO.UK WWW.LITTLEBLACKDRESS.CO.UK; MALE STRIDE WWW. MALESTRIDE.COM; MILKSHAKE BOUTIQUE 01625 536 477; MISS MASH WWW.MISHMASHJEANS.COM; MISS SELFRIDGE WWW.MISSSELFRIDGE.COM; NEXT WWW.NEXT. CO.UK; OASIS WWW.OASIS-STORES.COM; PIXIE WWW. PIXIECHILDRENSWEAR.CO.UK; RIVER ISLAND WWW.RIVERISLAND.COM. THANKS TO PECKFORTON CASTLE, AN AWARD-WINNING WEDDING, CONFERENCE AND LEISURE VENUE LOCATED IN CHESHIRE. VISIT WWW.PECKFORTONCASTLE.CO.UK OR CALL 01829 260930 FOR MORE INFORMATION. CAROLINE’S HAIR EXTENSIONS BY WWW.PRESTIGEHAIR EXTENSIONS.COM. NAILS BY ALLURE BEAUTY LOUNGE. ‘I’M A CELEBRITY – GET ME OUT OF HERE!’ IS ON ITV EVERY NIGHT. TURN OVER FOR MORE CAMPMATES! INTERVIEW BY PHIL GOULD PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT DOLMAN ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS BY EXPRESSPICTURES. COM, INSTAGRAM, ITV, REX STYLING BY MARTINE ALEXANDER HAIR AND MAKE-UP BY ZOEY STIRRETT USING NARS, CHARLOTTE TILBURY, DOLL BEAUTY LASHES


This year’s line up – Joel Dommett, Scarlett, Wayne Bridge, Adam Thomas, Lisa Snowdon, Larry Lamb, Carol Vorderman, Sam Quek, Jordan Banjo and Ola Jordan





he made a name for herself after becoming a ‘professional couch potato’ on Gogglebox, but now she’s quit the show that made her famous to take part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!. And we’ve no doubt 26-year-old Scarlett Moffatt will be using her time in the outback to show off her svelte new look, after losing three stone. Brunette Scarlett admits she’s packed ‘loads’ of bikinis in preparation for the show and says she can’t wait to take part, alongside the likes of Carol Vorderman, Wayne Bridge and Larry Lamb. The Geordie lass – who’s leaving boyfriend of eight months Luke Crodden back in the UK – reveals: ‘I’m really excited to be in Australia, because I’ve never been before. Never in my life! What am I looking forward to doing? Everything. Literally everything.’

Above: Scarlett on screen with her mum and dad. Right: Before she lost three stone 18

You’ve lost loads of weight recently, Scarlett. Did you do that because you knew you were doing I’m A Celebrity…? I lost weight because I was unhealthy. I was really high on the BMI scale, which wasn’t good. I wanted to be healthier. What does your boyfriend Luke think of your new body? This is how he describes it. He said: ‘You’re like an iPhone.’ I was like: ‘What do you mean?’ He says: ‘Well, you’re the same handset and you’re the same on the inside, but I keep getting a software update every now and then.’ If you know him, you’ll know that that’s the cutest thing he’s ever said. You two seem very in love… Well, he’s alright. I mean, he’s into aliens, so he’s my cup of tea! How come he’s not coming out to Australia to meet you? Someone’s got to look after the dogs [Bonnie the chihuahua and Harry the shih tzu] while I’m away. He’s stuck on dogsitting duty, which I’m sure he isn’t bothered about. I’m sure he would rather stay at home in the flat with the dogs rather than

come to the Australia and stay in the Palazzo Versace Hotel! Did Luke offer you any advice? It’s only my close family that know about me going in the jungle. Everyone’s said be yourself. That’s the only advice I’ve been given. And I’m good at that. I can be myself. That shouldn’t be too difficult for me. Will you and Luke ever get married and have kids? Actually, I tried on some engagement rings with Luke before leaving for Australia. My friend, who works at a jewellers, invited us over to his store for some free prosecco. I went and I said: ‘While I’m here, I might as well try some rings on.’ And they were engagement rings! Was Luke with you? Yes, and I pointed out to Luke which ring I liked and I told him what my ring size is, just so that he knows which one to get in the future. If that isn’t a hint, I don’t know what is. He said to me: ‘Right, yes. Thank you.’ Do you worry about leaving him alone in England? Definitely not. He’s ginger and he likes aliens! I’m definitely sorted. I’m not panicking about that at all. So who’s coming over to see you in Australia? Luke’s staying at home to look after the dogs, so my mum, dad and little sister are coming over to see me in Australia. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see them. They couldn’t be happier about it! OK! TURN THE PAGE FOR OUR CHAT WITH CAMPMATE CAROL VORDERMAN. INTERVIEW BY ADAM TANSWELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY CAMERA PRESS, FAMEFLYNET, ITV, PLANET PHOTOS

Above: Scarlett says her boyfriend Luke (right) is staying in the UK to look after the dogs while she’s in the jungle WWW.OK.CO.UK 19




elevision presenter Carol Vorderman feels she’s been given a new lease of life, so what better way for the 55 year old to celebrate than heading into the Australian Outback? The former Countdown star – who has two grown-up children with her ex-husband Patrick King, Katie, 24, and Cameron, 19 – exclaims: ‘Now I’m a menopausal mama, I’m having the time of my life. I’m doing a lot more adventurous stuff and it’s the sense of adventure that I love about this show. It’s a very free time in my life.’ The star, who dated Graham Duff – 14 years her junior – for two years until recently splitting, is now ‘happily single’. She’ll certainly be prepared to deal with any conflict in the jungle after having to keep her former Loose Women co-stars in check for several years. Here Carol talks about her hopes and fears for the jungle and the latest on her love life…


Why did you sign up for the show? I’ve thought about it for quite a few years because I love the show. It’s one of my favourite programmes. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands last year, so I had a bit of an adventure and I learned to fly. My children have all grown up now and I just thought to myself, why don’t I do I’m A Celebrity…? Why did you decide to learn how to fly a plane? When you have time on your hands, you start to think about what you always wanted to do when you were a kid. When I was little, I always wanted to fly – and that’s what I’ve done. I first took flying lessons last year and they have liberated me because I love it as much as I always knew I would. It’s given me more than I ever could have dreamt of, and that’s why I stopped doing Loose Women, because ‘When I was little, I wasn’t getting enough I always wanted time flying. It’s quite an to fly,’ says Carol adventurous hobby! You look incredible! Have you been working out to prepare for the jungle? No, I’m a bit of a lazy madam really. I try – well, I try for a few days and then I give up. When I got to Australia, I said: ‘Right, I’m going to do three days of a proper detox before the jungle.’ But no. We went out for dinner and we got a bit smashed the first night – but that’s how life is, isn’t it? I can’t say no.

Carol with her mum Edwina, daughter Katie and son Cameron What’s your tipple of choice? I love wine and champagne. Those are my two drinks of choice. I don’t drink any other alcohol, really. I make up for it in other ways! Are you open to romance,… In the jungle? [Laughs] Me? I have enough romance in my life. Can you elaborate on that? No, I am not elaborating on the romances I have. It’s top secret! Are you single? I’m very happily single. How does someone like Carol Vorderman meet a partner? Do you use Tinder? Well, that would be giving the game away! But it’s not online, I can tell you that for nothing. Can you imagine me doing online dating? Ha! Would you consider a younger man? I would. Of course I would. What do you like about younger men? Well, that depends on the man, doesn’t it? Would you consider an older man? How much older? Because I’m knocking on a bit myself! Maybe a couple of years older than me. What do your children think about you going on the show? They think it’s funny. They watched it as children, so it’s funny to think they’re going to see me in there.

Above: ‘I’m excited,’ Carol tells us of her jungle adventure. ‘This is going to be fun.’ Above left: With her ex-partner Graham Duff Will you be showing some of the younger contestants how to look good? No, they’ll be showing me! Will you avoid the shower for the first few days? I think so. I think you’re allowed to wash in the creek, too. I’ll be going in there instead. I’m calling it a ‘big bath’. Have you rung any past contestants for advice? On the quiet, I’ve called a couple of people. I spoke to Mel Sykes about it. I was asking things like: ‘How far is it when you walk from here to there?’ And: ‘How hot does it get?’ It was more of that sort of advice. I’m excited. This is going to be fun. OK! TURN THE PAGE FOR OUR CHAT WITH CAROL’S CAMPMATE WAYNE BRIDGE.






ayne Bridge may be married to one of the country’s most famous pop stars, but he has largely remained out of the spotlight until now. Instead, the former footballer has always let his wife, Saturdays singer Frankie, and their two sons – Parker, three, and 15-month-old Carter – take centre stage. But all that is about to change as the 36-year-old sportsman – who has previously played for England, Chelsea and Manchester City – braves the jungle for I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!. However, Wayne admits he took some persuading from 27-year-old Frankie, who took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2014. ‘When I talked about it with my wife, she knew I would regret it if I didn’t go in. She was quite surprised at first because I haven’t done anything like this before, but she hopes I do her proud,’ Wayne says. Prior to entering the jungle, Wayne – who also has a nine-year-old son, Jaydon, with his former fiancée Vanessa Perroncel – talks about his heartache at being away from his children, his phobias and getting into arguments…

Above: Wayne and wife Frankie. Below right: Wayne and Frankie with the Saturdays girls Mollie King, Vanessa White (with boyfriend Gary Salter), Rochelle Humes (with husband Marvin) and Una Healy

Wayne, how are you feeling about being on I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!? I’m sh***ing myself! It won’t seem real until I’m in the camp, but it is such a big test. I love the buzz of the show and, literally, when I got the offer to appear in it I was like: ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do?’ But I knew I would regret it if I said no – as would the wife. I hope I get to jump out of a plane as there’s no way I would normally get off my a**e to do that!

Will you be missing any special occasions while you’re in the jungle? I’m missing my son’s birthday. Jaydon will be ten [on November 21] and I decided to tell him I was going into the jungle at the very last minute. But I know he’ll be excited about watching me on the show. He loves it, he loves Ant and Dec and he’ll be so happy to watch it on telly. Hopefully, he’ll think his dad is very cool but you just never know with kids, do you?!

Do you think people will be shocked you’re going in to the jungle? Yes. When I played football, I never really put myself out there. I hope I do come across as likeable. Nobody wants to go out first, do they? I’m worried about the animals and sleeping. I’m hoping the tiredness will make me give in eventually!

What do you think you will miss the most? My children. It will be the longest time that I’ll have ever been away from the kids, and that will be hard. Since I stopped playing football, I’ve been hands on – doing the day care, dropping the kids off at nursery or school, taking the youngest one on walks, going to indoor play areas… Because I’ve been so full-on with them, being away for so long is going to be difficult. But I want to try and make them proud of me.


Do you have any phobias? I’m scared of everything. The wife and I argue about who’s going to get rid of the spiders in our house! It always ends up being me but I’m scared of the whole lot! 22

Wife Frankie with sons Parker (left) and Carter What does Frankie think about you going into the jungle? She was surprised. We love the show and we always watch it, but I’ve mainly just played football till now. She says everyone who meets me likes me. I’m not saying they shouldn’t like me, but she says they’re always surprised at how nice I am! Frankie’s told me not to worry and to enjoy the experience. She’s really excited for me.

‘Because I’ve been so full-on with them, being away is going to be difficult,’ Wayne says about missing the kids Do you think you’ll cry? On our wedding day I cried my eyes out, when I had kids I cried my eyes out, but aside from that, I tend to keep my emotions inside. I think in the tasks I’ll either not say a word and freeze or I’ll scream and scream! Are you argumentative? Frankie is always saying I’m easy-going. But in camp situations, you may need to stand up and say something. Certain people sometimes don’t click. It’s the unknown and you just don’t know how you’ll be. How would you feel if you were crowned King Of The Jungle? To win would be amazing. I’d be overwhelmed. I think my friends are going to be buzzing when they see me. But the footballers will be shocked. They might have tried to put doubt in my mind had they known about this before! And finally, would you like to do more TV afterwards? I can’t really answer that. I have agreed to do this because I love I’m A Celebrity. I’ve surprised myself so much by the fact I’m even going into the jungle. It’s going to be the hardest and most mentally difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. It will also be the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so excited. OK! TURN OVER FOR A CHAT WITH JUNGLE BABE OLA JORDAN. INTERVIEW BY CHRISTINE SMITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY INSTAGRAM, ITV, RAY BURMISTON, REX

Above: ‘The footballers will be shocked!’ says Wayne of his appearance in the jungle. Right: Wayne says his wife Frankie was surprised when he told her he was doing the show WWW.OK.CO.UK 23




What’s the worst thing that could happen to you in the jungle? Being in a coffin with snakes will be tough. Or having rats crawling all over you. Or cockroaches. None of it is going to be pleasant.

What was it like saying goodbye – were there tears? No! I’m not going to war, I’m only going to the jungle. It was fine! OK! TURN THE PAGE FOR LISA SNOWDON.

How would you cope with camp life with a contestant like last year’s Lady Colin Campbell? Oh, that doesn’t bother me. That doesn’t matter to me at all. I can handle people. It’s the creepy-crawlies that I can’t handle.

Above: Ola says her husband James (above right) told her: ‘Just go out there and have fun.’ Right: Dancing with Iwan Thomas on last year’s Strictly Come Dancing 24

You can be quite controversial. Does that worry you when it comes to the public voting for you to do trials? No. The public will vote the way they want to vote. If they vote for me, they vote for me. I’ll just have to deal with it.



he used to How are you feeling about the burn up the jungle shower? Being a dancer, dancefloor you must feel quite confident as a with your body… professional dancer No, not at all, actually. I’m not as on Strictly Come confident as people think I am, Dancing and she so I don’t know how I’m going to isn’t afraid of an handle the shower. How do you argument, so we’re wash your bits in there? That’s expecting fireworks what I want to know! from Ola Jordan! The 34-year-old How does dancing on Strictly dancer, who is compare to entering the jungle? married to fellow Obviously, the adrenaline is professional dancer pumping when you’re about James Jordan, 38, to go and dance on stage. It’s has vowed to give it similar in that respect. But her all in the jungle, Strictly finishes quickly – you do a even if things scare dance for one and a half minutes, ‘I’m not as confident her. Ola said: ‘I don’t and that’s it. With this, you’ve got as people think I am,’ have any phobias to live in the jungle until you get says Ola, as she soaks as such, but at the voted out. The jungle is going to up the sun in Oz same time I hate be much longer and stressful. everything! It’s all very well when you’re watching Are you missing Strictly this year? television and seeing celebrities go I really enjoy watching it, but I haven’t been through it all and saying to yourself missing it because I left when I was happy “that’s easy”, but now I am doing it I don’t to leave. I had a great ten years on the know how I will cope.’ show. Now, I just enjoy watching it instead. However, after some of the celebrities she had to teach to dance on Strictly, the Did James give you jungle could be a bit of a breeze… a list of things you should and shouldn’t What are you most nervous about? do in the jungle? Everything! I think the unknown scares No, not really. He just me the most, because we don’t know said: ‘Just go out there what’s going to happen. We don’t know and have fun.’ And anything. Obviously I don’t like creepythat’s exactly what I’m crawlies, so it’s going to be interesting. going to do.





he’s a bit of a What are your reality show thoughts about taking veteran, after a jungle shower? taking part in The shower and bikinis Strictly Come Dancing in are just part and parcel 2008 and hosting of the show. I’ve got Britain’s Next Top Model two bikinis and one from 2006 to 2009, so swimsuit, and obviously we’ve no doubt Lisa I have to shower. You Snowdon will settle into have to wash! Lisa with her jungle life quite easily. boyfriend However, the model, Will you give the George Smart 44, thinks she’ll find young ones a run for herself pining for their money, Lisa? boyfriend George Smart, who she began I don’t know about that. dating earlier this year after knowing him as a You’ll have to tell me when I friend for 15 years. come out. Speaking about the 37-year-old businessman, Lisa said: ‘I do [see my future with Who’s coming out to George] – and what’s lovely is that we both feel Australia to meet you? the same. We are completely in sync and feel My boyfriend George and my exactly the same way about each other.’ dad Nigel. After having previous high-profile relationships with Hollywood star George Clooney and model What does George think Paul Sculfor, it’s great to see Lisa looking so happy about you doing the jungle? and ready to take on this new challenge… George has never seen the show before. I keep saying: As a TV and radio host, you’re used to ‘How have you survived interviewing celebrities. What’s it going to be without seeing I’m A Celebrity…? like to be under It’s the best TV out there.’ But the spotlight he hasn’t see it. He was like: yourself, ‘You’ll be fine.’ I said to him: watched on ‘You do know what it entails, national TV by right?’ He was like: ‘No.’ Then I 15 million showed him a few things and people? he said to me: ‘Oh my God. It’s going to be Are you kidding me?’ I think Above: This is the last sparkly dress interesting! I’ve he’ll be watching through his Lisa will wear for a while, as she been on both hands thinking, what’s she swaps sequins for her jungle uniform. sides before doing now? My dad’s seen it. Far left: The bikini-clad star on the because I’ve He watched it when Phil Tufnell beach before the show started been in the went in because he’s a cricket business for man. I guess it’s going to be a a long time, surprise for George. How much are you going to miss George? something I’m going to miss him terribly. I’m missing him like 25 years. How are you going to handle three weeks now. This first week without any contact has Throughout without your boyfriend and family? been really difficult. I’m going to miss hearing his my career I’ve I think I’ll get emotional, for sure. But part of voice and all that kind of thing. done different me will come out of this experience a stronger TV shows and person from dealing with stuff like that. If it ever How will you handle conflict in camp? things that have gets to the stage where I get a letter from home, I don’t want to be in there having conflicts. That’s involved being I’ll definitely be sobbing because it’ll be lovely to not my style, but you never know. If somebody has interviewed. I’ve hear from my family. completely different views on life, you don’t know found that I can how you’re going to handle things. All of that is dip between Will there be tears? part and parcel of the challenge I’m putting myself being the That sort of thing will get me by the heart up for. It’s about living with people I don’t know in a interviewee and completely, but at the same time it will be strange surrounding, surviving on not much food. the interviewer really beautiful because I think it’s okay to show It’s about working as a team. Then, of course, quite easily, weakness. It’s fine to show how you’re homesick you’ve got the ghastly trials, too. OK! so it won’t be and to be touched by that kind of thing. I hope ‘I’M A CELEBRITY – GET ME OUT OF HERE!’ IS ON ITV EVERY NIGHT. completely alien. there’s no crazy meltdown, though.



‘IT’SREALLY NICETO HAVE ALLTHE SUPPORT’ BRADPITTBREAKSHISSILENCE FOLLOWINGHISSHOCKSPLIT FROMANGELINAJOLIE A spokeswoman for the actress said she was ‘relieved’ the investigation was over: ‘Angelina felt she had to take action for the health of the family and is relieved that the Department Of Children And Family Services is now satisfied the safeguards are in place to let the children heal.’ With the investigation closed, it is thought that Brad will have increased leverage against Angelina in the custody battle of their six children – Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, ten, and twins Knox and Vivienne, eight. While Angelina is seeking sole custody of their brood, Brad is fighting for joint care – typically favoured by Californian courts. The 41-year-old actress is currently looking after the children, with Brad being allowed ‘therapeutic visits’, in what is thought to be a temporary agreement between the couple. OK!

