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GOLDEN DRAGONS W E ARE PROUD TO WELCOME YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO THE G OLDEN D RAGONS O HANA ! The 1st Battalion 14th Infantry Regiment has distinguished itself through heroism and unit success since its inception in 1798. You will find that legacy alive and well today in not only the soldiers and leaders of this great battalion, but the families as well. The Golden Dragons Ohana is comprised of family members, volunteers, and soldiers that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance, and a network of communications among family members, chain of concern, as well as the chain of command, and community resources. Company FRG meetings are held once a month at the Battalion Classroom or Battalion Conference Room.

The Mission of the FRG Improves the unit’s readiness by reassuring the soldier that family members have reliable, close, friendly support Provides a communication link between the family members and the chain of command Welcome new families Assist family members to help solve problems at the lowest levels Creates an environment of mutual support and esprit de corps Comes together to organize special events and programs Serves as a valuable source of information about community resources For more information pertaining to FRG please contact your FRG Leader

BN Senior Advisors: Cheryl Wells Johnnise Smith HHC: Jerah Newbill , A Co: Alexa Smith, B Co: Erica Stauffer, C Co: Isabellal Manzo, 66th ENG: Courtney Pierce, Finally, thank you in advance for your support. Each and every member’s role within this battalion is vital to supporting our soldiers and our families. Families, such as you, are the cornerstone of support for our soldiers and our battalion. 1-14 Infantry Battalion M. Aloha Valverde, BN FRSA Office: 655-1823


17 SEP 09


SECTION I. OFFICIAL OFFICIAL ITEMS CONTAINED HEREIN ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH AR 25-30 1. EMERGENCY/HOTLINE/DUTY OFFICER’S NUMBERS _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EMERGENCY NUMBERS HOTLINE NUMBERS AMBULANCE 911 FIRE (OAHU) 911 MILITARY POLICE 911 HEALTH CLINIC/ACUTE CARE (SB) 433-8850 HEALTH CLINIC (TAMC/FS) 433-6629 AMERICAN RED CROSS (SB) 655-4927 (FS) 433-6631 NON-DUTY HOURS 1-877-272-7337 ARMY AVIATION ACCIDENT 656-1282 CRIME STOP (SB) 655-7114 CRIME STOP (FS) 438-7116 CID 655-0401 CID DUTY AGENT (CALL MPs) 655-7114 DPW SERVICE ORDER DESK 656-1275 USARPAC EAC 424-3000 EMER. LEAVE SEC. (SB/FS) 655-1804/4633 25TH ID IG 655-0847 NON-DUTY HOURS 655-4034/8639 POISON CONTROL 1-800-222-1222 TRIPLER ARMY MEDICAL CENTER ER 433-6629 VICTIM ADVOCACY PROGRAM 624-SAFE (7233)


TH 438-7999 (FS) 516 SIGNAL BDE (FS) th 655-6082 (SB) 500 MI BDE 45TH SUSTAINMENT BDE 655-8532 (SB) 94th AAMDC 224-8594 (FS) MILITARY DIRECTORY (OPERATOR) (808) 449-1110


655-2151/2144 655-8763 (SB) 438-9911 (FS) 497-9971 (FS)

2. NOTICES FOR THE USAG-HI BULLETIN. Notices for the USAG-HI Bulletin should be submitted to the USAG-HI Bulletin Editor, Mr. Don Boyer, Directorate of Human Resources (DHR), Administrative Services Division (ASD), by email to, or by fax to 655-4663/4629 (please ask for fax receipt confirmation). All articles should be submitted no later than COB Friday the week prior to the next electronic publication of the Bulletin on Thursday of each week or early enough to ensure publication of the


17 SEP 2009

article before its expiration/completion date. Organizations should not include sensitive OPSEC data in Bulletin notices. Organizations submitting articles for the Bulletin are responsible for having their information checked and approved by OPSEC personnel when necessary or when there is doubt as to the sensitivity of the information prior to submission to the Bulletin. OPSEC review and approval should be indicated and included if needed with the draft notice when forwarded to the USAG-HI Bulletin Editor. Additionally, submissions should be reviewed and approved by the appropriate line manager prior to submission to the Bulletin to ensure conformance with current management policies and directives before publication. The Bulletin is published in Arial 9 point bold, with full justified paragraphs. Submissions to the Bulletin must include specific point of contact information (name, phone number and email if necessary) and should indicate the start and end dates the item is to appear in the Bulletin when needed. Military times and dates are used in all notices. The Bulletin is published entirely electronically and is distributed from DHR to specific contacts within USAG-HI and other major commands, tenant organizations and other offices for further distribution and posting within their organizations. New, updated, or revised items are highlighted each week and due dates, deadlines and similar dates are underlined where useful. For more information, or to be added to or update the Bulletin mailing list, please contact Mr. Boyer at 655-4211. 3. USAG-HI BULLETIN ON LINE. The current and previous 11 issues of the Bulletin are maintained on the USARPAC Theater Portal, at: The current and past 11 issues will be maintained on the site. Additionally, the current Bulletin and past issues are posted on the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) internet site at: For more information, please contact the USAG-HI Bulletin Editor, Mr. Don Boyer, DHR, at 655-4211. 4. REVIEW OF LONG-TERM USAG-HI BULLETIN ARTICLES AND BULLETIN ELECTRONIC MAILING LIST. The editor of the USAG-HI Bulletin is requesting all organizations/units with long term notices in the Bulletin to review the need for these items for the coming new FY. The Bulletin will carry informative notices for as long as needed, but it is expected that many will have been incorporated in regulations, memorandums of instruction, SOPs and the like and will no longer be needed in the Bulletin. Please review your notices and provide any updates (or indicate deletions) to the USAG-HI Bulletin editor by no later than Friday, September 25, 2009. If there is no response regarding a specific notice, the subject notice will be deleted. Additionally, this year we are requesting a review of the electronic mailing list for the Bulletin (See attached). The USAG-HI Bulletin is sent out to specific contacts within the MACOMS, Directorates, tenant organizations, cooperating agencies and various units. These contacts then re-distribute and post the Bulletin within their area of responsibility. We would like to have any updated information for those contact individuals receiving the Bulletin weekly so we can ensure continued delivery to the widest possible audience in accordance with the Garrison Commander’s direction. Please provide any updated information by no later than Friday, September 25, 2009. All updates/revisions on both subjects should be forwarded to the USAG-HI Bulletin editor, Mr. Don Boyer, Directorate of Human Resources, Administrative Services Division:; fax 655-4663 or 4629; phone 655-4211. Please be aware that updates to the electronic distribution list may take a few weeks. 5. CLAIM OF INDEBTEDNESS. The Commander, C Company, 1-14 Infantry regrets to announce the death of SPC Nathan L. Spangenberg. 2LT Vikas Bakshi is appointed as the Summary Court Martial Officer (SCMO) and will settle all claims for or against the estate of SPC Spangenberg. Anyone owing money or having a just claim for or against SPC Spangenberg should contact 2LT Bakshi at (571) 283-3938. 6. RELIGIOUS SERVICES INFORMATION NOW ONLINE. A full list of all services, children’s programs and educational classes the garrison’s Religious Support Office offers can be found online at From the home page, please click on “Religious Support,” under the “Directorates & Support Staff” menu. For more information, please call 655-6644 (North communities) or 833-6831 (South communities). 7. SCHOFIELD BARRACKS HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER TEMPORARY RELOCATION. The Schofield Barracks Health and Fitness Center, Bldg 582 will be closed effective October 7, 2009 for approximately 90 days to replace the facility roof. All classes and services will be relocated to the Martinez Physical Fitness Center, Bldg 488, Schofield Barracks, during this time. Classes and services will commence on October 9, 2009. For class schedules and/or more information please call Ms. Linda Williams at 6558007/8789 through 6 October and at 655-4804, effective 9 October. 8. AMERICAN RED CROSS OFFICE MOVED. The American Red Cross Schofield Barracks Service Center has moved. Their new location is the Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 750, Ayers Ave., Rm. 201. Office hours are 0800 – 1600, Monday – Friday. For further information please contact Ms. Becky LaPolice-Murphy, Station Coordinator, Schofield Barracks Service Center, at 655-4927. The Directorate of Human Resources Ohana welcomes our new office mate! 9. UPDATE ON STATUS OF THE DEFENSE INTEGRATED MILITARY HUMAN RESOURCES SYSTEM (DIMHRS). Per the latest guidance from IMCOM headquarters, the Deputy Secretary of Defense has decided to allow the various military services to pursue their own personnel and pay systems in accordance with the current business case analysis conducted by DoD. The Business Transformation Agency will transition the program back to the services. A video teleconference of 02 September 2009 has provided the following:



