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In Oneness — 1 — As One From the One — 111 — Two come Mind, Body, and Heart — 1111 — Wrapped in Spirit The Three Separating — 111 — Through Duality Humanity Uncovers — 1 — All As Divinity This moment is a powerful moment. This ‘one’. Only in this moment do you have the full capacity as ‘creator’. Not yesterday. Not last year. Not before 'that' thing happened in your life that sent SIMRAN

you off track. This is ‘the moment’. Not next week. Not when you are ready. Or certified. Or healed. Not even when karma happens to


‘them’. Not when that lucky break occurs. ‘This’ is the moment. You have always been ‘creator’. Consciously BE that. All the energy is here now. It only requires your presence. It asks for your focus. It urges you to place your mind behind your eyes, so that it sees nothing but that focus and vision. The truth is that we are ‘all creators’... we are ‘all creation’. We create all of the time. We recreate as well; sometimes aware we are

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creating. Other times, we create unknowingly. Things will be related to the unconscious, and that which is relayed does not always feel ‘good’. Manifestation also comes from being conscious... in thought... in heart... and aligned in action; that may feel ‘good’… and it may feel ‘bad’… richness is in the feeling. Creation may feel as if happening when alone, but we are never


alone. An entire world conspires toward each and every creation.


Atoms, molecules, time and experience, are waiting… anticipating…


in fact, celebrating. Have you dreamed it? Have you believed it? Are


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you open and allowing to receive it? Will you conceive it? Manifesting what you imagine happens very quickly now. Our quantum sphere is spinning faster, so amplify thought frequency, intentional power and depth of your focus. In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


July 2017


SOUND IN LOVE FOR HUMANITY A POSITIVE FUTURE | 6 GLENN HARROLD The more you feel and believe in your positive future, the more likely it is to become a reality.

THREE WAVES OF LIGHT| 13 JIM SELF Duality was never meant to be two in separation, but One with two balanced components.

A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY| 17 PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. “God needs a body.”

SCIENCE OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM | 32 JASON GREGORY The spiritual path of Buddhism came into existence as a result of this yearning to completely slow down our nervous system so we can experience real freedom.

COLOR AS LOVE FOR NEW REALITY INSPIRATION AS LOVE ______________________________________________________________


SACRED ALCHEMY IN RELATIONSHIP| 9 PADMA AON PRAKASHA & ANAIYA SOPHIA A committed relationship is one in which two souls support each other in being whole, complete individuals.



Out of darkness they created light so they could see what they were doing.




11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


LIGHT WITH LOVE FOR DIVINITY CREATIVE MANIFESTING TYPES| 26 CYNTHIA SUE LARSON A RealityShifters survey conducted in 2005 found characteristics most common to seven types of reality shifters.

BE THE REAL YOU| 38 AMY RYMER Get on the other side of a difficult situation by stepping into each day as a new opportunity for healing and resolution.


HOW NATURE INSPIRES| 40 WILLOW CROSSLEY Nature offered inspiration and the opportunity to create from the outside, in.

ENERGY OF LOVE FOR COMMUNITY NUTRITION & CLEANSING FOR LIFE | 49 Being in the body - nurturing this sacred vessel.

GROW-ON-THE-GO | 11:11 | 2 Life Coaching for $11/ Month with 11:11 on Audio.

VISION OF ONENESS | COLLECTIVE | 48 Co-Creating through Ease, Health and Freedom.

EVOLVE SOUL ART | SIMRAN | 29 Healing Soul Art of Light, Sound, & Color.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


CREATE A POSITIVE FUTURE With the negativity surrounding us, the world can be a scary place, full of fears and uncertainty. Taking charge of your life may seem impossible, but with the right attitude, you can create your own positive future and live the life that you dream of. Get healthy The best way to ensure a positive future is to take care of your body and mind. Eating right and exercising regularly will help you on your way to long term health and happiness. Scientists and doctors have discovered that our emotional health is inexorably linked to our physical well-being and ability to heal ourselves! Laugh it out! Researchers have found that you can even achieve the same positive biological and physiological effects by forcing a smile, rather than wearing one naturally. Smiling and laughing boost the immune system and do you the power of good. The average four-year-old laughs around 300 times per day, compared to around 15 times for the average 40-year-old. Try to recapture that childlike sense of fun, and reap the benefits! 6

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

PMA Happy, positive people are better equipped to cope with life’s difficulties. When you create a strong positive mental outlook you will be able to deal with stress and the pressures of life. Surround yourself with positive people who have similar ambitions, who inspire you, and avoid people who drain energy. Believe To create a positive future you have to believe your future is golden in the first place. Even if things are not how you want them to be now, you can always change them. You do this not through wishing or yearning, which is weak and ineffective, but through positive visualisation and creating strong inner beliefs that your future will be everything you want it to be. Set your goals Having goals to aim for is crucial for creating a positive outlook. If you don’t have ambitions then life happens to you, rather than you taking charge and creating the life you want. Write down a list of goals for your personal life and one for your work or career. List ten clear goals for each, in the present tense, as though they are a reality now. When making your lists, make sure you set a time frame for all the goals to be achieved. Print them out and place them wherever you can see them every day. Focus your energy on creating a future in which you feel happy and comfortable. See yourself healthy and happy; your life full of abundance and contentment. Allow yourself the joy of this vision and create pictures in your mind of how it will look and be. The more you feel and believe in your positive future, the more likely it is to become a reality.

