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From the Publisher Remember the truth of who you are and affirm it out loud.


I Am Free. I am free to participate in life. I am free to choose my next best step. I am free to extend a hand. I am free to be inspired. I am free. I am the freedom that walks in creativity and expression. I am the freedom that knows I have no bounds. I am free to create my destiny. I am free to to make mistakes and learn from them. I am free to succeed. I am free to live an abundant life. I am free spirited. I am free to be an example. I am free to live fully, laugh intensely, love deeply, create incessantly, and experience abundantly. I am the gift…I am free…


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I am a new day dawning. I am the first kiss of morning air. I am the breath; inhalation and exhalation. I am the light. I am the essence of illumination. As the light, I spread the glow of goodness, happiness, and gentleness to every place I wander and every person I meet. I am brilliant beautiful light which burns with increasing intensity, reaching far beyond its physical encasement. I am the light which spreads across my home, my city, my state and my world. I boldly beam, connecting with all other light, becoming one flame that warms this planet. As this flame burns, it cleanses and purifies all discordant and inharmonious energies and patterns resting within the earth, illuminating all truth. I am the rainbow body; as intense blue, I am the voice of truth, wisdom, and oneness. I am the red warm womb holding humanity’s dreams and aspirations. I am the orange body of healing retrieving what has been lost and transmuting what no longer serves the greater good. I am the golden tip of strength, triumph, and love. Through this body of light, sound and radiant color… I raise consciousness and connection for a whole universe. I am strong… I have always been. I untie all I have used to bind myself… and in doing so, this ripple shall untie the strong… In Light... Of Light... With Light… As Light In Laughter... Of Laughter... With Laughter… As Laughter In Presence… Of Presence… With Presence… As Presence In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love In Oneness… I Am Simran




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LIGHT WITH LOVE SURRENDERING OUR SORROW | 6 MARIANNE WILLIAMSON No matter what problem or what pain has seared our hearts, one fundamental answer is the attainment of the peace of God.



| 3


Practice these seven steps and realize your goals in a consistent and enjoyable way.




We have the potential of consciousness to bring about

personal freedom, sovereignty, and empowerment.

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We are a miracle and a blessing to and for the Love that created us. We are the New Human.

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ENERGY OF LOVE EARTH ANGELS | 24 ANGIE STILL Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless, practiced without expectation and non attachment to the outcome.

POWER WITHIN | 28 MICHAEL & CECILIA GALLERY Something sacred in the light imbues you with the ability to accomplish that which you are meant to.

THE WARRIOR’S SONG | 34 DONNA MARIE PRITCHARD Featured artist and poetry.

TURMERIC BLISS BALLS | 38 UPMA KAUR Turmeric is known as ‘the one whose face is light and shining’ or ‘Golden Goddess’.





At times the light derives from realizations that we come to while we are in the darkness. Periods of suffering are not always detours on the journey to enlightenment but can serve as significant stops along the way. Personal demons that emerge from the dark cave of deep sadness cannot just be “treated”; they must be dissolved through the light of self-awareness. Everything that needs to be looked at must be looked at; everything that needs to be understood must be understood; and every prayer that needs to be prayed must be prayed. And this can take time. A period of emotional suffering is often not simply a symptom of our depression as much as a necessary factor in healing it. It can be what we need to move through, and best not avoid, in journeying to the place where we suffer no more. Sometimes, therefore, we have to make room for our emotional pain. Months of grief might be at times what we need to go through, processing the mysteries of love and loss in order to finally see that in spirit there is no loss and that in God there is always hope. Such mourning is a sacred journey, and it cannot and should not be rushed. If we have forty-five tears to cry, then crying seventeen is not enough. Deep sorrow is a fever of the soul, and within the psyche as within the body, the fever breaks when the fever breaks. The tendency to repair—an inborn immune system always moving in the direction of healing—exists in the mind as well as in the body. We simply need to give it time. The potential for heartbreak always exists; it is part of the human experience. Where there is love, there is happiness. But where the bonds of love are broken, there is pain. Given the fact that the world is so dominated by fear, and so resistant in many ways to love, how could our hearts not be torn at times by the pain of simply living here? And once you’ve lived enough, you know this. You come to live with it, and to live with it gracefully. You learn to take the hits, and to know that they’re simply part of living. “Hello darkness, my old friend; I’ve come to talk with you again” is more than a song lyric by Simon and Garfunkel; it describes an attitude of acceptance that this week, or this month, or even this year might be hard— but you know you will live through it. And in some ways, who we become because we lived through it

is someone more alive—perhaps even more beautiful— than who we were before. In the words of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, “Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.” Depression is an emotional fall, sometimes into a very deep, dark valley. That is true. Yet a life of spiritual triumph is not one in which we never fall into that valley; it is one in which, if and when we do fall, we’ve learned how to get ourselves out of it.

We need emotional muscles in order to rise up emotionally, just as we need physical muscles in order to rise up physically. And developing those muscles is the work of the soul. It is the search for God and the finding of our true selves. God is not outside us but within—the Love that is the essence of who we truly are. We live within God and God lives within us.

The pain of the world is the unbearable suffering of living outside the circle of our relationship to God, for outside that relationship we are separate from ourselves. What could be more depressing than to live in separation from who we are? And what could be more natural than the fact that we seek wholeness in places where our hearts have been torn? Falling to our knees in pain has been, for many of us, how we first fell to our knees in prayer. At moments when the pain is simply too much to take, the body itself is wired for humility before God. No matter what problem has entered our lives, no matter what pain has seared our hearts, the one fundamental answer is the attainment of the peace of God. A Course in Miracles teaches that we think we have many different problems, but we only really have one: our separation from God. This book is about the alleviation of our suffering: sometimes through prayer, sometimes through forgiveness, and always through the surrender and release of all our thoughts that are not of God. Therein lies inner peace. www.1111mag.com



“Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again…” -Simon & Garfunkel



TEARS TO TRIUMPH is a clarion call not only to the reader, but also to society to heed the deeper message of our suffering and the suffering of others. Most importantly, it illuminates the path by which spiritual principles deliver us beyond deep sadness and emotional pain.

