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ILLUMINATION IN INDIA Spirit Sensory Experience Aliveness Meander in Spiritual temples. Walk upon sacred sites. Imbibe the Flavors, Smells, and Colors. Visit the Pink City. The Red Fort. Lights upon the Ganges. Bask in the majesty of the Taj Mahal. Explore the Unknown… Mumbai

Meditations & Contemplations 4 & 5 Star Accommodations Air-conditioned vehicles & bottled water


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Amritsar Haridwar Rishikesh Agra

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Aug. 24 - Sept. 9 , 2018

RESERVE YOUR SPACE: Experience the Adventure… Explore the Exotic… Find the ancient within YOU!

The Greatest gift you bring is the Highest expression of You… Not what you do… But who you BE… in each moment, through every experience.    We are here to know the greatest experience of ourselves...


a personal best... a spiritual height... a physical embodiment. Everything sought is due to desire, whether that is to achieve, attain or experience. The past paradigm has been focused on achieving and attaining to feel worthy. In the new world of aliveness, an inherent knowing of worthiness exists; experience honors that. Here, achievement is for the sake of expression... an example ... the celebration to be, do or have by divine birthright. One is already fulfilled, and filled. Excitement is in exploration.    ‘Leading by example’ requires an absolute commitment to Self. It means placing one's vision behind their eyes so that every thought, word and deed is in direct alignment. Embodiment is the fulfillment of inspired action and inner authority in every step toward that focus and vision. The final piece requires discipline and devotion to ‘becoming’ the very act that you have embarked upon. What begins as DO-ing, becomes BE-ing.      You are your own guru and teacher, healer and guide... not someone else. By taking your own direction, embracing your lessons, doing the inner work required, healing within and deepening the inherent connection to the Divine... you become something even more powerful... an EXAMPLE. To lead yourself, living as an example is the highest expression.      The greatest gift is in showing another what is possible. As mirrors; we reflect to the world so it may see itself. ‘This’ is the drop in the ocean that ripples out. ‘This’ is how one person changes the world. It comes from being willing, ready and able to change your own. It stems from the purity of Being. It places service to its Highest Self before any agenda.       Charity begins at home. Your home is first and foremost… You. True charity is humanity, altruism, benevolence, compassion, consideration and indulgence. Contemplate what these words mean and how you would apply them in an interdependent world versus a codependent one. When you fully give these things to You, the ability to selflessly give them to another will rise, as you Lead by Example. In this way, you are not feeding a person for a day, you are showing others how to feed themselves. Lead... Lead yourself... Lead Now... Lead by Example… Be the Example.

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In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran

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August 2017


SOUND IN LOVE CALM IN 90 SECONDS | 7 DOUGLAS NOLL Grounded in the latest findings in neuroscience, Douglas Noll empower individuals to successfully restore peace in 90 seconds or less.

OUR NATURAL RHYTHMS | 12 ACHARYA SHUNYA Living in sacred joy is the ultimate achievement a human being is capable of.

AKASHIC RECORDS | 18 LISA BARNETT The Akashic Field is part of and connected to the All; it's in everyone and everything with a soul.

ENERGY OF LOVE AGING ‘YOUTHFULLY’ | 24 DR. DONGXUN ZHANG A revolutionary approach to wellness that offers a way to stay healthy, vital, and more youthful as we age.

LANDSCAPE OF THE HAND | 40 HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS The hands can be see as an opening for the energy of the mind and the body. Our hands are our energy conduits to the world.



11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


LIGHT WITH LOVE SHAMANISM | 29 LYNN ANDREWS Look at choices made and why resistance is held in your body which creates a block within your life force.


AWESOMISM | 34 SUZY MILLER Like love, autistic individuals represent a state of being that cannot be coerced into anything. They are here to be.


AMICUS | 45 SHAWN ANDERSON What if you encountered God? What would you ask?


11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


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CALM IN 90 SECONDS We live in a socially polarized time, as arguments easily flare up, aggression and bullying rises, and ideological lines are drawn—dividing our families, neighborhoods, and communities. A new set of listening and communication skills that solve the problem of what to do when confronted with an angry person or situation — at home, work, or anywhere — is required. Based on the practical experience of a lawyer turned peacemaker and master mediator, grounded in the latest findings in neuroscience, Douglas Noll empowers individuals to successfully and efficiently de-escalate and restore peace in 90 seconds or less. The secret is in understanding and integrating three essential steps: — Ignore the words being spoken. — Guess at the emotions. — Reflect the emotions. As simple as this reads, it does take a mental adjustment to overcome the cultural aversion to emotions. And, like any new skill, it takes some practice. Experience has taught me that underneath anger and fear, people are often experiencing deep unresolved grief. Each of these affects is associated with systems within the brain that respond to environmental cues and memories. For example, the affect of fear is deeply associated with a part of the brain called the amygdala.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


Disgust seems to originate in the insula and so forth. Some brain systems are well-known; others are not yet fully understood. The good news is that we do not have to be neuroscientists to put this knowledge to use. The important takeaway is that these brain systems react outside of our consciousness in response to whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in our immediate environment. The physical aspect of emotion is what we commonly call feeling. When I get frustrated, for example, my face flushes deep red. My red face is caused by blood rushing into my capillaries. I feel hot and flushed. I have learned that this feeling is associated with something around me that I have labeled as frustrating. Emotion has two physical attributes: Affect: What is happening in the brain Feeling: What is happening in the body Emotion also has a mental, or cognitive, aspect. For us to be able to make sense of what is arousing us, we have to create a mental system of emotional categories. From life experience, we learn how to take the affects and feelings of anger and categorize them into the emotion of anger. This mental process is called emotional categorization. Without going too deep, this requires us to develop an appraisal process. Basically, our brain and body are aroused by something, we appraise, we find a category, and we label. Emotional categorization has turned out to be an important piece of human development. It is learned from experience and is very much influenced, if not defined, by our surrounding culture. This part of emotion is therefore socially based. One of the most potent skills you can teach your children is how to categorize the emotions they are experiencing in the moment. As they learn how to organize and categorize their emotions, they develop the capacity for empathy and communication. Following emotional categorization is the idea of emotional granularity. Emotional granularity describes the detail with which we can label an emotional experience. People with high degrees of emotional granularity tend to have higher emotional intelligence, have better self-control, and be able to make better choices under the fire of emotion. People with lesser degrees of emotional granularity have less emotional intelligence, less self-control, and a harder time making good choices when upset. The last term is alexithymia. Those who experience alexithymia are 8