Above: Brad looked gaunt as he attended a screening of Moonlight with Julia Roberts. Later in the week, he was on the red carpet with Marion Cotillard (below far left)

Brad and Angelina are embroiled in a custody battle over their six children

Angelina and Brad at their final red carpet appearance together just over a year ago WWW.OK.CO.UK 29



rad Pitt made his first public appearance since splitting from Angelina Jolie last week – and long-term friend Julia Roberts, 49, was there to put a loving arm around the actor as he hosted a screening of the film Moonlight, which his company Plan B produced. Later that week, the 52-year-old actor, who looks noticeably thinner than usual, walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of World War II drama Allied, alongside co-star Marion Cotillard. Opening up for the first time since his estranged wife filed for divorce on September 19, Brad told reporters: ‘It’s really sweet, everyone has been really kind out here. It’s really nice to have all the support.’ Brad’s appearance at the event came just hours after the FBI cleared him of child abuse allegations, following a disturbance with his family aboard a private plane.





Above: Meghan Markle was seen meeting Markus Anderson (left) for lunch in Toronto last week, before heading to London to see Harry (above left)


Meghan was spotted entering the gates of Kensington Palace


ast week, HRH Prince Harry took the unprecedented step of confirming that he and Meghan Markle had been in a relationship for ‘months’, while at the same time pleading for their privacy and insisting: ‘It is not a game – it is her life.’ Just a few days later, the Suits actress flew into London to spend time with Harry at his Kensington Palace home, Nottingham Cottage. The 35 year old was seen on a shopping trip to Whole Foods Market in Kensington. She later arrived back at the palace on foot, carrying two full shopping bags. Her trip to London comes after the fifth in line to the throne issued the lengthy plea on Tuesday morning through his communications secretary, in which he said that he and Meghan had been in a relationship for ‘a few months’. Harry, 32, also said that Meghan and her family had been the subject of ‘a wave of abuse and harassment’ since rumours of their relationship first surfaced, and pleaded for ‘Ms Markle’s safety’, adding that he was ‘deeply disappointed he has not been able to protect her’. At the same time the statement was released, Meghan asked her bosses for unscheduled time off from the filming of her TV drama because of ‘something important’ she needs to do. Speculation was that she was consulting lawyers regarding her new relationship, but it’s now thought it was to fly to London to see Harry. Just before she left Toronto, the actress, who divorced producer Trevor Engelson in 2012 after 18 months, had lunch with close friend Markus Anderson at the Four Seasons hotel. It is thought that Markus, who is a consultant with the Soho House Group, is responsible for initially introducing Harry to Meghan.


Above: Meghan with Markus Anderson and Misha Nonoo. Below left: David Gandy with Sarah Ann Macklin for a month in August and, by then, he and Meghan are said to have taken their relationship to the next level. The pair – who have a mutual friend in fashion designer Misha Nonoo, who is married to Harry’s friend Alexander Gilkes – are said to be crazy about each other, and former royal butler Grant Harrold thinks this could be it for Harry. The etiquette expert, who worked for Prince Charles for seven years after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, said: ‘Harry loves her and she loves him. And that will be what matters in the eyes of the Queen and Prince Charles. I don’t see any reason why Meghan couldn’t However, the fledgling couple be the one.’ He added: ‘I think Harry now face weeks apart as Prince wants to get it right now. He wants Harry embarks on a royal tour. They to make absolutely sure she’s the have already been forced to conduct one. She will need to follow certain a transatlantic romance, due to etiquette and be more careful with Harry being based in London and how she behaves.’ Meghan living in Toronto. Now, with Meghan’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, Harry jetting off to the Caribbean on also spoke out about the romance November 20, it’s unlikely they’ll see and said his auntie is very happy right each other after he departs until he now. ‘All I can say is she is very happy, returns on December 4. and I’m sure that’s because of Harry,’ ‘They are serious about each other he revealed. ‘She seems very excited. and have been meeting up as much She is going through a very positive as possible when their schedules phase of her life. She’s open about the allow, travelling across the Atlantic,’ relationship to her friends and her dad.’ a source revealed. ‘They are planning Tyler said Meghan, who finishes their next meeting for sooner rather filming on Suits at the end of this than later.’ month, plans to spend more time As Meghan jetted in to spend in London and it has been claimed time with Harry, new details of their that she will be visiting Harry over relationship have emerged, with it being the Christmas period. claimed Harry was dating Burberry One source said: ‘Obviously, model Sarah Ann Macklin when they Meghan’s not expecting to be joining first met. Sources say the royal began the Queen at Sandringham for messaging Sarah – who previously Christmas, but she’d love to spend dated model David Gandy – over the some time with Harry somewhere. Her summer, the same time own family are in the he had been romancing States, while she lives actress Meghan. in Toronto and Harry One revealed: ‘They is, of course, in Britain. were introduced at a But they’re both social gathering and Harry happy to travel for made a beeline for her. each other whenever She [Sarah] was very necessary.’ The source flattered by the attention added: ‘They will work and they went on a few out the details over dates. Everything was the coming weeks and kept very below the radar. try to make sure they They got on, but are get a chance to see Meghan’s nephew quite different.’ Things each other. It’s a sign Tyler Dooley reportedly ‘fizzled out’ of how committed when Harry went to Africa they are.’

Meghan with her friend Misha Nonoo



arry may have to spend time away from Meghan, but he’ll certainly be kept busy during his official visit to the Caribbean. The prince will carry out 14 days of official engagements on behalf of the Queen, starting in Antigua on November 20 and finishing in Guyana on December 4. In between, he’ll visit Barbuda and Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Barbados. The trip marks the 35th anniversary of independence in Antigua and Barbuda, and the 50th anniversary of independence in Barbados and Guyana. A statement read: ‘Prince Harry is honoured to be visiting the Caribbean in the year of the Queen’s 90th birthday, and to continue to develop the royal family’s strong bonds with

the people of these important Commonwealth countries. While these Caribbean countries may be relatively small in size, each has more than their fair share of natural wonders, inspiring individuals and unique cultures which His Royal Highness will experience during this twoweek tour.’ During his visit, Harry will carry out a variety of engagements, from official anniversary ceremonies and meeting conservationists. He’ll also meet with singer Rihanna at the Barbados Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega concert, and see the work of a number of local charities. OK! REPORT BY KATE RANDALL AND LISA MARKS PHOTOGRAPHS BY FACEBOOK, GETTY IMAGES, INSTAGRAM, INSIGHT NEWS & FEATURES, LISA MAUCERI, REX, SILVERHUB




Victoria and David made a rare official public appearance together in China last week

Above: Victoria and David are presented with a gift of figurines at the gala. Above left: The couple get ready

Victoria posted this adorable picture that daughter Harper had drawn WWW.OK.CO.UK 35



ith four children and busy careers, David and Victoria Beckham rarely get to spend much time together on their own. So the superstar couple made the most of their trip to China last week and even put in a rare appearance on stage. Dressed in typically stylish outfits, David, 41, and Victoria, 42, looked every inch the perfect couple as they attended the Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala in Shenzhen. David – who was there to promote his Haig Club whisky – kept giving his wife of 17 years admiring glances, while Victoria looked on proudly. Before the event, the fashion designer uploaded lots of pictures and videos of the pair getting ready, including one of her cheekily pointing at David’s bottom (below right). The day before was also spent together, posing with a gift of three fun figurines, before mingling with other guests including US basketball player Kobe Bryant. Victoria wore a striking stripy black and white jumpsuit from her Pre-Fall 2017 collection, while David looked dapper in a navy pin stripe suit and tie. Victoria and David rarely undertake official Victoria points engagements out her husband’s together, but pert bottom! undoubtedly their children, Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 14, Cruz, 11, and Harper, five, were on their minds. The former A few days before the trip to the Far East, doting mum Spice Girl looked chic Victoria shared a sweet drawing from Harper, showing her at Hong Kong airport and David as adorable stick figures, and the sun beaming on them all (right). OK!





hey were love’s young dream but it looks as if JESY and JAKEROCHE are on the rocks. The Little Mix singer unfollowed the Rixton frontman (below) on Instagram, sparking speculation they’d ended their 16-month engagement. Fans also claimed Jake had deleted some snaps of himself and Jesy from Instagram. And on a night out with Little Mix last week (far right), Jesy’s engagement ring (above centre) was notably absent (below centre). Sources claim Jesy, 25, and 24-yearold Jake had a blazing row, explaining: ‘Jesy and Jake had a huge barney – it wasn’t pretty. They’re not a couple who avoid rows easily but this was different and could signal the end of their relationship.’

The couple, who got engaged in July 2015, haven’t been pictured together in weeks. Though Jesy has recently ‘liked’ one of Jake’s Instagram posts – an olive branch perhaps? Their reps declined to comment but if they have parted ways, Jesy has revealed she can count of her bandmates’ support. On The Jonathan Ross Show last week, she spoke about emotional ups and downs, saying: ‘We all support each other and when we’re going through bad times we can all relate to it.’






apper PROFESSORGREEN has laughed off reports that his ex-wife MILLIEMACKINTOSH recycled her wedding dress for Halloween! Millie, 27, is said to have ripped up the strappy white Grace Loves Lace dress (far right) she wore to the evening reception of her wedding and covered it in blood (right), which she reportedly ‘wishes was his’. However, he took the story with good humour, saying on This Morning (below right) that he was pleased she got to wear it again! The couple’s divorce was finalised earlier this year and although Pro was thought to have angered Millie with his tellall break-up track One Eye On The Door, he revealed that Millie not only sang on the track but also texted him to wish him well when it was released. He also dispelled rumours he was using the


song to get back at Millie, saying: ‘It’s not revenge – revenge for what?’ But proving he’s still not over his ex, he described their split as feeling ‘like there’s been a death’. The couple married in 2013 (below left). After the marriage ended, Millie reunited with her former MIC co-star HUGOTAYLOR while Pro is thought to be dating model FAEWILLIAMS.

has revealed that he and his partner of six years Hannah Summers (right) are expecting twins! Anton, 50 – who was partnered with LESLEY JOSEPH in this year’s Strictly, before they were eliminated in week five – revealed the news on Twitter. He said: ‘Hannah and I are delighted to announce that we are expecting twins in the spring. We are over the moon!’ A source revealed: ‘Anton and Hannah decided some time ago that they were both ready to have children. Hannah didn’t fall pregnant quite as quickly as they would have liked, so they decided they wanted to try IVF treatment and they are delighted it has worked.’



t’s a charity that’s always been close to his heart, and last week PRINCE was the guest of honour at a star-studded fundraiser for Centrepoint. Held in the grounds of Kensington Palace, the prince joined 420 guests at the dinner and charity auction, which aimed to raise £1.5 million for the youth homelessness charity. He was reunited with ELLIE


(right), who sang at his 2011 wedding, and the pair clearly still get on brilliantly as they were pictured giggling together on stage (left). Both were smartly dressed for the formal occasion – Wills in a dinner jacket and

Although they all enjoyed themselves, 34-year-old William made sure he stressed the importance of the work Centrepoint does, particularly in the run-up to Christmas. The dad of two said: ‘About this time a few years ago, for one night, I gave up the warmth and comfort of my bed, and tried sleeping on the streets of London. Of course, this was just one night – I was cold but safe, and I knew I had a home waiting for me.’ He added: ‘This Christmas, as many as 25,000 young people will be at risk of homelessness. And remember this, behind that appalling statistic is a human being not much older than many of our children and grandchildren, who is alone, frightened and confronted with impossible choices.’


is dream is to become a Hollywood actor – and it looks as if ZAYNMALIK is on his way to making that happen. The former One Direction star (right, with girlfriend GIGI HADID) has reportedly agreed to appear in his own scripted TV show, Boys, which he has been working on with US producers DICK and NOELLEWOLF. A source said: ‘Zayn is in talks with his fellow producers. He’s taking his role as executive producer seriously and sees this as a stepping stone to more TV and film. He’s keen to kick off his acting career and sees this as the perfect opportunity, especially as he’ll have a lot of creative control.’ The show is based on the formation of a boy band and he could end up playing himself. Zayn, 23, said his acting career was put on hold in 2010 after he joined 1D (right), but wanted to get back to it ‘given the right part’. Meanwhile, BELLA HADID, sister of Zayn’s model girlfriend Gigi, has called time on her 18-month romance with rapper THEWEEKND. A source said: ‘They will remain friends.’






here’s a shock for CHERYL (below) on Who Do You Think You Are? when she learns that twins run in her family. An upcoming episode of the BBC One show sees the former X Factor judge (right) find out that her greatgreat-great-grandfather Joseph Ridley was a father to twins. Joseph, who fought in 1916’s Battle of the Somme, had seven children with his wife, as well as twins with his housekeeper. Amid frenzied speculation that the singer, 33, is expecting her first child with boyfriend LIAMPAYNE, 23 (below right), the surprise of learning there are twins in her family has led many to question whether she could be carrying two babies herself!

bow tie and Ellie in a lacy black sleeveless dress and chandelier earrings. Other guests included

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A celebration of

Flavours New




fter more than eight years together, X Factor winner Ben Haenow has finally got down on one knee and popped the question to girlfriend Jessica Jones. And of course she said yes! Ben announced the news by sharing a snap of the pair holding hands (below right) – which showed off a gorgeous diamond sparkler on her ring finger. After fans of the 31-year-old singer began congratulating the happy couple on social media, Ben tweeted his thanks, writing: ‘Thank you all for the kind comments and all the love.’ Dance teacher Jessica recently explained that not much has changed in their lives since Ben won the ITV talent show in 2014. ‘His hair has got longer, but that’s been about it,’ she joked. Childhood sweethearts Ben and Jessica (above) met at school, and they have been a couple ever since. Aww.

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tar of Strictly Come Dancing, Daisy Lowe, is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the show’s infamous curse, it would seem. Daisy and Bradley ‘Frankie’ Wade (right) decided to call time on their three-month relationship last week after their conflicting work schedules kept forcing them apart. A source close to Daisy told OK!: ‘Daisy and Frankie have decided to call it a day due to their mutually busy schedules.’ Daisy, 27, is paired with dancing pro Aljaž Skorjanec, 26, on the BBC dance show (right), though there is no suggestion he is involved in her split with model Frankie. Just days before the breakup, Daisy insisted the curse, which is regularly blamed for breaking up showbiz couples, wouldn’t strike because of how loved up she was with Frankie. ‘I’m so in love with my boyfriend,’ she said.



LARASTONEAND MIKESTILLWELL ast week, Lara Stone settled a High Court dispute over money with ex-husband David Walliams (below) following their divorce in 2015. But she seems to have moved on from the marriage, as she was pictured out with a new man on her arm around the same time. Dutch model Lara was spotted walking hand in hand in north London with Mike Stillwell (right). Mike, an art director for a design company, is thought to divide his time between London and New York. Meanwhile, Lara, 32, and ex David, 45 – who have a three-year-old son called Alfred together – agreed to an undisclosed split of their reported £19 million fortune.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge began divorce proceedings against Lara last year, citing her ‘unreasonable behaviour’.


e’s one of the world’s most eligible bachelors and she’s a stunning supermodel, so it feels somewhat inevitable that Idris Elba and Jourdan Dunn would be linked. According to reports, the 44-yearold actor (far right) got cosy with Jourdan, 26 (right), at the MTV EMA after-party in Rotterdam last week. A source revealed: ‘The VIP area was swarming with celebrities keen to let down their hair after the ceremony. Idris took a table tucked away in the corner with comfy sofas and was talking to a number of girls earlier in the night. But Jourdan joined his table later on in the evening and he was clearly interested in her. The insider added: ‘He was very flirty… and at about 2.30am they left holding hands.’ The news comes a week after Idris was linked to Madonna (right). The Luther actor is proving to be very popular right now!









roud parents

and fiancé (below left) welcomed their adorable daughter, KARDASHIAN(below right), last week. Weighing 7lb 5oz, the tot was born at 9.18am on November 10 in Los Angeles, surrounded by family, including Rob’s mum KRISJENNER and Chyna’s mum TOKYOTONI. Adding a touch of humour to proceedings, the couple and their families followed the

‘mannequin’ viral video trend, by filming themselves staying as still as statues ahead of the birth (below right). Posting a snap of his baby girl on Instagram (right), Rob, 29, said: ‘I am so lucky!! Thank you @blacchyna for having our baby and being so strong!’ Meanwhile, Chyna, 28, posted a sweet video of the tot in her arms, in which Rob can be heard joking: ‘Look at her Kris Jenner haircut!’ Kris herself gushed: ‘I got to watch the delivery. It was so beautiful and I’m so excited and happy to have another grandchild! No 6!’ Dream’s early visitors included AMBERROSE,KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and ex-partner SCOTT DISICK, and Rob’s youngest sister KYLIEJENNER.



ollowing the tragic news that MICHAEL BUBLE’s threeyear-old son has liver cancer, it has now been revealed that little Noah will undergo four months of chemotherapy. Adorable Noah (right) was diagnosed at the start of the month after his parents took him to the doctor in Argentina with suspected mumps, but after a liver biopsy, Michael and his



were told the devastating news. Daniela Lopilato, Luisana’s sister, said: ‘Cancer is a horrible illness but we have faith in Noah being able to overcome this. We know he will. The time to start a long and very difficult treatment has come but it’s got to be done. ‘They say children are normally strong to put up with chemotherapy and my nephew is a warrior.’ Michael and model Luisana, 29 – also parents to ten-monthold son Elias – have reportedly been told Noah has a 90 per cent chance of surviving. The couple (with their sons, left) are taking career breaks while they care for Noah, and Michael, 41, has pulled out of next month’s BBC Music Awards.



odel CARADELEVINGNE last week debuted her latest inking and hinted that it was inspired by her recent split from musician STVINCENT. At a party to launch her make-up collection with Rimmel (right), Cara, 24, said the snake tattoo on her left hand (below) was ‘about reinvention, shedding of old skin, new beginnings, new life’ – thought to be a reference to her messy split from her ex-girlfriend. The Suicide Squad star’s latest body art follows the demise of her relationship with St Vincent, 34, real name Annie Clark, who is thought to have moved on with Twilight actress KRISTENSTEWART. Cara’s serpent design could have been designed or inspired by her BFF AMBERHEARD, as The Rum Diary star shared an image of herself via Instagram drawing on Cara’s arm (right).



taylor celebrates with lorde

A swift

rriving at lorde’ birthday party, taylor looked every inch the superstar in a striking leopardprint coat, accessorised with bright red lipstick (left). The 26 year old was joined at New York’s ZZ’s Clam Bar by not just Royals singer Lorde, who was turning 20, but a host of famous faces including model karlie kloss (below) and Girls star lena dunham. Excited for her friend’s

ince her divorce from brad Pitt 11 years ago, jennifer aniston has had every detail of her private life scrutinised. And while the former Friends actress (right) is now happily married to actor justin theroux (below right), she says she’s sick of being judged, particularly because of the fact that she doesn’t have children. She raged: ‘My marital status has been shamed; my divorce status was shamed; my lack of a mate had been shamed; my nipples have been shamed.’ She added: ‘I have worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad, childless human.’ Jen, 47, married Justin, 45, in 2015 and just a year later Brad split from angelina jolie, who he left her for. Although she was heartbroken at the time, Jen also reveals she now knows she’s with the right person. ‘Why is he right for me? I feel completely seen, and adored, in no matter what state,’ she gushed. ‘There’s no part of me that I don’t feel comfortable showing, exposing.’


tom hiddleston, it’s been reported that musician drake (below) has been buying gifts for her two beloved cats, Meredith and Olivia. The rapper, previously linked to rihanna, invited Taylor to his 30th birthday party last month. A source said: ‘He knows how much she adores her cats and Drake wants her to know that he adores her just as much.’

justin and jessica break for the beach

hey’ve just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary and are proud parents to 18-month-old son, silas. But justin timberlake and

jessica biel

(right) seemed more relaxed than on their recent holiday. the beautiful couple (below right) jetted off to the Caribbean for a much-needed break and were clearly enjoying their time in the sun. Both have been very busy of late – Jessica filming Us tV movie The Sinner in south Carolina and Justin promoting animated movie Trolls with anna kendrick. trim Jessica, 34, looked incredible in a tiny black bikini, which highlighted her toned body, while Justin, 35, opted for knee length boarding shorts.

