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We each are a unique blueprint, never to be repeated; a blessing… an activation…. a miracle. We are all human mandalas; a geometric design that holds great symbolism. Loosely translated, mandala means circle. At the center of every mandala is a dot, consider free of dimensions. It is the starting point… the place of connection and devotion to the Divine. Your soul is the center point. In asian cultures the mandala (circle) is a visual representation of the Universe. The belief is by entering the mandala and proceeding towards its center, you are guided though the cosmic process of transforming your

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universe from one of suffering to one of joy and happiness.      A mandala evokes commitment, communication, clarity, vision, presence and also serves as an invitation or gift to the onlooker. So you see, You are a mandala. Your life is. Your relationships are. We make up a beautiful moving, changing, sacred kaleidoscopic form. What if what your life only requires presence to your sacred mandala?  This week, pull out your crayons or scrapbooking materials. Draw, paint or create a beautiful mandala wheel. Have fun with the exercise... let it be playful... meditative... Intuitive and energetic. Become the moving mandala of prayer, presence and creation.  In Love... Of Love... With Love… As Love… I Am Simran


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LIGHT WITH LOVE YIN YOGA | 6 STEPHANIE AREND Yin Yoga practice gives us the peace that we so urgently need in this noisy world. SYNCHRONICITY AS PERFECT TIMING| 12 PAUL O’BRIEN Ultimately, synchronicity means that there are no accidents, not even down to the tiniest detail. INNER MIND POWER | 17 KIMBERLY FRIEDMUTTER Tapping into your subconscious will enable you to bring your conscious self, your Critical Thinker, into alignment.


COMMUNITY | 11, 26

ENERGY OF LOVE HARA POWER = HER POWER | 21 RHODA SHAPIRO Your belly embodies your sacral chakra, which is responsible for your emotions, your passion, and your sensuality.


| 16


A TOAIST APPROACH TO SIGHT| 24 DOUG MARSH Educating your eyes to see clearly is an art form. Discover the taoist way. LIMITLESS | 28 DR. JO BOALER Some of us will change not only our own lives; as we start to see ourselves as leaders and ambassadors, we can help others live limitless lives as well. HUMAN MANDALAS | 30 SIMRAN SINGH We each are a unique blueprint, never to be repeated; a blessing… an activation…. a miracle.



YIN YOGA Yin Yoga is a gentle practice that harmonizes the flow of energy, and can therefore activate our capacity for selfhealing. It directs us to look inwards, calms the vegetative nervous system, and relaxes and strengthens the entire body. You will find out why Yin Yoga addresses our fascia in a targeted way, and the part played by the Chi, the meridians, and the chakras.

Yin Yoga is an intensive and at the same time very passive practice. The exercises are carried out without any muscular tension and the breathing should also be very gentle and effortless—we simply observe it. The aim of Yin Yoga is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. Based on the teaching of the Tao, each person is characterized by Yin and Yang—two opposing forces, the relationship of which should also be harmonious. In Yin Yoga, you hold each position for around 3 to 5 minutes and your body remains as passive as possible. The more advanced practitioners may hold each position for longer if they feel the impulse to do this, but holding it for a short time is of course also an option. These passive stretches have a positive effect on the deep layers of the body, and more particularly on the fascia. They help to loosen adhesions and shortening in the fascial structures in a gentle way and to make the tissue supple again. Yin Yoga therefore reduces pain, encourages mobility, and—not least—harmonizes the flow of energy in the meridians, as large parts of the meridians run the same course as the fascia chains in the body. Yin Yoga practice gives us the peace that we so urgently need in this noisy world. We can use it to get in touch with our inner selves once again. Our body awareness is trained and intensified through long and deep stretches, but these also provide us with calm so that memories or emotions can emerge again. If we become our own quiet observer and look and listen carefully to what it is showing us, it is quite possible that we will even be 6


