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BALANCE YOUR LIFE Finding YOUR Space In Between “There is no real work in the world, other than YOUR INNER WORK. All else is distraction of the ego; away from why your soul came.”

What would you do if you knew you were sacred? Through the weekend retreat: Awaken to Clarity & Intuition Release Tension and Stress Calm the Monkey Mind Discover the Art of Relaxation Seed a New Way of Being

You will… Engage in the Science of Silence Play in the Energy Worlds Deepen Senses & Sensations Expand Your Soul Centers Be Still and Know

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I Love celebrating people; I am awed by our resilience and our brilliance. I am enamored - out of blood, flesh and bone - that we ooze Light, Sound and Color. I am enthralled how each moment life brings - whether tragic or triumphant - inspires writing, art, song and dance. May the celebration of these souls touch your heart, and inspire you! I am so grateful to share the beauty that is our humanity. We are here to feel our full ALIVENESS!!! I discovered this in the moments I felt least ALIVE. And so the quest began. I have learned that my life leads me exactly where I need to go for the purpose of sharing my soul. The experiences I have … the adventures I undertake… are how the wisdom emerges. It is the challenging moments… the art times… the places where we find ourselves alone that the greatest growth is possible. In those times, we meet ourselves… every aspect of ourselves… We are able to touch the countenance of:


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the identity who is dying. the personality that is clamoring. the ego that is fighting. the soul that is continually rebirthing. the human that is surviving. the humanity that is awakening. the god spark that is ever thriving. the unknown still waiting to become known. the mystery that is our longhand companion. We are mystery; too busy to contemplate questions being asked. Venturing into ‘the void’ the last few years, I discovered the deep richness of the mystery; each step on my path was a deepening and involuting because there was nothing outside to reach for. By my side was a dear sister who too was inspired by the journey inward. Together we remain committed to playing and staying in the void… the place of unknown… Her expertise and my work merged to create something powerful and new. Come into the Mystery and play with us… This is so much fun! We just completed our first amazing weekend group retreat at my home, and it was INCREDIBLE! Come Home! I hope you will join us… and in doing so, you will discover the Mystery that is YOU! There is nothing else like it, because it is not teaching or a ‘work’shop… This is communing, playing in the field, integration… spontaneous experience!

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FOR GIVING Today I Forgive | 31

WISDOM THAT WAITS | MARK NEPO | 7 Each person is born with a gift. Our call is to find and care for it. MIND IN SERVICE OF HEART| JALAJA BONHEIM | 10 The reality we see through the heart is radically different from what we see through the eyes of the mind. BE REBORN | REV. TEMPLE HAYES | 13 Rebirthing is a strong part of our life experiences that most people have yet to make a connection with.

A SENSE OF HUMOR | 30 IN DEVOTION | 33 11:11 MEANING | 38 SOUL EVOLVE HEALING ART | 5 VOICE AMERICA RADIO | 11:11 | 22 7th Wave Channel & Health Wellness

DREAMVISIONS7RADIO | 11:11 | 27 Evolutionary Voices for a Quantum Age.

ILLUMINATION IN INDIA 2017 | 20 TRAVEL 15 Days - 14 Nights September 2017

ENERGY OF LOVE WHEN I CEASE TO BE | STEVEN DIERINGER| 17 When I cease to be, is when I decide to relinquish the ego mind. (*Cover/Contents Images and Artwork by Steven Dieringer)

COOL AS A CUCUMBER | UPMA KHALSA | 24 Three of the marvelous ways Mother Nature has created to keep you cool. MY OWN KINDA CRAZY | TEARHSA WILDER | 28 Once I let go of all the residue from the chapters of my pervious life, I was able to write the chapters of my new life. 4






(36 x 36 Acrylic)

Within the black hole, illusions appear bleakly finite. From nothing comes one with dualistic sight. Awakening chaos is humanity's birthright. Amidst the frenzy, new energy takes flight. Find your dawning, by going deep into the dark night. Bridge the opposites; surrender and give up the fight. This soulful journey is each soul’s depth and height. From one to many, as sparks, we ignite. Awakening the full bandwidth of Love’s might; Individualized humans finally reunite. Remembering our Oneness as Infinite Light.

ANCESTRAL WOMB Through shadowed ancestral lenses; Sacred contracts of those held dear. Withholding truths and secrets; clutching them near. Stories of the ages, forgotten through the years. Wheels within wheels, amidst this fleshed out gear, Safely hiding one another’s pain and deepest fears. Deafening cries raging on that no one hears. Passing baggage between us across the years. Marinating in the sacred waters of ancestral tears; Deep in the cauldron, familial fires brand lives that appear.



THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE Play in the field of all Possibility… Exploring and Adventuring through Your Vortex of the Unknown Through the tools of: Human Design The Gene Keys Conversations With the Universe The Art of Letting Go Living - Being - Knowing

You will… A deep voyage of Self-illumination. Honoring the Silence. Deepened Self-Inquiry. Contemplative Conversation. Laughter and Lightness

Come inside… Come home to YOU!

Be Guided … Through the Mystery.

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Wisdom That

Waits …


“From an early age, we’re taught to try hard, to do our best, to give our all, which is necessary to accomplish things in the world. We try to get from here to there, from inexperience to experience, from apprenticeship to mastery. But just as we’re clearing a path, we experience heartbreak and loss. Things don’t go as planned. We are betrayed. Our trust is broken. We lose our way. And without warning, we’re thrust into a life of transformation, which no one can escape. Now we’re introduced to a different sense of effort that asks us to put down what we accumulate in order to discover beauty and wonder. As our inner life unfolds, we grow from ignorance to truth and from loneliness to love. This kind of work is necessary to join with the world. Ultimately, the effort to grow inwardly is more life-giving than the effort to get.”

Each person is born with a gift. Our call is to find and care for it. The ultimate purpose of the gift is to exercise the heart into inhabiting its aliveness. For the covenant to life is not just to stay alive, but to stay in our aliveness. And staying in aliveness depends on opening the heart and keeping it open. Our dreams, goals, and ambitions are all kindling, fuel for the heart to exercise its aliveness, to bring our gift into the world, to discover what matters. Like a match, our light is revealed as our gift strikes against the needs of the world. We drift in and out of knowing our aliveness. Pain, worry, fear, and loss can muffle and confuse us. But finding our gift and working it will bring us back alive. It doesn’t matter if we’re skillful or clumsy, if we play our gift well or awkwardly, or if we make great strides or fail. Aliveness is not a judge in a talent show. Aliveness shows itself in response to wholeheartedness, when we can say yes to life, and work with what we’re given, and stay in relationship—to everything.




When we come out of hiding and bring up the lights, we begin to discover what it means to be awake. When we’re knocked off our horse, we’re brought closer to life. Then we’re challenged to use our heart to break a path—this is the soul’s work. Finding our way always depends on using the one life we’re given to uncover the story behind the story, so we might find what can last. So brave your way on. You are a blessing waiting to be discovered by yourself. The wisdom waits in your heart like a buried treasure which only loving your self can bring to the surface. And loving your self is like diving to the bottom of the ocean with nothing but who you are to find your way. Sooner or later, we’re all faced with moments beyond our control, when our will can’t make life follow our wishes. These are the times we’re asked to work with life and not fight it or curse it or hide from it. When we’re out of reach of the wind for the moment, out of reach of what matters, we begin to doubt if there is a wind, if there’s anything like Spirit at all. In that vacuum, the will

How we grow

inwardly leads in

time to meaning and grace, a journey we can’t control, but only enter.

can flutter out of fear, out of lack of a direction to steer toward. During such painful times, we can flap about at everything we encounter. During those times—when we fear that nothing has meaning, when it seems there’s nothing to hold us up—our will can puff and snap in a desperate a empt to fill what looms as an empty life. We usually think about where we’re going instead of listening for where life is taking us. is is the tension between our soul and our will. For sure, there are times we have to sail for a particular spot on land, times we have to cross the wind. But it helps to remember that these journeys always involve a smaller destination, as we often seek refuge in a temporary port. My father would say, “It’s always the experience of sailing that one remembers.” And it’s always the experience of Spirit filling us that lets us find our way, by inhabiting our true nature. Each life must be out in the open before the wind will show its face. We can’t know what direction awaits us, if we hover too close to the shore of our past, the shore of our family, the shore of someone else’s dream for us, the shore of an old identity. 8



Our life depends on this journey through the heart. There is no other way. By fully living the one life we’re given, we’re led to the wisdom that waits in our heart.

If we are to feel the wind in our face, we must leave the shallows and harbors and make our way into the open, where we can drift in the deep. Only then will the larger, timeless destination show itself. Only then will our soul be filled enough with Spirit that our smaller self will have no choice but to be engaged in steering us toward all that matters. Most of what the heart knows enters us like lightning, and is already true somewhere inside, while the rest of us struggles to catch up. We’re never drawn into a change we’re not ready for, though the change may be difficult. Under the weight of living, whenever we dare or are forced to lift each other up or ease each other down, we have the glorious chance to find what we’ve lost in our common story. When we can truly behold each other, we slowly become each other. We become love itself. It’s through love’s eyes that we can see that it’s sweetly enough to be here at all. I offer this book as a testament to the human spirit and to life itself.

