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Age is not a number; it is a gift.

Time is not passing by; it is present.

Eternity does not await; It is here and Now.


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I am 50 this month. I am grateful. I appreciate all that life has brought. I have lived a thousand lifetimes in one… many adventures within a variety of landscapes… and the embodiment of vast experience and expression. It happened regardless of me being conscious or unconscious… awake or fast asleep. Life moves me. It is the heart beating of Spirit that pulsates through each moment of ‘tiME’. Essence flows through my blood vessels and fills my bone marrow. Spirit has been in every bit of it… showing me endless shades of color, texture, topography, flavor and fragrance… within the harmonic strings, strands and chords. And, so it is… with you as well. As an early birthday present to myself, I, and my Beloved Divine Source, went on a date. After a lovely dinner, I/We attended an Air Supply concert (yes, I was a fan as a teen, and still am!) “So lift your eyes if you feel you can Reach for a star and I'll show you a plan I figured it out… What I needed was someone to show me” — Lost in Love, Air Supply My Essence word for this year is ‘Intimacy’. When people hear this, they immediately think I am speaking of outward intimacy, but I mean internal intimacy. The side effect will reflect deepened outward intimacy. Inward intimacy means ‘into-me-I-see’... being present with what my deepest connection and relationship to Divine Essence. This is beyond selflove or self-acceptance; it is courtship and communion. Lover and Beloved. Consider how you are the Lover... or if/how you allow yourself to be loved by the Beloved. How would deepening your intimacy with life in this way change: what you approach, how you spend your time, the way you connect with others, and even the level of trust when it comes to money, people, circumstance, experience and the physical world? Are you Lost in Love? Or, All out of Love? To get in the mood, close your eyes and imagine the Beloved Source and Lover (as you) exchanging these sentiments. Listen Here: https://youtu.be/cZiq84hM74g I celebrate with a full heart the beginning of another trip around the sun… and most especially my next half century, I share my love, good wishes and most intimate reflection with you… we are ONE in the same. In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran




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MARCH 2018


LIGHT WITH LOVE SPEAKING OF THE LIGHT | 6 DEBBIE FORD Your soul yearns to realize its full potential, to claim all its greatness; only you can allow this to happen. FREEDOM OF THE HERO | 12 PHILIP SHEPHERD When you submit to the Present as a felt whole— without needing it to be anything other than what it is — you will begin to feel its aliveness. INTELLIGENCE | 29 ERVIN LASZLO The very fabric of the universe is a purposeful field, and we are the products — perhaps the crown jewel — of this purposeful evolutionary progression.


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ENERGY OF LOVE HARNESSING RESILIENCE | 16 DEIRDRE HADE Divine resilience creates a Soul Pod, harmonizes and soothes your nervous system. It will heal your anxiety and remove the stress from your body. MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE | 23 KLAIRE D. ROY Quartz supports the overall health of the individual and is undeniably extraordinary. THE ART OF AWAKENING| 32 STAR WOLF, PH.D & NITA GAGE, PH.D Shamanic consciousness is what will allow us to rebirth ourselves into a new level of consciousness collectively on this planet. DEVOTED TO THE JOURNEY OF SOUL | 36 SIMRAN SINGH Life is always inviting you to discover what is missing; showing you what you have denied, left unhealed or not yet explored. 11:11 — MARCH 2018 — GREAT FULL HEART



“Allow me to be humble enough to know that I have nothing to do with how divine I am.”

In Celebration with… 6




I’m standing in the greatest and grandest version of myself. I’m basking in the magic of the universe, Drenched in the good vibrations of God’s love. Hallelujah, the light inside me is now on. What does it take to step into and reclaim your holiness? I’m going to assert that it is much easier than you might imagine. Most of us think we have to become something, learn something, succeed at something, or achieve something, but in truth the realization of our holiest self requires nothing from the outer world. Stepping into our holiness is merely a process of acceptance, of being willing to see the totality of ourselves. It is the recognition of the magnificence and grandness of our potential. The Bible proclaims, “The kingdom of God is within you.” This kingdom is easily accessed if we are ready and willing to see the totality of who we are. Most of us are scared of what we will find behind the doors to the rooms we have locked away. So instead of setting out on an adventure to find our hidden selves, full of excitement and wonder, we keep pretending the rooms don’t exist. And the longer we deny and ignore the many unexplored chambers of our interior life, the more separation and loneliness we feel. Every one of us has countless rooms inside, and happiness comes to those of us who become dauntless explorers of the rooms in our souls. When we embrace the fullness of our humanity, we come face-to-face with our divinity. Most of us are blind to the light that we are and the vast and mighty potential that we hold, because we have projected so much of our inner light onto other people. Projection is the unconscious act of transferring an aspect of yourself onto somebody else. But why attribute a portion of your light, your power, or your brilliance to another human being? Most likely because you were taught, from a very young age, that there was something inappropriate about some aspect of who you are. It happens so quickly, so simply. Somebody might have called you “stupid” when you were young, and you took that harsh word to heart, making it mean not just that you were stupid but also that you weren’t smart. With that one unconscious decision, you unknowingly cut yourself off from the brilliant part of yourself—which we all have, by the way—and transferred it to someone you perceived as having a degree of brilliance that you did not. You may have heard the words “You’re good for nothing” at some point in your childhood, and as a result you decided that you were unworthy of love or worth less than another. You then closed the www.1111mag.com



door on your worthy self and instead went about collecting evidence that you are, in fact, unworthy. Maybe you were told to “be quiet” or “settle down,” and as a result you disowned that big, fully self-expressed part of yourself, the part of you that has the guts and the courage to go out into the world and light people up. If you grew up with imperfect parents or imperfect teachers or religious leaders with big agendas, I am certain you were made wrong more than once for expressing parts of yourself. So you opted for a course of action you hoped would preserve the love and acceptance of those around you: You hid these aspects. You squelched them. And you closed the door on them. Most of us were taught not to acknowledge our greatness, lest we be perceived as vain or conceited. We may have been told to restrain our sexuality, our creativity, or our boldness as well, and we became afraid that these aspects might