able to trace the causes of certain complaints in time. The body communicates with us constantly, but many have forgotten how to listen to it and interpret its signs. For example, if we experienced emotional damage in childhood, this can have an effect into adult life. Symptoms often appear—such as nervousness, anxiety, depressive malaise, or sleep disturbances —which can be treated quickly with medicines, but the actual causes of the complaints remain unrecognized and untreated. It is therefore important to become aware of what is going on inside us, no matter whether it is pleasant or painful. If we identify what is causing us stress, then we can accept it, process it, and ultimately let it go. This progression can be very liberating and is a complete contrast to the repression of unpleasant experiences or memories. A repression mechanism never works in the long term. Whatever is behind it will keep occurring until it is accepted, understood, and released. Yin Yoga practice, with its passive stretches that last for minutes, teaches us in a wonderful way about the process of letting go. If we have learned to let go physically, we can then also let go better emotionally and mentally. If you follow Traditional Chinese Medicine, then everything that exists is assigned to either Yin or Yang. For example, Yin stands for darkness, cold, and passivity, whereas Yang represents light, heat, and activity. However, the division into Yin and Yang is not a fixed principle, but is subject to change and dependent upon various factors. For example, the night is assigned to Yin and the day to Yang. The closer it comes to morning, the more Yang moves towards Yin, and the nearer the end of the day, the closer the Yin moves towards Yang. The Yin-Yang symbol (in Chinese, “Taijitu”) demonstrates via the opposing dot in each sign that anything Yin also possesses some Yang, and Yang also carries some Yin. We also have divisions between Yin and Yang in the body, for the organs and meridians as well as for tissues. With Chi (also Qi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit), Chinese medicine describes the life energy or vital energy of our organism. In this respect we have different types of Chi. One of them is the Chi that has been passed onto us by our parents and is stored in the kidneys. This Chi can become depleted, as it cannot be renewed. Therefore, in TCM, the kidneys are also described as a treasure chest. An extreme lifestyle, incorrect nutrition, too much stress, intoxicants, or negative environmental factors can deplete the Chi in the kidneys. On the other hand, there is also renewable Chi, which we can always replace through breathing exercises, yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, meditation, healthy eating, sufficient sleep, fresh air, or a nourishing lifestyle.



Enjoy this Chakra Meditation with Stephanie…

A meridian—an energy pathway, which has a physical as well as an energetic effect at the same time — can be compared to a river in which there is always movement. Nature benefits most from this river when the water flows evenly, as it waters the countryside and provides a living space for fish. However, if the river loses more and more water due to a sustained dry period, this can be as damaging to nature as a flood of water over the banks due to too much rain. This can also apply to people: the meridians run through our whole body, on the surface as well as deep inside, and they supply the organs, fascia, muscles, and every cell with life energy, the Chi. Too little energy can be just as unfavorable as too much energy. To maintain the health of the body, it is vital to keep these energies in balance and harmony so that illnesses do not arise. Yin Yoga offers many individual creative possibilities, and there are good reasons to practice regularly—even if you only find time to do it once a week. It brings the energy flow into harmony and has a positive effect on body, mind, and soul. v=MFkACymvEdI&t=94s

Article Photos by theformfitness from Pexels

Yin Yoga is a gentle form of exercise in which you should feel well and relaxed at all times. Props can therefore play an important part in the practice, and they can help you to adapt the positions to your body in the best possible way. You should have the following props ready when you practice yoga:

• A soft base: like a thick yoga mat or a blanket • A yoga bolster or a long, thick cushion • A few yoga blocks or books • A chair/sofa cushion or rolled-up blanket • Two small (fairly soft) balls: two tennis balls. Excerpted from Be Healthy with Yin Yoga: The Gentle Way to Free Your Body of Everyday Ailments and Emotional Stress by Stefanie Arend (She Writes Press, August 2019).

STEFANIE AREND Stefanie Arend is a renowned Yin Yoga instructor, holistic health coach, nutritionist, and energy worker. As the first German author to focus exclusively on Yin Yoga, she is the author of six books, including the classic bestseller, Yin Yoga: The Gentle Path to the Inner Center (2011) and Surya Namaskar: The Sun Salutation (2014), both of which were named Best Yoga Book of the Year in Germanspeaking countries. Youtube: 8



RELAXATION I begin as tension, tightness and constriction. I will bring discomfort, dis-ease and discordance. I am the dissonance that begins to irritate and loosen what is false. I am the agitation that rumbles inside becoming anxiety, worry and depression. I initiate you into prayer, forgiveness and intention. Initially I make you work harder, such more and try everything. I will push you to the wall… take you to your edge… and take you to the ground. I initiate your seeking. I get you to question… wonder… wander… I will take you to frustration… and ultimately to surrender. I am the steps toward self-care. I am the thought of long to baths… walks in the woods… exercising in the gym. I am in the moments of silence… and the experiences of stillness. I bring on the deep inhales… and the full sighs. I am the softening… slowly… gently… tenderly. I a the dance between tension and intension. I am the loosening, first from within, and then inside your mind, body and heart. -Simran



I’m listening. What happens next is up to me.

