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Four corporate investors have come together to develop the 800,000 sqm Danzishi Central Business District with a common vision to create a premium business and retail destination for this dynamic new district in the heart of Chongqing in China.

The Danzishi CBD was 10 DESIGN’s most complex commission by far in 2013. Our biggest challenge was to provide a cohesive solution which presents a continuity of design throughout the entire CBD, whilst it allows for distinct architectural languages to differentiate the individual developments owned by the four respective corporate investors.


The new Danzishi CBD has now received planning approval from the Chongqing Planning Department and detailed design is underway. This 800,000sqm mixed use development, comprising 12 office towers

and over 150,000sqm of inter-connected retail, has started construction on site. The first phase (called) Zhongxun Times will be built by spring 2015, while the entire CBD will be occupied by 2017. 3

10 DESIGN's successful approach for the CBD utilizes a closely integrated weaving ground scape of retail and amenity ribbons that link and enclose public space while connecting the waterfront and individual developments with the mass transport interchange.


Comprising a total of 800,000 sqm of accommodation, the CBD includes 150,000 sqm of dedicated high-end retail and entertainment area. This accounts for the majority of podium level accommodation, whilst the remaining area is given to office space, a hotel and serviced apartments.



Location: Chongqing, China

Client: Chongqing WOKI Real Estate Chongqing Energy Investment Real Estate Sinosteel Investment Group ZhongXun Group

Design Team: Gordon Affleck, Ross Milne, Brian Fok, Jamie Webb, Rita Pang, David Emmer, Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, Jason Easter, Adrian Yau, Ryan Leong, Nick Chan, Frisly Colop Morales, Dan Narita, Gwyneth Choi, Yao Ma, Rachel Xia, Yao Yap, Francisco Fajardo


The Danzishi retail and entertainment district sits centrally within the new Danzishi Central Head Quarters in Chong Qing and is located on the banks of the Yangtze River. This mixed use development is one of three focal projects in the city and aims to create a high-end business and retail district. The project comprises eight hundred thousand square metres of accommodation; the ranges of functions include cultural, sport, hospitality and entertainment.


Services: Master planning, Architecture, Landscape, CGI

The design brief was to create a cohesive solution that was both architecturally innovative and sympathetic to local context and planning constraints. It was important to reflect the rich topography and culture of Chongqing.

Area: Site: 200,000sqm GFA: 800,000sqm

The steep site, which slopes down to the Yangtze River, is reminiscent of the city’s traditional stepped streets and buildings that faced onto the river.

Space types: Grade A Office, Hotel, Retail

Status: Completion 2017-2018

A seventy metre level difference across the site enabled the creation of multiple levels, each activated by street frontage and each being mutually beneficial in activating upper and lower levels. By taking advantage of this topographical feature, the multi-level circulation diagram feeds into riverside foot traffic along the promenade and a light rail station located at the top of the site, from which pedestrians are drawn into the by elevated link bridges.



Materials & Form

The site set many challenges in the conceptual design stage, with a level difference of some 40m across the whole site from west to east, and had to cater for multiple level pedestrian access point from elevated walkways interconnecting with adjacent developments and the Light Rail Station. By creating a series of terraced courtyards surrounding sheltered garden plazas and linked together by elevated walkways, the plots are connected by common features whilst allowing for distinct architectural languages to differentiate their respective identities.

The architectural form was derived from the idea of water drops from the Yangtze River, which creates four commercial clusters of the CBD. Fluid elevated circulation routes, like water, lead through the terraced landscape and envelop sculpted buildings providing a holistic circulation diagram across the site and separates businessmen and visitors from vehicular traffic.

Progress The MLP starts at 2012 March and got approval in August. Architecture concept and schematic design stage starts in October of the same year. Several redesigns and revisions took place in 2013 due to comment and control from the Planning departments regarding site parameters and elevation. Scheme design formally finished at the end of July 2013.

Conclusions The Zhongxun project has finished super structure up to 11/F and will be completed by 2015. Excavation work for all the other three sites have commenced.

Currently local approval processes of individual sites are still proceeding. We are anticipating we will commence the next stage, detail design development, in early 2014.

Media Contact: Catherine Chan, Associate Partner – Marketing E: or T: +852 3975 2007


ZHONGXUN TIMES GFA : 130,000 sqm Retail : 35,000 sqm

Function : Office, food & beverage, retail ClientďźšZhongXun Group



ENERGY ONE WATERFRONT PLACE & HEADQUARTERS BUILDING GFA : 359,820 sqm Retail : 48,000 sqm Function : Office, retail Client: Chongqing Energy Investment Real Estate



NVC LIGHTING TOWERS ONE & TWO CHONGQING NVC LIGHTING BUILDING DEVELOPMENT GFA : 100,600 sqm Retail : 40,000 sqm Function : Office, retail Client:Chongqing WOKI Real Estate Development




GFA : 153, 850 sqm Retail : 21,000 sqm Function : Office, retail

Client: Sinosteel Investment Group



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