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The events of the world are beckoning deepened presence and understanding of who you are as creator… and what you have been creating. In becoming more conscious, you will begin to realize how unconscious you are and have been. Those judged as unconscious are not to blame… for no one is to blame. We have all been playing out the dynamic romance of SELF realization.

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The deceptive ego would have you believe everything evil and holy is outside of you. Yet there is nothing outside of anyone. It is all a world of our own making… our perceptions… perspectives and beliefs. The more you judge and separate, the more fragmented a world you will see. By allowing all of it to come back into a loving embrace, in heart and mind, the split shall forge together again. Does it mean you must go through the fire? Yes, if you feel soldering is required to put things back together. Does it mean you must endure the floods? Yes, if you have not felt the ocean of emotion that has been lapping upon the shores of your body. Does it mean you must endure harsh winds of change? Yes, if you are rooted securely in a foundation of truth and inherent divinity. Does it mean you must return to dust? Yes, if you have forgotten your earthen self; you must till and aerate ground that is barren, cracked and dry. August was filled with many metaphors and signs from which you can learn. The series of eclipses and moons were asking you to dive deeply into your inner realms and know yourself in a way you have not allowed before.  So what is to come? You are moving up, although at times the illusion may have you believe the world is spiraling out of control. Each happening breaks you down so that you feel more, see more, hear more and know more. This great time is opening you to greater empathy, sensitivity, intuition and connection. When you allow the fragmented world to fall away from your mind… ONE WORLD will nest within your breast, nourished by the milk of every fragmented pieces. Partake of the milk of human kindness… In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran


September 2017


SOUND IN LOVE FOR HUMANITY YOU ARE A BODY OF LIGHT | 18 STEVEN L. HAIRFIELD Make your journey one of grace, humility, love, openness, and service, to receive the rewards of your birthright.

LISTEN: CLAIMING A NEW PARADIGM | 26 INDIRA DYAL-DOMINGUEZ In Listening you tune into the “radio station” of your Self. You are paying attention to the tone vibration and resonance of Self.

LIT FROM WITHIN | 34 DRS. RON & MARY HULNICK The simple Practice of Self-Appreciation is a form of Self-Nurturing that adds to the enjoyment and richness of your life.

COLOR AS LOVE FOR NEW REALITY INSPIRATION AS LOVE ______________________________________________________________


BIRTHRIGHT OF BLISS | 6 JOHN STRINGER Abundant life is your here and now. There is no reason to delay bliss.

COLOR OF LOVE | 10 ROBERT O. WILLIAMS Everything is ultimately Love – both in activity and in silence…understanding and realization.



11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


LIGHT WITH LOVE FOR DIVINITY LOVE IS THE CORE | 15 RASHMI KHILNANI Love is not a doingness, it is a beingness. Love is an allowance of the natural energy of oneness ANCESTORS | 23 DR. DANIEL FOOR Getting to know and love our ancestors requires a deep


and sustained reckoning with our family, our culture of origin, and our selves.

OUR SACRED GEOMETRY | 38 LAMAR HOLMES There is nothing that Sacred Geometry is not a part of; from the tiniest speck of a micro particle to the creation of a universe.

ENERGY OF LOVE FOR COMMUNITY NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING | 30 Ask a Tibetan monk about health and he’d tell you that you mustn’t lose faith in the body’s capability to produce miracles.

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


BIRTHRIGHT OF BLISS Coming into the realization of who you truly are is an opportunity for you in this illusionary dream that holds such splendor, such bliss and such wonderful miracles you get to co-create. As an extension of Source, the essence of life itself, in part and in whole, you are the light of the world. You are the begotten that is here to shine brightly through your alignment with that which you truly are. For many, there is an increasing sense of frustration, suffering, lack and darkness that they do not realize is their own creation at the meaning level - for everything we experience externally is simply an illusion without meaning. Yet, we have created meaning and collective agreements that convince us we are separate, we are limited, and we are subject to harm because we are bodies. However, as we awaken and remember that this is just the illusion, we can let go of these old collective agreements, release the fear and resistance, release the judgments and enter a way of being internally that recognizes no matter what is seen eternally, you have the power to chose whatever frequency, whatever vibration you wish to feel. This is truly being the change instantly.

Go ahead and get out the way  

let your night turn into day

Allow love to take control

It’s about what moves your soul What moves your soul

That’s love… That’s love… 6

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

By deciding, by willing, by


intending in any moment

John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, billboard charting singersongwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love and light. He currently serves as Founder of PolyPlat Records; Partner at The Flight Foundation, Inc, and a True Collaboration leader at . As the front man for the indie rock band State of Man, John cowrote and recorded several albums (including a top 10 best selling Billboard chart hit single) and performed in 10 countries (including tours for U.S. Armed Forces).

what vibration to feel you ensure you are exerting your power consciously. To do this without buying into the conditioned limited ways of thinking, without continuing to invest your beliefs into the skewed perspectives of separation, aligning with the Source of life, allows you to expand your awareness and choose differently. Alignment allows you to expand your awareness and see the illusion for what is, allowing the Source energy and higher consciousness to correct your view, remove blocks, and assists you in clarifying and feeling what you desire in the present moment. You then understand why there is no lack through experience. You then begin to choose to experience the now with all the limitless blissful

He currently travels extensively, speaking and playing at concerts, workshops, spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and festivals while sharing his uplifting and healing music and message through songs from both his debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” and his follow up album, “Moment to Moment,” along with channeled teachings found in his new book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment.

possibilities and Source, as you, guides you in your knowing, you're experiencing, your being. Abundant life is your here and now. There is no reason to delay bliss. Ask. Seek. Knock... through your spiritual practices whatever you find that works for you - and all will be given. Remember: you are here to experience the more as consciousness, acceptance and bliss. 11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD




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11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

ILLUMINATION IN INDIA Spirit Sensory Experience Aliveness Meander in Spiritual temples. Walk upon sacred sites. Imbibe the Flavors, Smells, and Colors. Visit the Pink City. The Red Fort. Lights upon the Ganges. Bask in the majesty of the Taj Mahal. Explore the Unknown…

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11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


COLOR OF LOVE… When the wars broke out, she had scraped up just enough money to get on a cargo boat from Gaza to San Francisco. She slept at Golden Gate Park for weeks while she went from bar to bar, and club to club looking for work. She was only sixteen years old when all this happened. The manager of the Presidio Officer’s Club was also from Israel and gave her the waitressing job from 8:00PM to 2:00AM, plus she worked the restaurant downstairs from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. This was her sixth year in the US without a valid visa or driver’s license. She just worked and sent most of her money back home. She was now just twenty-two years old. It was at this part in her story that she started to weep. The weeping turned into deep and heart-wrenching crying. I held her. I had no desire at that point but to sooth her grief. She tried to say something but couldn’t get it out. I held her more and said, “What is it?” “I’m a bad, bad person.” “No you’re not! You’re working two jobs and sending money back to your family! How can you be bad?” “I left my son,” she confessed. “What? You have a son?” The idea of having a child at a young age was surprising to most in my generation. I quickly did the math; her son couldn’t be more than seven years old. “Yes, I am bad. I left him in Israel to be raised by my parents. He was too young to bring to America with me. His father, my husband, was killed in the war.” 10

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

She was crying less now, and after a few minutes stopped completely. We lay there listening to the songs of her Israeli home – she longing for her son and family – I longing for love. Suddenly a ray of sunlight hit my eyes. “Look!” I said as we both saw the most beautiful sunrise happening outside her bedroom window. We both sat up and looked out without saying a word for several minutes. “I love him – I love my son so much.” Now she was speaking softly, accepting. Soon we were both completely lost as the sun continued to rise, casting the most amazing red, orange and blue colors through her window. The sun didn’t care about us and our longings, I realized. It was simply following its own natural rhythm. The impression of that moment has stayed with me ever since. For those few moments together, we realized we were more than our emotions, more than our needs, our thoughts and our desires. I turned from the sunrise and looked at her and for the first time in my life saw the brilliant color and radiance of unconditional Love. It was the purest most beautiful golden celestial light I had ever seen. It was a brightness from her Heart Chakra. I could almost see her son receiving this Love, wherever he was in Israel. Emotions have a way of taking over our lives most of the time, but for all of us, there are special moments that occur when we least expect it. Every once in a while human Hearts glow unhindered and Love is found cradling everything.

