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When did you last venture into the silence? Have you ever? How long can you remain? What do you begin to feel? Do you become resistant... anxious... agitated? Do you want to know what time it is.... how much longer... or begin to hear the mind too loudly? Do you become distracted by your to do list, the goals of the month, or the things in the past not yet completed? Do you become aware that you left.... and bring yourself back... into the silence? I love the silence. I could live there. In the silence, I am alone and never lonely. That aloneness is sacred communion. It is tenderness... sweet... and gentle. It brings awareness... purity… clarity. It awakens the senses to what is truly real. I find silence to be refreshing... renewing… opening. Even in its stillness, it sings, hums, vibrates, and jingles. It is filled with soft light breath... and deep filling sighs. It can consume the weight of the world and yet, be as light as a feather. If you’ve not gone into the silence, take ten minutes…an hour… a day… a week… a month — Experience it. — Let it experience you! Should you desire a true experience of silence, take nothing with you: no books, journals, music, watches, crystals, candles, card decks, work or play. Just be in the silence. Discover what rises in sound, light, and color. Something amazing occurs… First, you will begin to hear all the noise that runs through your mind. You will feel all the interference that exists in your body. You will experience reminders of everything that needs to be done and find reasons why silence is a waste of your time. But, I beckon you to stay with it. Keep bringing yourself back to ‘the present’… to the feeling... to the body... to the opening … where magic will eventually emerge. It will happen despite your experience. There is wonder in stopping... in silence... in being present. Rather than me telling you what that magic is... I invite you to explore, discover, and then write and let me know what took place… in, an after, the silence! In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran






JAN / FEB 2018


SOUND IN LOVE FOR HUMANITY BIG LOVE | 24 SCOTT STABILE No matter how they choose to be, I can choose to be kind. That’s power. That’s love. That’s change making.

7 REASONS FOR HUMMING| 27 JONATHAN GOLDMAN & ANDI GOLDMAN The release of these hormones and neuro-chemicals maybe some of the reasons why humming is fun. But there may be a lot more.

SIGNS & SEASONS | 32 MONTE FARBER & AMY ZERNER A way of connecting to our ancient agricultural roots in Mother Earth.... bringing astrology down-to-earth and making our experience with eating and cooking heavenly.

COLOR AS LOVE FOR NEW REALITY BLISS | 10 MUNI NATARAJAN Once we have identified bliss as a fundamental quality of life, we can more easily enjoy it as a backdrop to our doing. (Artwork in Contents Page 5: Sun Ganesha)

MELODY OF MONEY | 19 JENNIFER RUTH RUSSELL Giving money freedom to do its job allows the Music Of The Spheres to Create and expand the Goodness of Heaven as currency is circulated in the world.





ENERGY OF LOVE FOR COMMUNITY ENLIGHTENED SILENCE | 6 JULIANNA J Embrace the silence and allow it to gently carry you to your essence – a place we call home.


FOUR KEYS TO LIVING| 14 ANNA GATMON Faith-filled knowing may seem like a sudden leap, a sudden certitude that there is a hidden force guiding you.

THE NEW ASTROLOGY | 22 CAROLA EASTWOOD Astrology has earned its’ enduring place in human experience because of the power it has to convey deeply insightful truths about ourselves, infusing our lives with meaning and purpose.

SHAMANIC VISION | 35 DR. JEFF NIXA, JD., M.Div., The earth-honoring practices of our ancestors offer a beautiful path that can work its magic in our hearts, our perceptions, and the paradise that is all around us.




The State of Silence… And to be at one with silence is to truly be at one with self. How does one find this place within? Nature is by far our best teacher. It alerts us to the newness of the ever-evolving wildlife around us. It massages our senses into a state of alertness. A state of presence. A state of awareness. Nature allows things to unfold as they should. Nature does not force the bud to open. It does not try to straighten the branch of the tree but allows it to grow where the light is. Nature ignites a spark of curiosity in everyone who chooses to watch as its magnificence appears in front of their very eyes; it provides a feast for the senses. It cements in the mind of the observer the fact that there is a natural order to life. No illusion of separation but a Oneness.... raising questions about the existence of the bigger force. The Universe. It carefully illustrates the Oneness working seamlessly in the process of fulfilling the purpose of each element of nature. 6


Nature’s very essence is dependent on the light, the changing of the seasons and the energetic force; thank nature for gently showing you this. The transformation it brings to your consciousness to be analyzed, felt experienced and enjoyed just as it is. Nature excuses itself for no man. It merely exists. It has only one purpose – the evolution of itself and the giving of purpose to what it interacts with. Observe and take your lessons from Nature. It will speak directly to your soul.

The Sound of Silence… Most Deafening and Enlightening of All The silence speaks. She reveals all to the beholder, the sacredness of the abyss. The thoughts neatly stacked in the rows of simplicity. Then can the dance of the soul reveal itself. The mastery of the self, seen in its ultimate simplicity and complexity. Do not cry out for the answers for the silence already knows your quest. It has seen your tribulations before they have been birthed by the mighty power of the mind. For the silence and soul know the dance. Understand the fluid movement of the tango. It will reveal in full glory the rhythmic footprint of the heart’s desire as she longs for freedom to live, to love and to be cherished and not forgotten in the madness of life. It is here that you will know that the tick tock of the mighty clock is but a sound. Its relevance only known to those who revere chaos not the silence in the sublime. Silence is the joy of appreciation. One cannot revere silence until it acknowledges it. The sound is a leaning into the vibration. A letting the abyss find you. A pause from the higher vibration of sound, to a place of neutrality where there is a space for the here and now to unfold. Where there Is a convergence of the senses and a moment of contemplation of the truth of NOW.



An anticipation for the next beat of sound that will follow. A reverence for the majesty of the nothings. A heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings. An amazing space where the soul can roam free and the mind can follow absented from its post of controlling and observing all. For it is within the silence that we reach the sublime. When we recognize the duality of contrast. When all sound vibration is suspended. When we re- tune in and allow a pause for new beat and tone to form and release itself into our consciousness. Then in that sacred garden within we can take a breath and reach into the eternal knowing that all will be revealed if we just savor the moment. Take time to enjoy the sound of silence. Embrace her gentle whisper. Do not fear it as it has so much to show you. It has guidance within it that allows you to catch your breath., and move through the madness into the amazing space of nothings from where you were created. Embrace the silence and allow it to gently carry you to your essence – a place we call home.

