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Washing Dishes Words stuck on your m ind You intend to scrape off with your wr iting Hope that evaporates You wish to condense into faith True friendships that grow old with mold You choose to l et soak But you're only masking the scent. It's time to wash the dishes Greasy residue mourning over plates Unfinished cups contemplating their mistakes Dull for ks are in envy of stakes Carelessness in your living that has never cared to drain Squirting Dawn soap Not real izing your journey just began . It's time to wash the dishes The aspiration's vibrations reflect the wings of the hovering gnats Soapy attitudes are catalysts for frictionless success You know what you want out of it but not knowing how to use the machine Old fol ks tell you 'elbow grease' is how they used to clean Neglecting others advice because they don't have the same dream As you now wipe the dishes You're missing the same few spots Patience, practice, and in this case chores Are al ways required in what's claim ing what's yours. PAY ATTEN TIO N TO DETAILS. STAY ON YOUR JOB. By Stefan Patterson Â


Washing Dishes by Stefan Patterson

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