MARK NEPO Mark Nepo moved and inspired readers and seekers all over the world with his #1 New York Times bestseller The Book of Awakening. Beloved as a poet, teacher, and storyteller, Mark has been called “one of the finest spiritual guides of our time,” “a consummate storyteller,” and “an eloquent spiritual teacher.”

www.MarkNepo.com www.ThreeIntentions.com MARK NEPO’s interview Listen Here:


The One Life We’re Given




Mind In Service of Heart… Jalaja Bonheim To set wise goals, we need to be in touch with that elusive center of inner authority called the soul. What is the mission our soul came into this life with? What are its needs and desires? What are its priorities, its passions? On its own our mind can’t answer these questions. The heart, on the other hand, can because it serves as a go-between, a bridge that links our conscious mind and our soul. Divorced from the heart, our mind has no way of knowing what the soul needs. Even though in the short run its decisions might seem to make sense, they ultimately tend to miss the mark. When we understand what our soul wants, our mind can help us get there. Faced with a problem, we can seek its advice, much as we might turn to a smart, well-meaning friend. We can appreciate its brilliance without giving it license to run our life. Rather, in all decisions our heart retains the last word: if it says no, then no it is. Our heart cares little about many things that our mind considers essential. But the reality we see through the heart is radically different from what we see through the eyes of the mind. When we shift from head-to heart-thinking, our ego doesn’t bite the dust. It doesn’t stop looking out for us. Rather, because it’s now informed by the heart, it becomes more generous and wise. Unlike the mind, our heart knows what will fulfill us and what won’t. 10



“For millennia, spiritual teachers have been imploring us to be nicer, kinder, more loving. Yet we’re as violent as ever. Why? It isn’t that we don’t want to be kinder and more loving. We do, but we don’t know how. We keep working with the personal layer of our consciousness, without realizing that the real keys to understanding and shifting our self-destructive course lie in the dimly lit caverns of our collective consciousness.” It can help us discover our real goals—not the ready-made ones that society offers us, but the ones we’ve been carrying deep in our soul from long before we were born—the sacred ones that whether or not we ever achieve them can imbue our life with meaning and purpose. When we allow our heart to guide us toward these goals, we feel it signaling its joy, its pleasure, its yes. In head-thinking, the mind sets goals that it perceives as bringing us greater security and power. The heart has no say in the matter. In heart-thinking, the heart sets goals it perceives as bringing us love, contentment, harmony, and peace. The mind then figures out a strategy for reaching those goals. Sadly, no society raises its citizens to be so cut off from their hearts as ours does. How, then, can we know our true goals? Many don’t. Heart-thinking is not the opposite of headthinking. Our goal is not to replace the tyranny of the mind with that of the heart. Divorced from the heart, our intellect becomes shortsighted and destructive. But it’s equally true that on its own, our heart is bound to make foolish choices. To effectively serve our planet, we must unite an open heart with an open mind. This harmonious marriage of heart and mind is, I believe, the very hallmark of heart-thinking in the global era. Instead of limiting the circle of our kindness and caring to those we have person- ally met, we need to expand the reach of our heart to embrace the entire planetary community. Centered in an open heart, we gain access to a wiser, more expansive and farsighted consciousness. When our decisions and actions come from that place, we respond to life’s challenges in ways that are intelligent, practical, and more likely to meet with success. But when




we try to communicate without centering in our hearts, we merely end up wasting a lot of time and energy. In all matters of human relationship, heart-thinking is not just practical—in my experience it’s our only practical option. Especially in conflicts, head-thinking is totally counterproductive. If you take two groups of people —one stressed and emotionally shut down, the other relaxed and openhearted—and you present them with a challenging interpersonal problem, you can pretty much predict the outcome. The stressed head-thinkers are going to hit an impasse. They’ll get stuck, because people will lock horns and refuse to compromise. Heart-thinkers will experience a huge surge of creative juice that allows them to recognize possibilities the head-thinkers overlooked. Compromise won’t feel like a failure or a defeat because the joy of finding common ground will far outweigh the discomfort of not getting their own way. One would never guess the true magnitude of the birthing that’s underway. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It is. It’s real, it’s powerful, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. The shift in human consciousness our planet needs is not just possible—it’s already happening. Despite the relentless violence of our species, a huge wave of change is washing over us. We are longing to evolve, ready for it, and capable of it. The human ego is a work of amazing evolutionary genius. But to use this complex tool wisely, we need a high level of consciousness. At present we have very little awareness of how our ego functions. We are governed by ancient and unconscious habits that cause us to tense up when we need to relax, harden when we need to soften, and close down when we need to open up. Our task is to bring old layers of ego-conditioning into conscious awareness so we can sift and sort through them, discarding what no longer serves us and reclaiming what does. If we fail to do this inner work, the old ego-based habits that undermine our capacity for heart-thinking will continue to drive us toward self-extinction. (Portions excerpted from The Sacred Ego published by North Atlantic Books)

