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YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE Discover the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate


Life offers a series of ebbs and flows, stops and starts… beginnings and endings. 2014 marked a pause; perhaps, even a stop. I was not sure what was happening for 11:11 Magazine or Talk Radio. I was slowing; pausing in all areas of my life. I moved into reclusiveness. Publisher - Simran One LLC P O Box 13795 Charleston SC 29422 SIMRAN SINGH SPEAKER - MENTOR EVOLVE ARTIST STORYTELLER

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The period in the cave held the Darkness required to know sleep; the womb space necessary to nurture new growth. I was in the Void, where I became more and more nothing; deepening into nobody. I let all of me go. I knew I had to die, in order to Live. I am now re-emerging. Life feels like a complete unknown. I am not who I was. I feel the LEAP of this YEAR… the transformative catapulting of life into a New Dawn. The prior me… the previous experience… the old identities… the known perspectives… have all dissolved. ashes to ashes; dust to dust. In place is the awareness of pure, beautiful, open, emptiness in space. It is not the emptiness of lack, but the spaciousness to do, be or have anything… and everything in a way unlike ever before. I am an awakening landscape of availability, receptivity and possibility. This emptiness asks for a full rebirth. It beckons, ‘There is nothing to lose, only to loose.’ In shedding the icy skin of winter, transformation calls me to be the bridge between Darkness and the Light. This unity is of my humanity and Divine Spirit in Oneness. 11:11 is a gateway for that bridging of consciousness. The “1’s” are symbolic of alignment of Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual aspects. We are the 1’s… and We are the ONE. NOW is the only time. The cave gave opportunity to for intimacy with the Darkness. I heard what its voice. I discovered all it held. I understood it, and felt how cold it could be. I faced it with open arms. The dark also desires to be seen, heard, acknowledged and Loved. It longs for the Light, but feels separate, unworthy and unwanted. The darkness feels the world’s animosity. In actuality, it means no harm. It seeks attention. It yearns to be attended to. The essence of Darkness is a broken heart; a wounded and lost child. The renewed 11:11 Magazine is intended to create a sensory, intimate and integrative experience. Its pages build bridges between the mind, body and Soul… uniting humanity and Divinity. Let your heart be broken… Let humanness be felt… Allow your soul’s deepest callings… and Be divine. In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love In Oneness… I Am Simran




SOUND IN LOVE FOR HUMANITY HEART SONG | BARRY GOLDSTEIN | 23 Barry Goldstein expresses that all music has the potential to enhance, heal and awaken the body, mind and spirit.

INFINITY I|AGNI YOGA ORGANIZATION| 42 The evolution of the planetary consciousness is a pressing necessity and that, through individual striving, it is an attainable aspiration for mankind.

EMOTION GUIDE ME | BETH PAROJCIC | 20 Feeling emotion and honoring it is a crucial step in announcing to the Universe that you are listening to the communication.

MILLENNIAL| CHLOE GUILLOSSON | 17 Our youth see, hear and feel events in the world. What do they have to say about the world we have created for them?

ENERGY OF LOVE FOR HUMANITY CONSCIOUSNESS BEING | ALEYA DAO | 10 You live in a world of multiple dimensions. The physical world is one of many. Sip upon cusp of consciousness.

ISNESS | ANDREA MATHEWS | 13 Presence with the Isness allows us to experience the mysterious divine essence of everything—even those experiences that are difficult.

BEGINNING WITHIN | DANITA | 30 True transformation begins within by connecting to inner-guidance. It is all inside of you.

PICTURE IT | CHRISTI KOELKER | 38 Signs and shapes are present since archaeological times as messages and influences to guide and support.




LIGHT WITH LOVE FOR DIVINITY SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION| STEPHAN A. SCHWARTZ |7 The transformational power of beingness begins with an individual’s choices. There are eight laws inherent in social transformation.

COURAGEOUS HEARTS | JEAN ADRIENNE | 26 The highest choice one can make is to surrender to the Universe to provide; open the door to allow greatness to present itself.


MERCY | NICOLE MYERS-HENDERSON | 33 Sensitivity to all of life with compassion is paramount to our world surviving.

COLOR AS LOVE FOR NEW REALITY SMILE A MILE | RANJIT BAJAJ | 32 What you wish for is truly what you get, but may not appear as what you thought you asked for.

ONE LOVE BRINGS PEACE | WAVE1111 | 36 Where is your energy focused? Will you unite with creative impulse and capacity?

SOUL FAMILY | SIMRAN SINGH | 40 The creative faculty is a place of soul, and song… Light - Sound - Color - Energy - Love - Unity.



It is my soulful intention to activate Beingness through... 1. Loving & Being 2. Strength & Vulnerability 3. Beauty & Expression 4. Compassion & Kindness 5. Creativity & Freedom 6. Empathy & Passion 7. Imagination & Mystery 8. Reverence & Devotion 9. Courage & Inspired Action 10. Wisdom & Mastery 11. Faith & Trust




No one else in modern history has understood and articulated the approach of beingness better than Mahatma Gandhi. Just before he was assassinated, a reporter had the opportunity to interview Gandhi and asked this question: How did you force the British to leave India? 
 Gandhi answered the question in this way. It perfectly articulates the power of beingness. 
 “It was not what we did that mattered,” he told the reporter,“although that mattered. “It was not what we said that mattered,” Gandhi added, “although that mattered.

“It was the nature of our character that caused the British to choose to leave India.” 
 Britain dominated the subcontinent for more than a century. Gandhi had no army, no money, no official position, none of the trappings that normally confer authority and power. Yet, he had made the most powerful nation of his day leave its most valuable colonial possession, without war. 

Positive life-affirming beingness is core to a social transformation strategy based on nonviolence. But I want to be clear that an intensity of beingness need not be positive and life affirming. There is a shadow side to this. 
 Albert Speer, Hitler’s favorite architect and later his minister of armaments and munitions, was considered a genius of organization, even by his enemies. The only member of Hitler’s inner circle to plead guilty at the Nuremberg Trials, he was imprisoned until 1966 in Spandau Prison. Interviewed after his release he said, “I ask myself time and again how much of it was a kind of auto-suggestion. One thing is certain: everyone who worked closely with Hitler . . . was exceptionally dependent on him. However powerful they were in their own domain, close to him they became small and timid.” Speer is reported to have told Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht, “I try so hard, but every time I stand before the Führer, my heart drops into the seat of my pants.”



LAW 1 The individuals, individually, and the group, collectively, must share a common intention. LAW 2 The individuals and the group may have goals, but may not have cherished outcomes. LAW 3 The individuals in the group must accept that their goal may not be reached in their lifetimes, and be O.K. with that. LAW 4 The individuals in the group must accept that they may not get either credit or acknowledgment for what they have done, and be authentically O.K. about this. LAW 5 Each person in the group regardless of gender, religion, race or culture must enjoy fundamental equality even as various roles in the hierarchy of the effort are respected. LAW 6 Th individuals of the group must foreswear violence in word, act… or thought. LAW 7 The individuals in the group must make their private selves consistent with their public postures. LAW 8 The individuals in the group, and the group collectively, must always act from “beingness” of integrity. 8

Historians have debated for centuries what forces produce what they call “The Great Man,” leaders like Napoleon who arise from the mass, and with astonishing rapidity achieve positions of unchallenged power. How does a misfit like Hitler become the leader at a time of high civilization? 
 I think the answer is beingness. Carl Jung said to appreciate how Hitler came to power, it is necessary to realize that “Hitler did not lead the German people, Hitler was the German people”the personification of a popular critical consensus. 
 The transformational power of beingness begins with an individual’s choices. But when that individual beingness is a peculiarly sensitive resonator, social change occurs whether for good or ill. Gandhi represents the life-affirming polarity that resulted in a people gaining their independence without war. Hitler personified and gave voice to the dark pool of anger and humiliation felt by that portion of the human race self-defined as German. 
 Hitler and Gandhi are extreme examples of the power of individual beingness, and what happens when intensely held individual beingness resonates with a collective gestalt. I am using them precisely because they are so extreme and because they illustrate very clearly that beingness is powerful--whether positive or negative. 
 Anthropologist Margaret Mead so famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

THE PLEDGE I pledge that at every decision point throughout my day, from this day forward, I will ask myself before making the decision, Of the options available to me which is the most compassionate and life-affirming one as I understand it in this moment? I pledge I

will choose that one.


