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September 2020 — Intentions I am awakened to my good, and receive the bountiful harvest of endless opportunity.


I am magnetized to the destiny divinely ordained to me; no person, place, thing, nor power can obstruct me from that. 2.

I am open to the four directions that bring success, love, prosperity and fulfillment directly to my door.


I am one with endless supply; divine coffers are available to me always and infinitely.


I am a conduit of love, abundance and success in all ways and through all things with which I am engaged.



I am one with happiness, joy and overflow. The divine heart expresses through my physical and energetic being. I am gifted surprises and blessings each and every day; miracles flow into my life with divine synchronicity.



I am love’s voice…love’s touch… love’s listening…love’s and eyes…. Everywhere I am, Love is.


I am happy, harmonious, radiant and free, expressing the highest and best version of me.


I am aligned to my highest good. I endeavor to work and play for grand pleasure and abundant pay.


I am one with the Divine, embodying it’s grand design. Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-petaled-flowers-2512280/




LIFE… reflects your energetic expression. We live in a magical landscape that morphs according to our thoughts words and actions. Behind each of these things is energy. Your energetic expression is the building mechanism of your reality. Although it matters what you say… what out pictures is a result of the energy behind what you say. We live in a world where we are being shown that it is alright to be abusive, to fling words, to exert harsh actions, to be violent and disrespectful of others who are not like us.


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We also live in a world where people are generous, loving, kind and caring. We are in a world where neighbors take care of neighbors and people pull together for the sake of truth, justice and freedom. This is the fork in the road… Which way will you choose? Which road will you take? Are you going to be conscious or unconscious? Will you wield darkness or light? Will you be cognizant of your actions? Will you listen to the words and inflections that come through your lips? Will you feel into the energy that is behind your thoughts, words and actions? Will you listen to the tone of voice that exudes out of you? You can complain, criticize, judge and condemn others and our world… but there is no one in the room but YOU and GOD. Everything is a reflection of YOU. Everything that manifests is a depiction of your vibration and frequency. YOU are here to master energy through voice, word, thought, action, sound and physicality. Become free inside and you will experience no oppression externally. Be unconditionally loving to all; you will experience no indifference. Be compassionate; you will see a world deserving of your compassion and kindness. Be one with all beings; you will find there is no separation. See all in their highest expression and you will realize there is no one to save, fix or heal. Once these things are done, you will avail yourself of the energetic expression that is holy, sacred, divine and pure existing within everything.

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The goal of energy dialogue is to participate moment by moment in the ongoing energy communications within you.



COMMUNITY | 41 - 45

People are naturally primed to detect personally significant words, such as names that have particular meaning to them and taboo words, such as sex, blood, death, cancer, and dreams.


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To truly understand the creative oracle… one must look to those who no longer “do” acts of creativity but whom have become the creation.

WHOLENESS | 18 ANDREA MATHEWS The psyche does not want us to split off. It wants us to integrate—to bring together all that is genuine within us, to gather it into a whole.

SEDNA | 22


Sedna’s return after 11,500 years represents unrelenting power that simply will not allow crimes against Earth and her inhabitants to continue.

RELEASE JUDGMENT | 29 PATRICK PAUL GARLINGER You have to examine your thoughts and emotions honestly because you’re contributing that energy to the world at large every single time you engage or disengage with politics.






Energy healing is based on the premise that energy is our essence and that while our bodies appear to be solid, they are in fact a constantly swirling set of energetic exchanges. Energy dialogue is at the heart of successful energy medicine. It quite simply involves being able to get the messages from your body, spirit, and mind and to respond in their idiom — using movement, gesture, light, sound, vibration, imagery, interaction with energy flows, actions, placement in an environment, and more. This is the vocabulary of the language of energy. The goal of energy dialogue is to participate moment by moment in the ongoing energy communications within you. It is not something to use just when you are sick. It is a practice that allows you to bring your body’s rhythms and expressions, your conscious understanding, and your behaviors into collaboration, creating your spirit’s truest embodiment. Once you can participate in energy dialogue, you have the basis for activating and supporting your body’s natural ability to heal. You use energy dialogue much as you use any language. As you proceed through your day, consider all the ways you use language to think or speak. First, there are the monologues and imagined conversations going on in your head. Perhaps you listen to the radio as you get ready for work. You might have conversations with family members or talk to yourself in the mirror. You might interact with the neighbor on your way out the door, and so on. All of this is natural. You probably don’t have to stop and formulate sentences, look up words in a dictionary, do fifteen minutes of language exercises, or struggle to find the right tone of voice or emphasis as you joke, question, respond, or inform. The goal in learning the language of energy is to participate in the energetic dialogues that are you and to skillfully navigate among the exchanges with energies that are not you. If you are fluent in the language of energy, it becomes second nature to rebalance your energies, to pull in what is needed, and to recognize when something requires conscious attention. 6