17 SEP 2009

HQDA will assess the DIMHRS system during the period 19 October through 20 November 2009. A decision on the way forward will be presented to the Office of the Secretary of Defense on 30 November. At this time Initial Operation Capability (IOC) is estimated at 4th Qtr, FY 2012. All legacy systems will be maintained and funded through FY12. Training funds for the system will be available. The system will integrate Active as well as Army Reserve and National Guard components. Updates on the progress of this issue will be issued on the third Wednesday of each month. For further information on DIMHRS, please contact Mr. Art Neff, DHR, at 6556824. 10. NEW CONTRACTING OFFICER’S REPRESENTATIVE REQUIREMENTS. Effective 1 October 2009, by direction of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology, all service contracts or task orders over $2,500 will require assignment of a trained Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The following will now be required for each service contract or task order over $2,500: a. A letter signed by the individual’s rater nominating the individual as a properly trained COR and stating that (1) the individual will be given adequate time to perform their duties; and (2) the COR duties are included as an objective in the individual’s performance evaluation. b. COR’s current certificate(s) of training. c. A Performance Assessment Plan (PAP) that describes how government personnel will measure and assess contractor performance against performance standards. Any purchase request or requirements package lacking the required COR documents will be returned without action to the requiring activity. The minimum standard for COR qualification is successful completion of the web-based training module presented by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) indentified as CLC 106 "COR with a Mission Focus,” the link to the 8-hour course module can be found at CORs must complete the DAU on-line course every three years. Other courses are available on the website and may be taken as deemed applicable or desirable by the requiring activity. A recommended complementary DAU course is CLC 013, “Performance-Based Services Acquisition.” This 6-hour module provides instruction on developing and writing the Performance Work Statement and the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). Additional sources of elective or mandatory COR training are available through the DAU Performance Support Program run through the DAU-South Region, Huntsville, AL or the U.S. Army Logistics Management College (ALMC); both offer the one-week (40-hour) Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Course. The week-long COR course is designed to help the student become familiar with statutory laws and regulations that govern the contracting process with emphasis on the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement. Course information can be coordinated with DAU at (256)-722-1014/1076, email or with ALMC at For further information and assistance with training resources, nomination forms and PAP formats please contact the Regional Contracting Office, Hawaii, Business Management Team, Mr. Joe Clay, at 438-6535, ext. 182; email: 11. COMMUNITY IMPACT UPDATES – SCHEDULED ROAD/GATE CLOSURES, CONSTRUCTION AND RELATED ACTIVITIES: SCHOFIELD BARRACKS AND FORT SHAFTER. The following Community Impact Updates have been received: -- ROAD CLOSURES: From 07 March 2009 to November 07 2009, portions of Williston and Wright-Smith Avenues and Bragg Street on Schofield Barracks will be closed for roadway construction work. Drivers should avoid the area. For further information on Community Impact Updates, please contact Mr. Michael Shimabukuro at 656-4661, OR see for more details on current or upcoming road/gate closures, construction projects, and safety issues and to see other community information relating to base operations and safety as promulgated by the Directorate of Public Works. 12. OFFICE MOVE – DIRECTORATE OF HUMAN RESOURCES, SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING AND MOBILIZATION TEAM. The Directorate of Human Resources, Soldier Readiness Processing and Mobilization Team has returned to the Conroy Bowl on Schofield Barracks. Hours of operation are 0730 – 1600, M – F. Please contact Mr. Manuel Tagavilla, Chief SRPM Division, at 6551086, cell 220-2819 for further information. The Conroy Bowl fax number is 655-5364. 13. OPERATING HOURS, U.S. ARMY MUSEUM, FT. DERUSSY. Until further notice, the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii at Ft. DeRussy will be open to the public Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 0900 – 1700. The Museum will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. For further information, please contact Ms. Judith Bowman, Curator, U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, at 438 -2822. 14. CENTRAL ISSUE FACILITY, TEMPORARY CLOSURE. The Central Issue Facility (CIF) will be temporarily closed from 9 – 19 September 2009 for the annual 100% Physical Inventory. Only emergency requests will be processed during this time. Normal operation will resume on 21 September 2009. For emergency services during this period, please call Angel Hernandez, 655-8120 or 284-7022, or Mr. Parker Kaneakua, 655-1223 or 284-1457. We will make every attempt possible to expedite this inventory and reopen within a timely manner. 15. SCHOFIELD BARRACKS ARMY EDUCATION CENTER CARPETING. The installation of new carpeting at the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center began on September 15 and is expected to be completed by no later than October 2, 2009. As the installation is being done in sections, no real disruption of services is expected; however, areas of the building may be blocked off



17 SEP 2009

and some services unavailable for short periods of time. Weekend classes for Central Michigan University are being accommodated by temporarily moving classes to different rooms. For more information, please contact Ms. Chrissy Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 16. ARMY’S POST-9/11 GI BILL POLICY ANNOUNCED. The Army has just announced its Post 9/11 GI Bill Policy. The policy can be found on the following website: HTTP://ArmyG1-DEV-INTERNET.HQDA.PENTAGON.MIL/DOCS/POST-9-11%20GI%20BILL%20POST%20POLICY%20(APPROVED) .PDF A key component of the policy is the establishment of a transferability policy. A Post-9/11 GI Bill transferability quick reference is located at this website: HTTP://ARMYG1-DEV- INTERNET.HQDA.PENTAGON.MIL/DOCS/TRANSFERABILITY%20QUICK%20REFERENCE. PDF (Note: due to the size of these website addresses, they will NOT print correctly in this Bulletin. They are not linked and cannot be copied and pasted.) Key points pertaining to transferability are: a. Transfer of unused Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits will be accomplished via the transfer of education benefits (TEB) web portal. The TEB web portal is operational and is located at HTTPS://WWW.DMDC.OSD.MIL/TEB/ (As soon as this website is accessed, a common access card (CAC), DOD self-service logon, or DFAS pin will be needed to continue.) Though requests may be submitted and approved prior to 1 August 2009, the benefits may not be used until 1 August 2009 and later. b. An influx of requests is expected to be submitted on and shortly after the TEB is operational. To ensure orderly processing of requests, the following processing priority, in order, has been established: (1) Soldiers with an approved retirement date from 1 September 2009 to 1 January 2010; (2)Soldiers whose dependents will attend college in the fall 2009 semester/quarter; (3) All others. c. Additional service commitments, if required, are effective on the date the request is submitted, not the date of approval. d. Soldiers eligible for MGIB, MGIB-SR, and REAP will be required by the VA to make an irrevocable conversion from these programs to the post-9/11 GI Bill, if they desire to use benefits under the post- 9/11 Bill. Submission of a request to transfer benefits to a dependent will be viewed by the VA as an irrevocable conversion from these programs to the post- 9/11 GI Bill. e. After Soldiers submit their request to transfer benefits in TEB, an Army certification official will review the request to ensure all requirements established in the policy are met. Upon certification, the VA will receive the approved request via the TEB website. f. Prior to dependents using transferred benefits, they must submit a request for a certificate of eligibility to the VA. The form that a dependent needs to fill out is the VA Form 22-1990E, not the VA Form 22-1990. The VA Form 22-1990E can be found on the VA’s VONAPP website at: HTTPS://VABENEFITS.VBA.VA.GOV/VONAPP/MAIN.ASP. All required dependent information will be electronically transmitted from the TEB website to the VA. g. Soldiers who have an approved unexecuted retirement date on 1 August 2009 may request to have their retirement date amended to 1 September 2009 but no later. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For further information, please contact Ms. Chrissy Morris, Director SBAEC, at 655-444. 17. NEW ID CARD RULES FOR SOLDIERS, RETIREES, FAMILY MEMBERS, & CIVILIANS. The Directorate of Human Resources, Schofield Barracks, has implemented a new Department of Homeland Security identification security directive that must be met in order to obtain either a Common Access Card (CAC) or an ID Card for military personnel, authorized civilians, retirees, and family members seeking to renew or replace a military Identification Card. These procedures went into effect in December 2008 with the fielding of the upgraded DEERS/RAPIDS 7.3 version of the ID Card processing equipment at the Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter office locations. Among the many changes to the ID card issuing process, the most important is that each customer now must present two forms of identification, one of which must include a current photograph. The DEERS/RAPIDS system will not produce a new CAC or ID card without first scanning the two forms of identification into the data base. Some documents that can be used for positive personal identification are as follows: Driver’s license or ID issued by a state or outlying U.S. Commonwealth or possession; ID card issued by federal, state, or local government agencies or entities; school ID card with a photograph; Voter’s Registration card; U.S. military ID Card; Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, or a Certificate of Naturalization. For those younger than 18 who are unable to present a document as listed above, the following are acceptable: school record or report card; clinic, doctor or hospital record, or a day-care or nursery school record.



17 SEP 2009

The listing above is not all inclusive. A complete list of acceptable documents can be found on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website at, page 4. If you have any questions or concerns as to the proper documentation needed, please call first (Schofield 655-4104/6884; Fort Shafter 438-1757) before visiting a Military ID Card issuing facility to determine what specific documents may be required, and to verify the process to renew or replace an ID Card. For further information please contact Ms. Makena Davis at 655-1272. 18. ID CARD OFFICES HOURS OF OPERATION, CONTACT INFORMATION, AND LOCATIONS OF ID CARD ISSUING FACILITIES ON OAHU. SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Bldg 750 Ayers Ave, Room 103, in the Soldiers Support Center, Phone: 655-4104/6884. Operating hours for the ID Card/DEERS Offices, Directorate of Human Resources (DHR), at Schofield Barracks (Bldg. 750, Soldier Support Center): Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 0730 – 1530; however, doors will close at 1530 daily and the time for customer sign-in may be cut off prior to 1530, depending upon the number of customers waiting for service at the time so that everyone can be seen by close of business at 1600. Wednesdays, by command directive, the ID card Office at Schofield Barracks is required to provide priority service to all incoming Soldiers in the Replacement Detachment (normally about 150+ Soldiers) that day. Walk-in customers can only be seen on a stand-by basis, and on occasions, not at all on Wednesdays. Thursday, Open 0730 – 1130: Closed for Mandatory Training 1130 – 1600. FORT SHAFTER, Bldg 1507, 163 Stream Road, Fort Shafter Flats; Phone: 438-1757. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 0730 – 1530. Thursday, Open 0730 – 1130: Closed for Mandatory Training 1200 – 1600. Please schedule your visit to the Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter ID card Offices accordingly, or call ahead for more information and assistance. HOURS OF OPERATION, CONTACT INFORMATION, AND LOCATIONS OF OTHER ID CARD ISSUING FACILITIES ON OAHU, HAWAII US Army Reserve Center, Fort Shafter Flats: 1557 Pass Street, Bldg. 1557, 3rd Floor: Office hours are 0800 – 1130 and 1300 – 1500, Monday – Friday. Phone: 438-1600, ext. 3195. Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC): Office location is at the Oceanside Entrance, 2nd door on right: Office hours are 0730 – 1530, Monday – Friday. Phone: 4339166/9167. Pearl Harbor Naval Station: 4827 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, HI (next to the Moanaloa Shopping Center): Office hours are 0730 – 1530 for first-come first served walk-ins and 0800 – 1500 for appointments. Appointments are preferred. Phone: 471-2405 ext. 5207. U.S. Air Force, Hickam AFB: 624th Regional Support Group, Hanger 7, Rm. 2: Office hours are 0800 – 1600, Monday – Friday by appointment only. Phone: 449-3393. U.S. Coast Guard, Honolulu: Sand Island Administration Bldg., 2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI: Office hours are 0800 – 1430, Monday – Friday, by appointment only. Phone: 842-2062/2063. U.S. Marine Corps, Camp Smith: Bldg. 1, Room 111. Office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Phone: 477-8907. 19. USE OF DEERS/RAPIDS ID CARD EQUIPMENT IN PSDR UNITS IN HAWAII. Proper management and use of the Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) deployable ID Card workstations supporting MTOE brigade and brigade-size units under the Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) program is critical to mission success, particularly during periods of deployment and redeployment. Failure to capitalize on this important asset places additional workload on the installation ID Card facilities, overburdening these facilities, extending customer wait times, and prolonging Soldier absences from the unit area. Proper employment of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) workstations can alleviate much of this workload. A review of deployable rapids workstation utilization data conducted by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) at HQDA reveals that a significant number of ID Card workstations in PSDR units continue to have little or no usage and/or significant down time associated with non-use, deployment, and redeployment. Key to successful operation of the deployable RAPIDS workstation is its continued use in both tactical and non-tactical environments. Commanders should review internal operating procedures to ensure proper and consistent utilization of the DEERS/RAPIDS ID card equipment. For more information on this topic, see ALARACT Message 097/2009 Utilization of DEERS/RAPIDS Deployable Workstations Supporting PSDR Equipped MTOE Bde Organizations, DTG 061756Z APR 09. Point of contact is Mr. Elbert Jackson, Army DEERS/RAIPDS Project Officer at DSN: 221-0202 or Email