11:11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; August 2017â&#x20AC;&#x201D; LEAD BY EXAMPLE

unable to express their emotions with any degree of precision or depth. They lack emotional granularity. As a result, they tend to be reactive when their emotions are kicking. They default to automatic and unconscious behavioral programs. We have all seen people with hair-trigger tempers. They typically have very little emotional granularity and react instantly and unthinking to provocation. The important takeaway is that categorizing a core affect into an emotion turns it into a discrete experience. It allows what is going on in our brain and body to pop out in our awareness and take on meaning. Without emotional categorization, we cannot understand what we are experiencing, we cannot figure out what might be causing the experience, and we cannot communicate our experience to others. Emotional categorization is crucial. Until we can get our heads around what we are experiencing, our brains simply cannot think. When we affect label, we are providing the upset person with the emotional categorization and granularity that the individual cannot, at that moment, provide for themselves. We are, in essence, loaning out our prefrontal cortex to help another. By affect labeling, we help an upset person grasp and label her affective and somatic experience and concretize it into consciousness. Once the emotion becomes labeled in awareness, the speaker can work with it. As a result, they calm down. It is amazing to experience. Excerpted from DE-Escalate with permissions from BeyondWords and Atria Books — Releasing September 2017

DOUG NOLL Douglas E. Noll is a lawyer turned peacemaker. Doug’s work carries him into many dark places. Using pragmatic and practical skills of peace, he helps people resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts. He is an award-winning author of three books, a teacher, speaker, and a trainer. His fourth book De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less is releasing by Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster in September 2017.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


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In grounding devotional intent… 1. I express my individual uniqueness with confidence. 2. I consciously exude love in thought, word and deed. 3. I expand into greater authenticity in every moment. 4. I experience deep commitment to what brings joy. 5. I align in service toward the highest good. 6. I appreciate the presence of each moment. 7. I acknowledge the Source in all things. 8. I accept life’s flow as it rises. 9. I follow my higher mind and heart fully. 10. I give and receive Love without limits. 11. I celebrate all that life presents. These monthly intentions are provided to support and uplift your mind, your meditative mantras and your spirit. Do them daily, in your morning and evening meditations, to enhance the awakening of your truth within you. Given in Love… Simran

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


“Nature is the bedrock for the process of change, the keeper of the ingredients of change, and indeed, the very resolution or transformation that is achieved as a result of these changes. If we want to cultivate health, we cannot afford to remain oblivious to the changes in Nature.”

Our Natural Rhythms The rhythmic lifestyle of Ayurveda follows Nature, and if you decide to live according to this lifestyle, you too will begin to feel supported by Nature — from within yourself. You can discover the deep nurturance that is always available in Nature and gradually become one with the great natural rhythm. Ayurvedic principles are Nature’s own principles. Ayurveda is a medical science that is always in compliance with the laws of Nature. Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us to live in harmony with Mother Nature, called Prakriti in Sanskrit. Through an encompassing vision of Mother Nature (Prakriti), Ayurveda invites us to meditate and reflect on the interconnectedness of macrocosm (environment) and microcosm (individual being) at every level of existence, from an ant to a human being. Ayurveda aids our recognition of the fact that our universe and its timeless components — time, space, seasons, sun, moon, crops, herbs, and the creatures that populate it — have perpetual rhythmic influences emerging from a common source, Prakriti. These rhythms, which affect us at different times in different ways, play a significant role in both restricting and facilitating our well-being. In Ayurveda, we work with natural changes. We learn to dance to Nature’s rhythm, and we take powerful lessons from her book of wisdom and incorporate these into our lives. Health is certainly not as complicated and contrived an effort as it is made out to be, provided you consciously decide to stay as close as you can to Mother Nature. In other words, Ayurveda asks you to align with the rhythm of your natural bio-existence. It is true that certain factors over which you have no control affect your health — your genetic inheritance, for instance — yet, there are other, equally powerful principles that come into play with the natural laws. Having knowledge of Nature and how to live close to it is more important to your health than popping a pill. Time, expressed through Nature’s rhythms, is a great healer. Ayurveda’s approach emphasizes the factor of time (kaala). Your role is only to assist Nature by respecting her rhythms and not interrupting them. Indeed, being in rhythm with Nature is the best medicine! 12

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

Ayurveda establishes its foundational healing principles in the intelligence of Nature’s rhythms. These rhythms are of three kinds: diurnal, lunar, and solar. Diurnal Rhythm Ayurveda invites conscious seekers of health to commune with Mother Nature in peace and mimic her ways. This is why Ayurveda sages teach us an inspired and enlightening daily routine called dinacharya, which teaches humans to follow the rhythm of the sun and rise when it rises, and to eat and be intense at work or play when it is in full form at midday. As the sun slowly travels across the sky and sets voluntarily with the cooperation of Earth swirling in her own magical ballad, we should follow Baba’s words of advice: “Now rest your being and surrender; accept what is and what is yet to be; and with family and love in your heart, make peace with the day. Prepare for slumber.” But what did we do? We invented the light-bulb and then the Internet. The “light” may go off in the macrouniverse, but in the microuniverse of the modern human being, the lights are on, and the night is still young. Nature may slumber — who cares! — but we are boldly awake. For such a person, anxiety, insomnia, unprocessed food and emotions, and a restless state of mind, as well as chronic diseases come to dwell in the body and mind. If only we had rested and in restfulness witnessed the truth of our health. In rest, we would have rejuvenated and revived ourselves to come back out at sunrise for adventure, exploration, and play. But we proclaim our modern lives to be against the divine rhythm, and we pump into our blood more antidepressants, more sleep aids, more health aids — making the pharmaceutical industry rich while we impoverish our own natural potential for self-healing, self-actualization, and self-realization. Alas, we forgot the rhythm that teaches us how to be at peace with what is. Ayurveda’s lifestyle describes in detail the timing for activities and foods in relation to the rhythm of day and night. This flow is designed to keep the rhythms of day and night in mind and to accept the effect of natural light — and its lack — on living systems.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


Lunar Rhythm There is a nightly regimen (ratricharya) recommended by Ayurveda that connects our being to the moon or the lunar rhythm. As the moon rises in the sky, we are advised to become more introverted and slow down our activities. If we were to pause long enough from our preoccupations at nighttime and simply gaze at the moon from a window or balcony, we would discover that moon rays have a special calming and relaxing effect on our minds. In summer, perhaps we could even choose to sleep directly under the moonlight (and starlight). To support the moon rhythm even further — that is, inviting an inward flow of consciousness and bodily energies — Ayurveda recommends self-massage with warm, soothing oils before bed, the application of calming essential oils, and of course, meditation and prayer, which act as moon-blessed treasures on the way to the heaven of sleep. In sleep, the body goes back in time and heals itself. In sleep, every cell can rest. In sleep, the mind lets go of the troubles and prepares for the next day. Ayurveda sages suggest we welcome sleep, prepare the chamber of sleep mindfully, and enter into divine slumber when Nature and her creatures are enveloped by the great goddess of sleep. Here is a resolution for sleep: “Wakefulness, it lies like a dormant seed in my sleep, but tonight, I will sleep.” Nighttime is not dismissed as simply that part of the day in which we must somehow or other sleep. The purpose is not simply to recover enough energy that we can go into “the important time,” daytime, when we can fulfill our ambitions! Many people consider sleep to be an unavoidable biological obligation they must fulfill. They develop a dread of nighttime and think of their sleep hours as time wasted. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the night is perhaps the most important part of the twentyfour-hour cycle — the part when we rejuvenate and refresh ourselves by connecting with the moon and embracing the lunar rhythm of mindful restfulness.