GLENN HARROLD Glenn Harrold is an author and clinical hypnotherapist. He has produced a uniquely effective series of hypnosis recordings that have sold over 8 million copies and are well established as the UK's best selling self-help audio titles of all time. In May 2011 he was made a fellow of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis for his achievements in hypnotherapy.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR



VISION I AM energy. I AM spiraling and shifting. I AM holding space and standing in stillness. I AM sensory. I AM movement. I AM the confetti of celebration. I am the exhilaration of inspiration. I consciously embrace everything. I hold no judgment I have no time. I steer steadfast in one direction. I embrace all creation as perfection. I activate the full capacity of conception. I amplify the truth of the moment. I bring forth the emotions that have been hidden. I initiate things into completion. I steward sacred endings. I attract vibrations of like manifestation. I cocreate with all creation. I conceptulaize into form. I facilitate birth of the unknown. I midwife holy new beginnings. I bring dreams into reality. I reveal the illusion. I see that which has not been seen, to be that which has not been. . -Simran 8

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

SACRED ALCHEMY IN RELATIONSHIP Anaiya Sophia & Padmon Aon Prakasha

A committed relationship is one in which two souls support each other in being whole, complete individuals. The commitment is to going all the way—letting the relationship be a catalyst for the individuals to live into and express their full potential, wisdom, love, and creativity. A committed relationship is committing to truth, love, your sovereign self, and your beloved other. All qualities support each other in a true relating. A co-creative relationship is one in which two souls access more creativity as a result of their loving interaction. An enhanced energy springs forth, enabling both partners to make a greater contribution than either one could have made alone. It is rare and absolutely worth it. There are three things you must do to bring your commitments into manifestation. ◆ Feel all your feelings ◆ Tell the microscopic truth ◆Keep your agreements It takes two to play this game. If one person wants to have co-commitment and the other does not, co-commitment is not possible. It is only when both people agree to play that the real intimacy becomes possible. If you are willing to make the following commitments but your partner is not, it is highly likely that you are in a codependent relationship. If this is the case, examine why you have set up your life this way.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


I commit myself to full closeness and to clearing up anything within me that stands in the way. I commit myself to acting from the awareness that I am 100 percent the source of my reality. I commit myself to my own complete development as an individual. You cannot have ultimate closeness without being fully able to be separate. In other words, the more fully developed you are as an individual, the more you are able to give and receive love in a relationship. This stems from owning everything in your life and not making your life about anyone, or anything, else. In a committed relationship each person takes 100 percent responsibility for his or her life choices, emotions, and actions and for the results each creates. There are no victims in committed relationships. In fact victimhood is impossible when both people are willing to acknowledge that they are the cause of what happens to them. There is little conflict, because neither person plays the accusatory, victim role. With the energy saved through lessened conflict, both people are free to feel deeper love for all beings and express more. If either person is being less than 100 percent responsible, the ground is ripe for power struggles. Each person will look for the places where the other person is at fault. There will be a tendency to want to diminish the other person to match one’s wound.

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author, and initiator of Sacred Marriage and the Mystical Teachings of the Feminine Christ. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing new paradigm relationships and divinized sexuality. Anaiya’s unyielding passion is to help people transition from codependent relationships into a thriving union based on love and freedom, held within a holy sanctified container. Her books include Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga (Harper Collins, 2002), Pilgrimage of Love (Lulu, 2011), Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions, 2011), Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, 2013), and The Rose Knight (Lulu, 2014). Anaiya lives in the Languedoc region of Southern France where she gives retreats and tours into the heart of the Magdalene Mysteries.

I commit to revealing myself fully in relationship and to not conceal myself in any way.


11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

I commit myself to having a good time in my close relationships. Space is as important as closeness. Only through taking space for ourselves can we integrate. Taking space may be as simple as a walk or a daily meditation time. In codependence taking space almost always brings up fear. However, in a committed relationship, taking space usually results in more closeness and sharing as each soul deepens individually. The dance of the relationship is renewed and kept lively. We want intimacy, but often we are afraid of it because of the pain it has brought in times past. When two people agree, they desire closeness; when they state they are willing to clear up their barriers to closeness, intimacy begins. A major opening to love occurs when we shift from concealing to revealing. Most of us learned to hide our wounded selves and true selves in order to survive growing up. We then take this into our adult relationships. It costs us, because a close relationship thrives on transparency. Being fully transparent heals the shadow. If your energy is tied up in concealing who you are and how you feel, there is little energy left for intimacy.

Padma Aon Prakasha is a lover of God and evolutionary catalyst, bringing back secret wisdoms to humanity from the sacred traditions he has been initiated into. His books —including Dimensions of Love, The Power of Shakti, Womb Wisdom, The Soul’s Guide to Birthing, The Christ Blueprint, Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt—reveal different aspects of the full potential of the soul. Since 1997 he has led groups in over seventeen countries pioneering and catalyzing an experiential renaissance of womb consciousness, creating guides in Australia, Hawaii, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, and France. His courses are now used worldwide by many teachers to ignite Shakti and womb consciousness in tens of thousands of souls. As a music producer and sacred sound master, Padma has performed worldwide, producing the albums Rhythmic Intelligence, Song of Light, and Life-Cycles. His TV work involved discovering the first mummified Tibetan Lama for Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy on the Discovery Channel and narrating Peabody Award Winner Stephen Olsson’s Cannes and Sun Dance Festival documentary Sounds of the Soul about the Fe Festival of World Sacred Music.