Using Energy Dialogue Throughout the Day The energies that make up your body continuously move and swirl and spiral and flow and block and release and swarm and envelop. They put on quite a show. If you have eyes to see, there are patterns to the movement and colors that represent differing vibrations or kinds of movement. There are shapes created by energies moving in collaborative ways. Some healers refer to this massive dance of energies as the energy body, and it has been mapped in various cultures. Although you can find common features from one body to the next, each energy dance is also individual and unique. And if you have ears to hear, it’s a counterpoint of sounds, a symphony of exchanges embodying meaning, intention, and recognition. It is choruses engaged in call and response, expressing our truth. And each of us is set to a different, individualized key. There are harmonies and dissonance, melody lines and chords, and elements (like the heart) that set and keep the beat. It is extremely entertaining to tune in and just listen! Imagine if, as a child, you learned to tune in to this dimension of being. Today, you would see, hear, feel, know, and smell when the patterns shifted or faltered. It would be no big deal to recognize what is needed and supply it, to recognize what is going awry and right it, to participate in that conversation as it is unfolding. If you had learned this language as a child, your day might look something like this: You would wake up and spend a few minutes just checking in — helping the energies transition from the more muted AS ABOVE … SO BELOW circulation during sleep to the more active movement of your day. You would know if it’s time to get up or you need more rest. You would feel what pace and rhythm is needed. You might stretch every which way to allow energies space to flow. You would hook up the main energy arteries that run up the front and back of the spine — like getting Main Street cleared of snow. You might tap or drum various junction points in your energy circulation system to get that system circulating more effectively. As you get out of bed, check in to see if you are truly oriented to the energies around you — including those of the earth and sky. You would make sure that your elements are balanced. You might tune in to your spirit, your mind, and your body to make sure those three aspects of your consciousness are accessible to guide your choices as your day unfolds. Throughout your day, little conversations and adjustments would happen. As you emerged from your car, you would take a moment to shift your sense of pacing, from the rapid speed of travel to a more leisurely stroll that allows you to tune in to the trees and sunshine and get an energy snack from them. You would naturally notice when your body or mind has needs that do not match the demands of the moment. After half a lifetime of self-care, you would probably know how to automatically and gracefully listen, console, adjust, adapt, and reset your energies. Because the language of energy is your source code, your first language, it will not take you years to gain fluency. Instead, you will awaken to ways you have already been using this language and build on those. www.1111mag.com



Exercise: Healing Hands Rub your two hands together to activate their healing capacity. You may want to experiment with holding them just an inch or two apart, palms facing each other, to see what you feel radiating from them: Heat? Tingling? Pulsing? Then take one lovely, healing hand (either left or right), and let it move to wherever on your body it wants to go. Place it, palm facing the skin, on that part of your body. Experiment with what pressure feels right: solid touch, medium touch, light touch? Go with how it feels and try to listen to your body rather than guiding this activity with your mind. Leave that hand in place, and take your other healing hand and let it move to where it wants to sit, palm down, on your body. Just hold these two places until one hand gets called to move to another spot. Shift that hand. Then check in with the other hand: Does it want to move somewhere else or stay put? There is no rule about how long to hold or where to place your hands. Just follow their wisdom, the inclinations of the quiet still voice within, and let yourself feel whatever sensations arise as you use your healing hands. Continue shifting each hand as it is pulled or guided by your body’s wisdom to move. At some point, you will have a sense of completion, that whatever needed to happen has been accomplished for now. It is fine to do this exercise fully dressed, but it is also lovely to do it in the bath or bed, making contact between your hands and skin. Your body will give you feedback on what it needs each time. And your healing hands will engage in an energetic dialogue your body needs, even when your conscious mind is not able to guide you.

ELLEN MEREDITH Ellen Meredith, DA, EEMAP, is the author of The Language Your Body Speaks. An intuitive and energy medicine practitioner with over 35 years of experience, she has served on the faculty of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden since 2010 and teaches energy healing techniques all over the world. Ellen lives in Marin County in California.

www.ellenmeredith.com Excerpted from the book The Language Your Body Speaks. Copyright ©2020 by Ellen Meredith. Printed with permission from New World Library — www.newworldlibrary.com. 8





Dreaming Your Name: The Cocktail Party Effect

"Everyone dreams. But, some dreams save lives."~ Kathleen (Kat) O'Keefe-Kanavos You are about to oversleep when you hear your name called in a dream. You wake up as a chill runs down your spine. Scanning the room and ask, “Who’s there?” You experienced an auditory warning called the Dream Cocktail Party Effect. If dreams can be warning-bells, you are saved by the dream. Research shows that before an illness or during treatment, some patients have also had this experience. What better way is there for your inner-guidance, or a deceased loved-one to get your attention than to call your name? Maybe they want you to know that you are loved. Current medical dream research proves these early warning dreams can be a tool for early detection of cancer and other diseases. I know this to be true because I am a three-time breast cancer survivor who experienced warning dreams and became a Breast Cancer Dream Research Patient for Duke University Medical Radiologist Dr. Larry Burk’s program. The research is published in the medical journal EXPLORE The Journal of Science and Healing.1. There are rare reports of warning dreams about breast cancer in the dream literature and even fewer in the medical literature. However, anxiety about cancer is increasing due to conflicting guidelines regarding screening. The purpose of the Breast Cancer Dream Research study was to survey women with breast cancer who had warning dreams prior to diagnosis to determine the most common and essential characteristics of these dreams. Hearing voices and their name called by a deceased loved one in a dream was one of the prominent characteristics. Hearing a name whispered in a dream is a compelling experience, especially if it is your name. According to a 2006 study from the Institute for the Study of Child Development, using or hearing your name is considered a self-representational behavior.2 It might explain why our ears perk up when we hear our name in a loud, crowded room. It is the Cocktail Party Effect.3 10



"Don't tell God how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big your God is.” People are naturally primed to detect personally significant words, such as names that have particular meaning to them and taboo words, such as sex, blood, death, cancer, and dreams. It may also describe a similar phenomenon that occurs when we detect words of importance originating from unattended stimuli, for instance, hearing a loved one's name in another conversation from across the room.4 This auditory phenomenon allows most people to tune in to a single voice and tune out all others, in a group, at a party, in a crowded place, or, in the case of Dr. Larry Burk’s book based on his research, Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, in a crowded dream. Dreams in which we hear names may create another phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).5 It is an experience of low-grade euphoria. When something important rings true, it creates tingling that starts at the back of your head, travels down your arms, and spine as if you have been hugged by an angel. So the next time you are at a party, alone, or dreaming, and hear your name called, it may be a warning… or a simple reminder by an angel that you are loved.