Solar Rhythm The sages explain how the solar rhythm presents itself through the cyclical change of seasons and suggest how we humans can live in synchronization with the solar rhythm by understanding the concept of seasonal lifestyle, or ritucharya. In summer, when our internal heat matches the external heat, Ayurveda recommends eating cooling, moistening, tempering, and calming foods. In summer, walks in the moonlight, playing with fragrant white flowers, and watching our own tempers are good ideas. Summer demands from us that we eat certain foods that cool us. In winter, the cold without and the cold within benefit from hot, spiced, and warming foods — soups and stews — exposure to sun, and lots of sexual and creative activity. Whatever kindles the inner fire is a good idea. 14

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

A plant doesn’t have to do anything extraordinary to go through these stages. This dance is choreographed by Nature. The plant isn’t afraid of so-called death because in this rhythm, death is simply a transition from one form to another. Resurgence is guaranteed by Nature herself. Deeply rhythmic creatures ourselves, we are reminded daily of this important fact as we watch the rhythm of the setting sun and the rising sun, and in that one instant of sunset or sunrise, we become one with the truth of Nature.

What will that moment be like when I awaken to my truth of health? In fall, the wind blows, and the inner universe becomes shaky. It is important at this time to stabilize our routine of eating, sleeping, and eliminating. Becoming steady in our ideas and convictions may help us to deal with this season of change. Spring, on the other hand, requires letting go — allowing the melting to occur — and, to balance this melting, the foods for spring are pungent, astringent, and bitter. Romance and renewal are one. Allow the blossoming of your true nature, and thrive. Ayurveda sages had the insight to guide us to a seasonally attuned lifestyle. They understood that just as seasons affect the plants and trees, we are affected by seasonal changes. The concept of having the same diet or the same level of exercise throughout the year doesn’t seem rational in light of this flux of seasonal attributes. Ayurveda recommends specific protocols for spring, summer, rainy season, fall, early winter, and late winter. Excerpted from AYURVEDA LIFESTYLE WISDOM, by Acharya Shunya. Sounds True, February 2017. Reprinted with permission.

ACHARYA SHUNYA Acharya Shunya is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, ordained lineage holder, and authoritative scholar of the Vedic Sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedanta. She is Founder and Spiritual Preceptor of Vedika Global Wisdom School and Spiritual Community in California and President of California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. She is also the No. 1 best-selling author of her newest book"Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE



WHOLENESS I am coming. I have always been here. I am commencement. I am completion. I am complete. I am the completeness. I am the completeness of you before you formed. I am completing through your form. Through you, I complete. I held everything in the space that was. You hold everything in the space that you are. I am the space… I am everything in it. I am wholeness… I am all of it. I am every part of it. I am all that is beyond it. I am the black hole of the void. I am the whole of all light. I am the bridge that spirals in and around both. I am the space in between. You are whole. There is a void inside of you… one with infinite possibility. You hold all that is Light… inside. You are the bridge of creation… spiraling in and around both. You are the space in between. You are wholeness. Are you complete? Yes... Yes, you are. Are you whole? Yes... You are... the I AM. -Simran 16

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE




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11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


AKASHIC RECORDS The Truth is, the Akashic Field is part of and connected to the All, it's in everyone and everything with a soul. The Beings of Light are literally there for you, sharing their wisdom and holding a space by giving access to this profound high-vibrational healing energy for you to transform your life. The Akashic field of energy is both astonishing and powerful. How exciting is it to know you have your own Record-keeping librarians which consist of Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light, who keep track of your information just for you?

The Truth of Who You Are 18

11:11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; August 2017â&#x20AC;&#x201D; LEAD BY EXAMPLE

The Akashic Records are vibrational recordings of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. This can take millennia. But no matter how new or ancient of a soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. Whether it’s here on earth, this lifetime, a past life, another planet, another dimension or realm – all that you are and have been as a soul is recorded in your own, personal vibrational Akashic Library. Many people imagine the Akashic Records as a library where each book represents a different lifetime. I have students who visualize the Records as a computer with all the information stored on the hard drive. You can also think of it as a road on the soul's journey's with off ramps for each lifetime. When a lifetime finishes, you simply get back on the road, traveling to the next exit. You can open your Records to access thousands of years of information in your personal Akashic Library, which is filled with thousands of books. Each and every soul has their own personal Akashic Librarians, divine Beings of Light keeping track of your Records to help you identify information that is most helpful at any moment in time.

All the ways we can be content and fulfilled and abundant are already present. You raise your energy and vibration when you complete karma or support someone in a soul contract. So often when this completion happens, we find that many fantastic new possibilities show up right after a tough lesson is completed. You are reaching and activating the soul potential that you came in with. As your soul remembers its connection to Source, Mother, Father, Goddess, God, Creator, you will uncover a deep desire to share your new knowledge and light. Maybe you are drawn to teach, or become a counselor, therapist or teacher in a specialized area. Our souls wish to share wisdom and love while being of service to another. Not an easy step for everyone, although for many it's part of their nature. You may be called to write a book, sharing what you've learned on your soul's journey; or teach processes for others to heal just as you did for yourself. How about you? What have you been gently guided to do in your life? Are you naturally inclined to be of service or have hardships resulted in you needing service from someone? That type of service contract can mean different things to different people. One person may feel that service is to help the sick or the poor as Mother Teresa did, while someone else may take their service into the soup kitchens or into elementary schools. Some of us are helping to heal the Earth itself.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