Ultimately it gets down to individual choice. Everything starts with one person holding an intention and making decisions expressing that intention. As their beingness changes even the most unlikely people can become enormously powerful. This process constitutes one of the least understood social forces in our world. 

Consider these socially progressive evolutions in American society: 
 Public Education 
 Penal Reform 
 Women’s Suffrage 
 Civil Rights 
 Nuclear Freeze 
 Environmental Protection

“Change can be forced through power and coercion, but is rarely lasting. Transformation, in contrast, comes from within, by choice, and is long enduring.”

 The obvious thing they have in common is that they were all by design nonviolent; movements created mostly by people who did not command power as it is usually understood. Dig deeper and underneath the obvious, and independent of political considerations, there beats a deeper drum, one that is rarely recognized. The most fundamental thing all these changes had in common was that they occurred as the result of a transformation of self in common intention with others. Beingness. 
 The strategy of violence values immediacy and cares little for collateral damage. It is also vulnerable to violent change itself.

The beingness strategy works at a deeper level; more slowly, because it changes people’s hearts. As the intention is expressed throughout the day in unnumbered small mundane individual choices, it produces a change in the worldview of the culture and with the minimum amount of violence and hurt.

Stephan A. Schwartz is a distinguished consulting faculty member at Saybrook University, a research associate of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, editor of the daily web publication, and columnist for the peerreviewed research journal Explore. The author of 4 books and more than 100 technical papers, he has also written articles for Smithsonian, OMNI, American History, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. He lives in Langley, Washington.

The 8 Laws of Change by Stephan A. Schwartz © 2015 Park Street Press. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.




“You are perfect. A light flows inside you that is your essence. Your inner light is beautiful, and whole. Your primary job is to love the light inside you and model it in the world.” As you awaken, you will become more sensitive. This sensitivity will become your greatest strength and your greatest challenge. You will need tools to protect this new level of awareness. You will also need discernment, empowerment, and courage. As you become more sensitive you may feel other people’s feelings, hear angelic beings and guides, hear or know the thoughts of others, see beings of light and dark, and maybe even see the future of your life and of others’. These experiences maybe both comforting and frightening. You might also experience a conflicting sense of connection and deep loneliness. Old relationships could fall away. You could even find yourself living in a new place, driving a new car, wearing new clothes, and maybe even taking a new name. When you use every challenge as a lesson to propel you into a conscious state of divine connection. Your body evolves and cultivates greater self-love, inner peace, self-control, and health. When you take the conscious, slow, gentle path you will save time, money, relationships, and your general sanity. You never go backward in your evolution. As you awaken, no matter what changes come, hold the stance that every change is moving you toward greater happiness, service, connection, and love.    Think of every challenge as the next rung on your spiritual ladder. You will become more conscious every time you flip your challenge into a lesson. Over time, your challenges will decrease, and you will be propelled into greater empowerment. Your internal reality creates your outer world. What you focus on is what you create. Every challenge is an opportunity for you to grow, learn, evolve, and embody a higher, more connected, and empowered level of consciousness.  10


You live in a world of multiple dimensions. You are a multidimensional being expressing yourself in multiple dimensions. The physical realm is only one of many. The physical world is only one part of your reality. Reach beyond the limited physical experience. Tap into and use the energetic aspect of yourself. The physical dimension is just one floor of a multistory building. Each floor or dimension holds different energies and levels of consciousness. Your human body is from Earth. It is a nature spirit that has its own unique consciousness and is in a process of spiritual evolution, as are you. It is the vehicle you ride in. You are not your body. When you are in harmony with your body, your ride will be far less bumpy. The physical dimension contains solid objects, a linear time line, finite resources, and limited space. It is a finite experience. The nonphysical dimensions are more etheric realities. Time is not linear, space is infinite, and resources are endless.

THE SEVEN CUPS - SIMPLE STATEMENTS OF TRUTH: First Cup: You Live in a Multidimensional Reality Second Cup: You Are Never Alone Third Cup: You Can Change Your Inner World Fourth Cup: Your Challenges Can Help You Grow Fifth Cup: Your Body Is a Nature Spirit Sixth Cup: You Soul Has Wisdom and Inner Gifts Seventh Cup: You Are Perfect. In every breath, you use the tools you have cultivated for yourself. You model a powerful field of coherence to others. And last but not least, you experience deep self-love and awe when you connect with your essence. As your life transforms, be grateful for your inner work as it reflects into the outer world. The energetic aspects of you, your body, and your Team are vital resources. Your energy will become more robust the more you use these dimensional resources. Imagine using these concepts for a year. Your inner life will shift and will reflect the flow, abundance, and connection you have cultivated internally. Be patient. It may take a few weeks, months, or even years for the changes to appear in your outer world. Though the concepts appear elegant in their simplicity, at the core they are complex. Be patient. You should not realistically expect dramatic changes overnight. However, it could happen. Practice the concepts, and the changes will come.  If you are religiously inclined, you might consider these protocols to be prayers. If you are psychologically oriented, you may consider them a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. Regardless of how you label them, these protocols have proven to be very powerful at shifting deep, core issues. They are not meant to take the place of therapy, however; rather, they are a distilled form of spiritual practice.

When you use every challenge as a lesson to propel you into a conscious state of divine connection. Your body evolves and cultivates greater self-love, inner peace, self-control, and health.



“When two or more are gathered in the name of the nameless one (the divine, Oneness, God), manifestation becomes evident.” When you, your body, and your Team all align to a particular intention, manifestation occurs. You are perfect. A light flows inside you that is your essence. Your inner light is beautiful, and whole. Your primary job is to love the light inside you and model it in the world. You have spent lifetimes creating and refining very particular qualities inside you, such as peace, empowerment, clarity, or love. These qualities are your Soul’s wisdom, inner gifts, and mastery. When you use your wisdom and inner gifts, your life becomes abundant and supported. You are never alone. You have angelic guides and a Team, which exist in other dimensions. They are here to help and protect you. Your angelic Team members surround your Higher Self and can be a great source of support and protection. Your Team has been with you since the time of your birth; as a child you may have thought of them as your imaginary friends. Your Team members are always with you; your guides come and go, depending on your needs. Using your angelic resources can assist you in enormous ways.