Reprinted from “Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment,” by Marianne Williamson with permission from the publisher, HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers., Copyright © 2016


is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books include

A Return to Love A Year of Miracles The Law of Divine Compensation The Age of Miracles A Course in Weight Loss Everyday Grace A Woman’s Worth Illuminata The Gift of Change. Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose.




“There is no real work in the world, other than YOUR INNER WORK. All else is distraction of the ego; away from why your soul came.”

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Successful people know that it’s important to set specific goals, consistently review them, and act on opportunities to achieve their desired outcomes. They don’t journey through life reacting to every situation, they steer their course through life and expect good results in spite of what is going on around them. We all want to be consistent in focusing on our goals, but that can be tough when life presents us with unexpected situations. Your boss might ask more of you at work; your children or spouse might need you to be home more often and available to attend important events; you might even feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself to relax, have fun, and plan for the future. Before long, consistency can seem like an unobtainable dream. Often in the midst of crisis, competitive pressures, and family obligations, we can feel overwhelmed and forget to focus our attention on the desired outcomes of our goals rather than the immediate circumstances of our situations. We can listen to the news, read industry reports, and hear colleagues who describe probable and dismal outcomes that they say are inevitable. The only way to keep yourself focused on the goals and outcomes that you want to experience is to follow a consistent daily routine that is deliberate in priming your brain for success so that you can achieve the outcomes that you desire. Since 1982, I have had the privilege of growing six profitable companies in a variety of industries. In that time I’ve learned that the most effective way to keep your goals in the forefront of your thoughts is to wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning to hold a meeting with yourself. Treat your morning meeting with your inner self seriously. Hold your meeting in a space that is free of disruptions, and create an agenda that you’ll follow. Make sure that you also have the necessary tools available: an uplifting book that describes successes of others achieving their goals, a pen, and a notebook for you to write in.




“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” - Earl Nightingale

THE SEVEN STEPS 1. Read Something That Inspires You Spend five minutes reading something uplifting to put you in a receptive mood. As you read about the successes of others, your mind will look for ways to make those kinds of successes familiar and normal for you.

2. Write Down What You are Grateful For Spend up to 10 minutes writing a gratitude letter. Be grateful for the good things already in your life, as well as the things that you hope to have soon. Psychologists agree that gratitude and happiness help you to be more focused and able to solve problems. The subconscious will then be directed to search for ways to help make these goals a reality.

3. Read What You are Grateful for Out Loud Spend up to five minutes reading your letter out loud with emotion. Studies have shown that when we read something out loud, we anchor it into our subconscious, which will help us to notice more possibilities to make our statements true.

4. Visualize Reaching Your Goals Spend up to five minutes with your eyes closed imagining what it will be like to have your goals realized. As you see yourself in your realized goal, you’ll anchor the belief that it can be yours. Author and motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale put it perfectly when he said “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” At this point, you’ve spent 25 to 30 minutes with your inner self establishing your goals and giving your subconscious directions on what to focus on attaining. Now, go ahead and get your day started. Your subconscious will begin to do its job.

5. Follow Your Intuition Throughout the Day During each day, be on the lookout for leads, intuition, directions, and opportunities that will point you in the direction of goal attainment. Some of these leads might not make sense, but as Steve Jobs said, "have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." All of us have intuition and can learn to recognize it and enable it to show up more often through a daily routine for success. www.1111mag.com



6. Celebrate Your Successes Acknowledge your successes with someone who you value and trust. Celebrating is a fun part of the process and helps you to gather proof and confidence that your partnership with your inner self is working.

7. Let Go Of What's Holding You Back. Give up anything that could be holding you back. If you are angry or feel any resentment toward another or yourself, give it forth. This may be one of the greatest characteristics of successful people. They release anything that is not consistent with the life they want to live. This can be tough, but it is possible. Practice these seven steps on a regular basis, and enjoy realizing your goals in a more consistent and enjoyable way. May you be blessed on Your Path to all that is Good!

MAY McCARTHY May McCarthy is a successful entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, speaker and author. For the past 32 years May has used sound business practices and spiritual principles to grow several successful multimillion-dollar companies as large as $100+ million in annual revenues. Now, she travels the country and teaches people how to use these same principles in order to help them achieve greater levels of financial abundance, success, and freedom!

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THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE Play in the field of all Possibility… Exploring and Adventuring through Your Vortex of the Unknown Through the tools of: Human Design The Gene Keys Conversations With the Universe The Art of Letting Go Living - Being - Knowing

You will… A deep voyage of Self-illumination. Honoring the Silence. Deepened Self-Inquiry. Contemplative Conversation. Laughter and Lightness

Come inside… Come home to YOU!

Be Guided … Through the Mystery.

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I have decided and now believe…I AM 1. worthy of all good things. 2. ready to receive love. 3. willing to stand in my power. 4. responsible for my experience. 5. powerful and able. 6. filled with wisdom to be shared. 7. walking my talk. 8. endowed with a service heart. 9. bold as a compassionate human activist. 10. innocent; and have always been. 11. committed to whole-heartedly being me. These monthly intentions are provided to support and uplift your mind, your meditative mantras and your spirit. Do them daily, in your morning and evening meditations, to enhance the awakening of your truth within you. Given in Love… Simran 14



I AM SOVEREIGN LES JENSEN To understand what it means to give yourself genuine authentic personal sovereignty is to understand your own innocence. This innocence means giving yourself absolute permission to accurately write the next chapters of your life exactly the way you want. It is to give yourself permission to pen a most delightful future for yourself and for those who are walking this journey with you—the power of humanity personified. This is the space that holds miracles, having the personal sovereignty to validate your dreams as the most important potential of this moment.