What many don't understand about soul contracts is there isn't a right or wrong way to complete them. Every choice is just that, a choice. Before we embody each lifetime, our soul chooses what to work on so we can move forward on our path. Some of the many choices include deciding who to connect with personally and professionally and determining the highest next step in our plan, which includes what karma and contracts we are to complete. In every lifetime, most of us make new contracts that may also be part of collective soul contracts that are necessary to shift something significant. As you can see, our soul choices are complex and meaningful. Each choice our souls make is to offer our human selves experiences and opportunities to transcend with love and grace. As we are all aware, fast population growth and a lack of respect for nature has put all of us in a precarious position. It is important that hundreds of thousands find tools, technology, and ways to clean up our land and oceans, to stop global warming and prevent the ice caps from melting. We must discover new ways to feed the people and identify ways to heal cancer and other illness. These are just a few of the immediate issues that humanity and our planet face. Being an Earth Guardian is a powerful calling and one to take seriously. Often clients come to me because they are drawn to sit on the beach and bury their feet in the sand and meditate. They are sharing their high vibration with Gaia. When you can channel divine energy, bringing it through your body and into the earth, you are giving both yourself and Gaia a powerful gift. The interesting thing about many of the Earth Guardians is they often feel odd or like an outcast. They want to know if they're crazy or really receiving information to help heal the planet. Some have no training in meditation or healing of any kind so this calling feels extremely uncomfortable and even scary. Many have never learned to trust their inner guidance or intuition. They simply appear odd to family and friends, causing them not to talk to about their inner stirring to be of service. As you move forward, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn to trust your inner guidance. The Akashic Guides have given you a healing prayer to build self-trust.

PRAYER OF SELF TRUST Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I awaken to the memory of the ancient soul I AM. With this memory, I know I can trust myself and my inner guidance. I am a divine soul having a human experience and it is good. So it is. Blessed Be. 20

11:11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; August 2017â&#x20AC;&#x201D; LEAD BY EXAMPLE

“We are Akashic Record Masters, not Ascended Masters, as that is the path from humanity to ascension. Ascended Masters’ souls came to earth numerous times to learn, experience and ascend the human experience, thus having an awakening. They then chose to return to Earth to share and assist in awakening others. Buddha, Jesus, the Christ, Mother Mary, and many others have walked the paths to awakening. Now they assist your transformation as Ascended Masters. We are not your loved ones who have crossed over, as most human

These Beings of Light… serve us through support, guidance and by sharing with us our transformational information, whether it’s about a soul contract we’ve written before we came into this life, or by asking how to release old ancestral patterns, karma and past life contracts that negatively affect our current life.

souls are still deep in the process of personal learning and growth. As souls pass into the other realms, they are wiser and often become aware of what they wanted to learn, but are still not enlightened. Receiving information and guidance from them is much like seeking wisdom from a wise elder; possibly useful, possibly not. We are not your healing guides or spirit guides as they, too, are souls traveling a growth path and may have great gifts in healing, although they are much like you when you are not embodied. You also have great gifts and talents. Many of you have chosen to spend time being healing guides for humanity. We, the Akashic Beings of Light, are pure original Source vibration and are the Keepers of the Akashic Records. We are here to imbue the prayers we give you with the vibrational healing energy of Creator/ Source/God. We have never been human or traveled in your earthly realms. We have chosen to stay as individuated souls, in the grand library of God, to guide and assist all souls on their journey. We are the keepers of your soul’s library. Know in your heart, it is our greatest pleasure and wish to be of service to you when you are ready to access your soul’s Akashic Records.”


Lisa Barnett is an internationally recognized author, teacher and healer with more than 20 years experience in the Spiritual healing forum, Lisa found herself, in the mid 1990’s, being intimately summoned by the Akashic Masters to share their personal insights into her life and those of her clients. 11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE








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11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

What do you think of aging? When people think about aging, they usually imagine sagging muscles, wrinkles, weight gain, dependent living, or even being confined to a wheel chair. All too often, this image is a sad reality. Today, signs of aging are appearing even in younger people. Men and women in their thirties and forties take medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or blood sugar issues. Many even die young from these problems.

Why do so many experience poor quality of life as they age? The main reason for this condition is “Metabolic Syndrome.” Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of health problems that include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. This cluster increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer—and the problem is growing. In the United States alone, over 30% of all adults and 50% of people over sixty years of age suffer from Metabolic Syndrome.

The Theory of Intended Evolution AGING “YOUTHFULLY” - FIT-150®

Fortunately, we don’t need to suffer from poor quality of life as we get older. With the right knowledge and exercises, we can remain robust and vigorous throughout our years. One way to accomplish this goal is through a new revolutionary approach to fitness and wellness called Fit-150®. This new approach offers a way to stay healthy, vital, and more youthful as we age. Fit-150® is based on the theory of Intended Evolution. Intended Evolution holds that our mind and attitudes affect our endocrine system and hormones, and consequently, our health. For example, when we experience stress, worry, or fear, the adrenal glands produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. When too much cortisol is produced, blood sugar and cholesterol levels rise. Elevated cortisol levels can also cause loss in bone density and result in a weakened immune system.

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Intended Evolution states… If we know how to use the mind in a positive way, we produce beneficial hormones such as endorphins, serotonin or dopamine. Instead of breaking down the body, we are building a stronger immune system, more vigorous cardiovascular system, and a healthier brain.

Other fitness programs focus on goals such as lifting a certain amount of weight; completing a certain numbers of pushups or legs lifts; or accumulating so many steps in walking or running. Such goals are often more about pleasing the trainer than about real health. In Fit-150® the goals are healthy aging and longevity. Fit-150® teaches exercises and meditations designed to balance and enhance our endocrine system and alleviate the underlying stress contributing to metabolic imbalances. The physical exercises are unique, enjoyable, and easy to learn, especially for seniors. Because excess fat is a major risk factor in Metabolic Syndrome, a unique function of Fit-150® are specialized exercises designed to burn fat in targeted areas such as the chin, neck, upper arms, waist, belly, and buttocks. In other weight loss approaches, you work your large muscles to burn energy in an attempt to lose fat. It’s difficult to lose weight because you get hungry after training so hard. But Fit-150® exercises are designed to use very little muscle and directly burn the stored fat. Your appetite becomes balanced, making it easier not only to lose weight but to keep it off. 26

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

Fit-150® helps you learn how to align your mind with your natural blueprint for health. The results: longevity, a higher quality of life, and healthy aging—truly a new paradigm in fitness.

Terri Hallenbeck, events manager at Longhorn senior living community in Austin, has seen the results first hand. "Our seniors love the Fit-150® Mind /Body exercise program. Fit-150® is highly effective and different from any other program out there. In only a few weeks many of our seniors lost weight, brought their blood pressure down, stress levels down and even decreased some of their medications. Diabetics reported decreases in insulin use and one resident reported coming completely off a diuretic and half off blood pressure medication after just 4 weeks into the program. The seniors also experienced more flexibility, better balance, and a feeling of well-being and harmony in the body.”

