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Best New Browser Tools C CHROME

Delete browsing history in one quick click There are numerous ways to remove a website from your browsing history, which is useful if you’re shopping for a surprise birthday present. However, most of these methods mean digging deep into your browser’s settings or using a third-party program to clean up traces you’ve left behind. Forget That Page ( is a free Chrome extension that lets you instantly delete from your history any web page you happen to be viewing at the time. It wipes cookies, too, and does it all in a single click. A message confirming the deletion appears under the extension’s broom icon to the right of the address bar (see screen grab). Forget That Page isn’t exactly a military-grade solution. Anyone poking their nose into Chrome’s cache will still be able to find traces of pages you erased. But for everyday use, it provides a quick and easy way to keep your browsing history free of unwanted sites.

Route your connection through friends’ PCs

UProxy ( is a proxy server with a social-networking twist: it lets friends route their web connection through each other’s computers. You can either create your own private server and share this with your friends, or use a friend’s computer as a proxy server to connect securely to the web. You can invite your friends to uProxy via Facebook, GitHub or Gmail. Free to install and use, uProxy is currently in beta, but it works fine. You need to install two components in Chrome – an extension and an app – and you’ll be prompted to install one when you install the other.

The one drawback is that creating your own private server requires a DigitalOcean account, which currently costs $10 (about £9) per month. Connecting to someone else’s server is completely free, however.

Block distractions and get more done

Anyone who reads Web User will know just how many opportunities for distraction there are online. Few of us have the self-discipline required to

resist chatting with friends, watching hilarious videos of cats, playing games or just idly browsing through our favourite sites – especially when there’s work to be done! Focus ( is a Chrome extension that not only lets you temporarily block distracting websites, but also presents you with a list of what you should be doing instead. You can add any site likely to divert your attention and build a to-do list of tasks that need your attention, then click the


2 - 15 November 2016

Focus button for an uninterrupted 25-minute burst of pure productivity.

Add your face to screen-capture videos

It’s much better to use images rather than words when trying to explain a problem you’re having with your PC, and recording a screen-capture video is one of the best ways to do this. The extension ViewedIt ( lets you also add a webcam video of your face so you can explain what’s happening on screen. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can paste a link to it in an email (this works best in Gmail). When people watch your videos, you’ll receive emails telling you how long they watched it for, and which bits they skipped and re-watched.

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