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


Everything is ultimately Love – both in activity and in silence. There is great power in this understanding and realization. Our state of awareness and our level of consciousness determines how much of Love can be lived, both in silence and in activity. Since Love is the basis and essence of everything, many aspects of our life can be a doorway into each of our own Power of Love. Emotions become doorways to Love. Thoughts become doorways to Love. Spiritual concepts become doorways to Love. What then is the path to Love? Life. How can we realize greater degrees of Love? By living. What do we do with our thoughts, emotions and beliefs? Love them. How do we Love them? Unconditionally. We love them with no expectations for them to change. We breathe into them without agendas; we love them with all our Hearts. We then, individually and collectively, become doorways for the mighty Laws of Nature beckoning us towards our next highest level of life. When we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings AS Love as opposed to searching for love, then we are free to give to others without need or fear. The codes are now active, the signals have been released – the blossoming of humanity’s Hearts and life with all our differences woven within the common thread of all our hearts has begun. If you have read this, you have joined us in the becoming. Your consciousness has resonated with both the hope and reality of the higher Power of Love. Now is the Time.


11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

I never saw her again, but the golden light would come again many times, until even the shimmering gold color would dissolve into pure undifferentiated Light when my breath stopped during those thirty minutes in March of 1979 - about six years later. And then from a powerful source completely mysterious to my mind, the breath of my body started again. Just like you reading these words, and me writing, and all human beings living right now, no matter what our beliefs, our political views, our differences, our breath goes out, and then from that same purposeful and all loving power which has been with us since each of our first breaths, it starts again. Notice it now. We are One with this Love.

The Ultimate Purpose of Humanity is to Realize Love – without any reason, need, expectation or condition of any kind. The Ultimate Purpose of Love is realized suddenly, when all previous thoughts, concepts, emotions and beliefs are repositioned by our Heart’s innate intelligence. ROBERT O. WILLIAMS Robert O. Williams takes readers into the intimate journey of his life through the vivid memories of his unique childhood, an inspiring account of his talent and perseverance as a saxophone player, his introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM), his magical time performing and recording with The Beach Boys, and the extraordinary journey through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions. Here is where he discovers the art of living AS Love. Williams spreads an invaluable message - simple, yet essential. And with his Heart+ App, he ensures that we can move forward on a better path to be heart-driven humans.

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD



WHOLENESS That which is complete… That which is not… The new… The old… The space in between… The healed… The broken… The living… The dying… The dark… The light… The good… The evil… Spirituality… Religion.. Politics… Love… Fear… War… Peace… Every race… creed… color.. gender… and expression Art and graffiti… Symphonies and rhapsodies… Antiques and treasure… garbage and trash… Love and heartbreak… The body… The mind… The heart… The spirit… the soul… The ghost. Wrap me in your all-ness… Show me your fulness… Bring me your boundlessness… Let energy express in the ultimate play of freedom… We are the sum of the parts… I live in the contrast… I use it… I am it… I dance in the illusion… while witnessing from reality… I bridge the gap through you… your eyes, your ears, your actions… your perceptions, your growth, your wisdom, your evolution… your de-evolution. I am it… I am in it… I am all of it… I am the shift… I am the balance… I am the imbalance… Accept me as I am… For ALL that I am. I am Wholeness. -Simran 14

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

“The coming Age of Light requires many changes within us that must start with releasing ourselves of all dysfunctional attachments and illusions. As the illusion of control becomes harder to sustain with what many sense to be the collapse of the world order Shiva’s instruction becomes ever more critical; if we are to transform ourselves and enter the Age of Light.”

LOVE IS THE CORE Love is at the core of Babaji’s teachings. It is who he is and connecting with him brings one into immediate contact with the expanding infinite field of love consciousness. When one experiences this phenomenon, all boundaries begin to dissolve and a great awakening occurs spontaneously, miraculously, and oftentimes extremely intensely. This connection with Divine Avatar Babaji is very often all empowering, all encompassing, and it can quite easily turn the personality self and everything in one’s life, upside down. This love is all-inclusive, all empowering, unconditional, nonjudgmental, and it includes, yet is beyond, Karma and Dharma. Babaji is the ascended master, the Christ Yogi, who will be with us until each and every one of us becomes enlightened through the frequencies of purity consciousness and until all of Mother Earth and the elements of this planet totally embody the 5th dimensional frequencies. These are the frequencies of being which are within yet beyond time and space. God/ Goddess exists within each and every one of you, and that ultimately there is NO SEPARATION. Rashmi: Babaji, thank you for myself and on behalf of all of humanity for being present for this dialogue, in this glorious present time, to guide us your children into the new frequencies with as much grace and ease as we can muster. Would you illuminate for us how to effortlessly embody and become this frequency of all-encompassing love? Babaji: I note that most of you continue to intellectualize the concepts of love, truth, and simplicity. It is important to remember that it is not enough to talk about love and to be in your mind with a basketful of love concepts. If you ask the devas, the arch- angels and myself, or any of the Ascended Masters, we shall fill you with our love. We shall give you a full experiential understanding of becoming one with All That Is. Rashmi: Dear Babaji, many spiritual aspirants are grappling with this question of self-love, how they can love themselves more deeply, how they can embody deeper states of loving their unique beingand-becoming—how to find their perfection within the many imperfections that seem to exist. A lot of us so-called “healers” and “light workers,” the earth mothers and fathers of this planet, have a dysfunctional tendency to put others before ourselves, even in situations where wisdom would dictate otherwise. I, for one, am much more comfortable helping others and easing their pain and suffering.