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SYNCHRONICITY… as perfect timing When it comes to innovation, it’s easy to see how synchronizing two or more disciplines or technologies can intersect to make something different manifest in a novel way. According to a timing all its own, some sort of infinite intelligence (which Jung the psychologist called the “collective unconscious”) seems to dynamically generate synchronicities, like a metaphysical lightning storm. If we are on the lookout for them, amazing coincidences will occasionally flash into our consciousness along with symbols that we intuitively know are too relevant to be totally accidental or meaningless. Synchronicities happen constantly, even if the majority seem too mundane to warrant special attention. In the sense that in every moment, a multi-faceted convergence of factors is coming together in time, synchronicity is the very definition of the universe’s perfect timing. According to a synchronistic viewpoint, everything happens in its own good time, even if it may not seem like it from your ego’s point of view. Ultimately, synchronicity means that there are no accidents, not even down to the tiniest detail. Everything happens for a reason and is unfolding perfectly according to a pattern, plan, or laws, even if the plan is inscrutable to human logic, and the laws are still to be understood in human terms. It only makes sense that nature’s intelligence would operate according to a creative pattern that is beyond the human mind’s ability to measure, or even detect. After all, nature encompasses all interconnected reality and the human mind is a microscope. As we shall see, in the next chapter, nature’s infinite intelligence is a fertile resource from which new ideas and events arise like bubbles from a seething cauldron of creative potential. Because they are acausal by definition (that is, outside the bounds of cause and effect) synchronicities are not amenable to measurement and scientific proof—any more than we can 12


get a fix on a subatomic particle or wave. On the other hand, the belief that everything happens for a reason—that there is a divine order beyond sensory appearances—can never be disproved and is psychologically useful. From a practical point of view—and in alignment with this book’s theme of this book —accepting the inscrutability of life’s evolutionary dynamic, while availing ourselves of whatever meaning is currently discernable by our limited minds, will help us to make better and better decisions. Let us humbly accept that it’s not our place to ever fully understand the reasons things unfold the way they do. Maybe we’ll get it in a few months, or a few years, or maybe not in this lifetime. Our primary task in the here-and-now is to take note of a synchronicity, act as if intuitive there is a good reason (even if we don’t know what it is), and try to glean a sense of direction so that we can better answer the immediate and more useful question of what is our best next move. In the Visionary Decision Making approach, we use a belief in synchronicity as an operating assumption, choosing to accept the mystical patterns of destiny and learn how to let ourselves find support and guidance in the meaningful signals that come our way. This useful attitude reminds me of “pronoia,” a word coined to describe a state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Whereas a person suffering from paranoia feels that people or entities are conspiring against them, a person experiencing pronoia feels that the world around them conspires to do them good, harboring a kind of suspicion that the universe is conspiring on their behalf. As Pollyannaish as this idea seems on the surface, it represents an attitude that works entirely better as an operating assumption in terms of getting what we positively desire, rather than fearing the consequences of not getting it. Even in genuinely disappointing experiences, we can benefit from the synchronistic point of view. It can be calming and healing to assume that cosmic timing is at work and that an intelligent force is clearing the way for something better to come. It may be humbling to accept that we are not capable of fully understanding the big picture, but it is true. Nevertheless, we can still take advantage of meaningful signs and omens—some of which appear in the form of the synchronicities and dream symbols—which can be helpful during transitional periods of dramatic change.

PAUL O’BRIEN Paul O’Brien left an executive position in high-tech to invent a new category of multimedia software in 1989, which evolved to eventually become the world’s largest astrology and divination website in 2003.  He is the author of three books. Paul is a sought after speaker, visionary, entrepreneur, author and founder of the Divination Foundation.