The concept of every single citizen embodying this idea of being a king involves having dominion over one’s own potential, absolute sovereignty over one’s future, and permission to be director of the movie. The collective achievement of being a king in our own kingdom has not come about in our culture en masse throughout the history of humanity, but it can happen now! For you are a powerful person. Every person embodies this human consciousness; every person is a point of presence of human consciousness. You are a point of human consciousness, and this human consciousness is the doorway to all possibilities. www.1111mag.com



What’s new in today’s world about the idea of being a king is that we now have the ability to tap into the potential of our human consciousness and bring it about into the kingdom with true personal freedom, personal sovereignty, and personal empowerment.

The soul’s path is one of grace. To live an authentic life is to walk in grace on this earth. Just like a boat that creates ripples as it moves through the water, when you walk in step with your heart and soul, you leave behind you a wake of grace. It is in that state of grace that you feel peace within your heart every day. From that place of peace within your soul, you script the story of your life as you alone prefer. Pure authentic you, giving yourself permission to be the director of your own preferences, living the life that you choose. To truly be one that embodies the king within is to hone in on your most authentic preferences in each and every moment of every day. This is the place where self-love resides with exquisite permission to live the life of your dreams. For you to be able to embody such a storyline means you need to resolve and release the mental and emotional imprints of your past in order to understand how these karmic imprints have disconnected you from your own kingdom within. Our soul has a dream of what is possible for our own life, of what a wonderful life would look like, the script to the story of our dreams coming true. It is a movie handcrafted and designed just for you. How many classes in school were taught about following our dreams? Detailed discussions about how to discern if an idea has come from our heart or our head? About how the ego is not needed to rationalize, approve or analyze the worthiness of our heart’s desires. How the energetic signature of the dream is the dream itself as pure energy? How to capture a dream without diluting or polluting it, and then, step by step, bring it into creation? Very few, if any. Since our dreams are so important, so powerful for our lives, so powerful in a sense of our own personal fulfillment, then perhaps we should have been taught about our dreams in every single grade of school that we attended throughout our lives! When individuals find their inspiration and value from within the very core of themselves, this disconnects them from being controlled or manipulated. If each individual—each citizen—understands their true power, then they have a genuine sense of personal sovereignty in their lives. The new idea of a kingdom is where everyone in the kingdom is honoring their own inner king, their own ocean of personal potential, living fully present in their own inspiration. Everyone feeling entitled to the free expression of their own inspiration. Everyone being connected to their own personal sense of what a wonderful life can feel like. A kingdom full of kings. A kingdom that actually honors all that we are capable of being. It affords each of us a full expression of our own potential. Not a single king per kingdom, but rather, a kingdom full of kings. That sounds much more divine and authentic to our human potential than the old, or former, king paradigm.

Don’t be afraid to consider yourself a king. Don’t be afraid to have total say in what happens in your life. 16



Before you were born your soul had a vision of what your life could be. To honor that vision can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment into your life, producing feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude. To engage that vision of your life and trust yourself is to turn on the creative expression of your own potential. When you walk authentically as yourself, all possibilities come within your reach. The vision of your dreams comes into focus. You may not know every detail, though you trust in the story of your heart and soul, as they feed you a vision of what is possible. It is intentional creation itself. Will you embrace the bold ideas of your heart and soul, and trust that there is a way for them to manifest? Can you do this from a place of personal forgiveness and compassion? When you master that, you start to purify your own heart, the source of your authentic power. When you put action to your inspiration, you give your soul influence in your life. Your soul becomes free to express as it intends. This is soul-level living.

Your own potential has no limits, and to create a flow of its expression brings an ever-unfolding story of genuine satisfaction and gratitude as you honor your purpose here on Earth. To have big dreams and take bold actions creates a most exciting and adventurous life, fulfilling the vision of your soul.

Les Jensen Working in broadcast television with energy emitted from high-power transmitters, Les Jensen grasped the language he would use in his spiritual writings. His book “Citizen King: The New Age of Power” guides readers to live authentically and powerfully to fulfill the vision of their heart and soul. Les created New Human Living, a platform that promotes personal empowerment and Les’ life purpose of being of service to others. Les hosts New Human Living Radio, enjoying insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness.






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Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless service, practiced without expectation and nonattachment to the outcome.

Earth Angels…

It is said that every yogi has a dominant yogic path and a Karmic duty that unfolds as the Universe wishes it to. I discovered both of them two years ago while sitting in Prison Yoga Project Training at Asheville Yoga Center. First, my Karmic duty is to teach, whether it be English or yoga, and second, my dominant yogic path is Karma yoga. Originally, I attended the PYP training to bring yoga to the students at alternative school where I teach English, but as I sat in there listening to James Fox, the founding director, describe his successes with prisoners at San Quentin State Prison in California, my Karmic duty began come to fruition and my yogic path began to unfold. I describe myself as a “flopper.” Imagine a fish out of water, struggling to breathe, and that is how I’ve felt trying to find my purpose; I mindlessly jumped from one degree or certification to the next without any set plan or focus, but what I didn’t realize was that the Universe had a set plan for me that I was unaware of until these last two years. When I left the training, I immediately began working to enter the prisons in South Carolina. Within a month, I had met with the warden at Leath Correctional, a maximum security facility for women in Greenwood, and within a few months, I was teaching my first yoga classes in South Carolina prisons to a group of 25 women inmates. Over the last two years, I have expanded into the other two women’s facilities as well as served as a liaison with the men’s facilities to bring them practice DVDS and mats. Many ask me how I can enter the prisons and teach yoga to some of the most violent offenders in our state. At times, I’ve been verbally attacked for my work and accused of coddling those who much of society sees as unworthy. Yes, some of the inmates have committed atrocious crimes and others are nonviolent offenders, but when I enter the prisons to teach yoga, all are welcome—no exceptions. As I looked at the inmates, I see humans—people who have made mistakes like we all have, and I believe in the inherent goodness of all and in redemption. I see mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, and wives—Someone who is loved by someone else, and if not by someone else, by me. 24



I am two days away from attending the second Prison Yoga Project Training at Asheville Yoga Center, but this time, not only as a trainee. This time, I am an invited guest expected to talk about my journey bringing yoga to South Carolina prisoners and the impact it has had on both the prisoners and on me. While I am excited as well as nervous, for the first time in my life I know that I hold information that can only help others to grow as I’ve grown, and that is enough to encourage me to present.