JALAJA BONHEIM Jalaja is the founder of the Institute for Circlework, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the practice of Circlework around the world.

www.jalajabonheim.com 12



“The deepest realization of our covenant with our Creator is allowing the new layering of who we are to continue to

BE REBORN by Rev. Temple Hayes Rebirthing is a strong part of our life experiences that most people have yet to make a connection with. We die often in this lifetime, and we are born again in this lifetime. Just as ocean waves move toward us and away from us with their ebb and flow, so it is with us in our human suits. We have areas in our lives that have died that we need to wake up, and we have areas in our lives that we need to truly bury and put behind us. To be thriving trees, we must honor the value of pruning ourselves from time to time. What is currently in your life that you need to prune? Is it time to let go of some relationships that are not changing and growing with you? Is it time to let go of another layer of self-criticism or of being too analytical? Perhaps it is time to prune spending too much time watching television or overindulging in negativity. External influencers cast a great shadow over us and limit our ability to grow into who we are meant to be. A tree with another tree hovering over it will eventually bow down. The same is true for us as we continue to give up our seat, our place in this life. All of a sudden life does not have a place for us. Our childhood dreams and goals become nothing more than shadows left on our trail. The influencers do not want us to change, for it is to their benefit that we stay in a box. I cannot drive for three miles without seeing billboards that say where the best emergency room is waiting for me or stating that if I am feeling a certain way, it is probably a stroke. We have simply lost control of the innate ability to listen to the gift of our own intuition about our healings, and revealings. An inauthentic person is usually brokenhearted, waiting for something new to save him or her, and broken financially as well. Our society and culture must die so we may wake up and get back into using our minds and hearts and intuition to guide our decisions. www.1111mag.com



We will not be free until we free ourselves of the anger, the judgment, and the mean spirit we carry inside. We take the energy of separation and turn it into being angry at our Creator, when all along we are the ones who have disconnected. We are bombarded with messages by the following influencers: Because the Bible says so Because the preacher says so Because the doctor says so Because my parents said so Because the billboard tells me so Because the commercials on TV, radio, and the Internet say so Because someone else says so When we surrender to what others say we should be and do and it does not feel inherently right for us, we give up the seat of the real me. Whatever your influencers are telling you, make sure they have manifested in themselves what you are seeking. We are in a time that calls for healing the energy we have given to the influencers. There must be a spiritual awakening—a name-it-and-claim-it attitude. Behind every apology or awareness of how we have allowed ourselves to be weak, weary, and influenced, we must see the deeper truth. We must aim higher in order to discover our real selves. Forgiveness is not complicated. What is complicated is the unwillingness to accept responsibility for our actions and choices and the desire to avoid forgiving ourselves. Once we forgive ourselves for being less than dynamic, magnificent, miracle workers; once we forgive ourselves for settling for less than what the covenant from our Creator states our lives will be; and once we forgive ourselves truly inside and out, we will no longer attract the same actions with others, so we can practice forgiveness with them. “I allowed this. I forgive myself, for I allowed these moments, things, and experiences to occur. I allowed the same types of influencers to support my smallness rather than my energetic bigness. Until I name it, I cannot truly claim the healing, the rebirthing, or the joy of being the real me.” 14



We are designed to be in awe of our lives. The real you is longing to emerge. It is crucial to allow some parts of you to die in order that the true you may live. Someone wise once said, “Always keep these four bones in your life”…

Backbone. You will always need your courage. It takes a courageous person to let go, let live, let God, and release control. It takes tremendous courage to be who you are and live without hesitation, judgment, or selfimposed limitations. We truly accept our life path when we accept that all the events, people, and places we have experienced have been necessary to make us who we are. This knowledge is the highest surrender to trusting in our life path. We are in the now. In shamanism, the past, present, and future are one time. There is no time in Spirit; the only time is now. Now is infinite, with unlimited potential.