Fame Flynet, Getty, InF, InstaGram, KGC Photo aGenCy llP, rex


jennifer hits back at critics

birthday, Taylor posted a photo of the handcrafted birthday card (below) she’d made for her bestie Lorde – whose real name is Ella. It was accompanied by a long caption that read: ‘Thank you for the music you make, the advice you give, the thoughts you provoke, and the way you’ve made my life more beautiful since the first day we met up in New York and ate burgers on a park bench and got attacked by squirrels. I. Love. You. So. Much. Ella.’ Also, while Taylor is single following her split from The Night Manager star

the singer-turnedactor recently revealed how much becoming a father had altered his priorities. ‘my life has changed and is changing,’ he said. ‘so it’s important to discover that there’s work you can do where you get more time with your family. I wouldn’t go on tour next week because I wanna be with my son. I wanna be with my wife.’ WWW.OK.CO.UK 45

after preparing for his Most iMportant role

‘My girlfriend has just had a baby’

actor and coMedian Russell BRand reveals that his fiancee lauRa gallacheR has given birth to a baby girl, as he heads hoMe froM a stand-up gig to be with his young faMily


Above: Laura Gallacher with her sister Kirsty. Right: Russell’s light reading

then. My mum bought me this. Time to get ready!’ Ahead of the birth, Russell – who now lives ‘a quiet rural life’ with Laura in Oxfordshire and claimed recently that the prospect of being a dad had made him enjoy monogamy more – also spoke about how they plan to raise their baby as gender neutral and won’t put pressure on their offspring to grow up as a traditional boy or girl. ‘Jesus Three, I’m thinking of calling him or her,’ he joked last month. ‘We don’t know the gender, I may not even ever impose a gender upon it, let the child grow up and be the whatever the hell it is, never tell it there is such a concept.’ OK!

Above: Laura and Russell are thought to have called their daughter Mabel. Above left: The new dad has accepted the baby will be ‘more important than me’ WWW.OK.CO.UK 47


uge congratulations are in order for Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher, who became parents for the first time last week. The TV funnyman was over the moon when his 27-year-old fiancée gave birth to their daughter – rumoured to be called Mabel – and made the happy announcement during one of his stand-up gigs. One fan at the show in Nottingham revealed: ‘He was conscious of the clock and made sure he was off stage by just approaching 9pm as he “needed to get down the f***ing M21 as my girlfriend has just had a baby”.’ Russell, who was married to Katy Perry for just over a year between 2010 and 2011, proposed to Laura – younger sister of TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher – in the summer and has previously spoken about his excitement at becoming a father. The 41 year old said: ‘I read a different book every week and I read one on preparation for fatherhood to mentally prepare me for it.’ He added: ‘I don’t know that it has prepared me for it. I’ve painted the room, I’ve done the things that you’re supposed to do, I’ve accepted the idea that that person will be more important than me.’ Indeed, his determination to be ready for his new role was evident from the start and he confirmed news of the imminent arrival back in July, posting a photo (below right) of him peering over a book entitled The Expectant Dad’s Handbook. Russell added the caption: ‘Right

on fame and fatherhood

‘having our baby is magical’

eddie redmayne talks about keeping his feet on the ground and changing so many nappies!


ddie Redmayne has been hailed as one of the best actors of his generation, but nobody could ever accuse him of letting fame go to his head. Just the day after his Oscar win for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything in 2015, Eddie, 34, returned to England and headed to his local shops. ‘I was taking my dry cleaning in and doing the shopping at Sainsbury’s and then went to my local café,’ he recalled. ‘The next day the pictures appeared in one of the papers under the heading “Eddie Mundane”. That’s the reality of my life – I do normal things, and then get to go to film festivals and wear borrowed clothes and turn up at premieres and talk about things I am passionate about. But then you click back to normality and your family and friends.’ Former Etonian Eddie is known as one of the hardestworking actors in Hollywood. Just two months after winning his Oscar, he announced he was transforming himself again, this time into a transgender woman for The Danish Girl. Eddie hasn’t only been on a career high over the past few years, but also on a personal high. After marrying his childhood sweetheart Hannah Bagshawe in December 2014, the couple welcomed their daughter Iris Mary into the world in June this year. Describing his wife, Eddie said: ‘She wears the trousers.’ Here, in this exclusive interview Eddie – who stars in new film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, talks magical moments, sleep deprivation and nappy changing… What has been the most magical moment in your career so far? The night of my first Oscars. At about 5am, five or six actor friends of mine and my wife came back to

my hotel room. The sun was rising over Sunset Boulevard and it was the first time I could take in all the craziness of that night. It was the most magical moment. What has been the most magical moment in your personal life? My wife and I recently had a baby which is magical, because it felt like such an extraordinary thing. You can’t believe it’s real and possible, so it does feel like magic. How much has becoming a father changed your career? Anne Hathaway told me that everything changes and Amy Adams told me she wouldn’t take any movie outside Los Angeles so she could take her daughter to school. For actresses, as mums, it seems to be different. Since ours was born, I’ve taken time off work and the amount of sleep you get has changed, but a part of your heart just opens, which is utterly extraordinary.

Above: Becoming a dad to baby Iris (above left) ‘felt like such an extraordinary thing’

In his latest film, the JK Rowling-scripted Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them WWW.OK.CO.UK 49

Asked which magical powers he’d like, Eddie quite fancies a cloak of invisibility as he’s ‘incredibly nosy’!

With Hannah at the Vanity Fair party following his triumph at the Academy Awards for his role in The Theory Of Everything (below left) Have you changed any nappies? Many! It’s weird because baby poo smells sweet and not nearly as disgusting as you think. In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them you go back in time – what would you say to yourself if you could go back in time? ‘Relax a bit’ – I was always very tense and anxious. In ten years’ time, I’d look at myself now and say ‘relax’ again – I’m not good at listening to myself. Have you learned any magic with the new Harry Potter movie? Not really, a lot of the magic was special effects-driven. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with magic tricks – my little brother, who is six years younger, was an easy audience. When he got to the age of six or seven, he saw through all of my magic tricks so I gave up. If you could have magic powers, how would you use them? I’m incredibly nosy, so I’d like an invisibility cloak so I could listen to people. I wouldn’t mind going back to Shakespearean times, getting to meet the big guy.

at saying other people’s words in theatre, but being yourself and making a speech in front of thousands of people, I get pretty nervous. I enjoyed it this year when Leonardo DiCaprio was winning all the prizes. It was lovely to enjoy it without the fear of speaking.

Does your Oscar have magical powers?! Its magical power is that it still doesn’t look real. The whole experience feels so surreal. Sometimes I have to touch it to make sure it exists and it’s not made of plastic.

What did you think about people saying that you were the winner this year but Leonardo DiCaprio deserved this because he hadn’t won before? I totally disagree. I saw The Revenant and Leonardo’s performance in that was so extraordinary, not only because of all the physical things they, as actors, had to go through, but just also that it’s virtually silent. He virtually says nothing in the whole film yet you’re completely captivated – he definitely deserved to win.

Did anything change after you received it? I’ve been working since then, but for the first time in my life, as far as scripts are concerned, I have a bit more choice. How much difference is there when you go to the Oscars and win an award, compared to when you go and don’t win? It’s so exciting to win awards, but you also have to get on stage and make a speech. I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m quite good 50

What is it like when British actors meet away from the cameras? There’s a group of us who all grew up together, whether it’s Andrew Garfield, Tom Sturridge or Rob Pattinson. You live quite a specific life as an actor, travelling around the world, auditioning, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding. What’s wonderful is you would always have a pal, if you’re in New York or Los Angeles. It’s a lovely, supportive group of people. As we get older and busier, we see less of each other but we still have great affection for each other. What do you do with your friends when you’re not working? We normally sit in a pub and drink beer. When we were younger we played a lot of table tennis. Is it true that you studied with Prince William? Yes, I was at school with Prince William. I occasionally see him at charity events. Do you feel like royalty when you are called ‘Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne’? No, it doesn’t feel real. It’s too much to take in. How does this sound: ‘Two-time Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne’? That sounds mildly ridiculous and I’m sure will never happen. OK!

With his good friend Andrew Garfield


as they sing for survivaL

OK! goes backstage at ‘the X factor’

OK!’s Laura hiLLs meets some rather nervous finaLists – and grabs a seLfie with honey g!

Above: Lovebirds Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie. Below: Matt Terry hangs out with 5 After Midnight’s Nathan Lewis

Sam Lavery on stage with Simon and Eric Cowell


Above: Saara Aalto and Jordan Lee (right) in hair and make-up 52

ith The X Factor final edging ever closer, OK! was given exclusive behind-thescenes access to see what the contestants really get up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. We headed down to the Fountain Studios in London ahead of girl band versus boy band week, and the excitement among the contestants was palpable. ‘Saturday mornings are so scary,’ Ryan Lawrie told us. ‘On my way into the studio I’m just going over my song and performance in my head over and over again. It’s so nerve wracking.’ Although Ryan’s girlfriend Emily Middlemas disagreed. ‘I’m always really excited in the mornings. It’s not until an hour before the show that

the nerves really kick in for me. I tend to yawn when I’m nervous, I’m not sure why, so I yawn about 100 times before I go on stage,’ the 18-year-old hopeful revealed. The contestants start at 9am on Saturday, arriving at the studio in time for soundchecks and a full dress rehearsal. All the contestants have 30 minutes on stage to perfect their performance for the show, then it’s straight to wardrobe and hair and make-up. ‘I call the make-up room the meditation room, it’s so relaxing, Ryan, 20, told us. He added: ‘It’s really chilled out in there and provides time to close your eyes while they’re doing whatever they need to.’ The day before the live show, the contestants OK!’s Laura have their final Hills with run through with Honey G their mentors, Simon Cowell,

Matt Terry and Sam Lavery on stage during the Saturday morning soundcheck WWW.OK.CO.UK WWW OK CO UK 53

The stars of this year’s show rehearse the group song

Above: Honey G. Above right: Matt Terry, Four Of Diamonds and two thirds of 5 After Midnight, Kieran Alleyne and Jordan Lee

Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. ‘Nicole is so good at giving advice during the run through,’ X Factor favourite Matt Terry told us. ‘She makes one little suggestion and it totally flips the performance on its head and makes it a million times better. It’s probably down to all her years in the music industry. She just gets it.’ Sharing a picture of her sitting on stage with Simon and his two-yearold son (previous page), Sam Lavery wrote on Instagram: ‘When your waiting for Eric’s approval… [sic].’ ‘Eric is the cutest!’ Sam, 17, revealed to OK!. ‘Every Friday, Simon watches my performance and we work out if there are any parts we’re unhappy with and think of ways to improve it. My performance is always one both me and Simon are 100 per cent happy with.’ The County Durham-born singer also revealed that she has a set

Judges Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell 54

of good luck charms she wears whenever she’s performing on the show – a Vivienne Westwood necklace and bracelet her parents bought her and a tiger ring. ‘Eric loves my tiger ring, so I wear it every week just for him,’ Sam said. Meanwhile, Emily revealed that she has some pre-stage rituals of her own: ‘I have to focus on breathing in and out and I do my vocal warm-ups. When I step on stage I take a huge breath before I sing. It’s such a relief when the music starts and I can get going.’ As well as facing the judges on stage, the contestants are also joined every week by their biggest fans – their friends and families. Once the show has finished recording on a Saturday night, they all head to the backstage canteen to catch up with people who have come down to support them. During OK!’s night at The X Factor, it was Honey G who had everyone clambering over themselves for a selfie. While all the other contestants changed into more comfortable attire, Honey, 35, stayed in her stage outfit – including her trademark sunglasses – as she greeted a queue of people who had lined up to speak to her. It was revealed last week that the rapper is a former schoolmate of Amal Clooney. The pair attended Dr Challoner’s High School in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire at the same time as each other 20 years ago. Matt was also highly sought after, with queues of young girls falling over themselves to say hi. ‘All the attention is really flattering,’ Matt told us. ‘Although I’m really

Below: The 5 After Midnight boys with Matt Terry and Sam Lavery. Below left: Emily Middlemas in hair and make-up

Above: Emily and Ryan catch up on their correspondence. Left: Ryan in hair and make-up

keen to say hello to my family. Saturday and Sunday evenings are the only times I get to see them. I’ve been feeling a bit sick so I really look forward to seeing them after the show. They’re my biggest fans.’ Elsewhere, Ryan and Emily’s families wore Team Ryan and Emily T-shirts as they sat chatting to each other waiting to give the couple a big hug as soon as they walked through the door. An excitable Ryan, who had just performed The Beatles’ Twist And Shout, opened up about how happy he was to receive largely good comments for the judges. ‘I don’t think I could

have tried any harder to impress the judges than I did tonight,’ he revealed. ‘I was dancing so hard I almost broke my leg when I threw myself onto the floor at the end of my performance. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get up!’ Meanwhile, Saara Aalto couldn’t wait to get backstage to her fiancée Meri Sopanen, who just happened to be celebrating her 28th birthday that same day. Marking the special occasion with a slice of cake, Saara gave her partner of two years a huge hug as she emerged from her performance of Girls Aloud’s Sound Of The Underground still wearing her Geishainspired wig. Despite reports that they’ve been embroiled in ‘vicious arguments’ backstage, boy band 5 After

Midnight seemed as close as ever as they hung out after their performance. The band mingled with the other contestants’ friends and families and were laughing and joking together while enjoying some downtime following their performance of the Spice Girls hit Say You’ll Be There. Opening up about the sort of things they argue about, Jordan Lee recently revealed: ‘It’s just the little things. Who spends longest in the shower, who keeps their bedroom clean, that’s me.’ While Kieran Alleyne added: ‘It’s the pettiest things. We’re not splitting up, we’re not over and nobody’s feelings are hurt. It’s like we’re OK! in a relationship!’ ‘ThE X fAcTOR’ IS On ITv On SATuRDAy AnD SunDAy nIGhTS. TWITTER.cOM/LAuRAchILLS phOTOGRAphS By InSTAGRAM, SpLASh nEWS, SycO/ThAMES/DyMOnD


the ‘strIctly’ favourItes talk to OK!

‘I was terrIfIed about beIng myself on tv!’ Danny Mac and dance partner OTI Mabuse talk to OK! about otI’s IntensIve traInIng regIme and why danny’s relatIonshIp wIth hIs fIancee carley stenson Is stronger than ever…


ot on the heels of their How did it feel to finally get those triumphant jive, Strictly Come elusive tens for your jive? Dancing stars Danny Mac and Danny: It was the best feeling ever, Oti Mabuse are in a jubilant I don’t think you could have wiped the mood for our exclusive OK! interview. ‘It smile off my face. I’ve wanted to learn was the best feeling ever,’ grins ex the jive since the first time I saw Grease, Hollyoaks star Danny, 28, of scooping so it was a childhood dream come true their highest score so far, including tens and then to get tens on top of that was… from judges Darcey Bussell and Bruno Oti: The cherry on top! Tonioli. ‘I’ve wanted to learn the jive since the first time I saw Grease, so it Darcey and Bruno gave you tens for was a childhood dream come true.’ your jive. Are you hoping for tens from It’s easy to see why the pair share Len and Craig next? such palpable on-screen chemistry as Danny: All I can do is go out there and they’re clearly great friends in real life, too. give my best and hopefully that will South African professional dancer Oti, happen. It would be amazing to get the 26, frequently teases Danny and he jokes perfect 40, that’s everyone’s dream, but about how ‘strict’ Oti is in the rehearsal it may never happen. studio. ‘It’s borderline abuse!’ he laughs. Away from the dancefloor, Danny How are the rehearsals for your is engaged to fellow Hollyoaks alumni Argentine tango going… Carley Stenson, 34, who he’ll marry next Oti: Rehearsals are alright so far, the early summer. Laughing off suggestions of the part of the week is always a struggle… ‘Strictly Curse’, he adds: ‘It’s not even an issue. Not at all. Carley and I are stronger than ever.’ Meanwhile, Oti is married to Romanian choreographer Marius Iepure. With the final looming, have they started to think about winning and lifting that Glitterball trophy? ‘It’s too soon,’ says Oti. ‘Every week, I’m just thinking of getting through that elimination and being able to dance again,’ adds Danny. ‘Winning would be the ultimate achievement. But the final is my main goal so that I can learn every single dance and experience everything.’ Not surprisingly, the pressure is beginning to get to Danny, who has said: ‘I can’t explain the nerves. As an actor, I’m performing and I manage to turn it around but I’ve never known a feeling like it. The anxiety!’ Here, ahead of last weekend’s show, the dancing duo exclusively open up to OK! Oti, Danny and his about loving Ed Balls, double fiancée Carley Stenson dates with their partners and at the recent Pride Of why Strictly Come Dancing is Britain Awards the ultimate dream…


Danny: Hopefully it will be dramatic and passionate if I can get it right. Have you started to think about the possibility of winning? Danny: It’s a long way off. Every week I’m just thinking of getting through that elimination and being able to dance again. I don’t think about lifting the Glitterball, that’s too far ahead. Oti: Thinking about winning takes your focus off that week’s dance. What would winning mean to you? Danny: Winning would be the ultimate achievement. But that’s a long way off, and it’s such a tough, tough competition. But the final is my main goal so that I can learn every single dance and experience everything. Who do you think is your main competition? Danny: Everyone is doing amazingly and it’s down to the audience, so it’s not just a case of the strongest dancers going through. There are so many other factors. You have to be entertaining and the audience respects the contestants that improve week on week. Oti: And you’re getting better every week, Danny! Are you competitive with the other contestants? Danny: No, genuinely not at all. You can’t be really because then you lose your focus. I’m not going out there each week to beat anyone else, I’m going out there to be as good as I can be. A lot of people have said Ed Balls shouldn’t have stayed in the show so long… Oti: We love Ed. We’re both the biggest Ed and Katya [Jones] fans. He’s worked really hard trying to improve every week and I think he’s been getting better. He loves dancing and he loves rehearsing with Katya, so why can’t people support that?

Oti Wears shOrts sUit by fOrever UniqUe. Danny Wears tOp anD trOUsers by JOhn LeWis

Danny says Oti is very strict. ‘It’s borderline abuse,’ he jokes. But Oti says he is improving every week WWW.OK.CO.UK 59 5

Below: Oti and Danny are fans of fellow contestant Ed Balls. Danny says: ‘If he was there as a joke and not trying it would be different, but he’s tried really hard’. Bottom: Danny’s mum has been dressing the family dogs for Strictly!

