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BALANCE YOUR LIFE Finding YOUR Space In Between “There is no real work in the world, other than YOUR INNER WORK. All else is distraction of the ego; away from why your soul came.” Through the weekend retreat: Gain Clarity Release Tension in the Body Calm the Monkey Mind Discover Deeper Breathing Seed a New Reality

You will… Engage in the Science of Silence Play in the Energetic Worlds Deepen the Senses & Sensations Awaken Deep Soul Centers Learn how to Be Still and Know

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From the Publisher MY PRESENCE IS ENOUGH… WITHIN EACH MOMENT I BREATHE… WITH EACH STEP I CHOOSE TO PERSEVERE. I DEEPEN INTO THE KNOWING THAT MY EMBRACE OF THIS MOMENT IS AN OPENING TO ONENESS. Here I have lain, sleeping in the meadow. The fresh smell of New Earth is awakening me from an open-eyed slumber. I toss and turn, leaving the earth matted from the weight of burdens I chose to hold… Yet, my spirit flies above me… beckoning me to ‘Let Go’. SIMRAN SINGH SPEAKER - MENTOR EVOLVE ARTIST STORYTELLER 11:11 STEWARD _______________________

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Laughingly it whispers… ‘Sleep my child, as long as you like. I shall be here as you rise. In whatever way, we shall play. You choose if we play in the dark of night, or the Light of day. No matter, I am here… You are safe. Enjoy this journey as life, in all of its landscape. Let yourself run through fields of thought, move with waves of emotion, and dive into the flow of feelings… Embrace all this amazing playground offers… with love… with laughter… with aliveness!’ In the delight of my spirit, I witness as I wander. I open to the vastness of my mind and its ability to ponder. I create, imagine and manifest varied creations and mis-creations. I uncover, I AM the Journey upon this plane. The unending topography of my heart reveals hidden secrets, wells of longing, and the diamond cave of belonging. I inhabit a moving temple with which to dance, grow and build. I am the embodiment of an enormous spirit, non judging, everlasting and forgiving. I play within the storylines of perspective and perseverance. Ultimately, to realize … We birth for one thing, and one thing only… To Love and Be Loved… We awaken via one path, and one path only. To Forgive and Be Forgiven. We ascend with one knowing, and one knowing only… To have Presence is Enough; and, My Presence is Enough. In this way of Living… By this truth of Being… In this life of Knowing… We are One. We are the Ones. We are The One. In Light... Of Light... With Light… As Light In Laughter... Of Laughter... With Laughter… As Laughter In Presence… Of Presence… With Presence… As Presence In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love In Oneness… I Am Simran




SOUND IN LOVE FOR HUMANITY LIFE DECISIONS | Dr. Carol McCall | 6 When we experience upset or confusion, we are in the past or the future, living from the life decision.

RETURN TO LOVE| RIKKA ZIMMERMAN | 16 An experience will challenge us in a way that appears to lead us away from this Self-Love, but can turn out to be the best gifts we can receive.

THE THIRD EYE | MASTER DEL PE | 21 The Third Eye enables you to achieve this state of balance and deeper meaning. To develop the Third Eye, use meditations and esoteric techniques. ILLUMINATION IN INDIA 2017 | 11:11 | 32 Journey to India, 15 Days - 14 Nights September 2017 for a sensory experience.

ENERGY OF LOVE FOR HUMANITY MILLENNIAL| COURTNEY AMUNDSON | 25 We have all the time in the world to discover, to learn, and to bathe in the beauty that already exists. There is nothing to seek—remember that.

OPENING HEARTS | ROBERT JOHNS | 42 Presence with the Isness allows us to experience the difficult.

MEANING OF 11:11 | EDITOR | 52 Energy - Truth - Growth - Wisdom - Unification PARTNER SPOTLIGHT | 1111 | 19 Nicole Myers-Henderson - Medical Intuitive Telepathic - Empathic Therapist - Author

THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE | 11:11 | 15 Come Home… on retreat and fill yourself up.





The genetic

imprinting of our candidates reveals the highest vision and potential for their expression.

BIRTH AMIDST DEATH | TONY SILVIRA | 34 By knowing your true identity, you begin to trust yourself and gain knowledge to take control of your life using the tools of love and accountability.



Sensitivity to all of life with compassion is paramount to our world surviving.

THE BALANCE EXPERIENCE | 11:11 | 2 Awaken to Being… Come into the silence of yourself.

COLOR AS LOVE FOR NEW REALITY OPEN HEART | BEKI | 30 An open heart embraces all that shows up, like a flower in full bloom; it does not require anyone to witness its beauty or its openness.

VOICE AMERICA RADIO | 11:11 | 24 7th Wave Channel & Health Wellness

DREAMVISIONS 7 RADIO | 11:11 | 28 Evolutionary Voices for a Quantum Age.




Self-Limiting Thoughts & Thought Forms

Dr. Carol McCall, PhD., MCC Thoughtforms can be described as energetic patterns existing within our energy forcefield; created by our own thoughts. One of the mindful listening tools is m.s.u., which is the abbreviation for "making stuff up"("stuff" being the polite word). With enough conviction and belief, we create a thoughtform which "makes up" reality a particular way, and this newly created thoughtform then lives conveniently inside our energetic patterns. These thoughtforms allows us to attract all the circumstances we need to validate that what we "made up" is "true". For example, a child may develop a certain sensitivity to certain foods. That child may not be able to eat that same food with the other children. The other children, as children do, ask questions, make comments, sometimes even make fun of the child with the food sensitivity. That child "may" create the thoughtform, "I'm not good enough to eat this food"/not good enough to..." finish the thoughtform. The thoughtform "attracts" circumstances that validate what the child "makes up" as true. The thoughtform begins to gain energy over the next weeks, months, and/or over a lifetime. It is not until the moment of conscious awareness, along with consistent physical behavioral practices, the development of new thoughtforms and the consistency of practicing presence, does the former thoughtform lose its energetic attraction for circumstances that no longer serve the individual! Many of my mentors have stated that "thoughtforms are the spiritual equivalent to computer programs, and sub-routines. We all keep running the same [rogram until the time when the commitment, practice and focus are made to change them.”