Wishbone. You will always need to keep your dreams in your heart. Our dreams are waiting on us to come true. It is crucial that we continue to greet each day with wonder and awe about our lives and know that in the present moment, all things are possible. Life occurs in the now. Dreams are the stretch marks that continue to birth us into our authentic selves.

Funny bone. This is an essential ingredient, since we tend in adulthood to take life so seriously. Watch funny movies, and laugh to yourself when you make a mistake. Laughter multiplies once you start it, and it is one of the main ingredients for staying young. Remember that fun, energy, and love all go where they are desired. Improve your now moment, this very moment, by embracing joy.

Hollow bone. Always leave room every day for the mystery of life to flow to you. There are so many new moments in life wanting to be realized by way of our own consciousness. Somewhere between the “used to be” and the “can be” is a space of possibilities. Your slate is clean each day—what mark are you going to leave on it today? Make your metaphorical markers erasable ones rather than permanent ones, knowing that a brand-new day welcomes a brand-new you. Living in the new moment is so powerful.

Rev. Temple Hayes Temple is the founder of Life Rights, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the right of all to live the life of their intention in freedom and peace, and the SOFI Project, a non- profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats globally. Now the spiritual leader at Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, she is revered internationally, and a key member of the Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought.

www.templehayes.com www.1111mag.com




JOY I am the flutter in your belly that is excitement…but often you mistake me for fear. I am the lightness that you feel when nothing that is needed… when you feel carefree, worthy, loved and full. I am that part of you that fills you up, so much so, that you seek hunger just to feel me again… and again… and again. I am your true inner child, keeping safe the one you have convinced yourself of. I keep that one company when you are not playing with me… or with him, or her. I start as a soft smile upon your skin, gently touching you in sensitive places so that I dawn upon you like the sun. Once you catch wind of me, I will fill your belly and flow into your heart. I will get your skin to tingle and your teeth to shine a smile. Your mind is always putty in my hands. Well, as long as I keep you focused upon the inside, where I live. I can keep you in high spirits, but for some reason you like to run away to places beyond where I choose to go. When you look outside again… seeking… wanting… needing… yearning… blaming… judging… I retreat back into the very essence of your cells; and wait patiently until you are ready to receive me again. I do not push. I am not forceful, but I am always ready to be with you completely. I live inside of you; in each and every molecule. I can never leave you. I am you; the true you. I flow though your veins. I live in your marrow. I hold your deepest desires and your wildest dreams. When I really want to, I will make you giggle… and dance… and sing. I have enough power to make you silly and playful and boisterous. But, I am not here to make you see me. That is your contract to keep. Regardless of where you choose to travel, I remain Joyful. I hold every experience, and all other emotions in that way because I am of your Highest nature. I do not judge. I am neutral. I honor your experience and the right to choose where you want to spend your time. 16



When I Cease To Be…

Steven Dieringer

When I Cease to Be, I Become All That I Am Imagine being invited to the Royal Ball. When I arrive I am shown into the Grand Ballroom and am amazed with the splendor of the glorious room. Hanging from the ceiling I see the most wonderful chandelier ever created. As I stand in awe of this beautifully crafted work of art, I notice the lights in the chandelier are not turned on. Curious, I wonder why? The full measure of this magnificent work would surely be magnified all the more if the light inside of it were to be turned on, allowing all to witness it in its true glory, bathing all in the warm glow, shed upon those who stand in the presence of its light. I notice too, that the wondrous chandelier is fully wired, connected to the source of electricity that would allow it to shine forth. I also notice the light switch on the wall discretely placed in a hidden corner, that if only it were to be flipped into the on position, then this beautiful, lovingly created expression of the One who made it would then be made known to all. Its true Magnificence shining forth, being a joyous blessing to all who were touched by its light. I am tempted to unobtrusively walk over and flip the switch myself, yet I know I cannot, only the rightful owner may do so. 42