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In Prayer… Dear Infinite Spirit,      Meander through the sacred geometry of my being, purifying the lines and curves of form.       Infuse your equanimity into my expression, allowing my thoughts and emotions to equilibrate.        Embody me, that I know true stillness and essence.        Fortify me with truth. I open my heart to being loved fully;        to deeply integrate the presence of worth. I open my mind to being emptied completely;       to feel the spaciousness of infinite consciousness. I open my body to experiencing deep relaxation;       to hold ease and flow within every cell. I open my spirit to the remembrance of Oneness;      to return home once and for all.  I AM. -Simran

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INNER MIND POWER Hypnosis is easy. In fact, trance is a natural state of being. Every time you get lost in the music when your favorite artist sings your favorite song, that’s trance. When large groups of fans move in sync at a concert, they are in a trance state. When you find yourself mesmerized, staring out a window or into your refrigerator, unable to turn away—that’s trance. This is the natural state of your inner eight-year-old. When we are at rest, zoned out or daydreaming, we are lulled in trance. It feels good, right? It feels good for a reason: because trance is our nature. Remember, as a child, suddenly coming into consciousness when the teacher got the class’s attention by snapping her fingers or tapping the blackboard? As children we are natural daydreamers for a reason: we are still tied intimately to our subconscious. And yet not all people lose this thread to their subconscious after childhood. Creative people—scientists, artists, inventors—have spoken about how daydreaming brought on their biggest insights, innovations, and discoveries.

Your inner eight-year-old loves to let their mind wander. Hypnotherapy has become a standard practice among psychiatrists and psychotherapists, especially those who adhere to the belief that much of our behavior, thoughts, and feelings can be explained by processes that are below the level of conscious awareness. In my experience, people can make subtle yet profound changes through the power of suggestion—both direct and indirect—that forms the basis of the interaction between hypnotist and participant. As you will see in the pages ahead, my hypnotherapy clients have lost weight, overcome paralyzing fears, healed rifts in their relationships, decreased chronic pain, and more. Another way to appreciate the benefits of hypnotherapy and the principles of subconscious power is to see how they function similarly to meditation. Just as meditation has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures as a method for accessing a state of enlightenment and transcendence, hypnotherapy also provides a way to harness the power of the universe and bring it into the sphere of the individual.



There is a very key difference between meditation and the process I describe here: meditation wants you to sharpen your awareness and become mindful; I’m asking you to zone out—let your mind wander so that in trance, you can hear, see, and feel what your subconscious has in store for you. And this is where the leap of faith comes in. Trance is immeasurable and mysterious. It is real and yet experienced as almost a haze of awareness. Tapping into your subconscious will enable you to bring your conscious self, your Critical Thinker, into alignment, so that it does not interfere or overwork. The conscious mind or Critical Thinker is that voice in your head that drives your decisions and your actions, and stays often stubbornly attached to unhelpful ways of being. Of course, we need our conscious mind to make effective, productive decisions, but with its tendency to micromanage the little things and rationalize our behavior, it often separates us from who we really are and what will ultimately make us happy. In other words, the subconscious, our true self, knows the real source of our happiness; our conscious mind, the Critical Thinker, often stays attached to superficial or ephemeral sources of happiness. Learning how to reignite your relationship with your subconscious and align it with your conscious mind allows you to inhabit your authentic, complete self. From this place of balance, you then call upon and receive the energy of the SoulSpirit, in a more immediate, impactful way. The Soul-Spirit can mean many different things to each of us. Some people may think of God, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah, or angels. Others might feel a divinity within. Others experience the soul or spirit as energy that connects us to nature or the universe. How you define this dimension is up to you, but growing your relationship with your subconscious asks you to call upon this dimension regularly so that you can infuse your life with the energy of the universe. Ushering in the SoulSpirit requires a leap of faith and answering the call to a higher sensibility, one that may not be concrete or visible. The Six Principles I discovered are based on universal practices and elements of hypnosis that enable you to quickly and regularly tap into and draw on the strength of your subconscious.