Beloved Mother Father God, I [we] pray for You to bless my [our] heart’s desire to live in a committed relationship. Please bless me [us]. Grant me [us] courage of heart to feel all my [our] feelings, to tell the truth, and to keep all agreements that I [we] make with myself [ourselves], with my beloved [one another], and with You, Beloved God! Amen.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


It is with intentional presence ... 1. I create my reality. 2. I awaken the higher power of creativity in my life. 3. I open to the purity of being. 4. I wait for inspired action to rise before doing. 5. I align words, thoughts and actions. 6. I place my mind behind my eyes. 7. I balance giving and receiving. 8. I integrate masculine and feminine energy. 9. I engage deep relaxation throughout my life to open allowing. 10. I acknowledge rest when required. 11. I know I AM Creator; I know YOU as Creator. 12

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

The Three Waves of Light and Your Feminine and Masculine Creative Energy During these times of Shift, there are three powerful Waves of Light moving through the solar system, planet Earth and all of humanity. Two of these Waves are very much about disengaging the electromagnetic fields of thought and emotion that are misaligned within our current, third dimensional state of experience. The third Wave assists in easing the transition of this disengagement and smoothly moving humanity from the duality of the third dimension, separation and fear, to a fifth dimensional state of wellbeing. Duality has been very misunderstood. Duality was never meant to be two in separation, but One with two balanced components. Within the duality of the third dimension, feminine and masculine energy has been separated and reduced to gender and body types. In the fifth dimension, duality is a balance of the feminine and masculine. Feminine and masculine energy in the fifth dimensional reality is the fundamental building block of all creations. We each have this unlimited creative power available to us, but it has been lost and forgotten. Feminine and masculine creative energy is a core aspect within each of us, however it is also misunderstood and out of balance. Feminine creative energy is very complex, multifocused, energized and fast. Masculine creative energy is simple, uncomplicated, singlefocused, and slower than the feminine. When the Teachers of Light talk about “feminine” or “masculine”, they are referring to a set of characteristics and energetics within the creation process, not physical bodies. Feminine energetics include ease, patience, flow, smooth and understanding. Masculine creative energy holds energetics such as, stable, structure, focused and commanding. This is not to say that the masculine can’t flow in ease, or the feminine can’t be stable and solid. Stable as feminine energy demonstrates itself differently than stable as masculine energy. Flow as masculine demonstrates itself differently than the feminine flow. Take a moment and observe this for yourself.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


To illustrate this difference, masculine creative energy is composed of straight lines and angles. Feminine energy is composed of curves and swirls. There are no straight lines and angles in the feminine and there are no curves and swirls in the masculine. Both types of creative energy are absolutely valuable and required to bring your creations forth. Masculine energy without feminine energy is not whole; it doesn’t feel valued; it’s not nurtured or appreciated. It feels incomplete. This is not about men and women or relationships, and yet, this applies there too. More importantly, this is about your personal, internal, masculine and feminine balance. Female energy without masculine energy is also not whole. It feels unsupported and unfocused. It’s scattered, ungrounded and unstable. It is without structure and as a result it has no sense of direction, completion, or success.

Within any creation process, the feminine energy is the first spark; the initial impulse of a creative idea, desire or thought. Masculine creative energy then takes that impulse and creates a structure for its manifestation; the scaffolding to hold and construct it. This interchange of co-creating occurs within each of us, in our individual expressions as well as our external relationships. For example, the feminine within you has the idea and impulse to garden. The masculine within you then takes that idea and builds the raised beds. The feminine energy then plants and tends the vegetables and herbs. You benefit by having fresh, delicious food. A unified creation process. Without both components, strong and sure, you would have less satisfying results. Those who create dominantly in one energetic or the other, end up with results that are off balance, incomplete and generally not successful. All your successful creations were created in this back and forth flow, whether you did so intentionally or not. 14

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

Alchemy is the ability to change the frequency of thought, alter the harmonics of matter, and apply the element of Love to create a desired result. Now is the time for that intentionality. As these three Waves now move through Earth and humanity, feminine and masculine creative potential is being returned to its original intention as the foundation of creation. The status quo, however, is also being disrupted and felt by every human on the planet. Institutions, geopolitics, world finance, religion and the very nature of Earth herself are all in this transition. This Shift and journey is now very much occurring and you cannot take your baggage with you. All limiting beliefs, judgments and fears held internally are being disrupted and brought to the surface to be released. Arguing for what has been will become increasingly uncomfortable. As the first two Waves of Light disengage the limiting beliefs of the third dimension, the third Wave presents you with the grand opportunity to create your life in a new, unified way. Choose to identify and intentionally utilize your feminine and masculine creative energy and you will not only return to wellbeing, you will uplift Earth and all her inhabitants. You have much to contribute.

JIM SELF Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Jim Self has, since childhood, recalled experiences within the sleep-state. This communication expanded into daily relationships with the Archangels, Masters and Teachers of Light. The tools and information presented in Mastering Alchemy, are in co-creation with these great beings. Link to Jim’s Book:

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR



CLICK HERE: Have you been on a spiritual journey, yet still struggle? Have you experienced challenges that continue to play out in your daily life? Do you long for success in your relationships and career?