KATHLEEN O’KEEFE-KANAVOS Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed what the medical community missed. Kat’s an award-winning author, dream expert, speaker, TV/radio host/ producer whose work was featured on Dr. Oz and the DOCTORS.

www.KathleenOkeefeKanavos.com Research: 1) Warning Dreams Preceding the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer: A Survey of the Most Important Characteristics EXPLORE The Journal of Science and Healing 11(3) · February 2015, Burk, Larry DOI: 10.1016/j.explore.2015.02.008 2) Brain Res. 2006 Oct 20; 1116(1): 153–158. Published online 2006 Sep 7. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2006.07.121 https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1647299/#R5 3) Science News; How selective hearing works in the brain:'Cocktail party effect' explained. April 18, 2012, University of California - San Francisco https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120418135045.htm 4) http://www.kathleenokeefekanavos.com/wp-content/uploads/Press-Kit-Detailed-for-Interviews-with-contact-info-2.pdf

5) [HTML] Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state EL Barratt, NJ Davis - PeerJ, 2015 - peerj.com https://peerj.com/articles/851/?source=post_page

6) An examination of the default mode network in individuals with autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR),

Beverley Katherine Fredborg &Jennifer Kornelsen Pages 361-365 | Received 14 Aug 2015, Accepted author version posted online: 19 May 2016, Published online: 31 May 2016 https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/ 10.1080/17470919.2016.1188851




Infinite Spirit … Thank you… For the bounteous spaciousness that washes over my experience… Thank you… For the timelessness and intimacy that pervades each moment… Thank you… For Love’s gentle, tender and unconditional embrace… Thank you… For each stretch, pose, bend, stand, recline… and how I rise… Thank you… For each renewal, birth and rebirth… Thank you… For the grace, respite and ease of slow moving time… Thank you… For the reminders to flower with simplicity and detachment… Thank you… For deepening my resolve… Thank you… For the understanding and mindfulness of presence… Thank you… For the integration of dispassion and forgiveness… Thank you… For the ultimate knowing of self and humanity… Thank you… For revealing all deception, deceit and injustice… Thank you… For creating paths that always leave me empowered… Thank you… For the truth of abundance, sovereignty and freedom… Thank you… For weaving through each and every word I have written Thank you… For coursing through every inhale, exhale and held breath… Thank you… For meeting me in every dark corner with the light of wisdom… I embrace all that exists… I willingly absorb all that I see… I behold everything placed before me with compassion and active kindness. May your Light and Love generously radiate through me as a transformer… This is my prayer and submission to Divine Will… I am open, available and willing to embody your eternity. I am the mountain… the wind… the rain… and the sun. I am humanity and divinity, earth and ether, time and timelessness. I am the holy presence and remembrance of your divine name. The Christ within has risen… I now stand in the experience and expression of perfect health, wealth, giving, receiving, prosperity, fulfillment and love…calling unto itself…. I am here… I am here… I am here… In Oneness, I AM. 12


— Simran www.1111mag.com

THE ENERGY OF EXPLOSIVE CREATIVITY The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

To truly understand the creative oracle… one must look to those who no longer “do” acts of creativity but whom have become creation itself. Amy Zerner & Monte Farber are extraordinary models of the embodied essence of creative capacity. Oracle cards are a wonderful way to learn to trust intuition. Cards have images, phrases and messages that nurture, guide, stimulate and inspire. These are used for readings, gaining perspective, exploring oneself, and divining the future. Amy gathers items from all over the world —French high fashion silks, 18th century English brocades, Japanese kimonos—and the hundreds of patterns, colors and textures of these exotic elements are incorporated to convey the many details and complexities of life and nature. Monte’s wise and witty writings have been the perfect complement to enhance the experience and meaning that are evoked archetypal and mystically. www.1111mag.com



The inspiring principles in this divination system are designed to help stimulate the creative process and enable an imaginative and intuitive flow, while motivating and guiding your gifts and talents, whether you want to make your living doing what you love or to bring more fulfillment into your life. Each of the eighty cards is created from Amy’s richly-sewn tapestry collages, visions of enchantment that make every one of your oracle readings a work of art.

17 — FLASH A creative flash of inspiration will come to you and quickly give you the perfect solution. The FLASH card is an indication that picking up the pace will benefit the situation at hand. It can also be a message that the solution to your challenge may come to you in an instant, flash of inspiration or an epiphany. A less obvious meaning of the FLASH card can be understood by looking at the dial pad of some home/ office telephones where that word identifies a button that can end your call or, when you have a call waiting, can switch you from one line to the other. If you are contemplating ending your creative process or taking two or more paths to reach your goal, then the FLASH card could be advising you to end it or switch back and forth from one path to the next. 14



Amy has designed her Enchanted Jewelry Collection with meaningful magic so that her customers can wear a richly detailed amulet reflective of their personal and spiritual beliefs. Her pieces are imbued with the special significance of her empowering, timeless symbols. In her collaged creations, Zerner preserves bits and pieces of the past and present and incorporates them into images that are beyond time. She gathers, arranges, links, and layers each piece with her elaborate iconography, emerging from a repertoire of techniques and patterns, guided by her intimate connection to universal archetypes. Fashion is more than just clothes, and can lift your spirit with love, color and energy, in the same way. Fashion can, and is, superficial for a lot of people. But in its purest form, fashion can also be inspirational. Creative expression is spiritual…so fashion and adornment, too, can be a way to know and show your soul.

“I love working with the fabrics and shimmering hand beaded embellishments to create these timeless goddess garments. A beautiful caftan creates a very glamorous look, and can be a head-turner, with a very minimal amount of effort. Flattering, flowing, free and very feminine, the caftan is one of those articles of clothing that will never go out of style. It is also very forgiving and looks good on every body type. A pretty caftan can work for home entertaining, or can be dressed up for a night out, ideal for a summer garden party or on vacation over cocktails at sunset.”