My holy heart, I offer you the love and compassion you deserve. My holy heart, I give back to you all the energy I so generously put out to others. My holy heart, I hold you as the sacred, precious jewel you are. My holy heart, I am grateful for every feeling you experience, every pain that passes through you, every moment of joy and hope. I love you like I love no other, because I know you are imbued with the richness of the universe and the light of God right now, inside me. And when I embrace all of me, I will be able to love all of you. I let go of old regrets and resentments from the past, and I become present with this radiant diamond in the center of my being. And so it is, and it is so, Amen. Just breathe into that. You have a jewel. You are the jewel. Treasure yourself like a million pounds of gold. See and acknowledge your heart, and then notice what happens in the outer world. This is one of the most potent antidotes in existence for addressing the great pain in the heart of the world.




ALSO BY DEBBIE FORD The Dark Side of the Light Chasers Spiritual Divorce The Secret of the Shadow The Right Questions The Best Year of Your Life Why Good People Do Bad Things The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse The Shadow Effect Courage

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make others feel insecure. As a result, we express only a fraction of our true potential. The rest remains hidden in the recesses of our light shadow, hidden from others and also hidden from ourselves. As with the creation of the dark shadow, we subconsciously distance ourselves from many of our deepest gifts until we no longer recognize them as our own. Sometimes the only way you become aware of the glorious aspects of yourself that you’ve locked away is when you see them reflected back to you. In fact, one of the best ways to glimpse your own greatness is to look outside yourself to see who you deem as holy and to whom you have transferred your light. What if all the holy, enlightened spiritual beings who have lived throughout the ages, like Buddha, Jesus, and Gandhi, are merely reflecting back to you the potential of your human spirit? What if they lived to show you the vastness of your divinity, to model for you what’s possible when you stand inwardly unified, accepting and loving of all of who you are? You claim another degree of responsibility for your life when you take back your light. Until you are able to retrieve the light you have projected onto others, it will be impossible for you to experience the totality of who you really are. Your soul yearns to realize its full potential, to claim all its greatness, but only you can allow this to happen. Desperation comes from the gulf between God and self. To remember that you are one with all is to reawaken the God within you.

Today, dear God, allow all the light that I’ve transferred out into the world, to people I know and to people I don’t know, to people who are alive and to people who have passed, to return to me. Bring all that light, right now, back into me.




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APPRECIATION I begin low in your body, filling the soles of your feet. I am the grounding in recognition of a Divine order. I rise tenderly up your legs, creating belief in the goodness of all things. I am without judgment, as I nestle low in your hips. watching and witnessing in gentle neutrality; I realize the interconnection of things that be. I rise into your belly, swirling with the power of trust. I am the deepening sense of self-awareness… in awakening to the giving and receiving that continually curses though me… my life… my eternity. I do not simply fill the heart, I encompass it. My embrace wraps your entire multi-dimensional body, in the warmth of belonging to the grand scheme. I am the experience of fullness; even in the empty moments. I am a mind at rest; even amidst a chaotic world. I am the essence of relaxation, into all that is the illusion of constriction, conditioning and conformity. I am the freedom to be… exactly as is… without the need to do anything. -Simran




FREEDOM OF THE HERO Myth associates a deliberate forgetfulness of the whole with the tyrant, whose quest for independence is a compulsion to cut away from the whole. It associates a deliberate remembrance of the whole with the hero, whose self-achieved submission is a path of reconciliation with the whole. The balance of this book will be devoted to bringing clarity to that path. The hero doesn’t merely acknowledge the whole, or face it—he chooses to submit to it. Because our whole-blindness leads us to confuse the roles of tyrant and hero, this voluntary submission may seem odd. The essence of the hero as our culture sees him is that he never submits. But recall from Chapter 1 that Campbell’s phrasing describes the hero as a man of self-achieved submission. This is not submission to tyranny, force or any set of circumstances designed to bend someone into submission. In fact, the hero doesn’t submit to force because he has already so deeply submitted to What Is. Through his living accord with the felt Present, he understands what it calls him to do; and what he is called to do initiates what we speak of as the hero’s task. The heroic submission to the Present sets up an alchemy within the self. When you submit to the Present as a felt whole—without flinching, without reservation and without needing it to be anything other than what it is—you will begin to feel its aliveness within you; and when you feel that aliveness from a place of deep stillness, you will feel a gentle tug that momentarily crystalizes your relationship to the world and awakens the whole of your being to what is being asked of you. And then you face a choice: answer the summons or retreat from it. If you answer it, you are basically offering yourself upas a lump of dough to the baker — to be kneaded that you might rise anew. And in that kneading, you will experience the breaking down of habits and the leavening chemistry of new possibilities, so that the world around you seems to change its aspect. And the hardships it throws in your path will prod you to deepen into the truth of your wholeness, that you might forge in your nerveways a renewed relationship with being—a renewal that is ultimately not just for yourself but for the benefit of the world. The dark imaginings of our culture tell us freedom is to be found in the ability to disconnect. The mountain brook, the child collecting pebbles, the mother’s gaze all tell another story: disconnection is the opposite of freedom. Freedom opens to everything—it welcomes the world and allows you to play with it and be guided by it in fulfilling the purpose to which, ultimately, it has called you. 12