Julianna Jay Julianna Jay is a messenger of love in the world. As a gifted conduit for Source she is a modern-day scribe, who shares universal truths through her works as a writer, spiritual mentor, intuitive reader & inspirational speaker. She is renowned globally for her “signposts from the soul.” Through these signposts or divine letters of love from on high, she shares her unique gift of connecting with the soul of another by transcribing the signposts of love & empowerment that the soul wishes to convey. These private soul sessions are legendary. This work is sacred as it transcends your human existence and reaches into the ancient wisdom of your Soul to guide your existing life in a positive and empowering way. It reveals the truths about your human existence and your life’s journey and brings clarity on soul purpose, soul contract, finding true peace and alignment. Julianna downloads spiritual teaching translated from the divine in poetic words through a group of cosmic light beings, archangels, ascended masters and saints. Each message scribed is presented in a poetic rhythm and configuration that access the light codes within the soul, bringing a higher consciousness to the reader by opening the heart space in a very personal way. 8



Impulse I push at you. I pull at you. I create tension. I produce craving. I initiate a gross sensation. I am memory of times past. I am your condition. I long to be in relationship. I flirt with you. I seek your presence. I keep knocking that you may answer. I beckon to be felt… to be formed… to be manifest. I wish to be still with you. I can be heard deeply if you listen intently. I change easily. I leave if you become distracted, but I will return. I wait for the time when it is enough to simply feel me. I ask nothing of you. I seek no outcome. I require no action. You presence is enough. Will you allow mine to be as well.  -Simran



Prints & Original Artwork within article by Muni

MUNI NATARAJAN When we roll out of bed in the morning to brush our teeth and shower, each one of us must necessarily leave our inherent superconsciousness to live by thousands of little personally acquired memories. Although certainly we might manage to do all of this with a subconscious sense of superconsciousness, our waking life is still primarily an acquired existence formed consciously and subconsciously. From this we can see, while we are awake in the physical realm doing physical things, the superconscious is at best only available to us as a secondary influence filtering through our subconscious to feed the background of our daily life with bliss, confidence, calm, compassion, inspiration and the like. If we accept “natural” to mean inherent and “unnatural” to mean acquired, we will be inclined to perceive our superconscious state of mind to be inherent, and therefore the same for all of us, while we understand our subconscious and conscious states of mind to be acquired, and therefore different for each of us (since each of us acquires differently according to our individual experience). Obviously, just living in a physical body demands an externalization of awareness out of “inherent” superconsciousness into “acquired” conscious and subconscious states of mind. 10


Bliss….The feeling of the one life force. Who could ever question the innate sanctity of a child’s bliss and the blessed effect that bliss has upon others? And who would not want to take that bliss and pass it on—just by reveling in it and letting that reveling spread of its own accord? Once we perceive bliss as the feeling of the force of life, we can see it everywhere—where it is obvious and where it is not. It is obvious in love, but not in lust. It is obvious in peace, but not in war. It is obvious in selflessness, but not in selfishness. Yet still it’s there, everywhere. Clearly, pure bliss is apparent in the lives of small children who have not yet learned to abstain from an unrepentant and unpretentious enjoyment of their inherent joy. And clearly that bliss is obviously there in the upliftment those children spill over onto us as their bliss becomes our bliss by no intentional effort of theirs whatsoever. Certainly, it is a turning-point day when we let it be okay to unabashedly seek our own bliss in the better of its many guises, but especially as itself, naked and pure—like a child would experience it. On that day, we learn to live without lack and give without loss by simply allowing ourselves an enjoyment of a bliss so abundant it overflows us onto others as blessings. At first, we experience bliss in things we do. Say, for instance, we are listening to some music we love on the radio. That listening is a doing. And it is a doing that we are inclined to keep on doing because we feel bliss while we are doing it. And while we are listening to that music we love, we say to ourselves, “Ahhh, this music is pure bliss.” Suddenly, someone comes along and changes the channel to a station playing music we hate. What happens to our bliss? Is it not gone along with our beloved music? Usually. That’s the tricky thing about feeling bliss through doing. Whatever is being done can appear to be the cause of the bliss felt during the doing. Once bliss is perceived in its pure and virgin state, however, it becomes apparent that doing could not possibly cause bliss, because bliss precedes doing. This is not immediately obvious, of course. But somewhere along the line, each of us discovers it is true: Bliss stands alone without a cause. Experiencing this causeless bliss is easy. It requires only a perceptual adjustment. If we can acknowledge to ourselves that bliss can be experienced for no reason and we can allow ourselves to drop the very idea we have to do something to feel bliss, we’ll find we’ve found bliss right then and there, without even looking for it. Once we have identified bliss as a fundamental quality of life, we can more easily enjoy it as a backdrop to our doing. In this new enjoyment, we know that regardless of what happens in our doing, even if that doing should undo itself in disaster, the bliss behind it will remain intact and safe in being. As a result of this knowing, our life shifts gently as does our consciousness so that we are inclined to act appropriately and live gracefully—all through a doing anchored firmly in being. *****Artwork in article by Muni Natarajan available in Prints or as Originals: Pg. 13: Garden Delights., Pg. 12 Top: Lion, Pg. 12 Below: Blessing Ganesha., Pg. 11 and Pg. 10 Below: Ganesha Mandala., Pg. 11 Top: Sun Ganesha.



“Once we have become subconsciously adjusted to a sense of an “I” rooted in being, rather than an “I” driven by the impulses of the five senses or lured on by the ramification of thought and the novelty of the conscious state of mind, we have successfully positioned awareness on the threshold of superconsciousness.” Tapping into superconsciousness in this way is wonderful. But to thoroughly experience this richest part of us, we must fully withdraw from our conscious and subconscious states of mind, enter the spiritual realm, and be there completely. Under normal physical circumstances, this cannot be accomplished easily. During periods of time set aside for the practice of a yoga that includes deep meditation, however, it can be. During such withdrawal, we strive to become immersed in those magnificent qualities of being— bliss, love, stillness, balance, peace, power, rapture, joy and awareness. Just holding the “I” centered in any of these qualities invites Samadhi, intensifies an internal correction of wrong perception and unresolved memory, and programs our subconscious to flood our external life with an unfettered superconscious support that can and will sustain us even during our most trying times. If we can then come out of this withdrawal to remain two-thirds within during the waking hours of our life, our subconscious will assist rather than block a more continual superconscious influence upon our physical life. This two-thirds-within positioning of awareness is easily attainable. In fact, it is so attainable we can be there and not know it. When having lost the sense of superconsciousness, simply becoming aware of that loss. With this simple adjustment of awareness—just recognizing and acknowledging you have temporarily lost your sense of inner bliss during a frenzy of mental or emotional distraction—you gift ourselves the only moment the now needs to help you gain back our option to feel and follow the rhythm and rhyme of your own intuitive mind back in and through inner realms to your superconscious home base. 12


MUNI NATARAJAN For 37 years, Muni lived as a monk in a Hindu monastery on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The primary focus of his monastic study was an ancient and traditional yoga called "Raja Yoga.” Muni has been writing books about yoga, offers classes, workshops and retreats and also shares his inner discoveries and inspirations through world music and art. A Monk's Tale, chronicles his adventures living as a Hindu monk in San Francisco, Hawaii and India. Into the I of All, serves as a basis to find inner peace and contentment amidst everyday challenges while seeking Self Realization in an ultimate practice of yoga.