There are thoughtforms of depression, which "always" respond to certain triggers with hopelessness and despair; thoughtforms of binging, thoughtforms of rage. A 6


thoughtform only knows how to exist as itself, (it only has one default).Thoughtforms will always deal with life situations the same way. Thoughtforms take us out of the present moment. Thoughtforms consist of the past or future. Thoughtforms are created over time. They are the energetic equivalent of schemas (deeply held beliefs) When there is a very strong activating event, that happens only once, a car accident, or rape or tragic death, because of the strength of the emotion(s), a powerful thoughtform is created. When an experience happens daily, over a number of years, of being dismissed, undermined in small, subtle ways, such as the dynamics that often occur in families, due to the dripping tap of feelings, a large pool of energy is created for the thoughtform to intensify. Now we have the situation of a thoughtform existing "comfortably" (maybe not for us) in our energetic force field, creating the reality of the belief that is at the core of its existence, and feeding off the energy that it co-creates with the rest of the outside world of "thoughtforms". NOW what? Good News! WE are the computer programer. Thoughts and feelings have great power, when used together with commitment, physical practice/application. C O L => communication out loud, speaking, writing, taking physical actions that we would not normally take. Practicing COL effectively and over time – can bring about transformational change. Example, communicating out loud "I am good enough and I accept myself as the gift that I am," will begin the creation process of new computer programing by diminishing the effect of the thoughtform that is creating, "I'm not good enough." Communicating out loud is not sufficient enough as one practice. It is by writing/journaling and practicing behaviors that we would not normally take, that provide greater access to transformation when combined with these other actions. Guess what? Everyone’s got one – "the life decision". And it isn’t about parents doing something “wrong.” Good news - it’s all a big lie, the biggest m.s.u. of all. There is NO life decision in the Present. By practicing presence/focus is how to transcend the life decision. A law of Physics says "no two things can occupy the same space at the same time". In the Present, the life decision is transcended and provides the GIFT. "The life decision" The filter/engine that runs the "human/ego". It is the self- limiting thought that is MADE UP. People operate from the life decision. It is a negative thought form that limits one’s ability to see outside of "the box" that the thought forms. It shapes one's personality. The "life decision" is a reaction to a world filled with the human conditions. It’s what we humans do as little ones to survive, to fit into the world, to make sense of the chaos. It’s the human’s answer to, “What’s wrong with me?” We live out of the "life decision" throughout our lifetime, when we do not transcend the thoughtform by practicing presence/mindful listening.



The Five Life Decisions / Self-Limiting Thoughtforms LIFE DECISION: Not Worthy/ Deserving/ Entitled

LIFE DECISION: Worthless/ Worth More TONE: Apology





Believes it's soiled or defective, "there's something wrong with me."

Devaluing or overvaluing

Strong uncontrollable desire to be included (“Me too")

Has the quality of a fan of a celebrity; "kissing up”

It is important to earn its way

Feels it has a right to something since it earned it.

There is a "taking" quality

Strong work ethic. It is usually a “workaholic"

"Will go down with the ship" from "doing" righteousness.

Admires others with apology for itself




Internal covered over by the external.

Looks to environment for proof of its worth

It looks outside for validation of the internal thought that it is not worthy.

Emphasis is on the façade of looking worthy.


Value. See value in everything.

They value and appreciate all.

GIFT: • Birth right: worthiness; they are advocates for the birthright of others

This is not a war to be fought but a diplomatic negotiation of change, where consistently practicing compassion and sensitivity are the keys to success. Our reality is shaped through the process of creating these thoughtforms, in response to the world around us and our past experiences and beliefs. I hold the thought that thought forms are carried throughout life (as energy never dies, it only changes). With this perspective, our life path becomes one in which we can take charge. All of this information is designed to actually strengthen our ability to practice presence. The more consistently we practice presence, our reality shifts and life becomes more a reflection of our "mature self" (inner being) and we naturally are more authentic and a contribution to the environment with our natural gifts. To transcend the life decision is a choice; to develop an "authentic self" is an accomplishment. The process of this authentication takes decades. No matter how many books one reads, workshops one attends, with whom one studies, without practice, consistent, persistent physical daily action/practice, one does not mature past childhood and adolescent patterns. 8


There is no hierarchy in life decision. All life decisions result in feeling powerless, not loved and not belonging. When we experience upset/confusion... we are then in the past or the future, living from the life decision thoughtform.

LIFE DECISION: Not Good Enough/ Better Than TONE:

Arrogant, righteousness

CHARACTERISTICS: • It's about quality • It does to please, so it can prove it is good enough • It does criticism, condemnation, judgment (CCJ), comparison, consistent competition • Perfectionism; has to "look good” • Driven to do something better than what it did previously. • Always has a better idea or wants the last word. SOURCE OF BEHAVIORAL ORIGIN: • External. • It looks outside itself to determine if what it has said or done is good enough GIFT: • Excellence: excellence and quality are the flip sides of the each other=gift • Good/Excellence is seen in others. They look for the "gold".

To access the "gift" of the "life decision is to PRACTICE PRESENCE. In the present moment the "gift" is present. THERE IS NO "life decision" IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. WHEN YOU'RE NOT PRESENT, THE "life decision" is!

LIFE DECISION: Not Enough/ Too Much TONE:


CHARACTERISTICS: • It's about quantity. It is important to have enough (information, words, toilet paper, trivia) • It makes up it has more self-esteem when it has enough • False modesty • Fear that if it shows up in its fullness, it will be too much for the world (grandiose.) • Competes out of quantity • Compares from a "having more-than" mindset SOURCE OF BEHAVIORAL ORIGIN: • Combined internal and external. • How it sees something inside (as not enough or too much) manifests outwardly GIFT: • Abundance: abundance and generosity equal graciousness. • They become minimalists (as in "no more clutter".)

LIFE DECISION: Not Important/ Most Important/ Omnipotent TONE: Dismissal CHARACTERISTICS: • It takes itself out of the equation. It believes it doesn't matter since "it's not important anyway”. • "Whatever" is its mantra • Details, details, details are essential to the "survival" of this life decision • It leaves out details that it deems unimportant to it, as in "this does not apply to me" SOURCE OF BEHAVIORAL ORIGIN: • Internal: It knows it is omnipotent GIFT: • Sacredness. • The gift allows others to feel sacred and important. They know that everyone is important."it's not important.”



THROUGH THE AGES… • Age 0-5= something happens that we make every effort to make sense of. • Age 6-12 =we collect evidence to support the decision/conclusion we reached. • Age 13-19=as adolescents we “polish” it and perfect the façade. • In the 20’s= we experiment, we "try out" life to support the decision/ conclusion we have reached • In the 30’s= first adulthood, We choose careers, family, location and take inventory • In the 40’s= middlescence, early midlife crisis, passage to the second adulthood • In the 50’s= Prepare for retirement, rebirth of optimism, resignation or reinvention of self; second adulthood • In the 60’s= issues and active risk taking, mature ownership of life decision • In the 70's= wisdom, rekindling and reconciliation, acceptance, "love it or let it go” • In the 80's= uninhibited total personality freedom, the second “breath" • In the 90's= The noble 90's, earned the right to be cherished and respected, recognized elders • In the 100's= the celebratory 100's, take risks and strong advocates for freedom, independence and intelligence. Keen interest in current events. Able to live in the present and usually spiritual

Dr. Carol McCall is the founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication, (IGLC). Since 1988, she's one of the early pioneers in the field of coaching and listening/ communication training. She is the creator of The Listening Course, The Possibility of Woman Course and the Life Development Coach in Communication program. She is the co-creator of a pilot TV series, based on The Possibility of Woman course. Dr. ‘C’ has reached millions of people through her coaching and consulting practices, her book, workshops, speaking engagements and media appearances. She has dedicated her professional and personal life to the development, training and coaching of individuals and organizations in the area of personal/professional growth and communication. “I began this work of transformation over five decades ago. I had the opportunity to study and train with some of the most influential and transformational thought leaders of our time. This information is a compilation of that study and training.”