Danny: It’s important to have people like Ed on the show. If he was there as a joke and not trying it would be different, but he’s tried really hard and we’ve all supported him – he’s one of the team. I actually can’t imagine the show without him! When did you realise Danny was a good dancer, Oti? It actually took quite a while! Literally for five weeks all we were doing was walking around the rehearsal studio. But I think I saw his potential when he saw it, while we were doing the quickstep. Any of our choreographed stunts that have involved falling or jumping have been the result of us messing around in rehearsals. Danny always does things by mistake and I’m like: ‘Oh my goodness, do it again!’ Why do you two work so well together? Danny: Oti’s teaching methods really resonate with me, but she’s hard and strict. We joke that it’s borderline abuse! Oti: Don’t say that! Danny: She commands the best, but I want her to. I want to be as good as I can possibly be when I go out there on a Saturday as I will never get this chance again. Is it getting harder to say goodbye to contestants each week? It’s been hard to say goodbye to everyone and early on it always felt too soon and when people left we’d be so gutted. The idea of people going is still horrible, but everyone who leaves from the halfway point onwards has had a good shot at it. If I go over the weekend I’ll be devastated but at the same time I can hold my head high. Who will you stay in touch with after the show, Danny? Oti: Me! Danny: Oti obviously! Greg [Rutherford] and Ore [Oduba] are good mates of mine now, and Rob [Rinder]. They’re lovely, lovely guys. We have a little boys’ club going on. When we leave, Rutherford and I would love to make the effort to stay in touch but you never know what will happen. Have you had lots of public attention since appearing on Strictly? Danny: I’ve been doing Strictly for ten weeks now and barely seen the light of day, so I haven’t had the opportunity for anybody to recognise me! All I do is go to the training studio and go back home. I’m either training or with my family and fiancée. Is your family very supportive, Danny? So supportive and I couldn’t do without them. For Carley to not make an issue of me being so tired or being away so much is so nice. We’ve spent so much time apart through our careers, but I spend every evening with her while I’m doing Strictly, which is lovely and I really need it. And my mum and my nan come down to the show, too, so it’s lovely to share the experience with them. We’ve seen on Twitter that your mum dresses her dogs up in Strictly outfits [below]… Danny: I think she now feels that if she doesn’t dress them up it will be a bad omen. They [Bailey and Barney] are actually mine and Carley’s dogs but because of our jobs we can’t look after them, so my mum does. I’d love to get them on a VT or in the studio. You’ve turned down


‘our stunts have been the result of us messing around in rehearsals’ Strictly a few times in the past – why did you decide to take part this year, Danny? Oti: because i was on it! Danny: [laughing] i’ve only ever done acting so i was terrified about being myself on tv. i’d been asked three times, so when they asked me a fourth time i thought, they won’t ask me again. and the timing’s worked out so i said yes. i’d just got engaged and i felt i’d got to a point in my life where i had to be a lot more open-minded so i took that leap of faith. Did you discuss it with Carley? Danny: we discuss every job to see if it’s right for us as a couple. up until this year there has always been a reason not to do Strictly but this year there wasn’t. People will be expecting big things from the first dance at your wedding… Danny: if we have time then maybe we could choreograph a little routine – you’ll have to wait and see! Did you and Carley discuss the ‘Strictly Curse’? Danny: it’s not even an issue. Carley and i are stronger than we’ve ever been. Have you two hung out with your respective partners? Oti: we all hang out together at the weekends – all four of us are doing this as a family. What’s next for you after Strictly, Danny? i don’t know, i’m really open-minded about what may happen but i’m focusing on the show for now. if the right thing came about i’d love to return to the stage, but i don’t think any job or show could afford to give me the one-on-one attention oti gives me! What about another reality TV show? Danny: i very much doubt it, but i wouldn’t want to eat my words so, never say never.

Oti Wears dress by PhiliP armstrOng and shOes by OffiCe

Are you both looking forward to Christmas? Danny: i can’t wait for a family Christmas with all of my brothers and sisters and Carley. Oti: and i’ll be back with my family in south africa – a warm Christmas on the beach relaxing, OK! i can’t wait! ‘striCtly Come danCing’ is on bbC one on saturday and sunday nights

interview by Clare Fisher photographs by tony ward, bbC, getty, instagram, twitter hair and makeup by marCos gurgel using bobbi brown CosmetiCs, londonlashnet lashes and babyliss pro

Above: Danny and Oti are great friends away from the dancefloor, and ‘hang out together at the weekends’ with their real-life partners Carley (far left) and Marius Iepure (left). Top left: Their high-scoring jive WWW.OK.CO.UK 61


marnie wears jumpsuit by miss pap. lewis wears shirt and jeans by religion

after a brief break up over his partying

‘We both thought We had something Worth fighting for’ Marnie siMpson and Lewis BLoor tell OK!’s laura hills about their recent split and the difficulties of adapting to life after ‘cbb’


After a brief split, Marnie and Lewis say they know now that they have a definite future together

heir whirlwind romance during Celebrity Big Brother got everyone speculating over whether their relationship was all just a showmance. But as Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor cuddle up to each other on OK!’s exclusive shoot, there’s no doubt they’re completely smitten with each other. Despite telling us that they’re head over heels in love after falling for each other The couple struggled on the Channel 5 show this to adapt to real life summer, their romance hasn’t after meeting in all been smooth sailing. The the CBB house pair split for a few days last month after Lewis failed to call Marnie during a few nights out with his friends. first it was hard to find the magic we had in But as they sit in front of OK!, they’re keen to the house. stress that the split was nothing more than a hiccup. In fact, they’re just about to move in to a Did that cause problems? flat together in Essex. Lewis: We were arguing quite a lot because Before that, though, they have one more neither of us could work out why the challenge to face. Just days after our exclusive relationship was so different once we were shoot, Marnie, 24, is due to head back to out in the real world. Our relationship in the Newcastle to film the 14th series of MTV’s Big Brother house was perfect, so we expected Geordie Shore – while she’s there, she’ll be out a lot of each other. drinking almost every night and will have little Marnie: It’s part of the reason we’ve largely contact with Lewis, 26. kept our relationship out of the public eye up ‘We’ve had a chat about the line of until now. We had to figure out how we were respect Marnie needs to follow,’ Lewis reveals, going to make it work. adding: ‘I trust Marnie completely but when she’s had a drink she’s a proper nut case. She There were reports that you split up last knows what I will and won’t be comfortable month – what happened? with her doing. I’m confident we’ll be able to Marnie: I broke up with Lewis and we spent get through it, though.’ a few days apart. It felt like our relationship Here, Marnie and Lewis lift the lid on their peaked in the Big Brother house so it had a lot short split, moving in together and why they’re to live up to once we were out. When it didn’t more solid than people give them credit for… live up to those expectations I crumbled a bit. Lewis: The break up was a lot to do with my How has your relationship been since actions, though, I take full responsibility for that. leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house? Marnie: It was quite hard at first. We met each What did you do? other in such a strange environment, so once Lewis: I went through a stage of going on the show was over we had to get to know each nights out with my friends and not calling other in a totally different way. Marnie, which wasn’t fair on her. I was too busy Lewis: We went from speaking to each having a good time and didn’t think about other about every little thing to communicating making contact with her. over text message just to plan when we Marnie: I didn’t realise how much Lewis could see each other. It felt like our relationship liked to party. I don’t blame him, but it was was going backwards. We discovered hard knowing he was out while I was back in things we didn’t know about each other, too. Newcastle. Lewis wasn’t being the best version Like Marnie is on her phone all the time. At of himself and I knew he was better than that. WWW.OK.CO.UK 63

How have things been since the split? Marnie: I couldn’t fault the relationship now, we’re really happy. I’ve grown up a lot since being with Lewis. He’s made me look to the future and realise that I want a mature relationship with him. Have you spoken about getting married and having children? Marnie: I wouldn’t be with Lewis if I didn’t see those things with him, but it’s not something that will happen for a few years. I always said I’d like to have a kid by the time I’m 30. How is this relationship different from ones you’ve been in before? Lewis: I fell in love with Marnie instantly. She giggles like a baby and is a bundle of joy, I just love being around her. Marnie is the first girl I’ve really seen a future with. I want to progress in life with her by my side. Marnie: Lewis is so positive and driven, which is really refreshing. I trust Lewis so much more than I have any of my ex-boyfriends. Marnie, you recently said that Lewis gave you your first orgasm. Are you worried about offending your exes? When I saw it written down I did think that some of them might be offended! What I said isn’t

MarNIe WearS dreSS By MoTeL aT TopSHop; aNd BooTS By puBLIC deSIre. LeWIS WearS jaCkeT, SHIrT aNd TrouSerS By reLIgIoN

‘I ended It wIth LewIs because I was worrIed I wouLd get hurt by hIm’ entirely true, but it’s the best sex I’ve ever had because I’m so in love with Lewis. So, it was worth waiting until you got out of the CBB house? Lewis: Considering how much sex we have now, I’m surprised we lasted that long! Marnie: We only ever kissed in the house. We didn’t want to do something on television that we would end up regretting. Why did you post a naked video of Lewis recently, Marnie? We were popping to the shop so Lewis went off to get ready and came back totally naked other than a hat and his trainers. I looked at him and thought, wow. I was showing off! It was just a laugh. Besides, it’s not like he’s got anything to hide! Lewis: I didn’t care. I thought it was hilarious.

Above: The happy couple have been together for four months. Below inset: Lewis lets it all hang out! Were you worried he was cheating on you, Marnie? No, we both totally trust each other. I just wanted to know I was his priority. Lewis: I’ve hurt girls in the past, which is something I really regret. Marnie knows I’d never do that again. I would never cheat on her. We’re very open and honest with each other. For example, if a girl pops up on my phone and Marnie wants to know if anything has happened between us in the past then I’ll be totally honest about it. Marnie, why did you delete all the pictures of Lewis from your Instagram? I thought it was the right thing to do. I ended things with Lewis because I was worried that I would get hurt by him. I really love Lewis but I figured it would be easier to end things early on in our relationship rather than finding out we 64

weren’t right for each other a few years down the line. How did you feel when Marnie ended things, Lewis? It was a big wake-up call for me. I realised that if I didn’t give her 100 per cent I would lose her forever and I didn’t want that. We spent a few days apart but neither of us were happy. We had a chat and both said we thought we had something worth fighting for, so we decided to give things another go.

A lot of people thought your relationship was a showmance. Do you hope you’ve proved them wrong now? Lewis: We couldn’t care less what people think. If people believe in love then they should be able to tell how much we care about each other. Marnie: I can see why people thought it was fake, we fell for each other so quickly, but why would we waste nearly four months of our lives in a relationship if it wasn’t real? Is it true you’re buying a house in Essex, Marnie? I want to eventually yes. We’re moving in together soon but we are going to rent a place there before buying anything. The

lewis wears top by new look; jeans by topman; and shoes, stylist’s own. marnie wears jumpsuit by river island; and shoes stylist’s own

Lewis says Marnie knows what he expects of her when she re-enters the Geordie Shore house


Do you feel confident in your body, Marnie? Girls are never 100 per cent satisfied with their bodies. I’m happy in my relationship, which makes me confident in myself. I’m not perfect but I’m not desperate to lose loads of weight or go under the knife to change anything about myself. Every time I go into Geordie Shore I gain about 100lbs from eating and drinking too much, but when I’m not filming I try to be as healthy as possible. Being with Lewis has made me healthier as we work out together.


How will you cope when Marnie is filming for Geordie Shore, Lewis? I’m really going to miss Marnie, especially as we’ll only get to speak once or twice a week, but I trust her. I’ve got no doubt we’ll be absolutely fine. Marnie: We’re only filming for two weeks this time around, so it should be absolutely fine. We’ll only be able to speak once or twice a week but Lewis knows I’ll be behaving myself. Lewis, are you worried about Marnie being on the show with her old flame Aaron Chalmers? Lewis: We got together quite soon after Marnie ended it with Aaron, so my only worry is that he’ll try and wind her up. Marnie: I’m a bit anxious about it as I think he was quite hurt by what I did. It was never my intention to move on so quickly, though. Aaron and I always had a very volatile relationship, so even if Lewis wasn’t in the picture we wouldn’t be together.

Above and facing page: Marnie says she has no complaints about her sex life. Below left: The pair are just back from bootcamp in Ibiza. Below right: Marnie with Chloe Ferry. Right: Marnie with Aaron Chalmers hope is that we can find somewhere in Essex before I leave to film Geordie Shore, then once I’m back we can move into it together. Have you met each other’s family? Marnie: My mum has hated all my past boyfriends but she loves Lewis. She’s constantly texting me to see how he is. Lewis: Her mum was quite wary of me at first because Marnie had been in a relationship with another Essex boy [former fiancé Ricky Rayment]. When I first met her she warned me to take things slowly, but now she loves me.


How was your recent holiday to Ibiza? Lewis: We were visiting luxury health retreat Box Fit Ibiza that I’ve set up over there with three mates. It runs for seven days and is based around a two-hour boxing class in the morning and excursions in the afternoons. We go out drinking a lot so it was nice to socialise in a healthy way. How did you get into the fitness industry, Lewis? After I left TOWIE I needed a big career change and I’ve always had an interest in learning about the mechanics of the body. I took a six-week fitness course at a college in London and now I work at a gym in Essex.

Have you set any ground rules for Marnie for when she’s away filming? Lewis: There are certain things that I wouldn’t be happy with her doing, like getting into an argument with Aaron. Marnie doesn’t care about him so nothing he says should wind her up. Marnie can be very flirty when she’s drunk so I hope she won’t be doing that now she’s in a relationship. Marnie has been known to kiss her co-star Chloe Ferry, does that worry you, Lewis? If I thought Marnie fancied Chloe then it would bother me, but I know they’re just having a laugh. I can’t change the way Marnie is, she’s an absolute nutcase. Marnie: I don’t know why I’m always kissing Chloe, when I’m drunk I can’t help myself. I’m bisexual but I don’t fancy Chloe. We do it because we’re just attention seekers.

Marnie, did you enjoy having Lewis teaching the fitness classes in Ibiza? There was one time where he snapped at me because I was talking. I couldn’t believe it, I’m his girlfriend so he should let me off!

Were you annoyed that Scotty T said you would cheat in the Geordie Shore house? Marnie: I’ve fallen out with him big time over that. I don’t think Scott is all there. He said that about me then asked me to tweet to promote his book. Lewis: I think it was a bit of a throwaway comment and he probably didn’t mean it. Scott is an odd person.

Did you lose much weight out there, Marnie? I lost a bit and felt really healthy, but I ruined it as soon as I got back home because I went on a few nights out.

The Geordie Shore cast are known for drinking a lot – do you ever get embarrassed by the things you get up to? Marnie: Sometimes I’m too embarrassed to watch it back. We’re so restricted in that house, we have no phones and our job is to get drunk. It does make us all go a bit nuts.


lewis wears shirt by new look; and jeans by topman. marnie wears dress by missy empire

The couple have talked about marriage and babies but it won’t be for a few years yet

MArnIe WeArS JuMpSuIT By BooHoo. LeWIS WeArS T-SHIrT By reLIgIon; AnD JeAnS By reLIgIon

‘I don’t regret anythIng, not even gettIng naked on tv’

Marnie, you had a chronic urine infection recently, are you okay now? I’m having more tests because the doctor thinks I might have a bladder condition. Drinking too much can make it flare up so I have to be really careful when I’m filming Geordie Shore. Before Celebrity Big Brother you were diagnosed with exhaustion, are you taking better care of yourself now? I had just finished filming a really intense series of Geordie Shore where I was drinking constantly

and it was too much for my body to cope with. I’ve cut back on drinking since then and I eat quite well so I’m feeling okay at the moment. Lewis is very protective so he really looks after me. Are you still in touch with anyone from Celebrity Big Brother? Lewis: We speak to Stephen Bear. He’s always on the wind up, though. The last time I saw him he was trying to imply that I shouldn’t let Marnie go onto Geordie Shore. Do you have any regrets from your time in the house? Lewis: We haven’t watched much of it back to be honest. Marnie: I don’t even regret anything, not even getting naked on TV.

What was it like coming face to face with Saira Khan on Loose Women recently, Marnie? Before I went on she was being so nice to me but once we were on camera she tried to imply that I go on television to have sex, which isn’t true. I tried to be as nice as I could to her but she was trying to get me to react. Lewis: For an educated woman to say something like that is really shocking. It’s such a shame the way she’s spoken about Marnie as I really did consider Saira to be a friend in the house. When was the last time you saw the cast of TOWIE, Lewis? The only people I speak to are Jess [Wright] and Kate [Wright]. I saw first hand how people on that show turn their back on their friends to hang out with people who are more popular. I still speak to Arg [James Argent] but even we aren’t that close any more. I went to visit Arg in rehab but who knows if he would be there if I were in trouble. Shows like that are all about people arguing and I have no interest in that. OK! ‘georDIe SHore’ IS on MTV, TueSDAyS AT 10pm.

Above: Marnie and Lewis on CBB with Stephen Bear. Right: On Loose Women with Saira Khan 68

STocKISTS: BooHoo WWW.BooHoo.coM; Dune WWW. DuneLonDon.coM; MISSy eMpIre WWW.MISSyeMpIre. coM; MISS pAp; neW LooK WWW. neWLooK.coM; puBLIc DeSIre WWW.puBLIcDeSIre. coM; reLIgIon reLIgIoncLoTHIng.coM; rIVer ISLAnD WWW.rIVerISLAnD.coM; TopMAn WWW.TopMAn.coM; TopSHop WWW.TopSHop.coM. TWITTer.coM/LAurAcHILLS pHoTogrApHS By STAcey cLArKe ADDITIonAL pHoTogrApHS By InSTAgrAM, rex, SnApcHAT, SpLASH neWS, xpoSure STyLIng By HoLLy ounSTeAD HAIr AnD MAKe-up By cHArLoTTe gASKeLL @ LHA repreSenTS uSIng KeVIn MurpHy AnD gIorgIo ArMAnI

taking in botsWana, ziMbabWe and south africa

‘We really love being Mr and Mrs’

olyMpic cyclists Lizzie and PhiLiP Deignan exclusively tell OK!’s Michelle garnett about their incredible honeyMoon on safari and reveal Married life is every bit as good as they iMagined


ost newlyweds look forward to jetting off on their romantic honeymoon within days of saying ‘I do’, but when you’re a high-achieving Olympian, things aren’t always that simple. Cyclists Lizzie and Philip Deignan shared their emotional big day with OK! magazine when they married in the Yorkshire Dales on September 17 this year. Due to their sporting commitments they not only had to postpone their South African honeymoon until the cycling season had ended, but during that month they only spent four days of their married life together! ‘After that, for all I cared, we could have gone camping – I just wanted to see Phil,’ Lizzie told us on her return from their incredible sun and safari adventure.

