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Charlie Detachment Financial Management Support Unit October Newsletter

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October Newsletter From the Commander Cobras, Besides winning our nation’s wars, what do you think is the Army’s biggest area of emphasis? Perhaps it is SHARP? Maybe it is suicide prevention? How about it being substance abuse? In truth, these areas of focus are all part of a single theme: Readiness. We cannot effectively accomplish the mission if we are not ready. The Army’s concept of readiness extends beyond just tactical training; it also encompasses five dimensions: Social, Emotional, Family, Spiritual, and Physical. Being fully ready depends on Soldiers striving to be strong and healthy in each dimension. For the Social dimension, develop and maintain trusted, valued relationships and friendships that are personally fulfilling. In regards to the Emotional dimension, approach life’s challenges is a positive, optimistic way by demonstrating self-control, stamina and good character with your choices and actions. The Family dimension is strong when the family unit is safe, supportive and loving, and provides the resources needed for all members to live in a healthy and secure environment. The Spiritual dimension is defined by your purpose, core values, beliefs, identity, and life vision. These elements, which define the essence of a person, enable one to build inner strength, make meaning of experiences, behave ethically, persevere through challenges, and be resilient when faced with adversity. Finally, the Physical dimension can be strengthened by performing and excelling in physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, healthy body composition and flexibility through exercise, nutrition and training. These five dimensions are the bedrock of the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2), which is an initiative designed to assist Soldiers and their Families build resilience, better able to cope with adversity, and perform better under stressful situations. The Global Assessment Tool (GAT), a tool that we have all used, is a creation of the CSF2 initiative and is a way to assess your Social, Emotional, Family, and Spiritual Health. If your GAT results, or your own self-assessments, show that one of your dimensions needs strengthening, there are resources that the Army provides to help achieve a desired level. Such resources include the Military & Family Life Counseling Program, the Army Wellness Center, and the Chaplain’s Office. Also, do not hesitate to seek help from your chain of command, if you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, we are all one team and that team cannot effectively and efficiently operate if any one of its members is not ready. So take advantage of the opportunities for selfimprovement, and let’s become a stronger team! “Lead From the Front, Never Quit” 2LT Nicholas Bayer

October Newsletter From the Detachment Sergeant Cobras, Another month has passed and we have once again done a great job meeting various timelines. I want to encourage each and every one of you to continue to seek self improvement. Self improvement may be in the form of online additional correspondence courses or pursing college education. Self improvement may even include reading books that promote leadership abilities or financial stability. We also need to look at improving ourselves by honestly listening to constructive criticism from our peers. We need to periodically ask our peers to do an assessment on our leadership abilities and work performance so that we can adjust any deficiencies and make improvements. The Army has a link on your AKO homepage called "My Leader Development" under your professional data on the right hand side. If you click on it the next page will have a link on the bottom that says "Self-Initiated Assessments" Click here; once you open that page up it will take you to what is called MSAF360 which stands for Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback. Once you log in you can go in on the middle tab of Assess and click on "Start a 360 Event" here you can e-mail your peers your mentors or even your old bosses and ask them to complete an assessment of you where, the selected personnel will provide confidential, honest feedback that you should to better yourself. Continue to strive for success and to continue to lead and improve the organization by taking care of your Soldiers as well as setting the example for them. Remember the “Be, Know, Do." Train your Soldiers properly so that they may be the best future leaders as possible. The amount of time and effort we put into our Soldiers will eventually show when it is their turn to lead and train Soldiers.

"Lead from the Front, Never Quit" SFC Melvin Santos

October Newsletter ASU Inspection/Pay Day Activities T H E C O M M A N D

Let me fix your beret, it’s a little slanted!




New Office at Del Din

October Newsletter

After all the hard work and dedication we finally have our Del Din office up and running for business. Thanks SSG Bahria for all the work you put into getting this office to open. SSG Bahria, Chief of Military Pay, coordinated and located a facility to accommodate Finance at Del Din. The Del Din office will better support the Soldiers of the 173rd by greatly reducing their commute time to Caserma Ederle.