11:11 MEDIA MAGAZINE - RADIO - VIDEO A Service Project for the Empowerment and Deepened Experience of Humanity I Believe… service is a way of being… …in an economy of exchange and generosity… …our gifts are to be shared… …if you give, give, give… what is required will be given to you. Only YOU can decide the value of 11:11 Magazine…

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The Next President… Tuck Self Utilizing Human Energy Design & The Golden Pathway I am definitely not a politician, nor do I have a politician type personality. My love, specialty and strong suit? Well, that would be Science, Mathematics, Genetics, Astronomy, Physics and Psychology. I’m a lover of Human Energy Design, The Gene Keys and The Golden Pathways bodies of work, all systems based in those areas of study. As I contemplate who I believe would be the most worthy and sound candidate to be ‘the next President of these United States’, it’s these bodies of work I go to in support of my decision. These Systems of Knowledge provide information as to the integrity and quality of consciousness that drive and/or compel these candidates to do what they do. As the Presidential election heats up, and as I navigate my way through the candidate’s debates and campaign strategies, I find myself contemplating the following questions: Who is this candidate and what is his/her personality type? What is his/her quality of consciousness? How will he/she make choices and major decisions about our country? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses? Is he/she born to lead? Is he/she a diplomat and peacemaker? Is he/she designed to manage crises and/or bring change? What drives this candidate’s message, mind, emotion, heart, instinct and/or will? In sharing his/her views and opinions is the communication the lower or higher vibration of this expression? Is this candidate’s inner life and blueprint in harmony with his/her outer life expression? Am I clear in his/her communication what is the greatest service he/she can bring to our country and give to life?



Human Energy Design, The Gene Keys and The Golden Pathway provide these answers about each of our candidates. They also reveal the same answers in how you navigate, live and express in your world. These Systems of Knowledge are your reference point and matrix of information about our candidate’s. We better see and understand their nature, the type of person they are, and their potential to embody his or her role and destiny. The Human Design Chart and Hologenetic Profile provide two different perspectives of genetic imprinting. The visual map of a Human Design Chart can reveal your unique Life Strategy for making choices and decisions, along with the potentiality of your strengths and genius. It also reveals the obstacles of conditioning that get in the way of this expression. Through the illuminating journey of your Hologenetic Profile you will find your way out of and through the shadows of this conditioning, and into the creative explosion of your genius. We live in a society where for the most part we are conditioned by our families and culture to become something other than who we are. We spend a lifetime seeking fulfillment and/or success trying to fit in. At the same time we try to differentiate ourselves from others in order to stand out. This is true for our candidates as well. A quick glance at the genetic imprinting of our candidates reveals the highest vision and potential for their expression. It also reveals the possibility of how the polarity of this imprinting could be expressed and shared. All of our candidates as well as the rest of the world have an equal opportunity to live the highest aspects of our design imprinting. How they and/or we choose to embody and express these aspects is our individual choice and decision.






Voice and Expression

Willful, emotional, Insightful, influential, intellectual and opinionated authoritative and charismatic manifestation and manifestation and expression expression

Leads with inspiring vision and heartcentered willfulness

Mind and Consciousness

Organized, logical and opinionated

Insightful knowing and structuring

Open and inspiring mind


No limits to possible expressions, and mirrors environment

Strong sense of direction and Strong sense of identity identifies self as authoritative, and direction grounded influential, creative in purpose


Potential to channel ‘your’ emotions and articulate ‘your’ ideals with heart, clarity and honesty

Potential to bring influence and unexpected change to others based on life's challenges

Potential to be a natural leader with a powerful vision to communicate and inspire

Decision-Making Authority

Relies on Emotions

Relies on Gut response

Relies on Self and Identity

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the Manifesting Generator Type in Human Design. - Their Life Strategy that expresses as Dynamic and Vibrant in it’s highest potential. - Obstinate when expressing from the lowest (and conditioned) potential. - All actions of the Manifesting Generator Type are to emerge in RESPONSE to life, NEVER from pro-active and initiatory behavior. - As Manifesting Generators, once these candidates respond, their actions emerge as courteous, and Empowered leadership. - When these individuals do not follow the Life Strategy for their Type their actions emerge as annoying and Provocative, creating chaos and resistance. Bernie Sanders is our Projector Type. -

His Life Strategy is all about waiting to be RECONGNIZED. When his Strategy aligned his energy Integrates and harmonizes with others. Opportunities flow through recognition of his potential. When he doesn’t wait for recognition he will try to draw attention to himself. His energy then feels Interfering and co-dependent.

TUCK SELF Tuck is a SELF-Empowerment coach and catalyst for change with a passion for inspiring authentic self-expression. The foundation of her unique coaching style is the Human Energy Design and Gene Key systems which provide powerful truths, insights and strategies for creating your life and embracing who you are. 14


THE MYSTERY EXPERIENCE Play in the field of all Possibility… Exploring and Adventuring through Your Vortex of the Unknown Through the tools of: Human Design The Gene Keys Conversations With the Universe The Art of Letting Go Living - Being - Knowing

You will… A deep voyage of Self-illumination. Honoring the Silence. Deepened Self-Inquiry. Contemplative Conversation. Laughter and Lightness

Lodging - Laughter - Learning MORE INFO HERE:

COME HOME… Spend a few days on retreat… ………Be Guided Through the Mystery.

Simran Singh & Tuck Self

RETURN TO LOVE RIKKA ZIMMERMAN “What do I need to say, be or do with my human self in order to help them feel safe to heal and return home to Love?” When we hear the term “self-love,” we tend to think materially: bubble baths, spa treatments, and other indulgences that we justify with our daily hard work. Self-Love is so much more than that. By giving yourself the gift of Self-Love, you have a constant smile emerging in your heart and an ever-present feeling of peace to accompany every moment, as an eternal river of love flows through you. Self-love means returning to your divine energetic experience of truth where you are LOVE, are LOVED, and everything feels like LOVE in its purest form.