Entering a prison as a volunteer is something that most people will never have the honor of experiencing. I don’t deny that there were multiple fears when I first began teaching in prisons. Would I be able to look the inmates in the eye? And if so, would I reflect judgment or fear as I did so? Would I be able to leave the compound in peace knowing that I was leaving behind a mother who hadn’t hugged her child in months or a sister or mother who hadn’t had a visitor during their entire incarceration? There were many times that I left the inmates behind and cried on my way home, but I learned how to transmute that powerfully sad energy into grateful energy.

Working with the underserved has taught me what compassion, nonjudgment and unconditional love for another is. What I have discovered these last two years is that we all make mistakes. Some of those choices could have landed us in jail or worse. Other wrongs have hurt others and while not being a wrong punishable by prison time, in the end all wrongs have inflicted pain on others. Each time I enter a prison to teach a yoga class, I know that I am the only visitor that some of these women may ever have, and I want to be a positive influence on them and bring them a tool that can heal themselves and help them to cope with the challenges that they face in hopes of making their lives more manageable. In the end, we are all a reflection of each other; teaching yoga in prisons has helped me to identify my own personal flaws and recognize that I’m no better than the women sitting there serving time. In fact, I am humbled and honored to be their yoga teacher. As Ram Dass says, “We are all just walking each other home.” That is what sisters do…

ANGIE STILL Angie Still is a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance; She has studied with Baron Baptiste completing 100 hours of Level One Power Yoga, in addition to training in trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness by James Fox of the Prison Yoga Project in San Francisco, California. She currently volunteers in the South Carolina prison system, teaching inmates yoga. Other training includes 45 hours in Bhakti yoga with Michael Johnson - Asheville Yoga Center, and Kirtan (the yoga of chant) with Krishna Das - Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas. Angie has 25 years of teaching experience in the South Carolina public school system. http://www.ed.sc.edu/pe/physical_activity_program/faculty/still.asp 26 www.1111mag.com


www.1111mag.com 25

SOCIAL ACTIVISM… COMPASSIONATE ACTION… Why Teach Yoga and Mindfulness in Prison. Most prisoners suffer from Complex Trauma, chronic interpersonal trauma experienced early in life such as abandonment, hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, and witnessing crime – including murder. We call this “original pain.” These experiences, imprinted by the terrifying emotions that accompany them, are held deeply in the mind, and perhaps more importantly, in the body, with the dissociative effects of impulsive/reactive behavior, and tendencies toward drug and alcohol addiction as well as violence. Carrying unresolved trauma into their lives impacts everything they do, often landing them in prison, where they experience even more trauma. Yoga as a mindfulness practice is our tool for reengaging prisoners with their bodies to restore the connection between mind, heart and body. We use a yoga practice to develop the whole person, increase sensitivity toward oneself and empathy for others. By putting the men and women back in touch with their bodies, they begin to care more about themselves and understand the harm they have caused.

How We Train Yoga Teachers The Prison Yoga Project is dedicated to establishing yoga and mindfulness programs in prisons, jails and rehabilitation facilities and bringing yoga to all underserved populations, providing training for instructors and those with a committed yoga practice who are interested in teaching in these institutions. We believe in restorative justice, which is, providing prisoners with tools for selfrehabilitation. We’ve helped thousands of prisoners by instilling a practice of self-awareness and self-control that fosters accountability for one’s actions while addressing the harm caused oneself and others. We’ve learned from 13 years of experience at San Quentin State Prison in California and many other correctional institutions, that yoga and mindfulness can help offenders change trauma-influenced, unconscious behavioral patterns – impulsive/reactive behavior and tendencies to drug and alcohol addiction as well as violence…usually the behavior that landed them in prison. Our methodology focuses on impulse control, mood disorders, despair, violence prevention, addiction and PTSD.

For More on This Mission and Trainings:


I forgive… I forgive myself… I forgive time. I forgive my fear. I forgive my doubt. I forgive my apathy. I forgive my reactions. I forgive my scatteredness. I forgive my worrisome thoughts. I forgive the stories I made up. I forgive my transgressions against myself. I forgive the paths that led me round and round. forgive the chaos that appeared.


I forgive the perceptions I lived by. I forgive the beliefs I bought into. I forgive the patterns I took on. I forgive my unconscious ways. I forgive my shadow nature. I forgive my expectations. I forgive my projections. I forgive my ‘self-inflicted nonsense’… my sins. I forgive thinking there is something to forgive. I forgive my innocence. This is for giving me… and the world… More Me… More Authenticity… More Love.… More Peace… More Joy ! -Simran



“One of my favorite places on Earth… The Quiet Place; and beautiful stewards: Michael & Cecilia Gallery aka ‘Angels on Earth’.” - Simran Singh