Four Keys to Living in Spiritual- Material Balance Not so long ago, I was under financial stress. We had moved to the US from Israel a year before, and only my husband had gotten a work permit. For quite a few months we had very little money and anxiously awaited each bi-monthly paycheck. We comforted each other and tried to be reassuring and upbeat about it, but the stress got to us. One morning the dire realization came full upon me: The balance in the account is six dollars and we have no savings. When what I am eating now is gone, I will not be able to buy any more. If I drive my car and run out of gas, I can drive no further. I remember standing in the kitchen thinking these thoughts as I was looking out the window into the garden, where there is a fountain with water running down a sphere. A few birds usually come visit that fountain every day, and it is always beautiful to see them. This particular morning, the fountain was attracting more and more birds. There were at least fifteen of them, all with different colors and markings. It was glorious! As I was watching this parade of birds, I wondered who had bestowed such variety upon them: the glossy black eyeliner, the iridescent chest, the gray, green, or bright scarlet head, feather patterns of light and dark, the streaky and vivid shoulder patches. Lost in my admiration, I was filled with gratitude for the abundance that paraded before me, rich in color, size, and detectable individual character. Suddenly I felt I did not lack anything. With all of this beauty right in front of my eyes, I had so much abundance. A thought entered my mind: “I should count my blessings. I have a house, food, a car, a spouse whom I love and who loves me, two wonderful children, dear friends where I live and in other parts of the world.” I felt surrounded by an available love I could call upon in any moment of need, and I even had six dollars in my bank account after having paid for my kids’ schools and the car, after the rent and the food. 14


Counting my blessings, I was able to shift from a perspective of scarcity to one of abundance, from a suffering of lack to thankfulness for plenty. Abundance is not about how much money is in my bank account, I realized, but how blessed I am. Within a few days, an unexpected refund came in the mail and helped see us through until the next paycheck. Since that powerful incident, I’ve come to trust that the Universe is abundant, creative, and miraculous. The secret to tapping into a larger spiritual reality and accessing wisdom that can transform your life, the same wisdom that is readily available to sages and luminaries, is practicing the Four Keys to spiritual-material balance: Expansive Presence, Attentive Listening, Inspired Action, and Faith-Filled Knowing. Just before I looked out the window and saw the birds, my attention was primarily focused on how we would survive till our next paycheck, and I could feel myself contracting with fear. But seeing the unusually large congregation around the fountain outside my window made me snap out of my worries. My focus expanded from a narrow one of fear to a seemingly boundless sense of wonder. I had been taken into the first key, a sense of Expansive Presence. Once in this expansive state, I became spontaneously receptive to the second key, Attentive Listening, and heard an intuitive guidance to count my blessings. This suggestion, to which I had but moments before been oblivious, was not a logical, deductive thought. Instead, it entered my conscious awareness out of nowhere, inviting me to follow its guidance, all because I had but moments ago expanded my consciousness. Having heard clearly this message, I made the conscious choice to move into the third key, Inspired Action. I began to count my blessings, which felt uplifting and helped me gain an expanded perspective on my financial situation. In a very short time I went from lamenting what I perceived as lack in my life to feeling thankful for the blessings I now perceived were so abundantly bestowed upon me. After I finished counting, I felt liberated, and a sense of elation came over me.



I recognized that the radical shift in my perspective had not happened on its own but rather by an invisible guidance that had revealed to me the interconnectedness of life. This was a moment of Faith-Filled Knowing, the fourth key. With the help of the birds, I entered a field of consciousness where I tapped into the innate intelligence of the Universe and gained access to a higher wisdom. I was propelled towards a new perspective, one far more positive and useful than the crippling one I had been caught up in before the bird incident. This kind of faith-filled knowing may seem like a sudden leap, a sudden certitude that there is a hidden force guiding you. Trust this inner knowing and it will strengthen your faith in the spiritual nature of reality, which in turn will allow you to experience the Four Keys more intensely and regularly throughout your day.

ANNA GATMON, Ph.D. comes from an eclectic background that spans the USA, Israel, Sweden and France. Her rich life journey includes a career as a fashion model, educator, counselor, and author of the book, Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance. Anna holds a doctorate degree in Transformative Learning and is devoted to empowering people to live their highest calling and increase their impact in the world.


EVOLVE SOUL ART ENERGY HEALING VIA LIGHT - SOUND - COLOR ________________________________________________________

“The language of the soul speaks in imagery, color and light. It’s voice sings from your heart and is heard through the instrument of the body, through its energy. When you see, hear and know the voice of your soul… healing occurs.” -Simran ORIGINALS - PRINTS - CARDS - GIFT OPTIONS FOR MORE INFO:


Melody of Money… You are a Melody… So is Money… A melody sings you into being. The melody of a song is the part that you sing or hum as you go about your day. It is a tone that carries a thought beyond your logical mind and into a place of sweet communion and oneness with your soul. I always wait for the melody to rise from my heart when I’m writing a song. I have to hear it without any other influence. Sometimes a lyric comes with a melody already. If it makes me tear up, I know it’s a keeper. A melody can carry you back to a moment in time and stir the same emotions that you felt then. You are a melody. Everybody has a melody that they carry. It is your soul signature. In some literature it’s called a keynote. It is the way the Heavenly Realms recognize YOU and the way we used to know each other. You came with this song already installed within every fiber of your being. It’s been your song for eternity. Mother Mary could hear the melody of “Joy to the World”, every time her son, Yeshua, walked into a room. She was surprised that no one else heard it. I believe we will start to hear each other’s melodies again soon.
 So what is the melody of money? Money is simply energy, a form we use in this world. I believe it is part of the Elemental Kingdom, the mental faculty of the Divine assigned to build form around our thoughts, our words and our vibration. Some people call it the field of Infinite Possibilities. The melody of money is whatever we give to it, just as we can do with air or water. Money is a mirror of human thought.



Money is as holy and sacred as we make it. We dance with money every day of our lives, like it or not. Money has been mistreated, condemned, and darkened by greed and “power over another.” I’d love for you to join me in freeing up the shadows in our currency and in the exchange of money. It starts with us. It’s time to come into a harmonizing relationship with every part of ourselves and that includes our money. So what melody would you like to assign to your money; JOY, ABUNDANCE, LOVE CREATIVITY or ETERNAL PEACE? Think of the circulation of your money as a distribution system of your best thought. Make it a part of your song. Since you are continually radiating your Melody, think about what part you’d like your money to sing?