Aleya Dao Aleya Dao is a sound healer, musician, energetic practitioner, and acupuncturist who holds a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. She works and lives in California, offering teaching and sound healing sessions. Author of Seven Cups of Consciousness, Aleya is also creator of Light Body Sound Healing CD and the albums Awaken, Oming With Whales, Sound Medicine and In Stillness Her popular, daily guided Cups of Consciousness meditations and Tall Cups Energetic Sessions are enjoyed by subscribers from all over the world. Article Excerpt from

Seven Cups of Consciousness





Positive? Negative? Or, Isness… Over the last 20-25 years since the Law of Attraction came into vogue, spiritual teachers have been teaching that the mind can and should be divided into positives and negatives. With this division we have begun to bargain with the Universe thusly: IF I can think and feel only positive thoughts and feelings, THEN I will attract only positive people, places, circumstances, relationships, careers and situations into my life. The reason we do that is because we are afraid that IF we think and feel negative thoughts and feelings, THEN we will attract only negative people, places, circumstances, relationships, careers and situations into our lives. These are called bargains because they refer to a trade with the Universe, God, Allah, Brahman (or other like names, which will be referred to from here on out as “the divine”). We arrange for such trades, when we use IF/ THEN communication with the divine. Those same kinds of bargains or trades are made in the grocery store every day: IF I give you this money, THEN you will give me those groceries. But the divine does not operate out of bargains. All we need do to be certain of this fact is to look around. Neither the moon, the stars, the earth, nor any other element of nature was created out of bargains. All that we see, breathe and walk around in and on came about as a result of creative urge. However we might imagine that creative urge, it did not come from a bargain. We certainly have no sacred texts which inform us of such bargains. The divine does not need our puny little bargains to live fully into its creative urge. It creates because it is in it to create. This division between the positive and the negative and the ensuing bargains have, however, spread throughout the New Age, New Thought and Human Potential movements, and even into



religious and secular discussions. Teachers are constantly teaching us not to feel such so called negative feelings as fear or anger, because not only do these make us do bad things, but they attract negative consequence. Social media memes are filled with this same advice. We even constantly hear that fear is the opposite of love and can, therefore, not be found in the same mind, the same space, the same place as love. This is so very unfortunate, because these same feelings can give us so much information about our own inner worlds, and, if we learn how to really hear the message they have to give us, can offer us a great deal of self-love. For example, if I’m starting a new project, but I feel a great deal of fear both of the possibility of my project’s failure and of its success; many would say that we should simply do away with these feelings, push through and keep the positive affirmations rolling. But in so doing we repress the fear —which has at least one, if not many, messages to give us. Fear of failure can love us so much that it offers us a plan to go slow, look both ways, put energy into the most authentic forms of creativity, etc. Fear of success can help us to go slow, pace ourselves, so that we don’t get overwhelmed or inflated. Even learned fears can help us to get in touch with deeper aspects of the authentic Self by helping us to look under them for reality, which may serve to help us begin putting to rest old unfinished business. But we think of fear as a negative emotion, and we assume it has no value. Or, let’s look at anger. Anger is a form of self-love that says I AM, I AM here, I AM real, and I matter. When we repress that anger, we do not get that message, and will, often in the name of being positive, make choices to negate self, which means we are not fulfilling self. We fear that anger makes us selfish and mean. But anger, like all other emotions, is just an emotion. It has no more power than that which we give it with our choices. When we recognize that we are here, we are real and that we matter to ourselves, we make more authentic choices to create appropriate boundaries, seek out healthy relationships, remove ourselves from toxic situations, etc.

Why do we have a brain that creates these kinds of emotions, if they are worthless energetic forces that do nothing but attract negativity into our lives? In that same vein, we have divided life’s circumstances into positive experiences and negative experiences. If an experience is not one we desire, we call it negative, and if it is one we desire we call it positive. We add fuel to that fire by telling ourselves that we have created these experiences by thinking and feeling positively or negatively. Not only does this remove all of the sacred mystery from experience, but it eliminates all of the potential growth we can garner from it. Rather than allowing a more difficult experience to transform us on a deep soulful level, we assume that we just need to start thinking and feeling more positive thoughts and feelings and then the negative experience will go away. And rather than allowing a so-called positive experience to push us deeper into awareness of our deepest essence, we simply glide through it, enjoying it perhaps, but with the assumption that we created it by thinking/feeling positive, we simply get busy keeping up the positive affirmations, knowing that if we don’t negativity will take over again. This way of driving experience means that we skim the surface of it without gaining all of the amazing gifts of profound transformative depth that each of them comes to give us.

We are the interpreters of life. There is no such thing as positive or negative. We simply interpret life’s experiences—both internal and external—to be so. In this way, we think we can control life. Specifically, we think we control it by thinking and feeling only positive thoughts and feelings. 14


Rather than judging a feeling to be negative, for example, we might choose to see it, instead, as neutral in value, but with a message to give us. One of the most important things we can do, in order to begin to guide our own choices, is to suss out the message a given emotion has come to give us. Rather than assuming that anger is just trying to make us do something bad, or that the feeling itself makes us bad and might draw negativity to us, we might ask anger what it has come to tell us. In some form, that anger is saying I AM, I AM real, I AM here and I matter. Anger makes us important enough to ourselves, to facilitate self-care. It can come up in response to a situation in which we are being negated, or we are negating ourselves. It can come up when we feel dismissed, or disrespected by self or other, or it can come up to tell us that a particular situation or person is dangerous. If we learn to sit with the feeling long enough to hear its message, we may just have a life-changing experience simply because we chose to listen. We may leave jobs that are unfulfilling to seek a career that is fulfilling. We may part ways with relationships that are toxic and seek relationships that are supportive and loving. Anger can help us do this. But if, instead, we tell ourselves not to feel the anger, because it is a negative feeling, accompanied by negative thoughts, then we may be avoiding a solution to the very problem anger has come to point out to us. In other words, we may be staying in a so-called negative situation by avoiding the feelings and thoughts that have come to provide us with an escape route. Further, judging our circumstances as negative means that we miss the beauty and mystery that comes with the profound realization that our so-called mistakes can facilitate our growth in ways that living in the straight and narrow can never do. Rather than judging our internal and external worlds by the split-off notions of positive and negative it might serve us better to realize that these concepts are but our own interpretations, which are largely based in fear. It might, indeed, serve us better to simply be present with what is. Our presence with the isness of what is allows us to experience the mysterious divine essence of everything—even those experiences that are difficult. In so doing we may uncover joy in the midst of sorrow or anger, peace in the midst of great struggle, and guidance when we are most confused.

It is a paradox, but also a truth that life is meant to be experienced in the now, and when it is it reveals its fullest potential. Life is a curvy, bumpy road, but each curve, each bump has a gift to give us—if we will but be present with it.

Andrea Mathews is a psychotherapist, an author, a speaker and a radio host. As author of three books, Restoring My Soul: A Workbook for Finding and Living the Authentic Self; The Law of Attraction: The Soul’s Answer To Why It Isn’t Working And How It Can; and Inhabiting Heaven NOW: The Answer to Every Moral Dilemma Ever Posed, she also hosts Authentic Living Show on, interviewing profound and prolific spiritual leaders, authors and entertainers. She presents inspirational messages to both large and small groups, currently offering to Mental Health clinicians several workshops, which train them to treat spiritual problems in a clinical setting.