Prime Time Leaders Training

SGT Cheruiyot giving a class on EO. SGT Marquis giving a class on consideration of others.

October Newsletter

October Newsletter CFC is once again upon us and Charlie Detachment was able to raise $2,200 in 2 Days WAY TO GO COBRAS!


14 Soldiers received the CFC coin for their generous donations. LEADING FROM THE FRONT

October Newsletter What Army Value best encompasses You? SPC Killion, James Respect The Army Value that I live my life by would definitely be Respect. Not only is it the golden rule that you learn as a child, it is also a rule that carries over into the work place as well. Any good relationship no matter if it is a short term friendship to a long term commitment you have to respect that person and all that they believe in.

SPC Ayoade, Gloria Personal Courage Personal Courage is an important value to us as individuals and more so as soldiers. This value does not mean the absence of fear but rather a determination to forge through a challenge, reach for a set goal and remain unbound by what can sometimes be a crippling force. Like any other thing, it is something that we need to develop and stay committed to building and applying in our personal lives. The need for courage arises in many different ways in our daily lives and as soldiers we need to constantly spur ourselves to apply this value. Some of the most courageous acts are not necessarily the ones visible to others and we may not always get an outward recognition. A simple act such as standing up for what we believe in even when it is not the popular thing is a way to develop this value. Often times it takes personal courage to confront a weakness and work to correct it rather than making excuses for it. As we put these minute details to work on a daily basis, we can build ourselves into better individuals and ultimately well rounded soldiers. HOOOAAAH!!!

SPC Feliciano, Kevin Loyalty Loyalty for me is the more important value of all Army Values. Loyalty is a quality that should to be taught from childhood. We should learn it from our parents, families, and closest friends. While we grow up, we confront situations where some individuals in our family or group of friends are not loyal to us for any given reason that makes it a little harder to trust people. It could possibly act as an excuse not to be loyal to someone else, which definitely is not the right thing to do. I came from a place where loyalty is the most important thing in life; it’s something you can rely on and feel safe with. In other words, it keeps you calm knowing that there are people you trust and are never going to give their back to you under no circumstances. We can learn loyalty from dogs. As silly as it may sound, dogs had this sense of loyalty that you can even feel during their lifetime. A person without loyalty is a person without trust. How can you trust a person who is not loyal? To be in the Army, a person needs to be loyal 100% of the time. A loyal person would never sell you to the enemy, tell a secret, steal from you, harm your love ones, or lie to you. No matter how much time you haven’t seen that person, he/she will always maintain that trust and reliability; that you can trust this person all the way and not regret it. I consider myself loyal because I treat you the way I would like to be treated. You must be loyal if you expect people to be loyal to you. Even though a person is not loyal to you, you should keep being loyal no matter what.

PFC Khatiwada, Krishna DUTY I think duty is the strongest and most effective army value because if the Soldier does his/her duty properly everything will be covered. For example, being at the right time, right place, right uniform, and right attitude are all part of duty. Duty is doing the task that is given you to complete.

October Newsletter th

New Cobras of C Det 106 FMSU SPC Gloria Ayoade Hometown: Arlington, TX BCT: Ft. Jackson, SC April 2013 AIT: Ft. Jackson, SC July 2013 Previous Duty Station: AIT, Ft. Jackson, SC

SPC Krishna Khatiwada Hometown: Arlington, TX BCT: Ft. Jackson, SC April 2013 AIT: Ft. Jackson, SC July 2013 Previous Duty Station: AIT, Ft. Jackson, SC

October Newsletter


BOSS London Trip

Multiples Days

31 October


All Day

31 October

Zombie Run


31 October

Halloween Bash


07-08 November

Running of the Herd

1000-1000 (24 Hrs)

09-11 November

BOSS Rome Trip

Multiple Days


Charlie Detachment, 106 Financial Management Support Unit Vicenza, Italy Proudly Services Italy – Spain – Turkey - Africa

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