Your life has one mission: to return you to Self-Love. This means that everything you possess, from your experiences to your thoughts and emotions, shares this collective mission. Together, their sole intention is to bring you home to knowing, being, and flowing with the Love that you are. At certain points in our lives, an experience will challenge us in a way that appears to lead us away from this Self-Love. However, these traumatic events can turn out to be the best gifts we can receive. 16


“Hold on Rikka, you’re saying that every trauma I have experienced was a gift? That’s impossible! It was terrible, not a gift!”. With every trauma and struggle we face comes a choice. Essentially, it is the Universe asking, "Will you stand for love? Or will you stand for fear? What is your choice? What would you like to align yourself with now?” The traumas in our lives have the unique ability to bring us closer to the Self-love that exists within each of us because they call upon the inner strength of our divine selves. What if there are actually two different versions of you, a “divine self” and a “human self”, each one capable of having an entirely different experience? And all you would have to do in order to unite your divine experience with your earthly one would be to accept the love your experience offers you every step of the way.

May 11th, 2015, the doctors told two versions of me that we had eight weeks to live. There was the human being Rikka and the divine angel Rikka present when the news was delivered. The two of us reacted differently, developed different stories, and embarked on two different journeys. The “human” version of Rikka was sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs in the hospital, waiting for the doctor to come in and give us the results. She was terrified of this moment and trying so desperately to be strong. She wanted to run, to be anywhere but here. She could only think, “This can’t be happening!” Then, the angel Rikka stepped in, took a deep relaxing breath, and said, “Finally! I have been waiting for this moment and can feel the long-awaiting transformation that is on the horizon. We are returning to love! We are about to embark upon the greatest journey of all!” There was a sense of joy and relief in her angelic heart. Meanwhile, my human self was going, “Ah, excuse me!? Why are you joyful at a time like this?” My divine self answered, “It’s going to be all right. You are safe. I’m here with you. No matter what they tell us, I know that we will make it through this. Let’s take a deep breath together… You’re okay. Everything is going to be all right.” The doctor’s skin was pale green and his lips were twitching as he drew a breath to tell us the news: "You have Stage 4 Melanoma cancer that has spread all over your body. There are tumors in your brain, your lungs, your liver, your adrenals, your colon, and all over your body. The most dangerous are 7 tumors in your brain, one of which is the size of two golf balls. Have you been feeling any symptoms?" At first, my human self, could only deny what it had just been told. I could only think, "Holy sh@t, this can’t be happening. This isn’t happening. This can’t be true.” Then I turned to John and said, “What are you getting from upstairs?” (referring to his divine self). “Am I going to be okay?” John said, “I get that you’re going to be okay. Do you get that?” My divine self agreed. I said, “Yes, that’s what I get too.” And it truly was.



Fast forward to Spring of 2016. The cancer has been gone since November, thanks to the healing that Self-Love, nutrition, Chinese herbs and a clinical trial that taught my immune system how to eliminate the cancer from my body. I am forever transformed.

I wake up each and every day thinking, “Oh my God, I’m alive, and this is the best day ever! I’m here, I’m breathing, my life is perfect!” The journey of returning home to Love was not an easy one. At every step of the way, I walked through fear, anger, helplessness, pain, betrayal, grief, disappointment, and self-pity as my “human self” healed. Now, I have more Love within me than I ever thought possible. I know what it is to be truly grateful for every moment, no matter how simple or seemingly ordinary. I am blessed to be receiving the greatest gift of all: the gift of embodying Love in its most allencompassing form… Self-Love. Here’s a powerful tool that will assist your journey of returning home to Self-Love.

Imagine your divine self as a parent, and your human self as a hurt 2 year-old… “What do I need to say, be or do with my human self in order to help them feel safe to heal and return home to Love?”

Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, and acclaimed international speaker who empowers people to know they are the catalysts for bringing about transformation for themselves and the planet -- while inviting them to remember, embrace and BE.

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NICOLE MYERS-HENDERSON “My heart longs for the day man and beast lie down next to one another without fear of suffering.” I am an extraordinary sensing satellite system. Energy leaves important information for my body to digest. I am a teacher, mentor, and minister of life. I love deeply. I respect all life, mastering my experiences, supporting evolution, and easing suffering happening around the world. I am here to share the Sacredness of life. I am here to assist others in living ON SACRED TIME and educating others on how to master the power within.




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MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE PATH What can the Third Eye do for your life? Why should you develop a Third Eye if you are already successful? What do you really want in life? What gives you meaning and self-fulfillment? Most people want a happy family life with a successful career, but forget about their health and social contribution, or vice versa. Even spiritual seekers often make the linear assumption that they have to give up their material life. Why can’t one integrate all the key areas of life: family, career and work, social life and contribution, health and spirituality? When one can integrate the 5 key areas of life, then one achieves a wonderful life path with total fulfillment. The life path of self-mastery is bigger than a career or



family path and higher than enlightenment and spirituality. It synthesizes the priorities and highest goals from all aspects of life. One who has mastered the life path lives the lifestyle of heaven on earth, and exemplifies a balanced material and spiritual life. The Third Eye enables you to achieve this state of balance and deeper meaning. To develop the Third Eye, one must use meditations and esoteric techniques to develop the Trinity of Divinity: a mature love and wisdom, dynamic mental intelligence and a high grade of will-power. Many religions associate this trinity with God’s qualities of being all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient) and all-loving (omniprovident). When one can develop these synthesized qualities with the help of the Third Eye, then one becomes a highly evolved divine being. The halos above the heads and the circle of light behind the heads of Saints and Masters, as well as the unicorn, are all the symbols of the Third Eye. The Third Eye training helps to awaken the 5 levels of intelligence, namely: instinctive emotional concrete mental abstract mental spiritual intelligence. 22


“When the

5 levels of intelligence are highly functional,

you become a superman with magical powers.”

Anyone who has honed 3 or more levels of intelligence is near unbeatable in any path they choose. Most successful leaders today only have 2 or 3 of these intelligences. To maximize the construction and functionality of the Third Eye, one has to be trained and mentored by a spiritual teacher who is also an esoteric healer, because in the process of awakening the Third Eye, negative karma is accelerated and can bring many purification challenges in one’s life. Esoterically speaking, it is like playing with inner fire and one can get burned without the proper curriculum and monitoring. But, there is no value replacement for having a Third Eye because it makes you a divine alchemist, magician and an enlightened master. It is a true game changer. The Third Eye is a trophy and a tool of self-mastery and achievable enlightenment this life.

MASTER DEL PE A globe-trotting spiritual Master, created the advanced Third Eye Initiation curriculum to develop the new spiritual superman. As author of 8 books, including the bestseller The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed Master Del Pe became the leading world expert in Third Eye Development and esoteric teachings. A modern Sage, martial arts master and world expert in meditation, yoga and healing science, he has synthesized all his expertise into over 200 courses in his 2 institutes: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) and American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA).