There is no need to achieve wholeness; it’s all that exists. You are held by wholeness in every moment of your life. You cannot achieve harmony, freedom, the passion of your heart’s quest or a sense of spaciousness or ease or grace. All of these qualities we long for belong to wholeness. They belong to the Present. PHILIP SHEPHERD - 11:11 TALK RADIO - Listen Here: http://bit.ly/1111-RadicalWholeness

True freedom, then, is paradoxically made possible by submission—the hero’s submission to the whole; the submission that lets go of all the soul-baffling divisions we jealously guard, the crippling judgments we enforce, the cotton balls we hold within to stifle the resonance of our being. The freedom found by the hero is the freedom of fully liberating your life into the spacious Present. It’s the freedom you experience when no part of your being is held in check: the whole of it becomes available to the harmony of What Is and expresses itself through your every response. It’s the freedom of discovering your partnership with the world. And whatever else that partnership asks of you, it always invites you yet more deeply into your wholeness. That is the freedom the world wants for you, calls from you and supports you in.

If the head is where you consciously think, the pelvic bowls where you can consciously be. In our culture, when the desire to withdraw from wholeness gains the upper hand, we segregate these complementary poles and give our allegiance to the male pole, so that eventually we come to identify almost exclusively with it. The ‘self’ comes to be identified as the part of us that thinks independently of the world and centers itself in the head. And that, as we have seen, casts us in the role of supervisor of the self and observer of the world, which changes how we relate to just about everything. When we think-think-at-head-inside like that, rather than feel-feel-at-flesh inside, we effectively lose access to the integrating intelligence of the body. A refusal to allow the complementary opposites within us to come together and unite as a whole is also a refusal to unite with the wholeness of the world. The scale of that refusal in our culture suggests that we are not merely whole-blind—we are actually whole-phobic. So let’s take a look at that. In reality, of course, there is no stepping out of the ocean of wholeness—there is nowhere else to go. The idea that we can do so and gain control over the events of our lives is based on the fantasy that division is stronger than harmony. The only real security you can come home to in this world is the security of your being; and you come home to that security by allowing your consciousness to come to rest in the pelvic bowl. If you don’t allow your consciousness to rest there, you maintain it in a state of ungrounded insecurity. So although your drive for control promises security, it actually carries you away from it. www.1111mag.com



Unlike us, the Present is always at peace. Unlike us, it doesn’t resist change. Tyranny is associated with violence. The germ of that violence is first and foremost the violence of division—a violence that shatters wholeness and relationships by grasping at the insistence of ‘mine’. The divisions the tyrant imposes on the world have their origin in the violence of the divisions he first imposes on himself—a violence that is intent on shouting down the integrating female pole of being, just as our culture has long denied women their voice and devalued their contributions. It is this context that leads me to refer to both the hero and tyrant as ‘he’. It’s not that I harbor a benighted belief that women can’t be heroes or tyrants. On the contrary, the tendencies of both hero and tyrant live in each of us—men and women both—and the single factor that determines which will hold sway within you is the relationship the male pole of your consciousness establishes with the female. When your male pole decides to ‘go it alone’ and rejects the female intelligence, it turns against wholeness and becomes tyrannical, obsessing over the needs of ‘doing’ and largely ignoring the interrelationships of ‘being’. When the consciousness of your male pole unites with the sensitivities of your female being, that marriage ushers you into wholeness; then, the strengths that belong to the male pole—those of perspective, analysis, discernment and abstraction—are not hoarded independent of the female pole of your being but are shared with it as gifts. Only with that sharing is their true value realized. The hero and the tyrant are active in us all. I refer to them as ‘he’, then, as a reminder of the choice available to me here and now: I can live in the head in seclusion from the genius in the pelvic bowl, or I can choose to submit to being, in its all-encompassing, indeterminate but clearly felt mystery. It is a choice the male principle within us faces repeatedly in the course of a minute, a day and a lifetime.

PHILIP SHEPHERD Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. He developed The Embodied Present Process™ (TEPP), a unique set of practices for uniting the anxious, restless pace of the intelligence in the head with the deep, present and connected intelligence of the body. His first book, New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century, drew on a lifetime of research and experience and was widely acclaimed.

www.philipshepherd.com 14



In Prayer… Dearest Beloved, I lay within you, fast asleep… Dreaming a dream of being awakened to your mighty Presence. I have fallen in love with longing, romanticizing the thought of belonging. I seek and I search, going high and low to discover what it means to live, be and know. I have scaled great monuments that seem to touch the sky, and swam infinite waters that hid reflections of what’s on high. I have painted with thought, and color the world with my words… I have woven together shadows and light in a web of time, as I dance in many makings of my own delightful rhyme. You have held me close… loved me… and provided… You never controlled me… misled me… or misguided. Your Presence was enough and always near, the greatest gift you have given unto me was the opportunity to overcome my own fear. With a Great Full Heart, I dream this dream. I am a time piece that has transcended the past, I lean into the Now… a moment that forever shall last. May the words of mouth, and the meanderings of my heart be acceptable unto you…my Lord… my strength… and my redeemer. -Simran www.1111mag.com



Welcome to the Age of Surprise. Calamity, abrupt change, often comes without any kind of warning. So, how do we handle this? How do we find strength and resilience? How do we care for ourselves and those that we love? How do we manage the inner stress?