Dongxun Zhang is the creator of both the theory of intended evolution and the Intended Evolution Fitness system. Dr. Zhang is a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine (DAOM). He was one of the earliest licensed acupuncturists in Texas, helped found, and teaches at the Texas Health and Science University there. He also has as run his Chinese Medicine clinic in Austin for the past 25 years where he specializes in identifying the most effective aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using and interfacing with Western Medicine. In 1997, he was recognized by the Sixth International Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference with the Yellow Emperor award.

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Becoming Aware of You Resistance The Key to Surfing and Surviving the Chaos of Today’s Uncertain World

Do you know that you are fearless, generous beyond thought, gracious, creative, able to shape shift your destiny? You are! So what is keeping you from celebrating yourself, from living the bountiful life you deserve and can create? In looking at the events of the past several years, I found a thread, a luminous thread that led me through the maze of challenges we face today. How did the events of our time form into the chaos of the world today, as well as the turmoil in our own personal lives? As you hold up your star shield to the Great Spirit, you see that there is a dangerous imbalance of the male and female energies on this earth. We must balance the intellect and mind of the male with the intuition and emotion of the female in order to understand how we came here from nature and what we are made of. If not, then maybe we are lost. Maybe our evolution as a species will actually cease. But there is a choice we can make to prevent that and achieve a critical balance. I believe it comes down to the one lesson that the Sisterhood of the Shields taught me over and over: how to give up resistance and pick up the shield of empowerment. The events of this past year, in particular, demonstrated the turmoil of uncertainty. We have always lived with a sense of insecurity, and until lately, most of us have spent our energy trying to ignore it or pretend it doesn't bother us. So how do we--as shamans--learn to make uncertainty our ally? How do we let go of our resistance to change, our fear of what is different? This has become a focus within my Shamanic Mystery School. If I could teach you only one thing, I would choose for you to learn how to ride uncertainty like a wave.

If you can learn to ride within the power of the wave, to allow its energy to propel you forward, you can tap into a source of personal power.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


Using energy in a focused, conscious way will reduce the sense or experience of chaotic energy for yourself and others around you.

Chaos is a part of creation, and instead of resisting or responding in fear, we want to shift how we respond to it by directing our awareness to the beauty and opportunities it manifests. Dynamic energy is given off by an act of creation, and the energy that comes from the chaotic side of creation is powerful. It is uneven and somewhat like being in an earthquake. This dynamic energy is uncertainty. But it is an amazing energy once we tap into it and ride it like a wave. The Sisterhood taught me to not stand and fight the wave, but to throw myself into it. Like the dolphins riding the surf line, when you relax and move with the current, you rise to the surface and maintain your sense of direction. Uncertainty in life is like that and we choose how to face it. As shamans, we learn to see the energy between all living things - the energy of true power. I want you to be aware of the truth that energy is just energy. It is not good or bad, not dark or light, until someone or something focuses it. Energy itself is pure and unaffected in its original state and is incredibly powerful. By understanding and refocusing these frequencies, you can move into their flow and achieve the male/female energy balance. You can learn to surf! It is your awareness of energy that allows you to begin to use it, to tap into its power to create the life you desire, to bring healing to yourself, your loved ones, the planet. Within that awareness, you make a shift of consciousness. However, the chaos you experience today is the result of your resistance to this shift. Furthermore, throughout much of the world now, the economic field of energy is very stressed. This stress spills over into almost every aspect of your life, as you worry about how to support your family, as our countries move ever deeper into debt, creating an instability that will become the legacy your grandchildren inherit. This all results in fear. Your inability to create meaningful changes in response causes you to put up walls of resistance, to separate from others, to fear and distrust those with whom you disagree on ways to improve our world. So it is essential, now more than ever, that you look at the choices you make and why you hold resistance in your body - which, in turn, creates a block, literally, within your life force. That resistance depletes your energy, separates you from Great Spirit, creating more chaos in your life and thereby in the world. 30

11:11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; August 2017â&#x20AC;&#x201D; LEAD BY EXAMPLE

A practice using the Sacred Wheel of shamanic tradition. Find a place where you can be comfortable and at peace...whether that is outdoors or in your living room. Grab a piece of paper or journal and a writing implement. Draw a circle around you and sit inside of that circle, with your journal at hand. •

First face South, which represents the physical part of spirit and the physical aspect of the energy. Begin asking the following questions, recording your answers in your journal: Where do I experience resistance in my body-Am I closing my mind to change? Am I experiencing illness or physical pain? Where do I feel stress? And finally, what would I experience if I let that go or opened my mind? Then face West, which represents the emotional aspect. Ask: How am I responding, am I reacting? What do I feel? What emotions am I experiencing? And then: what emotion would allow me to flow with this change? Next face North...this is the direction of Spirit, the place of inspiration and creation. The questions to ask here are: Am I listening to God? What am I resisting in my spirit and why? What is God trying to tell me? Finally, if I was working in concert with God, how would my spirit respond to this challenge or change? Lastly, turn to the East, the direction that rules your mind. Propose these questions: Without emotions interfering, what is the rational response? What does common sense say to do? And then ask: If I was facing this choice with a calm and unattached mind, how could I best embrace this change?

If you have gone around the circle once and you have not yet released most of the resistance, do it one more time. This is like peeling an onion...with each turn, a layer of resistance will peel away. The chaos will subside and-eventually--you'll make friends with it. This is where balance is restored. It is also where you begin to experience the freedom of letting resistance go, feeling the flow of energy moving through you again, and allowing creativity to bring new choices and new opportunities. That unencumbered creativity is the great healer that enhances your personal power, and is your portal into the energy field of a truly fearless, generous, purposeful, and bountiful life.

LYNN ANDREWS is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of over 20 books and workbooks beginning with her Medicine Woman series. Today, she is recognized worldwide as Western society's leading female shaman and mystic. Lynn is an initiated member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, 44 women who are healers from cultures as diverse as Panama, Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, Egypt, North America and the Yucatan. Lynn is widely acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies' thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment. Here she offers a timely article on becoming aware of inner resistance, plus the method to release and surf the chaos resulting from change, stress and today's uncertain climate.