Food Alchemy: Roasted Golden Beets and Toasted Walnut Salad with olive oil, mayo, dijon, lemon and thyme dressing, on a bed of sprouts, carrots & scallions. You can use red beets but, sitting on a bed of sprouts, they will run and affect the bright look of this dish. Baby golden beets are best of all. If you can find them, you will need about 2 pounds, tops off. Ideally you will make your bed with beet sprouts, but realistically any variety or combination will do. Serves 6 as a salad course. The sprouted seed is a powerhouse of nutrients. Sprouts bring a taste of April to November. Microgreens, sprouts that have reached the leaf stage, bring a taste of May to December. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the walnut, with its visual likeness to the human brain, was used to boost intellect and calm emotions. BEET SALAD 6 medium golden beets 4 tablespoons olive oil ½ cup white wine 1 cup chicken stock 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons dried thyme ½ teaspoon salt 2 cups chopped roasted walnuts

THE ‘BED’ 6-8 cups beet sprouts/ microgreens, or mix of your choice ½ cup grated radish ½ cup grated carrot ½ cup minced scallions

THE DRESSING 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard ¼ cup lemon and oil dressing (see recipe lemon and oil dressing) ½ tablespoon thyme ¼ teaspoon salt

Preheat an oven to 400 F. Wash the beets well. Trim and discard the stem and root ends. Cut them top to bottom into quarters and slice the quarters into ¼-inch thick wedge-shaped pieces. (If using baby beets, trim the ends and cut them in half across their width). In large bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with the wine, the stock, the lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of the thyme and ½ teaspoon of salt. Toss in the beet slices and coat well. Spread evenly on a ridged oven tray and roast until brown and soft, about 40 min. Turn after 20. Add a few tablespoons of stock, as necessary, if the liquid evaporates. (Baby beets are more tender and will cook in about half the time.) Transfer roasted beets to a mixing bowl. Mix the walnuts with the beets. For best results, slightly chill before adding dressing. Combine the ingredients for the dressing. Put the sprouts/microgreens into a large mixing bowl. Add the carrot, radish and scallions and mix. 16



Monte has been studying the stars for over 40 years, and that not only means he is a master astrologer and knows how to read people, but also what advice to give you to navigate the energy shifts. Reading the stars is an ancient practice that has helped many to understand the past, present and the future. Understanding the unique personality portrait you were born with (called a natal chart), and reading how that energy is being expanded or contracted upon (called a transit chart, or a progressed chart for long-term energetic effects) really helps to clarify and to put some light on the particular issues we are dealing with, why we see things a certain way, and even what we can do to improve our situation. Monte's Facebook page is full of daily "Astro Weather Reports" that give an honest synopsis of the energy matrix at play for the day. Talking about the universal energy that we're all connected to and explaining it according to what the planets are doing at the moment has really helped his followers make sense of the human condition that we're all a part of on planet Earth. Connect with Monte on Facebook to get daily messages about the astrological influences at large.

AMY ZERNER & MONTE FARBER Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are the authors of many popular spiritual books and tools. Monte’s profound writings offer inspiring guidance. Amy’s exquisite art exudes her intuitive connection with archetypal stories. They’ve combined their deep love for one another to create bestselling oracles that have helped millions answer questions and follow their own spiritual paths.





WHOLENESS The psyche is always leaning toward wholeness. The psyche, or the soul—synonymous with the authentic Self—is always gathering gifts from the substance of life experience in order to build wholeness within us. In other words, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—that happens in life that does not grant us the potential for greater awareness and a deeper walk with and as our true essence. What this faith means is that we have a very natural and essential Beingness that is always moving us closer and closer to wholeness. We may evolve lifetime after lifetime, incarnation after incarnation, into more of who we actually are. We may make a giant leap in evolution in a single lifetime, or it may take several lifetimes to make that same leap, but each experience within a lifetime—whether internal or external—has an evolutionary gift for us. Or, if reincarnation is not in your belief system, you may still see the movement of the psyche gracing your life making you more whole. Receiving the gift: We evolve with greater ease and perhaps with greater speed if we are willing to receive the gift. But we oh so often fight with the gift. We don’t want THAT gift, we’d rather have this one. Or, that doesn’t look at all like a gift, it looks like a tragedy! We assume what a gift should look like, feel like, act like, be like. And so, we blame ourselves for the life events, we blame others, we blame the Universe, we blame our God(s). And if we are not busy blaming, we are busy slogging through trying to find some modicum of hope to hang on to. And if we are not busy slogging through, we are busy denying that the events are really happening. Or, very often we are bargaining—pretending that IF I do this or that, THEN there will be some magical outcome. We just generally don’t deal with reality very well. 18



But the acceptance of what is IS the magic that allows us to transcend what is into a whole recognition of ISNESS. If we can begin to look at everything that happens within and without as an opportunity to grow into greater awareness—which grants us the potential for greater peace—we can begin to live in that peace. Then what is becomes grounded in the gift. Rather than the event just being the event, the event becomes a powerful push to a fuller more complete life. In that sense then, each one of the most difficult of our emotions is a whole message for us. Sorrow, for example, one of the most difficult of all of our emotions, and one which we typically want to avoid like the plague, is actually a major shift toward wholeness. Sorrow is a river that carries us to new psychic structures within us. It changes us. The people who truly allow themselves to feel and flow with their sorrow are changed by it in some dramatic ways. They become more soulful, more in touch with love, more deeply connected to others, more forgiving of life, more closely attuned to their own spirituality. Fear is another difficult emotion. Most of us just try to avoid situations that frighten us. Others try to fight with the fear to make it “go away.” But fear is a powerful tool. Not only can the more rational fears make us know that we need to get out of the road when an eighteen wheeler is coming, or help us know when we are taking on too much or pushing too hard, but even in its most irrational forms fear can push us toward surrender. Surrender is an essential for the whole life. Surrender deeply understands what it means to hold on and what it means to let go. We hold on, with ease and grace, to what is the truth of who we are. We stand in that truth and we live it out through surrender to that truth. We create appropriate boundaries based on our truest most essential nature—by holding on to who we are and letting go of who we are not. We let go through surrender by realizing with full awareness where we stop and everyone and everything else begins. Fear, especially irrational fear, wants to hold on when letting go is the best next step. This kind of fear wants to control the uncontrollable. It wants to create a totally safe and secure outcome and it strategizes and strategizes, ruminating and ruminating, trying and trying to get to some peaceful landing place that convinces the frightened that she is in control and has it covered. This kind of fear knows nothing but more fear, for there is always something that we cannot control, there is always something of which we need to let go. www.1111mag.com