Image Credit: / Pixabay 18


Article Photos by Jonas Ferlin from Pexels

Trance is your natural state, your “screensaver mode,” where you relax, meditate, create, imagine, and rise to your full potential. In this state of awareness, you will then come to learn how to use your subconscious to calm and direct your conscious mind, bringing these two dimensions into balance so that you can think more clearly, feel more centered, and be more wholly yourself. The principles are laid out in the order that most people use them when starting this process, as there is an organic progression that occurs. •

Principle One: Come into Accountability— Own who you are right now, with all your baggage, faults, mistakes, and glimpses of imperfections. This composite is the real you. Before you can access your subconscious directly, you want a clean slate.

Principle Two: Tap into Your Subconscious Power— learn to activate your subconscious so that you can grow your intuitive knowledge of yourself and bring your conscious mind into alignment.

Principle Three: Move Toward or Away— Understanding your orientation gives you a heightened sense of self-awareness, an important building block for growing your subconscious power.

Principle Four: Judge Thyself and Thy Neighbor— Hearing the subconscious clearly requires that we use the good judgment of the subconscious, instead of resorting to the overly reactive or biased decisions made by an overtaxed conscious mind.

Principle Five: Give to Get— This “golden principle” of the subconscious is like a secret passage to get what you want, all while you honor the highest part of another person.

Principle Six: Play Big— This principle brings your subconscious into full alignment with your conscious mind and the collective energy of the universe so that you can make real your smallest and biggest of goals. Permissions from Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter (and Atria Books).

KIMBERLY FRIEDMUTTER A former model and actress, Kimberly Friedmutter CHt, is a certified hypnotherapist, a member at large of the prestigious UCLA Health System Board, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Association for Integrative Psychology, the American Board of Neurolinguistics Programing, and the International Hypnosis Federation. She is also a certified Master Hypnotist and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer, as well as a ‘Dame de la Chaîne’ of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.




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Hara Power = Her Power Do you know how powerful your belly is? In Japanese, the belly is known as “hara,” which is the center of life force energy. It is the place where power gathers. Martial artists focus on using the force that is present in the belly to empower their movements. In the chakra system, your belly embodies your sacral chakra. This is the second chakra, which is responsible for your emotions, your passion, and your sensuality. When the energy in this area is liberated, you will know it. It will feel as if a light has been flipped on in the body, illuminating everything in its path. The second chakra is a key area in which we can liberate our feminine power. It’s the place where sensuality, creativity, and expression plot all sorts of juicy exploits. It’s where you go to tear open the pockets of pleasure that have been stuffed away inside you for too long. These are deep waters we’re braving here. This is unchartered territory. The kind that stretches out, far and wide. Vast expanses of grays and blacks. Pathways full of thorns and obstructions. The fears you cannot bring yourself to speak of, lurking behind every corner. Despite all this, your feminine power is as easy to claim as taking your next breath. It’s about soaking your vibration with the deep intention of your heart, so that you can set the force of your power free. All of us have been taught countless ideas and beliefs systems that have strangled our fullest potential. Someone must’ve figured out how effortlessly powerful women were. Centuries back, people must’ve said: “No, this is too much power.”… “We would lose control.”… “Let’s pretend like it doesn’t exist.”… “Ignore the sacredness of her hips.”… “Drown out the noise of her voice.”…“Avoid the deep beauty, pooling there, within her eyes.”…”The holiness of her expression.”… “The divine power of her form.”… “The love that radiates from her every breath.”… “Let us forget what she is, so that she might one day forget, as well.”