It can harmonize with your Melody and become a perfect duet. One day you can assign it to be an ostinato of hope and joy. Just think how far your Melody of Eternal Peace can go with a $20.00 bill. Your money is just waiting for you to welcome it into the dance, the song, the beautiful keynote called your life.
 What a great service we can give to the world by getting in synch with our money. By taking your rightful place of being the chooser (the conductor) you give money (the instrument) a good and positive direction. This gives your money freedom to do its job as the doer. This allows the Great Music Of The Spheres to Create and expand the Goodness of Heaven as you circulate currency in the world. This magnificent triad, “do, mi, sol” is the most powerful shape in music and in the Universe.
 Hallelujah! You are the melody of money.



Love the music in you
 Love the song you sing
 let it bring you joy
 let it give you wings
 let it carry you beyond what you know
 beyond old ideas of how your song goes I love the music in me
 I love the song I sing
 I let it bring me joy
 let it give me wings
 I let it carry me beyond what I know
 beyond old ideas of how my song goes Love the call of your heart
 Love the gift you bring
 let it bring you joy
 let it give you wings
 let it carry you beyond what you know
 beyond old ideas of how your life goes Love the melody you carry
 let it carry you
 let it bring you joy 

Images Listed throughout this article are CD Covers of music created by Jennifer Ruth Russell.

JENNIFER RUTH RUSSELL An acclaimed and talented musician, Jennifer has earned accolades for her music, Jennifer is a Licensed Practitioner of Truth at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California and the Centers for Spiritual Living in Camarillo, California. She has a calling and love for prayer and exploring the great mysteries. Jennifer now travels internationally offering her songs, workshops, and Soulebrations. 20


I am for giving… I am for giving a moment in time. I am forgiving time. I am for giving and receiving timelessness.  I am for giving an abundance of space.  I am forgiving limits. I am for giving and receiving boundlessness.  I am for giving endless inspiration.  I am forgiving doing. I am for giving and receiving.  I am for giving the sacred silence.  I am forgiving noise. I am for giving and receiving the whispers.  I am for giving the emptiness.  I am forgiving clutter. I am for giving and receiving infinity. I am for giving fulfillment.  I am forgiving settling. I am for giving and receiving soul genius. I am for giving an experience.  I am forgiving routine. I am for giving and receiving expression.   I am for giving playfulness.  I am forgiving agendas. I am for giving and receiving freedom.  - Simran



THE NEW ASTROLOGY The art and science of astrology has been in our culture, in one form or another, for 5,000 years. It has thrived in progressive times, been squelched for centuries during the Reformation and been relegated to a less than dignified practice in modern times. Astrologers have, in one Age, been venerated as Priestesses, consulted by Kings and Pharaohs, and during other times, dragged into the city square to be burned at the stake as witches. Yet, down through the ages, the art prevails. Why? At age 22, I had recently moved to a quaint little mountain town in Southern New Mexico and had been invited to join a small gathering of women. While at my host’s home, I noticed a book on her shelf and it called to me with such power that I was compelled to take it off the shelf to peruse it. I couldn’t put it down, and neglecting that little voice in my head that said I was being socially rude, I began reading with intensity and felt a long-forgotten stirring of familiarity so profound; I knew this science! Known as a ‘sacred art’, astrology has earned its’ enduring place in human experience because of the power it has to convey deeply insightful truths about ourselves, infusing our lives with meaning and purpose. But, here in the twenty-first century, it is time for an upgrade. In the hands of a wise expert, not only does astrology serve the purpose of illuminating our path, but it can also reveal the ‘karmic’ or ancestral patterns that entangle us, limiting our ability to fulfill our life-purpose, as well as the exact path forward to transform those patterns into strengths. In 50 centuries, this is as far as evolutionary astrology has taken us. The telling fact is, most people still see astrology as a deterministic tool, belying a fundamental misunderstanding about the purpose of life and the role of humans in relation to Creator-Source-God. One day, in more enlightened times, we’ll all have a good belly laugh about this. In the dawning years of the 21st Century, however, the implications of this misunderstanding are huge, and not funny, for if we continue to believe that some higher power has ordained our life, we will fail to take responsibility for the results we witness, and planet Earth may continue to suffer from our ignorance and abuse. So what is this new version of astrology, and how can it help us become more enlightened? 22


An excellent astrologer can look at a person’s birth chart and know truths about that human being, their innermost nature and the life they have lived that even their family members or closest friends don’t know, so it would seem that the entire lifetime is predetermined, ‘written in the stars’. How, then, do we explain another truth that seems diametrically opposed; the emerging awareness birthed by modern quantum physics which has proven that we create our own reality? We embrace it with an evolution, perhaps a quantum leap in our understanding of energy emitted by stars and reflected by planets in our solar system; as intimately connected to each being, in harmonic resonance that is interactive and co-creative in nature. We utilize the ‘stuff of life’, to create the experiences and outcomes witnessed. Our astrological signature shows what we’ve managed to create; the set of potentials revealed in birth charts are meant to be worked with and evolved. This evolutionary work, however can only be accomplished once we make conscious and embrace, the unconscious, inherited ancestral patterns that inform our DNA. Thirty years ago, a new science was born, named Human Design. Encompassing the four ancient wisdom traditions of the Kabbalah, the I-Ching, the Chakra system and Astrology, as well as the two modern sciences of neutrino physics and the human genetic code, Human Design is the first system to reveal our unconscious, genetically inherited imprinting. It provides means for us to embrace life’s journey in an entirely new way.

CAROLA EASTWOOD Co-author of “The Book of Destinies; Discover the Life You Were Born to Live”, Carola Eastwood, is a gifted Intuitive Reader and Life Transformation Success Coach, who offers private in-depth personal readings. She brings decades of wisdom and depth of insight to her sessions, guiding clients to create a life filled with inspiration, clarity and deep fulfillment.

First introduced to the world by Chetan Parkyn with his ground-breaking book, ‘Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born to Be’, this modern science put us firmly in the driver’s seat of our life’s journey. While astrology can reveal our evolutionary potential and ideal timing cycles, our Human Design Chart gives us the means and the practical keys to creating our own destiny. As humanity teeters on the brink of a new renaissance, we call out of the ethers the awareness, the tools and the science that will support us to create an awakened world; the Human Design system is given to us as a gift for these times.