The 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination August 12-17, 2017. Registration Link: Patricia Cota-Robles New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization FAX: 520-751-2981, Phone: 520-885-7909 New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717 16

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

A Powerful Opportunity…

In 2017, due to the incredible influxes of Light we have all been experiencing these Full Moons have blessed the Earth with higher frequencies of Light than Humanity has ever been able to receive. The Divine Intent of this greatly accelerated influx of Light is to prepare Humanity and all Life on this planet at a cellular level for the shift of vibration that will take place when the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the Realms of Cause are encoded onto the fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential in the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. This global event will occur August 12-17, 2017, during the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination. In the meantime, Humanity and the Earth will experience many more accelerations of vibration in preparation for this unprecedented opportunity. The Light from the three Full Moons will build in momentum and be expanded during the June 21st Solstice. This Light will continue to build in momentum and be monumentally enhanced by the powerful Lunar and Solar Eclipses that will embrace the Earth and ALL her Life during the 31st Annual WCI. The Lunar Eclipse will take place August 7th and an extremely powerful Solar Eclipse will take place on August 21st permanently sealing the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in the core of purity in every particle and wave of Life that is Ascending on Planet Earth. These patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are patterns that Lightworkers have been cocreating for decades, and that Humanity has been longing for since our fall from Grace aeons ago. According to the Company of Heaven, anchoring these specific patterns is the greatest need of the hour for Humanity and all Life evolving upon this planet. I know that when we observe the negativity being pushed to the surface all over the world to be healed and transmuted into Light, it seems as though Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance for the masses of Humanity is not even a remote possibility. But that is an illusion. On the contrary, it is precisely because of the greatly accelerated purging of everything that conflicts with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance that the way is being cleared for these NEW patterns from the Realms of Cause to be anchored on Earth. This is not wishful thinking.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


“Every person is precious and Divine, regardless of how far his or her

behavior patterns and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth.

We are not the victims of our lives. We are the cocreators of our lives. Now is the time to create the lives we have always dreamed about.” - Patricia Cota-Robles

This is our Divine Destiny. Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are the ONLY reality on New Earth; we are being given the opportunity to begin the lifetransforming process of manifesting that reality tangibly in the lives of ALL Humanity NOW! The vitally important thing for us to acknowledge is that this will not happen without our assistance. It will ONLY happen if you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity deliberately participate in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan by joining forces with each other and with the Company of Heaven. Remember, the Universal Law is that the call for assistance must come from the Realm where the assistance is needed. If the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are to be anchored on Earth, those of us abiding in this Realm must invoke that Light through the Divinity of our Heart Flames, and then breathe it into the world of form on the Holy Breath or it will not become a manifest reality. This is what is meant by the statement, “God needs a body.” The Divine Intent of this greatly accelerated influx of Light is to prepare Humanity and all Life on this planet at a cellular level for the shift of vibration that will take place when the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the Realms of Cause are encoded onto the fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential in the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. The vitally important thing for us to acknowledge is that this will not happen without our assistance. It will ONLY happen if you and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity deliberately participate in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan by joining forces with each other and with the Company of Heaven. The Universal Law is that the call for assistance must come from the Realm where the assistance is needed. If the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are to be anchored on Earth, those of us abiding in this Realm must invoke that Light through the Divinity of our Heart Flames, and then breathe it into the world of form on the Holy Breath or it will not become a manifest reality. This is what is meant by the statement, “God needs a body.” 18

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

The Divine Plan is for the archetypes containing the Divine Matrix for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to be anchored on Earth during the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which took place August 1987. Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Tucson, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their Heart. Listen to your Heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed now! This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, our mission will be victoriously accomplished. This event will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, which is nestled in the unique beauty and the nurturing, healing environment of the southwestern desert in Tucson, Arizona. The resort is surrounded by lush desert vegetation and towering two to three-hundred-year-old saguaro cacti. These expressions of the Elemental Kingdom stand as mighty sentinels while anchoring the Light of God into the Earth. The entire Universe is supporting us in this wondrous endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but the Lightworkers on Earth are the predominant force bringing this Divine Plan into physical manifestation. Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our Hearts together, we have the absolute ability to succeed God Victoriously.

PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES Patricia is cofounder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress on Illumination. 
 Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. This is accomplished through her website, webinars, YouTube videos, Vlogs, Facebook sharings, books, CDs, DVDs, Mp3s, her free monthly e-mail articles, and the free seminars she offers throughout the USA. 
 The Divine Intent of these Celestial Sharings is to give Humanity greater clarity and understanding, as we progress through these wondrous but often challenging times on Earth


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11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


I give… I am for giving… I am for giving creativity… I am for giving presence… I am for giving imagination… I am for giving inspiration… I am for giving energetic alignment… I am for giving light… I am for giving compassion… I am for giving sound.… I am for giving integrity… I am for giving color… I am for giving commitment… I am for giving focus… I am for giving vision… I am for giving communication… I am for giving spirit… I am for giving heart… I am for giving mind… I am for giving clarity… I am for giving play… I am for giving beauty… I am for giving expansion… I am for giving experience… -Simran 22