ANGER I am a fiery storm…a volcano ready to blow. I rant. I rage. I yell. I am the fire. I erupt in passion. I fight. I have a stance. I believe I am right. I am righteous in my opinion. I lash out. I strike. I will not listen. I make blood boil. I will grab hold. I do not let go. I cannot be stuffed down. I will scream. If held back, I will force my way. If I do not get my way, I will heat up more… I will knock on the door of your mind until you listen. I pound inside your heart. I will bear down in the pit of your stomach. If you still don’t listen, I will stomp your feet. I will lay claim to your throat and make it raw. I shall cough you up until you speak. If still are not willing to acknowledge me, I will over take you… first as accidents, cuts, burns and bruises… then as falls, breaks and ulcers… When I can bear deafness no more, I will become a cancer that eats away at you until you face and acknowledge me… In reality, I have been fighting for you. This has all been for you. I want you to know you… and to know me… to know more you. I am loyal… I will take a stand. I will not tolerate injustice or wrong. I will make certain what needs to be said, is said. At my core, I am protective. Most of all, I stand guard at the door of your sadness. I hold sadness; I keep it safe and guarded. It is not ready to come out. In fact, I am a friend… a protector… a balancer of the energy. I resolve to solve. I love you enough to get in your face. I will not let you go until you let me go. 16


MILLENNIAL SPEAK “Humans are capable of the worst, but also of the best. I choose to let the best make my days brighter.” CHLOÉ GUILLOSSON

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“Humans are bad”, “Always expect the worst in people”. How often I have heard that kind of sentence? Most of the time, I admit, I tend to believe them. Most of the time, events prove me right. Look at what happened three months ago in Paris. Isn’t that proof that humans are bad beings? That their hearts and souls, if they have any, are rotten to the core? Terrorists blow up bombs around a full stadium on a game night, shoot innocent people on sight with Kalashnikovs, not giving them a single chance of survival. How many lives were destroyed that night? Over 130 people lost their lives. But to know how many were ruined, you would have to multiply that number by 2, 4, or even 10. Think about the husbands, the wives, the children, the parents, the friends who lost a loved one on that Friday evening. Think about the ones that were just having a drink, or a cigarette with their friends on the terrace of a Parisian restaurant, who will never be the same. Even though they survived, they still saw people die right next to them. They saw the look of fear in the eyes of those who accompanied them. They heard them scream in pain and beg for their lives. How can the world be a good place when these things can happen any time? On Friday, November 13th, 2015, I was home, watching a TV show with my mother, peacefully resting on my living room couch. Just a few miles from there, in a neighborhood where I sometimes go and have drinks with friends myself, chaos and horror were at hand. That night, I watched the news until 2 or 3 in the morning. I wanted to make sure the hostages were out of the Bataclan, that the terrorists were either killed, caught or gone before going to bed. The mere idea of turning off the TV felt like abandoning these people who were living the worst night of their lives.



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When I awoke the next morning, I was in shock, but also angry. Angry at the terrorists. Angry such atrocities could exist. Angry because it could have been me, my friends or relatives. And, angry at my government; it should never have happened. These terrorists should never have been able to travel from Syria and Iraq and go through our borders without having their identities checked. I couldn’t help but wonder: what kind of world do we live in? I spent most of the following weekend watching the news, checking my phone, looking for what people had to say about this on social networks. In spite of my anger what I read, what I saw - made me proud of the human race and proud of my country. I saw not only sadness, rage, or fear, but also beautiful, kind, peaceful, poetic gestures… • I saw people lining up to give blood at hospitals; so many people that there weren’t enough doctors and nurses to take care of them all. Eventually there wasn’t enough space to store all of the blood at once. • People put drawings, candles and notes in front of the restaurants and the concert hall where the attacks took place. • Parisians gathered to pray, sing and cry together, in the name of peace and freedom. • A man took his piano all the way to the Bataclan to play “Imagine” by John Lennon, in the middle of the street. • I saw the testimony of a woman who opened her door to a dozen people who had managed to escape the Bataclan when the terrorists came in and started shooting everyone; she took them in, offered them coffee and sandwiches, and tried to help the injured while waiting for help to arrive.

I saw a father come to the Place de la République and place a candle in memory of the dead, and explain to his 4-year-old son that ‘he shouldn’t be afraid of the “bad guys”, that they have guns, but we have roses and candles to fight them’. 18


On that terrible weekend, I was afraid for the future. I don’t think I will ever be able to take a walk on a crowded street, or have a drink at a terrace on a Friday night without thinking for a second that something terrible could happen any moment. We live at a time where wandering around the streets, going to a movie theater, or hanging out with friends can be dangerous. On the days that followed the Paris attacks, I realized that we could no longer deny that constant danger. I also realized that in terrible times, people unite against evil. And in a country where patriotic speeches and jingoism was often poorly regarded, people could gather and sing the Marseillaise, hang French flags from their windows, and burn candles to honor the memory of people they never met. In the days that followed, the lyrics of our national anthem meant more to me then ever before… “To arms, citizens, form your battalions.”

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“Aux armes, citoyens, formez vos bataillons”. Paradoxically, I think I had never been prouder of my country. Seeing the most famous monuments in the world lighten up to the colors of France and watching the Eiffel Tower in blue, white and red, was heart-warming to me. It made me think that we were not alone in this fight. Entire nations are ready to stand against terrorism with us. This may be what we all needed to unite: an enemy. Something to unite against, something to fight together for. If a common purpose can make worst enemies work together, then maybe we all need a common enemy to set aside differences and make alliances with the rest of the world. And on a smaller scale, maybe we all need an event to remind us what is important from time to time. I don’t mean to say that attacks and wars are necessary, but I do think that we can find good in any event, as terrible as it can be. This is what the Paris attacks made me realize. Humans are capable of the worst, but also of the best. And as pessimistic as I may be, I choose to let the best make my days brighter.

Chloé Guillosson is a 21-year-old French student. She lives and studies in Paris, France, currently studying English to French translation, subtitling and dubbing. She worked as a translator in London, UK and Charleston, SC as part of her training.

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Emotion Guide Me…


A little girl sits patiently in her seat at school while the teacher writes mathematical problems on the blackboard. Patience isn’t her strong suit. Freedom to explore, freedom to create – that’s her ticket to true happiness. She decides it would be exciting to imagine herself in a place of freedom and the happiness inside of her swells – she has connected with her Higher Self. This little girl is me. My journey to connection with my Higher Self began when I discovered the power of my EMOTIONS.

Our emotions are providing a clear and concise line of communication to our Higher Selves! Challenge: Emotions can appear to be the enemy and can appear to take us down paths where the Higher Self isn’t recognizable. As I contemplate a challenge in my life; I spend time connecting with my emotions (which I believe are intricately attached to my INTUITION). I breathe deeply, then breathe deeply again and yet again. I ask myself “what am I feeling?” I label the emotion. I name the emotion – there is great power in announcing the emotion to the Universe. Anger? Frustration? Trepidation? Fear?

Connect with it and and accept the emotion as a great teacher. Connect through Spirit to the Highest Self. Breathe deeply, then breathe deeply again and yet again. I connect with the emotion and name it, I feel the stirring inside of myself The physical stirring inside is the connecting place between the body and the emotion. This is sacred territory as emotion is communication between humanness and Highest Self. I celebrate the emotion – regardless of whether it is high vibrating (light, love, acceptance, empowerment) or low vibrating (depression, anger, fear, jealousy).

FEELING emotion and honoring it is a crucial step in announcing to the Universe that you are listening to the communication. Breathe deeply, then breathe deeply again and yet again. Next is the decision involving the level of comfort of the identified emotion – does it feel GOOD to experience this emotion? If the answer is YES, then I carry on and enjoy the experience. If the answer is NO, yet another decision awaits. Low-vibrating emotions bring us to a place of learning, expanding, growing OR they can simply allow us to live in that low vibrating energy for a period of time. The blessing is Universal Spirit gives us 20