She had a good reason, though. The 27 year old and her squad were busy winning the women’s team time trial at the UCI Road World Championships in Doha – the first race where she didn’t use her maiden name, Armitstead. Unsurprisingly for a sporty couple, Lizzie and Phil – who began dating two years ago – packed plenty into their 16-day trip. First stop was Botswana, where they stayed at the fabulous Ngoma Safari Lodge, owned by Africa Albida Tourism, and were treated to a once-ina-lifetime safari experience with luxury safari specialists Yellow Zebra Safaris. ‘I watch lots of David Attenborough on TV,’ Phil, 33, told us. ‘So to see it all in real life was incredible.’ Next on the schedule was Zimbabwe, where they enjoyed two days at Victoria Falls Safari Club and visited the awe-inspiring waterfall. Then it was on to Cape Town where they were blown away by The Luxury Travel Book’s Bakoven Penthouse with its ocean views. ‘We also went to the Stellenbosch wineries,’ added Lizzie who, despite not being much of a drinker, did relax her diet: ‘We both came back with some kilos to lose!’ Here, the lovebirds – who live in Monaco but also own a property in Harrogate, Yorkshire that is currently undergoing renovation – tell OK! all about their romantic getaway, what new things they learnt about each other during the trip and whether or not marriage has changed them…

Above: ‘It was beyond any expectations we had,’ Lizzie tells us of their safari adventure. Left: Their wedding day Welcome home! You had to delay your honeymoon for a month due to work commitments. Was that tough? Lizzie: Yes, and we only got to see each other for four days during that month. Phil: We’re used to being away from each other, but four weeks was very extreme. We were on a big high after the wedding and then we had to go back to our jobs, so we were counting down the days until the honeymoon. Lizzie: For all I cared, we could have gone camping – I just wanted to see Phil. Normally when we have time off from cycling we feel guilty that we’re not seeing enough of our friends and family, so it was great to spend some guiltfree time on our own. It looks like you had an amazing time… Lizzie: It was beyond any expectations we had. Phil: The safari was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We saw so many different animals – crocodiles, zebras, hippos, giraffes and elephants, even lions at one point. They’d just eaten so they weren’t hungry and we could get really close to them. Are you both big wildlife lovers? Lizzie: Phil is. I’m scared of dogs and cats, but I love being outdoors.

‘It was very opulent,’ Lizzie says of The Luxury Travel Book’s Bakoven Penthouse

Above: ‘The safari was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,’ Phil tells us of their trip, where they saw zebras (top), hippos and lions 70

How luxurious was the accommodation? Phil: We were shocked at the level of luxury. Lizzie: Both lodges were the nicest places we’ve ever stayed in. They had beautiful panoramic views and we slept so well. I usually have problems sleeping – I always sleep better when Phil’s home – but I slept for 12 hours straight. The staff were lovely. There were rose petals and champagne everywhere we went! One night they laid on a private dinner with our own

The couple relax at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, one of their homes during their 16-day honeymoon


Below: ‘When we walked in and saw the stunning view of the ocean, I was gob-smacked,’ Phil tells us of The Luxury Travel Book’s Bakoven Penthouse (right)

Did you have any ‘pinch me’ moments while you were away? Lizzie: The cliff-top drive from Cape Town to Cape Point was incredible. We were in a convertible, the wind was in my hair, we had some good music on. I felt like I was in a TV advert. The Asara Wine Estate was stunning too. Was it important for you to keep up your fitness regimes on honeymoon? Phil: I ticked over a little bit at the gym and we did some jogging together, but it wasn’t a regimented thing. Lizzie: I’d come straight from the world championships so I was a bit of a slob! I usually find it hard to switch off on holiday.

waiter and the house band playing just for us. It was the most romantic meal I’ve ever had! You also stayed in the incredible Bakoven Penthouse in Camps Bay, Cape Town… Phil: When we walked in and saw the stunning view of the ocean, I was gob-smacked. It was like something out of a film. Lizzie: It was very opulent. We were able to watch the sun rise from our own balcony. What else did you get up to on your trip? Phil: We visited Victoria Falls, which was just stunning. Lizzie: And we hiked to the top of Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town. I was petrified! Phil: It’s the first time I’ve seen Lizzie scared. Normally she’s fearless. We had to climb up the cliff face using ladders and she was trying to talk herself into getting to the top. I could hear her going: ‘Yep, yep, yep, yep…’ Lizzie: I talk to myself on my bike, too, when I get scared. During the honeymoon, did you learn anything new about Phil, Lizzie? Yes. That he should have three beers not five! I’m not a big drinker, I find it harder to avoid a cheesecake than a glass of wine. We also learnt how similar we are. We love to go off doing our own exploring. Phil: I discovered that Lizzie has a better sense of direction than me. We almost got lost a few times when we were out driving. 72

Did you both relax your diets and pig out? Lizzie: Yeah! We both came home with some kilos to lose but that’s an important part of heading into winter – not being too skinny. I think we had a dessert every night. Phil: And the rest! Usually during the season you question what you’re ordering from the menu, checking you’re having enough protein and carbs. Lizzie: When we were staying at the Bakoven Penthouse in Cape Town we rented bikes and cycled a mile up the road to get breakfast every morning. It’s our favourite meal and everyone was shocked to see how much these two skinny cyclists could eat. What was the weather like during your trip? Phil: It was really hot in Botswana and Zimbabwe and I got a bit burnt on the first day, but it was more pleasant in Cape Town, about 20 to 26˚C. Lizzie: Phil’s Irish skin didn’t agree with the sun. Did you reminisce about your wedding while you were away? Lizzie: Yes, and we picked out photos for the wedding album. My only slight regret was that

we didn’t have a videographer. We talked about the wedding a lot. For both of us, our favourite part was the church service. Phil: It was the only time when Lizzie cried and I almost started crying. Is it still a novelty calling each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife’? Phil: It’s taken a while to get used to saying ‘my wife’, but it’s really nice. Lizzie: When I say ‘my husband’ I still feel like a bit of a fraud, like I’m not old enough to be married! I changed my name too, which takes a bit of getting used to. But we really love being Mr and Mrs. It’s really cool. Lizzie, you posted a message online that you were ‘delighted’ when your squad won the women’s team time trial at the world championships. It was your first time racing as Lizzie Deignan. Was that why it was so special? No, it was because it was a team performance, and in road cycling we never usually get to stand on the podium together. Since the Olympics, what with the wedding, it was very hard to stay motivated. But not letting my teammates down kept me focused. Phil, you have admitted you’re not a jewellery man – have you got used to wearing your wedding ring yet? I had to get it made a size smaller as it felt a little too loose, but yes it feels perfectly natural now and I keep it on all the time. Lizzie: Me too. People look horrified when I wear it racing, but I’d end up losing it otherwise. You spoke to us previously about wanting four children – did you discuss your future family dreams on honeymoon? Lizzie: Yes, I probably gave Phil headaches! But I’ll definitely be cycling for another two years as I have a contract. So we’ll see after that. Phil: We talked a lot about the renovations on our house in Harrogate, too, and what we want to do after we eventually retire from cycling. Do you both feel any different being married? Lizzie: Even though we don’t have children, I feel like Phil is my family now. Phil: But not a whole lot has changed. We’re still both in love and both fully committed to each other. OK! YELLOW ZEBrA SAFArIS OFFErS FOUr NIgHTS AT NgOMA SAFArI LOdgE ON AN ALL-INCLUSIVE BASIS ANd THrEE NIgHTS AT VICTOrIA FALLS SAFArI LOdgE ON A B&B BASIS, FrOM £3,212 PEr PErSON INCLUdINg INTErNATIONAL FLIgHTS. VISIT YELLOWZEBrASAFArIS.COM Or CALL 0208 547 2305.

A close encounter with an elephant during a game drive in Botswana


‘EvEn though wE don’t havE childrEn, i fEEl likE Phil is my family now’

‘We’re still both in love and both fully committed to each other,’ Phil tells us when we ask if marriage has changed anything between them WWW.OK.CO.UK 73

dream on


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in the

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Dress, £38, by Asos; and cami and shorts (worn underneath), £15 for set, by Marks & Spencer Styled by ROSie UndeRWOOd aSSiSted by HaRRiet WHeeleR PHOtOgRaPHS by lORna ROaCH aSSiSted by antHOny yateS HaiR and maKe-UP by ClaiRe PORtman USing eStee laUdeR and OjOn mOdel: Remy g @ PRemieR StOCKiStS: aCCeSSORize UK.aCCeSSORize.COm; alex mOnROe WWW.alexmOnROe. COm; aSOS WWW.aSOS. COm; bOUx avenUe WWW. bOUxavenUe.COm; ClaiRe’S aCCeSSORieS WWW.ClaiReS. CO.UK; elizabetH avey WWW. elizabetHavey.COm; figleaveS WWW.figleaveS.COm; gemPORia WWW.gemPORia. COm; maRKS & SPenCeR WWW. maRKSandSPenCeR.COm; mimi HOlliday WWW.mimiHOlliday. COm; myla WWW.myla.COm; needle & tHRead WWW. needleandtHRead.COm; ORelia WWW.ORelia.CO.UK.


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Rimmel Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner £5.29

secrets! With OK! fashion & beauty direCtor rosie underWood @RosieJundeRwood


ara Delevingne knows how to party. So when I was invited to celebrate her new Rimmel launch with the girl herself last week, it wasn’t exactly hard to say no! The iconic model – with arguably more sass than anyone else on the runway – is successfully following in the footsteps of Kate Moss by joining the Rimmel squad and throwing some serious attitude into the mix. For the secret to those killer feline flicks she’s been rocking, look no further than Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner, launching on November 23.


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he secret to a-list-worthy locks comes in the form of these Viviscal capsules, packed full of all the important ingredients needed for hair. Reese witherspoon (below right) pops

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nic causes a chain reaction!

she wore blue velvet

not only has she wowed with her style choices on The X Factor, but we can’t get enough of nicole scherzinger’s post-show ensembles. playing by the rules has never been her style – as she left the itv studios after filming, the X Factor judge wore her oxblood Kalayci dress back to front to make the most of the cutout and chain detail. schermazing!

As a high-profile model, it’s no surprise Daisy Lowe is rocking this season’s big trend, velvet. the Strictly Come Dancing star teamed her navy new Look dress with a black fluffy jacket for a night out in London, adding her favourite chunky boots for a punk twist. she gets a ten from us!

Dress, £34.99, New Look

CompiLED by hArriEt whEELEr; photogrAphs by gEtty imAgEs, rEx, siLvErhub, xposurE; stoCKists: DL1961 www. DL1961.Com; KALAyCi www.KALAyCiLonDon.Com; LE spECs www.LEspECs.Com; nEw LooK www.nEwLooK.Com

Dress, £240, Kalayci

Get inspiration for your wardrobe from these favourite star picks GiGi’s made in the shades

she’s used to jet-setting across the globe and gigi hadid certainly has her airport style nailed down in new york! the model looked chic in black skinny jeans layered with a bold blue mtv jumper, completing her look with a pair of Le specs sunglasses. she knows how to work a casual outfit to perfection.

Jess keeps it casual

Even when she’s on the school run, Jessica Alba makes each fashion choice better than the last. Keeping to her signature cool vibe in LA, the actress and businesswoman wore an army jacket over a black jumper, styled with a pair of waxed jeans from her own collection with DL1961.

Sunglasses, £45, Le Specs

Jeans, £750, DL1961 x Jessica Alba


compiled by harriet wheeler; photograph by; stockists: dune; hallhuber www.; matches; monsoon; net-a-porter; next; river island; the outnet; topshop

Bring out Brocade this season is all about opulent prints and rich colours Top, £737, Rochas at Matches

Dress, £75, Topshop Trousers, £38, Next

Jacket, £89, Monsoon

Skirt, £89, Hallhuber

Dress, £377, Alice + Olivia at The Outnet

Bag, £480, Michael Kors at Net-A-Porter

Loafers, £55, River Island

Boots, £150, Dune

Oscar de la Renta


Diptyque ADvent CAlenDAr, £250 when it comes to indulgence that has absolutely zero effect on your waistline come christmas day, this collection of fragrance, candles and skin care has got me having small palpitations.

Jo MAlone ChristMAs ADvent CAlenDAr, £280 no, it’s not the average amount you’d spend on an advent calendar, but i literally don’t think anything says ‘i love you’ more than a daily dose of jo malone treats. hint hint…

Molton Brown sCenteD luxuries ADvent CAlenDAr, £150 with everything from its iconic hand treatments to mini shampoos, conditioners and body washes – even adding the odd scented candle – pampering through the colder months is made that much easier.



n BAreMinerAls CountDown to GorGeous 24 pieCe ADvent CAlenDAr, £75 skin-loving minerals go into every formula the brand offers, whether that’s skin care, eye shadows, concealers or lip balms (which fyi double up as great skin tints, too.) a great way to give your beauty regime a fresh start.

othing can beat an excuse to eat chocolate every day until christmas, thanks to most advent calendars. but the beauty industry has kicked cadbury to the curb with calendars that include mini versions of all your beauty weaknesses. i’m talking jo malone mini fragrances and body creams, charlotte tilbury’s magic cream and make-up saviours in all their clutch-friendly glory – and Diptyque is even throwing mini candles into the mix. want. need. feast your eyes over my personal favourites…

CowsheD ADvent CAlenDAr, £85 going cosy and rustic this christmas, cowshed is delivering its beauty must-haves in the form of handy minis, so bringing the spa to your home couldn’t be easier this yuletide.

ChArlotte tilBury’s worlD of leGenDAry pArties ADvent CAlenDAr, £150 trust me on this one, charlotte tilbury’s indulgent beauty treats honestly do live up to the hype. party season panic can be officially a problem of the past and these 12 travel-sized products are a great way to familiarise yourself with her a-list tips and tricks. christmas has never looked so good.

stockists: Diptyque at; jo malone; bare minerals; charlotte tilbury; cowsheD www.; molton brown

Ok!’ fashion and beauty director rosie underwood counts down to christmas in style


get the


Keep your sKin natural and luminous this season



compiled by harriet wheeler; photograph by andy carson; stockists: bareminerals; burberry; clinique; nars; mac

1 5


1 bareMinerals stroke of light eye brightener in luMinous 1, £22 its powerful formula of peptides and luxurious minerals help diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, brightening the eye area. the lightweight cream blends easily and its illuminating tint conceals tired eyes. 86

2 burberry fresh glow luMinous fluid base in nude radiance no 01, £34 with a formula containing reflection pearls, this blurs and conceals imperfections, revealing a faultless skin tone. mix with your moisturiser or foundation to give an illuminating finish or wear alone for a natural glow.

3 clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight in hefty highlight, £19 infused with light-reflecting pigments to give a luminous sheen. dab across the top of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, middle of your forehead and centre of the chin and blend with fingertips for a natural, sculpted look.

4 nars skin optiMal brightening concentrate, £51 this radiance-boosting serum is enriched with a lightreflecting complex to brighten and restore a youthful glow. its lightweight gel texture instantly melts into the skin to help fight signs of aging and revitalise the complexion.

5 Mac cosMetics extra diMension skinfinish in beaMing blush, £24 this creamy, lightweight blush breaks to gold once applied to give the perfect glow that will last up to ten hours. the liquid-powder contains prismatic reflections to sculpt and highlight skin, revealing a luminous and flawless finish.

the feIsty chIld star Is bacK

‘I’m basIcally bIanca reborn’ Maisie sMith tells OK!’s KatIe langford-foster about her return to ‘eastenders’ and branchIng out Into the charts


aisie Smith is quite the multi-talented teen. She grew up playing the adorable yet feisty Tiffany Butcher, originally Tiffany Dean, mini-me daughter of EastEnders legend Bianca Jackson, and she recently reprised her role for two episodes. The redheaded actress is looking all grown up and now she’s making her move into music with her new single Good Thing. After posting a series of covers on YouTube, Maisie headed into the studio and excitedly tells us she’ll soon be releasing her debut EP. At just 15, the star – who first hit our screens alongside Scarlett Johansson in The Other Boleyn Girl back in 2008 – is currently studying for her GCSEs and tells us: ‘I’ve got to keep studying until the end but I’d love to pursue a career in music and acting. That is the dream!’ Here, Maisie talks to OK! about her new single and why she loves making mischief on Albert Square… Maisie posted music videos on YouTube

How long have you been singing for, Maisie? I’ve sung all my life but only recently I’ve had more of a passion for it after I did a show at school. I’ve really discovered my voice now. This was my first time in the studio and I loved it, although it’s quite hard work.

Have people been surprised that you have a great voice as well as being able to act? Yes, people were very shocked. A lot of people were like: ‘I didn’t even realise you could sing,’ which I was really happy about. You always get people who are going to hate, but all the feedback has been positive so far. Did you ever consider going on The X Factor to propel your music career? I think it’s too much pressure going on one of those things. People don’t give them enough credit for doing that because it’s impossible! I don’t know how people go through it.

Above and bottom left: Maisie is back, with a new look and a new single

Was it fun returning to EastEnders to play sassy Tiffany again? Yes, it makes me laugh so much – I’m basically Bianca reborn! And it was so nice to see everyone. I was so nervous, though. Are you anything like Tiff in real life? She’s cheeky, and I can be quite mischievous. We both cause a lot of mischief around the square. She can also be very kind-hearted to her sister, which is very much like me, so we’re quite similar.


Your on-screen sister Shona McGarty is also a singer – do you ever sing together? We used to sing so much at EastEnders. We always used to make up songs and dances together.

With Shona McGarty, Patsy Palmer and her on-screen family when she was a tot

When I went back, I was showing her some of my songs and she was like: ‘This is amazing!’ Do you keep in touch with Patsy Palmer, who plays your on-screen mum Bianca? I keep in touch with a lot of my on-screen family. We all live really far apart so I never have the time to meet them but it’s really nice to see them on special occasions and at charity events. Would you ever go back to the show properly? It would be really cool to go back but, at the same time, I would like to keep my options open to see what might come my way as well. What was it like growing up on screen? I’ve loved it and never had any problems with it. When I was younger, I got recognised more. Now, if I have no make-up on then people might guess, but that’s quite rare. All I remember is people coming up to me and being really nice. Do you remember working with Scarlett Johansson on The Other Boleyn Girl? I remember going up to her in the dressing room and saying: ‘My sister’s called Scarlett!’ But I didn’t have a clue who she was – I was only four and I just recognised the name! OK! ‘GooD THING’ IS ouT oN NovEMBEr 25, ProDuCED BY DM uNSIGNED.


Her exclusive OK! column THe ‘coronaTion sTreeT’ sTar reflecTs on a big week boTH on and off screen, buT does make Time To waTcH some men sTrip off!

least! i really didn’t think it would actually happen and i despair, to be honest. it feels like a bad dream or an old episode of The Simpsons! i didn’t particularly think Hillary Clinton was great choice either, but i thought she’d beat trump! i’m excited to watch my old co-star ryan thomas’s brother adam [right] on I’m A Celebrity –Get Me Out Of Here!. i’ve been out with him a few times and he’s a lovely family guy. He’s a bit cheeky like all the thomas brothers, so he’ll bring a lot of laughs to the show. rather him than me eating pigs’ brains, though!

david’s family sue over money i

t’s been revealed that my late friend David gest left his lawyer £10 million in his will and didn’t leave anything to his family – and they are apparently now suing about it. i was close to David [right] and i know he was estranged from his family and, as far as i’m aware, he hadn’t spoken to them for a long time. David’s gone and that’s the sad part. i don’t think people should squabble over money. it



my embarrassing mum!

ast week i went to see The Full Monty [below right] at the opera House in manchester – it was great fun! a group of us girls went including emilie and my mum [below left]. i wanted to go and see it as my friend Louis emerick was in it, as was gary Lucy and former Corrie actor Chris Fountain. in the final part of the show, the boys stripped off and they were all

was up to David who he left his money to. some people leave all their money to cats’ homes, it’s just the way it goes!

covering their bits with their hats on stage. well, when they threw their hats in the air, the lights went down. at that point my mum shouted: ‘what a stupid time for the lights to go off!’ i was like: ‘mum!’ afterwards we joined them for cast drinks. Coincidentally, my former husband Jack ryder co-directed the show, but he wasn’t there on the night to catch up. OK!

getty images, itv, rex, twitter, xposure


e’re filming some really dramatic scenes on set at Corrie at the moment [right, with robert preston, played by tristan gemmill] and it’s quite full-on. everyone’s really supportive at work – there’s always a make-up girl with a sweet tea on hand, which is nice. everyone pulls together and it’s such a fantastic team effort, which helps when it’s so busy. if i’m lucky enough to be going straight home after filming the full-on scenes, as soon as i walk through the door i’m polly’s mum [far right] again – there’s nothing like a five year old to snap you back to reality! the talk of the green room last week was Donald trump [below] winning the american election. everyone was shocked to say the

a really dramaTic week

afTer wowing during rio 2016

‘iT’s laughable ThaT people wanT me To replace lorraine kelly!’