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


When it comes to my own conundrums, I do spend a lot of time on self-healing and receiving maintenance healing from colleagues and master healers, but somehow I often make others a priority at the cost of my own inner balance. You ask us to love and serve all of humanity. In your life, in the late 70s and 80s, you very much exemplified these principles of altruistic service and the endless processing of the karma of others. Could you shed light now, dear Babaji, on this issue of self-love and this balance of service to others and the equally important service to self? Babaji: Unless you find time and space to be alone, to be silent, to be with nature, to play with the children, to connect to the rivers and the clouds, and to do nothing and be everything, there is no chance of self-love or love, or even service to others. Without creating space to recharge to the center of your being, which is ultimately the center of the cosmos—the manifest arising from the silent void —there is no energy for service to others; there is only depletion. You do not like to hear this, my children, but the truth is that even if you know it you forget that need; everything has to begin from the center of your being which is within you. If you do not make time and space to connect and become at-one with this center, which again is within you, the outer reality of your life is destined to be an ongoing chaotic cacophony. As I keep repeating to you dear ones, the strengthening of the anchor, at all times, to the very core of your being, is of supreme importance on this path. The deeper your meditation and connection to your inner-centered silence, the greater is the blossoming of the flowers of love for self and others in the manifest realm of your reality. It is also of great import, as you have been taught many times, to happily and totally let go of your conditioning as it becomes relevant—to release it from your life, moment to moment. When you are in school, it is okay to listen to your teachers most of the time. However, I observe that these voices of authority from the past—be they your teachers, parents, bosses, and so on—continue to regurgitate, vibrate, and navigate the spaceship of your life, even in the here and now. This is oftentimes at the cost of your inner knowing moment to moment. Releasing the thoughts and beliefs of people, places, and things that no longer serve you, leads to a deeper self-love and an incredible lightness of being, of a freedom that is beyond the intellectual understanding of high truth. I would like to remind you that love is not something to be just talked about, analyzed, evaluated, and thought about until kingdom come. 16

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

LOVE IS… Love is not a doingness, it is a beingness. Love is an allowance of the natural energy of oneness, which surrounds you and is a part of All That Is. This is an allowance at the deepest inner level, an allowance that is unconditional and involves moment-tomoment spontaneous, loving action. and as Satya Sai Baba says, “The hands that work are greater than the hands that just worship.” The love frequency has to be matched in thought, word, and deed, and as you know dear ones, actions speak much louder than words and sentiments. But if you fall into the trap of constantly evaluating whether something is loving or not, instead of allowing natural spontaneous, loving, right action moment to moment, you will find yourself out of love’s flow and caught in the quagmire of the mind. I AM LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE, ALL IS LOVE. When you experience the polarity of love—be it fear, conflict, impatience, war, hatred, judgment, or prejudice —just remember that you have created a block to that which you are, which is love. This occurs through your fascination and continued engagement with your mind. It causes an immediate block to the experiential beingness of the force field of love, which is naturally in the here and now at all times. I know for most of you, it STILL feels like separation, judgment, and negative states are the reality and that peace, love, compassion, and serenity have to be worked and fought for, and they can only be achieved through great effort and struggle. This, however, is not the case. Quite the opposite is true! You have to find time to be quiet, to be silent, and to observe your mind, your body, and your intellect. As this state of contemplation becomes an intrinsic part of your inner makeup, you will find yourself moving into deeper and deeper oceans of the energy of love. Love is not a concept of the mind and ultimately love cannot be truly understood by the mind. The mind can act as a bridge at times to the understanding of love, but the truth is that love is experiential and ultimately beyond definition. You may choose whether to love from a limited spectrum which would be, for example: I love myself, my family, my friends, and my country; or to love from a much broader perspective that encompasses the highest good of all things and everyone every- where. As you deepen your inner enlightenment, you will begin to encompass All That Is in your formulations, and your comings and goings, to ultimately even include the wellbeing of the people that oppose you, or your so-called “foes.”




Rashmi Khilnani is an internationally known healer, teacher, lecturer, author, artist, and television personality. She is in the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi is the author of The best-selling The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart and Buddha Speaks: To The Buddha Nature Within. ( Excerpted with permissions from the book Shiva Speaks)

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


 Body of

LIGHT What is the biggest thing going on with us right now? It is how we feel about the self amid our every experience with each other and life, each and every day. Even the tiniest, subtle event is captured by the big mirror of life, only to return precisely how we feel about our self in that moment. The fifth Law of Karma – the Principle of the Mirrors – perfectly aligns to constantly reflect our understanding of not only what we judge, but also how we live within that judgment, so patiently guiding us to realize how we feel inside and tirelessly attempting to break our mental routine of mindless focus on every physical event out there.

Remember, in reality, you attract to you what you are, and what you are is your full, personal responsibility in life.

Has your mind and heart been filling with higher thoughts of joy, happiness, affluence, and unbounded love? What do you suppose life and experience would now reflect back to you?

Each mirror automatically realigns towards higher purpose, revealing the fullness and completeness within you…back to you! No longer must you rely and focus on the external physical Make your journey one world to create personal joy. The fruitful seeds of higher of grace, humility, love, vibration have sprouted and are fully blooming within; therefore, openness, and of all what you look upon can only reveal the beauty of your self service, so you may and life, clearly demonstrating just how perfect reality truly is. A receive all the rewards of whole new world has opened up for you to enjoy! your birthright. The sixth Law of Karma, the Principle of Synchronicity, inspires you through each step! You have just entered that - Steven L. Hairfield wonder-filled world of innocence which defies all your adult logic. You now appear in plain sight, aligning with and creating perfect symmetry between your physical form and divine nature by expressing perfect synchronicity within your self, with all others, and with all life. 18

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

The truth is, you only have to humble yourself as a small child, and allow absolute pure innocence to return to your nature, the nature which finds only equality in every aspect of life, a life flowing freely and effortlessly as it has always been intended. At first, the lower weeds of forgetfulness, self-doubt and judgment may attempt to take root; however, turn away to focus on and continue to water only those higher seeds of joy, happiness, affluence, and love. Simply enjoy their flow in life as they flourish and surround you each moment. a brilliant, awe-inspiring gift to yourself! In a world broiling in seeming discord, absolute harmony and a sense of completeness can completely take hold as you continue to plant and nurture the higher seeds in your personal garden, the result of which will totally free you from all inner division, a mental state from which you will constantly operate, single in focus and purpose. Without any division, how many paths will you attempt to walk on at the same time, let alone be interested in? Better yet, how many paths will you even see? Through the workings of the seventh Law, the Principle of Direction and Motives, a wonderful delight awaits as you walk the spiritual path, the only direction and motive by which to live, once and for all lifting the lifelong weight and illusion of dual nature. And without dual nature, you realize everyone lives and resides in sacred space each moment! Listening to spirit first, you will glide through each activity and circumstance, for spirit can alert you to something in error just as easily and quickly as to something in truth. And what does Karma do for you? It purely and solely returns more of what you ask for, all in accordance to your direction of focus and motive.

The path to self-empowerment will awaken your true nature as you become willing to find out how things fit you, and at some point, demonstrate what you believe to be true. Having chosen to accept and utilize the guiding, ever-present principles of Karma, you realize that your own thoughts are the ones most valuable to you, no one else’s. Living in this fashion, you get to know you, and by looking at your environment right now, you realize how powerful and lifechanging your higher thoughts, your pure fruit-giving seeds, have been to help transform your circumstances. This moves you seamlessly into the eighth Law, the Principle of Willingness because, without any hesitation, you not only share what you have learned in life, but you also show it willingly. Sure you stumble by operating in error for a moment or two; however, you remember that error is neither good nor bad, that it is merely the steering mechanism guiding you back onto your true path of self and life. You need not remain stuck in a past moment with a past thought!