AN EXAMPLE AROUND LACK OF MONEY… •As the feeling of lack settles into the body, breathe deeply and breathe deeply again, and yet again. •Ask Spirit to connect to the Highest Self, to know the true emotion behind the lack. •WAIT for the answer. •Perhaps, the feeling of frustration arises (a low vibrating emotion). Decide whether you like being in this low vibrating state or prefer to be in a higher vibrating state of emotion (sometimes you may choose to stay low vibrating because you might be .accustomed to it) •HOWEVER, as you grow and expand, you may realize it is more supportive to exercise yourself into a high vibrating place instead. •SETTLE IN… Have appreciation. (It can feel like HARD WORK sometimes.) the opportunity to choose! One of the greatest gifts of all time is the gift of choice. I consciously choose to act upon the guidance I am intuitively getting and I create action for myself. The next step involves what I call the “Settling In” Process. I ask myself what I can do to settle in to a higher vibrating place. Appreciation is a helpful tool at this point. I make a list of things I appreciate about my life. I place a minimum of 5 on the list. This practice immediately changes my mood and I begin to “feel” in my body a place of greater peace. Suddenly the feeling shifts and there is trust! Trust in the belief that the Universe will expand and take care of me because I am an extension/expansion of the Universe. The ideas and divinely guided action plans start to grow (I am truly in the INTUITIVE flow). I feel energized and alive with my relationship with the Universe and my Highest Self! A little piece of heaven created by me! The process of utilizing Emotional Guidance has become part of my daily routine. I focus on my emotional “status” several times a day. I am committed to this practice because I see and experience the profound benefits…… Anyone game to give it a try? MASTER INTUITIVE BETH PAROJCIC - 905.719.6112 Beth Parojcic is a sought after and well-respected intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. With hundreds of clients internationally, Beth uses her unique gift and skills to help empower clients with guidance and information about their life through the use of her intuitive abilities. Her mission is to teach people to live a more fulfilling and enriched life in every aspect; physically, mentally and spiritually.



HEART SONG… BARRY GOLDSTEIN It’s hard to say when I first realized music could be a transformation tool. I remember sitting on our piano bench, feet dangling with the floor miles away, as my mother sat next to me, her feet dangling too. My mom was only four feet five inches tall, but she had the spirit of a giant. I was two or three then, but I remember how each note filled the room as my mother sang the playful Harry Belafonte song “Yellow Bird.” As she sang, her small fingers lay gently on top of mine, striking the keys in time with each note she sang. I sat in wide-eyed wonder as I felt the vibration of the piano notes matching her voice. This is what I now know to be resonance, her voice’s vibration magnifying the vibration of the piano note. Even after the notes played, they hung in the air, like a beautiful hummingbird sharing its song. The notes changed the room, as did the space between the notes. Both were so beautiful, and when they stopped the room felt so empty. I think it was then that I seeded a longing to fill the room with music and to feel the space between the notes. My mom was never formally trained in music; she played by ear, and she informally passed this gift on to me. She knew then that music is to be felt by the heart. I can still feel her tiny fingers on top of mine guiding me over the ivory keys, guiding me through my first transformational experience with music. My heart is filled with gratitude for her gift to me: sharing the power of song to shift ordinary moments into life-altering experiences.   It is in this vibration of gratitude that I would like to begin our journey together into the secret language of the heart. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share a beautiful gift that all of us have been given access to. We have opened this gift at many times in our lives and have been blessed to have it touch our souls on a deep level.

Barry is a musitarian whose passion is utilizing music, or as he calls it, “The Universal Language of Love as a vehicle for transformation. As a performer, Barry has touched audiences with music from his critically acclaimed series “Ambiology” and his inspirational albums “The Moment” and “Shine.



Barry’s music is being used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices. Barry is a keynote speaker for medical conferences and is a sought-after speaker for New Thought conferences presenting cutting edge research on how music is being utilized for medical conditions. In 2016 a team of researchers from major universities will be studying Barry’s music to determine health benefits.

Music has always been there, from our first lullaby and first kiss to the prom dance, sweet sixteen, breakups and makeups, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers—virtually every important moment of our lives. While friends may come and go, careers may shift, and hair may disappear over the years, music will always still be here. Thank you, music! Music is a common chord that weaves through every culture, speaking to us in a secret language, a language from and of the soul, one that speaks beyond reason, race, and religion. Music defines the indefinable and gives meaning to the tapestry of moments woven together to create our lives. These moments define our soul’s path and how our unique vibration ripples outward in the world. That is why music is here: to communicate what words cannot, and to assist in integrating the wisdom of our minds and the lessons of our hearts for the purpose of our personal and spiritual evolution. When we can see music in this light, it becomes more than just art and entertainment; it is a translator of divine thought, and a way of life. It is a powerful vehicle to transform us on the deepest level, from the inside out. If your soul has been longing for something to truly touch your heart and assist you, look no further. Music is here for you. As we bring awareness to music, sound, and vibration on a daily basis, we experience it in a new way—internally to externally. There is music that exists inside your physical body. It is a precious gift never to be taken for granted, for it is your own unique sound and vibration that communicates to you beyond words, as you will soon learn.   When we talk about utilizing music to improve our health, it is not just the physical body we are talking about. To get the full picture of health, we must look at the four-body system: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each has a unique role in our total health. Music has the potential to transform, but change is not always an easy thing, for change needs to initiate from a deeper level. Change must move past the surface, past our limited emotions, beliefs, and negative patterns. It must move beyond our physicality and our programming of the mind. For true transformation to occur, change must immerse itself in our being; it must touch our heart and soul. Music Is a conduit.



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Courageous Hearts

JEAN ADRIENNE How many times have you gotten really close to finishing something or getting what you really wanted and just gave up? Stopped just short of the prize? We are poised on the brink of an amazing time in the history of humanity—the time we have all been waiting for. We have studied, meditated, prayed, cleared—all in preparation for this moment. But when we look around, what do we see? Turmoil, struggle, fear, and talk of impending doom? Now is not the time to waiver. It’s the time to buckle up and put on our courageous hearts. The core of your power comes from your heart center. The French word for heart is coeur; in English, it is the core. It’s our courageous hearts that will lead us out of fear and doubt and into the new reality that 5D presents to us. We are at a tipping point where each of us has choices to make—difficult choices. Positive choices. The old ways of life and doing things just don’t work anymore. It’s time for us to make different choices. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, yet we continue to use old, outdated beliefs, make the same choices repeatedly, and expect our lives to get better. In the past we have repeatedly settled for less than we could have gotten or achieved. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Either we gave up and quit before we manifested our desired result or we tried to tell the Universe how to deliver it. Any time we think we know what is best or are attached to being right, we settle for that, and we get in the way of the Universe’s ability to provide the highest possible solution. It’s almost like we push the best option out of the way in our desire for getting what we want. The highest choice one can make is to surrender to the Universe to provide. When we let go of attachment to outcome (whatever that outcome might be), we open the door allowing greatness to present itself. Somewhere along the way, we forgot we are human BE-ings, and decided that we were supposed to do whatever was necessary in order to get our way. When that didn’t happen, we either pushed harder or had a hissy fit. Either way, what wasn’t being realized was that the Universe always says yes to our request. When what we desire doesn’t appear to manifest, it’s generally because what we requested wasn’t in alignment with our soul’s purpose or our highest good. 26


It’s time to stand up for what we believe in and step into our power. We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit. The whole ‘playing small’ thing is simply a ploy of the ego, and succumbing to that, as we have done for eons, is an example of a choice that must change. Power doesn’t mean force, however. The most powerful stand we can take is one of surrendering—to the Universe and the greater good. The power of the heart can move mountains. We simply have to push the ego out of the way and engage the heart fully.

Here are some choices you might wish to consider as you move forward: -

Being fully present in each moment with yourself and with each person you encounter Finding your contentment within yourself rather than looking outside for it Bringing balance into your life by examining all the areas that feel out of balance Releasing judgment, first of yourself, then of others Loving and honoring everything and everyone—you first Find compassion in every thought, word and action

The changes that need to take place in the world must begin on an individual level, through conscious, courageous choices that come from our hearts. The outer world is a reflection of our inner one. As Gandhi said, “We are the change we hope to see in the world.”