17 SEP 2009

20. ID CARD SUPPORT FOR SOLDIERS IN PSDR UNITS. In 2006 and 2007, the following units/commands in U.S. Army Hawaii transitioned to the Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) program: 25th INF Div, STB th 25 CAB 45th Sust Bde th 130 Engr Bde

2nd SBCT 8th TSC, STB 500th MI Bde USARPAC, STB

3rd IBCT 8th MP Bde 516th Sig Bde

Under the PSDR initiative, several Human Resources/Military Personnel functions, including issuing Common Access Cards (CAC)/ID Cards for assigned/attached Soldiers were assumed by the supporting Brigade/Command S1s. Accordingly, all Soldiers assigned to these units are required to report to their respective S1’s for ID Card/DEERS service and support. However, many Soldiers are still unfamiliar with PSDR, and they routinely report to the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR), ID card Offices at Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter for CAC/ID Card support. The DHR, ID Card/DEERS offices are still required to provide all ID TH Card/ DEERS support to all Family Members and to Soldiers in Non-PSDR units, i.e., USAG-HI, PACOM, JICPAC, SOCPAC, 311 Sig Cmd, 196th Inf Bde, etc., that are supported by the DHR. In order to reduce the customer workload and the associated waiting times for customers at the DHR, and to ensure that all Soldiers requiring ID Card service report to their respective ID Card issuing activities, the DHR, ID Card offices now require Soldiers to present a memorandum signed by the PSDR Bde/Command S1 requesting ID Card support. The memorandum must indicate the reason for the request and actions taken to resolve any ID card or systems issues at the S1 location. Point of contact for this action at Schofield Barracks is Ms. Makena Davis at 655-1272, and at Fort Shafter, Mr. Kevin Branch at 655-4274. 21. INSTALLATION MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS. As a reminder for all Soldiers, civilians and contractors, AR 190-5, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, mandates the registration of privately owned vehicles (POVs) at the appropriate Installation Vehicle Registration Office. A person who lives or works on any USAG-HI installation or housing community, or often uses installation facilities, is required to register his/her POV, and display the DoD Form 2220 (decals) on the windshield. Non-compliance will result in receiving a citation from law enforcement officers. US Army access control officers will not deny installation access to those drivers who possess an authorized installation access picture ID (e.g. CAC, USARHAW ID, etc.) but have not yet registered their POVs. They will remind drivers of the registration requirement. However, drivers using Kolekole pass will not be granted access by us navy security personnel (at the top and Waianae side) unless their POVs bear the DoD windshield decals. Personnel can register POVs at Schofield Barracks (Building 750, Soldiers Support Center; phone 655-0894) or Fort Shafter Flats (Building 1599; phone 438-1517). Personnel assigned to Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) can also register POVs at TAMC (Room 1A016; phone 433-6671/6672). Newly arrived Soldiers, Family members, and Civilians are required to register their POVs within 10 working days of the POV's arrival on island. Newly purchased POVs should be registered within the same 10 day period unless additional time is required for receipt of license plates and state registration via the mail. In the interest of conserving resources, the following are not required to register their POVs: (1) Personnel who are leaving Hawaii in 30 days due to change of station, and (2) Personnel whose term of service/employment expires in 30 days. For additional information, please contact Ms. Na Vong at 655-9496 or (808) 285-4609. 22. COMMANDERS, GOT RISKS? The Army Substance Abuse Program’s Risk Reduction office offers the Unit Risk Inventory (URI) assessment, a 53 item questionnaire which assesses a unit’s propensity for risk in 14 deemed high-risk areas to include: alcohol and other drug use, unit cohesion, suicide, financial problems, army environment, self perception and relationships. Results of this survey provide a picture of the unit’s self-reported high risk behaviors. Surveys can be given to any Army Hawaii unit, as long as 60% of the assigned strength is present. Commanders can request a URI during Change of Command or annually. To schedule a survey for your unit, please call Ms. Melissa Parnell, Risk Reduction Program Coordinator, 655-0996 or email: 23. TRAFFIC SAFETY ON-LINE CLASS SIGN-UP. All Hawaii-based Soldiers and Civilian workers have a new tool to request traffic safety classes. Soldiers and Civilian workers can request classes using their Army Knowledge Online account at Select “View Available Courses”; select “Pacific" Region and Garrison "Hawaii"; then select the desired course. Six Classes will be offered initially: - Motorcycle Basic Rider Course - Motorcycle Experienced Rider Course - Army Traffic Safety Intermediate training for under 26 year old Soldiers - Army Traffic Safety Advanced training for over 26 year old Soldiers - Army Traffic Safety Supervisor training for military and civilian supervisors of Soldiers - Remedial Drivers Improvement training for Soldiers and civilian workers with traffic infractions. For further information, please contact Mr. Felipe Lopez, Cape Fox Professional Services, at 655-6455 and leave a voice message. 24. PREPARATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF OFFICIAL MAIL. Customers are reminded to consult the staff of the Mail and Distribution Centers located at Schofield Barracks, Bldg. 2038, (655-6374) or at Fort Shafter, Bldg. T-116, (438-6253) for assistance in preparing official mailings. If letters parcels, or packages are received incorrectly labeled, items will be returned to the unit/agency for correction with no exceptions. All labels shall be typed or printed; no hand-written labels will be accepted. Use STOP NUMBERS and complete office addresses/names (Attn.)/agencies to ensure shotgun envelopes reach their destination. Agencies should



17 SEP 2009

schedule regular pickup of mail two to three times per week – picking up once every two weeks or once a month is not acceptable. For more information, please contact the appropriate Mail Center or Ms. Anna Tarrant, Garrison Records Manager, DHR, at 655-0107. 25. MANDATORY FIRST TERM FINANCIAL TRAINING SCHEDULE. Mandatory First Term Financial Training is provided on the 2nd th and 4 Monday of the month at Schofield Barracks Army Community Service (ACS), Bldg. 2091. Learn basic financial skills, develop self reliance and personal responsibility, encourage financial planning, improve money management skills, and enhance your personal financial literacy. This is a mandatory 8 hour program of military instruction. Certificates will be awarded to each participant who completes the 8 hours of instruction. For class date and/or to register, please contact ACS Schofield Barracks at 655-4227. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 26. MOS/MEDICAL RETENTION BOARD (MMRB) PROCESSING. Soldiers with P3/P4 physical profiles are required to appear before an MMRB for a determination of continued military service or separation from active duty for medical reasons. The MMRB panel convenes on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Directorate of Human Resources, Bldg. 750 (Soldiers Support Center) Rm. 208, Schofield Barracks, to interview eligible Soldiers. Cut-off for submission of MMRB packets thru command channels to the DHR for appearance before the board is COB on the 1st Thursday of each month. The point of contact for information or assistance with MMRB actions is Mrs. Angelita D. Dizon, USAG-HI, DHR, 655-1653. 27. REQUIREMENTS FOR COMMERCIAL SOLICITATION PERMITS. Army Regulation (AR) 210-07 requires a commercial solicitation permit in order to conduct business or sales activity on Army installations (e.g., Avon, Longaburger, Tupperware, household goods, sale of insurance, etc.) No person may enter Army installations and transact business as a matter of right. Permission must first be granted by the Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. Private civilian enterprises or self-employed persons desiring to conduct commercial activity on Army installations must apply in person at the Commercial Solicitation Office, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, 350 Eastman Road, Wheeler Army Airfield, M – F, 0800 – 1600 (closed 1200-1300 for lunch). Applications are handled by appointment only. FAMILY MEMBERS OF ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS residing in government quarters who are requesting to operate a home-based business must submit a formal request through the sponsor's Battalion Commander, for the appropriate Community Center. For more information, please contact Ms. Jaci Gavnik at 656-0083. 28. REQUIREMENTS FOR PRIVATE ORGANIZATION APPROVALS. Private organizations or individuals desiring to establish a private organization on a military installation are required to obtain the approval of the Commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. Once established IAW Army Regulation (AR) 210-22, these organizations are required to submit selected documentation (e.g., meeting minutes, financial statements, audits, federal and state tax exemption, liability insurance, etc.) on a quarterly basis. Failure to submit the required documents may result in withdrawal of the operating permit. Private organizations are reminded of the State of Hawaii tax exemption requirement (Form G-6) which should be forwarded with all other documentation. Effective 16 June 2008, the new hours of operation for Private Organization Approval Notice appointments will be M – F, 0800 – 1200, closed 1200 – 1300 for lunch, appointments only. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact Ms. Jaci Gavnik at 656-0083; email 29. MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION UNIT FUNDS. A unit fund is a non-appropriated fund activity of the USAG-HI IMWRF established to provide monetary support and enable unit commanders to supplement available appropriated funds (APF), in providing morale support to unit military personnel. Unit funds are intended to contribute to the comfort, pleasure, contentment, mental and physical welfare of the unit Soldiers and must be used for the benefit of all members within the unit. Allocation of all unit funds is based on a ceiling determined by the USAG-HI IMWRF, approved by the Installation Community and Family Program Review Committee (ICFRC), and the USAG-HI Commander. Unit funds are distributed and expended annually, based on requirements. All unexpended balances revert back to the IMWRF at the end of each fiscal year (30 September). No unit owns or controls interest in the Installation MWR Funds. Petty Cash & Regular Unit Fund Withdrawals are available from 0800 – 1600, closed for lunch 1200 – 1300; walk-ins permitted, but calling ahead for availability is recommended. For further information, please contact Ms. Jaci Gavnik, Business and Non-Profit Liaison, at 656-0083, email Office location is the DFMWR office, 350 Eastman Rd. WAAF, Bldg 547. 30. TRANSFER OF FISCAL YEAR 10 FILES AND CY 10 FILES TO RECORDS HOLDING AREA (RHA), BLDG. 6042, EAST RANGE. Units/Organizations having eligible records/files ready for transfer to the RHA are reminded that contents in boxes will conform exactly with the accompanying SF 135-A (Records Transmittal and Receipt). SF 135s require review and approval by the appropriate command records management officials (RMOs) as prescribed in AR 25-400-2, ARIMS, 2003. Only eligible records IAW ARIMS will be accepted at the RHA for temporary storage. The RHA does not have extensive shelving space and only prescribed records in ARIMS will be accepted; all others will remain in their current filing areas until ready for disposal by the proponent. Records Management Officers will ensure that records and files are properly arranged and packed in boxes in accordance with AR 25-400-2 prior to shipment to the RHA. All printing on the outside of the boxes will be neatly written. Records will be packed in shipping boxes, NSN 8115-00-117-8249 only. Boxes may be procured from the General Services Administration (GSA) at Schofield Barracks or Hickam Air Force Base. Arrangements for turning in records to the RHA requires prior coordination by telephone or email with the RHA Manager, Mr. Tony Caldera, at 656-0334, email 31. BLANK FORMS AUTHORITY FOR PUBLICATIONS ACCOUNTS. Due to the many enquiries regarding acquisition of blank forms, the following is provided from DA PAM 25-33, User’s Guide for Army Publications and Forms, 15 Sep 1996, Para. 2-4:



17 SEP 2009

a) Normally, only the following activities are allowed to order blank forms from the publications distribution center (APD, St. Louis). (1) Installation publications stockrooms (For Schofield Barracks/Ft. Shafter, the Records Holding Area, Bldg. 6042, East Range) (2) Overseas publications centers (3) Medical department activities (4) Active Army service schools (5) ARNG state adjutants general b) Exceptions: (1) Schools will be allowed a blank forms account provided they cannot be supported by a local publications stockroom. (2) Any organization may be allowed a blank form account if it uses an unusually large amount of forms, or is in an isolated location. Currently, only the Directorate of Human Resources and the Directorate of Public Works accounts are authorized to order blank forms (other than medical units). In accordance with USAG-HI policy, no blank forms accounts will be approved by the USAG-HI Forms and Publications Management Officer unless they meet the criteria established in DA PAM 25-33 and are approved via the Army Publishing Directorate. Army organizations/units in Hawaii not covered by the above are required to establish a local account for blank forms as outlined in the Item below (“Point of Contact for Publications and Blank Forms Accounts”). For further information on Forms and Publications or Publications Accounts Management, please contact the USAG-HI Forms and Publications Management Officer, Mr. Don Boyer, Directorate of Human Resources, ASD, at 655-4211 or 32. POINT OF CONTACT FOR PUBLICATIONS AND BLANK FORMS ACCOUNTS. Organizations and units maintaining publications accounts IAW DA PAM 25-33, “User’s Guide for Army Publications and Forms” are reminded that the point of contact for all actions involving new publications accounts, changes to accounts and closing of accounts is the USAG-HI Forms & Publications Management Officer, Mr. Don Boyer, Directorate of Human Resources, ASD, at 655-4211, email All DA Form 12-R, “Requests for Establishment of a Publications Account,” must be forwarded to Mr. Boyer for review and approval prior to submission to the Army Publishing Directorate (APD), St. Louis. Forms submitted to APD directly are returned without action by APD. For further information, please contact Mr. Boyer at the number above. Information on mailing addresses for publications accounts and establishing an account when preparing for deployment covered in the items below. To obtain blank forms that are not available through the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website, units will need to establish a “local” publications account with the Records Holding Area Manager, Mr. Tony Caldera, at Bldg. 6042, Higgins Rd., East Range: phone 656-0334. Please contact Mr. Caldera for details on how to establish and maintain a local account for blank forms. Please be aware that the Records Holding Area does not stock medical record forms or other medical forms. They can be obtained from the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) via Mr. Jon Berry of their publications center at 433-6071. 33. PUBLICATIONS AND BLANK FORMS ACCOUNT MAILING ADDRESS REQUIREMENTS. The U.S. Army Publishing Agency (USAPA) in St. Louis has been having problems with delayed, returned or undeliverable publications shipped to Hawaii Army Publications Account holders. This is due in large part to deployments, the continual shifting of units between various buildings and offices here in Hawaii and also to many building locations on Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter not ever having had specific street addresses. This has resulted in considerable wasting of funds that should not be occurring in these times of tight fiscal responsibility. To resolve this problem, all Army units and Directorate offices with publications accounts must check their addresses on the USAPA Publications Account website,, and ensure their shipping address follows the format below: Line 1: Unit Name (or Cdr, Unit Name) Line 2: Bldg. Number/Street Name (with street number, if assigned, e.g., “Bldg. 600, 148 Curtis Loop”; if there is no number, then the street name is sufficient, i.e., “Bldg. 600, Curtis Loop”.) Line 3: 1 Schofield Barracks, or 1 Fort Shafter, WHEN NEEDED [SEE BELOW] Line 4: Schofield Barracks, HI 96857 - 5000 (Zip + 4 digits: or Fort Shafter, HI, etc.) All units and offices requesting new publications accounts must check the validity of their addresses via the U.S. Postal Service website at You can enter an address and have the system scan the address. If the USPS system accepts the address, it is acceptable as a shipping address for publications. If not, then the address needs to be modified to a format the system will accept by adding in line three of the address block as shown above. Use of Mail Stop Numbers is NOT normally needed for these addresses. New accounts established in future will be required to use this verification system prior to submitting a DA Form 12-R (Request for Establishment of a Publication Account) for approval. Existing account holders should check their current addressing in the USAPA system and make any needed corrections via a DA Form 12-R as soon as possible. The Garrison Publications Accounts Officer at the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) will also check all new DA Form 12-Rs to ensure correct initial addressing. All changes to current addresses listed in the USAPA system require submission of a “change” DA Form 12-R to USAPA via the Garrison Forms and Publications Management Officer at the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR). This includes updating email addresses, phone numbers, etc., of unit publications contacts when there is any change. Questions or concerns on this subject should be addressed to Mr. Don Boyer, Garrison Forms and Publications Management



17 SEP 2009

Officer, DHR, at 655-4211 or, fax 655-4663. You may also reference the Military Postal Service Agency for further guidance on addressing. 34. PUBLICATIONS AND BLANK FORMS ACCOUNTS FOR UNITS DEPLOYING OVERSEAS. Army Units that are deploying overseas or are already deployed are required to set up a “V” Publications and blank forms account with the European Command to use while deployed. Establishing this overseas account can be started up to 60 days prior to deployment to accommodate the fact that some units will not have fax or scanning capabilities once deployed; as soon as you arrive in country you can contact the proper office to activate the account. The website to use is Click on the FAQ tab on the left, then click on question #3 and answer “no” and click “Submit.” Within 2 working days of submitting a DA Form 12-R as shown above, the unit publications manager will receive account information that will allow him or her to establish subaccounts, subscriptions, a library, and a forms maintenance list. Once deployed, the publications manager must contact the USAPDCE Customer Service Desk,, to provide the deployed official mailing address, unit telephone number, and official email address if different than the email address already provided. Once this information is received, the account will be activated within 5 work days, and the publications manager will be able to order publications and blank forms while deployed. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact the USAPDCE Customer Service Desk: DSN: (314) 3846881/82/83/84 or Commercial: (49) 0621-730-6881/82/83/84. Please note that deploying units may have their current (local) Publications Account remain active IF the unit will have a Rear Detachment that will need publications while the unit is deployed. Rear Detachments can only order forms and publications for themselves, NOT for the deployed portion of the unit. Otherwise, the local Publications Account should be frozen or closed until the unit returns. Remember, Rear Detachments CANNOT order publications for forwarding to deployed units. Deployed units MUST receive all their publications, including blank and sensitive forms, from their overseas publications account, and will need to coordinate with USAPDCE for all publications needs. Also, units preparing to deploy cannot “stockpile” forms or publications through requisitioning forms at the Records Holding Area, East Range, prior to deployment. Establishing an overseas account prior to deployment obviates the need for such actions. Prior to returning from deployment, units can close their “V” account and reestablish and account locally. Publications or blank forms received from the European Command while deployed overseas, should not be returned to the office of issue. Excess Forms, Pubs, etc. should be brought back with the units to their main HQs in CONUS. For further information, please contact Mr. Tony Caldera, RHA Warehouse Manager, East Range, DHR, at 656-0334 or Mr. Don Boyer, Garrison Forms and Publications Management Officer, DHR, at 655-4211. 35. FORMS AND PUBLICATIONS ACQUISITION AND HOURS OF OPERATION – RECORDS HOLDING AREA (RHA)/PUBLICATIONS CENTER. The Records Holding Area and Publications Center office, Bldg. 6042, East Range, hours of operation are as follows: Monday – Friday 0600 – 1500. Special Walk-in requisitions are handled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0900 – 1100. The RHA is closed from 1130 – 1230 for lunch. Please note that all unit PAC/PUB NCOs need to ensure that all DA Form 1687s (Notice of Delegation of Authority – Receipt for Supplies) maintained at the RHA are up to date when obtaining forms or publications. Updated copies should be provided to the Publications Center/RHA Manager, Mr. Tony Caldara whenever there are changes. Individuals coming to the RHA for forms or publications must have a completed DA-17 listing the required forms, form numbers and/or publication titles and quantities of each desired. Please call Mr. Caldera beforehand if possible to ensure the needed forms or publications are actually available. (This applies particularly to publications, as very few of these are kept at the RHA.) Unavailable items can be ordered at that time if needed. Be aware that many forms are restricted in the number of copies that can be ordered at any one time and that the RHA has no control over quantities allowed. Unit-level publication account training is available. For more information or to sign up for training, please contact Mr. Caldara, DHR, at 656-0334 or Mr. Don Boyer, Garrison Forms and Publications Management Officer, DHR, at 655-4211. Also, entrance to the RHA Publications Center/RHA is through Door #2 on the north side of Bldg. 6042, not through the main entrance. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DUE TO CURRENT STAFFING, ONLY ONE PERSON IS NORMALLY AVAILABLE AT THE RECORDS HOLDING AREA. PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO ENSURE SOMEONE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU WHEN YOU ARRIVE. 36. USE OF NON-RESIDENT VEHICLE CERTIFICATES (C&C HNL FORM CS-L-50). Soldiers not residents of the State of Hawaii can waive the weight tax due on their privately-owned vehicles when registering their vehicles at one of the City and County of Honolulu licensing centers located at the Satellite City Halls (a nominal processing fee will be charged). This does not apply to leased vehicles and vehicles registered in a dependent's name only. Photocopies of the HNL Form CS-L-50 will no longer be accepted. The form must be an original (to include the information and signatures). If the applicant is also the commanding or personnel officer, they cannot certify their own CS-L-50 Form; they must have someone else certify their form. Active duty Soldiers must go to their Personnel and Administrative Center (PAC) to obtain HNL Form CL-L-50. Units not structured under a PAC should report to the administrative office that dispenses these responsibilities. Units/Organizations must have a current active account with the Records Holding Area Warehouse Manager and an up to date copy of DA Form 1687 (Notice of Delegation of Authority/Receipt for Supplies) in order for them to be able to requisition these forms. Due to the sensitivity of these forms, they will not be forwarded through distribution under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the 1SG, PAC NCOs, Administrative NC0s and Adjutants to ensure that Staff Duty Officers/NCOs issue these forms after duty hours to members assigned to their units. The PAC NCOs/Adjutants can obtain supplies of C&C HNL Form CS-L-50 from the RHA Warehouse Manager, DHR, Bldg. 6042, East Range, Schofield Barracks. The previous edition, (C&C HNL Form DF-L-50) will be used until exhausted. City and County of Honolulu regulations require that individuals who are signing the form on behalf of an active duty Soldier must have a completed Power of Attorney submitted with



17 SEP 2009

the Form CS-L-50. The Power of Attorney must be an original notarized copy and must have valid dates. please contact Mr. Tony Caldera, RHA Warehouse Manager, DHR, at 656-0334.