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


The Principle of Willingness is about the demonstration of truth which becomes easier to do since you are true only to you. What do you suppose Karma reflects back? As you progress through each principle, sense their harmonious interaction with both, you and the other. Also, they become much easier to realize, hence reducing the return impact upon your experience as they continue to gently nudge you towards a greater understanding of you and reveal your divine characteristics within. Having filled your garden with the newfound seeds of joy, happiness, affluence, and love, the ninth Law of Karma, the Principle of Be Here and Now, naturally approaches and guides you to mind each moment, to consciously live fully present, and to delight in spontaneous activity, all the while cheering your return to innocence, the home of your true self. As discussed before, you actually come home to the ultimate discovery of your peace with self, life, and all its guiding experience, a life effortlessly moving on its own accord in the direction of your desires because you now have a clear mind, a mind which has nothing to do with the past but has everything to do with the present. In fact, you begin to trust Karma, allowing it to shift you into what you want. Talk about personal empowerment! From this empowerment and pure presence now developed within, you no longer find a valid reason to live either in the past or in the future because your present moment would only be filled with seeds of higher energy. Just guess where you go from here! The cycles now remaining in front of you energize the tenth Law of Karma, the Principle of Change, a guiding foundation helping you to easily recognize those repeating circumstances so that, once realized, you may open up to and accept their teachings for the necessary internal changes. As the cycles dissipate, your journey in life proceeds in a straight line, narrow and strong, and you would experience positive growth as things change through time while you move only forward. As you may realize by now, change is unavoidable in life, but your complete acceptance of it and total flexibility spurs your growth into higher dynamics, the currents of songha. Do you feel great joy and a sense of awe for being alive, to realize the entire Universe is behind you? For you? On your side? Eternally? What’s that? You’re not certain? 20

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

A-h-h, you have a weed struggling for survival in your garden, that’s all. Through compassion you accept its root based on the human perception that the Universe is against you, that life is hard. Utilizing the ten Principles of Karma and gently forgiving your self, you effortlessly release the weed once and for all. As you focus on your life by paying attention to all things both internal and external, you shall accomplish three things: 1) you totally understand what you do in any given moment, 2) you fully realize you are more closely aligned to acting self-less in every chosen action, and 3) you continually create a positive Karmic flow with which to operate. It is really no surprise to see good things happen to you. Oh, what joy! Living in joy, in fact, is our true natural state! Joy creates humor and humor leads you to experience a more genuine lifestyle. Joy even helps make your decisions much easier, while at the same time, creates a much lighter life. Joy also creates a healthy body because you embody a healthier mind. At this point the eleventh Law gladly steps in, the Principle of Patience and Reward, for when you walk the path of self-acceptance by living in a joyful manner, patience also emerges as a natural state of your life. Do you suppose life becomes more rewarding for you in every way? Absolutely! You may now thoroughly enjoy who you are, and all stress easily washes away as you move through any change or look into any mirror. Life itself is a precious gift; the best reward you can ever give your self.

DR. STEVEN L. HAIRFIELD “The American Monk”, Steven Hairfield, is Northern Nevada’s number one “Psychic and Empath. With over 25 years as a Life & Business Coach, he is also an intuitive channel, Host of Insight Radio, and author of KARMA: THE TWELVE PRINCIPLES in addition to, METAPHYSICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


In Prayer… Mother, Father… Essence Divine I am your little child. With many names and faces, varied religions and races, playing in the experiences and expressions of free will and your graces. I have known every emotion, and ventured through trails of thought. I am within each ray of golden light. A form, a body, a being created from your Divine clay. I walk with your presence, and the softness of your love deep in my heart. Almighty Mother… Benevolent Father… Holy Essence, I hold sacred my life, this grand gift of birthright, dreaming a dream in your dream, days and nights awakening this human, knowing I am a soul in flight. To feel every moment, To know every breath, To taste every flavor, To partake of everything and embrace every step. Gifted time in a place that is timeless… and the boundless ability to experience your creative capacity. One song… one melody… one voice… one world; swaying in rhapsody. -Simran 22

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My Personal Journey of Family Healing Nothing about my early life explains my affinity for ancestors. Born in suburban Ohio to a loving middle-class family, I was not raised with a strong awareness of my ancestors or any framework for relating with the dead. Unlike some naturally gifted psychics or ancestor mediums, I did not talk with dead people or see spirits as a young person, nor did I experience profound trauma that cracked me open to other realities. I have also never been struck by lightning, never had a near-death experience, and never endured a truly lifethreatening illness. I do know that long hours playing in the nearby woods and creeks as a boy helped me to feel at home in the natural world and that reading fantasy novels as a young person established a foundation from which to explore ritual, shamanism, and other ways of seeing the world. 
 My first conscious contact with the unseen happened when, as a teenager, I put into practice basic ritual instructions from an introductory book on shamanism. Through my early experiments I made contact with nonphysical beings or spirits that I experienced as quite real. My immersion in popular pagan culture and academic study of world religions, combined with the guidance of my first spiritual teachers, provided a critical context and grounding for my early experiences with ritual and spirit work. One pivotal day of training in 1999 introduced me to relating directly with family ancestors. By this point I had been practicing shamanic journeywork, ritual magic, and other types of trance work for about four years. During the training I made contact with a spiritually vibrant and historically distant European ancestor from my paternal grandfather’s lineage. I was invited to ask this supportive ancestor if there were any among the recently deceased that could use healing. Immediately I knew I would visit with my grandfather. When I was seven years old, my father’s father died from a self-inflicted

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gunshot wound. His death rippled through the family, particularly affecting my grandmother and his sons. As a child I was shielded from much of this impact, and before this moment I had never sought contact with my grandfather as an ancestor nor considered in any real way the possible effects of his death on the family. Fifteen years after his passing, the ancestral guides and I contacted my Grandpa Foor in spirit and determined that he was still in a state of relative confusion. He appeared to me as fragmented. The guides repaired this damage and helped him to understand who we were and what had happened. He then shared a kind message for my grandmother, which I later conveyed to her while standing together at his grave. The ritual repair ended as the guides and I helped my grandfather start to assume his place among our loving and supportive ancestors. 
 I have led more than one hundred trainings for over a thousand people and have spoken with hundreds of others through talks, monthly circles, and personal sessions. By holding a supportive space for others to directly contact their loving ancestors, I have witnessed profound transformations that also convey benefit to relationships with living family of all ages. Three key lessons from guiding others through the work year after year are that

1. the work is about relationship, 

2. everyone has loving ancestors, and 
 3. relating with our ancestors is entirely normal. 

First, getting to know and love our ancestors requires a deep and sustained reckoning with our family, our culture of origin, and our selves. This process takes place over years, not months, and certainly not in one weekend training. The ancestors are not a “subject” we can master or complete; the point is building a relationship with the collective spirit of family in ways that help us grow into wise and loving human beings. Although there may be natural stages or cycles to the work, we are never done with the ancestors until we join them after our death, Ancestor work is both deeply personal and inherently relational. 24

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Second, we all have family ancestors who lived, loved, and worshipped in intimate relationship with the Earth, and getting to know our ancestors can heal and empower people of any ethnic or cultural background, including adoptees. You don’t need to have some kind of spiritual calling from the ancestors themselves; it’s fine just to go knock on their door. We are all unique and blessed, and no one is more special, more human, or more deserving with respect to the topic of ancestors. 
 Finally, I’ve realized that contrary to fear and popular misconceptions about the unseen worlds, working with the ancestors may actually make you less--rather than more--strange. In my case, although supporting others in talking with dead people is one part of my day job, I am a down-to-earth, straightforward Midwesterner who loves and respects his family, his country (mostly), and his cultural roots. I pay taxes, read the news, and vote. I sometimes eat fast food, like going to the movies, and struggle to make it to the gym. I’m also a Western educated psychotherapist and doctor of psychology with a deep love and respect for the physical sciences. Sometimes people assume that having a relationship with the ancestors requires quitting your job, doing pilgrimages to Egypt or Peru, eating magic mushrooms, or adopting some kind of new, weird identity. To the contrary, ancestor work has functioned in my life as an antidote to spiritual snobbery by helping me to get grounded in this reality and to value my family and myself. I have witnessed the work have similar effects in the lives of those who take it to heart. There is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about having a healthy, ongoing relationship with our ancestors; in fact, it’s one of the most inherently human things we could possibly do.