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

Creating On Purpose A Prelude … by Lion Goodman and Anodea Judith It began with a sense of humor, and the capacity to design. Celestials in the Department of Creation got to work, a smile on each exalted face. Out of darkness they created light so they could see what they were doing. Stars and suns and supernovae burst with a bang out from that nothingness, spewing light beams in every direction. Into their cauldrons they stirred time and motion, spiraling into galaxies. An impossibly large space was needed to hold it, so a Universe was designed with expansion capacity. They ran around in that seventh heaven, joyously creating one outrageous thing after another. Working in the back room, a quiet designer created eternity, then brought forth novelty to keep from getting bored. Soon it got messy, so they created gravity to tidy things up. Billions of planets contracted out of dust, each a precious jewel against an empty space. Celestials went wild with these blank canvases, sculpting each sphere as a unique display of their artistry. Paint-pots overflowed into atmospheres and clouds, gases and liquids exchanged forms. Solid matter was worn down by the dance. One dark night, moons became all the rage. They were hung up in skies, lighting up the darkness – one, two or three at a time. To balance gravity, a jolly Celestial invented levity. They rolled on the ground, howling with laughter, until they were lifted into the air. A genius from the abstract realm joined them. They shunned him at first, because acceptance had not yet been invented. But out from his imagination emerged numbers, mathematics, the division of things, and measurement. Not just integers, but algebra, calculus, and infinity. Duly impressed, the others patted him on the back and handed him an ornate certificate of extraordinary achievement.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


Not to be outdone, another created recursion and fractal geometry. Now, mountains and fjords were a breeze to design, and the team went wild. In a few billion years, Mandelbrot would recognize the formula, but now it defined edges at every scale, from dust to landscapes. Complex trees were miniaturized and placed inside seeds that could grow into trees that produced more seeds. This brilliant idea for abundance was heartily toasted with a round of celestial nectar. Volcanoes were a big hit – hot red lava flowed down to wet seas. A jealous competitor brought forth waterfalls, and she was covered with romantic kisses. The manager of biology approved plans for evolution, which kicked off a season of new fashions: skeletons, wings and teeth, fur and feathers, eyes and tongues. Scaly creatures emerged hungrily from eggs. When it got too crowded, eating was invented – and everything became food for something else. One member of the team designed an ostrich, and they all burst into laughter. Another designed a nudibranch, which brought forth amazement and quiet smirks. Yet another crafted a mammoth, long tusks curved like scimitars. A fourth designed a human, and suddenly they all fell silent, sensing both awesome potential and terrible peril. Wagging their tongues with arguments and ecstasy, the Celestials uttered languages into existence – not just one, but thousands, each with its own words and grammar. Wrapped in symbols and signs, they gifted language to the humans to help them get along, throwing in passion and sex, free will and human folly. Gossip appeared, and it ran through the office like wildfire, keeping everyone entertained, and a bit nervous. Then, a youthful member created story, character, and plot. Another embellished them with music and dancing. The entire company stood up applauding, begging for an encore. 24

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

In their symphony of creation, they called forth objects and concepts, ideas and analysis, beauty and artistry, thought and emotion, travel and stillness. In a frenzy of activity, they sweated and toiled in happy outbursts, wrestling and arguing, collaborating and innovating. They somersaulted ideas into rough realities, smoothing them down with further modifications. They waved wands, bringing possibilities into being, until they fell down exhausted and giddy from the effort. The Boss walked in, looked around at the mess and smiled. Her heart beamed love into every creation. “That was a good idea,” she thought. “I’m happy I dreamed it up. But it needs one more thing: purpose.” And with that, she spun around and left for vacation.

Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman Anodea Judith has dedicated her life to healing the wounds in our personal and collective psyches. Her best-selling books on the chakras and global change have placed her among the evolutionary thought leaders of our time. Anodea is founder and director of Sacred Centers, a teaching organization for life-affirming paths of wisdom. Lion Goodman is co-founder of Luminary Leadership Institute, a consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders of businesses and organizations into alignment with their highest virtues. He has 35 years experience as an executive coach and businessman. He founded The Goodman Group in 1984, an executive search and consulting firm that served more than 250 companies and executives during his 18-years as CEO and President.

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11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


Creative Manifesting Personality Types CYNTHIA SUE LARSON

Have you noticed how some people have their own unique styles of creative manifesting? A RealityShifters survey conducted in 2005 found characteristics most common to seven types of reality shifters. Explorers — 20%

is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps. She has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and discusses consciousness and quantum physics on many shows and the Living the Quantum Dream show she hosts.

Healers — 19% Mystics — 18% Champions — 13% Networkers — 12% Orchestrators — 12% Shapeshifters — 6%

Do you want to know your creative manifesting personality? 26

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

What is Your Creative Manifesting Personality Type?

Explorer Excited to discover new ideas and new ways of thinking and doing things, Explorers are motivated to see things from different angles. Experience some of the strangest things, like things appearing out of thin air, sequences of events repeating, and inanimate objects moving around.

Healer Healers care about how others feel to the point that your very presence is conducive to better health. Injuries, illnesses and addictions vanish without surgery or any other standard form of medical treatment. Inanimate objects are sometimes repaired as well.

Mystic Mystics experience divine consciousness in everything; at one with the universe. Signs and signals are obvious, providing essential information from the cosmic, consciousness of all that is. You ask questions silently, receiving instantaneous answers. Occasional bilocation and influencing street lights.