Power… WITHIN The Quiet Place There is a wellspring of eternal energy, at the core of your being; and every time you connect with this fountainhead, you tap into: the power of God; the power which flows to you constantly, without measure, and without limitation; the power which is the source of life, revelation, illumination, and…the light. When you live within the power and the light: you are in balance, in harmony with all creation; you are in the reality of who you are; and, you come to know the authentic, eternal, magnificent, and powerful you. When you awaken within the power and the light, you remember who you are; you remember…you are…of God. There is something sacred, held within the light, which imbues you with the ability to accomplish that which you are meant to accomplish. It is your eternal, spiritual DNA, the connecting thread between you and God. There are times when this connection feels secure, when the presence of the light illuminates and permeates all that you do, when every shadow of fear, doubt, concern, and anxiety gives way to confidence, within the knowing, that you are fulfilling the mission, written upon your heart, by the hand of God. At such times you are in concert with the divine plan; your heart, and soul, and spirit beat in rhythm with the sacred symphony. It feels good, because it is good, because you are at peace, because the connecting thread is weaving your portion of the eternal tapestry, and you are in communion with God, united, one. And in this space of serenity and balance, the power of a peaceful presence is yours




The power of a peaceful presence is palpable, and potent, and it will withstand any force. But how does one achieve this state; and, once acquired, how does one maintain this presence? You must make the journey within, to the core of your being, where it begins. It is not something that just happens. It requires action. It requires knowing, what you are doing. It requires remembering, who you are. You are not the reflection of the woman or the man you see in the mirror. You are the reflection of God, in the light at the core of your being. You are first, foremost, and eternally, the light of God. You carry spiritual DNA which marks you forever, as a child of God. The power of God is within you, and whatever your mission calls you to do, you carry the tools necessary to accomplish the goal. But first, you must awaken to your true identity, your higher, authentic self, and recognize the power of God within you. Once you are aware of whom you are, you will know, it is all destined to happen, according to the divine plan. And, when this knowing settles comfortably within you, the way you live your life upon the Earth will change, you will become aware of what you are doing, and you will know why you are doing it. You will be vigilant, preparing for the opportunity which will surely come to you. Don’t be discouraged if you seem to be experiencing spiritual awakening and growth in spurts. You are on your way, you are preparing for the marathon, and it takes time, a personal investment, a regimen, a practice. Just as the marathon runner prepares for the race, you too are preparing to run the course. Every book, magazine, and article you read is preparation. Every course, retreat, and period of renewal is building your spiritual muscle. Every philosophy and dogma you explore is providing valuable insight. All of the things you are doing are preparing you to enter the race, to run the course, to reach the goal. It is all preparing you for that which is to come. Eventually, there comes a time for preparation to end, and commitment to begin. There comes a time to say, “I will do this! Whatever it takes, I will do this. It is mine to do.” Without commitment: signs are fleeting, doors swing shut as quickly as they open, and messages and guidance seem illusive. Once you commit, the path is made www.1111mag.com



clear for you, because the power of God is working through you, and there is no limitation to what God can accomplish through you. The power is there, for you; but first, you must announce your intention, become an active participant, and let God know you are prepared, and ready, to complete the task, to accomplish the mission. First, you must say, “Yes, I will!” Here is a good example of tapping into the power, which is always available to you. Envision a residence, a house, or an apartment. Figure into the equation that the dwelling is connected to a constant power source, energy, whenever you desire it. See yourself in the home, walking around, looking at things, doing whatever you are led to do. Now consider this: when you encounter a dark room, the power source does not force you to turn on a light; when you encounter a mess on the floor, the power source does not force you to utilize an energy outlet to plug in the vacuum cleaner; and, when you find the residence too hot or too cold, the power source does not force you to engage the energy supply to provide heat or air conditioning. To bring light to a room, clean up a mess, or provide a comfortable environment, to do any of these things, you must make a choice to use the energy which is available for your use. The power is waiting for you to choose, but you must make the choice to tap into the source. And to use the power available to you, you must commit to the project, plug into the current, and connect to the source. It is the same within your spiritual sphere. Once the commitment is made, once you connect to the Source, doors open, signs appear, and you begin to move in the flow of the energy of God; you begin to function as the eyes, ears, feet, and hands of God; you begin, at last, to do the work of God, upon Earth. You bring light, provide a healthy environment, and make Earth a comfortable place to live. Things which appeared out-of-reach become reachable. People who appeared unavailable become available. Challenges which appeared impossible become possible. Believe, and know, the power is available. You hold the power within. Whatever you need to accomplish, your goal is reachable, available, and possible, because it is your destiny, because it is yours to do. Believe, and you will come to know peace, it will be your constant companion. Believe, and the energy of God will flow through you, unimpeded, and unmeasured. Believe, and experience the power of God unleashed within you. Once you are within the eternal energy flow, no force can stop the power of a peaceful presence conceived within commitment to the power of God within you.

The Quiet Place… a Place of Peace... We invite you to join us on a spiritual adventure. For a brief time...leave the noise of the day. Step through the portal of tranquility...and listen. In the quiet, you will hear the still, small Voice of Spirit. In the sacred silence...you will hear… The Voices from The Quiet Place. The Quiet Place waits for you. Come, and hear, the whispered words ...of Spirit...

THE QUIET PLACE NC, Inc., is a Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity TheQuietPlaceNC@aol.com - 828.688.2689





Take yourself, often, to a quiet place to sit with Me, and I will touch thee with a gentle hand, and we will speak, and you will understand, the depth of My love for you. Come aside with Me, and sit. Be still, and when you rise-up: you will be in balance; you will be in harmony with all around you; your heart will be at peace, and your spirit will soar! Come sit with Me, My child, it is you, I adore. And The Holy Sprit says: When you are quiet, and when you are still, you feel the presence of God, all around you. This day, find peace in the lap, of God.