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MILLENNIAL SPEAK - Flights of Fancy… There is so much love, so much potential, and you don’t even know it. How funny that seems, to have such an awareness of the human capacity but to not truly know the inner workings within the self . . . the light, the dark, the grays in between. The human journey is a great one, filled with hopes and dreams, slumbers and nightmares, and the joys of love and sorrow. It is a grand adventure, one that takes a courageous warrior to walk without fear, without judgement, without concern. It takes a heartfelt soul to know when the time is right to move on from this experience, and to join the greatness of All That Is, knowing that they are eternal. How beautiful it is, the cycles of Life, for truly Life is eternal, beyond the human life. Life is beyond the perception of humanity, beyond the limits only a conditioned mind can see. Beyond those limitations is a grand field of potentials, of uniting dark and light, yin and yang, for a full picture reminiscent of superpower strength and love energy. How powerful it would be to fully capture that essence in its seed form, before it blooms and grows. To understand the nature of that seed of infinite potential, and to compare it to the ripe human being who, when tuned in and listening, IS that amazing power! Such power does lie within us, and not in the depths of our soul, but indeed within the surface of each molecule in our bodies. And there is an intelligence there that knows us through and through as the divine creatures that we truly are . . . multi-dimensional, limitless, infinite. Why do we not perceive ourselves this way? Why do we not see our truest beauty and light? What is the purpose of understanding our physical limitations?




11:11 TALK RADIO Listen Now: Amundsen1111

There would be no such task unless we yearned for it, unless the limitlessness within us wanted to experience the joys of discovering, once again, who we truly are. The joys never get old, and that’s why we keep coming back to this place, to rediscover again and again that we are beyond whom we see in the mirror—beyond the flesh and blood, beyond the mind. We have to look deeper, ask deeper, intuit deeper . . . and then we see that there was never such a thing as separation from our creator, because we are part of that creative source, through and through. Every molecule sings it, if you listen. Every ounce of your body knows the truth, but are you listening? Trust the limitless, eternal source that is the real you, not what your mind tells you.

There is so much love, so much potential, and you don’t even know it. What lies beyond is a world of new adventures, new seeking, new wisdom. And it’s all yours when you dive into that ocean of stillness—it’s all yours. There is a time and place for understanding human nature and how we can best access its wisdom, how to best balance the light and dark, the positive and negative. Truly, they are just two polar forces that we can break down into what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. But these two polar forces remind us of our true nature, our ability to rise above the mind and into the bird’s-eye view so we can see that all is in order in the grand scheme of Life, for Life is eternal, and there is nothing but time. You have nothing but time. We have all the time in the world to discover, to learn, and to bathe in the beauty that already exists. There is nothing to seek—remember that. There is only time to discover what already exists, and when, you will see there is only light. To see through the human lens is the ability to see both darkness and light as a creative source that contributes to the whole…and that is why you are a light-worker of this age, here to see and be of service to those that don’t see. 26


We are in the perfect place at the perfect time, and we are who we have been looking for! All we must do is see for ourselves, to see the beauty and capacity within ourselves, and from there, all is well, all is done. All that we wish to see transformed into love must be transformed within ourselves, into peace, harmony, compassion, and patience. To learn that is to learn the inner workings of the entire universe. We have all the time in the world to discover, to learn, and to bathe in the beauty that already exists. There is nothing to seek—remember that.

COURTNEY AMUNDSON … began her path as a seeker at a young age, progressing to the point that these teachings began flowing through her, effortlessly and with complete love and joy, starting at age 16. Since then, Courtney has worked singlemindedly on getting these teachings out to the public, not only through her book, Teachings From God, but also sharing insights through publishing articles and speaking.



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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age is heard Monday through Friday, 8 am & 8 pm ET -

Simran Singh

Cynthia Sue Larson

Mary O’Malley 25


GRIEF I am that deep ache in your soul…the cry of the ancients. I’ll bring you to your knees, so you taste the depths of despair. I am the trickle of a tear. I am the rain. I become the flood. I squeeze pain from every part of you. I cleanse what has been. I wait until you are ready; knowing when that time has come. I am heart and gut wrenching, wringing from within you the heaviness that has weighed your spirit down. I lay sleeping. I begin seeping. I start as a simmering wave that rises, but you push me back. At times, I create flash floods; but you build new barriers to not feel me. Don’t you know? I resolve to set you free. I will get down on the ground with you. I will rock you. I will hear your cries and acknowledge your deep moans of anguish. I’ll lay your head down to sleep; yet, will not let you rest until our work together is complete. I will pulse within until you become aware of what binds you. I rest within every cell; blood and bone. I have the power of implosion. I am just under the anger of explosion. Don’t acknowledge me and I will cast away every identity you carry. My deepest cries have no sound; those along the way will be sounds like you have never known. My physical expression is full-bodied, for I want all of you. When I can bear no more, I am a wave that will rise within you; but I will completely stop everything outside of you. My flow is for you; I wash you, your ego, your identity… your soul. I shall go as quickly as I come… but the space between is controlled by you, and you alone. My embrace will feel unconditionally loving, when you finally surrender into me. I am here for the soul’s clearing of illusion and attachment. You call me in when ready for the void; committed to awakening to Your Light. I come because I know your strength; and you know it too.



OPEN HEART… Beki An open heart does not ache. Like an open mind, it is unconditional. It is open to all that shows up, like a flower in full bloom, it does not require anyone to witness its beauty or its openness. It is natural to be open when it is time. When the mind is open, it allows the heart to open. When the mind is open it is empty of concepts that keep it from experiencing the open heart. It does not protect itself from perceived danger because it is beyond thought and the 'other' does not exist in this open space. Only the One is real in the open mind and the open heart. There is no I or you. There is Love and the heart is being, experiencing and expressing the love. An open heart is evidence of an Awakened mind. The open heart feels joyous and free. Aching and pain is when the heart is constricting from its natural state of openness. The heart contracts when the mind closes and identifies with stories about hurt, pain, rejection, abandonment, self-sacrifice, resentment… when it believes the story that something should be different from what is. 42 30


• The open heart gives freely, without expectation or exception. • It gives so that it may feel and be. • The open heart receives without need, riding the wave of its own fulfillment. • The open heart opens to receive the light and air that sustains it
 and gives by its very opening. When you feel the opening of your heart your blossoming is at hand and your Awakening will reveal the Divine You to you. Divine love will render you to the ecstasy of your own open heart, free and alive, passionate and expansive. An open heart has nothing to hold on with so when it steps out on the precipice of Life it fearlessly drops its petals into the earth and spreads its pollen into the wind and becomes fully and utterly surrendered to the whole, to the One. The open heart knows no other and includes All That Is as Itself. It is Love, unknown by most who walk in flesh who cling to the concepts that keep us separate, small and afraid. It is Love that cannot be altered or distorted by the mind. An open heart is Love. It is the love we seek. And, when felt, for even a fleeting moment, we feel the freedom that is our true home, and we walk the earth yearning to return to that home of our open heart.