Champion Knows miracles are possible and wishes and prayers are answered. Spiritual person who meditates and/or prays, with a strong sense of destiny and unique powers and abilities. Weather can match Champions moods, objects sometimes transport, and success occurs even against seemingly impossible odds.

Networker Networkers listen and know how people feel, even when far away in space and/or time. Hear unspoken words, and are heard saying things they did not say. Communicates between time lines, aware of having future memories of things that will but have not happened yet.

Orchestrator Orchestrators bring harmony to chaotic situations. Synchronicities abound; problems naturally resolve. Can experience never-ending abundance, as gas, food, money and/or other perishables continuously reappear. Have extra time to reach destinations, and can get things accomplished in little time.

Shapeshifter Shapeshifters notice things often seem to have a life of their own, even very large things, like buildings and statues. You can feel invisible at times, and bend spoons and other metal objects.

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Manifesting Personality Quiz O Things reappear as if out of thin air that had been missing… often arriving in places you’d checked before. E Events repeat as if for the first time, like a scene in a movie repeating. H You’ve noted dead people are alive again after having been reported deceased. H Spontaneous Remissions -- you’ve witnessed injuries, illnesses, or addictions vanish without physical intervention. N Unspoken Words – people have heard you say something you are certain you only thought silently.

H Objects have been Repaired near you without being touched – such as cameras, cars, computers, printers. S Objects Transformed -- things appear different than they had before... including large things, like buildings. C Objects Transported -- items move instantaneously from one place to another. S Invisibility -- people have looked right through you, completely ignoring you. O Never-Ending Abundance -- of money, food, and/or gasoline. M Bilocation -- you have been observed to be in more than one place at a time.

E Materializations – you’ve seen objects literally appear as if out of nowhere… falling out of "thin air”.

O You can gain extra time -- going farther in less time or simply have a noticeable amount of extra time.

N You’ve seen printed and man-made materials change or appear differently than they had before.


N Past/Future Communication -- you see and communicate with people in the past / future.

Signs & Signals answer your questions.

C Time Stands Still -- while you keep moving, you’ve seen the world slow down and/or stand still around you.

S Coin & Spoon Bending -- metal objects bend without force or heat. C Weather Shifting -- the weather changes to match your intent / mood. M "Sliders" -- street lights go out as you pass by. E Poltergeist Effect -- rocks hit windows with no wind, appliances go out, doors slam, phones ring, etc. 28

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


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11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


The Ancient Eastern Science of the Nervous System

The spiritual path of Buddhism came into existence as a result of this yearning to completely slow down our nervous system so we can experience real freedom. In Sanskrit such freedom is called nirvana, meaning extinction, freedom from suffering, and ultimately the unconditioned eternal reality that we experience as enlightenment. In the story of Gautama the Buddha, he sought methods of practice and philosophy that would evoke the state of nirvana. He followed asceticism and strict spiritual practices for six years. It wasn’t until he was exhausted in his efforts that he finally took some milky soup from a young girl herding cattle and sat under the famous Bodhi tree in the small town of Bodh Gaya, India. In doing so, he completely relaxed without the need for striving. His original efforts had been futile because he was approaching enlightenment in the same way that we purchase a cheap suit. In striving for anything, there is still agitation in the mind, and this perception of life comes from the ignorant view of how we supposedly achieve things in this world. Knowingly or unknowingly, Gautama the Buddha accessed a part of our nervous system that remains dormant when we are always in physical and mental motion. This part of our nervous system is known as the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The nervous system is the part of an animal’s body that coordinates its voluntary and involuntary actions and also transmits signals to and from different parts of its body. In vertebrate species, such as human beings, the nervous system contains two parts, the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The central nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system consists of mainly nerves, which are enclosed bundles of long fibers, and axons, which are long, slender projections of nerve cells that conduct electrical impulses away from the neuron’s cell body. These nerves and axons connect the central nervous system to every other part of the body. The peripheral nervous system is divided into the somatic nervous system (SoNS) and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). 32

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

Few people are conscious of how they consume and transform energy taken in through the nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is our central focus when related to psychological or spiritual inner work and transformation. The autonomic nervous system is a control system that largely acts unconsciously and regulates our bodily functions such as heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal. The autonomic nervous system has two branches: the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The sympathetic nervous system is sometimes considered the “fight or flight” system because it is activated in cases of emergencies to mobilize energy. It is what we activate when we are in motion and being stimulated through our senses. Without it we could not do anything. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, is often considered the “rest and digest” or “feed and breed” system because it is activated when we are in a relaxed state. We activate the parasympathetic nervous system when we essentially do nothing. It is also responsible for stimulation of “rest and digest” and “feed and breed” activities that occur when the body is at rest, especially after eating, including sexual arousal, lacrimation (tears), salivation, urination, digestion, and defecation. The parasympathetic nervous system is what makes us drift off to sleep every night. It is stimulated most when we relax deeply. The war on our nervous system is essentially the overstimulation of our sympathetic nervous system along with an understimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. When we stimulate only the sympathetic nervous system without activating the parasympathetic nervous system, we increase the probability of chemical imbalances in our brain from not having a healthy balanced lifestyle. Because of this, the vast majority of us are teetering on the edge of psychological suicide. People may say they have time to relax every day. But are our methods for relaxation relaxing? Our perception of relaxing is sitting in front of the television or computer, playing with our phones, chatting with friends, and so on. This is not true relaxation.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