And all the people who heard this nodded their agreement. All of them decided that the story of woman’s inherent weakness, must be peddled; that her strength and power must be locked away behind a concrete door. And so woman forgot. But now it’s time to remember. One of the most effective ways of reclaiming your power is by honoring the belly that you have. The majority of women feel a dissatisfaction with the way their belly looks. It’s not at enough or small enough for their liking. Some women hold their bellies in when they walk, hoping to keep the illusion of at perfection in full effect. The problem is, when you’re unhappy with your belly, when you struggle to manage and define its proportions, you are limiting its power. You are withholding your love for a very vital part of your body. The “belly breath” exercise is essential for centering and stabilizing your feminine mind, body, and spirit. The belly breath is the game-changer of all breaths, especially for a woman. Breathing all the way down into the belly not only supplies the body with a soothing jolt of oxygen, but it also lets your belly finally chill the F out and soften for once. The belly’s aim is, always, toward softness. All power is squandered when you tense it, when you tuck it in toward the spine. Your body is feminine. The lines and curves and energies that make up your essence are geared toward ease. In order to flow, you must be soft. You must love your belly and be soft. Doesn’t matter if you have an extra layer or two of fat there. Doesn’t matter if the belly has been altered so much after you’ve given birth, or gotten older. It’s perfect, as it is. he roundness of it. The softness. The stretch marks. The dimples. The moles. The lines and creases. It’s all divine. The influence and wide reach of cultural norms and beauty standards have nothing to do with you. They don’t speak to the soul. They don’t account for the true, innate, and authentic power of a woman. So stop looking outward for that approval. Stop denying your belly its brilliance. Stop looking for ways to suppress your magic. The more you placate and posture, in this life, the more you will suffer. The more time and energy you will throw into the gutter, and lose forever. 22


Article Photos by luizclas from Pexels

POWER TIPS FOR LOVING YOUR BELLY Honor your belly. Accept it. Breathe into it, like the kind of woman who is on a bold mission. Feel your inhale caressing the inside of the belly, and as it does so, marvel at the power of it. As your exhale leaves the belly, use the opportunity to feel yourself releasing all of the distractions, all of the noise and dense energies that would like to hold you back and keep your inner fire a secret. At night, before you go to sleep, place your hands on your belly and give it a gentle rub, tuning in to any and every sensation that makes itself known to you. Say to yourself, a few times: “My belly is beautiful. I love and accept my belly, justas it is.” As you say these words, feel the body softening and surrendering even more deeply. Feel the powerful goddess that you are finally coming up to the surface, after many long nights of submersion.

Permissions from Fierce Woman: Wake Up to Your Badass Self by Rhoda Shapiro (Llewellyn Books).

RHODA SHAPIRO Rhoda Shapiro has worked for a decade as a mindfulness and meditation teacher. She is also a tantric educator, training women to step into their power by way of meditation, movement, dance, expression, and yoga. She has facilitated women’s circles and taught workshops throughout Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rhoda’s Youtube channel, which has amassed thousands of subscribers, features yogic practices to empower viewers. Rhoda is also the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Milpitas Beat, a Silicon Valley-based newspaper.



A TOAIST APPROACH TO SIGHT The Tao Te Ching is a lucid masterpiece on the art of living. The messages are both philosophical and spiritual. Learning to be guided by the inner rather than the outer light is a huge part of coming to grips with what life throws us. Understanding the concept of inner and outer vision is equally relevant in regaining the purity and clarity of natural eyesight.

Vision plays a huge role in balance, because there is much more to vision than simply being able to read or look directly at an object of interest. The function of the eyes in the balancing act is to gather all sorts of information in our external environment to constantly gauge our every move. It’s been estimated that we rely on our vision for 80 percent of our sensory input, mostly without being aware of it. Vision plays a key role in the intricate balancing act of living. That’s why blurred vision or visual disturbances are symptoms of so many diseases and disorders. At least forty-five medical conditions list blurred vision as a symptom.9 Bates was well aware of the correlation, for he stated, “It is an interesting fact that all diseases of the eyes and all diseases of the body are generally associated with eye tension.” The very words disease and disorder literally mean not at ease and not in order. Blurred vision is one of nature’s ways of compensating. Dr. Bates was a distinguished ophthalmologist, medical lecturer, and researcher in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As an eye surgeon, he also operated on many diseased or injured eyes. Through years of experience he eventually concluded that poor eyesight generally resulted from the excesses of an overly industrialized and mechanized society. Bates ventured into territory that was essentially alien to his counterparts. He studied the role of 24


mental and emotional strain on vision and came up with some very surprising findings. This led him to search for natural means to prevent, reverse, and alleviate the problem of blurred vision that had evaded medical science to that point. Although improving eyesight naturally is still largely an underground practice, it is gradually gaining more widespread recognition. The holistic method of NVI—instructing people to see in a more relaxed manner—is, as it turns out, in tune with the Tao. Educating your eyes to see clearly is an art form. How quickly a person responds to NVI is highly variable and unpredictable. Certain techniques have worked for me, and others haven’t. You have to find what works best for you. Article Photos by Jonas Ferlin from Pexels