“I believe that divine love, incarnate and indwelling in the world, summons the world always toward wholeness, which ultimately is reconciliation and atonement with God.”

― Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays p. 146



And so, fear can, if we let it, push us to let go. To finally admit we have no control over that person, that event or that thing. And it is at that point, when we can, if we are willing, receive the gift: we can come to trust that the psyche is always leaning toward wholeness. Somehow this fear can, if we let it, help us to surrender to a divine intelligence that wants only for our wholeness through divine love. There is nothing that cannot be touched by such surrender. And there is nothing more powerfully freeing than such surrender. Wholeness vs. splitting off: We tend to want to split off from such difficult emotions as those described above. We want to push those emotions away into the unconscious—thusly we convince ourselves that they have “gone away.” But they haven’t gone away, they’ve just gone underground where the unconscious will be forced into trying to contain their kinetic energy. But that powerful energy will always be looking for a way to express, so it may pop out in a passive/aggressive comment or through illness or injury, or in other ways. In fact, in order to belong we split off very early in life from the authentic Self, by trying to be what our parents, and our social worlds need us to be. Belonging is a primal need. Indeed, it feels like our very survival is at stake. So, we feel the projections of others and we introject those projections to become what those others need us to be. We push the soul, the authentic Self, away into the unconscious, and we strive to be whatever it is that they need us to be so that we can belong to these parents, this family, this social world. But like the kinetic energy of the emotions we try to push away, the authentic Self is also always trying to express. It wants to come out and BE who we are. Thus, we may occasionally find ourselves acting or talking in ways about which we would later say, “I wasn’t myself,” or “I was beside myself.” Or, we may suddenly feel or even be overwhelmed by emotions we didn’t know we had. Or, we may make a decision from the push of the authentic Self, that we would later call “a stroke of good luck.” We often live into an identity that is not who we are, but who they needed us to be. And we live it for so long and so hard that we actually think it is who we are. Until some life event comes along that stymies us, that challenges us in ways that the identity just can’t manage. So, we have to develop more authenticity in order to deal with the challenge. After we have faced and handled the challenge we look back and we say, “I’m a whole new person than I was before that happened.” The psyche, leaning toward wholeness, brought us to an event that the identity could not manage, forcing us to tap into deeper, more authentic resources. The psyche does not want us to split off. It wants us to integrate—to bring together all that is genuine within us, to gather it into a whole. In the process we may eliminate some aspects that are not genuine. We may lose the mask and costume. But we keep all that is authentic and it grows. The psyche, your soul, is your deepest most spiritual Self. It is always calling you home.

Andrea Mathews is the author of four books, the latest of which is Letting Go of Good: Dispel the Myth of Goodness to Find Your Genuine Self. She is a psychotherapist with over 35 years’ experience in the mental health field. She is also the host of the very popular podcast Authentic Living and the author of Traversing the Inner Terrain blog on Psychology Today with over 3 million readers. Andrea also teaches workshops for other mental health clinicians meant to teach them how to allow the spiritual element, which is inherent in any genuine psychological growth, into the therapeutic endeavor. www.andreamathews.com 20



Do you have a desire to discover how to live more authentically? Would you like to experience more growth, trust and balance? The lessons, tools, and techniques provided in this course will lead you on a foundational path toward living authentically. COURSE


• Becoming Authentic - Identify the archetypes that are ruling your experience. • Going Within - Discover how to self-coach and self-soothe regardless of what is occurring. • The Difficulties: Acceptance & Beyond - This lesson will help you take the tough and challenging moments and learn how to discern the good out of them. • Go After Your Desires - Discover true desire and how it is different than what you were taught. • Trust the Process - Learn how to accept and trust life. • Being Present - Step int greater balance and presence as you create your new life. https://courses.1111mag.com/courses/authentic-living-101





Helping the Earth Vibrationally Align with Abundance and Trust As the legendary Sea Woman known for providing and withholding sustenance to the Inuit people according to how well they observed the laws of nature, Sedna holds this message for us today. The energy and vibration of planet Sedna, discovered in 2003, is teaching us that we need to live in right relationship with the natural abundance Earth provides, especially our relationship to water. Water is paramount to our own and the planet’s sustainability. Aside from it being a physical necessity for our survival, It also symbolizes our emotional wellbeing, psychic sensitivities, and the ocean of consciousness in which we all swim. Since Sedna’s return in 2003, we have seen waterrelated weather events increase exponentially, revealing the state of imbalance Earth is trying to restore to homeostasis. This may sound ominous, however, Sedna’s discovery chart holds the promise of our own and Earth’s healing that we have the power to facilitate. With Leo rising, the lens through which we interact with Sedna is through the heart, “having the trust of a little child”, creative self-expression, and those activities that bring the heart joy. The rulers of Sedna’s North and South Nodes (Pluto and Venus) are in Sagittarius and occupy the 5th house. In Sagittarius, these energies express as faith, philosophy, and beliefs that are sitting in Leo’s house, reinforcing the need to cultivate childlike trust and find pleasure in life. No matter how extreme and dire the external affairs of the world appear to be at this time, there is a larger cycle and plan unfolding. The way to help manifest the highest outcome is by vibrationally aligning ourselves with the energies of our changing age…that of our desired world rather than the one that is grabbing our attention. The place to start is by getting quiet, going within to find the “peace that passes all understanding”, holding that energy and vibration everyday so that we can transmit that vibration into the world. Fear is our worst enemy, and it is part of the shamanic journey to transcend it. From the standpoint of Chinese Medicine, Sedna’s association with the water element means that it is also associated with the kidneys and the emotion of fear. This energy must be healed, transmuted, and ultimately transcended. Instead of listening to the toxic messages in the media that pollute our emotional waters, listen to the voice within. Sedna is providing us with the antidote to fear through the symbology of the discovery chart that points to Leonine, 5th house joy. 22