When we engage in such activities we are still stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and not the parasympathetic nervous system. Accessing the parasympathetic nervous system requires a complete shutdown and withdrawal of the senses and mental activity, known as pratyahara in Sanskrit. This shutdown is important to Hinduism, Taoism, and especially Buddhism with its methods of practicing meditation. No matter whether it is Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, or Zen, the various strands of the Buddha’s teachings have at their core the necessity of starving or fasting the mind. This is done to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to play its role within our psychosomatic organism. One of the more effective methods that the Buddha supposedly taught was vipassana. Vipassana is a Pali word (vipasyana in Sanskrit) used in the Buddhist tradition that means “insight into the true nature of reality.” The meditation practice of vipassana is an ancient method that is believed to have come from Gautama the Buddha himself and which survived through other Buddhas throughout history. Vipassana meditation is thought of not only as a meditation practice in all life but also a disciplined technique that is supposed to evoke vipassana in all life. This technique was reintroduced by Burmese Theravada Buddhist teachers Ledi Sayadaw and Mogok Sayadaw. It was then popularized by Mahasi Sayadaw (a Burmese Theravada Buddhist monk and meditation master), Saya Gi U Ba Khin (the Burmese vipassana meditation teacher and an influential leader of the vipassana movement), and his student, Satya Narayan Goenka (better known as S. N. Goenka), who is well known for spreading the vipassana movement worldwide with more than a hundred centers in countries around the world. The vipassana meditation technique is like shock therapy for your nervous system, consisting of a ten-day course in seclusion away from worldly distractions, where you meditate for hours each day, eat small portions of vegetarian food, and sleep, with no talking at all for the whole duration. The effect this has on us is immense. During the ten days people are giving themselves the chance to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to function without the interference of the sympathetic nervous system habitually seeking stimulation. The result is that a lot of the subconscious content lying dormant within our nervous system— content that drives our unconscious reactions and responses to the world— rises to the surface of our conscious mind, giving us the opportunity to finally reveal and heal our deep-seated conditioning. 34

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

When we are mindlessly out of sync with the here and now we are unaware of the cravings and aversions that our subconscious continues to fuel and that drive our unconscious reactions toward the world. Anapanasati is an advanced method that will deliver us from this dilemma of suffering and the perpetual subconscious obsession we have about ourselves. The awareness of respiration, especially if practiced earnestly throughout our life, will allow us to be ever present in the here and now effortlessly, without the need for trying. But this might not be the case in the beginning because we have become accustomed to distraction over the course of our lives. Some effort, then, is necessary at the start of disciplining our attention to be focused in the present moment. Vipassana is a flawless method for digging into the unconscious material within our mind to give us a glimpse of our true nature. The only problem with this method of fasting the mind is what to do with it when we come out of seclusion and return to the world. American mythologist Joseph Campbell called this “bringing back the boon,” referring to anybody who chooses to break away from fear to embark on the “hero’s journey” and then return to the world to share what they have learned.

JASON GREGORY is an author, philosopher, and teacher specializing in Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, cognitive science, metaphysics, and ancient cultures. He is the author of Fasting the Mind, Enlightenment Now, and The Science and Practice of Humility. Jason travels worldwide lecturing about the East, its science of mind, and the methods and practices that define the East, and how its philosophy is a cure not only for the individual’s mind but also for the cultural, social, and religious problems in the world.

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11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

Dearest Infinite Spirit… I have stumbled and I have fumbled. I have fallen, and fallen again. I have calculated and miscalculated. I have controlled and lost control. I have pushed and pulled… driven and gotten stuck. I have given it all I have, and in moments given up. I took hold of the wheel, and told you to step aside. I managed and micromanaged every life but mine. I begged and I pleaded, prayed and lay defeated. I hoped and wished… been crazed and confused… dazed and amused. I have traveled the scenic route, having had some near misses and a few crashes. I saw tall mountains and swam in murky marshes. I have been to the valleys below us and crossed the desert many times. I have searched the skies for shooting stars; I have eclipsed my own life. I have been here, there and yonder… wishing and wanting… a traveler caught in slumber… all of it quite daunting. I return home with ample treasure, and experience of great measure. I have gained much while traversing the dark and now ask you to awaken my Conscious Creator spark. Take all I have received and transmute it to gold, for every step has been devoted to the journey of the soul. I shall sprinkle aliveness with wisdom; as you lace life with grace. Enlighten me to shine once again in this sacred earthen space. The time has come to don the crown, from where the majesty of divinity may flow down. Keep my vision clear and spirit focused. Place my feet straight ahead and affirm my heart never closes. In this asking… Let thy will be done. Amen. Ashe. Aho. Satnam. WaheGuru. And then some. In Devotion - SIMRAN

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The scary thing about asking for what you want is that you don’t know what’s going to happen after you start talking. If your fear of uncertainty is keeping you from starting a difficult conversation, here are some ways to manage this common fear. 1. You’re worried that you’ll be too nervous or emotional. It’s good to show your emotions. But if you get nervous, cry, or yell, this can sometimes prevent you from expressing your ideas clearly. If people can’t understand you, they’re not going to be able to help you out. If you think you’ll get nervous or emotional, take some time to collect your thoughts. It will be easier to express yourself clearly if you know what you feel, why you feel that way, and what you want to see happen. The best thing to do is to start small by focusing on one recent and specific conflict or situation you have had with the person. Don’t think about all the things this person has done to you in your whole life. You won’t know where to begin. To get clear about what’s bothering you, answer these four questions: • • • •

What specific thing happened to make you upset? How did that situation make you feel? Why do you think you felt that way? What do you want to see happen differently next time?