ON BEING KIND An Excerpt from Big Love by Scott Stabile I woke up in a pissy mood recently, committed to gloom before I had even rolled out of bed. Still grumpy that afternoon, I went to the supermarket, only to be greeted by the sweetest checkout clerk ever. I couldn’t resist her happy eyes and huge smile. We had a quick conversation in Spanish, much of which I didn’t understand, and it didn’t even matter. Her sweetness and enthusiasm completely shifted me out of my pissy mood. I carried her joy with me the rest of the day. Everyone I encountered later that day benefited from her kindness. It’s too easy to feel lost and powerless, like we can’t make any real difference in this messedup world. I’ve often become paralyzed by the amount of violence and oppression that exists worldwide, paralyzed by my seeming inability to do anything about it. But we are not powerless to effect positive change. Indeed, we are powerful beyond measure, each one of us, in our ability to treat each other with kindness. If you want to change lives, then be kind and patient with strangers, be open and generous with your friends and family, and talk to your neighbors — and listen to them, too. Don’t underestimate the extraordinary effect you have every single time you show up to a situation with an open, loving heart. The checkout clerk shifted me out of my funk with her kindness. When my partner, G, got home that night, I greeted him with a smile instead of the scowl he might have gotten because of my foul mood. Our kindness transcends the moment of delivery. It affects more than we can ever know. That’s how kindness rolls. Kindness acts as a magnet, by the way, for more of the same in return. When I walk out into the world with an open heart and a smile on my face, I invite smiles and warmth. That doesn’t mean everyone showers me with their love, but more do than when I go out closed down and bitchy. If you don’t believe in the law of attraction, start paying attention to your attitude and to what you attract in different moments. I find there’s almost always a direct correlation. When I’m loving, I attract more love. That’s a good reason to be loving. 24


Love doesn’t just call on us to be kind in obvious situations, either. Sure, it’s wonderful to hold open the door for a person carrying groceries, but can you open your heart to your partner when he’s pissing you off? It takes no effort to share a loving comment when your friend posts a picture of her baby on Facebook, but can you resist attacking someone online who posts something you disagree with? Can you instead share your point of view without judgment and venom? I thought myself a kindness king until I had an issue with my cable service recently and had to talk to four different service reps to deal with it. I lost my shit on rep number 2, and things only went downhill from there. I became a selfrighteous, angry, impatient asshole. One phone call sent me over the edge. I want to become so rooted in my kindness that it’s not dependent on the words or actions of others. No matter how they choose to be, I can choose to be kind. That’s power. That’s love. That’s change making. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. Wanna join me?  Let’s start with ourselves. When we think of kindness, it’s natural, and important, to consider how we can be kinder to others. But what about ourselves? Surely we’re entitled to our own kindness. We benefit most from the love we have to share. With that in mind, how do you treat yourself? Do you offer yourself the same smile you would a loved one? Are you lifting yourself up or tearing yourself down? We have to look at how we talk to ourselves and focus on a kinder inner dialogue. We don’t live in a world where everyone is sweet to one another. We’re likely to face a good share of assholes out there. At the very least, let’s not be assholes to ourselves.  Excerpted from Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart. Copyright ©2017 by Scott Stabile. Printed with permission from New World Library —


Scott Stabile is the author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart. His inspirational posts and videos have attracted a huge and devoted social media following, including nearly 360K Facebook fans and counting. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he lives in Michigan and conducts personal empowerment workshops around the world.



THE HUMMING EFFECT, by Jonathan & And Goldman explores the many different aspects of how and why humming works.

7 Reasons for Humming Humming is among the simplest, yet most profound sounds that we can create. It has amazing beneficial abilities to affect us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Here are 7 reasons why humming can become a practice to enhance health and wellness for anyone.

1. EVERYBODY CAN HUM As teachers and practitioners in the world of sound healing, we are well aware of the ability of sound to heal and transform. We also know that the most powerful sounds we can experience are often the ones we create ourselves. People sometimes confuse this ability of making self-created sound with the necessity of having some sort of music ability such as playing a musical instrument or being able to sing. We know this is not the case. With over 50 years of combined experience in this field, we asked ourselves what is the simplest sound that everyone can make. The answer came immediately: humming. Everybody can hum. From infants to the elderly, everyone can hum. And everyone does hum. But until now, no one has ever written a professionally published book on the subject. Now, there is THE HUMMING EFFECT. We like to say that if you have a voice, you can hum. And you can experience the positive benefits of humming for health and happiness. 26


2. THE HUMMING EFFECT IS REAL THE HUMMING EFFECT is about the power of the hum to heal and transform us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through humming, we can all learn to use our own voice as a tool of empowerment—learning to create and use the power of resonance to manifest harmony and balance. In our book, THE HUMMING EFFECT, we include several essential aspects of selfcreated sound including the power of our breath and the power of our intention. We’ve both personally worked with self-created sound from many different traditions, both Eastern and Western, and have found that from our perspective, the hum may be the most powerful. We’ve used it to relieve pain, reduce stress, help us sleep and much much more. It’s real and it’s true. We know that sound can heal—vibrational healing has been known about since ancient times and is now slowly being acknowledged in traditional medicine.

3. HUMMING IS EMPOWERING What if you realized that you had the ability to help heal yourself? What if you understood that you could lower your blood pressure and heart rate, enhance your ability to sleep, and assist hundreds of others conditions simply through the power of your own sound? What if you discovered how to change your mood and alter your state of consciousness with your own self-created sound? What if there was the possibility of taking charge of your health and wellness simply through making this most simple and easy sound? Well you can! You can do all of these things and more with humming. Humming is empowering. It can enable you to experience aspects of yourself that you may never have thought possible. That is why we wrote THE HUMMING EFFECT and why we pass this information on to you. And that is why we say: “The simplest sound is the most profound!” Try humming and feel the difference!

4. HUMMING IS HEALING When we began THE HUMMING EFFECT, we knew that people would be skeptical about the positive benefits of such an easily made sound, so our first chapter focuses on various “peer review” studies (from medical and scientific publications) in order to validate the phenomenon of humming. Some of these physiological benefits include: • Increased oxygen in the cells—enhancing health and wellness. • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate • Increased lymphatic circulation—clearing toxins from the body • Increased levels of melatonin—a hormone that enhances sleep • Reduced levels of stress related hormones—enhancing health and wellness



• Release endorphins—self-created opiates work as “natural pain relievers” making us feel good • Increased levels of nitric oxide, a molecule associated with vasodilation and promoting healing • Release of oxytocin –the “love” hormone, creating trust between us. If you think about these benefits from the self-created sound of the hum, it’s rather remarkable. Simply being able to lower your heart rate and blood pressure without pharmaceuticals is important. So is the reduction of stress related hormones—we all know how a majority of the illnesses that occur are stress related. We can reduce stress without pharmaceuticals. In addition, we produce melatonin when humming. Melatonin has been found to be effective in helping us sleep. It’s also being researched for use in treatment of depression. We also produce nitric oxide (NO) which may be among the most important chemicals which our body can produce. NO widens our blood vessels and has been found to be very important for the treatment of coronary disease. Data has shown it’s also great to help if you’ve got blocked sinuses. Vibro-acoustics are sounds that go into our body and vibrate us on a cellular level. While all sounds that we hear, has some vibro-acoustic ability, there are specific sounds that are extremely excellent for vibrating the physical body and affecting our cells. In particular, sounds that are self-created often are the best sounds to create an internal massage, affecting our different glands, organs and bodily systems. Of all the self-created sounds, the most powerful for vibro acoustic resonance is humming. We’ve used humming to heal ourselves of headaches, sore throats and many other maladies.