Sedna’s return after 11,500 years represents unrelenting power that simply will not allow crimes against Earth and her inhabitants to continue. This is good news…! It is the end of an age and also the beginning of a new one. It may not be an easy birth, but it will be a beautiful “baby” once born. Due to the multidimensional nature of Sedna as it relates to our world, it’s important to point out that Sedna’s myth encapsulates the hero/heroine’s journey of all three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Each one involves coming into emotional maturity and spiritual sovereignty in its own way. Cancer makes the journey from infancy and vulnerability requiring caretaking to being caretaker, owning Capricorn’s executive abilities, and exuding inner authority. Scorpio must transcend the instinct for revenge in the aftermath of trauma, betrayal, or loss, and surrender to the death of the ego. Ultimately, it learns from Taurus how to rebuild something of lasting beauty, and must also “get comfortable” with its own power so that it can empower others appropriately. Pisces must learn to overcome escapism, addictions, and unhealthy boundaries that perpetuate deception, illusion, and adversely affect health. It must balance mystical vision with Virgo’s ability to bring those visions into tangible reality, and incorporate Virgo’s ability to discern what is needed from what needs to go. As it pertains to collective evolution and our current events, we, as Earth’s inhabitants, are learning all three of these lessons. And as we progress into the summer months to the end of the year and beginning of 2021, the energies will intensify. All three lower vibrational (out of balance) components of the water signs’ journeys are quite evident at this time: an imbalance of power and resources (Scorpio-Taurus); an imbalance of social structures as they relate to people’s private lives (Cancer-Capricorn); an imbalance in the area of spiritual and physical health involving pharmacology and forced infirmity on individuals (Pisces-Virgo). As the immortal Sea Woman, Sedna regulates the ocean’s natural bounty to the Inuit people. When they have blatantly disregarded Nature’s laws and abused their stewardship, she withholds the abundance of the ocean waters, and requires that confessions be heard before provisions are restored. In the human body, it is the lungs and kidneys that regulate the flow of water. Lungs regulate water in the upper half of the body, and kidneys regulate water in the lower half. The emotion associated with the lungs is grief, while the emotion associated with the kidneys is fear. The high vibration of Cancer is about self-care and nurturance before it endeavors to care for its loved ones. It seeks its own counsel and cultivates inner authority. The high side of Scorpio is able to use laser-like focus to see through deception and manipulation. They hold their own authenticity no matter what the world around them is doing, and they empower others instead of abusing their power to manipulate and control. The high side of Pisces is able to form healthy boundaries, and distinguish what is truly necessary for them rather than sacrifice their wellbeing for others. They also know how to work in the unseen realm to bring about an ideal vision into physical reality.

The lesson inherent in these examples is recognizing and owning one’s own power to heal – to know “thyself”. www.1111mag.com



With her epic return, Sedna is sweeping all of these energies into a giant tsunami and delivering them squarely onto our planet. She is reaching every corner of the globe as the “Great and Terrible Mother”, and her transformation is on a scale like we have not seen nor will again in our lifetime. Once Sedna has completed the exposing of certain unlawful behavior and held accountable those who have committed crimes against Nature and humanity, we will enter the new Golden Age of Light. The only thing we need to do is stay open to changing the landscape of our own psyche, because the foundations upon which we have built our “truth” will never again be the same. “TELL HER, that she has a ‘cosmic safety net’. That is why she is here, and that is the message she is here to share with others.” Fear is the antithesis of love and life. However you visualize or “define” your cosmic safety net is a matter between you and the God of your own heart. The two extremes are vying for our attention: one voice arises calmly; the other clamors for our attention. One advocates life, expansion, human connection and love. The other perpetuates fear, disconnection, and the diminution of life.

JENNIFER GEHL Jennifer Gehl, MHS, is Senior Faculty at The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, and author of The Return of Planet Sedna: Astrology, Healing, and the Awakening of Cosmic Kundalini, as well as The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine: Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing, with Marc S. Micozzi, MD. She combines her Bachelor of Music, Master of Health Sciences, and experience in energy healing to inspire new awareness of the ancient connection between human health and cosmic science.

www.soundworksbygehl.com Join Jennifer for recordings she creates that helps us align as as one voice and vibration.

The choice is always a matter of free will. My own “truth gauge” occurs instantaneously and viscerally, and is validated by way of Divine consultation. Each one of us has to determine what the truth is by holding counsel with the God of our own heart. 24



This foundational course of astrology will support you in better understanding yourself and the planetary influences of those around you. — Transcend victim consciousness by understanding your astrology. — Utilize astrology in it operates through your natural horoscope. — Discover the energy of the planets within your natal chart.


When we learn to give voice to all of the “notes”, even the dissonant ones, we accept the process of becoming “whole”, and in doing so, we also awaken to our soul’s purpose.