MICHAEL & CECILIA GALLERY The Quiet Place is a spiritual retreat, located in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina founded by Michael and Cecilia Gallery. The Quiet Place NC, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, dedicated to restoring the beauty and the unity in the relationship between God and humankind. They have authored numerous books and story CDs including: The Book, God’s Love Song to Man; story CDs, including, The Stones of Lataho, Gifts of Spirit, Your Magical Carpet, and, The Portal of Light, etc…



Beowulf … The resident mystical angel guardian…



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THE WARRIOR’s SONG… Down I went, down into the depths. Further yet I could have gone but knew⎯ knew that they were already sore afraid of my power. Further yet I can go. As I surface from the place that wields my mighty roar I feel and see the helplessness of all those times before, when my knees were cut from under me my head rolled on the floor⎯ This is the memory from that time: Poison snakes writhing across the floor, through which I had walked unscathed. My throne so close the passage made, almost there when through my heart the flying blade cut me down. Even as I lay there, dying then the snakes moved past and over me taking me to the hills beyond where I did wait eons for another life to bear. Down I went, down into the depths and I saw, in further depths below my clan, with me out front our caves behind. Surrounded on all sides there was but retreat⎯ And I, lost in fury, fell as I fought beyond my last breath and died. Until today when I arose, with my terror long since dead. Inside me I felt the heart of one isolated by the fear ⎯of others and today, I did not care. So fear me! Be sore afraid! And die! Follow me! Stand in your fear! Stand with your wounds. And die! Follow me! Stand again! Stand again! Stand Again! 34


We shall not be beat down! Feel your anger⎯let it pass. Feel your fury⎯ let it pass again. These emotions are not yours to last. Stand now and feel as your blood boils, your eyes flash! Feel your power surge and roar! Roar! Stand Now! This time we will not be cut down. Stand Now! Hold Steady! Magnetize. Let the masses swarm to you⎯ and ask with words or open hearts⎯for love. Magnetize. Shine. Stand now. Hold steady. Allow your love to flow. Feel the ferocity of my passion and stand now steady, with me.



When I was a child, I imagined that all the people and animals, plants and buildings, stars and planets … everything that encompassed my view of the world, was contained in a clear plastic globe that sat on the dresser of some giant’s child --- a novelty toy. For amusement, the child would pick up the globe and give it a good shake just to see what would happen, often losing interest before everything inside the globe could settle down. Unbeknownst to the globe’s inhabitants who were trying to make sense of the constant and inexplicable chaos — in fact, their world was at the mercy of the whims of a child. The randomness of this scenario does not seem too far off target as a worldview. People seek meaning —- and kill each other in the pursuit of proving who is right. Humanity has been striving to understand and define energy since the first pulse. Energy existed before words — before all dogma. When energy is explained in religious, spiritual, or scientific terminology, the explanations fall short of what IS. Beyond the words and belief systems, comprehensions, and illusions that keep people connected to their worlds and lives, ALL is available to all. As an energy intuitive, I see in my mind’s eye what I refer to as the “color signature” of the client. Each client seems to have a distinct signature --- yet this term is misleading in that the colors are not stagnant but in constant flux. The colors flow from an infinite field that is full of information. As the colors surface from the emptiness--- they pulse or flash or change shape--- informing my work without words or stories, guiding me to what the client needs in that moment. The more words I use to describe the “signature”, the more diminished the field becomes. So, I attempt to paint the visions because I want to communicate what I see and experience. I want to inspire others to be curious and attempt to sense the pulsing life force is that surrounds them and fills them, that is everywhere. Sometimes I see the field when I tune into my own body, the colors flowing in a spiral pattern from head to toe, infusing me with an overwhelming sense of well-being. In those moments when I “see my colors,” I am reminded that I am part of the nothing and the everything that is shared with all sentient beings, including rocks and trees, people and bees. I am part of the field of all consciousness. I am energy. Energy changes form but does not die. Nothing is ever lost. www.1111mag.com


Heart Fire II 29 “x 29” 35

On the other side Of the veil --- of separation Thin … ethereal There we find All that we have Ever known And never known. Within us, and without Energy is available In space Across time Accessible to all Every moment, Every movement packed With information A dynamic field Known by many names Holy --- spiritual — scientific Mathematic All point to ONE The FIELD exists Has always Will always. How to access this field? How to interpret? Tune in, ask, pray, kneel, study Laugh, cry, sing, shout Play, sleep, dream, dance Fish, ski, leap, run Make love. All energy leads to home. Available through every Manifestation — Pulsing, radiating, informing. In order to believe — Do you need words? Then words you shall have. Do you need prayer? Then prayerful answers you shall receive Do you believe in nothing? Then nothingness will fill you. 36

Emptiness resides within The vast expanse of unknown The No Thing. Energy changes form Does not die. Continually in flux Connects all as ONE. INNER VISION -In Memory of My Father



Artwork is on Donna’s website. Paintings Featured: Inner Vision I,II,III,IV Heart Fire II *El Sol (Sold) *Luna Azul (Sold)

Donna Marie Pritchard is an energy intuitive, author, poet, and artist. Her book, The Man and The Shark: A Modern Day Fable of Awakening and Rebirth is a metaphor for the awakening consciousness of mankind, filled with beautiful photography of animals and aquatic life. Her contemporary abstract artwork is an exuberant expression of her love of dance, movement, color, and energy.





TURMERIC BLISS BALLS UPMA KAUR BEAUTY ALCHEMIST Bliss Balls Prep Time: 20 minutes Yields: 20 one-inch balls

“If I had only a single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would without much hesitation choose the Indian spice turmeric.” ~Dr. David Frawley

Ingredients: 1 cup raw cashews 1.5 cup dried coconut flakes, organic 1/4 cup coconut oil* 1./4 cup honey, preferably local and raw 3 tablespoons turmeric powder 1 tablespoon bee pollen, preferably local 1/4 teaspoon black pepper* In a separate bowl, 2 tablespoons flaked coconut and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, mixed well Place cashews in a food processor, pulsing a few times. Add coconut oil, honey, turmeric, bee pollen, pepper and coconut flakes. Pulse until well combined. Before rolling the balls, massage your hands (front and back and even your nails) with a bit of coconut oil. It will help minimize turmeric coloring and be a nice treat for your likely underappreciated hands. Spoon out approximately 1 tablespoon of mixture and form into a ball. Roll the ball in coconut flake/pepper mixture, coating it evenly.