For further information,

37. VEHICLE WEIGHT TAX EXEMPTION FOR ALL RESERVE AND ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY PERSONNEL CLAIMING HAWAII AS THEIR RESIDENCE OF RECORD. New legislation effective October 1, 2008, amends the Hawaii Revised Statutes to provide a vehicle weight tax “exemption for National Guard, Reserve and other active duty military personnel claiming Hawaii as their residence of record.” One non-commercial motor vehicle registered to a member of the National Guard, Military Reserve or armed service, including the Coast Guard, who is: (1) Assigned to a unit in the state; and (2) A member in good standing, shall be exempt from the vehicle weight tax provided for in this chapter.” This exemption requires completion of the “Hawaii National Guard Vehicle Weight Exemption Form CSL-50A.” (NOTE: This is NOT the CSL-50 Form for non-resident vehicles mentions in the Bulletin item above. The Records Holding Area, East Range, does NOT stock this new exemption form.) The new Form CSL-50A can be obtained from: NATIONAL GUARD RESERVE: COL Dave Snakenberg,, (808) 672-1226 LTC Arnold Iaea,, (808) 672-1373 AIR FORCE RESERVE: MSG Marilyn Kinoshita (808) 449-7232 ARMY RESERVE: Ms. Patsy Takemura (808) 438-1600, ext. 3109 NAVY RESERVE: Chief Petty Officer Thompson (808) 471-0091, ext. 224 MARINE RESERVE: Mr. John Gaukler (808) 477-8413 COAST GUARD RESERVE: LCDR Felicia Butala,, (808) 535-3282 38. ARMY-LEASED COPIERS AND DEPLOYING UNITS. Units that are preparing for deployment are reminded that their office copiers are part of an Army-leased contract and are not to be taken on deployment. Units consolidating their rear detachment areas are authorized to have their office copiers relocated free of charge (for a first-time move) by contacting the DOIM Copier Manager, Ms. Joyce Funai, at 656-0487. As a cost savings measure, office copiers not being used during deployment will be turned in. Units with copier requirements while deployed are encouraged to coordinate with their unit Information Management Officer/Battalion Signal Officer (IMO/BSO) to submit a Capability Request (CAPR) through their Command IMO to the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) for validation. Deployable-type copiers are available via the Government Purchase Card (GPC) program. For further information, please contact Ms. Joyce Funai, DOIM Copier Manager, at 656-0487, email 39. HOURS OF OPERATION FOR FINGERPRINTING – PROVOST MARSHAL OFFICE. Fingerprinting hours at the Administrative Section, Provost Marshal Office (PMO), Schofield Barracks, are as follows (no exceptions): Monday – Wednesday only, 0900 – 1100 and 1300 – 1400. Units must identify a representative to coordinate with the Administrative Section and let them know the number of people that need to be fingerprinted. In order to ensure Soldiers are not waiting and all are serviced, the unit representative must go the Administrative Section several days in advance and enter all relevant data into the fingerprint system prior to the arrival of the Soldiers. An appointment will be set up for unit Soldiers to come in to be fingerprinted. Again, this will ensure that Soldiers are printed in a timely manner and reduces any delay. PLEASE NOTE: The Administrative Section does all administrative paperwork for the PMO (files, copies, processing Military Police Reports [MPRs]), and services other customers during their normal duty day. FINGERPRINTING IS NOT THEIR SOLE AND PRIMARY TASK. In emergency cases, please contact Mr. Jon Sallot, Division G2 at 6551844. The POCs for the PMO Administrative Section are: Mr. Brad Rodrigues, 655-9458 and Ms. Shanna Barnes, 655-9660. 40. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) AND DEPLOYING SOLDIERS. All separating military personnel are required by Public Law 107-103 to complete a DD Form 2648 / 2648-1 (Pre-separation Counseling Checklist) NLT 90 days from their anticipated separation date. The completed DD form 2648/2648-1 is required to be in each Soldier’s 201 file upon reporting to the Transition Center. Soldiers who will have less than 180 days from their ETS dates upon redeployment must attend the mandatory Preseparation Briefing and complete the DD Form 2648 prior to deploying. Completing the DD Form 2648 does not obligate Soldiers to leave the Army. While in-theater, Soldiers may use the new ACAP Express service by visiting Soldiers must have an AKO user account and know their current password. Spouses are eligible to use ACAP services while their sponsor is in theater and spouses are encouraged to participate in transitional planning. Unit S1’s must identify deploying stop loss Soldiers and require the mandatory Pre-separation Briefing as part of the SRP Level 2 process. Units may contact the ACAP Center at 6551028 to schedule group Pre-separation Briefings at their respective units prior to SRP Level 2 or Soldiers may use ACAP Express to register for a Pre-separation Briefing or contact ACAP directly. The ACAP Center is open on training holidays and closed on federal holidays. Hours of operation are 0800 – 1600, M – F. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945. 41. BENEFITS AT DISCHARGE DISABILITY (BDD) CLAIMS. The Veteran’s Affairs Counselor will be processing Benefits at Discharge Disability (BDD) claims once a month at the ACAP Center, Bldg. 750 (Soldier Support Center), Ayers Ave., Schofield Barracks, beginning on 15 January 2009. This is basically a pre-separation disability claim. Soldiers must have at least 60 to 180 days on island to begin a BDD. Mr Vincent will be located at the ACAP Center, Rm. 127, from 0800 to 1500. Soldiers are requested to bring copies of all their medical records with them. Mr. Vincent’s specific schedule has not yet been determined. Please contact the ACAP Center at 655-1028, for further information. 42. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) DESIGNATED AGENCY FOR VA/DTAP BRIEFINGS. (Reference MILPER MSG 07-1225.) ACAP will be responsible for scheduling and hosting the VA Benefits Briefings and Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP) Briefings on Army installations. All separating and retiring Soldiers are to be given every opportunity to attend the 4-hour VA Benefits and 2-hour DTAP briefings. Please visit our new ACAP Express webpage at to register and schedule yourself for this informative briefing. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945.



17 SEP 2009

43. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) TRANSITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP) WORKSHOP. In conjunction with the Department of Labor, Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS), the ACAP Center offers a 2-1/2 day Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Employment Workshop for Soldiers leaving active duty and entering the civilian workforce. Separating personnel must attend the mandatory pre-separation briefing prior to attending the TAP workshop. Spouses are also eligible to attend the TAP workshops. The TAP workshops are held at the ACAP Center on Schofield Barracks, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 750, 1st Floor, Room 134. The ACAP Center hours of operation are 0800 - 1600. The ACAP Center is closed on all federal holidays. For more information visit our ACAP Homepage at To register and schedule for an ACAP event, visit our new ACAP Express webpage at The TAP Workshop schedule for the remainder of calendar year 2009 is as follows: September 14 – 16, 21 – 23 October 5 – 7, 19 – 21, 26 –28 November 2 – 4, 16 – 18, 23 – 25; and November 30 – December 02 December 7 – 9, 14 – 16 For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, DHR, at 655-8945. 44. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA) BENEFITS AND ENTITLEMENTS & DTAP BRIEFINGS. VA briefings are held twice a month at the ACAP Center from 0830 – 1230. Come and learn more about your (VA) benefits and entitlements or learn more about VA Vocational Rehabilitation services. Filing a disability claim? Learn how the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) can assist you by reviewing your medical records and expediting your disability claim. Learn important information about TRICARE before you retire. The ACAP Center is located on Schofield Barracks at the Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 750, 1st Floor, Rm. 134. Center hours are 0800 – 1600. The ACAP Center is opened on training holidays and closed on all federal holidays. For more information on briefing dates visit our ACAP Homepage at To register and schedule for an ACAP event visit our new ACAP Express webpage at The schedule for DTAP briefings for the remainder of calendar year 2009 is as follows: September 18; October 9, 23; November 6, 20; and December 4 and 11. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945. 45. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) AND SOLDIERS GOING THROUGH A MEDICAL EVALUATION/PHYSICAL EVALUATION BOARD (MEB/PEB). (Reference MILPER MSG 09-027, Amendment to Transition Services for Soldiers Assigned to Warrior Transition Units (WTU), issued 05/13/2008.) This MILPER Message requires all AC/RC Soldiers going through an MEB/PEB to attend Pre-separation briefing at the initiation of the MEB/PEB and complete DD Form 2648 (AC) /2648-1 (RC) and provide a copy of the form to the PEBLO. The installation ACAP Center is the designated agency to provide pre-separation counseling to Soldiers. AC/RC Soldiers assigned/attached to WTU excluding Cadre’ who have been referred for an MEB or PEB and have been cleared by medical authority are required to register for ACAP services, receive the mandatory pre-separation counseling (DD Form 2648/26481), attend the TAP Employment Workshop (2.5 days), participate in a VA Disability briefing (2 hours) and a VA Benefits briefing (4 hours). Additional ACAP services are available based upon the needs and desires of individual Soldiers. Soldiers should be given maximum time to complete all of their requested ACAP services. Soldiers must be provided documentation showing their attendance at the workshop and briefing for inclusion in their MEB packet. Those Soldiers going through the mental health and/or MEB/PEB processes WHO REQUIRE AN ESCORT should be identified to the ACAP staff PRIOR to scheduled appointments. WTB Cadre and other units are requested to ensure escorts are physically capable of controlling Soldiers experiencing potentially violent mental health issues. Escorts should also make certain these particular Soldiers are clearly briefed on information pertaining to their benefits and entitlements upon separation. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945. 46. GREEN TO GOLD PROGRAM. The Green to Gold Program is seeking quality soldiers with officer potential who are interested in going to college to earn a baccalaureate or master’s degree. Soldiers must have served at least two years on active duty and are allowed to request discharge from active duty (Scholarship Option to include the CG’s Hip-Pocket Program and Non-Scholarship Option) or remain on active duty (2YR Active Duty Option), and enroll in Army ROTC to commission as a second lieutenant. Soldiers can enroll in one of the more than 270 schools in the nation with an Army ROTC program. College students that attend Army ROTC in Hawaii have the unique opportunity to attend one of several universities (the University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Hawaii West Oahu, Hawaii Pacific University, Chaminade University or Brigham Young University, Hawaii). Regardless of the academic institution you choose, you have the ability to cross-enroll in military science through the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Check the Green to Gold website for complete benefits, eligibility requirements, and the appropriate applications at: Interested soldiers can also attend a Green to Gold Information Brief held at the Schofield and Tripler Education Centers on the last Wednesday of every month. For more information: Call CPT Jesus Cruz or Mr. Dave Sullivan at the University of Hawaii Army ROTC “Warrior” Battalion, 808-956-7766 or email 47. COMMANDER’S REFERRAL PROGRAM. Commanders and First Sergeants can approve up to $1,000 of Basic Living Expenses for Army Emergency Relief. AER offers an essential training course that Commanders and First Sergeants must complete to utilize