Helen says it’s a huge compliment, but she won’t be taking over from Lorraine Kelly any time soon!

TV presenTer Helen Skelton Tells OK! abouT her younger man and commuTing from france


You’ve been very busy recently – how have you managed to fit it all in? Well, my husband has been on a five-week break, so he’s been able to look after Ernie while I can go and do jobs. They’ve been following me everywhere and have had such an amazing time together. But the season has started again, so now I’ll have to be restrictive with what jobs I can take because I’ll have Ernie to look after. Can you see yourself moving back here? Definitely. We’re only in France for Richie’s work. Our jobs are unpredictable, so we go with the flow. We got a chance to go there last year, so thought why not. It was a two-year deal and we’ll see what happens. England will always be our home. Are you hoping Ernie will be bilingual? Yes. He’s going to start nursery in the New Year, so I hope he’ll pick up French. At the moment he’s saying a few words and repeating what we say, but he’s not talking yet.

Helen and Richie with their son Ernie

Would you like more children? Yes, I think so. We just need to work out what country we’re living in!

Helen with her husband, rugby player Richie Myler Ernie is non-stop. He’s into everything and there’s no sign of him slowing down yet. We had to move house because he kept throwing himself down the stairs! How did you and Richie meet? Through mutual friends – his boss’s PA is my best friend. I always said I’d never have anything to do with someone younger than me, and then I got engaged to a 21-year-old rugby league player! After covering for Lorraine Kelly Helen presented the Rio recently, there Olympics with Mark Foster were calls for you and Rebecca Adlington to replace her permanently. What do you think about that? That’s laughable! It’s easy to Fronting do something for a week and I Barnardo’s loved doing it, but she’s done it Christmas for 30 years and she’s so good campaign and really nice as well. It’s a lovely compliment, but no. What did you make of all the furore surrounding your risqué outfits when you presented this summer’s Rio Olympics? Honestly, I didn’t know anything about it – I don’t read stuff like that. But I had an amazing time in Rio and working on live television for the Olympics was a dream job for me.

How did you get involved with the Barnardo’s Christmas baubles campaign? For me it was a no-brainer. I’m super-close to my family and had a great childhood, but I know not everyone has that. And, at this time of year, you can take it for granted. I don’t think we give our young people enough credit or support and Barnardo’s does that. For the bauble campaign, Ernie helped me – I used his handprints as holly and his fingerprints as a reindeer face. What are your plans this Christmas? We’re not sure where we’ll be yet and about my husband’s work schedule. But it will definitely involve lots of presents, food and family! OK!




elen Skelton has certainly been a busy lady of late. After winning over a whole new fanbase when she helped present the BBC’s Olympic coverage in Rio de Janeiro, the presenter has been appearing on our TV screens a lot, most recently when she covered for Lorraine Kelly on her Lorraine show. And she’s done it while commuting form her home in the South Of France, where she lives with husband Richie Myler, 26, and their 17-month-old son, Ernie. Helen, 33, who has been married to Richie for three years, tells us that Ernie is already showing signs of taking after his rugby player dad, who currently plays for French rugby league team the Catalans Dragons. ‘He scores tries when we’re out and is always walking with a ball,’ she says. We caught up with the star – who has teamed up with children’s charity Barnardo’s for its Christmas campaign – to chat parenthood, living in France and replacing Lorraine…

james martin

the tv chef and host of ‘christmas with friends’ shares two festive recipes that’ll have your guests showering you with compliments

paris-Brest serves eight


For the choux: l 250ml water l 115g butter l 200g plain flour l 1 tsp caster sugar l Pinch of salt l 4 medium freerange eggs For the filling: l 450ml double cream, whipped l 250g sweetened chestnut purée To decorate: l 200g caster sugar l 50g toasted flaked almonds l 8 to 12 marron glacé 1. Preheat the oven to 200˚C. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. 2. Heat the water and butter in a saucepan until the butter has melted. 3. Beat in the flour, sugar and salt until the mixture is smooth, then continue to cook for two to three minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and beat in the eggs, one at a time, until smooth and glossy. 4. Set aside to cool, then spoon the dough into a piping bag fitted with a medium-sized plain nozzle. 5. Pipe a large circle onto the baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes until golden and crispy. Cool. 6. Split the pastry in half, mix the purée and cream together and fill the pastry. Top with the other half. 7. Place the sugar into a non-stick fry pan and heat until a deep golden caramel colour. Pour over the top of the Paris Brest, sprinkle with flaked almonds and decorate with marron glacé. WWW.OK.CO.UK 91

wild mushroom tortellini

PhoTogRAPhS CoURTeSy Food neTwoRK

serves six


For the pasta: l 175g 00 flour l 175g semolina flour l 12 egg yolks, plus 1 whole egg For the filling: l 200g wild mushrooms l 200g cream cheese l 1 shallot, peeled and diced l 1 clove of garlic, chopped l 15g butter

For the sauce: l 15g butter l 100g wild mushrooms l 2 cloves garlic, chopped l 1 shallot, peeled and chopped l 25ml Madeira l 25g dried Porcini mushrooms, soaked in 100ml boiling water l 25ml double cream l 1 tbsp tarragon, chopped

1. Place the two flours and eggs into a food processor and blitz to fine breadcrumbs. Turn onto a floured work surface and knead the dough for four to five minutes, wrap in clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, make the filling by placing the mushrooms into the food processor and blitzing until fine. Add the cream cheese and tarragon, season and mix thoroughly. 3. To roll the pasta, dust the rollers of a pasta machine, cut the pasta into four pieces and flatten out to fit through. Set the machine to its widest setting and thread through. Change to the next setting and

thread through again. Keep repeating until you reach the lowest setting. 4. To make the tortellini, place one of the long sheets of pasta onto a surface. Using a 9cm round cutter, cut out the pasta into circles. Place a teaspoon of the filling in the centre of each circle. 5. Brush the edges of each circle with a little water. Bring the edges of each circle together in a semicircular shape and pinch the edges together to form a ring. Repeat until all the pasta and filling is used up. 6. At this point the pasta can be chilled or frozen.

7. To make the sauce, fry the garlic and shallot in butter until softened, add the wild mushrooms and fry for two to three minutes. Then add the Madeira, porcinis and soaking water and reduce by a half. Stir through the cream and tarragon, and season. 7. Bring a large pan of water to the boil, add a tablespoon of salt and cook the pasta for three to four minutes. 9. To serve, drain the pasta, add to the sauce and turn to coat. OK! JAMeS MARTin’S ‘ChRiSTMAS wiTh FRiendS’ ConTinUeS on noveMBeR 21 AT 9PM on Food neTwoRK.


Let’s goa!

What must I do?

History buffs will find plenty to keep them occupied in both Old Goa, the former Portuguese capital that sits on the banks of the Mandovi River, and the newer capital of Panaji, located further up the river where it meets the Arabian Sea. In Old Goa, the Basilica Of Bom Jesus, which dates back to 1605, is a highlight, as is the Se Cathedral – it’s the largest church in Asia and was truly a spectacle to behold when OK! visited during a Sunday service. Panaji also boasts a cluster of beautiful churches, grand colonial buildings and a maze of narrow streets in the old Latin Quarter that’s lined with ochre-hued houses topped with terracotta-tiled roofs. If you prefer to explore by water rather than land, rent a kayak from Palolem Beach and take in the scenery of the pretty beach hut-lined shoreline. Or pick up tickets from the Santa Monica Jetty, next to the Mandovi Bridge, and enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise along the Mandovi River while being entertained by a live band playing traditional Goan folk music.

OK! heads to the sandy shores of one of IndIa’s smaLLest states for stars, sIghts and spIces gaLore

Where can I shop?

Above: The picture-perfect pool of the Taj Exotica sits on Goa’s Arabian Sea coastline. Right: Kate Moss is a fan of Goa


lthough it’s one of India’s smallest states, Goa punches well above its weight in terms of the many beaches it offers along its 63-mile Arabian Sea coastline. Sitting on India’s south-west coast, it’s a popular seaside resort with wealthy Indians and tourists alike. Goa boasts a super laid-back vibe and, where it was once synonymous with hippies and hedonism, today you’ll find some seriously upscale resorts, heritage hotels and yoga retreats. The general rule of thumb is that northern Goa is more developed and busier – particularly during the peak tourist season that runs from November to April – while the south is more sleepy and unspoilt. A Portuguese colony for more than four centuries, you’ll still find some beautiful remnants of these times dotted across the landscape, including colonial mansions, ancient forts and whitewashed churches. Inland, Goa features a lush landscape of meandering rivers, temples, verdant paddy fields, spice plantations and wildlife sanctuaries. As OK!’s Clare Fisher found out, the best things really do come in small packages…

Where shouLd I stay?

Set on a lovely stretch of beach at Benaulim, the Taj Exotica is located in the south of Goa, just a 45-minute drive from the airport. Most of the

rooms are located in the main building of the 140-room hotel, while the pool and garden villas are hidden away amid the property’s 56 acres of lush tropical gardens, dotted with hammocks strung from palm trees. Despite the size of resort, OK! rarely saw another soul as we made our way from our garden villa to the pool or the beach-front restaurant, and it really was a tranquil oasis. The Taj is also a family hotel, with kids having their own pool with a slide and daily activities including cooking, bicycle rides and salsa lessons, as well as a pitch and putt course. OK! kept busy with a round of golf on the hotel’s nine-hole course and a trip to the on-site ayurvedic spa. There are also tennis and badminton courts, archery lessons, pool tables and an outdoor giant chess board. If you prefer a slightly more sedate pace, follow in OK!’s footstep by taking a wildlife tour of the Taj’s grounds on a golf buggy with the head gardener.

WhIch stars WILL I see?

The Taj hotel group have 108 properties in India and a celebrity-packed visitors’ book, including TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who stayed at the Taj in Mumbai on their royal tour earlier this year, while Richard Gere and Oprah Winfrey are Taj fans too. Goa is renowned for its heritage and yoga retreats. Sadie Frost – often accompanied by Kate Moss – is a huge Goa fan and likes to spend New Year chilling out on the beach and taking yoga classes. Designer OK! stayed in a Jade Jagger has a home here and gorgeous garden villa also opened a fashion and jewellery at the Taj Exotica boutique on Ashwem Beach in northern Goa last year.


In South Goa, head to the MMC New Market, where OK! perused the spices from local vendors and brought home a bag of huge cardamom pods and some blended spices to make traditional Indian chai tea back home. Take a taxi (pre-agree a price or ensure they use a meter) for the hour-long journey from the hotel to Panaji, where you’ll find some lovely arty boutiques and old-school bookshops. OK! loved Singbal’s Book House, as well as stopping off at Café Bodega, in one of the quaint back streets, The huge Se to refuel on coffee Cathedral in and waffles. Old Goa Also in South Goa, the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna – the original hippy hangout – is an institution. Stall holders spread their wares such as jewellery, fabrics, handicrafts and trinkets under the shade of the palm trees. The Saturday Night Market in Arpora has some lovely fashion and food stalls, as well as live music.

Where shouLd I eat?

If you’ve been out sightseeing all day, you might not want to go out in the evening, so it’s lucky that the Taj offers five restaurants. Of those, our favourites were Miguel Arcanjo, where Mediterranean fare is given a fine dining twist, and the beach-front Lobster Shack. This is a relaxed, barefoot affair, where you select your catch of the day and watch the chef prepare it in front of you. OK! loved the

Enjoy dinner with your toes in the sand

Thanks to a 63-mile coastline, Goa is home to countless white sandy beaches grilled pomfret fish rubbed with Goan spices and dining against the backdrop of the gentle Arabian Sea waves. Breakfast is a culinary feast too, with everything from a full English to the traditional South Indian breakfast staples of dosas (paperthin pancakes filled with spicy potatoes) and uthappam (thick savoury pancakes with garlic and spices) on offer. We did venture out of the hotel on rented mopeds to dine at Ruta’s World Café in Margao, where you can PaKiStan eat around the world. Think inDia Mexican huevos rancheros or ● GOa a spicy bowl of Thai laksa. We also dined Sri lanKa at Longuinhos

Beach Resort, a local institution, offering Goan specialities such as ambot tik – a sour and spicy fish curry.

How do I get tHere?

Thomson (; 0871 230 8787) offers a seven-night stay at the five-star Taj Exotica on a B&B basis from £920 per person. Price includes return flights and resort transfers and is based on two adults sharing and flying from Manchester Airport on December 14, 2016. OK! FoR MoRE on ThE TAj ExoTICA, vISIT WWW.TAj. TAjhoTELS.CoM. FoR MoRE on TouRISM In GoA, SEE WWW.LonELyPLAnET.CoM/InDIA/GoA oR PICk uP A CoPy oF ThE ‘LonELy PLAnET GuIDE To GoA & MuMBAI’. REPoRT By CLARE FIShER EDITED By AnnABEL MACkIE, ok! TRAvEL EDIToR TRAvELLERS’ TALES AnD FIvE oF ThE BEST By nAnCy BRoWn PhoToGRAPhS By ALAMy, GETTy IMAGES

5 oF tHe beSt top trAVeL buyS 1


4 3


1 GHD FliGHt travel Hair Dryer, £49, www. With temperature and speed settings, this compact dryer packs a punch. 2 Octavia Hix KaFtan, £245, www. It may be pricey, but this silk shift is the perfect versatile cover up. 3 Swimwear365 BanDeau SwimSuit, £34.99, Pretty ruffles and a bold colour pop make this our favourite winter one-piece. 4 teD BaKer POrcelain rOSe caBin caSe, £199, anD vanity caSe, £120, www. The most beautiful luggage collection we’ve ever laid eyes on and our absolute must-buy! 5 urBaniSta iBiza HeaDPHOneS, £34.99, These sleek, noise-cancelling earphones are perfect for the pool and the plane.

trAVeLLerS’ tALeS

FreddIe FLIntoFF The crickeT ace on camping, family Trips and sunburn… Where’s the best place you’ve ever been for work? The okavango Delta in Botswana. I camped on my own for a week with no food or water. It was a beautiful place, surrounded by elephants, giraffes, lions and zebra. It was amazing! What are your tips for holiday packing? Pack light and just take what you need. I always travel in my Flintoff By jacamo tracksuit. I also like to wear multi-coloured swim shorts on holiday – it’s the best time to try different things because nobody really knows you. however, I would never wear Speedos – even on holiday!

Have you ever had a holiday disaster? I have a tendency to get badly sunburned! I obviously have the ginger gene and, without fail, I burn on the first or second day. Who’s your perfect holiday partner in crime? My wife Rachael and kids Corey, holly and Rocky. I’ve been to a lot of amazing places working and I’d like to show them some of the places I’ve been – not the usual holiday resorts, but places off the beaten track. What do you get up to on holiday? It sounds bad but I’m not really a sightseer. I’ve just been on holiday and I didn’t really do anything. For me, holidays are a time to recharge your batteries. FREDDIE IS ThE FACE oF jACAMo’S AW16 CAMPAIGn. ALL CLoThInG IS AvAILABLE ExCLuSIvELy AT jACAMo, In SIzES S To 5xL. SEE


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Above: OK!’s opulent room featured a kingsize bed, floor-to-ceiling windows and a free-standing bath. Right: Emma Willis is one of many celebrity guests. Below right: Enjoy a tipple in the exclusive Club Brass

What is it?

This decadent hotel is set in an Art Deco former bank building in central Manchester. The five-star Hotel Gotham, which won the coveted World’s Best New Hotel award at the Boutique Hotel Awards 2016, oozes ’20s glamour and gives several nods to its banking past, including swag bags for your laundry and a members’ club called Club Brass.

Why do We love it?

Everything about Hotel Gotham is fun, sexy and oh so opulent. The focal point of OK!’s bedroom was the king-size bed, with crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets and a faux fur throw set against a black leather bed head. Floor-to-ceiling windows,

Who goes?

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muted walls and monochrome carpets completed the stylish look. All of the hotel’s 60 bedrooms are spacious, as are the bathrooms which feature monsoon showers and luxurious White Company Noir products. There are also five ‘inner sanctum’ windowless suites at Hotel Gotham, complete with leather-clad walls! While getting ready for our night out, we had our very own in-room barman visit to mix us a Gotham Martini (£13). We also enjoyed afternoon tea (£19.95 per person) at Honey, the hotel’s double AA-rosette restaurant. This delightful array of treats provided the perfect sugary hit the day after the night before.

Enjoy stunning views from the rooftop terrace

The Voice UK judges Sir Tom Jones, Gavin Rossdale, Jennifer Hudson and have all stayed at Hotel Gotham, as has the show’s host Emma Willis. Coronation Street’s Bruno Langley and Daniel Brocklebank recently shot scenes here, while their co-star Shayne

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Ward and his girlfriend Sophie Austin have also enjoyed a stay. Liam Gallagher is also a fan!

What else?

We loved the speakeasy-style Club Brass on the seventh floor, which we entered through a bank vaultlike door. As well as spectacular views across the city, the attention to detail is second to none, with vintage decanters used as light fittings. OK! sat at the tiled bar and sipped the delightful Lady Crumpsall’s Champagne Cocktail while watching the sun go down over Manchester. OK! FOR MORE INFORMATION, vISIT WWW.HOTELGOTHAM.CO.UK.