These relaxation techniques simply combine the inward and outward activities just described. Bates found that, after relaxing the eyes by closing them or palming for a few minutes, many people would have more success in getting some temporary improvement in their sight. One method is to practice having flashes of clearer vision. Simply close your eyes or palm for a few minutes, then open your eyes for a fraction of a second to glance at a letter a distance away that’s normally a bit blurry. Immediately close your eyes and repeat the process. By continually alternating in this manner, you may find that you are able to have clear flashes of the letter. With time and more practice, the clear flashes may become longer and longer. The idea is to ingrain the habit of relaxation so the periods of clear vision are maintained in between blinks.

Other means of alternating activities involve first relaxing the eyes by sitting quietly with the eyes closed or palming for a brief period. Next sway or shift with the eyes open. By alternating this way, many people find it easier to get the illusion of the swing with actual letters and to see one part best in concentric focus.

DOUG MARSH Doug Marsh, a professional engineer and vision educator, has extensively studied natural vision improvement and the mind/ body interface as it relates to eyesight. The natural Taoist approach has greatly reduced his nearsightedness while also relieving the symptoms of a TMJ/inner-ear disorder. Most days he experiences brief, spontaneous “flashes” of near 20/20 eyesight, an encouraging sign that his vision continues to heal. Permissions from Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach by Doug Marsh (Inner Traditions Bear & Co.)



For giving… For Giving...   May each exhale be for giving life to those around me. Me each inhale of my experience be for awakening aliveness.      May each hand given be for offering of pure service. May each hand taken be in connection and communion.      May each step back be in the pause of self-reflection. May each step forward be from the wisdom of experience.      May each emotion expressed be loving and generous. May each feeling that rises be integrated and absorbed.      May I be a steward of forgiveness...              A Voice with vulnerability...                      A Mind of compassion...                                 An Activator of kindness and care... May I first and foremost forgive myself… that I am able to give all others. May I be for giving acceptance…    

  modeling the giving nature that Source designed me to be. -Simran

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It is so important to approach life with a growth mindset, knowing that on the other end of struggle is success and that nothing is out of reach. At this point in time many people are aware of the importance of growth-mindset thinking. But there is another important part to living a life without limits that is not well known, yet is critical to keeping pathway options open. It is a different and more dynamic way to interact with the ideas you will encounter, both in any academic content you are attempting to learn and in other areas of your life. Embrace struggle and failure, to take risks, and to not let people obstruct your pathways. If a barrier or roadblock is put in your way, find a way around it, take a different approach. If you are in a job and you would rather take on something someone else has always done, explore that new avenue. If your job does not allow you to work outside of limits, then maybe you should look for another job. Do not accept a life of limits. Instead of looking back on things that have gone badly, look forward and be positive about opportunities for learning and improvement. See others as collaborators, with whom you can grow and learn. Share uncertainty with them and be open to different ways of thinking. If you are an educator or manager, find out how your students or colleagues think. Value multiple ways of thinking, seeing, and working. The most beautiful part of problem solving is multidimensionality, the multiple ways any problem can be seen or solved. This is the diversity of life that is so important to embrace and value—in mathematics, in art, in history, in management, in sports, in anything. As an educator of many years, I have met students— children and adults—who have been held back by limits. Fortunately, my work also allows me to meet children and young adults who have learned that they can do anything and that nothing will limit them, and I watch the ways that their positive thinking impacts everything around them. When they fall from the metaphorical bunk bed which we all do, they do not cry; instead, they decide, “I am a unicorn!” 28