17 SEP 2009

this program. Classes are held from 0900 – 0930 on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Army Community Service (ACS), Bldg. 2091, Schofield Barracks. Call 655-4ACS (655-4227) to register. For further information, please contact Ms. Jackie Torres, Army Emergency Relief Officer, at 655-7132 or email

SECTION II: UNOFFICIAL 1. MILITARY ONE SOURCE CRISES LINE/THE DEFENSE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (DCOE) OUTREACH CENTER. The Army must give our Soldiers and family members every opportunity to become aware of the multitude of resources which are available to them. Promoting the Military OneSource Crises Intervention Number and the DCOE Outreach Center Help Line are two ways that Leaders can reinforce the Army’s commitment to building resilience, positive life coping skills and well being for our Soldiers and family members. The Army remains committed to make the most of every resource to optimize the health, safety and well-being of its Soldiers, civilians and families. The Military OneSource Crisis Intervention Hotline is a free phone and online service provided by the Department of Defense for Active-Duty Guard and Reserve Service Members (including individual ready reserve members) and their families. Credentialed Consultants offer support and practical solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through phone or online consultation. The Consultant will assess the Caller’s needs and provide a referral to Health Care Professionals that can provide face-to-face follow-up counseling. Currently, Soldiers and family members can be provided up to 12 free face-to-face short-tem counseling sessions. Military OneSource can be contacted at 1-800-342-9647 (from the US). Outside the US, dial the country code plus 800-342-9647, or call collect from outside the US at 484-530-5908. TTY/TTD for the Hearing Impaired is 800-3469188, for Spanish, 1-877-888-0727. The website is The Defense Center of Excellence (DCOE) Outreach Center Help Line is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This Help Line is staffed by consultants who can serve as an authoritative source of information on psychological health and traumatic brain injury issues. This Outreach Center assists service members, veterans and their families gather information and connect with the agencies needed to promote resilience, recovery and reintegration. For more information, please contact 1-866966-1020 or The HQDA Point of Contact for this information is If you have further questions, please go to the following website: Further information on the DCOE Outreach Center can be found at 2. PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH CONCERNS. In early May, the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury will launch a public awareness campaign about combating the stigma associated with seeking care and treatment for psychological health concerns – often resulting from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Titled "Real Warriors, Real Battles, Real Strength," the campaign has a website with articles, videos, and resources on a variety of psychological health issues for service members, veterans, and their families. The DCoE Outreach Call Center is also available 24/7 at (866) 966-1020. For further information on this program, please contact Ms. Roxanne Earnest, Military OneSource Hawaii, MOS Joint Family Support Assistance Program Consultant, at (808) 294-9143 or 3. “AI PONO” (EATING HEALTHY), THE HAWAIIAN WAY). Native Hawaiians have led the negative health statistics in diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. It is because of these chronic health statistics that there is a movement to return to the original diet of the Hawaiian people. Ms. Tammy Smith and Mr. Herbert Hoe will present a demonstration on how to prepare a healthy and simple meal of Hawaiian food, at home. They will show the audience the preparation of: kalua pig, o'io salad, lomi salmon, and poi and talk about the advantages of “ai pono” (eating healthy!). Please join us on Tuesday, 29 September 2009, from 1730 – 1900 at the Sgt. Yano Library. Please call 655-8002 to register or for more information. 4. FREE BOWLING FOR ARMY UNITS. The Schofield Barracks Bowling Center and Army Substance Abuse Program are partnering to offer complimentary bowling to Active Duty Units in honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. Training on Suicide Prevention and Alcohol and Substance Abuse will be provided during this fun event. For questions or to schedule for the event, please contact Ms. Melissa Parnell at 655-0996 or 5. NEW LOCATION: FREE COMEDY SHOW FOR SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS. Comedian Bernie McGrenahan will present his awardwinning comedy routine on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 at 1000 and 1300 at the Martinez Fitness Center, Building 488 on Kolekole Ave., Schofield Barracks. Plan to arrive early as the doors will close promptly at 0955 and 1255. The show counts as 1 hour towards the annual alcohol and drug abuse training requirements for soldiers (4 hour requirement) and civilians (2 hour requirement). As parking is very limited, consider carpooling. Parking is also available near the Tropics, Conroy Bowl, and the Bowling Alley. For more information soldiers can call ASAP at 655-8322. Civilians can call EAP at 655-6047. 6. BEWARE OF “DIPLOMA MILLS.” “Diploma Mills” are schools that offer certificates, degrees, or diplomas for a fee. These schools are not accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Tuition assistance is not approved for any school not accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; promotion points



17 SEP 2009

are not authorized for credits earned at non-accredited schools nor will any credential earned be posted to an official military personnel record. Soldiers can confirm the status of a school by checking the list of approved schools in GoArmyEd at or by contacting the local Army education center or a personnel administrative center. Lastly, if it is found that a fraudulent diploma has been entered into an official military personnel record, this action is punishable administratively and under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). For more information, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris at 655-4444. 7. ARMY TUITION ASSISTANCE (TA) FY09 END OF FISCAL YEAR GUIDANCE. All Soldiers requesting Army Tuition Assistance (TA) with course enrollment start dates through 30 September 2009 must request their TA in GoArmyEd before 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time on 29 September 2009. This enrollment cut-off is necessary to allow fiscal year “change-over.” (GoArmyEd will NOT be operational on 30 September 09.) This enrollment cut-off has no impact on registration for courses starting 1 October 2009 or later (FY10 enrollments.) Please note as always, FY10 course enrollments are subject to availability of funds. For further information on this subject, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 8. COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT BEING CONDUCTED. Be the voice for your community! The Army Community Services’ Family Advocacy Program will be conducting a Community Needs Assessment which will assist in providing better services for our Soldiers and families in the Army Hawaii Community. Soldiers and families will be given the opportunity to complete a survey where they can voice their opinion on programs and services provided by the Family Advocacy Program. Participants will also have the chance of winning a $100 AAFES gift certificate! This survey is being conducted over the next six months. If you would like to participate in the opportunity to change your community please call Regina Peirce at 655-0596. 9. MILITARY ONESOURCE (MOS) COUNSELING SESSIONS INCREASED. Military OneSource announces an increase in the number of non-medical behavioral health counseling sessions offered for service members and their families from six to 12 sessions per person, per issue. The new 12-session limit applies to face-to face counseling through our Affiliate Providers, Short-Term SolutionFocused Telephonic Consultations, and Online Consultations. For participants already authorized for six sessions of counseling before 1 April 2009, requests for six additional sessions will be authorized on a case-by-case basis when the Network Affiliate Provider requests the additional sessions. For further information, please contact Ms. Roxanne Earnest, Military OneSource Hawaii Joint Family Support Assistance Program Consultant at (808) 294-9143; email Check the Military One Source website at or call 1-800-342-9647. You name it, we can help! 10. INTERESTED IN SPECIAL FORCES? If you have an interest in joining the Army’s Special Forces, please stop by and see the Special Forces Recruiting Team, Bldg. 2082, Rm. 7, Schofield Barracks. Phone 655-4397 or 655-5809; fax (808) 655-4391; email For further information, please contact SFC Russell Smart at 655-4397 or email at 11. INTERESTED IN ARMY CID? Are you interested in a career as a Special Agent (SA) with the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID)? If so, please contact SFC Marvin Marlow at the Hawaii Field Office, CID at (808)655-1989/1988. For additional information and prerequisites, please visit 12. 2009 FBI RECRUITMENT. Are you interested in a career with the FBI as a Special Agent (SA) or a Professional Support employee? Learn about the FBI by attending one of the FBI career presentations listed below. For information on future monthly presentations throughout Honolulu, please contact Special Agent Kal Wong at (808) 566-4488/4300. Entry-level salary is $54,745 (GS 10) Academy training, $62,312 - $71,038 (1st year salary) upon graduation. In five years, salary climbs to $97,580 - $111,240 (GS 13) for the SA position. AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2009 FBI SEMINARS, PRESENTATIONS AND CONTACT NUMBERS DATE




1000 1500

Job Quest 2009 Job Fair, Neil S. Blaisdell Center, 777 Ward Avenue, Honolulu, HI. Contact Phone: (808) 536-7222.



Hawaii Pacific University (Downtown Campus), 1132 Bishop Street, Rm. 502, Honolulu, HI. Contact Phone: (808) 544-0230.



Prince Jonah Kuhio Federal Building, 300 Ala Moana Blvd., Rm. 5-208, Honolulu, HI. Contact Phone: (808) 566-4488.

13. PRE-DEPLOYMENT LANGUAGE MATERIALS AND TRAINING: DLIFLC ACTIVATES FREE ONLINE LANGUAGE MATERIALS SHOPPING CART. The Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) activated its new Language Materials Distribution System (LMDS) website July 1, 2008, making available hundreds of language survival kits and other materials free of charge to deploying service members. To view the shopping cart, go to: The website offers Language Survival Kits - pocket size booklets with audio CDs, in over 30 languages, ranging in topics from public affairs, cordon and search, to medical terminology. DLIFLC also offers new Headstart language DVD programs that use cutting-edge technology and computer animation to teach 80-hours of self-paced lessons and are designed to teach survival phrases in Iraqi Arabic, and Afghan Dari and Pashto. Language materials can be viewed, downloaded, and ordered at under the Products tab. You must register



