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The Action Plan When we work outdoor at roadshow, it is important to approach people actively and tries to distribute as many flyers as possible. Keep our product knowledge up to date by monitor our TV programs closely. Discover more selling points for each channel and introduce them to our potential customers. Dress up neat and tidy, maintain a professional image even when the traffic is low. As any inappropriate performances can create bad impression on our potential customers. It is suggested to improve the following:

1. Improve our attitude: Have trust in our product, always believe our product is competitive, this can create good impression on people when doing sales. When talking with potential customers, let them feel comfortable around us, selling our product is important but at the same time by chatting with potential customers find out what their point of interest are and focus selling those point. For example, if customer approach and enquire about any update dramas, we can focus on introduce our “0” window drama timeslot. And if customer enquires about pricing, we can explain to them how our price is very competitive by comparing with other non-stable illegal TV service. The aim is to make people have trust toward our product. Even when customer doesn’t wish to sign up on the spot, as least we can gather useful feedback from them towards our product whether they are positive or negative. They can be use for evaluation purpose on future planning. 2. Improve our communication skill It is important to speak politely. Always remember our smiles, especially when facing difficult customers. If we have sufficient product knowledge and customers service skills, we should have the confident to response to all kinds of customer’s enquiry. And if in any cases, we are unsure about something, it is best to seek for help from senior staff before answering. Don’t over promise customers. Overpromising means lying. We should consistently keep our promises. 3. Make people believe our product is competitive Sometime we might encounter customers who reject our product because they know our competitor’s product are cheaper or can view more channels. It is necessary to explain to them the disadvantages of those products base on our product’s advantages. In fact we can do it easily because we are the only legal Chinese TV service currently in the Australia market. Those competitors’ product is illegal and their service can be stopped by force at anytime. 4. Deny customers’ negative feedback reasonably When we encounter customers complain about our service, response to their negative feedback with a reasonable point. For example, when they complain about high subscription fee, we can explain to them our subscription fee is around $1.7 per day, it is almost the same as buying newspaper. The TV entertainment we provide are 24 hours, and our news and drama are very up to date. Make them think the price they are paying for our service is very reasonable. And when customers complain about poor equipment, we can explain to them all new customers have a 1 year warranty service. And if they are over one year already, we can explain to them the lifetime of an electronic equipment can’t be guaranteed by human. And TVBA is now offering a special deal to existing customer, decoder box can be purchase at a low price.

Action plan