DR. DANIEL FOOR A licensed psychotherapist and a doctor of psychology. He has led ancestral and family healing intensives throughout the United States since 2005. He is an initiate in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of Yoruba-speaking West Africa and has trained with teachers of Mahayana Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and different indigenous paths, including the older ways of his European ancestors.

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LISTEN CLAIMING A NEW PARADIGM The step of Listening is acknowledging that you are energy. When you Listen, you are paying attention to the You that is the eternal vibration of Energy. You are beginning to relate to yourself not as a Body and a Mind but rather a force of divine energy that chose to be here in a physical form. In the step of Listening you are bringing forth and having your Actions align with what your Self is saying is real. The Mind is not saying this is real, your Self is. In order to first acknowledge that you are not your Mind, your Self has to show up. Who is it that is acknowledging that you are not your Mind—not the Mind, of course— therefore, for that simple statement to have a profound effect, you begin to know that there is a You that is separate from the Mind. The step of Listening defines the truth that what is real is the energy of your Self. It brings the new paradigm into existence as a reality. It brings the duality into existence as a dimension of your journey here on earth. In the energy of Listening you are embracing energy as a dimension of you that you are honoring. You are redefining who you are. You are redirecting the Mind into a new paradigm. You are presencing the statement: “I am energy.” In doing so the Mind begins to embrace that as a part of its paradigm. When the Mind gets that the Self is real, it begins to allow the dimension of energy to resonate and vibrate 26

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as real. You begin to bring a new paradigm into your life. The step of Listening deepens the truth that your Self is who you are and why you are here. The act of Listening is you giving honor to your Self. What is it you are listening to? The energy and resonance of your Self. You are listening to your Self because you are saying that Connecting and Listening to your Self are living your life from why you came and what you are here for. You are aligning your life with your authentic Self. You are acknowledging that your Self is YOU. LISTENING IS AN ACTIVE PROCESS You do not find yourself Connecting or Listening by accident. You are choosing to bring into your life a different “knowing”—that you are not your Mind and that your Self is who you are. In this context the step of Listening shifts how you relate to the Mind. The Mind becomes a tool. It becomes a very powerful and necessary tool to exist in your Body and to unfold and fulfill the journey of your Self. In the step of Listening, you create a new relationship to your Mind as a tool from which you can unfold and live your highest and best Self. In this step you activate a deeper resonance and vibration of the “knowing” of your Self as You. You shift energetically from how you vibrate as the Mind, to now activating the vibration of your Self as real. The “knowing” that you are not your Body or Mind is not something to work through the Mind. That is in the current paradigm. When you shift your energetic resonance through Connecting and Listening, you are shifting how your cells vibrate. In doing so you activate your “inner knowing” of who you are as real. You naturally have your Body and your Mind be tools for your journey. The new paradigm of energy is now a dimension that is real and tangible. Your Mind shifts how it resonates in that moment, and your Body becomes an energy from which you can Connect for all that you need to know to honor it. In the new paradigm, honoring your Body is a natural flow from Connecting, Listening, Trusting, and Acting. The vibrational shift in how you resonate has you tend to honoring your Body as an access to your journey. Without a Body, you don’t have a journey. In the new paradigm this is an energy that is strong.

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In this new energy, you are opening up a new

The energy that is being evoked paradigm for what is possible in your life. as real in Listening is that your Self You begin to slow life down. You begin to smell chose once again to be in a physical form to experience itself. In the step the roses naturally. You begin to honor each of Listening you are activating a moment of “now.” This is all occurring from vibration of your Self on its journey. a shift in how you resonate and vibrate. This is You are activating your Self as your not something to do or to fix, and it is not about reality. The step of Listening is trying to change the Mind’s views and thoughts. presencing a new vibration that you This is evoking a Listening of your Self as You. are eternal, you are here as a divine presence, and you are here to live this You. In Listening you tune into the “radio station” of your Self. You are paying attention to the tone vibration and resonance of Self. The tone resonance and vibration of Self is soft, it is always “all is well,” loving, never a right or wrong, never a good or bad, never about a result, never about anything related to fulfilling or accomplishing something in the physical plane. The energy of Self is only in the eternal nature of our vibration. It vibrates in a “knowing” that we may or may not be in a Body. It resonates with a non-attachment to anything physical, such as money, things, or what the Mind says it needs—if you find yourself listening for answers such as these, you are in the Mind. If you find yourself listening to make more money, you are in the Mind. If you are listening for something to get better, or for you to be happier, you are in the Mind. The energy of Self is only about what is there in our behavior that will transcend our Mind to have our Actions evoke our honoring of our Self and each other. In the step of Listening there is a vibrational shift in how you resonate. Your cells, your DNA begin to vibrate and resonate in alignment with the frequency and vibration of your highest Self. You find yourself bringing forth more of how to interact and Connect to your Self as a natural way of living your life. In the new paradigm, life is not about the struggle and effort of making something happen—it is the shift in how you resonate as Connecting and Listening become a way of living life. In the step Listening your DNA and your cells are being activated in a new and distinct vibration for what is real from your eternal Self. You begin to resonate in a vibration that has your natural and intuitive “knowing” be what you honor as your Self. You find yourself Listening and relating to life from a new energy that shapes your Actions in alignment with how your Self would be in a “now.” Life becomes less about the future or a destination, and life becomes full of an experience of being in the “now,” knowing that you 28

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YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey are eternal and all is well. These new truths become a new energy from which you hold and see life. All of what is occurring is directly related to the journey You chose to experience. To know what there is about the journey from your Self is where Listening becomes an access to the new paradigm of having your Self be what you Trust and Action. You begin to relate to the resonance of energy from the words you are hearing. You begin to match the words you are hearing with the tone and vibration and frequency of the energy—you begin to develop the “knowing” of your Mind’s energy distinct from the energy of your Self. Energy vibrates and resonates in the frequency of the “knowing” of your highest Self. As you develop your awareness of relating to energy as real, you begin to allow yourself to be with the vibration and resonance such that language arises. This is the experience of living from a new paradigm. It is a paradigm where your actions come from your “inner knowing.” You begin to live from a new paradigm that energy is real, and you can Connect to the energy of your Self for the words that are being spoken as your Self. Just as the Mind is speaking words so is your Self. You begin to have a relationship to the energy of your Self for how it vibrates, such that the language of your Self is available to you as naturally as your Mind’s language. As you begin a life of Connecting and Listening, you develop your ability to know your Mind separate from your Self. The ability to tell the difference between your Mind and your Self gives you more access to your Self.