17 SEP 2009

and receive DLIFLC account approval before placing your order. Some products are not available for download to the general public. For further information on this program, please contact MAJ Scott Swanson at (831) 242 5376 or email 14. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EXCELLENCE (ASE) CERTIFICATION EXAM. The ASE certification exam is offered twice a year in May and November at the Army Education Testing Center, Schofield Barracks, Bldg. 560. The next exam will be on November 5, 10 and 12, 2009. Soldiers interested in taking the ASE exam must see an Army education counselor to register with the testing center by September 15, 2009. All examinees must pay a non-refundable $36 registration fee at time of registration. All soldiers are eligible for three funded exams. ASE preparation guides are available for download from the ASE web site at or at any bookstore. Visit the DANTES website at for Credentialing Examination Program/Funded ASE information. For further information, please contact Ms. Sharlene Chang at 655-9776. 15. CIVILIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM. Transformation of the Army begins with educating the Army’s leaders. The Civilian Education System (CES) is a progressive and sequential leader development program that provides enhanced leader development and education opportunities for the Army Civilian Corps (ACC) throughout their careers. Army civilians will become multi-skilled civilian leaders of the 21st Century who personify the warrior ethos in all aspects, from war-fighting support to statesmanship, to business management. Apply today and keep your career rolling. Courses are available for all grades. Some courses consist of only dL and can be accessed from your workstation. Please go to the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) homepage: Be sure to open the tab “Academics” to review the specific courses available to the ACC. If you’ve already completed the courses or received credit, this information may not apply. For further information, please contact the AMSC Website, Registrar’s Office, at or (703) 805-4461. 16. DEALING WITH STRESS OR OTHER ISSUES? Call the Employee Assistance Program Office, Bldg 2091, Schofield Barracks, for help and ideas for dealing with stress or any other issues affecting your job performance. Contacts are Ms. Cathy Heflin, EAP Specialist at 655-6047 or Ms. Kathy Marugaki, EAP Coordinator at 655-6046. Employee Assistance Program Quick Tip! Going for the jugular: Winning isn't everything, especially over the long term. Kindness and generosity encourages more productive team work. 17. FREE COMPUTER LITERACY TRAINING AVAILABLE. Operation Life Transformed, a 501c Public Charity, is offering free scholarships for computer literacy courses to all active duty military, military spouses, war-wounded caregivers and transitioning vets, included National Guard and Reserves. For more information or to apply for a scholarship please visit Fill out the applications forms and all other paperwork and forward to For further information on this program, please contact Ms. Roxanne Earnest, Military OneSource Hawaii, MOS Joint Family Support Assistance Program Consultant, at (808) 294-9143 or email 18. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) AND SEPARATING PERSONNEL. Retirees can begin ACAP 24 months and normal ETS can begin 12 months from anticipated retirement/separation date, but NLT 90 days from separation date. All chapter cases (MEB, involuntary, voluntary) and REFRAD should begin as soon as possible. No orders are required. Separating personnel must have an AKO user account prior to attending the Pre-separation Briefing and know their password. Completion of the Preseparation briefing and DD Form 2648 does not obligate a Soldier to leave the Army. The ACAP Center is open Monday – Friday and hours of operation are 0800 – 1600. The Center is open on training holidays and closed on all federal holidays. Separating personnel spouses and adult family members are eligible to use ACAP services (even during deployment). The ACAP Center is located on Schofield Barracks at the Solider Support Center, Bldg. 750, Rm. 134. Visit our new ACAP Express website at to register and schedule an ACAP appointment. Visit the ACAP Homepage at for more information. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945. 19. NEW TRICARE OFFICE HOURS AT ACAP OFFICE, SCHOFIELD BARRACKS. A TRICARE representative will be available from 1030 – 1330 at the ACAP Office, Bldg. 750, Schofield Barracks, for walk-in appointments on the following Mondays: August 24; September 14; October 19, 26; November 9, 23; and December 7 and 14th. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, DHR, at 655-8945. 20. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) AND DEPT OF THE ARMY CIVILIANS (DACS). Department of the Army Civilians (DACS) experiencing a Reshaping Workforce action and/or retiring from federal service are eligible to use ACAP services and are authorized by Army policy to do so. ACAP helps DACS evaluate their skills, and analyze their abilities to find another federal government position or a good civilian job. ACAP is designed to support DACs – making sure that when they leave the Army they are successful in planning future careers and employment. Job search training and workshops and specialized seminars are available. Civilian Personnel representatives are recommended to be the POC for all DACS going through Reshaping Workforce actions when using ACAP services. Contact the ACAP Center for more information (655-1028). The ACAP Center is located at the st Schofield Barracks Soldier Support Center, Bldg 750, 1 floor, Room 134. For further information, please contact Ms. Charlene Shelton, USAG-HI, DHR, at 655-8945. 21. TESTING SERVICES AVAILABLE: The Schofield Barracks Army Education Testing Center offers a variety of military and civilian tests, such as the TABE, DLPT, DLAB, AFCT, AFAST, ACT, SAT, national certification exams, interest surveys, placement testing and on-line college exams. Testing is a great way to earn potential college credits and to further career advancement. Most tests are fully funded for active-duty and reserve military personnel. Individuals who are interested in testing need to see an Army guidance counselor for approval. All Army Personnel Tests are scheduled by appointment only by contacting the testing center



17 SEP 2009

directly. The Testing Center, located in Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, 2nd floor, is open Monday - Friday, 0745 - 1630. For further information, please call Ms. Sharlene Chang at 655-9776. 22. LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER (LRC). The LRC, located at the Schofield Barracks Education Center, Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, Room 233, is open from 0800 – 1200 and 1300 – 1600. The LRC has the following self-paced, independent study research, study materials, and practice tests via both textbook and computer modes of study: LIFETIME LIBRARY- Academic Skills ACT/SAT- Review & Practice Exams DISCOVER- Work/College Research T.A.B.E. Study- PLDC, BNCOC, ANCOC, 1SG/SMA Prep GRE/GMAT/LSAT- Study & Practice Exams SCHOLARSHIPS- Financial Aid/Scholarship Research

CLEP/DSST/ECE- Study & Pretests GED- Remediation & Review Tests A.C.E. Guide- Military Training/College Credits SKILLSBANK- Basic Reading & Math Skills GT SAVAB/AFCT- Study & Predict Tests

For further information, please call 655-0407. 23. HEALD BUSINESS COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE AVAILABLE AT SB AEC. Heald Business College (HBC) a Service members Opportunity College (SOC) located in Honolulu, offers an Associates in Applied Science degree, as well as certificates and diplomas in a variety of career-focused programs. These include business administration, dental assistant, electronics technology, medical assisting, electronics technology, networking technology, information technology, network systems administration, office skills, and web design and administration. A representative from the school will be available at the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center to provide counseling on the school’s programs. This individual will be at Yano Hall, 2 Floor, room 205, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0800 – 1600. For further information, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 24. AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITY (AMU) REPRESENTATIVE AVAILABLE AT SBAEC. Mr. John Aldrich, the American Military University (AMU) representative, visits the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center (SBAEC), Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, 2d Floor, Room 202, every Thursday from 0900 – 1500. John may also be reached at (808) 384-7172 or by e-mail at For further information, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 25. UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX (UOP) ONLINE REPRESENTATIVE AVAILABLE AT SBAEC. Ms. Christine Bush, the University of Phoenix (UOP) online representative, visits the SBAEC, Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, 2d Floor, Room 216, every Friday from 0900 – 1500. Christine may also be reached at (808) 352-6290. For further information, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 26. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (UO) COUNSELOR AVAILABLE. The second Tuesday of each month, Megan Meneses, a counselor for UO, conducts office hours at the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center (SBAEC), Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, 2Floor, in Room 202, from 1300 – 1600. Her next visit will be on August 10. Anyone who is interested in UO’s graduate programs may visit the SBAEC on that day or call Ms. Meneses at 449-6364. For further information, please call Ms. Chrissy Morris, Director, SBEAC, at 655-4444. 27. TUI UNIVERSITY INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE FOR MILITARY STUDENTS. Aloha military students! TUI University provides quality and fully accredited instruction regardless of your location, deployed or otherwise. TUI University offers maximum credit transferability. TUI University has a business college, as well as health sciences, education and information systems colleges available for qualified individuals. No academic entrance exams such as the GRE, MAT, or GMAT are required for admission. The TUIU MBA program requires a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in a business-related field. For further information, please check or call 1-800-375-9878. 28. ASHFORD UNIVERSITY (AU) COUNSELOR AVAILABLE. Beginning on 04 August 2009, Ms. Mary Papillion, a counselor for AU, will begin holding regular office hours at the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center, Bldg. 560, Yano Hall, 2nd Floor. She will be in Room 202, every Tuesday from 0900 – 1630. AU students or prospective students may also contact Ms. Papillion at (808) 3542555 or by e-mail at For further information, please contact Ms. Chrissy A. Morris, Director, SBAEC, at 655-4444. 29. SPOUSE TUITION ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE. Great news for our military spouses! Spouse Tuition Assistance (TA) through the Career Advancement Account (ACC) Program is offered for all branches according to the following classifications: legal spouses of military service members with a minimum of one year remaining on Active Duty are eligible for the Program. This includes spouses of active duty service members, Coast Guard deployed with the Navy, Active/Guard Reserve (AGR), and Reserve Component service members (Guard and Reserve) called to active duty for a year or more. TUI University's spouse program is 6 + 2, meaning, spouses will take six classes using TA and receive two free classes for a total of eight classes within a 24 month period. The ACC program is administered by the AI Portal. To familiarize yourself with the website and the program's procedures go to: For further information, please check the website at or call 1-800-375-9878. 30. CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM AVAILABLE. Central Michigan University Offers a 36 credit hour Master of Science in Administration degree with concentrations in: General Administration, Health Service Administration, Human Resource Administration, Leadership, and Public Administration. Degree can be completed in 18



17 SEP 2009

months or less. For further information, call 624-3939 or email for more information or to register. Additional information is available from Ms. Anita Tanner, Program Administrator, Central Michigan University, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, (808) 422-6118, fax (808) 423-6561. 31. EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION. This orientation is the first step to helping you find the job you want! Learn how to prepare for your job search process. Get employment information on federal, state, private sector and staffing agencies. See the reference materials, job listings, computers, etc., available for use at the Army Community Service employment resource area. A company representative may also be attending and speak with spouses on job vacancies. Workshops are held on Fridays, 0900 – 1030 at Army Community Service (ACS), Schofield Barracks. Register on line at, or call 655-4227. 32. TROOPS-TO-TEACHERS’ PROGRAM (TTTP). The TTTP assists eligible military personnel who are interested in transitioning to a new career as a public school teacher in schools serving students from low-income families. Mr. Bryan Miller, the counselor for the TTTP, comes to the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center, Bldg 560, Yano Hall, 2d Floor, the first Tuesday of each month from 1130-1300 to assist individuals who may be interested in this program. For more information, please contact Ms. Chrissy Morris at 655-4444. 33. NATIONAL TESTING CENTERS. In partnership with military education centers on Oahu, Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) has established five on-base national testing centers located at Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Fort Shafter/Tripler Education Complex and the Schofield Barracks Army Education Center. These centers offer all 34 e-based CLEP exams, and results are available as soon as an exam is completed. Exams are free to all active-duty military service members, reservists, Coast Guard, National Guard and spouses and civilian employees of the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and Coast Guard. Active-duty family members, military retirees, and DOD civilians are also eligible to take the exams at a cost of $90 each (a $40 savings over taking a paper-based exam.) HPU also offers 37 DSST exams, which are free for anyone who is funded for CLEP exams. DOD civilians may take these exams at a cost of $90 per exam. Additionally, HPU offers computer-based certification exams, such as NREMT, AMT, PTCB, CompTIA, Cisco and many others to on-post/base service members. The exam prices vary by exam and eligible personnel have the opportunity to be reimbursed for licensure and certification tests under the Montgomery GI Bill. A full listing of exams available at all HPU military testing sites may be viewed at Exams are given on Mondays and Wednesdays at Hickam AFB, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Pearl Harbor, Tuesdays and Fridays at Schofield Barracks, Thursdays at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base and Fridays at the Fort Shafter/Tripler Education Complex. You can schedule exams by e-mailing the name of the exam, location, time and date desired to (mcp [underscore] clep, etc.). For additional information, please call Mr. Dave Terry at (808) 543-8056 or email 34. WORK AND CAREERS WEBSITE. Need help in your job search process? Are you wondering how to market your skills and abilities? Explore the following websites – and – to learn jobs search techniques, resume writing tips, and obtain information on the Army Spouse Employment Partnership. For additional help, please contact the Army Community Service (ACS) office at 655-4227. 35. MONEY MANAGEMENT CLASSES, SCHOFIELD BARRACKS AND FORT SHAFTER. Come and learn the basic tools for financial success. Learn how to develop a spending plan, reduce expenses, and make your pay check work for you! Classes at Schofield Barracks are held at the Army Community Service office, Building 2091, every Wednesday from 1030 – 1200. Call 655-4227 to register. The class at Fort Shafter is held on the first Thursday of every month from 1300 – 1400. Call 438-9285 to register. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 36. CREDIT MANAGEMENT CLASSES, SCHOFIELD BARRACKS AND FORT SHAFTER. Come and learn how to use your credit wisely and how to improve your credit score. Classes at Schofield Barracks are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 0900 1030 at the Army Community Service (ACS) office, Bldg. 2091. Call 655-4227 to register. The class at Fort Shafter is held on the first Thursday of the month from 1430 – 1600 at the Army Community Service office, Bldg 330. Call 438-9285 to register. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email: 37. CHECKBOOK MAINTENANCE CLASSES, SCHOFIELD BARRACKS. Learn and discuss opening and maintaining a checking account. Classes are held on the first Wednesday of the month from 0900 – 1300 at the Army Community Service (ACS), Bldg. 2091, Schofield Barracks. Call 655-4227 to register. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 38. THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN AND “RETIREMENT IN A NUTSHELL” CLASSES (AVAILABILITY VARIES.) Learn how retirement plans like TSP work in terms of amount allowable and the different types of investment opportunities available. This class is offered every other month. For upcoming class dates/or to register, please contact Army Community Service, Schofield Barracks, at 655-4227. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 39. CAR BUYING CLASS. (AVAILABILITY VARIES.) Learn how to get the most “vehicle” for your money. Class is offered every other month. For class dates and registration, please contact the Army Community Service office, Schofield Barracks, at 655-4227.