In alchemy, Gold is often a metaphor for an Elixir of Immortality or the creation of a panacea able to cure any disease. Turmeric, officially Curcuma Longa, is also known as Gauri (The One Whose Face is Light and Shining) and Kanchani (Golden Goddess). This golden root has been used for over 5000 years as a food preservative, blood cleanser, antiinflammatory and metabolic balancer. It was used topically to treat skin infections, cuts, and scrapes. Modern research is now showing that turmeric has extensive healing applications including treatment for acne, urinary tract infections, kidney infections, anemia, liver disease, edema, bronchitis, cancer, colds, headaches, and more. Turmeric is known and highly respected as being the actual physical essence of the Divine Mother. As such, the root is also beneficial for cleansing the chakras and subtle energy channels of the body. It can assist with cultivating a relationship with the divine feminine and creates prosperity. When I eat more concentrated amounts I can feel Turmeric’s essence wash over my cells, like the softest, most soothing balm—a hug from your mother when you most need it. Over the last few weeks as it’s begun to permeate my system and I can feel its golden light emanating and protecting me from the inside out. My skin tone is changing—more vibrant and clear and my digestion is better than I even knew it could be. Turmeric is Alchemical Gold, for sure.

Upma Kaur Beauty Alchemist Esthetician by trade, alchemist at heart, dancer by design, mother of one amazing son.



FREEDOM I am the longing that pulls at you from the inside, but projects as if on the ‘out’. I dance deeply beneath the outer symbols of life that you believe are my name. I am confetti energy rising and pulsating through your being in the moments you stop long enough to say, ‘Is this all there is?’. Your mind is the prison you must escape in order to have refuge with me. Your body is the guardian you must pass to find me. Your heart is the well in which you must drown to know me. I sit inside your cells; I flow through your veins. I have hidden inside your bloodlines and curl up inside hollowed bone. Your senses knows me, but your is shortness of breath is suffocating. The prison is not your world, circumstances or past; it is the thoughts and criticism that you bombard yourself with. The ego is afraid of me… it does not know that it too can be set free. It clings to its own idea of who it believes me to be… unaware that it is the slave… unto to itself. Take a deep breath and find glimpse me within its pause. Inhale and open, then be still. Exhale and release…. and be the stillness. I sit waiting in the nothingness…. where there is everything you have ever wanted. I am in front of you, within reach… I sit inside of you; yet you convince yourself I am leaps and bounds away; in some distant time…. some distant place… You are determined to believe that you must traverse through great valleys and high mountains just to have and to hold me. Dig deep for your courage. I will appear to flutter at a distance until you build the muscle to choose your self. I am wedged in the middle of your throat, as the selfishness you were taught to despise. Here lies the the key to the rooms you have locked yourself in. If you would only partake of your own bitter sweetness. Upon your lips, I place the moist soft touch that screams… ‘Be selfish… it is okay to choose yourself! I will pulse within until you become aware that you bind you. Be free… JUST BE!’ 40



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Rarely has a day passed without our being confronted by the mounting tensions of the outer world, the passing and purging of old feelings and attachments, and the stirring and stretching of our sparkling embodied Divine potential. Each, being used as a measure of new creation…a month of heightened activity and unknown futures has engaged us with our moment-by-moment lives, is driving us deeper and deeper into our Divine hearts, aligning us more closely with our authentic Selves, and deprogramming and reprogramming us toward our natural (rather than normal) patterns of Life. Once again, we are beckoned forth to make further quantum leaps on our personal heroes journey…in cohesive consciousness, stabilized awareness, enhanced intuition and deep Truth telling to ourselves. Through the landscape of the vulnerable and seemingly shadowy conditions, it is a blessing to consciously become aware of the Truth born of a promise made long ago… that we would be returned to Love…we would yearn to seek refuge only in our very own Divinity…and we would decide our placement in the New World.

No one told us how…only that we would. And we are. What a strategy, dear heavenly reality, to use first hand, subtle and boisterous circumstances and experiences of every kind to dismantle our up until now reality and logic, completely rewire, recalculate, reformulate, redefine and recreate the human body, the human mind, the human heart, the human nature, the human Spirit…the human experience.

What a way to test ones commitment to Love. What a way to sculpt the New Human. Not only have we stepped up another octave on the spiral of humanities evolution, we have been enfolded…in more obvious ways… into the greatest pulse of change ever on earth. And, with absolute awareness what we are about to experience throughout the remainder of this year (even within this next 90 days,) and unfolding into early next year shall rival everything that has gone before it. Opportunity for expansion…through the least imaginable ways…will have have our own jaws dropping when we look back on it all. And so it is, without another moment’s hesitation, we must settle… to the core of our being… all outstanding accounts of personal suffering, discord, attachments, dual pillars of truth and polarity. 42



In its stead we are to install and stabilize the framework compatible with our changing state of being, with corresponding stabilized awareness, virtues, values, realities, and creative momentum… while in the center of this vibrant pulsating quickening.

We are to discover the roots of our happiness rather than seek any longer the roots of our suffering. This level of transfiguration of an entire species and planet has never occurred before. Never. Due to the magnitude of the multi faceted, multi-dimensional Source weaving, the interplay of our physical bodies, our Higher Selves, our Oversouls, the participation of teams of Angelic, Cosmic and Advanced Beings, along with the culmination of all our past lives, our soul contracts and our consent… we are morphing into The New Human entering into a Golden Age.