Jean Adrienne is an author, talk radio host and the creator of the InnerSpeak Process, Inner Speak Card Deck and Book, Power Tools. Her latest book, The Realities of Creation Moving Beyond The Limitations Of Our Beliefs, releases April 2016.



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“By following your Inner-Guidance, the journey becomes one of peace, assurance, empowerment and - an inner knowing. It is fun! You are no longer struggling, you are being guided.” - danita

BEGINNING WITHIN I AM Embracing My Greatness and Emerging Transformed BeCause I Am following Inner-Guidance. "I want to get off this roller coaster until I can figure this out", a voice inside me shouted. I was exhausted from a life of extreme ups and downs… my weight, my finances, my business, my emotions – you name it! I gave myself permission to take a sort of sabbatical; I minimized my work and began a journey of introspection.

What did I believe? Who am I? Why am I here? It was time to allow myself to question my beliefs and discover my own truth. I came to realize that my ‘extreme highs’ happened when listening to my own Inner-Guidance. My ‘extreme lows’ happened when listening to other people. As I would succeed in an area of life, I would then look to someone who I perceived ‘more successful’ and start to ‘follow them’ – thinking I needed to do things the way they did to be even ‘more successful”. In reflection, I didn’t truly know or trust myself. This led to questioning and doubting me. Thus my flow, creativity and intuition were inhibited. It stopped the flow of spirit. I now understand that my ‘way of being’ - my biggest impact - is from uninhibited flow of spirit. As my ‘sabbatical’ comes to an end, life is like a merry-go-round, filled with ease-grace-and joy. I’m learning to Know Myself – Be Myself – and Trust Myself. My journey is progressive; learning to observe and love myself, rather than judging and blaming myself. Whether you want to change your body, or any aspect of your life, true transformation begins within. What I learned, along the way, is that we all have our very own GPS system to guide us. We must learn to connect to it, and trust it. Having a daily spiritual practice connects us to our Inner-Guidance and day by day we can learn to trust it.









What does your heart long for....Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually? What do you truly want? ‘Want’, may have a meaning that comes from a place of lack - I ‘want’ it because I don't have it. This example has a low energy feel. For others the word ‘want’, stirs up a sort of 'juiciness' or excitement like a child anticipates a gift they are about to receive. For them, the word ‘want’ has the energy of high expectation. It's important that the 'juiciness' is what you feel when searching for what your heart wants. For some, this equates with ’longing’ or ‘desire’ So how do you get what you truly want? Decide what you want, ask for guidance and then follow the guidance you receive. Trust and expect that you will be drawn to the perfect tools, resources, people and ideas that will support your highest good. 
 This GPS system, which we all have, is what I call Inner-Guidance. When we tap into our InnerGuidance daily, it guides us to what we truly want. In the best way for us - always serving the highest good for all involved and in the perfect timing. Your guidance will come in the form of a strong feeling, a vision, a thought, words or other signs. The faster you follow your Inner - Guidance the more quickly your dreams will come true. Regardless of what you want, the answer lies within YOU. Each of us is unique; therefore our path to reach our goals is unique. I’ve had many mentors and coaches. I’ve read countless books and attended numerous conferences; they are all a valuable part of my journey. The key is to connect with those who are in alignment with your soul and to always continue to trust yourself as you seek outer-guidance. 
 Anything is possible if you believe, ask for guidance, and follow thru with what you are given. There are no limits except those put on the self. Beliefs are things we repeatedly tell ourselves. When we begin to tell ourselves something different, over time we have new beliefs; ones that serve our highest good. 


entrepreneur-mentor-speaker-athlete I inspire others to awaken their spirit. Transformation from the inside out.



Whispers… I thought a companion would complete me. God planned I should complete myself. I planned accumulation of wealth. God planned accumulation of hearts. I planned a large house that every one would envy. God planned a large heart to accommodate everyone. I planned a easy life. God planned a tough life. I planned a big name. God planned experience. I planned a rich life. God planned an accomplished death. I planned to be distinguished. God planned vanquishing my ego. I planned a smile. God planned for me to spread smiles. When I look back at my disappointments, I now know they were blessings.



Ranjit Bajaj, former corporate investment advisor, has over 40 years experience in healing, astrological guidance and motivational speaking - changing lives and uplifting individuals for their journey. Smile A Mile is for carrying blessings, leaving all else behind. Facebook - Smile A Mile 32



It is sometimes startling when I encounter the dogmas of human entitlementmany expecting that we get to breathe, eat and live better than our animal, mammalian or reptilian brethren. Demanding to be treated with respect when we are less likely to extend the same courtesy to those we eat, treat with distain or use for to generate currency. Friends—meat eaters—say they don’t want to think about how their food is raised nor how it has to die in order reach their table. I have heard people suggest that humans are the only superior life form on this planet, free to have power and dominion over—to manipulate and control—all other lifeforms. Some even believe that animals are not capable of loving, fearing or experiencing pain and suffering as we do. Dogs specifically have become valued family members to many, but what about other animals—those chained or caged outdoors waiting for someone to love them or set them free. Animals scarred physically and emotionally for life because of how humans treat them.



Humans have a tendency to seek power and dominion over the lives Type of to enter others, text but at what cost? How much pain, cruelty or chaos must we cause or endure before we shift perspectives, connect to one another, learn to value all of life and live in peace? The world is in upheaval. You do not have to turn on the television to see it. You can feel it? So what’s going on?

Horrifying scenes of dolphins corralled in a cove in Japan annually to be slaughtered while the good dolphins are culled-shipped to training facilities where we humans pay money to see them perform. Videos of a day old baby calf not allowed to nurse from its mother’s teat, laying spread eagle on a cement floor as it is jerked around and beaten in the head by slaughterhouse workers. A pig gaffed while alive and screaming; being drug across the slaughterhouse floor while their piglets watch helplessly. Chickens hung by their feet, stripped of their feathers, then scolded to death. Cows hooked by their hocks, hung, gutted and bled out by the thousands to satisfy our insatiable appetites. Attention is being brought to these subjects although many of us have been desensitized, conditioned to ignore the cruelty. Who wants to think about the horrors that go on each day? We have to feed our families, right? Is it easier to rationalize the pain and suffering away, thinking that maybe those animals don’t think and feel the way we humans do but is there a better way? What about animals, mammals or reptiles that are taken from their family and natural habitat, sold to businesses and manipulated in the name of money or progress? Last Chance for Animals (LCA) conducted an undercover investigation, running from summer to fall of 2015. Unnerving details of inadequate treatment, housing and care of marine mammals at Marineland, Canada was uncovered rendering footage of a juvenile Beluga whale that was accidentally separated from her mother and left in a shallow isolation pool for three months-to become emaciated. Imagine her pain and sadness. Many were found to have eye abnormalities, irritations and premature cataracts from the high concentrations of chlorine found in the pools. Imagine feeling as if there is nothing you can do to help yourself. For training purposes many Belugas were routinely deprived of food. Imagine starving at the hands of an alien life form that decides whether you get to live or die. 34


We are in the throes of a sacred movement and the Universe or something greater is asking that we evolve to reach beyond the hunter-gatherer, warring-scavenger mentality that plagues societies of the world today. We are being asked to connect. Realize, we are all affected by the ebb and flow of the tides, as well as each other’s choices.

Mercy for Animals educates on Factory Farming, naming these farms ‘Hell on Earth’.