5. CONSCIOUS HUMMING IS KEY What is conscious humming? It is simply the focusing of our attention on what is happening when we are humming. When you project intention onto your hum, the effects of your own self-created sound are amplified and can be quite monumental. We’ve described some of the physiological benefits of humming, but very few people have ever experienced this on a conscious level. The reason for this is that most people are prone to humming unconsciously—usually when they’re happy and feeling good. This is wonderful, but to truly experience the vibro-acoustic effects of sound, it’s necessary to take part in conscious humming. Most people we know, even though they have been humming throughout their lives, are amazed when they spend a few minutes consciously humming. They become aware of the resonance that the hum creates and when they add the aspect of intention to this, the effect of the hum becomes amplified. There are a few important steps that are necessary for conscious humming. The first is to set aside some time when you will be able to experience your humming and to find a place where you can do this without being disturbed. The second is to takes some nice slow and deep breaths before you begin to make sound. While you are doing this, we suggest that you check yourself out—how are you 28


feeling? Is there something in your body that is causing discomfort? Is there something that you emotionally would like to work with? Become aware of how you are feeling in order to experience the power of the hum when it occurs. The third thing we ask is to for you to close your eyes when you begin to hum. The fourth is hum for a few minutes, focusing your attention totally on what you are experience. And lastly, we suggest that you allow a few minutes after you have finished humming to allow the energy of the hum to create the positive shifts and changes that it can produce. Check yourself out after you have hummed and note any changes or differences you may have experienced. You may find some extraordinary shifts have already occurred. We always ask that you don’t immediately get up after you’ve done conscious humming—oftentimes, you may find yourself so blissful that you will need a few minutes to assimilate the experience. In THE HUMMING EFFECT, we take you through various levels of humming, from beginning to advanced (yes!) and give assist you in learning to encode intention onto your hum.

6. HUMMING IS SACRED In our research, we discovered an advanced form of humming that is practiced in the Hindu Yoga Tradition of Shabd Yoga, called Bhramari Pranayama. It is considered a very powerful and potent healing and transformational practice. The benefits of bhramari pranayama includes all of the above peer reviewed material we previously described as well as emotional, mental and spiritual benefits including assistance with Alzheimer’s. In the last chapter of THE HUMMING EFFECT, we hypothesis that with proper research we may find that humming is able to manifest neurogenesis—the creation of new connections in the brain. We’ve had many anecdotal stories about this, including from people who have suffered from strokes and were able to successfully utilize humming to assist themselves. We’ve also been told of people with PTSD who have used humming to feel better and known of one well known neurologist who has his patients with PTSD hum as a healing modality. Our first understanding about the sacred nature of the hum occurred when we were teaching together at Yogaville, an ashram founded by Swami Satchadinanda, the guru who started off the Woodstock Festival in 1968 by having half a million people chanting. We found a copy of Pantajali’s “Yoga Sutras” that had been translated by Sw. Satchadinanda. In it, he wrote about the first sound— “pranava” or the humming of prana (life energy). This humming needed a name, so they called it “OM”. Thus, according to the Hindu tradition, the first sound was a hum. This is also a phenomenon that has been validated by astrophysicists.

7. HUMMING IS FUN Last, but certainly not least is something we don’t need to tell you. Humming is fun. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be unconsciously doing it when you feel good. As previously noted, when we hum, endorphins, those wonderful self-created natural



opiates that make us feel good and work as pain reliever are released. So is oxytocin, the “love” hormone that helps create trust. The release of these hormones and neuro-chemicals maybe some of the reasons why humming is fun. But there may be a lot more. In fact, there may be a “feedback loop” that occurs when you hum. You hum when you feel good and you feel good when you hum. This is humming for happiness. The one thing we know for sure is that the more you hum, the better you feel. We predict that once you start consciously humming, you’ll not only start feeling calm and relaxed, but you may begin to experience the healing ability of your own sound. How extraordinary! Lastly, remember, you don’t have to be a musician in order to hum. You don’t even need to be able to carry a “tune in a bucket”. All you need is a voice. That and the desire to help relieve yourself of any imbalances that may be occurring. While we can offer you the technique, the decision of whether or not to do it is up to you. It is your choice. We trust you’ll choose wisely and discover the extraordinary benefits of humming.

Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman Jonathan Goldman, M.A., is an internationally renowned writer, musician and teacher. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan is the author of several books THE DIVINE NAME the 2011 Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Book” of the Year and THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING both from Hay House); A Grammy nominee, his award winning recordings include: “Chakra Chants”, and “The Divine Name”. He is the Founder and Director of the Sound Healers Association and CEO of Spirit Music. In Spring 2011, Jonathan Goldman was named as one of Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.” Andi Goldman, M.A., L.P.C., is a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy. She is the Director of the Healing Sounds® Seminars and Co- Director of the Sound Healers Association. She is a musician, teacher, sound healer, award-winning author, and the wife and partner of Jonathan Goldman. Jonathan and Andi Goldman co-authored CHAKRA FREQUENCIES (Inner Traditions), winner of the Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Health Book” of the Year and have just completed their new book THE HUMMING EFFECT which has recently been released. Together Jonathan and Andi have dedicated their lives to the path of service, helping awaken and empower others with the ability of sound to heal and transform. 30


In Prayer… Dearest Infinite Spirt, Take me deeply into the subtle moments. That rest between my skin and tissue. Let bone and blood carry the sensations that are the sweet agony of inheritance. Allow the silence to hold the richness of all that has been carried as it dissolves back into neutrality. For how long have I carried such memory in the cells of life’s infinite expression? How many echoes of creations past live within my body? Dance with me great Spirt, between the sheets of my mind. Play with me in the cavern of my heart. Roam with me over the hills and valleys of mortality Rest within me unleashing the ancient callings of my soul. With your grace, purify me from the toxic lineage of time... With your blessing, free me from my self-imposed shackles... Within your silence awaken me to the bliss of equanimity, that all that ever was becomes known... embraced... owned... absorbed. I feel my wings... softly emerging. They tickle me from the inside and out.