Artist - Vibrational Healer Vibrational Alignment through the synergistic blending of Flower Essences, Reiki healing, Soul Portraits and Soul Art, all while accessing the Field of Divine Love within the Akashic Record of your very own Soul. Beki is a Visionary, and owner of Utopia - a Charleston SC boutique/gallery - 'where fashion and art are one’.



ILLUMINATION IN INDIA Sept. 1 - 17, 2017

YOU are the Journey… Spiritual Experience … Sensory Aliveness Mumbai

Meander in Spiritual temples.


Walk upon sacred sites. Imbibe the Flavors, Smells, and Colors.


Visit the Pink City.


The Red Fort.


Lights upon the Ganges.


Bask in the majesty of the Taj Mahal.


Explore the Unknown…


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Guided Meditations & Teachings

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9/4 The Gandhi Museum & Historical Taj Hotel 9/5 Fly to Bangalore

Train tickets to various cities designated.

9/6 Shri Ravi Shankar Ashram & Pyramids

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9/7 Fly to Jaipur 9/8 Rajasthan’s Royal Pink City

All entrance fees for designated sites

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9/11 Visit Amritsar’s Golden Temple & visit

*Cost Per Person $3995.00

Pakistan Waga Border for ceremony 9/12 Train to Hardware for Holy City Tour & Ganges Night celebration of floating Lights 9/13 Temples & Ashrams in Rishikesh 9/14 Agra visit to Taj Mahal & Musical Performance

Double Occupancy

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9/15 Explore Delhi & Relax


9/16 Day in Delhi, Night flight to USA


9/17 Arrive USA

and fly as a group to India. Travel scheduling provided.) Meals & Tips $200 Tips for Tour Guides & Drivers per person. India Visa Required (available from

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Birth Amidst Death… Tony Silvira “Ana’s cancer journey was sad and one of suffering,

but one that proved to be a journey of discovery and hope.

This is what I would like people to realize and understand.” The message I hope people take is that fear is our greatest enemy, and we are life, and life does not know death. Knowing this truth deep in your heart will change the way you face the challenges of life. The message may not be unfamiliar, but the profundity lies within the spiritual experiences and the unexplained events. As I questioned the long journey of Ana’s cancer, I realized her battle to stay alive was a journey of self-discovery. This journey of self-discovery was in part because of trying to make sense of what was happening to us:

Life isn’t fair, why me?

Why would a loving God allow a good person to suffer when others harm and still prosper?

This became a search for truth and the truth needed to make sense. This search for healing took us to places and before people we would not have known or sought. Ana’s fear of dying became her imprisonment; while on the other hand, it became the motivational means to unlocking my spiritual self. Before Ana’s cancer journey, I had little reason to question who or why I was here. Like many, I did not question being born into a pre-existing, operational world that arguably was, and still is, dysfunctional. I blindly accepted the educational model provided for me, and forced to embrace a religion that by all accounts was said to be the best of its kind. I needed to make money to survive and earn a living and had to figure out for myself how to set boundaries and nurture relationships as I matured. Even though I did not truly understand the vast world that surrounded me, or who I truly was, I reached adulthood relatively unscathed. Ana’s fear, courage, and will to live taught me a lot about myself. I learned the principles of compassion, dignity, courage, and integrity. 34


To realize your spiritual identity is powerful; you no longer have to go through life wondering. By knowing your true identity, you begin to trust yourself and gain knowledge to take control of your life using the tools of love and accountability. In knowing your true identity, and by being true to yourself, you become aligned with the power of good. Knowing your true identity, and by being true to yourself, you receive a higher wisdom and knowledge of love that allows you to control and overcome fear.

“I had to choose between the fear in my mind, and the courage within my heart; the fear of walking away from my business, and the courage to commit unconditionally to serve Ana during her pain and suffering.”

This was a frightening prospect and I had no idea how we would survive. Throwing caution to the wind, I listened to my conscience and followed my heart. I became a caregiver and was no longer a business man. I was challenged in ways that were equally challenging, if not more challenging, than running a business. I was forced to see beyond the suffering, anger, criticism, and blame that accompany pain and suffering to serve my wife unconditionally. Without continually increasing a connection to my heart, I could not do this.

Knowing your true identity, and by being true to yourself, you surround yourself with peace and security that can only be derived from the courage of the heart. This meant putting my personal daily needs aside to focus on the needs of my wife. Putting this into practice on a daily basis sounds easier than it is, especially over a prolonged period, and under very trying circumstances. What made this easier, was witnessing the heart breaking look of fear in her eyes and knowing she could not deal with the thought of dying. I felt more like a protective parent, caring for a child, than a husband having to put his needs aside. There was no walking away from the



situation, and I knew I would see this through to the end, whatever the end would be. I had no idea that committing to the care of my wife would lead to an awakening of truth and unlocking my spiritual self. Ana’s eleven year cancer journey put me in a school of learning like no other. I learned of the power of good, love, and the power of accountability. We have heard of mind over matter as a useful tool to assist in life. I learned of another more powerful tool that knows no boundaries called soul over matter. Soul over matter uses the inner wisdom within the conscience of the heart. Listening to our conscience, trusting our conscience, and understanding our conscience elevates mind over matter to unite it with the power of soul over matter. Soul over matter is thinking with the heart or conscience and not with the mind or ego. I realized we are not our circumstances, but rather, the source of the lessons within those circumstances. This realization meant I had to accept my circumstances with love and courage, and not deny them through anger or fear. I knew I had freewill and the choice to take control of my circumstances or be controlled by them. I recognized when I allowed myself to be controlled by my circumstances, I was under the control of my ego, by way of fear and anxiety. Surrendering to my circumstance and accepting that “it is what it is,” with the knowledge I am a good person was all I had left. My surrendering to my circumstance and by letting go of the outcome would be an important first step toward humbling me to the higher power of good within. NOTE: Tony’s book shares the ‘Prayer Wheel Technique’ which assists in tapping into flow. Flowing is the art of listening to your inner voice to receive guidance.

TONY SILVIRA Public Speaker and Author of Unlocking My Spiritual Self, written in part, to fulfill Ana’s last request. While in a coma, Ana regained the ability to speak coherently; this coherency was limited to spiritual events. With eyes closed, in a whispered voice, Ana passed on spiritual messages.