“Pigs, cows, chickens, fish, and others raised for food suffer miserably on modern farms. Animal cruelty laws protecting dogs and cats explicitly exclude farmed animals from most protection. As a result, blatant abuse is now standard practice on farms...” Few laws protect farmed animals yet these innocent beings are just as deserving of protection from cruelty and abuse as we are. MFA’s legal advocacy department has achieved unparalleled success in securing the enforcement of existing legal protections for farmed animals, while continuing the push for new and better laws. These organizations need our help. What if we just choose to not pay to see marine mammals in captivity? Or we stop buying or eating so much meat? Even small efforts help cut down in cruelty and suffering. Whether you are a meat eater, vegan or vegetarian, all living creatures deserve to be treated more humanely. As compassionate keepers of the earth it is our collective responsibility to care for all life compassionately and with adoration. Uniting in this ONE-ness philosophy means we safeguard the Sacredness and magnificence of life for the generations to come.

NICOLE MYERS HENDERSON Author - Human Rights Activist - Speaker Nicole is author of On Sacred Time and Radio Host. As a Medical Intuitive, Nicole helps individuals understand issues arising in their bodies and life from blocked energies. She assists people in cultivating their innate abilities, in addition to offering guidance, healing and remote viewing. Therapeutic Empathy - Intuitive Health Telepathy - Remote Viewing- Healing



One Love Brings Peace

The Cabal has tricked the people (imagine that). What is truly desired is the END of the 'Old World Order' with a "New World Order" that is a peaceful one. By indoctrinating people to resist, protest, etc. - the same order is maintained. Resistance is Assistance. By opposing a New - it keeps the Old corrupted system intact. The answer is to Withdraw Consent from the Old and Build anew.

So let's simply rename it and refer to it as World Harmony & Balance. (WHB) Instead of one global currency - we use a currency (exchange of energy) that is debt free. Instead of one world religion - we choose love. Instead of dishonor - we live in honor. Instead of working for a living - we live to create and play. Instead of living in scarcity and merely surviving - we live in abundance and thriving.




“Our photographs are passageways into the inner mechanics of our lives. Our snapshots are roadmaps that show us   not only where we've been but also where we're headed.”

I saw a photograph grabbed on the run in the Atlanta Airport in about 2008. If I ever meet this beautiful lady, I’ll apologize to her personally, for being my muse, but she was too compelling for me not to capture! The first shape I saw when I was “diving” into the still image was a crescent (like an upside down moon). I was thrilled to see it repeat twice: once in the shape of the hat on her head, and another time in the folds of the material under her chin. Then, like magic, there it was again in the shape ‘of the top of the metal chair’ upon which she’s resting her arm! I love 3s – as do most seers who look for symbols and signs. The appearance of three of anything is auspicious. Three is solid like a tripod under a camera or a stool under a sitter. Two is iffy but three is a clue to pay extra close attention. This discovery sends me to my books, and to the internet, to happily ferret out the meanings of a crescent shape throughout history. I find that an upturned crescent shape indicates an association with female deities: Artemis in Greek mythology and Diana in the Roman versions. An upturned crescent shape is also associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis. In Christian iconography, it’s related to the Virgin Mary. It’s interesting that the crescent has historically been a shape associated with the feminine because here it is! Appearing three times around the image of a woman in the photo I’m examining. It’s just those kind of “ah ha’s” that keep me coming back for more! A “halo is also the shape of a downturned crescent. There are other names throughout time to describe the ring of light surrounding a spiritual being so often depicted in religious art. A halo can also be called a nimbus, or a glory. I’m immediately reminded of people who see auras and discover that a halo is sometimes called an aureole. My main character has a white halo! The characters below a donning golden ones. White light auras, according to some readers, signal that angels are nearby the person emanating the light. Golden halo auras denote that the being is already in touch with the highest realms of their spirits. Kirlean photography has confirmed the existence of the phenomenon now called “electrical coronal discharges”.  If a stalk of broccoli gives off this kind of light, imagine how much more a human body exudes!



The down-turned crescent was a little more difficult to research but, with a few more minutes of digging; I run across Seshat who is portrayed as the Egyptian goddess of writing and wisdom. She’s also carved into stone and painted on frescoes as a scribe and a record keeper (as well as being identified as the goddess of architecture; astronomy; astrology; mathematics and surveying). She was a woman ahead of her time. Or else she was right on time? Seshat is always depicted as having a downward crescent shape hanging over a leaf that seems to be growing out of the top of her head. These discoveries engage me with the painters, sculptors, artists and creators of these symbols and shapes on every sort of medium across the ages. I’m electrified with the awareness that the shapes have once more confirmed to me that there’s a design to everything. Humankind has resonated with expressing itself by using shapes and symbols. They are timeless. They are messages that were recorded and are passed down for us to recognize. These beautiful patterns surround us today in our world just as they have throughout the eons of the past. Each has a specific meaning. Each has a communication to share.

“Snapshots" Why learn to see your personal photographs in this way… YOU are the ONLY one who is able to decipher the messages embedded in the image recorded! Photographs are extraordinary, energetic phenomena. Your singular perspective, your individual history, and your own private, internal language are the keys to unlocking the amazing information waiting for you in your snapshots. When you access the messages (hidden in plain sight) in your images, you'll gain access to an entirely new viewpoint on the seamless interconnectedness of your life. You'll see the bustling network of energetic elements at work--and at play--on the planet. You'll observe the constant communication being offered in every single "ordinary" moment. Consciously interacting with one of your snapshots sparks a "signal" from the image that will guide you toward discovering the messages embedded into it.

Christi Koelker (pronounced kell-ker) has been a writer, photographer and filmmaker from more than two decades. She’s had the natural ability to perceive connections between images and their underlying meanings since she was a child. Through the process of producing historical documentaries, she became aware of the importance of teaching others how to decode the language of signs, symbols and shapes in their personal images. Besides working with production clients, she also coaches individuals who want to learn how to decipher the messages in their photographs. 38




Dearest Infinite Spirit… I am here. I have come, barefoot and naked, before you. I was weary and worn, tired and forlorn. And then, I began to remember. It took time; I had amnesia. I forgot who I was. I searched amongst veils and shadows. I kept seeking. I continued my longing. I prayed that I belonged somewhere. Although many days were dark, I would dream into the night. At times I felt alone, in my mind, but found quiet company within my heart. It was there; I heard whispers… They brought footprints in the sand… signs hidden in plain sight visions amidst the stars… synchronicity was my guardian angel saying… ‘if only I believed’. I BELIEVE… In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love. I saw the Light. Infinite Spirit, the past says k(no)w more. The present is Now… Bringing forth my Blessed New Beginning… I Am home… I AM. In Devotion - SIMRAN





(36 x 36 Acrylic)

Within the black hole, illusions appear bleakly finite. From nothing comes one with dualistic sight. Awakening chaos is humanity's birthright. Amidst the frenzy, new energy takes flight. Find your dawning, by going deep into the dark night. Bridge the opposites; surrender and give up the fight. This soulful journey is each soul’s depth and height. From one to many, as sparks, we ignite. Awakening the full bandwidth of Love’s might; Individualized humans finally reunite. Remembering our Oneness as Infinite Light.

ANCESTRAL WOMB Through shadowed ancestral lenses; Sacred contracts of those held dear. Withholding truths and secrets; clutching them near. Stories of the ages, forgotten through the years. Wheels within wheels, amidst this fleshed out gear, Safely hiding one another’s pain and deepest fears. Deafening cries raging on that no one hears. Passing baggage between us across the years. Marinating in the sacred waters of ancestral tears; Deep in the cauldron, familial fires brand lives that appear. 40




SOUL SISTERS Alone and invisible, abandoned and abused. Fighting sacred causes, silently bleeding tears.


Weaving in service; mending the fabric of

Forgive us,

Rising to rights; unveiling the wrongs.

Forgive us…

Systems gone awry; singing one’s song.

For inner and outer wars fought through.