I Am the possessor of the fully wired, connected to energy source, chandelier inside of me. Will I unleash the courage that is in me, and walk over to that corner of my soul and flip the switch? In order to become all that I Am, allowing the full measure of The Glorious Magnificence that is in me, and is who I Am, to be the blessing to all, that I Am Created to be. Will I allow My Light to shine on all who come into my presence, dispelling the darkness of lies which consume the souls of those who would be made whole? In this, Love is Created. Love is shared. Love grows. In this I Am authentic, for I Am now being that which I Am, I Am Love. And in realizing that which I Am, I cease to be and become “All that I Am.” When I cease to be, is when I decide to relinquish the ego mind. When I am in the ego mind I Am of a split mind and experience constant inner conflict with the soul, which is the God mind in me. The ego mind is insane. It is in a continual state of fear, believing it is not enough, nor, will ever have enough. Therefore everyone is the enemy. It is always me against the universe. The ego sees you as always wanting what I have, and therefore a threat, or you have what I need and therefore I must devise a scheme for obtaining that which you have and I need. Most of all the ego mind fears the soul, because the ego knows it is it- self false and the soul is truth. The ego knows given a chance the soul will expose the ego for what it is, a lie. For light eliminates darkness, and the light of the soul will expose the nothingness of the ego. Bringing to light all of the lies which the ego supplies in order to guarantee its continuation. The ego is nothing but a lie purporting to be my protector, when in fact it has no interest in my welfare in the slightest. The ego once established is only interested in its own survival and in the same way as cancer it feeds off of the host body (me) not recognizing that when the host body is consumed to the point of death it also dies. And so in its blindness it spews forth a continual stream of lies. The biggest lie being that I Am separated from my Creator and Protector. When I awaken to the fact that I cannot be separated from the Source of All, and know I Am unassailable, the whole charade of the ego evaporates. The lie of the ego, that it is my protector is uncovered in the light of truth. It now, having no purpose simply disappears. For it actually never was. God having created all that is real, nothing therefore that is not Created by God can be real, and the ego is an illusory manifestation of man and therefore not real. It only “seems” very real.




STEVEN DIERINGER Inspirational speaker, author, stress relief expert, and certified health coach who guides busy people that are ready to let go of emotional pain, stress and selfdestructive habits so you can reclaim your joy of living again.

www.stevendieringer.com Artwork http://mudgallery.com/shop/page/

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Featured Show: 11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh 11:11 talk radio is the doorway to conscious choice, greater health and well-being. Rediscover your purpose and passion for living. It is a time for a greater, healthier, more expressive experience of you. Change is an inside job! A mind- body- spirit revolution featuring experts and topics that focus on holistic living. Feed the mind, embrace positively, attain the balance you have been seeking. Release the tension, step out of fear, get out of lack and into communication. Broaden your mind and open your heart toward a greater understanding of how to take charge of your life, because shift happens! Through allowing the mind to broaden, the heart to open, and the core of one’s power to be activated, individuals will become the proactive conscious creators that they came here to be . It is time to discover who you really are. 11:11 Talk Radio airs live every Monday at 8 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave and Health and Wellness.

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11:11 MEDIA MAGAZINE - RADIO - VIDEO A Service Project for the Empowerment and Deepened Experience of Humanity I Believe… service is a way of being… I Believe in an economy of exchange and generosity… …Soul gifts are to be shared… …if I give, give, give… what is required will be given. Only YOU can decide the value of 11:11 Magazine…

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Relax into the heat by using and eating cucumbers, avocados, and mint—three of the marvelous ways Mother Nature has created to keep you cool.

Cucumber Avocado Mask and Gazpacho For the Gazpacho: To the food processor, add roughly chopped shallot, garlic, and basil. Squeeze in the juice from half the lemon and the salt and pepper. Purée until smooth yet pulpy. Add more lemon juice or water as needed for taste and desired consistency. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving. Garnish with a diced orange pepper, sliced avocado, and a drizzle of olive oil.


Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Inactive Prep Time: 30 minutes Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 small organic cucumbers (around 7”) 1 handfuls fresh mint 1 shallot 1 clove garlic, small 1 handful fresh basil 1 lemon Salt and pepper to taste Orange bell pepper Olive oil 1 avocado Roughly chop cucumbers with the skin on and mint. Place in food processor until pulpy, smooth. In a small bowl set aside 1 tablespoon for your mask.



For the Mask: Take cucumber mint pulp and blend with 2 tablespoons of avocado by smashing it together with a fork and spoon. Apply a thick layer to clean skin and relax for 7-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Rinse again with cool water. Apply your favorite toner, serum, and moisturizer. Your skin will be deeply hydrated and glowing.