HARNESSING RESILIENCE The topic of how to harness resilience during times of stress has really hit home for me personally. The Thomas Fire, the largest fire in California history consuming 281,000 acres, burned its way across the Los Padres Mountains from Ventura to Ojai to my front door. My home miraculously survived because of the protection of world-class firefighters; the beast licking a few final leaves of my hedges before it rolled on in search of new mountains and new homes to destroy. One week later, the beast finally dead, my husband and I surveyed a charred landscape, grateful no one was harmed. We had about a week to catch our breath. Then the rain came. Torrential, it descended like a million bullets hammering our fragile, barren mountains. The watershed came rolling down, boulders the size of trucks carried by mud-like liquid concrete cascading upon us like cold grey lava. My home town, Montecito, California, was buried like Pompeii while we were asleep in our beds, the destruction rolling all the way to the ocean. The next day we faced the unimaginable, neighbors, friends, pets and homes lost, our beautiful California dream gone. Of the hundreds of homes destroyed, my house again survived. The boulders, the debris had missed us, leaving a new landscape, trees gone, enormous stone statues in their place, a canyon carved 30-feet deep just 15 feet away from our house. Such is nature's power. These will remain here forever as monuments reminding me how profoundly close life and death can be. 16



In experiencing the Thomas Fire and the mud and debris flows that followed, it reminded me of so many other times when my world came apart. I was in my 20's when my mother died, then soon after my father died. Then, after thirteen years of marriage, a divorce occurred, breaking my heart, leaving me with two small children looking to me for answers as my best friend died, same as my parents, a victim of cancer. In the middle of all these losses I was certain grief would kill me. I was unsure if I would survive. And yet, I survived it all. Because, when I felt my world coming apart, my body freezing up with anxiety and fear as I went about worrying, "What am I going to do?" a voice, a Presence, spoke to me each time, helping guide me through. I am a mystic, a person who, for whatever reason, has been given the ability to live with one foot grounded in an unseen reality I call ‘the wisdom light of All That Is’ while having the other foot fully grounded in this physical reality. I see and hear angels and other beings and receive information that most people do not, which places me in an interesting position during the difficult times we face here in our country and around the world today.

We are all very much in need of a boost, and the divine is here to help. Which is why I feel now is the time to share what has been shown to me in conversations, visions and insights on my journeys to and from this other reality. With this need to share in mind, I asked in my morning prayers recently, “What does all this disaster and change mean? What is the message? What can I share with my family and friends? What can I share from You, Presence of Pure Creation, Great Light of God, that will help us find the possibility in all of this today?” And in a flash of clarity, everything that I had studied in my years of spiritual pursuit, all of the varied teachings of truth, words I had memorized from sacred texts, collided together in one giant symphony of thought, feeling, and awe. I had an understanding that has renewed my life and the lives of all I have shared it with. Here is the message… We are here at this moment in time, The Age of Surprise, to reconnect our souls with each other, to reunite in a state of deep love, care and compassion. Connection is the most important lesson humanity is here to learn. Everything that comes our way right now is to teach us that we must change our perception to know that the value of who we are is far greater than the things that we try to achieve, build or accomplish, from setting goals to becoming successful. Those things alone will not bring us the peace, joy and fulfillment that we think they will. The only true and lasting happiness our souls know comes from experiencing deep interpersonal connection. It is time to come together, soul to soul. It is time to remember who we really are. We are the presence of eternal love. When catastrophe comes, all that we’ve considered vital and important gets put aside because now we have to survive and take care of one another. This is the great lesson: we are here to learn to take care of each other. Period. This is the light and the grace inside the darkness of our suffering. The Presence of Pure Creation, the worlds of light, the Creator, want all of us to know how to find each other, how to reconnect, soul to soul, caring for each other in harmony, love, and service without needing a calamity to force us into caring for each other. www.1111mag.com



Take one step at a time on my ladder of steps to re-connecting soul to soul. One step is harnessing resilience. After that are steps of guiding faith and trust. Take my ladder, take these steps and I will do the rest. One day, you will be upon my Altar and We will create Our greatest manifestation. For The Age of Surprise is, in Truth, Your Great Age of Transformation - Your Age of Enlightenment.

The first two steps shown to me as necessary to create this year, and every year, as Possibility. Step One: Reclaim Your Core Value Your core value, the virtue you live by, is the energy of your soul purpose. And when you live from this core of who you are you are connected to All. This is the foundation of God that will sustain you through times of stress and disaster. Your core value is the profound miraculous energy from which you will create A Year of Possibility. Close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting in your belly, within a golden light. Gently watch your breath, allowing your breath to soften, continuing to place your awareness in your belly in the golden light. Ask: What is my soul’s core value, the virtue I used to live by as a child? What virtue do I believe in more than any other? Ask this golden light and then listen for the answer. Repeat the questions followed by silence until you hear an answer. Write your core value down on a piece of paper and place it on your altar or desk, where you see it every day. Over the next few days, meditate upon these questions: “Am I living truthfully by my core value?" "Where in life have I fallen off my core value; what effect has that had on me and those I love?" "What can I do to live my life from my core value?” Every morning when you first wake up, affirm your core value and the guidance you have received from your soul. When you live by your core value/virtue to the best of your ability, something magical happens, synchronicity comes. New ideas, chance meetings, healing of relationships come, all this, because your soul is now fully engaged with you. This basic step, this simple practice will bring a wealth of possibilities for you. It works because virtue and value are the building blocks of manifestation used by the divine universe. Step Two: How to invite divine resilience into your life. Once you have your core value in place, repeat this invocation every morning: God, Presence of Pure Creation, fill me with your divine resilience. I open myself to you as a vessel for your strength and your all-knowing wisdom. I am human and limited, but with you as my partner, your invincible resilience and strength I know will uplift me, protect me and guide me throughout this day, this year, this life. 18



