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Charlie Detachment Financial Management Support Unit November Newsletter

Content: From the Commander…2 From the Det Sgt…3 Room Clearing…4 Driver’s Badge…5 Unit Potluck…6 ASU Inspection…7

PT Pass…8 SSG Bahria Award…9 Breakfast with Sgm...10 Unit Outings…11 New Cobra…12 What are you Thankful For?...13-15 Upcoming Events…16

November Newsletter From the Commander Cobras, Do you know why Veterans Day occurs on the 11th of November? Instead of just being a conveniently placed Federal Holiday to break up the monotonousness of November, Veterans Day, originally known as Armistice Day, occurs on the 11th of November to mark the end of World War I. Although World War I officially ended on June 28, 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, fighting ceased months earlier when the Allied Nations and Germany enacted an armistice on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month of 1918. President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11, 1919 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day, and the U.S. Congress solidified the day of remembrance by making 11th of November a legal holiday on May 13, 1938. In response to the enormous sacrifices of World War II, Armistice Day, originally meant to only honor the veterans of World War I, legally became known as Veterans Day in 1954 to honor American veterans of all wars. While America honors your selfless service, patriotism, and dedication to duty this Veterans Day, you need to honor America by continuing to put forth your best efforts. Maintain the trust and admiration of the American people by always doing the right thing. I, along with every other proud American, appreciate all the time and work you have put into defending our freedoms. Enjoy the much deserved break and remember those who have served before you as you continue to serve.

2LT Nicholas Bayer “Lead from the Front, Never Quit�

November Newsletter From the Detachment Sergeant Cobras, As we get ready to go into the holiday season, we should remember what we are thankful for. While some of us have our families with us, others may not and will have to rely on the friendships that they have established here. We need to look around and ensure that we are taking care of each other. We need to continue motivate each other because the holiday season can feel lonely for some individuals. By reaching out to others, you let them know that you care about them and that they have battle buddies. Leaders should always be engaging their Soldiers, taking the time to talk with them, and seeing how they are doing. Leaders need to make sure that their Soldier’s morale continues to thrive, and that can only be done if there is honest and constant communication. Continue to engage one another so that we can properly take care of each other. As a team we have a responsibility to strengthen everyone’s motivation and well being. Enjoy the holidays and embrace the season. Spread the holiday cheer, and do something nice for someone regardless of how small the gesture might be. Most importantly, continue to look out and motivate one another.

SFC Melvin Santos "Lead from the Front" "Never Quit"

November Newsletter Prime Time Leader’s Training R O O M Soldiers learning about room clearing in a classroom before putting their knowledge to the test.

PFC Woods is ready to take control of the situation.


SGT Kohama is making sure that the Soldiers are practicing good technique for room clearing

November Newsletter D R I V E R S B A D G E

Congratulations to SSG Mais, SSG Herter, SGT Marquis, SGT Cheruiyot and SPC Joslyn for receiving the Drivers Badge for their countless hours behind the wheel of a government/military vehicle.

Way to go Cobras!

November Newsletter

Unit Potluck

It is super awesome being able to spend some time with family and coworkers over a spectacular lunch potluck.

November Newsletter A S U Cobras are looking sharp for the ASU Inspection.



SFC Santos is making sure that LT Bayer has all the correct measurements on his uniform.



November Newsletter Physical Training A

Great job Cobras. Keep leading from the front and never quitting.


Congratulations to 2LT Bayer, SFC Santos, SGT Marquis, SGT Cheruiyot and SPC Ayoade for receiving a PT pass for scoring 90 in each event on the APFT.

November Newsletter Congratulations to SSG Bahria

Congratulations to SSG Bahria for receiving the Meritorious Service Medal as a PCS award from Fort Bragg. It is very rare to have a SSG(P) achieve this prestigious award as a PCS award. This in itself speaks very highly of SSG Bahria. We are honored to be working with such an extremely high speed NCO. In the picture from left to right: SMG Byrd, SSG(P) Bahria, COL Seelig

Soldiers had an opportunity to have breakfast with SGM Byrd, the 266th FMSC SGM. Soldiers were able to ask SGM any questions they may have.

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

A group of Charlie Cobras enjoying an awesome time playing paintball in Verona.

Family members of Charlie 106th Soldiers enjoying their Halloween.

November Newsletter 2LT Rachel Myeong-Bae Kim Greetings! My name is 2LT Rachel Myeong-Bae Kim. I arrived in Vicenza on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 upon graduation from the Basic Officer Leader Course in 10 October. I commissioned from the United States Military Academy at West Point on 25 May 2013 as a Distinguished Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a track in Systems Engineering. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, triathlon sports, cooking, kayaking, and playing the violin and drums. I am originally from Whitestone, Queens in New York City. I am very excited to be stationed here in Italy and will fully capitalize on the endless travel opportunities available throughout Europe. Although I have only just begun my Army career, I intend to fully utilize the professional and educational developmental opportunities that arise in order to become a versatile and indispensable member of your organization. As I await specific guidance regarding my responsibilities as the DDO, I hope to maximize my contributions towards the betterment of Charlie Detachment and the FM community under all circumstances. Should you have any questions, I can be reached by e-mail at or I look forward to working with you!

2LT Rachel Kim “Lead from the Front, Never Quit�

Welcome to the Cobra Family!

