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Charlie Detachment Financial Management Support Unit March Newsletter

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March Newsletter From the Commander Cobras, It seems like only yesterday I arrived in Vicenza and, just like that, a month in command has passed by. Last month we were faced with many challenges. We had Soldiers deploying to support the MK mission in Romania, one Soldier attending Warrior Leaders Course, and the Detachment increasing disbursing training in order to support future missions. During our FRG meeting I expressed to you all and your family members that our OPTEMPO is going to continually increase. As I said in my Change of Command speech, “C/106th FMSU will soon have finance Soldiers supporting the war fighter in Kuwait, Kosovo, Romania, and Djibouti.” We need to ensure our family members and Soldiers are physically, mentally, and spiritually ready to support these missions and each other. I want to express the importance of our Prime Time Leaders Training (PTLT) and Command Readiness Program (CRP). Ensure you are prepared and ready to conduct and participate in all PTLT and CRP events throughout the month. Remember we are Soldiers first, and we have to ensure we maintain our proficiency, both technical and tactical, and that we continue to always improve. I urge all of you to continue to do great things and stay safe both on and off duty. As I have previously expressed to you all, exceed your limits and expectations. Continue to push each other and hold each other accountable. Continue to improve in all facets of Soldiering so that we can become a better team together! Lastly, I want each of you to know that every day you motivate me to be a better commander. Your dedication and motivation are the reasons why I am extremely proud and honored to call myself a Cobra and to be part of the Diamondback and Knights family. Continue to do great things and stay safe. “LEAD FROM THE FRONT, NEVER QUIT” CPT ANDRES LEON

March Newsletter From the Detachment Sergeant Cobras, We have gone through a transformation and adjustment period in February. As we embrace the change and challenges, I want to thank you all for your support and contributions to the unit. CPT Leon has been on board for a little over a month, and the contributions that he and his wife have made to the unit are instrumental. There is no doubt that we have a great Commander that not only cares for the unit but is also willing to deeply invest himself into the unit. As we head into March, our workload will start to increase as we will move into the Army transition season and each month will have a more demanding mission. I want to challenge each and every single one of you to ensure that you absorb as much knowledge from your current leaders, before they set to depart. Let’s make sure that we have all applicable standard operating procedures in place. Remember that we are training tomorrow’s leaders to replace us, our investment of time and effort will reflect upon them, once they are the leaders running our sections and leading our Soldiers. Continue to do the right thing. Often times we may find ourselves in situations where we must make the right ethical and sound decision. Remember that we are Soldiers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We cannot let one incident or bad decision ruin our career, and all the great things that we have accomplished. Continue to lean forward staying engaged, and developing each other. Continue to challenge each other, and motivate one another. Let’s look out for our battle buddies and make sure that we give each other the support that we need as this is the family that we have with us on our current journey. Lead from the Front, Never Quit SFC Santos, Melvin

March Newsletter

Prime Time Leaders Training

Charlie Cobras train on the proper way to PMCS a military vehicle at the motorpool. Afterwards they took the vehicles for a test drive.

March Newsletter PFC Woods gives an introductory class on disbursing and the different duties of being a cashier.

SFC Bahria gives Charlie Cobras a detailed class on the usage of the Defense Travel System (DTS)

March Newsletter P H Y S I C A L T R A I N I N G


Charlie cobras take on the road with a march for PT

March Newsletter

March Newsletter

March Newsletter “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Charlie Cobras had the honor to host the 21ST TSC Chaplain, COL Gauthier, for good words of wisdom.

March Newsletter ***The Great things Charlie Cobras are doing***

SPC Feliciano went to the Warrior Leaders Course in February and will return this month as a WLC graduate.

CPT Leon helps out the Army National Guard unit here Vicenza by giving the oath of enlistment to reenlisting Soldiers.

SFC Bahria and SPC Tongori received a Certificate of Achievement for their successful mission in Africa. The award was presented by COL Gauthier, the 21st TCS Chaplain.

March Newsletter

Upcoming Events 15-18 March

BOSS Trip to Dublin

Multiple Days

17 March

St. Patrick’s Day

All Day

18 March

BOSS Bowling Night


05 April



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