Create a Soul Pod, a small group of supportive and trusted friends who want to share this practice with you. Set a designated time to meet. At each meeting each participant shares their core value and what that means to them. Go around the circle. Next, everyone shares how their heart is feeling while everyone else bears witness, listening deeply, paying attention silently. When each person finishes sharing, the group repeats the following mantra: “I hear you. I see you. I love you. I share with you my light and my strength, dear friend. My soul is completely with your soul. And together we form a ring of divine resilience around you, protecting you, supporting you, holding you with our love.” Inviting divine resilience into your life and creating a Soul Pod will harmonize and sooth your nervous system. It will heal your anxiety and remove the stress from your body. This, along with consciously embracing your core value/virtue, is a winning practice for thriving and manifesting all possibilities. For you will have taken great steps in self-awareness, surrender and soul to soul connection We can learn and receive the message of our changing times with grace, forbearance and wisdom. We can learn to love each other without disaster. We can open to our souls without having to be forced into a great calamity to drop our differences and our judgments. We have the ability to heal each other now. And not only will we survive the Age of Surprise, we will thrive as the true creators and manifestors of brilliance that is our birthright. This is the Year of Possibility. And the possibility is YOU.

DEIRDRE HADE Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the founder of The Radiance Journey. She is the co-author of The (not so ) Little Book of Surprises with her husband William Arntz, the creator of the film “What the BLEEP do We Know!?,” and the author of the forthcoming book The 12 Archetypes of Eve: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Achieving Full Feminine Power.

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I give… I am for giving… I give gratitude for each moment… each hour… each day. I appreciate the blessings of life, and the grace of Spirit. I am blessed with the full capacity of Divine Presence, in my movement… in my stillness… in my being. I am for giving… the embodiment of grateful and gracious living. I express the love of the creator in my deeds… my thoughts… my words… and especially through my smile. I am for giving the clear sight and vision of holiness within my brothers and sisters of the world. I am… the beholder of beauty, the creator in all its capacity, the divinity within all my doing, and the sacredness in that which I see. As I give… in being for giving, I am the key. -Simran




“The change that occurs during a quartztherapy treatment is visible to the naked eye. I see it every time someone rises from the treatment table and looks at me. They seem younger and free from distressing systems, with an incredibly fresh glow that illuminates their skin and sparkles in their eyes.”

Medicine the Future How does quartz rejuvenate the subtle bodies? In over 15 years of treating patients as a lithotherapist, Klaire D. Roy has had some mystifying experiences. She has learned that quartz vibrates, connects with patients and responds to this contact according to their needs. She has been able to acquire experiential knowledge due to her ability to see the subtle bodies, such as the etheric body, yet her skeptical mind has always maintained a healthy objectivity towards what she sees. She shares her discoveries concerning the link between our subtle bodies and quartz, which lays the foundation for her groundbreaking therapeutic approach of treating and ‘healing’ with quartz, that she calls quartztherapy.

The most widespread mineral in our lives The most obvious link uniting us to quartz is physical. Firstly, crystal is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which makes up 12% of the earth’s crust, making it the most widespread mineral on earth. This composition allows it to help regenerate the physical body through the etheric body, subject to which we later return. When quartz is submitted to a certain pressure, electrical charges are created on its surface producing what is called piezoelectricity. Since this emission, peculiar to quartz, is very stable, it is used in a number of technologies today. For example, quartz is used in watches and computers to optimize performance and longevity. These piezoelectric properties are also used in traditional and alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, where they are channeled by a piezoelectric pen. www.1111mag.com



The more subtles levels But how does quartz really help us? Through her career as a lithotherapist and her spiritual practice of more than 30 years, Klaire D. Roy discovered the importance of the etheric body, which discloses an answer to this question. Not only does it store prana, the breath of life, but it also envelops and sustains our other bodies (astral, mental and causal), which come under its protection and influence. If it is weakened, it will have repercussions on other bodies and vice versa. Without the etheric body, life on earth would be impossible: everything that exists on earth, every being and every object (animate or inanimate), possesses such a body. In humans, the etheric body is located a few millimeters under the skin, but its radiance or aura can be perceived from one quarter of an inch to two inches outside the physical body. It is this body that acupuncturists stimulate with their needles. Its color ranges from a shiny white to a milky white, depending on the person’s vitality. When disease sets in, parts of it can sometimes turn gray or even black, depending on the seriousness of the illness. The etheric body is crisscrossed with nadis (Sanskrit name) or meridians (Western name) that form the network through which the vital or pranic energy circulates. They number in the thousands and their points of intersection create energy vortexes called “chakras”.

What circulates through the etheric body? This energy, which keeps us literally alive, is called prana. It is composed of tiny balls or globules with a central core. They are constantly moving, continually changing course without ever colliding. They embody the life that flows through everything. Prana is transmitted through the sun’s rays. The etheric body absorbs these pranic emanations through centers located primarily in the upper part of our body. They are then conveyed to the etheric center of the spleen to be distributed throughout the etheric body via the nadis. Of course, more pranic energy improves the health of our different bodies and reduces the disproportionate impact of stress.

Maintaining balance through quartz Now that the etheric body and its energy are better defined, let us add that many stones help maintain harmony among the various components of the etheric body. However, and this is where quartztherapy comes into play, the quartz family is particularly important because it is highly sensitive to the etheric body’s vibrations. Some of the many reasons for this are discussed below.

The composition of Quartz
 Its composition of silicon dioxide, explains the natural affinity that quartz has to the etheric body. Silicon helps us absorb calcium, is beneficial to our health, and more effectively grounds us to the earth, which is necessary for our development. Oxide is related to oxygen, the carrier of pranic energy. It enables the quartz to promote our organism’s absorption of oxygen, and thus the absorption of prana circulating through the physical-etheric body.