17 SEP 2009

For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 40. HOME BUYING CLASS (AVAILABILITY VARIES.) Want to know the benefits of owning a home, tax benefits, and the difference between owning and renting? Classes are offered every other month. For class dates and registration, please contact Army Community Service, Schofield Barracks, at 655-4227. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 41. UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE. (AVAILABILITY VARIES.) Develop an understanding of the types of insurance (life, auto, rental/homeowners, etc.) and the necessity of adequate coverage. For class dates and registration, please contact the Army Community Service office, Schofield Barracks, at 655-4227. For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Sherrod, Financial Readiness Program Manager, at 655-1717 or email at: 42. TRIPLER/FT SHAFTER EDUCATION CENTER TESTING SERVICES. For test scheduling and information, Soldiers may email concerning the DLPT I – V, OPI, AFCT, SAT or ACT, college placement tests, TABE 7, DLAB, AFAST, and other civilian and military tests. Appointment cards are available from on-site counselors in Bldg 102, Room 101, 1 Jarrett White Road, Tripler/Ft. Shafter Army Education Complex. All testing requires scheduled appointments by our part-time Test Examiner; there is no walk-in testing. For further information, please call 433-4184. 43. TRIPLER/FT SHAFTER EDUCATION COMPLEX LRC/MLF. The Learning Resource Center/Multi-Learning Facility, (LRC/MLF) Room 100, is open from 0800 – 1300 and 1400 – 1600, Monday – Friday, with computers and reference material for individualized self-paced independent study of college and career research, and civilian/military practice tests, such as: GO-ARMY-ED COLLEGE PORTAL (Training, Research & Enrollment) CLEP/DSST/ECE/GT/ASVAB (Study & Predictor Tests) ARMY CORRESPONDENCE COURSES (for MOS Training & Promotion Points) ACT/SAT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MILLERS ANALOGY (College Study & Practice Tests) COMPUTERS (for preparation of college requirements, AKO & Army eLearning) WORLDWIDE SCHOLARSHIPS and college research ARMY MOS-RELATED Field Manuals, Tech. Tapes (for working toward retention/promotion) Please call 433-4159 for more information.

//signed// ROBERT M. STEPHENS, Ph.D. Garrison Director of Human Resources

DISTRIBUTION: USAG-HI intranet site: DOIM internet site: DHR-ALL Bulletin Electronic Mailing List



Golden Dragons “The Right Of The Line”


The afghan is a 54” x 60”, 100% cotton Jacquard woven blanket with fringe. Order your 1-14 IN BN Afghan today!

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Annual IMCOM Customer Service Assessment REMINDER We are in our final week of the annual IMCOM Customer Service Assessment (CSA). Request your assistance in providing the Garrison feedback on the services and support we provide. The results from the survey will allow us to make important decisions about the services we provide and this is especially critical as we faced reduced resources for the next fiscal year. In order to provide us meaningful data/feedback, we need to hear the voice of our Family members -- we have met our participation number for Soldiers and are almost there for Civilian Employees but we're still less than 50% for Family Members. If you have not yet taken the survey, I urge you to do so, and to continue to promote participation. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, a small amount of time to make a huge impact. The assessment is web-based; it can be accessed at through 18 September US Army Garrison Hawaii

G U B a s ’ Y t T I R A P Saturday, 19 Sept 2:00pm BN Classroom Bldg. 2097

The BN FRG Will Host A Kids Event so dress your lil’ bug up and join us for some fun! Kids Activities & Crafts “A Bug’s Life” movie Snacks and Drinks

Contact your FRG Leader for more information ! M. Aloha Valverde 1-14 IN BN FRSA Office: (808)655-1823

U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program Warrior Transition Command 200 Stovall Street, #GS22B Alexandria, VA 22332

For media information contact: Robert Moore (703) 602-6973 or (703) 325-0080

For Immediate Release: September 17, 2009 Army Wounded Warrior Program Launches New Web Site and Blog Alexandria, VA – The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) launched a redesigned Web site and blog today at and, as part of the program’s realignment under the Army’s Warrior Transition Command (WTC). The new Web site and blog will provide robust information and updates on how AW2 is fulfilling its mission of providing personalized support to severely wounded, injured, and ill soldiers, veterans, and their families. “During our AW2 Symposium this year, I thought about how we could improve communication with our soldiers, veterans, and families,” said Col. Jim Rice, AW2 Director, “More than 60 severely wounded soldiers, veterans, and their families identified the top five issues that should be addressed to advance wounded soldier care and transition at the AW2 Symposium this July. With the launch of our new Web site and blog, we are providing information to more than 5,000 AW2 soldiers and veterans and allowing them to easily share their thoughts and experiences regardless of physical location.” One of the Web site’s many new features is an expanded Career and Education section to better assist the transition of AW2 soldiers, veterans, and families to the civilian workforce. In the coming weeks, AW2 will feature a wounded warrior employment series of blog entries on the newly redesigned AW2 Blog at to highlight best practices from AW2 Career Coordinators and real-world experiences from AW2 soldiers and veterans. The AW2 Blog uses a powerful blogging platform provided by ArmyLive. The blog will continue to voice a variety of perspectives from inside AW2 on a regular basis and allow for interactive feedback in the form of comments. It also features a rich set of social media features that allow users to discover popular posts, access other warrior care and Army Web sites, and subscribe to the AW2 Blog through a number of popular web-based Real Simple Syndication (RSS) readers. For the last five years, AW2 has assisted and advocated for the most severely wounded, injured and ill soldiers, veterans, and their families by providing personalized support for as long as it takes, wherever they are located – regardless of their military status. Personalized support is provided through more than 120 local AW2 Advocates who connect soldiers and veterans with resources and assist in their transition to life postinjury. AW2 assists the unique population of soldiers who have, or are expected to receive, an Army disability rating or 30% of greater in one or more specific categories or a combined rating of 50% or greater for conditions that are the result of combat or are combat related since 9/11. Typical injuries include limb loss, burns, post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and vision loss. For more information about the Army Wounded Warrior Program, visit or call 1-800-237-1336 toll-free. ###

CARE RESPONSE TEAM (CRT) TRAINING Caring for our families during their darkest hours of need…. The concept behind CRT teams is to provide a team of caring and trained volunteers that can immediately “be there” for a spouse and family after notification of a death or serious injury. CRT volunteers are carefully screened and selected by the Rear Detachment Commanders. General criteria include: Maturity, Life Experience, Emotional Stability, Discreetness, Availability (upon need). Volunteers are trained to provide a wide range of assistance, from emotional support to basic, simple tasks (screening calls and visitors, caring for children/pets, minor housekeeping, etc.) that may be difficult for the family to focus on during this time.

CRT teams convey a critical message to the spouse and family… that people care…. that the Army cares. CRT Class Schedule: 17 September (Thursday), 9:00am – 1:00pm, ACS 22 September (Tuesday), 10:00am – 2:30pm, ACS (There will not be a lunch hour break, so you may bring a snack)

CRT Refresher Course: 26 September (Saturday), 9:00am – 12:00pm, ACS

(Only if CRT Class was attended 6-12 months ago)

Attendees must register in advance. Classes may be subject to cancellation if there is insufficient registration. For additional information, please contact Quintin Ewing tel: 655-4227/email: or Robin Alexander tel: 655-4354/email:



MOVIE NIGHT 1-14 INFANTRY BATTALION Golden Dragons CH (CPT) Nathan P. McLean

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) What is VMIS? VMIS is the tool that is used to manage volunteerism in our military community. VMIS provides online recruitment, storage of volunteer records (hours, positions, awards, training) roll-up of volunteer hours, easy and efficient communication with volunteers and volunteer managers, as well as a portal to volunteer training. How To Log Volunteer Hours: To apply for your FRG positions please go to, Family Programs and Services, Become a Volunteer, Opportunity Locator, then apply for the position. Once that is complete, your Company OPOC will be able to go into the system and approve it, making you a registered volunteer.

How To Log Volunteer Hours: Go to Family Programs and Service (which will bring you to a drop down menu)- Volunteering- Volunteering Tools- the new page will say AVC Volunteer - click on Service History- Click on Hours- click on Add Hours to log your volunteer hours.

Why use VMIS? •Army Standard for tracking on-post volunteers and volunteer hours (if you are an on-post organization utilizing volunteer service you must have VMIS set-up for your volunteers •Gives volunteers the ability and responsibility to track their volunteer careers •Ensures for accurate tracking of volunteer hours to receive full funding

Installation Volunteer Ceremony Hawaii Volunteers, Stars of the Pacific April 22, 2010 6:15-8:00pm Nehelani Banquet and Conference Center Schofield Barracks, Hawaii VOLUNTEERS MUST BE ENROLLED IN VMIS TO BE ELIGBLE TO PARTICIPATE!!!

1-14 Infantry Battalion  

Golden Dragons Weekly Roll Up

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