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YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE Discover the Path to Your Soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s True Mate

In Prayer… Infinite source that surges though me, I am here to express your infinity. With this mind, I may imagine endless worlds. With every thought, powerful manifestations unfurl. With this heart, I am able to live endlessly. With each heartbeat, I give more of you and of me. With this body, I experience your bounty. With this physicality, I am able to move in the world fluidly. With this soul, I inspire richly. Taking from all times I have been in order to share wisdom profoundly. Beloved I Am Use my eyes to see your vision clearly. Let my lips speak your truth voraciously. Tune my hearing to listen with complete presence. Allow my hands to hold your sacred creation. Take my feet anywhere I may fulfill your mission. With humility, I bow in awe of our Oneness. -Simran

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How the Story of Autism Positively Impacts Everyone From my vantage point the story of autism is the story of a vibrationallyevolved population, which cannot be fully present in their bodies. The reason for this is that the vibration of their bodies and the planet, in general, cannot currently support the full embodiment of the love that they came here to be. It is the story of a population that functions at the level of soul/feeling/love. Simply stated, their overall vibrational frequency is based in love not in fear. Yet they are being judged, labeled, and “remediated” by the rest of the population, which typically functions in a vibration of programmed fear. This is through no fault of their own; they simply have not yet seen beyond those limiting constructs. This story is about an amazing population who will not or cannot be fully present as the love that they are until those around them take their own journey back to love. As love, autistic individuals are beautiful reflectors of our personal and collective human condition. So if they seem disconnected from themselves, this may simply be a reflection of their family, community, and/or humanity’s collective state of being. Like love, they represent a state of being that cannot be coerced into anything. They are here to be. It is the story of a population that consciously or unconsciously says, "I will just stay here and be the expression that I am and will wait with/as love until the systems come into alignment with that." And, OH, how those systems have begun to shift because of this tenacity! The medical/pharmaceutical model is currently being revealed and re-written by doctors and other professionals because of the presence of these children. The educational system is crumbling under the weight of this new energetic stream, and parents, siblings, and grandparents everywhere are being asked to rise to the occasion, see beyond the labels and seeming limitations to their gifts, and love in ways that they never knew was possible. 34

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

This population has asked us to re-write the script of our preconceived ideas. They have asked us to feel rather than think. They have asked us to move beyond words to a connection that can be sensed. They have asked us to rise up to meet them, and in so doing, we are beginning to create a space in which they can be present. We are beginning to bridge the gap with love. Their story is a story for all of humanity right now. It is a story that is helping to evolve the collective story from a fear-based reality to a love-based one. Their story points humanity in a new direction and creates new questions within us. Here are some of the questions: How can we allow the love that we are in our physical experience? How can our feelings and senses support love instead of separating us from what unites us? What mental mindsets do we adhere to that keep us in fear and limitation versus a loving expression of self? And what would we look like, act like, and be like if we simply lived from the frequency of love? What in our environments does not support the full expression of self? Where do we need to rise above our own self-imposed labels to see the AWESOMISM within? For some, the love or AWESOMISM within autism is a leap. For those who are still inundated with the frequency of physical and mental constructs, this may be a bridge too far. But for those ready to allow themselves to be their fullest expression of love, for those ready to slip out of the old constructs versus attempting to simply be accepted by the “norm,” the questions here can be a real starting point. It is my belief that the questions themselves call the answers. There is nothing more to do than question.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


As I have seen, more and more of these children become fully present and take on their own loving voice in the world. I see that potential for all of us. I see a humanity that lives by love and does not lower itself to meet the fear of the masses. It’s time for us to learn the lesson that this population has come to offer and begin our own journey back to love.

What does it look like when we live our daily lives as love? What has changed? What has fallen away or become new simply because we are fully present, here and now? What does that even mean? In all honesty, I don't have the answer to these questions. I don't believe that any of us can fully fathom the outcome of collectively being and acting from love, but if we never ask the questions we will never know the answers. So, let's just have the courage to ask and see where it leads!

SUZY MILLER A visionary speaker, author, telepathic communicator, and multidimensional seer, Suzy is the founder of the groundbreaking Awesomism Practitioner Process and The Journey Back to Love Series. She has personally undertaken intense physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual inquiries, which have grounded her work in a practical, accessible human way.



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I FORGIVE... I AM FOR GIVING... I forgive myself; I am for giving ... unto myself. I forgive my past; I am for giving ... my greatest dreams and desires. I forgive my procrastination; I am for giving ... my talents and gifts. I forgive my non-action; I am for giving ... inspired action. I forgive my doubts; I am for giving ... truth. I forgive my fears; I am for giving ... passionately. I forgive my distractions; I am for giving ... focus and vision. I forgive my codependence; I am for giving ... interdependence. I forgive my holding back; I am for giving ... acceptance. I forgive my apathy; I am for giving ... empathy through creative expression. I forgive my projections; I am for giving ... love, compassion and tenderness. -Simran

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EVERYDAY PALMISTRY by Heather Roan Robbins - Published by CICO BOOKS -

Reprint : Image Credits: Images Copyright Ryland Peters and Small/CICO Books â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Images Copyright Getty Images: #1 Jeneil S.; #2 PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier.; #3 Handout; #4 Thomas Northcut; #5 Sean Gallup; #6 Ethan Miller; #7 Tino Tedaldi

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GOOD AT DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC… A round shape implies sociability, friendliness, diplomacy, coziness, and often a caring personality, someone who puts people first.

THE THUMB — THE SUN The gauge of our will, our control, common sense and stubbornness. Massage your thumb and relax the tension and worry of being in control. THE FOREFINGER — JUPITER FINGER The gauge of how we reach out to the world and digest our experience. Massage or gently hold; imagine relaxing any fear of engaging with the world, supporting digestion and clearing the mind. THE MIDDLE FINGER — SATURN FINGER The gauge of our ability to hold center, to balance inner and outer worlds and hold personal authority. THE RING FINGER — VENUS FINGER The gauge of creative energy and capacity for loving relationship to our emotional core. Imagine away your sadness, ease your breathing, and and heart, while improving attitude and opening a conduit for sharing creativity with the world. THE LITTLE FINGER — MERCURY FINGER The gauge of our relationship to sound and music, our most intimate connections, and connection to our truth. Massage or hold, visualizing releasing any scar tissue of old emotional defenses. Call in comfortable and smooth initiate relationships and an ability to speak your truth.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, writer and ceremonialist who practices in St Paul, MN, Santa Fe, NM, and NYC.