Dearest Infinite Spirit… In the hours that I appear awake, I still feel the vast expanse of emotion. In moments there are still strings of longing, and at other times waves of grief. What is this mixed bag of experience? Bring me home to my SELF. I shall cross every ocean to know my place within you; tread every path, and wander every desert. No ocean can hold the tears I am willing to shed to experience the knowing of complete Oneness of you. Squeeze from within me anything that is not truth. Wring from me all that is illusion. Pull out of me any deception I have come to see, know and believe. I call unto the Light to bring me home. Carry me through any valleys of death. Remove all the masks that still exist. Take away all coverings of identity and personality that bind me. And, dance with me, through it all. Hold my hand; guide my steps. Lift me up to float among the stars. Bring me around full spiral, placed upon a different stage of life. Open me to all that is the truth of Love, Light and Illumination. Open my eyes. Clear my head. Wash me clean. I AM. In Devotion - SIMRAN



PEACE…IN THE MIDST OF WAR by Bonita Clemons I found peace . . . in the midst of the Afghanistan war. Unbeknown to my family, in 2009, I traveled to Afghanistan to give a lecture. How ambitious or desperate was I to put my life in harm’s way by sneaking to a war zone? Was sharing my love for healthy living that passionate . . . or stupid? My trip went by way Dubai. A few days later, I boarded the plane to Afghanistan. As my plane was landing I said to myself, “You have done many foolish things but this is the craziest shit you have ever done!” When I stepped off the plane it was so HOT, I said to myself “I am in hell”. I prayed for safety; my family didn’t know where I actually was, as I only told them I was heading to Dubai. If I got killed, who would tell them? More importantly, how would they ever know how and why I ended up in a dangerous war zone, literally on the opposite side of the world? I planned to stay in Afghanistan for ten days: I left after four! On the first, I got so sick I thought I was going die. My host said: “you are not dying, everyone gets sick the first time they come here; when you return home you will be back to normal.” During my lecture, I realized that I didn’t feel any pain/ache. Did I really have the “Afghan bug”? As soon as I returned to my room, the severe stomach pains returned. I promised God I would never come to “this hell hole again!”



Months later, I was dreaming about Afghanistan, when a recruiter called to offer me a job . . . in Afghanistan. There was a calmness in my realization that this was something I had to do, for deep down, I knew I had to go. The only daunting feeling I had was how I would tell my family. Soon that, too, was water under the bridge. On my very first day of work, I heard sirens that signaled incoming rockets with bombs! I was terrified and didn’t know which way to run. I prayed: “Oh God what have I gotten myself into? Why did you send me here? I don’t belong here! I am a woman of Peace, not War. Why me, why me, Oh dear God almighty!” My second base was overrun with cobra snakes. Now I was facing one of my biggest fears . . . snakes. What if I stepped on one going to the shower? One night I saw a long-tailed creature over my bed. My screams disrupted the base and scared it away, for it could not be found anywhere. I got on my knees and prayed for Peace and divine protection. Through divine intervention, I was shipped to my third base, one with a bathroom on location, so I did not have to traverse dangerous terrain in pitch darkness just to pee. Only two-three of several hundred bases had few sleeping quarters with bathrooms in the same buildings. During this time, more Afghan women were allowed to work on base. I hired one as seamstress. We became friends. My heart hurt when she visited, and her eyes were examined as a security measure. It felt odd to see her being checked like a stranger in her own country! Afghans always asked: “Are you married?” Since the men are allowed up to four wives, I would respond, “no but I have four boyfriends.” They did not find this amusing, but the women did. Our eyes would lock and we would laugh like old girlfriends. In their laughter, I could see and hear their joy . . . and pain. I could only leave the base to go on R/R (rest and relaxation), which was every 90 days, or to travel to another base. I traveled in secured vehicles guarded with shooters. In a strange way, this made me feel important. On one of my return trips from R/R, I heard the radio warn about a potential bomber. My heart sank and I freaked out. I didn’t want anyone to die. I didn’t want to die. All I



wanted to do was go home. However, I persevered, through a bomber blowing up a vehicle I was almost on! As a Morale, Welfare and Recreations specialist, I learned much about myself and the different types of fears we create. Traveling to a war-zone deepened my understanding about the power of meditation and prayer. Turns out… I traveled to a war-zone for my own “Peace of Mind.” Out of chaos, I found peace. Out of fear came courage. Out of hopelessness, arose inspiration and the will to go on, in peace!

BONITA CLEMONS Dianne’s Call is a grassroots organization whose mission is to optimize community health through education and access to healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods. We empower the community with knowledge, hands-on practical applications and natural lifestyle modifications that will ensure a whole health experience to create a world of wellness. This is accomplished through classes, seminars, retreats, art, music, culture and community gatherings. The Executive Director of Dianne’s Call, Bonita Clemons, is a Health Scientist and Certified Health Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Dianne’s Call was born when Ms. Clemons realized her desire to educate the community at large about holistic health after losing her mother at the age of 42.

I found peace . . . 40







H.I.P.P.I.E. Brother Our Heart centers are being opened wider. We each are questing for divine right relationships in our Lives. Many are placing themselves out there to available fully aware they may get hurt and are willing to take the opportunity. This all a part of the Divine Plan of God. The natural progression and evolution of our Divine Selves as we align in right relationship. Allow yourself to truly Love yourself and allow yourself to Love another Being. The Sacred Union of two souls aligned in Love, Light, Peace, and Harmony. That relationship is awaiting each of us.     May we open our Hearts to this privilege. May we go forth with Truth and Wisdom. Come forth in Truth and in Peace with who you are. Sense the wonder and Presence of this twin to you. There is a subtle energy that you will feel as you draw nearer and nearer this Right Relationship.   We have separated from this Soul for many, many lifetimes. We have had karmic ties to many who have shared this journey with us and as we settle these debts we open the doorway to a Right Relationship.  The Reunion into Oneness is drawing us closer and closer into to alignment. Birthing from within you, from deep inside of your Heart a perfectly faceted and balanced merkaba crystal emanating Light and Love to all of your World. The choice is yours what do you do with this Light and Love flowing Abundantly through you and being refracted into all the colors of the rainbow.   There are abundant rays of energy for you to utilize for the Highest and Best for your community. We can direct this energy to assist all others upon Mother Earth.



Red rays emanating from you that restore you passion for all living things, to reclaim your freedom and accepting your Divine Presence. Orange rays to enhance the creative forces within you assisting you in overcoming procrastination and self-doubt. Yellow rays to restore focus and clarity in the choices you make and empower your Free Will. Green rays that allow you to heal and to be healed. Balance the yin and yang Within. Harmonizes your body/Spirit Unity releasing the Past allowing you to be Present. There are blue rays to regulate stress. Allowing you to speak freely your Truth in communication and Prayer. There are Indigo rays to balance your intuition, inspiration and imagination. This ray allows you to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness of all. There are Violet rays to restore the Unity between the physical world and the realms of Spirit. These rays transforms and releases the self and assists in you embracing you as a World Server.     We are the Chosen Ones let us Birth and Embrace the Wonders, the Power, the Wisdom, the Love, the Freedom, and the Peace that is A Divine Right for each of us. God has blessed us with such amazing gifts for each to share.   May we affirm to the Heart of all Hearts we are ready, willing, and open to the possibility. May we each seek with our intuition and not our little selves. The World, this reality is raising the vibration into another Dimension. A Dimension, a reality of Peace, Love, and Harmony. May we Embrace these Divine Powers Within ourselves and be open to the Wonders that are being shown to you. May Peace be Within you. May we share that Peace with all. May WE release who we think we are and Embrace who we Truly are. NAMASTE, WE ARE ONE…