“The complex nature of crystals and their etheric framework enables them to align themselves with our etheric framework and complexity.” 24



 When quartz is programmed, it can help cleanse the nadis that crisscross the etheric body and dissolve blockages that may be located there. Better vibratory quality
 Quartz can increase the vibrations of the vital energy circulating through the nadis and promote better health and greater resistance to disease. Meditation
 When quartz has been programmed for this purpose, it can enhance the resonance of the ether around a meditator. Quartz also stimulates the absorption of ether while improving meditative concentration. The meditation becomes deeper, more effective, helping to build the bridge of light, also called antahkarana, which will one day connect us to the soul.

Different technics The way quartz can support the overall health of the individual in therapy is undeniably extraordinary. Here is a list of some techniques used in quarztherapy: • Balancing the energy of the etheric body • Polarizing the spleen • Cleansing with a quartz egg • Scraping • Sweeping • Etheric surgery • Massaging the diaphragm with a quartz ball • The hexagram of light • Removing unhealthy astral entities Ultimately, the powerful influence of quartz acts on the etheric body, cleansing and recharging it. The person thus treated in quartztherapy feels better, more rejuvenated, and a brighter, clearer light is reflected from the etheric body.

KLAIRE D. ROY Klaire D. Roy is director of The Medicine Buddha Mandala Institute, a nurse, and an esteemed author and speaker. She has dedicated herself to the study of spirituality for over 30 years and her search led her to Simhananda, a Spiritual Master. Her writings were first published in 1995, with subjects ranging from quartztherapy and lithotherapy, to the spiritual path, the Instructor-disciple relationship and the new tantrism. These themes are well received at her numerous conferences, mostly in Canada and in France.




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INTELLIGENCE We are living in the most critical time in human history. And there are two main reasons for this grand affirmation: firstly, we live in an age in which science has given us the essential understanding of who we are and why we are here; secondly, our civilization is now facing the greatest challenges we have ever seen. The explanations for the first reason are eloquently expressed by Ervin Laszlo and the contributing authors of this work. Sophisticated technologies have allowed us to explore the microscopic makings of the quantum world, revealing a fascinating realm of the in-formed Akashic field underlying all reality. As for this being the most challenging time in history, one only needs to look at the exponential growth of population and environmental deterioration combined with the uncontrolled increase of armaments and material greed to conclude that, unfortunately, there has been no other time that remotely compares with today. The new paradigm of science that reveals interconnected oneness and instantaneous, nonlocal communication, confirms the positive side of Einstein’s proposition that life is, indeed, miraculous. The universal mind of consciousness is infusing existence with meaning every step of the way. On the other hand, we could say there is a five-hundred-pound gorilla in the room that very few of us recognize. Whereas Jane Goodall informs us that gorillas and chimpanzees demonstrate a sense of awe at the wonder of nature, inclined as they are to marvel at the beauty and mystery of a waterfall, we humans seem to be so entranced in our material world that we have lost the ability to appreciate our natural surroundings. So many of us no longer wonder why; we simply focus on getting more material wealth before the Earth’s resources are exhausted. The “hard problem” then is not so much who we are. The evidence for an intelligent field of consciousness is becoming so extensive that even materialist science will soon have to acquiesce and admit its existence. The harder problem seems to be why are we here?

Laszlo gives us a short and definitive answer to aspire to: We are here to transmit more and higher consciousness into the universe. Unfortunately, for many of us the meaning of our existence goes no further than a desire to accumulate material possessions at our neighbor’s expense. www.1111mag.com



The very fabric of the universe is a purposeful field, and that we are the products—perhaps the crown jewels— of this purposeful evolutionary progression over the last fourteen billion years. If that is the case, we are a long way from even understanding that meaning, let alone bringing it to fruition. Goodall refers to Laszlo’s observation that most people are evolved enough to know that they need to change, but not evolved enough to know what change they need. Thus, the hardest problem of all might be, as Laszlo states, that many people, including even scientists, do not see what they do not believe. Let’s address this lack of belief in order to better understand if there is something new in the field that we are simply not seeing. Big problems, such as the ones our civilization faces, need radical solutions. The radical postulation in this case is that the failure to believe in ourselves stems from the limitations of our cultural conditioning. Realizing that most people’s attachment to their own culture borders on the sacred, we are going to go out on a limb and propose that it is now time to, if not slay that sacred cow, at least recognize it in order to transcend to a higher level of cultural evolution as a participating species that shares our planet with the rest of the inhabitants of this marvelous ecosystem. Culture is near and dear to us because it has given us meaning, beauty, and even survival. In the early days of our existence, the culture of clans brought us together in small communities so we could better protect ourselves from the dangers of the environment. Within the emerging human social groups, art forms slowly developed, from cave drawings to symphonies. Language, music, literature grew from the cultural petri dishes of small collectives who cautiously joined others to form richly diverse cultures on our planet. After millennia of painstaking development, it is no wonder that the wide array of cultures we have today takes pride in what they have accomplished. Our cultures represent the many achievements of the human will, first to merely survive, and later to symbolize the flourishing aspects of our existence. Yet for all this significance, most of our cultural accomplishments remain at the ethnocentric level of development. Politically and administratively, we struggle to go beyond the nation-centric level. Because of the deeply emotional history of our culture, we all tend to be overly attached to our separate identities. We are often most proud of our own art, language, customs, religious beliefs, and social practices, preferring our own cultural identity above all others, without the ability to objectively evaluate cultures beyond our own. We are unable to completely see the wonders of others when the pride and prejudice of our ethnocentricity masks our eyes. The new paradigm of scientific understanding desperately needs to be accompanied by a leap to a more inclusive and purposeful cultural paradigm. If “living systems are astonishingly coherent,” then the living system of humanity has a large need for improvement. Taking an honest look at the divided world of nation-states and bitterly opposed religions and ethnic groups that we have today, we are clearly far short of anything close to coherence in our social and cultural norms of behavior. 30