Dancing, playing, rocking and praying.

Enslaved by the conditioning society that

Uniting and dividing; living and dying.

reared you.

Sacred cycles multiplying for eternity.

Understanding for actions and pain not

Holding close and warm children not seen.

spoken to.

Bloodlines bleeding their history.

Time for your acknowledgement and full due.

Growing plump with joy;

Masculinity, movement, muscle and sinew;

writhing in the blissful pain of expectancy.

Strength and vitality; hearts of compassion

Learning to do, while awakening to be.

and kindness as your truth.

Standing tall, untying the strong; in good

What was throughout the lineages is what


you knew.

Courage in each breath, revealing

But no longer to hold captive the male,


only a hardened few.

Discovering every part of the world intimately.

Emotion and compassion balances as the

Each small step, a leap for my sister’s

feminine polarity within you accrues.


Trust in the embrace as increasing presence

Sitting upon the egg; power held deep, held

returns anew.

down; to be acknowledged finally.

I am not my brother’s keeper,

Bow at the sacredness of these delicate feet;

I am my brother…

for the divine feminine spirit dances wildly.


I am not my sisters keeper, I am my sister…



INFINITY I…Lifting Illuminations of Spirit Circa 1930 Transmissions AGNI YOGA SOCIETY We, Brothers of Humanity, battle arduously for the balance and for the instilling of the Principle of the Mother of the World. When the understanding of creation will be confirmed, it will be possible to evince to humanity the creative power of Fire. (#227 - Infinity I)

When the Origins will be affirmed in the consciousness of humanity as balanced forces of the Cosmic Magnet, then life will be recognized as the effect of the great law. (#236 - Infinity I)

When in contact with each other, light and darkness may become co-workers. The tendency of human thought is to inject into life the conception of sharp demarcations. In the higher worlds, light and darkness cooperate. The power of Cosmos spreads without limits.      Humanity has violated the law of cooperation and is expiating this transgression. Each Lord brought back to the planet the balance which had been lost, but the human spirit is so impregnated with the feeling of antagonism that it cannot reach the goal designated by the Lord.  (#79 - Infinity I) 42


The attainment of balance takes such precedence in everything that the Magnet manifests the utmost attraction for the sake of this equilibrium. The rhythm evident throughout Cosmos reveals this principle, which governs all actions in nature. Constructiveness depends upon this lofty principle. How, then, is it possible not to realize this process of nature? And in the construction of life, the same principle is unavoidable. Rhythm, explosions, magnetic attraction — all these forces must be converted into the principle of equilibrium.      If the passing race has given itself to transgression of the law of Origins, the new race must bring confirmation to the new power for cosmic balance. True, the principle of the Cosmic Magnet makes for advancement in an ascending spiral, and it is impossible to disunite the majestic cosmic spirals of evolutionary ascents. When the new race will attest the power of the Origins, then verily will the cosmic balance be established. (#226 - Infinity I) Correlation is affirmed not only by group striving but also by a single spirit. ... An Agni Yogi represents the highest balance because the self-sacrificing creativeness of his spirit leads to the equilibrium of universal correlation. Therefore, the unbalance and disharmony of the centers is changed into equilibrium. The Teaching reiterates about these subtle differences; therefore, for ascent to the next step, one must understand the lack of balance in lower manifestations and the harmony in the higher. (#221 - Infinity I)

The Agni Yoga Society was founded in 1920 by Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena. It is a non-profit educational institution incorporated in 1946. Agni Yoga is a path not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism— but of practice in daily life. It is the yoga of fiery energy, of consciousness, of responsible, directed thought. It teaches that the evolution of the planetary consciousness is a pressing necessity and that, through individual striving, it is an attainable aspiration for mankind. It affirms the existence of the Hierarchy of Light and the center of the Heart as the link with the Hierarchy and with the far-off worlds. Agni Yoga has been called a "living ethic."



INTO to the UNKNOWN Being the Light... Embracing the Dark “We want to wash our hands of the darkness we carry but we cannot. The farther we run, the closer it appears. We cannot scrub it, wish it, will it or cut it away. It is a part of us, as close as the skin... in most cases completely to the core. But look at it... see it here now... is it not as beautiful?” - SIMRAN SINGH

Could it be that the dark is the most necessary complement and contrast to the Light? Is it the birth place of the Light? Perhaps just as a plant begins as a seed... the Light begins as the dark. The seed does not realize it is a plant until it begins to grow. The darkness cannot reveal light, until it begins to glow. The stalk of the plant does not know it can flower until a flower appears. The darkness has no way to know the Light is rising within it, to finally shine. Can we allow both, embrace both... cherish both; and give them equal presence in our lives? “One does not know where the road goes unless they actually begin traveling upon it.”

January 2008 marked the release of the first issue of 11:11 Magazine. Those years seem like another lifetime; a part of what has become the known. I wanted it to touch my senses and make me feel again. I yearned to know I was human - not robotic. I longed to know there was meaning and purpose to all things, justify steps into a new beginning. 44


I listened to that call deep within me and followed the signs that presented themselves. I pushed through with a strong will to live beyond my past, my pain, conditioning and insecurities. I knew there was a lot more life ahead of me; but I desired aliveness. I began creating the beauty that I wished to see in the world. I sought to know the secrets, hidden mysteries and wisdom filled soft veils of Light. In moments of cold and darkness, moving within these spaces kept me warm, illuminating things to the extent I was able to handle them. These holy coverings of consciousness helped me feel, see and hear again. As I continued to rise, I saw the Light… and shadows in the distance beckoning me to follow them into an unknown place. They whispered of great treasures. I turned away not wanting to know them. Then, three years ago, I hit a glass ceiling I could not move beyond. Every bump against the surface turned me back to face the darkness, and the shadows that had been waiting there. They beckoned. I was afraid. I wanted to take flight. But, deep inside of me, I felt safe…even though I realized I was heading into dark and scary places where I may be blind and deaf. This would be my emulsification. I journeyed; no degree of sun could warm my center. The Light dimmed and darkness came. I found myself needing to go deep, in order to rise above… to be pushed down, in order to stand tall. I was to embrace everything and become nothing. In this place, I was to die, in order to live. I needed to not only face the dark, but Love it… hold it… see, hear and acknowledge it fully. It was not to be run from, but fallen into. It spoke not of separation but was screaming for deeper understanding and Oneness. The dark had been crying out; I would not listen. It had been begging; I could not provide support. It wanted my complete surrender. It looked as if it was dominating, but was really wounded. I was time to give it what it wanted, needed and required. It had been left alone to navigate its own confinement, when all it really desired was the Light… It too desired peace and freedom. It longed to be understood and made whole. This was the child who had been abandoned by all… by society… by truth. This, too, was a beloved ONE. “Within all that appears dark lay misperceptions and misalignments of what seems as known.Truth lay in the unknown. The illusion appears as real; but the human version of reality marinates within opinion and judgment. This is a power play of hand; a manipulation of mind, the deception of freedom. Love, courage and commitment will lead you by the strings of surrender to the wish planted in your soul. Your yes to that new unknown beginning… is the opening to what it is to be free...” -Simran Singh



Today I forgive… I forgive you. I forgive me. I forgive what happened. I forgive what hasn’t occurred. I forgive what I have seen. I forgive what I was unable to see. I forgive what was not heard. I forgive that I did not listen. I forgive what has not been acknowledged. I forgive what I would not hold. I forgive what was lost. I forgive what I gave away. I forgive the actions taken. I forgive the non-action that arose. I forgive the betrayal. I forgive the deception. I forgive this illusion. This is for giving you… and for giving me… Life… Love… & Happiness… Forever and More. -Simran







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