The Energy of Friendship

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." -C.S. Lewis I never thought I would meet my best friend in my 30s. But as we know, the Universe puts people and situations in our lives when we’re ready. These pivotal moments are what my best friend, Deb, and I call Divine Breadcrumbs. In what was one of the biggest Divine Breadcrumbs of my life, Deb and I met at a small family-owned company in the late 90s. Deb was a full-time employee for this company for only 3 months and worked in a different department. The chance of us forging what is now a 22-year friendship would have seemed unlikely at best. Ah, but that’s the magic of Divine Breadcrumbs! It was 1998. I was raising my daughter as a single mother, but for the first time in a long time, I was content. I was working at a print & mail company. Not exactly my dream job, but it afforded me the financial freedom I hadn’t experienced in a long time. There was a huge effort on the part of leadership to have the employees trained on all the Microsoft products. Cue Deb. Deb was brought on to be an on-site trainer. After everyone had been trained, the company didn’t seem to know what to do with Deb. She continually offered help, but to no avail. Deb once told me that she was so bored during this time, she would literally sharpen pencils and take several trips to the ladies’ room to get away from her desk and make the time pass! Eventually it was decided that she would support client work. Finally, Deb was asked to help my team in developing custom reporting. Deb and I and would sit in the cafeteria to discuss the reporting requirements. During these meetings, although we did discuss work, there was also a lot of laughing going. It didn’t take long before Deb decided it was not worth her while to remain as a full-time employee. She agreed to a remote contract position. We started getting together during my lunch break. Outside the office, we had the ability to talk more openly and learned more about each other’s personal lives. It was at this time a real friendship developed. She was there for me in 1999 when I started a new relationship, and she was there in 2001 when the relationship ended. There were constant break-ups and make-ups, lot of tears, and many hours of Deb trying to talk me off the ledge. It was also in 2001 when we decided to take a girls’ trip to Bermuda. This was in May of 2001, before the world changed forever. By the time we got to the hotel, we were punchy and starving. We made the trek to our room. The buildings were charming and the carefully manicured grounds, beautiful. 26



Settled in our room, Deb started reading aloud from a pamphlet listing the hotel “rules.” “No shorts, no sleeveless shirts, no bathing suits, no flip flops…in the main dining room.” We looked at each other nervously. “What did you bring to wear?” she asked me. “Pretty much everything on that list” I said. Deb nodded “me too.” Apparently, we hadn’t gotten the memo. We collapsed into a fit of giggles, declaring that we were going to challenge the rules and be totally inappropriate. We were just too tired to care. Being “inappropriate” became the theme for the trip. I put the word in quotes as we are two of the least likely people to buck any system. When dinner-time rolled around, we donned our inappropriate attire, and headed to the dining room. Much to our relief, most people were dressed just like us. In fact, there was a large group of college girls who made our attire look downright matronly. We feigned indignation at their spaghetti straps and cropped shirts. My visions of getting escorted out by the inappropriate-dress police quickly evaporated. The food looked incredible and the choices seemed endless. It was a perfect first night and we cracked up all through dinner. The next day, while sitting at the edge of the pool, we could hear a man bellowing “I’m tall and I’ve always benefited from being tall. I need a woman who takes care of herself. I don’t want to see cellulite.” Deb and I looked at each other. “Uck”, I said under my breath. I glanced over my shoulder to see an oiled up middle-aged man on a lounge chair talking to one of the college girls. Deb and I burst out laughing. This is how the entire trip went—laughing over the silliest things. It was in these moments that are friendship was solidified. Over the last 22 years Deb and I have supported each other in times of crisis and celebrated each other in times of triumph. We have taken amazing vacations and have amassed hundreds of great memories. Now in our fifties, we laugh just as much. What makes friendship last? I’m no expert, but I can tell you this: don’t lose your silly side. Loyalty, patience, being present…these are all important. But the ability to revert back to your 12 -year- old self and giggle until the tears roll down your cheeks—that is the magic ingredient. Thank you, Universe, Source, the All That Is for a friendship that only you could design.

CAROL CAMPOS After 20+ years in corporate, Carol knew she was living a life that didn’t fit. Carol jumped into the unknown to create an aligned life as a writer, life coach and co-host of The Divine Breadcrumb podcast. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedivinebreadcrumb/ Instagram: @thedivinebreadcrumb

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Release Judgment … Forgive Our Political System Look for where you judge, particularly based on binary opposition. You have to examine your thoughts and emotions honestly because you’re contributing that energy to the world at large every single time you engage or disengage with politics. Instead of falling into old patterns or dismissing politics altogether, you can take three steps to infuse your relationship to the world of politics with more love and compassion. The human mind tends toward judgment, most often based on a kind of binary valuation— good vs. bad, right vs. wrong. We may fall prey to an “us vs. them” mindset that emphasizes differences over our connections, seeing the world of politics through binaries like Democrats vs. Republicans, rich vs. poor, or citizens vs. immigrants—the list is endless. Notice where you carry judgments, and how quickly anger, frustration or resistance arise whenever you read the news or someone brings up a political topic. It’s easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed in the face of enormous social and cultural issues. Watch those feelings and examine your beliefs, letting go of the need to criticize and label different political groups or actors. You may even want to practice prayer, forgiveness or metta for those figures who most vex you. Look for Unity Where It Already Exists

Look for beauty, connection, and unity in the world around you. It’s easy to the fractures in our world. Focus instead on what is working. You may not pay that much attention to the ways that your government is working. Start with the most mundane and trivial of your activities. Subways, roads, schools, maybe even legislation at the state and local levels. Find examples of recent legislation federal legislation that is beneficial. Do you see the beauty and wonder that comes from the ways that your world is actually working to support you and others? Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/@henk-mohabier-720726 www.1111mag.com



When you shop for groceries, buy a meal, or order coffee, notice how that exchange is functioning—you are paying money in exchange for a product within a financial system regulated by hundreds of laws that guarantee safety, wages, and freedom from discrimination, among others, passed by government actors. Once you begin to focus on harmony, beauty, and cooperation in our society, including our political realm, you may be surprised at how much more you notice.