They lift me… as I rise. I am free,

I am free now to fly.





Amy is an Aries and Monte is an Aquarius. For more than forty years they’ve combined their deep love for each other with the work of inner exploration and selfdiscovery to build The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber: astrology books, tarot card decks, and oracles that have helped millions answer questions, be more mindful, find deeper meaning and follow their own spiritual paths.   "The alliance of all of our talents, Monte, John and me, and our editor Libby Edelson, was remarkably harmonious. It was like creating the most wonderfully special soup composed of our individual gifts and talents. Each of us added our secret spice, flavors and editorial and astrological knowledge. John and I evolved a very creative, back-and-forth method to stir this "group soup.” We began with each making separate lists of recipe ideas for each season. Then we discussed the general direction of the text, both astrologically and in terms of foods and preparation methods that seemed most appropriate to interpret the recipe and ingredients for each sign or season."  They tested and tasted, cooking and carefully preparing each recipe for Monte to light and photograph, direct from oven or stove, to be captured immediately. Amy collected place settings and and fabrics to style and show off each dish for the 96 recipe photo shoots. Monte: "We hope that readers will find a few recipes that become favorites, lifelong friends, made again and again. We hope, too, that  SIGNS & SEASONS will help increase happiness, gratitude, love for others and awe for the mystery of creation while our readers think about the earth spinning and the light coming and going...becoming aware of the Circle of Life (the Zodiac) not as pie in the sky but as a way of connecting to our ancient agricultural roots in Mother Earth.... bringing astrology down-to-earth and making our experience with eating and cooking heavenly." 32


Amy Zerner and Monte Farber's astrology cookbook, SIGNS & SEASONS, describes how our tastes, moods and desires are part of a beautiful and natural process, as we tune in and observe the order of the heavens, the corresponding seasonal order on earth and the regularity of the biological processes of the plants and animals which depend on this order. Astrology has been around for thousands of years. Amy and Monte have have been inspired by their astrological studies since the 70's and have been writing about the zodiac in their many books and oracles since the 80's. Monte's first book on astrology was Karma Cards: An Astrological Guide to Your Future Through Astrology, a bestseller, now celebrating it's 30th year in print. The position of the sun, moon and planets affects our personalities and our appetites. As the cosmic wheel turns, the energies unique to each cycle are at play, giving us it's particular magic, messages and guidance to live by. SIGNS & SEASONS is designed to help us better understand our individual personality traits, our tastes and appetites, how we each cook and how we each eat. And even how we entertain! Monte: "We envisioned the quirks and peculiarities that give the people of each sun sign their special charm to be part of the reason for each recipe being designed in its own unique way. Years of studying astrology as well as “testing” our creations on gatherings large and small helped us perfect the menus, meanings and choices, as we liked our parties to be known for good food and stimulating conversation - and for sharing astrological insights."   Amy and Monte enlisted the help of their friend John Okas, an experienced chef and talented writer who also has a unique take on astrology. He also happened to be the best man at their wedding in 1978. 

Monte Farber & Amy Zerner Internationally known self-help author, Monte Farber’s inspiring guidance and empathic insights impact everyone he encounters. Amy Zerner’s exquisite, one-of-a-kind spiritual couture creations and collaged fabric paintings exude her profound intuition and deep connection with archetypal stories and healing energies. —



Shamanic vision

I wasn’t looking for a shaman. I didn’t know anything about shamanism or the growing interest in indigenous healing worldwide. I am not a Native American, and my great-grandmother was not a Cherokee princess. In my years of education, Christian upbringing, and work in the best medical centers in the U.S. I never heard the word shaman mentioned once. Raised in the worldview of dominant American society I was doing everything necessary to be happy and healthy: a good education, profession, marriage, kids, house, church, volunteer work, and annual medical exams. The only problem was, I wasn’t happy or healthy. I felt unfulfilled, out of step with my soul, and alienated from the vapid American consumerism all around me. I was on my third professional career and had suffered periods of depression, panic attacks, stomach and bowel pain. I loved being active outdoors but the values and demands of urban living disconnected me from nature and encouraged me to ignore it, exploit it, and even hate it. I didn’t know what was wrong, or how to fix it. So like everyone around me I just stayed busy, stressed, and unhappy, flogging myself on fitness club treadmills to stay “healthy”. Then one day in May of 2009 a client was leaving my office and I asked if she had any plans for the weekend. “I’m going to go see a shaman,” she said, “up near Dowagiac, Michigan.” “A shaman?” I asked her. “Like a medicine man?” “He’s a psychologist,” she replied, “and a shamanic healer.” That was the beginning of my journey into the ancient beliefs and spiritual practices of modern world shamanism. I met with the healer, Mikkal, and participated in a week-long wilderness vision quest ceremony. There I received a beautiful, piercing awareness that changed everything. I walked away from my conventional life and spent the next seven years immersed in learning the beliefs and practices of traditional and modern shamanism. 34


Shamanism is the oldest form of spiritual practice on the planet. It speaks a truth to us we will never hear from our dominant consumer society: that when humans fail to live from our authentic core and get disconnected from the natural world around us, we lose vital essence (“soul loss”) and become anxious, depressed, violent, and sick. In shamanism the treatment for unhappiness and illness is not to go to psychotherapy, have surgery, or take an antidepressant. It’s to get your soul back. This is done by recovering a real vision for your life, conquering your self-sabotaging emotional patterns, reconnecting with the living earth, and coming fully alive as the vital and unique person you were designed to be. Our generation has begun waking up from the drunken oil-and-coal-fueled “bender” of unrestrained industry and consumerism. With bleary hangover eyes we are beginning to see the nightmare of our harm to the ecosystem and looking around for answers. But we discover that our dominant culture doesn’t have an earth-honoring mythos to save us. We have its opposite: an economic, legal, political, and religious culture that celebrates our failed, deadly belief that nature is just a big WalMart for human ambition, profit, and recreation. If we’re going to survive as a species, our thinking and living needs to be closer to that of indigenous people. The core wisdom and healing principles of shamanism include three long-lost traditions that can help us: •

Time-tested practices for connecting directly with the sacred, exploring one’s heart, questing for a vision, and journeying in the spirit world for information and guidance unmediated by clergy, institutions, or spiritual gurus

Practical tools and ceremonies for recognizing, confronting, and transforming our self-sabotaging illusions and emotional wounding patterns

A sustainable mythos for human living that includes the well-being of the whole planet and everything on it, not just human beings and our particular ethnic, racial, religious, or political groups.