What we need is to upgrade our worldview from ethnocentric to world-centric— gaining a planetary perspective that accepts humanity as a whole and gives priority to the health of our Earth’s ecosystem. Unquestionably we could benefit from a more robust system of world governance that would override the interests of separate nation states. A planetary administration, however, will only be possible when we begin to move away from the separatist and protectionist policies of our ethnocentric world views. Because it will be a huge undertaking to move planetary culture up to a world-centric point of view, we can best serve this goal by shooting high—for the stars, so to speak. This is where the underpinnings of the new paradigm’s deeper understanding of the meaning of existence play a crucial role. Up to this point in human history we have answered the question “why are we here?” in ways that are not entirely satisfactory.

We are the Omega Point of a long, teleological process that developed into us in order to consciously contribute to the process itself. We are here to be pulled into the future, to integrate the trajectory of our individual pursuits with the holistic purpose of the universe, which is to create a higher consciousness. Laszlo presents some intriguing evidence for the survival of our consciousness beyond the necessity for it to be connected to the brain and the physical body. As such, there are no barriers to the notion that our individual consciousness—our souls—continue to develop without the requirement of a body. When death brings our life to an end, it is merely the end of a material appearance to the evolving soul behind the scenes. This explanation is perhaps the most compelling contribution to answering the question of why we are here.

The reason for our existence is to evolve through a series of incarnations and improve the vibrational level of the cosmic ground, the Akashic field. ERVIN LASZLO Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, is editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution and Chancellor-Designate of the newly formed GlobalShift University. He is the founder and president of the international think tanks the Club of Budapest and the General Evolution Research Group and the author of 83 books translated into 21 languages. He lives in Italy.

www.ervinlaszlo.com www.1111mag.com




Shamanism operates, and has for centuries, from the understanding of the sacred trinity, and finally science is catching on. Shamanic energy medicine uses the reality of the personal and collective trinity in healing and transformation. Clearing belief systems and dysfunctional emotional reactions from adverse childhood events shows up in shamanic energy medicine as soul return work. Blowing the returned soul parts into the body, shamanic energy medicine is acknowledging and affirming the integration of emotions, mind, and body. Rituals and practices of purification further mirror the importance of what modern science calls “clearing negative beliefs.” Stop, breathe, drop into your heart, and be present now. Allow your pain, loss, betrayals, perpetration, and victimization to become compost for soul growth. Become conscious! Let this mantra be the new version of the Delphic oracle’s command to “Know thyself.” The leading edge of human evolution has spent the past few centuries working on knowing thyself. From Socrates to Freud to every practice of human growth and development, the focus has been on deep personal knowing. Healing childhood wounds; understanding our unconscious beliefs and motivations; reprogramming our brain activity; and managing and befriending our stress hormones have become household practices. We are evolving at a personal and planetary level into beings of expanded consciousness. Enough with the healing and onto transforming! By finding our place in the shamanic world we live in, we know we are among our elders, the animals, trees, plants, and minerals. Shamanic consciousness is what will allow us to rebirth ourselves into a new level of consciousness collectively on this planet, which will sustain us because it will help us find the balance of the old with the new. It will also help us find the way through our present struggles and dilemmas, which threaten to create mass extinction with many species and potentially even humankind. Harnessing this innate shamanic energy medicine imbues people with an enhanced and mature sense of self. Spiritually evolved people walking on the path of their soul purpose are not living in states of stress, depression, or anxiety. Instead, they are living in the present, responding from love, not fear, and embracing life with gratitude and joy. Living with shamanic consciousness and walking the path of a Soul Whisperer is to live from curiosity, openheartedness, and, most importantly, love—the gravity that keeps us connected to our essence and the essence of others. Soul Whispering affects us when we are open to receiving love from another and give it freely and unconditionally in return. 32



The beloved can show up as a human being, an animal, the trees, the oceans, the mountains, or even an idea. The airwaves are full of soulstirring love songs and stories of all kinds. Love inspires us—love for the two-legged or fourlegged, the winged or finned, our enemies or our kin, for nature, or for a cause that stirs passion within—love is that insistent longing, inexplicable to the rational mind, which refuses to be ignored. Perhaps love calls us to a return, attempting to reclaim some lost parts of ourselves: passion, power, gentleness of spirit, tenderness, vulnerability, or innocence. Love rouses our essence back into consciousness.

The Gravity of Love I feel it growing stronger now, with each waking moment. I know I am being stalked, as it pulls the cords of my solar plexus my aching heart, and my pulsating sex. It turns me upside down, sideways, and rocks my world to and fro, shaking me up and creating chaos where once there was order in my socalled life. This kind of love doesn’t care if it rains or shines or if the strong winds blow me wildly along the shoreline and knock me to my knees. Giant tidal waves of my longing engulf me rendering my will helpless in their wake. Reluctantly my surrendering body lets go of the struggle against gravity and my rising spirit becomes silent and as vast as the seemingly endless battering waves that pull my broken will along the sandy bottom, and at last I let go and drift out to sea where now the gravity of love quite effortlessly carries what is left of me downward into the watery arms of the deep bottomless ocean where even the fish no longer have eyes to see. www.1111mag.com

STAR WOLF, PH.D Star Wolf is the founding director and president of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, and the Shamanic Minsters Global Network. She is the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process, and the author of 9 books.

www.shamanicbreathwork.org NITA GAGE, PH.D Nita Gage has a doctorate in shamanic psychospiritual psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology. She is a Teacher with the Hoffman Institute, and she created Healer Within Retreats for Medical Professionals. She is the cofounder of the NeuroImaginal Institute.