Align to a Higher Possibility of Greater Unity

Interact with the world with the intention of creating harmony and unity. This means that when you are engaging with government in its myriad forms, do so with the intention to introduce love into the system. We can’t all run for President with a message of love like Marianne Williamson, but we can be agents of love when we engage politically, socially, and economically. In our next election, engage with the process with the intention that the candidate elected actually seeks to serve with the best interests of the nation as a whole. When you spend money, call a legislator, watch or read the news, or use any public service at all (roads, subways, schools, even trash collection), do so with the intention of seeing and creating inclusivity and unity. Invite unity where it doesn’t yet appear, and you may be surprised at how much energy you can now introduce into our political realm.


Patrick Paul Garlinger is an award-winning author and conscious channel. Patrick's professional life began as a professor of Spanish language and literature at Northwestern University. After publishing a scholarly book on Spanish literature, he obtained his J.D., magna cum laude, from NYU School of Law, completed two federal clerkships, and worked as an attorney at a boutique litigation firm in Manhattan.


None of these steps is easy. It is all too common to fall back into judgment and separation. But if we are committed to our spiritual path, then politics is where we all must deepen our inner work and align with the possibility of unity and beauty where we now see primarily division, rancor and inequality. For when we all perceive the world, including the world of politics, through the eyes of the divine, that is the world we will co-create and experience together. 30



Release the Past… Embrace the Present… Create a Joy-Filled Future… Forgiveness is one of the single-most powerful tools for eliminating negative emotions and past grievances. It allows you to erase the pain that you carry around from the past, so that you can live more peacefully in the moment. It is also one of the most difficult practices, one that many people struggle to make a part of their spiritual toolkit. A wonderful course by Patrick Paul Garlinger!

Top 5 Takeaways By learning the tool of forgiveness in this course, you will be able to experience the following benefits: The ability to let go of the pain of the past • A capacity for greater connection with and empathy for others • A renewed sense of lightness and peace • A greater capacity to handle interpersonal conflict • An increased ability to be in the moment when meditating and in • everyday life


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The Meaning of Life…

Image Credit: https:// www.pexels.com/photo/aquaticbloom-blooming-blossom-158465/

So, what is the meaning of life? Dare I say there is no meaning of life? Experience is experiencing itself... in, as and through you... and in, as, and through everything. It has no body because it is the collective fabric of all bodies. It is no face because it sees through everything; and faces all things. Experience has no agenda because it embodies every direction in the organic unfolding of expression. It is the conscious and unconscious, animate and inanimate, form and formless, time and timeless. Experience experiences as the presence of awareness, yet unawakened to its own vast immersive manifestations as a continuous expanding self. Experience is endless within both the evolutionary and revolutionary continuum of never-ending creation, fullness and emptiness. Experience needs no meaning. Does this perspective strike resonance or dissonance? Even this feeling requires no meaning; it is only the integration of a new knowing. Experience is experiencing itself. It is present and therefore can have no thinking. Only a mind can have thought. And a thought is a another impulse of creationary experience… a new birthing… life expanding. Yet, even the thought has no meaning. ‘Meaning’ requires justification for an individual identity, typically toward a value added action. For example, ‘to love’, ‘to find peace’, or even ‘to become self-realized.’ However, we are not here ‘to love’ because ‘Experience’ encompasses the dual experiences of Love. The meaning of life is not ‘to find peace’; Experience has no angst and is at peace even with war, for it is part of itself. Nor are we required to be self-realized; all realization still cannot reach the vastness and entirety of Experience. This is the individual identity at play. Life does not conflict with the reality of its own existence. It does not make demands of it, judge it or have expectation for it. Life in its greater expression is not concerned with impermanence or death, because that too is part of life; part of itself. 36



Live for the moment. Lie for the day. Live for yourself. Let nothing get in your way. The need for meaning arises from a desire ‘to matter’; but we are matter. Meaning is an attempt to understand ‘why’ something is or is not; yet even that polarity is the ISness, Allness and Nothingness as Life’s entire spectrum of experience. Meaning is a longing for significance, engaging the mind’s play between past, future, purpose, pain and pleasure in order to justify reason for being. Through the search for meaning, ‘self’ misses the organic, interconnected, unfolding as life’s presence. Self misses the experiencing of Experience, diving into a wormhole of its own making which to becomes Experience experiencing itself. Life is... ISness Move from ‘meaning’ into the pure presence as life’s infinite, ever-expanding, interconnected and engaged expression. In Presence, no thought can exist. There will be no need to know as the separation from what IS. One... as many parts... having many eyes/i’s, experiencing and expressing from a single point of origin until all possibilities have played out is the Knowing. What is the meaning of life? To discover such an answer would be like trying to taste your own tongue, or touch your finger tip with itself. And therein is the rabbit hole. Did you just experience falling down the hole? Therein is the paradox to ‘the meaning of life.’ That was Life… That was Experience… That was Presence… This was meaning full… and yet had no meaning.

SIMRAN Simran Singh is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Speaker, Author, Love Catalyst, Artist & Rebel Humanitarian. Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/ photo/3-plant-is-about-to-rise-under-thesunlight-99548/ www.1111mag.com

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FOR GIVING I am for giving my essence and my energy. I am for giving the world my voice. I am for giving life my expression. I am for giving my body the presence it desires. I am for giving my mind respite from the swarm of thoughts, ideas and agendas.

I am for giving my heart the space to feel. I am for giving my spirit ways to expand. I am for giving my full breath to each and every experience. I am for giving… all that I AM to the Source of all things. Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-s30