This shall be a Golden Age unlike any other. Though we are not entering into the first Golden Age experienced on earth, we are entering into an unprecedented one as a result of the vast amount of multidimensional engagement and support, along with a pronounced number of awakening souls walking the Earth inspired by awareness of their indwelling Divinity…and committed to expressing it. We are a miracle and a blessing to and for the Love that created us. We are The New Humans seeding a new blueprint for all future generations coming to Earth. The power of our potential individually and together can no longer be minimized, undermined nor destabilized. The Earth has been waiting for the New Human for a very long time.

MAUREEN MOSS Maureen is a four-time award-winning author, international teacher of consciousness, and former CEO of The World Puja Network. Maureen developed and taught the globally acclaimed experiential series, “Shape-Shifting Your Human Experience,” Birthing The Heart and Mind of God,” “Living As God: The Evolutionary Experience,” and “Mastering The God Experience.”

A vibrant revelatory amplification and stabilization of your New Human experience awaits you. I hope you will join me for a revolutionary 9 week Tele-Web Transmission.





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Energize your Dreams She dreams to write on the crest of a wave Free ride upon the tides of a wild ocean rave Breathing, releasing, dive deep down below Story unfolding, move deeper, let go Tales of connection, of spirit, of land Words tumble freely, uncensored by hand Guided by whispers, to the questions she keeps Listens in silence, for the answers she seeks

Karen Davie “At the feminine heart the OCEAN represents our SOUL and the exceptional intuitive power that we each embody. Through silence we sanction room for our inner voice to be heard the voice of soul being the kindest, wisest, most powerful leader of our life. Water = Flow = Grace May you hear the call of your heart and come home to a soul’s vision for your life.” Karen Davie is creator of Oceans of Wellness - sharing ways to uplift, nurture and nourish one’s world and soul. Aromatherapy lover, Business consultant, Candle Maker, Creative Spirit, Intention setter, Event Manager, Oracle Reader, Messenger, Seer, Space Clearer, Soulpreneur, Lover of Life, Mother , Visionary, Writer www.1111mag.com

Cells hold the memories, of lives’ lived before Tongue speaks the language, old lessons explore Soul carries scars, to expand hearts’ embrace Eyes seeking omens, fresh themes to replace Combine own technique, intuition, one love Channel pure energy of wind, seas and sun Gifted with the blessing of a heart golden light Kindred to the eagle, fear-less in flight Drawing in strength, her sound rising clear Voice of her centre, world waiting to hear Words weaving spirit, magic stories to view Womb of her being, opened up to new truth Akin with the knowledge to the value all life Decoder for the people whom walk by her side Breathe in believe, sacred moments of time Message for all, within life’s dancing rhyme She hears the call from the stars up above Communion in song as her soul grows in love Blue ocean sky, endless beauty abound Love and connection, surrender, surround. www.oceansofwellness.com.au 11:11 — OCTOBER 2016— UNTIE THE STRONG



Untie the Strong… Your Rebirth Simply Awaits YOUR Choice to be Something New… Do you know the patterns, habits, and behaviors that do not serve you? Are there relationships, obligations and circumstances that are holding you back? Have you been in your own way?

To be reborn or to resurrect means allowing oneself to come back renewed. It means that one can be new again, whether in the thoughts they think, the behaviors the have, or who they desire to be. It is a shedding of the old and the awakening of the new. In actuality we are born and die many times within life. You are constantly changing and shifting who you were to who we will be. You can move from one who does not have courage to one that does. You can move from one who does not speak up to one who allows your light to shine and uses your voice for the greater good; One who is timid and shy to someone who is bold and dynamic. This simply requires a resurrection of the mind. It requires the death of error thoughts; those thoughts that would keep an individual in the limited thinking of who they thought they were. The only individual that holds you back from your power, voice, purpose, and joy… 46



would be you. To further clarify… it would be your ego. The ego would have you be limited and small. It needs that to survive. If you stepped fully into your presence, the ego would have no place, thus all illusions would fall to dust revealing only what is truth. So which thoughts require rest on this day. This place of silence and presence is the new beginning.. How else are you to see from the eyes of innocence? Use the beauty of stories, history, and religions to lead and guide you into a deeper understanding of your self… the self you believed that was really more illusion than truth. Untie your mind… your body…. your life from these strings of attachment. • Can you see yourself from the Loving Essence? • Can you release judgment for any and all past actions? • Can you express gentleness, love, and compassion for who you have been and are becoming? • Can you open yourself to receiving a life of fullness and flavor instead of remaining stuck in lack, limitation, regret, and victim hood? • Are you willing to turn every “seemingly bad or hurtful’ event in your life into a place of empowerment by relishing from it all of the lessons, abilities, and strengths you gained? • Are you willing to untie yourself from all the burdens that you cast? It is time to embrace all of who you are and celebrate! It is the moment to become conscious that every place of gentleness is as much a gem as a place of anger. Without both, we would not be whole. This is the moment to let the old life die, and be willing to begin again. Now… Begin.

Simran Singh is the award-winning founding publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio.


Infinite Spirit… I am the form you created me to be, I hold a radiant beauty I now let myself see. I Am the vast landscape of your creative capacity, I Am the manifestation of your harmony. I Am that I Am. Guide me to the spaces and places that I may serve. I have a voice that expresses infinite wisdom that stirs. I have a body that emanates your good. I have a mind of infinite potential. I have a life that increases boundless possibility. I see with clarity. I speak with impeccability. I respond with discernment; I listen with presence. I move with compassionate action. I embrace humanity. I hold the focus and vision. I build community. There is only Truth. There is only Love. There is only Light. There can be only Oneness. I Am because you move through me. I serve, empowered with your infinite guidance. All the good I initiate is your will. I Am the vessel; you the sacred elixir within. I am the embodied expression of You. Thank you for this Gift of Life and Aliveness. In Devotion… I Am - Simran 48



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