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A NEW YOU REVITALIZE MENTORING 10 Pack Mentoring Focused on Intentional Living & Alignment for Greater Personal Creation

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AMICUS C’mon, Jay! Lighten up! You need to begin by stopping this ugly mental game of convincing yourself that you’re meant for a life of mediocre living! Nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s why I am here, my friend! My job is to build your esteem and belief in yourself again! My role here is to help you reach a new and more profound level of brilliance by showing you how to have confidence in yourself! My job is to add helium into your life balloon so that you can float even higher than previously imaginable in a world that is full of intrigue, adventure…and reward! “I don’t even type, and he still knows what I am thinking. He seems to see into me. How?” Too mystified with how much truth was being exposed, Jay no longer wanted to argue with the “how’s” and “why’s” of what was happening. Emotionally he was too tired to fight the “voice” any longer. Apparently, the voice was not going away and Jay didn’t have the physical energy to leave anyway, so he decided to just go with the moment. “What do I have to lose? My sanity, I suppose…but apparently I’ve already lost that.” Jay pondered quietly. Committed now to taking off his verbal boxing gloves against a force he didn’t understand, Jay placed his fingers shakily back on the keyboard. For the first time since their conversation had begun, Jay typed not from an attitude of angry frustration, but from a place of child-like hopefulness. Jay typed. “Well, if you are here to help me as you say that you are, can I at least ask your name?”

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


Of course! My name is Amicus. “Amicus…Amicus.” Jay repeated the name out loud a couple of times. “Amicus…where do I know that name from? Amicus…Amicus…” Suddenly, Jay remembered. “It’s Latin! ‘Amicus’ means ‘friend’!” Many years ago, Jay had greatly struggled to pass a Latin course. The small victory of remembering a single Latin word from years ago now seemed to be so much more meaningful than the hard-earned “C+” he had been able to coax out of his instructor back then. “Friend,” he said the translation again out loud. With signs of resurgence, the former student of Latin sat up a bit straighter and typed back. Hitting the keys with determined fingers, Jay continued typing: Nice to meet you, Amicus. Cool name. I like it. It’s promisingly friendly. “Promisingly friendly,” huh? How interesting that you’d use those two words. I’m quite certain those are the same two words that Abraham used when he first heard my name, too. But thank you, Jay. Thank you, also, for thinking my name is ‘cool.’ I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard that description before, however! “Abraham…who’s Abraham? Another computer friend of yours? Am I going to meet him, too?” Jay caught himself smiling as he typed. And although it was a rather small smile, it was an even larger miracle considering where Jay’s state of mind had been just minutes prior. Ahhh…Abraham! Well, actually I have befriended a number of Abraham’s over the years, but the one whose words you duplicated unknowingly had a rather famous last name…Lincoln. “Lincoln? Abraham Lincoln?! Any relation? No, no, no…wait! Not THAT Abraham Lincoln!!!” Jay’s fingers never moved across the keyboard so quickly and without error. He was typing his thoughts into sentences almost as fast as they entered his mind. Being a two-fingered typist, Jay was not known to be a very fast “pecker,” but suddenly his fingers were on a world-record setting pace. “You can’t mean Abraham Lincoln…#16?” Jay gulped down the last of his beer. Yes, that Abraham, Jay…#16. There was a stretch of time where Abraham’s world became pretty dark, and he was anguishing over a few decisions that he had to make. I remember him sitting at his writing desk feeling the weight of the world. He’d reached a desperate point, and he was losing hope that things would ever get better when I first met him. “Hold on! You’re telling me that you TALKED to Abraham Lincoln? That’s impossible! How old are you pretending to be?” As to your belief that “it’s impossible”…nothing is truly impossible, Jay. Some things in life may be more improbable, but nothing is impossible. In fact, when things seem impossible, I’m known for doing some of my most creative work. And to answer your first question, yes, I did spend time with Abraham. As to your second question, the answer is irrelevant. You may know Mr. Lincoln for what he did as far as uniting your country, Jay, but I know him as a man of immense personal commitment who desired to find a way to be of service to his fellow man. Abe was truly dedicated to making a difference and he never gave up on that mission. At times, he may have considered throwing in the towel, but he persevered through the toughest of trials. 46

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

trials. It’s true that Abraham was a sensitive man that took the lows of life exceptionally hard. In fact, I know that he appreciated my presence a great deal when things were the most painful for him. It was during those tough times when we became friends. “You were friends with Lincoln? You met him? You’ve shaken Lincoln’s hand?” Shaken his hand? No, Jay. I didn’t meet Abraham in an “I can see you!” physical sort of way. There are others ways to meet people that you might not yet be able to consider…like the way we are meeting. The first time I greeted him was right after the death of his dear Ann. He was so heart-broken by Ms. Rutledge’s passing that I even wondered if his broken spirit would ever mend. During that very hard time, I came to him simply as “opportunity.” His life was once again given hope, and he was able to move forward and away from his personal anguish by setting his sights on a renewed life purpose. For him that purpose became business and politics. “You came to him as ‘opportunity’? I’m not quite sure I understand. What I think you’re telling me, though, is that you really never talked to him…right?” That’s not what I’m saying, Jay. Remember, there are different ways I can communicate. Sometimes it might be through a new opportunity created. Other times it may be through the pages of a book or through the words of a friend. It could be in an epiphany of inspirational thought motivated by a powerful, crashing ocean wave or in the beautiful simplicity of watching a dutiful servant go about his work. It all depends. As Abraham grew in age and wisdom, he realized that my presence in his life had been wordlessly apparent for years in many forms. It was, however, when he called the White House home that Abraham had need for me in a far more direct fashion. It was there that I came to him most directly, and it was also there that much of our writing became indistinguishable. “What is he saying?” Jay thought. “I have no idea what to think. I don’t understand at all. Who in the world is Amicus? I can see the words in front of me. They are real. Is Amicus a prophet, an angel… or even more…is Amicus God?” The question struck Jay like a hot ember striking his skin from a bellowing fire. “Was it even possible? Am I talking to God?” Jay shook his head as if trying to release the temporary blindfold of what could have been the fantasy of a simple daydream. “Do I ask him if he is? Do I even want to know?” Jay chose the safe route. “Avoid the question; ask something else.”

SHAWN ANDERSON A best-selling author, national speaker and success coach whose written six books that have sold 75,000 copies. His latest, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, reached #1 in Amazon's "Motivation" and "Self-Help" categories. He is the founder of Extra Mile America whose mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and cities to "go the extra mile" in order to create positive change.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


EXAMPLE Walk with me into the Light… Walk with me into the Dark… Walk with me into the Higher Realms… Walk with me into the Underworld… My Beloved Self… Walk with me… In each step… We will create Heaven on Earth.