Indira Dyal-Dominguez Indira has delivered programs for over 20 years. Through years of meditation, rebirthing, self-healing, Indira has brought forth the ability to Connect to her inner Self and teach others to do the same. Through her workshops, individual and group programs, and the corporate seminars she developed with her husband Paul—Indira has personally coached, and trained thousands of people, giving them access to pursue and fulfill their purpose and their dreams.

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Situated at the summit of an auspicious mountain is the glorious Yumbulagang palace, the oldest palace in Tibet, with more than 2,000 years of history as a spiritual and healing center for kings and Dalai Lamas. Nowadays the palace is still a sanctuary for Buddhist monks and travelers alike who hope to take in the sublime views of the landscape below. The surrounding valley is so pristine and beautiful that legend has it that drinking water from a perennial spring found there will cure any disease. You could say the palace is an ultimate place of purification where one can drink in pure spring water, breathe in pure air and enjoy health-giving foods grown from the nutrient-rich earth in the region. If you happen to be a monk living there, then you probably don’t need nutritional cleansing. As for the rest of us, we live in a completely different world. In our daily lives our bodies are under constant onslaught of stressors that come in the form of pollutants—via food, water and air—from a poor diet, and from the stress of busy schedules, conflict and strain at work, conflict in relationships, and even conflict in traffic. There’s little doubt that traditional nutritional thinking won’t cover our needs. We need extra help for helping us guard our bodies, help us to detoxify and to lose weight.

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Toxins and stress in our environment subject our bodies to continual risk of poor health. Once you begin cleansing you’ll notice you’ll feel cleaner (like the feeling you get after a shower), and more energized. You’ll be healthier, too. Next time you look in the mirror you may also notice you are a few pounds leaner.

An inspiring, conscious, active community promoting physical and financial freedom!


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Q. How does nutritional cleansing work? Over time, the human body has had to adjust to natural toxins in the environment, often with significant help from certain plants that provide special active components. Nutritional cleansing enlists a blend of these botanicals along with vitamins and minerals to support the body nutritionally for the modern world’s onslaught of new toxins*.

Q. What is the difference between Everyday Cleansing and Deep Cleansing? Keeping your body free of toxins is not too different from maintaining a home. To renew the beauty of your home, an annual “spring cleaning” does the job, but to keep your home safe and orderly, regular daily cleaning is necessary.

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LIT FROM WITHIN “The ego allows you to operate in the physical-world reality through the use of your mind and emotions. Through the ego, you can only know about the Authentic Self as a concept or feeling. Since you, like everyone else, were conditioned to be successful in physical-world reality, you’ve likely come to think of your ego as who you really are. Your efforts may be focused on success in the material world and attempting to get other people to like you so you feel comfortable and experience belonging.” As you Awaken into who you truly are, your ego faces a huge challenge. The presence of a newly discovered Authentic Self, which your ego did not previously know existed, seems to threaten its very existence. In fact, you may even have begun having experiences that transcend the mental and emotional levels that are the domain of the ego. In reaction to this, your ego will often attempt to block efforts at Spiritual development because it views the process of Spiritual Awakening as a threat to its very survival. Whereas the Authentic Self is concerned with growth, the ego is predominantly concerned with, and attached to, ego patterns such as self-importance, recognition, perfection, glamour, comfort, security, and control, all of which it perceives as essential for survival. Your ego does not realize that maintaining these patterns significantly limits you from experiencing the Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment that are available to you. However, from a Spiritual perspective, the ego serves a most useful purpose; without it, there would be no arena within which the Healing process could go to completion. Only through the mechanisms of the ego, which operate on the mental and emotional levels, can patterns be stored within your consciousness so that you have the opportunity to heal them. Understand that your ego has only been serving you to the best of its ability. It should be appreciated and respected, rather than judged for its function. Your ego is a tool best utilized in service to your Authentic Self, which is who you truly are. One of the Principles of Spiritual Psychology says it this way: the mind is a tool to be used in service to the Heart. 34

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When embarking upon the path of Spiritual Awakening, it is simultaneously a major challenge, opportunity, and blessing to move from ego-identification to Authentic Selfidentification. It’s so easy to fall into the trance of five-sense physical-world reality, looking at yourself and others through the judgmental lens of ego-centered eyes, perceiving through the perceptual filter of good/bad and right/wrong. Your job is to Lovingly educate your ego so that it becomes a willing and faithful servant, one that is dedicated to assisting you in negotiating physical-world reality in service to fulfilling your Spiritual purpose. It is a game-changing opportunity to see the Loving Essence within Yourself. When you Awaken into the Awareness of the Love that you are, it opens the door to living within the Spiritual Context—that of a Divine Being having a human experience, a Being who simply sees everything as it is and for whom all that it sees is infused with Loving. Fortunately, Seeing through Soul-Centered eyes is a habit that can be intentionally cultivated to become a Way of Being. The benefit inherent within this approach to life is that it supports you in experientially knowing your Essential Nature as Loving. It is this Awareness that changes everything! Self-Appreciation is a way of expressing recognition of your worth, value, and Gratitude—for the goodness and greatness of who you are! Here are a few simple examples. Focus some of your appreciations on what you do and, more important, Who you are —a Loving Essence, a human being who is truly doing its very best. • I appreciate that I spent a time listening Compassionately as a friend shared with me her grief. • I appreciate that I leave bottled water for our gardener. • I appreciate the Majesty of my Soul and the nobility and purpose I experience in my work. • I appreciate my taking time to play with our cat.. • I appreciate my Love of Beauty and the abundant Beauty of the garden I nurture. • I appreciate the Strength of Heart, Compassion, and Wisdom I bring forward in sharing with others. • I appreciate my willingness to serve as an instrument of Spirit’s Love and Healing Grace.

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INTENTION I am Seeing the Loving Essence within myself, experiencing enhanced levels of SelfAcceptance, Self-Respect, SelfAppreciation, and Self-Compassion, deepening in my Awareness of my Self as an inherently Loving and worthy Being— for that is what I am! The simple Practice of Self-Appreciation is a form of Self-Nurturing that adds to the enjoyment and richness of your life. It evokes a sense of Peace, contentment, and Well-Being. It is yet another way of supporting yourself in a Practice that nurtures Remembering and Awakening into a fuller Awareness of your Essential Nature as Loving.

Have you ever experienced an electrical power outage in the evening— one that called you to light a candle in a room filled with darkness? Perhaps, you appreciate the Peaceful Illumination that radiates from a single lighted candle. In those moments, darkness recedes in the face of Luminous Light. Consider the Beauty, Brilliance, and Radiance that emanate as a single human being courageously stands forth in the Loving, fulfilling their purpose, sharing the Glory of their Light, their Love, their Gifts, and their Joy. This reminds and inspires me to also stand forth and share the Radiant Light and Loving of my Heart and Soul. Remember the Light Within; Light is truly what You are!

Drs. RON & MARY HULNICK Pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology, as well as teachers and facilitators of Awakening in Consciousness. The Hulnicks are renowned educators, authors, and the Founding Faculty and CoDirectors of the University of Santa Monica (USM), where they have designed, developed, and facilitated educational programs for the past 35 years. Both are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Mary is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. They are also the authors of Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology. 36

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CUSTOM ART COMMISSIONS ENERGY HEALING & SOUL MESSAGES ________________________________________________________

“The language of the soul speaks in imagery, color and light. It’s voice sings from your heart and is heard through the instrument of the body, through its energy. When you see, hear and know the voice of your soul… healing occurs.” -Simran ADDITIONAL ORIGINALS - PRINTS - CARDS - GIFT OPTIONS FOR MORE INFO:


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The Sacred Geometric Forms...