Cucumber skin benefits: Cucumbers are high in vitamin K, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Vitamin K is excellent in helping the elimination of dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C is a super antioxidant and B vitamins help the body respond to stress in a healthy manner. Cucumber skins are rich in insoluble fiber which helps keep your intestines clean and clear; an essential factor in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. In Ayurveda, cucumbers are used to dispel excess heat (in the stomach). They also help to cool inflammation in the body and are a great way to stay hydrated in the hot summer months. Photo is of me just after masking. Avocado skin benefits: Avocados offer amazing skin benefits internally and externally. They are high in antioxidant carotenoids, (free radical scavengers) that provide protection from environmental damage that exacerbates the visible signs of aging—fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Internally theses carotenoids have been shown to increase the density, thickness, and overall appearance of the skin. Avocados are also a good source of Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant supporting the production of collagen and elastin providing protection from the development of deeper lines and creases. This super green fruit also contain Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant with the ability to reduce the damaging effects of UVA and UVB radiation. And finally, avocados are high in mono-saturated fats which are excellent (internally and externally) for moisturizing the epidermis and regenerating damaged skin cells.

Upma Kaur - Beauty Alchemist Esthetician by trade, alchemist at heart, dancer by design, mother of one amazing son.

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I AM - Intention Action & Mapping Where you immerse in devotion to your highest aspect is in the realms of Light, Sound & Color… deep within the body, outside of the ego … and only requires your romance of the soul. Daily Mindset Meditation Weekly Meditation Weekly Lesson & Inquiry Weekly Support Video Weekly Vision & Creation Action Mapping Weekly Bridge of the Soul Monthly Intention

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Life Mentor

- SIMRAN SINGH www.iamsimran.com

Soul Catalyst

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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age is heard Monday through Friday, 8 am & 8 pm ET - www.dreamvisions7radio.com

Simran Singh

Cynthia Sue Larson

Mary O’Malley

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My Own Kinda Crazy…


My daughter has a blog she calls, “My Own Kinda Crazy”. Her posts are stories about events and happenings in her daily life. In reading her posts, I picture her life and how crazy it really must be! But then I turned it around on myself.

Look at my life! It’s a bit crazy at times too! Now I’m viewing this statement from a “ME” perspective. What is “My Own Kinda Crazy”? Well……let me tell ya….it’s the kinda crazy that few can relate to. The best part is, I love it all!

When living a life that you love, it too can be a little crazy at times, but you love every bit of it! We all have a built in program that assists us in finding our life purpose. I call it my God Guidance, which is my Higher Self and my connection to the Universe. It’s so difficult to hone in on it though isn’t it? The world just keeps evolving around us and life just keeps happening. Soon hours, days, weeks and then years have passed by! Many of us become frustrated and sometimes angry when we feel like we have less time left than we have already let pass by. I quickly realized that in order to make the best of the time I have left in this ever changing lifetime…

I had to let go of all that lived in the past and focus on my NOW and how to bring about the positive outcome that I knew I deserved! 28



Once I let go of all the residue from the chapters of my pervious life, I was able to write the chapters of my new life. What an opportunity! What exciting possibilities was I going to manifest? Who was I going to become and how can I get this show on the road?

Well first I had to make some hard decisions about what parts of my current life served the greater good of my new vision and what I had to let go because it either didn’t serve me positively or I just had no control over the situation because it was controlling me. Then I had to take action! Once I weeded through the remains I needed to set myself goals and boundaries.

Where do I want to be Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Financially? So many dreams to create! It was exciting to visualize my dreams as a reality! I made a plan under each category. Believe me, it’s difficult, challenging and sometimes painful and discouraging. It can feel like trying so hard and gaining hardly no ground what so ever! Then one day, I realized that it all came true; it’s time to start a new chapter! I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s really very hard. At times I thought, "Why am I doing this?" Then I answered my own question…..

“BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT!” Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your own kinda crazy to see how it serves you. Hopefully, it is serving you well and just needs a few minor tweets. If not, then it’s time to get busy helping yourself! Who else is going to do it for you? No one, that’s who! Make your life about “ME”. Sure, we all have others that we love very much who count on us and I’m not saying drop them out of your life. Evaluate each person, each commitment & obligation, each habit you have acquired, absolutely every aspect of your daily life and see what serves you well. Realization is a Great place to begin! Taking care of ourselves is what allows us to better serve others.

Remember to Love Yourself and Know that You are Special & Deserving!

TEARHSA WILDER Founder of The Souls Harmony, author of "40 Days to Soul Enlightenment" Book & Card Deck, facillitator of Meridian Enlightenment Energy Healing and creator of the "Movement of Enlightenment". The "Movement of Enlightenment" focuses on opening the heart to love and assists in creating harmony in life.