Meeting The Self Inside - (Acrylic) Evolve Art Originals & Prints at

There is an old adage, ‘You teach what you need to learn.’ This is a truth. It is also where you fall into the trap of the ego. The ego will have you busy teaching everyone else but yourself. The very thing that is being expressed will be an expression of the words and actions that you need to follow within your life. The individual(s) appearing outside of you appear to redirect you back to your Self. However, the ego will have you believe it is because of your ‘purpose’. No… YOU are your purpose… not an action, cause, person, project, career or product… YOU! YOU are your purpose. What you are teaching arises for you to have a deepened insight into an experience. Speaking it will bring the next level of integration. The information could also come to make you aware of what is around the bend. Other times, it is showing you exactly where you are. All of this is good. And… it is all for YOU. Real teaching is illustrated through your example of life experience. Model what you want to see int eh world. Where you go off course is in believing we are here to teach anyone here other than ourselves. You are your own best teacher.  Others may guide, tell, convince, inspire, and manipulate you into new ways of being… but they are really speaking to themselves. It resonates because your inner teacher has been whispering this to you all along. The individuals are not here to teach you, even if their words are valuable. Instead, they are here to be an example for you. And, you are here to be a mirror for them. How do you shift from placing your power and presence on another back onto yourself? The first step is in awareness of how much you run outside for answers… how you keep distracted… moving… searching… and questioning. The outer world is valuable; it is always speaking to you. But it is speaking to you, about you. In other words, it is here to turn you back towards your self… your lower self… your past self… your Higher Self… Your God Self. Teach the self by continually bringing attention back to your body, mind and heart. 48

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

LEADING THE SELF These Steps of Leadership will provide a staircase toward the vision of your Highest Self, allowing a framework of servant leadership by example for conscious living and higher consciousness. 1. Presence — Bring your attention to where you are, with whom you are. 2. Inquiry — Stay in the question, rather than limiting the self to an answer. 3. Listening — See, feel and sense what is in you and your space, beyond words. 4. Witnessing — Acknowledge mirrors that appear as reflections of self. 5. Focus — Have clear focus on your Highest self and its expression as a compass. 6. Vision — Be clear in your use of word, thought and action. 7. Immersion — Take time to be still and quiet. Observe the self. 8. Discovery — Who are you? Who could you be if you were not you? 9. Inspired Action — Recognize impulses; wait for the feeling of inspiration. 10. Reflection — Ground in Celebration… Experience… Dream… Vision.

Simran Singh is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Author, Love Catalyst & Rebel Humanitarian.


11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE


CUSTOM ART COMMISSIONS ENERGY HEALING & SOUL MESSAGES ________________________________________________________

“The language of the soul speaks in imagery, color and light. It’s voice sings from your heart and is heard through the instrument of the body, through its energy. When you see, hear and know the voice of your soul… healing occurs.” -Simran ADDITIONAL ORIGINALS - PRINTS - CARDS - GIFT OPTIONS FOR MORE INFO:



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For Those willing to UNITE as ONE


When you take care of you, you send a message to the Universe … When focusing on self-care… we send a message to each other… By giving me, I give you… By giving you, you give me. We are One.

Global Give Back… United States Members from across the nation joined together to participate in a variety of incredible initiatives, including blood drives and park cleanups to reading to children, visiting local shelters, hosting garage sales and providing the donations to organizations, and packing meals for countless families, both in and outside of the country.

Canada Members in Canada preserved the beauty of their country by participating in trash pickups and park cleanups. Plus, Customers partnered with Habitat For Humanity for a construction project to contribute to their community.

Taiwan & Hong Kong Hosted a charity walk in which all proceeds raised through the sign-up fees were donated to Make-AWish®. Taiwan made a special effort to invite the local Make-A-Wish office manager to educate the volunteers on how people can help make a child’s wish come true. They concluded the event by packing small gifts of Isagenix product samples and a blessing card to give the wish kids.

Singapore Customers and corporate staff in Singapore partnered with an organization called “Willing Hearts,” as they gave back by packing meals for the less fortunate in their community. Others hosted a Zumba workout in which all proceeds benefited Make-A-Wish.

Malaysia & Indonesia In Malaysia and Indonesia, the staff worked alongside Customers to donate food and toiletries to local orphanages. Members in Indonesia also visited a local orphanage that houses elementary to high school-aged girls and enjoyed the opportunity to color, paper quill, and cook with them.

Australia & New Zealand Activities spanned across the both countries and included efforts such as collecting goods to be donated to local shelters, beach cleanups, and visiting organizations in the community to interact with and provide service to people in need.

Mexico Supported Global Give Back Day by planting trees at a nearby park, while others made similar efforts in multiple areas throughout the country.

Colombia Initiatives included providing toys, food, and clothing to a foundation that supports both young mothers and children with Down syndrome, playing with young children, preparing breakfast for the elderly, planting trees, and providing musical entertainment for those at a community shelter.

Contribution Is Contagious! *IsaFYI news - Copyright 2017 Celebrate your collective work in making the world a better place to inspire the spirit of giving back! 52

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Take the 11-Point Wellness >>> Give Back, Move Forward We believe you never truly have anything until you share it. Making a difference in other people’s lives, giving back, and serving others is a joy. Contribution is more than just giving money; it’s about giving part of yourself through your time, knowledge, love, assistance, and effort. Contribution also allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Selfless contribution, without expecting anything in return, helps build self-esteem. We contribute to our families, to the less fortunate, to charitable causes, and to each other’s success so that together, we can have the biggest impact on the world. We are committed to contributing to world health today and for generations to come. We believe gratitude is essential to a fulfilling life. Gratitude is understanding and appreciating the impact each of us has in creating positive change for ourselves, our friends, our families, our communities, and the world. At Isagenix, we celebrate the efforts and achievements of others no matter how great or small. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to share our products and culture with the world. As a world leader in health and wellness, we take pride in creating products backed by science and having a no-compromise policy. Integrity is key, and building and maintaining your trust is of utmost importance to us! Our vision is simple: Impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process, create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Count on Me We remain steadfast in our commitment to always doing the right thing, the right way. We conduct ourselves each day with the same consistency and honesty as though others are taking notice, even if no one is watching. We hold ourselves, each other, and our company to the highest standards, and at the end of each day, we will never need nor feel compelled to defend our actions. We called on leaders all around the world to take part in one collective effort to share gratitude, and START members led the way in local communities. While we strive to make a positive impact on the world every day, we created Global Give Back Day to focus on the community and our earth in an amazing way all in one day, across the world.

Together as One Team, we accomplish so much! It’s a Vision of Oneness.

This is not a get rich quick scheme… we are a steady stream of growth, expansion and wellness so you express powerfully.

11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE





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11:11 — August 2017— LEAD BY EXAMPLE

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