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Birth Amidst Death… Tony Silvira “Ana’s cancer journey was sad and one of suffering,

but one that proved to be a journey of discovery and hope.

This is what I would like people to realize and understand.” The message I hope people take is that fear is our greatest enemy, and we are life, and life does not know death. Knowing this truth deep in your heart will change the way you face the challenges of life. The message may not be unfamiliar, but the profundity lies within the spiritual experiences and the unexplained events. As I questioned the long journey of Ana’s cancer, I realized her battle to stay alive was a journey of self-discovery. This journey of self-discovery was in part because of trying to make sense of what was happening to us:

Life isn’t fair, why me?

Why would a loving God allow a good person to suffer when others harm and still prosper?

This became a search for truth and the truth needed to make sense. This search for healing took us to places and before people we would not have known or sought. Ana’s fear of dying became her imprisonment; while on the other hand, it became the motivational means to unlocking my spiritual self. Before Ana’s cancer journey, I had little reason to question who or why I was here. Like many, I did not question being born into a pre-existing, operational world that arguably was, and still is, dysfunctional. I blindly accepted the educational model provided for me, and forced to embrace a religion that by all accounts was said to be the best of its kind. I needed to make money to survive and earn a living and had to figure out for myself how to set boundaries and nurture relationships as I matured. Even though I did not truly understand the vast world that surrounded me, or who I truly was, I reached adulthood relatively unscathed. Ana’s fear, courage, and will to live taught me a lot about myself. I learned the principles of compassion, dignity, courage, and integrity. 34


11:11 MAGAZINE - Strength & Perseverance - June 2016  
11:11 MAGAZINE - Strength & Perseverance - June 2016  

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