November Newsletter What are you thankful for? SFC Santos

2LT Bayer I'm thankful to be living in Italy with my wife where we can travel, eat great food, see amazing history. I'm also thankful to be working with such an outstanding and diverse group of Soldiers.

PFC Woods I am thankful for the personal qualities I have been blessed with. From the way that I look, to how I feel and how I think, I am thankful for my unique traits.

I am thankful for everything that I have in my life right now: my family, my health, and being able to serve as your Detachment Sergeant. I am thankful for each and every single one of you, because you all are the ones that make our mission happen on a daily basis. "Lead from the Front" "Never Quit"

SPC Tongori I just want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to each and every service member who walks into our office seeking for help. Working in the customer section has been so great and rewarding. It’s an area where you get to listen to real concerns of each service member and the most rewarding thing about it is their expectations. Service members walk into our office with expectations of getting answers, help, direction and a sense of care that we all cherish as one family – brothers and sisters and the army as our home place. It’s about taking care of one another and providing for whatever our needs are. And this is one of the moments that I live to cherish and work for. So, Cobras, lets continue expressing that care and love that brings happiness to all our brothers and sisters.

PFC Ramos I am thankful for my family and friends who are always there when I need them.

SPC Parker

SPC Joslyn

I am thankful for a beautiful and loving wife loving and a home not called the barracks.

I am thankful for my family as well as my life, health and strength. I am thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross so I have a chance at life and to have life more abundantly.

PFC Khatiwada

SPC Feliciano

I am thankful for God, for everything that I am and for blessing me with so much talent. I am thankful for my family, relatives and friends who have always been with me on my happiest and tragic moments of my life. Finally, I am thankful for all those people who teach and give me good advice; support me being in the US Army.

I have always and will always be thankful for being alive. For me, being alive is a miracle; I will always be grateful for life and for the family I have.

SPC Acosta I'm grateful for everything that God has let me experience so far, the good and the not that good, because each experience has made me a better person. I'm thankful for my family, my wife, my son and daughter; they are the greatest gift from God to me.

SGT Cheruiyot I am thankful to God for His guidance in my life. I am also thankful for the opportunities the Army has given me; the chances I have had to travel the world and meet people from different cultures.

SGT Alvarez I am thankful for the blessings of love and support I have received from my Lord, family and friend. The ability to say I have a great friend that I can depend on and the opportunity mentor Soldiers in the greatest Army in the world.

SSG Mais We are surrounded by blessings to be thankful for if we just open our eyes and hearts we will see them. I am thankful to be around family. I am thankful to have good friends that I count on.

SPC Killion First and foremost I thank God for allowing me to live for 23 years and giving me the opportunity to join and serve in the Army. I’ve had the good fortune to travel around the world, some places better than others but just the exposure has been satisfying. I am also thankful for my family and friends, which is what motivates me to continue to better myself and continue to venture out and explore the countries outside of the United States so I can have both pictures and stories to tell once I return.

SGT Kohama Life, love and laughter

SPC Ayoade I am thankful for my family, for wonderful parents and their ever constant support of me. I am thankful for good health and great friends. I am thankful for my sisters who recently graduated BCT at Fort Sill and proud of my little sister for making Honor Graduate in her company. HOOAH!!!

SGT Marquis I am thankful to my father Lord Jesus Christ who is the head of my life. He has been my protector in the time of storm, my healer whenever me, my children or my mother is sick, my provider who supplies for my household and my shelter he covers me with His love. I am thankful that He loves me so much and that He died on the cross for my sins. Never would have made it without Him. I am stronger, wiser and better; thank you Jesus.

SPC Moreira Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the little things are the greatest things in life. I am thankful for having a supportive and understanding family. Family who is willing to stand behind with everything I do in life. I am thankful for having awesome friends. Over the army career, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Lastly, I’m thankful for being in the army; being able to go places I’ve never dreamed of going. The army takes care of me no matter what.

SSG Bahria

SSG Cortez I am thankful for David Alexander Cortez. I love my son with everything in me. He's my everything!

My husband, kids, and being an American. He's my best friend and my #1 fan. From my kids, I get unconditional love and acceptance and they always make me feel like I'm special. I'm the luckiest woman in the world for having a best husband and kids ever. Being an American, taking nothing away from any other country; I'm just being thankful for my own. It may not be perfect--what place is?--but I love it nonetheless.

SFC Grant I am thankful for every day that God has given to me, be it a bad day or a good day; it is a day that he has given me another chance. He has blessed me with a beautiful daughter, a wonderful husband, a loving family, and great friends. I am thankful for the small things and I am thankful for the big things. I cannot pinpoint one thing because I am thankful for it all because someone is not able to wake up, talk, move, hug a loved one, or come to a job. So I am thankful for the messy people because it shows me how to be true. I am thankful for bad relationships because it shows me to recognize a good one. I am thankful for pain because it shows that I am alive. I am thankful for being able to be thankful.

2LT Kim I am grateful for a new day—blessed with my family, friends, health and job—and the exciting adventures that await me until tomorrow's new day.

November Newsletter

Upcoming Events 07-08 November

Running of the Herd

1000-1000 (24 Hrs)

09-11 November

BOSS Rome Trip

Multiple Days

09 November

Bagging for BOSS


11 November

Veteran’s Day

All Day

28 November


All Day

05 December

The Lumineers



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C 106 november newsletter