Our Sacred Geometry... What does it take to create and what are the steps that we take? 38

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We combine the two streams of energies to project thoughts out into the ethers and wait for the results to manifest. We have done it without knowing the process that goes on behind creating. This process is called “Sacred Geometry.” Sacred Geometry are the patterns used for all creation, including galaxies, universes, planets, stars, dimensions, biological and non-biological life forms, thought, music, art, molecular structures, subatomic particles… anything and everything in creation… no exception. There is nothing that Sacred Geometry is not a part of; from the tiniest speck of a micro particle to the creation of a universe. In order to understand Sacred Geometry, we must start before the building blocks of creation. When I say this I do not mean the substance that scientists talk about that was here before life was formed. I am referring to the forces in the form of energies/objects that are use to create the building blocks that scientists talk about. If you want to be the creator that you came here to be, achieve a working understanding of Sacred Geometry. Every fiber of our physical body is designed from a geometric pattern. How does the Divine Feminine forth creations? What forces does she use? There are five forms that are the basis for forming creation. The Platonic Solids form the basis of everything in creation; it does not matter if it is on the lower levels of creation, or on the upper levels of the un-manifest. Each one of the solids can morph into each other to form new geometric patterns. They are multi-dimensional forms/patterns whose knowledge is so vast, a touch of their presence will change the way you think. The knowledge of each one will initiate the opening of our consciousness to a vast storehouse of creator energy, thus awakening our understanding of how to utilize them. What are the Platonic Solids? Why are they called the Platonic Solids? As far back as 1509, the Platonic Solids were known as the “Divine Proportion.” Sacred Geometry goes back to ancient times. In the 5th Century BCE, Pythagoras a Greek philosopher, mathematician and an astronomer knew of the Tetrahedron, the Hexahedron, and the Dodecahedron which he had learned from his study of Egyptian Sacred Geometry. Plato was a Greek philosopher and founder of his Academy, which was the first university. He created a mystery school in which he taught the secrets of the “Divine Proportions.” He lived from (427-347) BCE. In time, the name “Divine Proportions” were changed to the “Platonic Solids.” The Platonic Solids are called Polyhedra — a plural for Polyhedron — which is a three-dimensional figure made up of sides called faces, each face being a polygon. A polygon is a two dimensional figure made up of line segments called edges that are connected two at a time at their endpoints. In a polyhedron, several polygonal faces meet at a corner (vertex). When all the edges of the polygon are of equal length the polygon is called regular. Polygons, whose sides and angles are not of equal measure are said to be irregular. The Platonic Solids which are five in number is the foundation for everything in creation. There was a time when scholars ridiculed this idea up until the 1980’s, when Robert Moon a Professor at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements literally everything in the physical world is based on these same five forms! Today these sacred geometric patterns are being rediscovered in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, but without the spiritual understanding that will protect against the misuse of the Solids energies. They are the keys to unlock the vast storehouse of the substance “that dreams are made of.” Once we enter into these virtual libraries, our consciousness expands with the infusion of the structure of each geometric pattern. Both hemispheres of the brain synchronize, and this in turn triggers the corresponding DNA to activate.

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The Platonic Solids The Hexahedron is the first of the five Platonic Solids to accomplish this grounding process. It deals with the earth energies. The Hexahedron has 6 sides, 4 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. It looks like a cube which is why it is also known as “The Cube.” Put yourself inside the cube. As you stand within it you will automatically be grounded. It will instruct you on how to ground yourself and your energies. Each of the four faces of the Cube is a difference aspect of Gaia’s energies. Each one imparts different knowledge and instruction techniques. Now that the grounding process has been initiated it is time to bring in fire/passion. The Tetrahedron bestows the knowledge of fire, which is passion for the things you want to do, and or life in general. This is a masculine energy! It is electric in nature, outgoing, active, and always in motion. The Tetrahedron has 3 sides, four faces, and 6 edges. It is a three-sided pyramid. When you enter it you will awaken the fire/passion within you. The trinity is also associated with the Tetrahedron. With the trinity we have The Mother, Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is always seen as a flame! The Holy Ghost is a feminine energy that is magnetic in nature that has a masculine fire burning within it. It is not a hot fire that burns within it! Therefore, the trinity consists of the feminine and masculine energies. This is one of the beautiful aspects of the Platonic Solids. As we stand grounded with the fire surging through us, it is time to bring in the balancing of the polarities. The Octahedron element is Air/Communication. Without communication a lot of things would not get accomplished and or completed because of a lack thereof. The Octahedron has 8 faces, 3 sides, 6 vertices, and 12 edges. In order to get a clearer picture of what this solid looks like, picture a four-sided pyramid sitting on top of a mirror. As you gaze at the reflection you are looking at another four-sided pyramid. The Octahedron looks like an upright and inverted four sided pyramid attached to each other at their base. This is the masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance. When you see a star Tetrahedron and or a Star of David you are looking at an Octahedron. The Octahedron will teach you about the polarities. It will show you how to balance them within yourself and in your life. You will achieve an understanding of how the polarities are played out in society. The masculine energies have been in full swing and had been for some time. Now the feminine energies have started coming in as a counterbalance to the masculine energies. We can see what has been taking place all over the world as the masculine energies run rampant with no feelings of remorse or compassion. We cannot live any longer without the feminine energies, and if we try, there is only one course of action to take, and that course is complete annihilation!! In order for these two energies to function properly they must be in perfect balance. As the feminine energies become more prominent, the balance will insure a harmony between everyone and everything. From the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies there will come a calming of the waters/emotions. When the polarities are balanced a chalice is formed within us in order to receive the incoming Christ Consciousness energies. At this stage we will awaken as a conscious creator in preparation for the indwelling of the Christ Consciousness energies that will fill our chalice. We stand within the Icosahedron ready to experience its element which is water/spirit. It has 20 faces, 3 sides, 12 vertices, and 30 edges. The 20 faces are Tetrahedrons that are arranged side-by-side upright and inverted all around the middle of the Icosahedron. Encircling the top half are five male Tetrahedrons and on the bottom half, are five inverted female Tetrahedrons. The masculine and feminine energies are in perfect balance around the Icosahedron. This Platonic Solid is the form that holds the Christ Consciousness energies. As we stand inside looking up at the top we see the five male Tetrahedrons forming a Pentagram, which is the symbol of man. The female Tetrahedrons also repeat this pattern below our feet. The Dodecahedron element is ether. It has 12 pentagonal, 20 vertices, and 30 edges. This solid holds the key to Zero Point Energy. It is here that we learn how to energize and bestow life into life forms combined with the understanding of how to work the torsion fields that is applicable to the vortices and their relationship to the Pentagram. This is where you utilize your creator energies to consciously bring forth that which you envision. 40