The “vision” that came to me during my 2009 vision quest above was a simple yet sacred concept that I had not been able to grasp for 49 years: Simplify. I needed to simplify my ridiculous, unbalanced, overscheduled life of urgent but unimportant concerns, activities, relationships, and possessions. Only then could I begin to hear and call down the song for my life, walk a good path, and manifest my soul’s purpose in the world with joy and service to others. Whatever the shamanic vision is awaiting your own life, it will help you begin to see that paradise is all around us. Not in some far-off celestial realm but right here: the ground under your feet in Cleveland is holy. The river flowing by your home in Des Moines is sacred. The earth, waters and air now carry our sins, our pollution, and it is painful to see what we have done to our sacred mother and our relations with all living things. But it usually takes a crisis to have a spiritual awakening, and we are in the midst of such a transformative crisis right now. Let us begin our return: to our deep and authentic identity as kin with all our fellow creatures, on this luminous blue-green planet we call Earth. The earth-honoring beliefs and practices of our ancestors offer a beautiful healing path that can work its magic in our hearts, our perceptions, and the paradise that is around us.

Dr. Jeff Nixa, J.D., M.Div., is a shamanic practitioner, teacher, and writer. In 2010 he founded Great Plains Shamanic Programs, an array of counseling, healing, and education services, including one-on-one fire talks, seminars, university classes, outdoor retreats, and wilderness trips. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.











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9. The Light…

10. The Love… 11. The Aliveness. These monthly intentions are provided to support and uplift your mind, your meditative mantras and your spirit. Do them daily, in your morning and evening meditations, to enhance the awakening of your truth within you. Given in Love… Simran




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YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE Discover the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate

Shhhhhh… The silence calls me often. It holds a special secret. Sometimes it comes as a whisper; other times it speaks loud and clear. At times it is sensation... and in other moments subtle vibration. It often pulls something out of me... inspires me... renews me.... and raises me up, once again that I may have the wherewithal to be human.      I went for a powerful 10 day silence and meditation experience from November 1 - November 11 in 2017. The timing happened to synchronize with 11/11 of course. It fell into place according to the dictate of Universal timing.      Whenever I go into silence, I come out seeing life differently.... feeling it more sensitively... noticing greater distinctions between illusion and reality more clearly. I prefer to stay in silence, so it takes me a while to fully come back into the world. Each endeavor relaxes me into more being.      It takes time to want to come back into the conditions of the world. It is not judgment for anything that currently exists, but an awareness of density, weight and constriction that does not exist in the freedom and weightlessness of quiet communion. The silence actually deepens the unconditional acceptance and equanimity around everything that exists at this time.       A disintegration happens when stepping out of the busy, noisy, agenda-filled world that we live in. And with such, the masks, patterns and manipulations are more clear. There tends to be less that I can do... my body more clearly discerns timing and rhythm. And so I listen. I knew I was not to put out another magazine until my body felt ready. I was unwilling to push against the rhythm that spoke deeply from within. This is a release of time… of structure.       Yet, the world tells us all to push, to scurry, to rush. It is built upon time and structure. The world has conditioned us to have goals, agendas and deadlines... 'dead'-lines.... that kind of says it all. The impulses, needs and control illustrate the condition. 42


With a new year, as resolutions are raised, I am not going to follow suit with the rest of the world and motivate you to 'do' something. I am not pushing you to create a plan for some future goal to be achieved by some future date. Instead, I am going to offer you to court the silence. Make love to it. Let it whisper in your ear. Allow it to bring forth your timing… your tone… your balance… no structure… no need… no anxiety… no stress… Let it harmonize you into your soul song. Let it bubble up in the sound of humming and gentle movement… a dash of color and a nuance of poetic gibberish… as you inhale and exhale, watching it rise and fall within you. Let yourself dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat and the pulse of your spirit.        This is a powerful 11 year... a gateway, which means transformative alchemy is possible. The ego will make up that you are to strive for material goals and success. That could not be further from the truth. Gateway years are about fulfillment of a different kind. They call forth soul growth... active communion.... union with all that is separate. That kind of magic can only happen if you are so completely present that 'you' are not there. Paradox?       11 is about Mastery.... Mastery of the Divine Being within the Human being. The Divine can only appear when 'you are not distracted by your past haunts or future jaunts.The Divine can only create alchemy when raw material is waiting: the human ego, story, control and fragmentation. I invite you to go into the silence... go often. In doing so, you shall be inspired so uniquely that inspiration rises organically, erupting from within in a manner that magnetizes all that is necessary, outside of you. 

Simran Singh — award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Host of 11:11 Talk Radio & 11:11 InnerViews — Author, Love Catalyst & Rebel Humanitarian.





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11:11 - I am not on a journey I AM THE JOURNEY Signature quote... with 11:11 Hoodie in soft organic cotton. Black w/ Metallic Gold

S, M, L, XL

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11:11 - I am not on a journey I AM THE JOURNEY Shawl/Scarf* Simran’s signature quote... with 11:11 - Extra long Shawl/scarf with raw edging, bamboo and organic cotton. Cream w/ Metallic Gold


11:11 - I am not on a journey I AM THE JOURNEY Signature quote... with 11:11 Comfort in soft organic cotton. Heather Grey w/ Metallic Silver S, M, L, XL


The Rebel Road Official Tee Organic Cotton short sleeve scoop neck fitted tee. DNA strands, 11:11 cellular coding and pathway to the Golden Self and Authentic Power

Light Heather Gray

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Situated at the summit of an auspicious mountain is the glorious Yumbulagang palace, the oldest palace in Tibet, with more than 2,000 years of history as a spiritual and healing center for kings and Dalai Lamas. Nowadays the palace is still a sanctuary for Buddhist monks and travelers alike who hope to take in the sublime views of the landscape below. The surrounding valley is so pristine and beautiful that legend has it that drinking water from a perennial spring found there will cure any disease. You could say the palace is an ultimate place of purification where one can drink in pure spring water, breathe in pure air and enjoy health-giving foods grown from the nutrient-rich earth in the region. If you happen to be a monk living there, then you probably don’t need nutritional cleansing. As for the rest of us, we live in a completely different world. In our daily lives our bodies are under constant onslaught of stressors that come in the form of pollutants—via food, water and air—from a poor diet, and from the stress of busy schedules, conflict and strain at work, conflict in relationships, and even conflict in traffic. There’s little doubt that traditional nutritional thinking won’t cover our needs. We need extra help for helping us guard our bodies, help us to detoxify and to lose weight.








11:11 Magazine - JAN / FEB 2018 - SOUND OF SILENCE  

2018 is an energetic gateway... Silence is refreshing... renewing… opening. Even in its stillness, it sings, hums, vibrates, and jingles. ww...

11:11 Magazine - JAN / FEB 2018 - SOUND OF SILENCE  

2018 is an energetic gateway... Silence is refreshing... renewing… opening. Even in its stillness, it sings, hums, vibrates, and jingles. ww...