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SIMRAN sez… www.iamsimran.com




Today I forgive the systems. I forgive the structures. I forgive the plans. I forgive the rules. I forgive the red tape. I forgive the rhetoric. I forgive those who do not help. I forgive those whose help hurts. I forgive myself for conforming. I forgive myself for compromising. I forgive myself for going numb. I forgive myself for being apathetic. I forgive myself for bing disconnected. I forgive myself for being attached. I forgive the identity. I forgive the personality. I forgive the ego. I forgive the family. I forgive my sister. I forgive my brother. I forgive my father. I forgive my mother. I forgive my partner. I forgive my self. www.1111mag.com



I intend to LIVE in PURE ALIVENESS through… 1. new perspectives 2. creative endeavors.

3. laughter and leisure. 4. silliness and silence. 5. relationship and friendship.

6. compassion and kindness. 7. bravery. 8. exploration and experience. 9. fitness and finesse.

10. dancing and singing.

11. being completely ME! 32



Dearest Infinite Spirit… I gently unfurl my sleeping soul, unleashing my spirit to stretch into new life. I shake free the wings that have been tied down, by the weight of my own burdens. What new place shall I find? After the darkness and the rain… It is a spark of new aliveness; an awakening in the making. Purely one of perspective to know where I’ve been giving and taking. As I gaze within. I see, I have never been without. Riches lay inside. A sacred treasure chest and jewels strewn about. A heart of Gold; many gifts I do possess. I am free to fly; I’ve had wings all along. I am free to die; To things that aren’t my soul song. Gentle Spirit, now watch my wings spread. In my own illusion; I had been caught inside my head. No more, will I settle into life. I willingly will lose my mind to be fully alive. That is my true service to mankind. In Devotion - SIMRAN


Nourish Your Sacred Body… Free the physical from fatigue, fogginess, and fuel deficiency. Your body is a sacred vessel and home for your spirit. When are you going to live and care for it? It’s time to take care of your body, no matter what your age.

A vital part of spirituality is being in the body — this sacred vessel. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to put ourselves last. As a vegetarian, it is integral that I have quality protein! Six years ago when I began my first retreat center and the 11:11 creations, I knew I needed to support myself nutritionally. I was feeling tired. Working with people on various emotional and psychological levels affected me physically. Additionally, I was not a ‘good’ vegetarian when it came to the full scope of minerals and proteins to balance the body. I asked the Universe, out loud, to send me what I needed. That week, a friend of mine called with an answer. I have been on that nutritional program since. I would not go a day without it and have watched thousands of lives change in the same way. 34



The Universe always responds accordingly; the changes I wanted and needed began to occur, and continue to enhance and strengthen my physical vessel 6 years later. • • • •

In the first week, I began feeling stronger. By day 11, my energy level shot up 1000% By day 20, my brain felt clearer, as if a fog had lifted. Within 30 days, I had lost some unhealthy weight I had been carrying and my body released toxicity.

I felt like a brand new person. I have seen the same with many many many clients over the years. • • • •

I look and feel younger now than I did 20 years ago. I sleep better and know I am getting what my brain needs to support optimal functioning. When I travel, I carry my nutritional aids with me that assist me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for high vibrational living. I support my body in staying balanced for anti-aging, energy and wellness.

Daily gentle cleansing of my sacred vessel not only takes care of me physically but empowers me vibrational and spiritually. Even in the most difficult times over the last few years, my health and my body stayed strong. Mineral and vitamin intake, along with appropriate omegas and fats for brain and body balancing are integral for anti-aging and wellness. If you truly are looking for a holistic approach to embodiment; then I want to assist your food lifestyle in optimizing your body as you master your mental and emotional aspects. I have experienced this profoundly, and it is truly a gift to share.

This IS NOT a diet. This is A LIFESTYLE! You have nothing to lose EXCEPT unhealthy weight, toxicity, fogginess, and lack of energy Be open to enhancing your life. I would love to assist you in empowering your body… and enhancing your life. Most importantly, I want you to experience the effects of a nutritional cleansing program that supports brain and body balancing.

Fill this FREE 11 Point Questionnaire CHECK YOUR BODY’s NEEDS… I look forward to talking!



11:11 MEDIA MAGAZINE - RADIO - VIDEO A Service Project for the Empowerment and Deepened Experience of Humanity I Believe… service is a way of being… I Believe in an economy of exchange and generosity… …Soul gifts are to be shared… …if I give, give, give… what is required will be given. Only YOU can decide the value of 11:11 Magazine…

Did YOU RECEIVE VALUE in THIS ISSUE? Thank YOU for giving in exchange for receiving.

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My Heart is Devoted to the Journey of the Soul… www.1111mag.com

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