We change our minds, but also our hearts and spirits, as we became more flexible, fluid, and adaptable. If we face roadblocks, we find ways around them, refusing to accept the negative judgments of others. Some of us will change not only our own lives; as we start to see ourselves as leaders and ambassadors, we can help others live limitless lives as well. Even young children who learn about brain growth and change, mistakes and multidimensionality, often take it upon themselves to share the news with all the people around them. LEARNING KEY #1 — Every time we learn, our brains form, strengthen, or connect neural pathways. We need to replace the idea that learning ability is fixed, with the recognition that we are all on a growth journey. LEARNING KEY #2 —The times when struggling and making mistakes are the best times for brain growth. LEARNING KEY #3 — When we change our beliefs, our bodies and our brains physically change as well. LEARNING KEY #4 — Neural pathways and learning are optimized when considering ideas with a multidimensional approach. LEARNING KEY #5 — Speed of thinking is not a measure of aptitude. Learning is optimized when we approach ideas, and life, with creativity and flexibility. LEARNING KEY #6 — Connecting with people and ideas enhances neural pathways and learning. Try living a single day of your life with a limitless approach and you will notice the difference. Unlock the path- ways of others and know that you will be changing their lives for the better, and they can go on and change the lives of others. There may be nothing more important for our own or for our learners’ lives than knowing that we can always reach for the stars. Sometimes we won’t succeed, and that is okay, but we will always be helped by setting out on the journey— especially if the perspective we take on that journey is truly limitless.

DR. JO BOALER Jo Boaler is a British education author and The Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Boaler is involved in promoting mathematics education reform and equitable mathematics classrooms. Permissions from Limitless Mind by Dr. Jo Boaler (and HarperOne Books).



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HUMAN MANDALAS We are a quilt of mandalas spread across this world like prayer wheels. If you stop and allow your eyes to blur just slightly, you will see a range of patterns morphing in front of you. They create intricate shapes and are made up of many colors. These moving crystalline forms are mesmerizing. They will lure you in and take hold of you. Some will repel you. They each have a certain frequency designed to complete a sacred prayer… the prayer of humanity. Within the intricate circular patterns you can find common symbols, shapes and structures. As humans, we too have these elements. There is more that is similar between us than different. Our hard edges learn to soften with time and the winds of change. When what we are no longer serves, it is easy for us to be blown away like the sands of a mandala on the pavement. however, those sands settle once again to make a new and intricate beautiful pattern that is a prayer on the planet. A mandala is an artistic representation of the Universe in perfection. At the very center is the point of recalibration that leads to liberation and rebirth. We are conduits of clarity and creation… healing and wholeness… calm, focus and concentration. Only when an individual settles into their witnessing nature, will they begin to see their larger design. 30


Life’s wheel moves beautifully with each life on the planet. The designs melodically transform like the crystals within a kaleidoscope. Wheels within wheels, we play out the prayer, purification and play of the Cosmos. Each grain of sand that encompasses your choices, expressions and experiences are part of your unique design. Your mandala is an exquisite and extraordinary work of art that is never to be replicated. For this reason, it is necessary to bask in your beauty… to meditate on your manna… to experience every expression fully.

Just as no other can be you… you can be no other. Do not compare or compete. They are living their destiny as are you. Their colors will be their colors; and yours will be yours. Instead, stay present to your mandala in how it moves and shifts. Notice where you desire to add more color… or another pattern… a new design… or an expansion. Although another’s mandala — circle of life— may touch yours, it need not change your innate design. If it does, it is more your doing than theirs. •

The circular nature of a wheel works as a perfect universe. The eight spokes represent a summary of practices that lead to liberation and rebirth.

•Bell shapes represent an openness and emptying of the mind to allow the entrance of wisdom and clarity. •When facing upward, triangles represent action and energy, and when facing downward, they represent creativity and the pursuit of knowledge. •The symmetry of a lotus depicts balance. As a lotus reaches up from underwater into the light, so too does a human reaching for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. •Suns represent the universe, often carrying meanings related to light, life and energy. •

The sands of time are merely the Divines beautiful creation of a mandala; a mandala that is you. Once complete with your intimate patter and color… a divine sweep occurs to bring you back to the nothingness from which you originated. This is the beauty of your eternity … and infinity.

Simran Singh is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Speaker, Author, Love Catalyst, Artist & Rebel Humanitarian. In addition, Simran is the author of multiple award-winning books and creator of a one-woman show experience titled The Rebel Road. —




What is life saying to you? How about your health? Circumstances? Kids? Home? Car? Signs? Everything is connected. The Universe is speaking to you in paragraphs, to help guide you.


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