2. You're worried that the other person isn’t going to listen to you. You want to be sure the other person is going to listen to what you have to say with respect and attention. If you don’t think the other person cares about what you want, start by trying to build more trust between you both.


11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

In order to build trust, you can: • • • •

Notice that you are reluctant to trust. Pay attention to your tendency to generalize, judge, criticize, blame, or put something on another person that doesn’t belong to them. Be willing to give this person a fresh opportunity and the benefit of the doubt. Consider what you need to know, evidence you need to see, and perspective you need to gain and understand in order to feel safe to extend trust. Do you need specific information? Are there expectations you need clarified? Are there agreements that need to be met? Instead of making the other person wait for you to extend trust, ask for what you need.

3. Even if you ask for what you want, you’re worried that you still won’t get what you need. You’re clear about what you want, but it’s hard to say it if you're scared you’ll hurt others. Maybe someone will feel excluded, disappointed, or angry because of your decision. Someone might even try to make you feel wrong or make you change your mind. So what do you do when you think you’re making the right decision and want to sound confident? Set expectations. Let the person know that your decision might impact her. If you’re wanting to talk about something important with your best friend, you could say, “I’d like to talk to you about something new that I’d like to try, and I hope you’ll support me. This decision could impact you, so I hope we can look for solutions together that’ll work for both of us.” You’re creating an ally to help you get what you want. If you’re talking to someone who tends to push you around, or tells you what to do, you might want to be more direct. You can simply say, “I’d like to do something that’s really important to me, and I hope you’ll support me. I really believe I’m making the right decision.” As you practice these tools, be gentle with yourself if you don’t get it perfect. This is a creative process, and it includes other people. If you prepare in the ways I’ve described, you can be confident that you’ve done your best to prepare. And you have taken practical steps to make the uncertainty more manageable. There’s no way to get on the other side of a difficult situation other than to step into each day as a new opportunity for healing and resolution. Even when you’re unsure, you can expect the best!

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


How Nature

Inspires 40

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR



11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR

Willow Crossley has a background in design. After a degree in fashion journalism at the London University of the Arts, she worked on magazines before moving to the south of France. From here she began her online business Willow Rose Boutique, selling her word art designs, fabric-covered books, and bespoke jewelry.

Photography Credit: Emma Mitchell - Design: Laura Woussen

The Art of Living With Nature - Willow Crossley CICO Books - $21.95 US Published July 2017

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BEING… CREATOR What is the dream… the desire…the creation living in your cells? • • • • • • •

Do you feel as if you are chasing the clock? Does it feel like all you do is work? Are you bound by obligations? Are there fears or anxieties that whisper softly, or speak loudly? Are you numb, bored, apathetic or have you checked out? Do you feel free? Have you conformed in life?

The mind has been conditioned to default into a program of repetitive thought. In our unconsciousness - even if believing we are conscious - the body is driven by what has been imprinted into our cells. Habitual impulses drive each and every one of us from fear, stress, belief and upbringing. Although a version of you is creating, you are not living as a Conscious Creator. In the more expanded state of your being, the capacity to use power beyond the physical mind, that which is greater than the brain and more intentional than emotion, creates a vibratory frequency that expands the space for more in life… and greater aliveness. A Creator holds a state of consciousness that does not control. Instead, it is through balancing energies of giving and receiving. In addition, a delicate dance between masculine and feminine emerges. I was always creating, but only recently have truly begin integrating the divine creatorship that we all possess. I don’t work. I create. This space of creation comes from a level of balance cultivated from where two worlds touch. I ground in the earthly realm where ‘the doing’ only occurs through ‘inspired creation’ of the heart… from the wellspring of DEVOTION. Action becomes an embodiment of divine prayer and meditation, otherwise I am at rest. This is the initial deepening toward life as relaxation.

11:11 — July 2017— YOU AS CREATOR


Living & Knowing If ‘work’, becomes based in the ego, my body will speak to me… strongly. I begin to feel tired, continuously yawn or get sick. Projects drag on… things don’t complete… and, there is no joy or fulfillment. I took two years off to be with myself in order to discover my conditioning, the intricacies of the ego, and the habitual impulses that drive me. I don’t work anymore. I don’t keep lists. I don’t have a schedule. I live a life of ease, trust and appreciation. And … • • • •

I create a lot. I have time… all the time I need. I have what I need, and more… I live with a sense of freedom.

Creatorship does not mean effort is not required. There are times when you must place your energy toward something to line up the manifestation. And, there are those instances where the pure state of powerful presence can create something from nothing. In both cases, the most important step stems from believing in 'YOU AS CREATOR'. • • • • • •

What do you desire to create? What takes up your time that keeps you from real creation? What would you like to be doing with your time? How much do you trust? How can you deepen trust? With yourself? With your life? With the world? What does freedom mean? What is success? What is happiness?

Don’t drive life any more. Let aliveness take you on an adventure. Deepen into the heartbeat of the creator that rests as a pulse within your heart of being. Simran Singh is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Author, Love Catalyst & Rebel Humanitarian. Simran is also a Speaker, Mentor, Retreat Facilitator and creates Evolve Soul Art. 46

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