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on babies and blessings…

‘motherhood has changed my life’ Natalie PiNkham tells OK!’s annabel zammit about her very happy family



fter welcoming her second child, a daughter named Willow, in the summer, Natalie Pinkham excitedly tells OK! all about motherhood when we catch up with her. ‘I feel so lucky to have a little boy and a little girl. Motherhood has blown me away, ’ says the Sky Sports presenter – and former flame of HRH Prince Harry – of Willow and her 22-month-year-old son, Wilfred, with husband Owain Walbyoff. Tragically, the star, 38, was expecting twins but miscarried Willow’s sister in the early stages of pregnancy. ‘It was incredibly tough psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically,’ reveals Natalie when we chat at London’s Roundhouse, where she’s Natalie with her hosting the SeriousFun Children’s Network husband Owain gala – a charity set up by the late Paul Walbyoff Newman, which provides free kids’ camps for children affected by serious illnesses. Sadly Natalie had traumatic births with mentally, emotionally and both her children and suffered post-natal physically. But it does make me pre-eclampsia both times. She tells us that more grateful for it and I’d go she won’t be having any more children, saying: through it all again in a heartbeat. ‘We’re counting our blessings.’ Here Natalie, who looked stunning in a navy Would you try for a third child? lace Self Portrait dress at the event, opens up Unfortunately I can’t have any about life as a busy working mum, keeping fit with more children and I’ve come to her businessman husband of four years and why terms with that. I wouldn’t want she wishes Prince Harry nothing but happiness to risk my health and my life following the news he’s dating Meghan Markle… trying to go for a third baby as I’ve got to protect the two I’ve got. Your daughter Willow is five months old – I’m very lucky to have those two, what stage is she at now? we’re counting our blessings. She’s a little Buddha! She’s a big baby! Wilf’s really skinny but she loves her milk. She’s got You look incredible. Do you so much character too and she’s really smiley. work out a lot? Motherhood is such a blessing. I’m overwhelmed My husband’s the best and worst person to live by how much I love these two little people. It’s with when it comes to diet and exercise because changed my life. he’s on it – sugar is banned in our house! I have a can of Coke and I feel like I’m cheating on him! Do Wilf and Willow get on? We train together as a family. This morning I They really love each other. Wilf is transfixed by wrapped the kids up and went out to the garden Willow. Today he climbed into her crib and made and did some yoga while Wilf dug up the garden! himself really small, wrapped himself in a blanket and put her dummy in and went: ‘Ahh.’ He can’t How do you find balancing motherhood with talk yet but he knows how to make us laugh! I working at Sky? feel so lucky to have a little boy and a little girl. We bundle into bed together every morning at 7am. It’s my happiest time, getting under the duvet and having a cuddle. Motherhood has blown me away. You had difficult births with both children… I did have a really hard time and I don’t want violins, but it was incredibly tough psychologically,

Natalie and Owain with Wilf and Willow, their adorable children

Above: Natalie looked stunning at the SeriousFun Children’s Network gala. Below: Natalie with Prince Harry So far so good, although I get very little sleep. I love working but ultimately I’ve got a little knot in my tummy until I’m back with them. I haven’t left the kids for a night yet. I can’t bear the thought of it! Prince Harry has been in the news after it was revealed that he’s dating Meghan Markle. Are you happy for him? I think it’s unfair to comment on his private life, but, of course, all I want him to be is happy. Tell us about your involvement with SeriousFun… When you’re a mum, all you care about is the health and wellbeing of your children – it’s precious. When you see the work these guys do with kids with really tough lives, you realise every kid deserves a childhood and is often robbed of that if they’re poorly. All I remember of my childhood is having lots of fun and that’s what the charity provides, so I’m privileged to be involved. OK! FOR MORe ON THe SeRIOUSFUN CHILdReN’S NeTWORk, See WWW. SeRIOUSFUNNeTWORk.ORg.


when the baby blues don’t end as adele opens up about her battle with post-natal depression, OK! looks at how to combat the condition


ith millions in the bank, a stellar career and a rock-solid relationship with her long-term partner, it is easy to assume Adele lives a charmed life. So it came as a surprise earlier this month when the 28-year-old singer revealed she suffered from crippling post-natal depression after the birth of her son, Angelo, now aged four. Opening up about her battle, she said: ‘I felt very inadequate; I felt like I’d made the worst decision of my life.’ She also told how she initially kept quiet about her struggle. ‘It frightened me… I didn’t talk to anyone about it. I was very reluctant.’ Following the advice of her boyfriend, charity boss Simon Konecki, Adele finally had an emotional breakthrough when she decided to spend more time with other mothers. She recalls: ‘One day I said to a friend: “I f***ing hate this,” and she burst into tears and said: “I f***ing hate this too.”’ Despite now feeling confident as a parent, the award-winning superstar has admitted she is now ‘too scared’ to have another child. According to NHS figures, post-natal depression (PND) affects more than ten per cent of mothers. However, it is important not to confuse it with having ‘baby blues’, which more than eight in ten new mums experience at some point. ‘It is very common to feel overwhelmed and emotional in the weeks after having a baby,’ says Dr Samia Latif, a

psychologist who works with mothers suffering from anxiety and post-natal depression. She continues: ‘But if you’re feeling low and anxious on a daily basis for more than two weeks, you could be suffering from PND and may need to seek help.’ Adds Dr Latif: ‘Symptoms can include struggling to sleep even when you get the chance, bursting into tears for no apparent reason, having little appetite and no motivation to go out, with or without the baby.’ But despite the fact that PND is surprisingly common, it is still a taboo subject. ‘Mums think they will be judged if they admit they are not coping as well as they feel they should be,’ explains Dr Latif. ‘They are often embarrassed and ashamed and think PND is a sign that they are not good mothers, which of course is very far from the truth.’ If you feel you may be suffering from PND, the most important thing is to speak to someone you trust. ‘You can speak to a close friend, or if you prefer, your health visitor or midwife who are there to help, not judge. They will be able to get you the help you need which could involve some counselling or medication if necessary. There are many coping strategies like ensuring you have one afternoon to yourself every week so you can do something not baby-related.’ Dr Marilyn Glenville, leading nutritionist and author of The Natural Health Bible For Women, believes that diet changes can also significantly improve the symptoms of PND. ‘Balancing blood More than ten sugar is key to mood, per cent of mums so make sure you eat experience PND regular meals with slowrelease carbohydrates like wholemeal bread, oats and brown rice, and good quality protein like eggs, fish and chicken,’ she advises. ‘It’s important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, with emphasis on dark green vegetables

Above: Adele has admitted that her struggle with post-natal depression has left her fearful of having another baby. Left inset: A diet rich in wholegrains and proteins can help stabilise mood and ease symptoms WWW.OK.CO.UK 99

Gwyneth Paltrow

She may be the poster woman for having it all, but Gwyneth (right) struggled with PND after having her second child Moses, now aged ten. ‘I expected to have another period of euphoria following his birth, much the way I had when my daughter [Apple] was born two years earlier,’ she’s said. ‘Instead I was confronted with one of the darkest and most painfully debilitating chapters of my life. I definitely felt I was a rotten mother... Because the truth was, every time I looked at my son, I wanted to disappear.’ However, Gwyneth, now 44, says that speaking to other mothers finally helped put her on the road to recovery.

Katie Price

Mum-of-five Katie (left) has spoken openly about how she suffered from PND following the birth of her eldest children, Harvey, 14, and Junior, 11. ‘For me, it meant having a terrible, angry feeling that’s hard to explain. It was like an awful knot in my stomach and I felt overwhelmed and even that people wanted to take my baby away from me,’ the 38 year old has said. ‘I got help and managed to get through it. I don’t feel ashamed about talking about it and neither should anyone else.’

Stacey Solomon

Adele with her partner Simon Konecki and their son Angelo

She may be known for her bubbly personality, but former X Factor star Stacey, 27, has revealed she ‘couldn’t stop crying’ after she had her first child, Zachary (right), eight years ago. The I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp presenter explains: ‘I’m such a positive person, so it was strange to feel that way. But you just have to realise that you’re normal, you’re okay and you can get through it.’ OK! FeATUre By OK! HeAlTH eDITOr yASMINe GrIFFITHS PHOTOGrAPHS By IMP FeATUreS, GeTTy IMAGeS, INSTAGrAM, rex

win a BaByBjorn seT worTh £244! OK! has one BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft and BabyBjörn One Carrier set to give away, worth £244. The limitededition BabyBjörn Woods Collection is inspired by Swedish forests’ beautiful, natural colours. Visit www.babybjorn. for more information. To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell us the name of Adam Thomas and his fiancée Caroline’s son. To enter call 0901 154 2677 (50p plus your telephone company’s network access charge). Maximum 1 minute. Or text OK1COMP followed by your answer, name and address to 85010 (50p). Texts cost 50p plus your usual network rate. You can also enter via post. Send your answer, issue number (which can be found on the front of your magazine) and details on a postcard to OK! Health Comp, PO Box 12581, Sutton Coldfield B73 9BX. Entrants must be 18 or over. Competition closes November 23 and three working days later for postal entries. Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries received by November 26. For full terms and conditions, see SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390. The editor’s decision is final. For SMS, you may receive other related promotional offers/services. To stop receiving, send NS NOINFO at the end of your message. Express Newspapers/Northern & Shell reserves the right to offer these promotions in its portfolio of titles. Prize is subject to availability. Images for representational use only.


30 weeKs pregnanT

fooTBall hero jamie Vardy’s wife wriTes exclusiVely aBouT her weeK


’ve sorted out all of Sofia’s clothes – some have never been worn – and I’ve set up a Depop shop to sell them and raise money for charity. A lot of the clothes are designer brands like Moncler, Armani, Ugg and D&G, and the proceeds will go to Carry the Future, a charity for refugee families and their children. Seeing the children in winter without a proper roof over their heads and no warm clothing like Sofia (right) has is horrific. Please visit

Keep fighTing cancer

I’m so shocked that Michael Bublé’s son Noah (below) has liver cancer and that Jean-Christophe Novelli’s eight-week old son Valentino has been diagnosed with cancer, too. It’s such a frightening illness that anyone is susceptible to. For a parent, it’s an inconceivable thought and one of my biggest fears. It makes you realise how lucky you are and both families are in my thoughts. One in two of us will have cancer in our lifetime, so the more clinical trials there are the closer we are to finding a cure. I’m involved with the charity Hope Against Cancer and I presented them with a cheque last week from Jamie and I and our wedding guests who made donations instead of buying us gifts.

i’ll soldier on

I’ve been so exhausted lately and blood tests have shown that I’m anaemic and extremely low on iron. It explains why I’m so tired and keep getting ill. I’m on strong iron tablets and I’ve been told to slow down, but how can I with three kids to look after? Mums have to power on regardless. Jamie is with england this week so I have no help at all.

TighT fiT

When I finally get to sit and watch TV, the Kardashians and The Real Housewives Of Cheshire entertain me. I love Tanya Bardsley (left) and hearing what comes out of her mouth. We have mutual friends and they’ve all said how alike she and I are. Apparently, she has volunteered for a vaginal tightening procedure. It’s funny because before I fell pregnant, my friend – a leading reconstruction surgeon – asked me if I’d be interested in testing a minnie tightener! I’m up for trying it when this baby is out!

jungle acTion is BacK!

I’m excited that I’m A Celebrity is back. Wayne Bridge will be brilliant as I’ve heard that when he played for Chelsea he was the life and soul of the party, he’ll also be mentally strong enough to deal with tasks and lack of food. Carol Vorderman will also do well and I liked Ola Jordan on Strictly. If I was ever to do reality TV it’d be Strictly as I love dancing, I think I’d be tough enough for the jungle, too.


like spinach which contain magnesium, often known as “nature’s tranquiliser”.’ She continues: ‘Because the brain is 70 per cent fat, it is vital to eat good quality omega-3 fats from oily fish, nuts [top] and seeds.’ While it may be tempting to reach for wine or chocolate to feel better, it’s best to avoid them. ‘refined sugar from cakes and biscuits and chocolate, alcohol and caffeine are all addictive and create blood sugar or hormone imbalance,’ Dr Glenville notes. Vitamin supplements such as Vitabiotics Pregnacare New Mum or Seven Seas Femibion energetic Mum can also help with some of the symptoms of post-natal depression, like fatigue and low energy. For women suffering from PND, the good news is that there is an end in sight. ‘Most cases last up to a year on average – only a small minority go on much longer than this,’ says Dr latif. And while it’s natural to worry that you would suffer from PND again with subsequent pregnancies, this will not necessarily be the case. ‘every pregnancy is different,’ insists Dr latif. ‘There is nothing to suggest you will have PND again – and even if that happened, you would have established a way to deal with it, so it could have much less impact next time round. There is a lot of support available, so PND shouldn’t make you fearful of having another baby.’

sTars who haVe BaTTled pnd




GERMANY’S N0.1* MEAL REPLACEMENT What’s in Almased®?


Our unique fermented formula blends three wholesome ingredients.



“Almased® was easy to fit into my daily lifestyle and within 10 months I had lost 5 stones. I feel fitter, healthier and have lots more energy. I have recommended it to everyone. Almased® really has changed my life!” Gayle, Glasgow †

Always struggling to reach your target weight? Now is the time to bid farewell to those previous fad diets and actually achieve your health and weight loss goals! By combining nature’s ingredients; high quality soya, yogurt and enzyme-rich raw honey, Germany’s No.1* meal replacement programme can provide healthy and sustainable weight loss, while supporting overall well-being. Not only can weight loss improve overall physical appearance, it can also bring a host of additional health benefits.

YOGURT Made from premium quality milk; the calcium present in the yogurt supports normal function of digestive enzymes.

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ENZYME-RICH HONEY Beyond adding a touch of natural sweetness, this is carefully processed in order to optimise the raw enzymes that are present in Almased®.

So simple to use! Mix 50g of Almased® with 200-350ml of water or 200ml of low-fat milk and 2tsp of oil rich in essential fatty acids (e.g. olive, flaxseed, rapeseed or walnut).

Almased® was first developed in Germany to help improve energy levels. Not only did it do this, but it was subsequently found to be effective as part of a weight loss programme. At the University of Freiburg, clinical studies observed a significant difference between Almased® and a fat-restricted low calorie diet1. Furthermore, the researchers found that while fat was lost, essential muscle mass was retained2. Over 25 years of scientific research has shown Almased®’s benefits for weight loss, long-term weight management and overall health and wellness.




The benefits of Almased® • Clinically proven weight loss v a fat-restricted low calorie diet1. • Reduces body fat without loss of essential muscle mass2. • Nourishes the body with a unique blend of soya, yogurt and honey. • Contributes to weight loss when replacing two daily meals. • Maintains weight after weight loss by replacing one daily meal. • Contains no artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives or stimulants and only naturally occurring sugars. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and suitable for those with Diabetes. 1. König, D et al (2008). Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism; 52(1):74-78. 2. Deibert, P et al (2004). Intl. Journal of Obesity; 28(10):1349-52. * IMS Health (2016). † Initial BMI: 29.7 kg/m2.

.. .s im pl y be ca us e it w or ks Need help with your diet? Almased® nutritionist Katie Hipwell can provide advice on any part of the programme. You can contact Katie directly at For more information, call us on 0207 969 1886 or visit or Almased UK. Download your FREE Almased® Figure Plans at Please enter code OK10

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the police frontman is back and he’s rockier than ever


Above: After forming in the ’70s, The Police – and its frontman – went on to dominate the charts for decades to come. Below right: With his first wife, Frances Tomelty

ward-winning musician, actor and tantric sex master, Sting released his 12th solo studio album last week. The Every Breath You Take virtuoso has cited Prince’s death and climate change as inspiration for his impulsively written album. 57th & 9th, named after the Hell’s Kitchen crossroads outside his Manhattan recording studio, has been touted as a ‘return to rock’. The performer has described the change of direction, saying: ‘If I’ve been making esoteric albums for the past ten years, then people expect that I’ll do that again. But the main thing was: “Hey, let’s have some energy.” It’s not a lute album.’ The 65-year-old father of six has been described by top music industry insiders as ‘richer than God’, but he originated from humble beginnings and has never forgotten where he comes from. He has often mused on the changing industry, saying: ‘I think the idea of going straight from school and then becoming a TV star is bizarre because it doesn’t give you any perspective. You know, I held a job down, I paid a mortgage, paid my taxes, before any of this happened so it allowed me at least to keep a balanced view of what was happening to me.’

Andy Summers, Sting and Stewart Copeland in the early days of The Police

Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner on October 24 1951 to a hairdresser mother and milkman father, who he often accompanied on his rounds, the singer lived in the industrial town of Wallsend, Newcastle, which had a ship yard at the end of the street. ‘I watched thousands of men walk down our street every day on their way to work on these mighty ships,’ Sting has revealed. Unbeknown to Gordon and his family, the youngster was colour blind. His favourite rugby sweatshirt earned him the nickname ‘Sting’ due to its bumblebee stripes, although he doesn’t attribute his clothing choice to his inability to accurately determine colour. He insists: ‘I knew it was black and yellow. But I used to get bashed at school for doing purple skies or brown grass. I’d say: “But that’s what it looks like, miss!”’ Sting was always an eager musician, teaching himself on an abandoned guitar left by his uncle who emigrated. He remembers: ‘My ambition initially was just to make a living as a musician, I thought that was a very honourable way to make a life, to pay the rent, put some food on the table.’ He spent his evenings playing in jazz bars and live music venues.

Trudie and Sting with Giacomo, Joseph, Fuschia and Mickey

from newcastle to broadway, the big screen and beyond 1951 Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner is born on October 2 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 1974 Graduates from Northumbria University with a teaching degree. 1976 Marries actress Frances Tomelty. Son, Joseph is born. 1977 Moves from Newcastle to London to form The Police with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers. 1978 The Police release debut album Outlandos d’Amour including hit singles Roxanne, So Lonely and Can’t Stand Losing You. 1979 Stars in iconic film Quadrophenia. The Police release follow-up, Grammy Awardwinning album Reggatta de Blanc.


1980 The Police release rock 1984 Stars in blockbuster Dune. album Zenyatta Mondatta and Divorces Frances. Daughter undertake an extensive tour. Brigitte (known as Mickey) is born. 1981 The Police release fourth The Police play their last tour. album Ghost In 1985 Son The Machine. Jake is born. 1982 Daughter Releases debut Fuschia is born. solo album The Separates from Dream Of The Frances and Blue Turtles. moves in with 1987 Releases Trudie Styler. solo album Takes the lead in …Nothing Like film Brimstone & The Sun. On the set of Lock, Treacle. 1988 Founds Stock And Two Smoking 1983 The Police the Rainforest Barrels with Guy Ritchie release the album Foundation Fund Synchronicity, which with Trudie. knocks Michael Jackson’s Thriller 1990 Daughter Eliot (known as off the number one spot. Coco) is born.

1991 Releases third solo album The Soul Cages. 1992 Marries Trudie. 1995 Son Giacomo is born. 1998 Appears in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and introduces the director (left) to his future wife Madonna. 1999 Releases Grammy-winning album Brand New Day. 2003 Awarded a CBE in the Queen’s honours list. 2007 The Police release a selftitled compilation album and embark on The Reunion Tour. 2013 Releases autobiographical album The Last Ship, which he then turns into a Broadway musical. 2016 Releases 57th & 9th on November 11.

were beginning to take their toll. The group were becoming famed for their rows. Years later, Stewart confessed to taping ‘Sting is a ****’ on his drums to help him hit them harder. He later Trudie Styler and reflected: ‘I Sting got together in wish I’d been 1982 and married nicer to Sting. ten years later And to Andy. I don’t feel so bad now because we did our reunion tour in 2007 and we were very nice to each other. We’d grown up. But I tell you, I feel Justin Bieber’s pain. If I could give him some fatherly advice I’d say: “Just rein it in a little.”’ An even more lucrative and successful solo career followed for Sting, accompanied by leading roles in a succession of movies. On August 22 1992, he and Trudie officially married. They have four children together – Brigitte, known as Mickey, 32, Jake, 31, Eliot, known as Coco, 26, and Giacomo, 20. Sting has spoken out in the past about not feeling compelled to leave his six children any of his fortune, thought to be in excess of £240 million. The singer recently said: ‘They’re a pretty independent bunch. I caused a lot of waves when I said [in 2014] that I wasn’t leaving them

‘I’d rather have a hit against the odds than a hit that obeys the formulaic rules,’ says the singer But when his mother ran off with his father’s co-worker, Sting felt a responsibility to help his father as caretaker: ‘Because my siblings were younger, I was trying to protect them from what I knew and that was a big strain for me. I was basically the keeper of secrets.’ He graduated from Northumbria university with a degree in teaching in 1974. Two years later he was a father, married to aspiring actress frances Tomelty, who he wed on May 1 1976. The couple’s son Joseph, now 39, was born the same year. But the suppression of his musical talents became painful and by 1977 he had moved his young family to london

where he and Stewart Copeland started the band The police. Their debut album landed with a bang, boasting classics such as Roxanne, So Lonely and Can’t Stand Losing You. They spent three years prolifically touring and releasing a succession of albums, but by 1982 Sting’s marriage was over. Soon after the birth of his daughter fuschia, now 34, he and frances called it a day and the singer moved in with producer Trudie Styler. The band continued their critical and popular ascent with the album Synchronicity, which they toured extensively. But infighting and hectic schedules

any money, but not among the kids, because they never assumed I would. I look after them, and I’ve got them the best education I could – I want them to be as proud and grateful for their lives as I am. I don’t want to hobble them with: “Okay, when I die you’re going to get millions.” They’re not!’ Sting and Trudie have often spoken about the secrets of their lengthy relationship’s success, although the rumour of seven-hour tantric sexathons has been truly spun to their titillating max. Sting attributes a more domestic answer: ‘More than anything else, the same ounce-ofprevention that works against sibling rivalry also works against separation and divorce: Trudie and I not only love but actually like each other.’ The Roxanne singer recently returned to his roots with his album The Last Ship. The reflective album focused on his childhood in post-war Newcastle and went on to be translated into a musical. He commented on his foray into theatre by explaining: ‘I enjoy having hits. I’d rather have a hit against the odds than a hit that obeys the formulaic rules. This is exactly the play I wanted to put on. It may be difficult, it may be ugly, but it’s the one I wanted to do.’ With the release last week of his 12th studio album, the ever current artist has seized on the relevance and currency of his own impending twilight years, saying: ‘I have lived more of my life than is to come: That is an interesting place for an artist – more interesting than writing about your first girlfriend. It is kind of serious… In our sixties, how do we face this imponderable idea that we are not going to exist any more? We make art. We tell stories. We have to face it, to tell it.’ OK! WWW.OK.CO.UK 103


‘i’ve lived more of my life than is to come’


paRtIes tIes


a stella nIgHt What: Stella

McCartney menswear launch and women’s spring 2017 collection presentation. Where: Abbey Road Studios, London. When: Thursday November 10.

by friends and stars including Kate Moss, Abbey Clancy and Orlando Bloom. LoWdoWn: Professor Green, Beth Ditto and Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels all performed.

