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Sacred Sites Natalie Zaman

“Every sacred site has its own secrets.” A sacred site is any place that speaks to your soul and makes you feel that there’s something bigger than you at work in the world. Something, to quote mystic and scholar Katrina Messenger, “that cares about you.” Sacred sites change you. And heal you. And make you feel alive. And like my finally finding The Magickal Childe, it can be an experience as well as a place. It can be discovering something new, or rediscovering something you thought was lost. Our experiences create memories and enshrine them, the locale of the encounter becoming a holy place where we’ll return if we can to recapture that memory, and that feeling, be it awe, or gratitude, or love. There are centers of energy that exist in the earth. Places like Stonehenge or Glastonbury in the United Kingdom have inherent power that you can feel in the air and under your feet when you visit them, and that alone makes them sacred. There are places tied to events—sometimes tragic—the incident and resulting emotions creating hallowed ground. The faithful con- verge on sites of pilgrimage, infusing a place with the power of belief and hope, sometimes making miracles. Iconic locations have their own aspect of being holy; we give these places significance, we build stories around them, or sometimes, the stories are forgotten and all that’s left is a mystery, itself a sacred thing. Sacred sites and magical spots can be large or small. Some are natural, some are man-made, and still more are collaborations between nature and humanity, both deliberate and accidental. A sacred site can be an ancient ruin with complex secrets and astronomical or it can be simple, like the heart of a national park that echoes with the thunder of moving water. Sometimes it’s a place where everyone goes, but not everyone knows the language hidden in the symbols and the architecture. Sometimes it’s a touchstone to the past—or, perhaps, the future. Sometimes it’s quirky and light-hearted. Sometimes it’s serious and 44


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Such moments arise to empower… They fulfill a deeper wish by engaging mystery. Here lay the infinite loop of inner and outer healing for wis...

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