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You are not in the world. You are not of the world. You are the world and the discovery of that. You are experience experiencing itself— formless, timeless, boundless, creative capacity. An invitation awaits you to discover what has been hidden from you all along. Has it been a conspiracy? Yes. You conspired for this time. It is the final walk of the Divine journey, when the dawn comes and there is Light. The surprise, however, is that the Light is not to shine upon you; it is to brilliantly radiate from within you. You are Light, Vibration, Sound, and Energy, here to be seen, felt, heard and expressed. This is not pressure to do or be anything. This is an invitation, to be accepted or denied. You are the ONE invited. But, you must be the ONE that extends the invitation. And YOU would be the ONE that accepts it. Life is always inviting you to discover what is missing; showing you what you have denied, left unhealed or not yet explored. Life brings the opportunities for your greatest gifts to unfold. It is an opportunity to see how you create, what you really believe and what that perspective brings into your experience. These are the places where you are in bondage and servitude. They can engage inquiry as to where you hold lack, limitation, distortion and disempowerment…. and where you hold greatness, power and the capacity to empower yourself. Because you are more! 36



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Your life is meant to be more; your purpose and experience are greater than you have allowed! Obstacles are not required, unless you need angst in order to let go. An easier route is the conscious path of love, courage and commitment. When your attachments become more important than what really matters, it is time to make the choice to consciously detach, or be forced to let go. Attachments can be a variety of things... life as you know it, behaviors, relationships, jobs, identity... pain, struggle, or the need to be right... There is only Love and Light that exists... Every single thing that is in your life is an expression of Love and Light... Yes even the hard, painful and challenging. Everything is Light and Love or varying distortions of that Light and Love... Here to reveal itself. And as you become aware of the distortions, bringing higher levels of your Light and Love to it, you reveal your True Self. Close your eyes... Imagine an object of your love. Focus into your heart and allow that feeling to be magnified. Take yourself to a special moment and bask in it. Notice the sensation in your heart increase. Send them love and gratitude. They are the being that showed up to allow you to know love, but in actuality it is you, feeling love for the Self... things are for that one to know its Oneness. Open your heart and open your mind to a new way of being… A manner which would change the structures, behaviors and paradigms of your household, workspace, community and world. What can you create differently that supports allowing instead of willing? Playing instead of toiling? For you to have a new way… you must be a new way. For the world to be different… we must be the difference. ALIVE — FULLY PRESENT — SELF AWARE — ESSENCE BEING THIS is your birthright and Divine right, however you choose to keep it or give it away. If you are waiting for something outside of you to create your life... You will have no life. If you become creator, you will not only have a life, you will feel an awakened aliveness. Meditation CD’s SEE HERE: http://bit.ly/1111CDS www.1111mag.com



Stand in the Light... YOUR LIGHT! There is no other. It's ALL YOU. Once you are willing to recognize that, all will be illuminated. Your brilliance arises when you see Light in all, and as all. You are a moment being waited for... Not for what you do, but for who you Be. Your presence upon is enough, but that enoughness activates its magic when you believe in it. Then all receive you. Accept the thought you are human but know the truth you are Divine. Unite them as one so that you walk upon the planet as a Divinely inspired human whose Footsteps are the illuminated path of the most powerfully sacred kind. We are all Masters... All gods walking... Individual ones of the Great and Mighty ONE... Every single one of us… without question. What is required to live the dream? How does one engage that ultimate soul vision? Does it require an embrace or a release? Perhaps it is neither or both but all that is required is the invitation. Be clear in your vision, and have the unyielding focus and the patience to see all matters to the end. In an impatient world, patience would be likened to compassion. Compassion and “come - passion” both stem from the heart space. Patience does not come from the will you have always had, but instead the willingness you may personify. Unless your core has been given the foundation of a pure and open heart, the will can exhaust and the fumes of depletion and human conditioning will filter back in. Willingness is the open space of experience that has the ability to create boundless energy through the excitement of discovering the unknown self and its capabilities for creation. You are unique genius. You have always been. There is no other like you. There will never be. Your exquisite nature and style is required for the wholeness because you are… as I Am, a ‘peace’ of the great Divine puzzle of Oneness. CUSTOM COMMISSIONS FOR EVOLVE SOUL ORIGINALS FOR MORE INFO:

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Be aware of all the power you have. A key factor is the cultivation of a strong, inner life, an inner authority. This is a delicate and gently unfolding romance, but with a deep faith that unravels many secrets, where you will see all your desire come to pass. Be willing to be Lover and Beloved and create an awakening inside and out. Let go. Open to the expansiveness and freedom that surrounds you, but you have not seen. In your willingness to break down and break apart who you think are, you will find your real truth and desires reveal themselves. • Don’t be surprised when what you want is opposite of everything you thought you had to have. • Don’t be surprised when what you have had materially no longer holds meaning. • Don’t be surprised when what touches the heart and fills the soul becomes more important than the masks you had to keep in place. • Don’t be surprised when those who filled you up are no longer necessary to feel full. • Don’t be surprised when the life you have settled into no longer fits who you are what you are willing to experience.. The illusion is that external things, people, the material world or superficial lifestyle is what can fill you up. In fact, that’s what you made up about life, the story you told yourself. It is the story you bought into that has been passed down for too long. You thought you were doing the ‘right’ thing, and your best thinking got you where you are. It is time to lose your mind, loose your spirit, and follow your heart. Simran’s Award Winning Books Here >>>> http://bit.ly/1111BOOKS

Simran Singh is the awardwinning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Author, Love Catalyst, Artist & Rebel Humanitarian.

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