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What gives the Pentagram the power to open the vortices? In order to answer this question, we will have to have an understanding of the Phi Ratio. Phi is a mathematical number of approximately 1.618 whose mathematical formula appears in structures of nature, the galaxies, the planets, the stars, and the human body. The dictionary defines Ratio as “A proportional relationship between two similar things.” Your body is a series of Phi Ratios. Look at the index finger of your hand. Extend it lengthwise. Have you ever asked yourself why there are three lines that run perpendicular to your fingers? Look at the first, second, and the third line. The proximity of these lines is called the Phi Ratio. These lines divide your fingers into sections that are in proportion to the length and shape of each one of them. At the base of your hands there is another line that repeats the pattern leading up your arms into your shoulders encompassing your entire body. The Phi Ratio is one of the key factors that give the Pentagram the power to open the vortices. The Phi Ratio is in the design of the Pentagram. By studying the Pentagram you will understand how to create Phi Ratios. It will show you how. This is why the Dodecahedron is such a powerful solid. With the 12 Pentagonal/Pentagrams that compose it you now have some understanding of its immensity. With the knowledge of the Dodecahedron we can solve the energy problems that plague us on this planet and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Dodecahedron. Each one of the Platonic Solids can morph into the other to form another solid plus new geometric structures. They will show us how we can morph into new beings. We started out with the Hexahedron grounding us into Gaia. Once we were grounded we morphed into the Tetrahedron that brought in the Fire/Passion within us. As in a cauldron the alchemical process was fired into existence. From this we morph into the Octahedron which was the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. There was a calming of the energies there that lead into the opening of the heart. It was there the feelings were heightened. From there we morphed again into the open chalice that received the Christ Consciousness energies of the Icosahedron. We become a Christed being with the knowledge and understanding of the masculine/feminine energies in perfect balance within us. Thus the merging of the “I AM Presence.” This in turn morphed into the Dodecahedron with the awareness of the Christ consciousness in perfect alignment with our Mother/Father/God. We are endowed with the workings of the vortices and the complete power of a master consciousness dwelling within the physical body on earth! LAMAR HOLMES Lamar Holmes is a speaker, and facilitator of Sacred Geometry, the DNA Dodecahedron Workshops, and available for available for Sacred Geometry Oracle Readings, Presentations, and Empowerment Sessions that include Innate/Higher Self Connection to DNA.

Tetrahedron (Left) Octohedron (Front) Hexahedron (Middle) Icosahedron (Back) Dodacahedron (Right)

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


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YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE Discover the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate

I give… I am for giving… I give. I forgive. I love. I am loved. I appreciate. I am appreciated. I understand. I am understood. I am. I AM. I hold. I am held. I celebrate. I am celebrated. I cherish. I am cherished. I am. I AM THAT I AM. -Simran

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


ONE WORLD… The earliest point of human separation may be the moment the umbilical cord is cut. However, division occurred in our cells long before. The egg divided into two, and then two, and then two, etc… Creativity continuously birthing creation. And before that, we were star dust… the big bang… the cosmos continually expanding. Appearing minuscule in the grand scheme of things; tiny but huge. We are not apart from any of it.

Duality, in itself, is an illusion. Judgment creates the illusion of duality, when it is all oneness. In Light of this, all things simultaneously exist and are all good. If judgment were removed, would separation return to Oneness? In the name of consciousness and evolution, it is purported that ultimate separation is from the opposing forces of Fear and Love. We are constantly asked to choose fear or Love. However, what if they are not opposing?

What if Fear and Love are actually allies? What if they exist within one another, each required for creation’s continual experience of itself? Perhaps the sin, or missing of the mark, is not fear but what we do with it by judging and reacting. We can no more face Love than we are willing to face fear. That provides reason as to the degrees of Love and fear on the planet. They are actually balanced. In looking at love from the universal and Divine perspective, there is no fear. It is all Love. nature is providing the landscapes, experiences and means to balance out all that Love currently encompasses.

The big question in either case is… of that which we call ‘love’, what degree is unconditional Love versus conditional Love? 44

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

It is time to heal the deepest schism of all… between the dark and Light; fear and Love. Can you be unconditional in loving every fear that possibly exists? In doing so, will it cast Light on all that is distorted in your mind, heart and being?

Shall you walk into the garden of good and evil, extending your heart and opening your arms to embrace and embody all that is in the land of opposites? Will you give this to the world, and free you - me - us all? Are you ready to dive into the midst of the dark and decrepit... this ever maddening ecstasy of the shadow and its band of fears? These opposing forces dueled in the confines of your mind. Do you long to know them? Will you speak their language so they may finally be honored upon center stage? I sense they are angry and tired of being behind the curtain. They have no care or judgment of feeling such things. They know the truth. In this moment of destiny, they come with one simple request. ‘Let us be seen, felt and heard. We are not as bad as you believe. We are allies. We lead you to the places you desire to go. Without us, you would not travel. In fact, you are unknowingly enamored with us, so much so, that you cling with an iron clad grip. No matter how we push you and test you, scare you and tease you… Do you not see you are already in Love? However, you do not unconditionally Love us… or yourself.’ Well, who could pass up that invitation?     So, have a date with death, loneliness, rejection, misery, pain, disappointment, ridicule, imprisonment and the unknown. Rather than continue flirting with them, take a deep dive into relationship with them. Fear not. We will meet up with this band of fears, fully facing all that deals with commitment, intimacy, imperfection, sickness and failure, and have the time of our lives. They too only seek to be Loved.

Let your heart be seduced by the ramblings of fear gone wild. Get to know each other better and by the end, you may find yourself in rapturous ecstasy, rolling around in the dark shadows of your own countenance, which too is Divine.

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD


ALL AS ONENESS When one is truly in Love, the ugly is not seen as ugly, the bad not experienced as bad… the wrong can do no wrong… and even the devil becomes a god. As you anticipate how you might become intimate in these places of your being, realize these parts have been oppressed and suppressed, which is why depression occurs. Depression is a cry for creativity. If one held in a baby, both could die. If a child is oppressed, it dies spiritually. When depressed, we become the walking dead.

Life does not have to be hard, or painful… it is intended for you to experience your richness; your depths and heights. You are a beautiful bejeweled tapestry that embodies creation, contrast and texture. Embrace - Venerate - Embody Step into Truth Fullness by always staying in the inquiry. ( Excerpted from the book… Your Journey To Love… by Simran

Simran Singh is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Host of 11:11 Talk Radio & 11:11 InnerViews Author, Love Catalyst & Rebel Humanitarian.

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11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD

It is my compassionate intention to… 1. Free myself from the confines of the small mind. 2. Free my brothers and sisters of earth of the trespasses of my thoughts. 3. Be the example of love in action through thought, word and deed. 4. Light the way of the world by being present. 5. Perceive the “enemy” through the self-realization that I created them from what was “in-a-me”. 6. Provide sustenance through silence in the moments that ask of nourishment. 7. Honor the sacredness of life through deep contemplative oneness. 8. Open this body to greater flexibility of my polarities. 9. Breathe each moment into a new spirit of aliveness. 10. Absorb and transmute all discordance, dis-ease and negativity that I perceive. 11. Reflect the I AM presence from the totality of living, kneeing and knowing. These monthly intentions are provided to support and uplift your mind, your meditative mantras and your spirit. Do them daily, in your morning and evening meditations, to enhance the awakening of your truth within you. Given in Love… Simran

11:11 — SEPTEMBER 2017 — ONE WORLD








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1111 MAGAZINE - ONE WORLD - September 2017  
1111 MAGAZINE - ONE WORLD - September 2017  

When you allow the fragmented world to fall away from your mind’s… ONE WORLD will nest within your breast, nourished by the milk of every fr...