Above: Stella McCartney and Kate Moss. Above right: Abbey Clancy

Above: Robbie Williams with Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen. Left: Robbie Williams and Ayda Field

ROb’s tHe One What: Robbie Williams

receives the BRITs Icon Award. Where: Troxy, London. When: Monday November 7. Who: Robbie’s special onenight show celebrated his award. LoWdoWn: He was joined on stage by Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen. 104

Above: Orlando Bloom and Annabelle Wallis. Left: Claudia Winkleman and Laura Bailey

getty images for stella mccartney, rex

Above: New parents Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne

What: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them world premiere. Where: Alice Tully Hall at New York City’s Lincoln Center. When: Thursday November 10. Who: The film’s leading man, Eddie Redmayne, was among the stars at the glittering premiere. LoWdoWn: Set in the 1920s, the film is a prequel to the Harry Potter series, with a script from JK Rowling.

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getty images

beastly fun

Who: Stella was joined

Mel’s swell girl What: The Hollywood Film Awards. Where: The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California. When: Sunday November 6. Who: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey attended. LoWdoWn: All eyes were on Mel Gibson, 60, when he arrived with his 26-year-old girlfriend Rosalind Ross, who is pregnant with his ninth child. There was also a Four Weddings And A Funeral reunion as Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant were pictured together backstage.

getty images, wire image

Above: Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Right: Mel Gibson and girlfriend Rosalind Ross

Above: Justin Timberlake and his Trolls co-star Anna Kendrick. Above left: Lily Collins. Below: Pregnant Natalie Portman

Above: Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant. Right: Jonah Hill, Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio www.OK.CO.UK 105

Terry’s all gold What: Make-A-Wish Sports Dinner. Where: Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel, London. Who: John Terry was guest of honour, and was given the charity’s first ever #WishMaker award. LoWdoWn: Guests enjoyed an auction and entertainment by BGT magician Jamie Raven.

Right: John and Toni Terry. Below: Simon Pickering, Una Healy, Victoria Pickering and Ben Foden

Come fly wiTh me

Above: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright. Top right: Darcey Bussell. Far right: Gabby Logan and Gary Lineker

Flying Start event. Where: BT Tower, London. When: Thursday November 10. Who: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright, Darcey Bussell and Gary Lineker attended. LoWdoWn: The event celebrated the airline raising £14 million for Comic Relief through its Flying Start partnership.

Above: Karen Choong, Jessica Evans, Sam Hughes, Vicky Finegan and Sally Rozzo. Top: Becky Martin, Michelle and Rob Campbell, Sarah Johnson and Tim Radcliffe

edward lloyd

getty images

What: British Airways

Above: Celine Tapp, Claire Bowers Coulson and Jessica Evans. Above right: Simon Bevan, Matthew Platts and Dom Williams

edward lloyd

bang on! What: The Amplifi Big Bang Ball with UCLH. Where: The Natural History Museum, London. When: Sunday November 6. Who: The Voice UK winner Kevin Simm performed Above: Oliver Deane, Anna Davies and Ryan Rummery. Right: Lorna Cheetham and Rakesh Patel 106

at the event, which saw media companies raise £88,000 for the UCHL Cancer Trust. LoWdoWn: Guests enjoyed a champagne reception, dinner and an auction.

Above: Sophie Tomlinson, Jenna Voyce, Amy Robinson and Kelsey Curtis. Below: Rick Hirst, Dan Hagen, Grant Burke and Matt Hook

Above left: Zara Holland and Lauren Simon. Above right: Leanne Brown and Ampika Pickston

Sculpt StarS!

Above: Jilly Cooper and Ainsley Harriott. Right: Joanna sits for her bust

What: Heads At The Tower. Where: Tower Of London, London. When: Tuesday October 25. Who: Royal sculptor Frances

Segelman sculpted Joanna Lumley live in front of the audience. LoWdoWn: Elaine Paige posed alongside her bust, while Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes also attended the retrospective, held in aid of the Stroke Association.

Heaven Scent What: Lauren

Stone Number One perfume launch. Where: Fox, Hale Barns, Cheshire. Who: Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Lauren Simon launched her new perfume. LoWdoWn: Her costars were on hand to celebrate in style.

Above: Tanya Bardsley and Misse Beqiri

dave nelsOn nelsO

Above: Joanna Lumley and Frances Segelman. Above right: Elaine Paige. Below: Emma and Julian Fellowes


Above: Vanessa Feltz. Above right: Claudia Fragapane. Left: Danny Mac. Below: Jenni Falconer

Above: Michelle Heaton with AJ and Faith. Far right: Bratavio

festive fun What: Disney Store VIP

Christmas party. Where: Oxford Street. When: Wednesday November 9. Who: VIPs included Danny Mac and Michelle Heaton. LoWdoWn: Guests posted letters to Santa as part of the From Our Family To Yours campaign to donate soft toys to kids around the country.

Above: Lord Ashcroft, Denise Van Outen and William Hague. Below right: Nigel Farage

a heroic night What: Launch of Lord Ashcroft’s Victoria Cross Heroes Volume II. Where: Devonshire Club, London. When: Tuesday November 8. Who: Denise Van Outen and Nigel Farage were among the guests. LoWdoWn: The book is now on general release.

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Right: Phillip Schofield and Meg Ryan. Top right: Karren Brady and Alan Carr

kelly’s heroes What: Kelly Hoppen’s celebration of 40

Above: Kelly Hoppen and Bruno Tonioli. Top left: Tess Daly and Vernon Kay

years in interior design. Where: Alva Studios, London. When: Wednesday November 9. Who: VIPs included Meg Ryan. LoWdoWn: The evening’s guests toasted Kelly’s success with Patrón Tequila cocktails.

Above: Theo Paphitis and Oti Mabuse. Right: Lucy Mecklenburgh

let’s be avenue! What: Boux Avenue’s autumn/

winter launch. Where: 4 Hamilton Place, London. When: Wednesday November 9. Who: Vogue Williams, Strictly’s Oti Mabuse and some famous faces from TOWIE and Made In Chelsea were among the guests. LoWdoWn: Stylish stars enjoyed cocktails as they perused items from the new range.

Above: Made In Chelsea’s Frankie Gaff, Tiffany Watson, Georgia Toffolo and Emily Blackwell

Above: Idris Elba. Left: Gemma Arterton dazzles on the red carpet

getty images, Wire image

street smart What: 100 Streets UK premiere. Where: BFI Southbank, London. When: Tuesday November 8. Who: Gemma Arterton and Idris

Elba were among the film’s stars at its glittering premiere. LoWdoWn: The movie – which is now on general release – follows three stories, all taking place in a hundred streets in London.

Above: TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis. Left: Vogue Williams WWW.ok.Co.Uk 109

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space invader

Above: Model Jourdan Dunn. Above left: Laura Whitmore. Top: Charlotte Crosby

Above: Best Alternative Act nominees Kings Of Leon – Matthew Followill, Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill and Jared Followill

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getty images, wire image

Above: Donna Air and Millie Mackintosh. Above left: Strictly’s Aljaž Skorjanec and Janette Manrara

What: Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show. Where: Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London. Who: Ruth Langsford and Lydia Bright were among the charitable VIPs. LoWdoWn: Guests enjoyed dinner and a catwalk show in which all the models have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

What: MTV Europe


new flagship store. Where: Innovation by Space NK on London’s Regent Street. When: Thursday November 10. Who: Guests included Donna Air and Millie Mackintosh. LoWdoWn: VIPs ate chocolate caviar and edible lipsticks!

ruling the runway

going dutch Music Awards. Where: Ahoy Rotterdam in the Netherlands. When: Sunday November 6. Who: Jourdan Dunn and Laura Whitmore dazzled on the red carpet. LoWdoWn: Winners included Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Drake.

What: Preview of Space NK’s

Above: Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. Left: Lucy Mecklenburgh. Right: Lydia Bright


Film ‘a United kingdom’ (12a)

‘glory days’ little mix

There’s no stopping the Little Mix girls right now. Shout Out To My Ex, the lead single from their new album Glory Days, shot straight to the top of the charts when it was released last month, and this week’s album release will make it their fourth in five years. It’s their sassiest LP yet, full of attitude and lyrics about past relationships and moving on. The drum and bass-influenced Power and Oops, featuring Charlie Puth, are particular standouts, with lyrics such as: ‘Oops my baby you woke up in my bed. Oops we broke up, we’re better off as friends.’ It’s easy to see why they remain not only one of the most successful acts from The X Factor, but also one of the biggest girl bands in the world right now. KH ★★★★★ out this friday


here’s an incredible true story at the heart of Amma Asante’s drama starring Selma’s David Oyelowo and Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike. He’s Seretse Khama, an African prince who falls for an office worker Ruth (Pike) in ’40s London. The pair head for Bechuanaland (now Botswana) and prepare for his coronation, but they experience hostility from both the locals and Brits. It’s simply told but beautifully performed. Pike is sympathetic as the woman struggling to gain respect in a brave new world, and shares tender, romantic scenes with an excellent Oyelowo. It’s a modest but quietly enjoyable film – think cosy Sunday night viewing boosted by an astonishing real-life tale. AS ★★★ out november 25

Hot tiCket!

Kids’ CHristmas marKet KidZaNia loNdoN

reviews by anna smith, katie langford-foster, kirsty hatcher, lowri evans, phil gould, sophie sheaf; photographs by bbc


he child-sized city in Shepherd’s Bush is hosting the UK’s first Christmas market run by kids, for kids! In addition to more than 60 roleplay adventures, children can visit the pop-up Christmas market this December and create gifts which they can wrap and take home to loved ones. Children are encouraged to work to earn KidZos – the KidZania currency – to buy the presents themselves, and those aged over eight can shop by themselves while parents hit Westfield London using the VIP Westfield discount available with every KidZania ticket purchase. KLF

Hot tiCket! tHe red Hot CHili PePPers UK toUr


nthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Flea and Josh Klinghoffer are back for their first UK tour in five years. From renowned rock ’n’ roll anthems such as Californication and Under The Bridge to hot new tracks from their latest album The Getaway, the odds are on for these professors of rock to transport you into parallel universe of good music, good people and, probably, good beer! LE

the red hot chili peppers uk tour kicks off at london’s o2 arena on december 5. for tickets and more information, visit

tHiS week’S telly PiCk ‘striCtly Come daNCiNg’

BBC one, SatUrday 6.55, SUnday, 7.15


t’s the week when everybody gets a little giddy as the celebrities battle it out in the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The professional dancers view the venue as the holy grail, and all the stars know they’ll be able to raise the roof if they put in a perfect paso. The Sunday night results show has a retro feel, with Rick Astley and Simple Minds providing the music. PG

Book ‘adele’ by seaN smitH


he’s touched the hearts of millions of people through her emotional tunes, and now author Sean Smith reveals the story behind one of the UK’s most successful exports. Having gained intimate access to the individuals closest to her, Smith exposes the star’s multifaceted life, from a string of miserable relationships in her early years to conquering America. Fans will be engrossed by the highs and lows of the second highest-paid woman in pop (behind Taylor Swift), concluding with her enjoying life as a new mother to son Angelo, alongside partner Simon Konecki. SS ★★★★ out this thursday




OCTObER 24 – NOVEmbER 22

Patience is challenged this week. You wish you could make your move but there’s unfinished business to attend to. Being astute, however, gives you the edge. At last, the tide turns and luck and love flow back your way. STARLINE: 0905 789 4008*


NOVEmbER 23 – DECEmbER 21

New vitality powers in and you get your sparkle back, so make this a week of new beginnings. But don’t assume something is easy just because someone says it is. Avoid entanglements, financial or otherwise, with a friend. STARLINE: 0905 789 4009*



You’ve been going like the clappers for weeks and your system is telling you that enough is enough. You don’t have to down tools altogether, just be more selective. Doing the things you love doing renews your power. STARLINE: 0905 789 4010*



A vortex of energy surrounds you. Normally, you would revel in this maelstrom of dynamic activity. This week, however, it’s not so easy to keep all the balls in the air. There’s strength in numbers, especially with friends standing by. STARLINE: 0905 789 4011*


fEbRUARY 20 – mARCh 20

Your status and position improve as your public role pushes you further centre stage. Misunderstandings, money, jealousy? Whatever the reason, a friend causes a stir. With sympathy and understanding, you calm the scene. STARLINE: 0905 789 4012*


mARCh 21 – ApRIL 20

With a vortex of energy spinning you into action, you have every opportunity to show your worth. But a disagreement is brewing. Being delicate in your negotiations avoids conflict. Romantically, you see a relationship in a new light. STARLINE: 0905 789 4001*


With Neptune, planet of music, theatre and the imagination in her workaday skies, Anchorman star Christina was born to act. But with the moon in sensitive Pisces, there is a deeper, more spiritual and soulful side to the star.


ApRIL 21 – mAY 21

This week turns up a few tricky tests and trials but it’s nothing you can’t handle with your charm and chutzpah. Besides, you’re as sharp as a pin – especially with finances. A romantic dream is brought a step closer on Saturday. STARLINE: 0905 789 4002*


mAY 22 – JUNE 21

Secrets coming to light force you to make decisions: what to keep, what to discard, who to believe, who to reject. Err on the side of caution and avoid getting carried away. Romantically, it’s a different story as love is set to bloom. STARLINE: 0905 789 4003*


JUNE 22 – JULY 23

There are both exciting and unsettling developments at home and in matters of the heart. If issues with someone have been simmering, chances are the situation will come to the boil. Step back, think romance and start again. STARLINE: 0905 789 4004*



There’s hard work to do and even harder decisions to make. Watch out for domestic tensions! If you keep the drama to a minimum you’ll avoid the stress. Now, take a new creative approach to your work, love and presentation. STARLINE: 0905 789 4005*


AUGUST 24 – SEpTEmbER 23

Keep a cool head when dealing with kids, cash or romantic crushes. The winds of change are blowing. Work towards a common goal to arrive at a happy meeting of hearts and minds. At home, there’s every reason to feel pleased. STARLINE: 0905 789 4006*


SEpTEmbER 24 – OCTObER 23

There’s good news as well as potential conflict ahead. What happens is an eyeopener. Drastic measures are called for and you’ll see how to put things right. If Tuesday’s success is anything to go by, you should end the week well. STARLINE:0905 789 4007*

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take a trip down celebrity MeMory lane

issue 912 January 14 2014

OK! joins ‘eastenders’ star Rita SimonS, her husband theo and their twin girls at home in hertfordshire firsT for celebriTy riTy news issue 912 ● jan 14 2014 ● £2 weekly




no way they’d ever have me – I swear too much.” and then he messaged me a couple of months ago and said: “I’m joining EastEnders.” I think I freaked him out!’ rita also spoke about WeDDINg FeVeR! how ‘petrified’ she was when Maiya, who was born partially deaf, had a cochlear implant operation to aid her hearing: ‘The whole time she was in there, I wanted to go in and pull her out, thinking, oh my God, what have we done?’ Thankfully, the surgery was a success! of her own health, rita told us how she’d mostly given up alcohol – in stark contrast to her ‘wild days’ touring with bands Girls@Play, Tantrum and charli, pre-EastEnders. ‘When I have a drink now, it kills me,’ she laughed. During her stint on the BBc one soap, rita won Most Popular newcomer at the national Television awards among many others, and her achievements don’t stop there. She and her family completed this year’s north london hospice Marathon, which provides OK! specialist end-of-life care. INTIMATe PICTUReS INSIDe TheIR STUNNINg hOMe





Export £2.60/€4.90 / • Esp/Por / €3.80 • Italy l €4.80 • Auz $ $7.50 inc GST • USA $5.99 • CDN $7.99 • roI €2.92 • NL €4.75 • FR €3.80 • Aus €6.10 • Malta €4.25 • Gre €6.50 • Ger €5.30



lmost a decade after she burst onto our screens as fiery roxy Mitchell, EastEnders favourite rita Simons is set to leave our SOAP STAR screens this christmas. If RITA SIMONS WITh heR hUSBAND TheO AND TWIN her on-screen character DAUghTeRS MAIYA AND JAIMee eXCLUSIVe INTeRVIeW is anything to go by, she ‘I WAS ILL WITh ANXIeTY – MOST won’t leave quietly! gUYS WOULD hAVe RUN A In early 2014, OK! MILe, BUT TheO’S MY SOULMATe’ caught up with the blonde ‘We WeRe PeTRIFIeD DURINg MAIYA’S ReCeNT bombshell, then 36, her SURgeRY’ husband Theo Silveston, and their seven-year-old twin daughters Jaimee and Maiya. We joined the family at their five-bedroom hertfordshire home, as they told us how Theo fell in love with the place instantly, announcing to rita one day: ‘I saw a house, I made an offer, we’re moving!’ In our interview, rita – who began dating Theo when she was 19 and married him in august 2006 – revealed she had a knack for predicting the future: ‘My dreams come true, mostly, so people are always asking me if they’re going to get married, but I can’t do it on tap.’ In fact, she’d even had a premonition about Danny Dyer arriving at albert Square. ‘I had a dream that Danny Dyer was joining EastEnders and I messaged him on Twitter about it. he laughed his head off and said: “There’s absolutely

This version of This ediTion was currenT aT The Time of going To press – oTher versions of This issue may be disTribuTed, The conTenTs of which may vary from The conTenTs of This magazine

rita with her husband Theo, their girls Maiya and jaimee, and dog frankie

for Back ISSueS of OK!, eMaIl SuBScrIPTIonS or call 0330 333 9429.

Above, left and far left: The EastEnders star was loving family life in hertfordshire

lorna roach

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ok! ReacheS 6.3 million ReadeRS eveRy week acRoSS itS pRint edition and online

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