I AM your H.I.P.P.I.E. Brother - Robert Johns Connect with Robert Johns on Facebook:



I intend to deepen inner strength & perseverance by activating… 1. mindful listening

2. deep relaxation. 3. grounding practices. 4. full breathing. 5. regular stretches. 6. conscious acts of kindness. 7. bold communication. 8. forgiveness of self and others. 9. discernment of healthy relationships. 10. truthful interactions with self and others . 11. a commitment to living fearlessly. 44


I AM - Intention Action & Mapping Conscious Creation in the Pockets of Your Time Daily Mindset Meditation Weekly Meditation Weekly Lesson & Inquiry Weekly Support Video Weekly Vision & Creation Action Mapping Weekly Bridge of the Soul Monthly Intention


HOW’S YOUR FOCUS & MANIFESTATION? SIMPLE - EASY - MANAGEABLE - BITE SIZE LIVE FREE - LIVE FEARLESSLY - LIVE CONFIDENTLY “I’ll take you where you’ve not gone… Watch what happens!” Life Mentor


Soul Catalyst



Politics … Law… Religion… Consciousness Clinton… Sanders… Trump… The Pope… The Dalai Lama… Saints… Terrorists… Activists… Celebrities… Common Folk… The Homeless… Oprah… Caitlyn Jenner… Angelina Jolie… Prince… Beyonce’… Katie Perry… Children… Elderly… Men… Women… You… I… God When looking at the world, it is easy to categorize everything and everyone. The mind has been taught to do so. People are bred from birth by those that came before them. It is no one’s fault, just what has been passed down from generation to generation. We each have filters and perceptions that came from our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. And, this extends beyond blood relatives to our forefathers, teachers, preachers and leaders. We are a world built on categorizing. Societies are constructed by issuing votes, casting ballots, giving awards, and branding with power. Within the essence of oneness, unending hierarchy, which is division, is created in society. This is civilized duality. None of it is right, nor is it wrong. It is not good; it is not bad. It just is. And, we believe we are in control… But what if we are not? Perhaps, that is the game of illusion.



If we truly believed… trusted… had faith… and knew there was a greater plan at work, our world and its systems would not be fraught with division, through the tools of:

criticism - labelling - branding condemnation - conditioning - homogenizing judgment - celebrity - shaming These methods are the smoke screen, the very veil that we hide behind to dupe ourselves into believing we are in control. And their mere existence, keeps people distracted from the truth… their truth… THE TRUTH. How prevalent are those bulleted words in your life? What if you expanded beyond these types of energies, or ways of being? Have you bought into these ‘tools’ to gain a sense of power in your life? All one needs to do is experience today’s versions of politics… law… or religion and see evidence of these tools of separation to give people a sense of power or to disempower. Could only one outcome exist, regardless of means to manipulate or control? What if one choice versus another changes nothing? There is a great unfolding to everything that is happening in this moment. In the instance of politics, I propose this scenario: PRESIDENT OBAMA This President attained office through a grass roots effort with ideas and oratory that caused people to believe in a new way of government, so much so, he was elected. Obama is also now criticized for many of the choices he made, and for not having stuck to his original campaign promises orated. CLINTON - SANDERS - TRUMP

Each of these candidates have a platform, promises, and uses the tools above to play the election game. What if they are no different in what took place with Obama? What if it does not make a difference who ends up in office because the person that wins will unknowingly fulfill a greater plan… perhaps as Obama did. What if the reason that Obama made the decision he made had nothing to do with who he was before or after being elected but what naturally had to occur? Although this may be a stretch for



many to grasp; and likely, we get an onslaught of condemnation, criticism and judgment, I ask you to consider that there might not be a choice here. What if whomever ends up in office morphs into what this moment in time is requiring for a greater purpose to unfold. What if that is happening with every choice… every person… every thing in your life? Then, why bother being control freaks? Is everyone playing the role needed for the greater end to arise? Is it all consciousness, the good - the bad - the beautiful - the ugly? Is it all self-organizing? I do believe we are a self-organizing system. I also believe that we are cocreatorrs of a reality that has already happened, so the result is already manifest in this bubble of reality. Regardless of what we do to change it, this bubble will remain the same. And… it is all for you to become more empowered. Every experience upon this earth is for each one of us to step out of criticism - labelling - branding - condemnation - conditioning homogenizing judgment - celebrity - shaming - blaming and into the flow of celebration - unity - uniqueness - complimenting neutrality - non-judgment - love - compassion - oneness. Is this an impossible dream? No. It only requires committing, on a daily basis, to live by a code of authenticity and integrity to Self. It is the awareness that we are asleep and awake. The awakening is, we have much to do within ourselves. It is no one else’s fault, responsibility or job. The slumber is, even the most conscious and unconscious actions - people - experiences play a magnificent role in the organic unfolding process.

Simran Singh is the award-winning founding publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio. Her award-winning books are available at bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Programs, CD’s, Books, Courses Art, Retreats & Travel listed at

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GIVE BACK HERE: Please share 11:11 Magazine with Every One! I Believe… service is a way of being… …in an economy of exchange and generosity… …our gifts are to be shared… …if you give, give, give… what is required will be given to you. Only YOU can decide the value of 11:11 Magazine…

My Heart is Devoted to the Journey of the Soul…

Today I forgive myself… I forgive myself for being human. I forgive myself for when I feel too much. I forgive myself for when I don’t feel enough. I forgive myself for going numb. I forgive myself for where I am apathetic. I forgive myself in the places I am disconnected. I forgive myself for where I am too attached. I forgive the thoughts that cross my mind. I forgive myself for the secrets that I kept. I forgive myself for the lies believed. I forgive myself for my patterns and behaviors. I forgive myself for conforming. I forgive myself for thinking I have wasted time. I forgive the duality and separation I believe exists. I forgive how I allow stories to persist. I forgive myself for being afraid to feel. I forgive my body for when it does not work. I forgive myself for judging how I look. I forgive that I believe there is something to forgive. This is for giving me… and the world… More Love… more Joy… More Authenticity & More ME. -Simran



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11:11 MAGAZINE - Strength & Perseverance - June 2016  

Build Strength and Engage Perseverance in the walk of Living - Being - Knowing your soul's experience. Life requires whole-hearted commitme...

11:11 MAGAZINE - Strength & Perseverance - June 2016  

Build Strength and Engage Perseverance in the walk of Living - Being - Knowing your soul's experience. Life requires whole-hearted commitme...