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1LT SI PARK REAR DETACHMENT COMMANDER Inside this issue: Outlaw Overview


FMTP Training


Farewell SFC Ward


Law of War Training


IED Training


HEAT Rollover


Illesheim Mission


WLC Graduation




FEB.15 -MAR.15

Outlaws Overview The past month has been filled with lots of training for the Outlaws. On top of the weekly training conducted on Thursdays, the Outlaws have attended several classes to further there military education and mold them into better Soldiers. The classes were comprised of

Haz 11, Retention, EST 2000 certification, HEAT (HUMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer) certification, and WLC ( Warrior Leader Course). The Outlaws lost one of our NCO’s to a PCS move but gained a new SSG that is currently inprocessing. The Outlaws have

spent a lot of time focused on completing TCS travel vouchers to prepare for the next wave of Soldiers from 2nd Calvary Division to return from Afghanistan. There have also been several missions take place all over the Bavaria region. Constant traveling and getting from place to place, the Outlaws have been enjoying the slightly warmer weather and look forward to spring.




On Feb. 20th the Outlaws preformed training with the FMTP otherwise know as the Financial Management Tactical Platform. This system is used by Finance Soldiers in a deployed or field environment. This system enables Soldiers to give the same support they would in a Garrison environment by accessing all of the finance programs, software, and systems that the Outlaws use on a daily basis. However, FMTP can be easily transported to the field instead of a large office workspace. Since the Outlaws were unable to connect to an external signal source, this training consisted of learning what the FMTP looks like, how to set it up, and when/where to use it.


FEB.15 -MAR.15

Farewell SFC Ward Airborne! SFC Ward, Daniel PCS’d back to his favorite place, FT. Campbell this March. As the Outlaws’ former Detachment Sergeant, SFC Ward has done a lot for the detachment over the past three years. He has been a wonderful mentor and leader to every Soldier. He modeled the standard of conduct and appearance. Although he knows finance forwards and backwards, but he made sure that the Outlaws learn the answers the same way by encouraging the Soldiers to research themselves. There is no doubt that SFC Ward will lead any Soldier in the right direction, but he will not spoon feed you at the same time. He leads by example, he has gotten to where he is today by hard work and dedication. All the Outlaws wish him the best of luck for the remainder of your career and may the force be with you.


Law of Land Warfare

The Outlaws in the rear will not be available to support contingency operations as a whole. However, there is always a possibility that someone gets called at a moments notice to go into a hostile environment. It is important that we are aware of the laws and regulations and must follow when coming in contact with the enemy or becoming captured. The Outlaws are held to the highest standard and when the time comes we must know how to act to protect ourselves and our country. The Law of Land Warfare details what we can and cannot do. This training reinforced the right thing into our minds so that in an actual event we will be more likely to make the right decision.



FEB.15 -MAR.15

IED Training IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are still one of the most dangerous threats that Soldiers face downrange. The Outlaws are doing their best to learn as much about them as they can in order to prevent injury or death in the event they come across one in the future. The Outlaws started the awareness class looking at examples of IEDs, learning what they are made of and how they are put together. Then, the Outlaws were introduced to the THOR III which is a backpack with transceivers that jam radiocontrolled IEDs. After reviewing everything the Outlaws went outside to spot IEDs hidden outside. When one of the Soldiers found one, they practiced the proper safety and reporting procedures.



HEAT Rollover Some of the Outlaws know from experience how important it is to know the proper procedures when you are involved in a rollover situation. The Outlaws visited the HEAT(HUMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer) to conduct rollover drills. The Soldiers familiarized themselves with the safety and locking mechanisms on the HUMMWV and what to do in the event of a rollover. Then the Outlaws geared up for the practical exercise where they were actually turned to a 90 and 180 degree angle and required to safely get everyone out of the vehicle. In the final stage the Outlaws were tested on how well they could accomplish this with no help at a 180 degree flip. The Outlaws did an excellent job finishing with a time of 1min 13 sec having all personnel and equipment accounted for.


FEB.15 -MAR.15

Illesheim Mission The Outlaws serviced the Soldiers of 3-159 Aviation Regiment in Illesheim on a three day mission. On March 10th and 11th there was a PDP (Pre-deployment Processing) where the Outlaws checked Soldiers entitlements and issued Eagle Cash Cards. On the last day, March 12th, there was a Deployment Showcase for service members and family. The Outlaws gave a brief and answered questions. Being deployed is stressful enough, and if your finances are wrong, it would definitely add to this stress. The Outlaws’ job is to ensure that these Soldiers have a smooth transition by fixing any issues that currently exist and letting them know how their pay will be changing during the deployment.


FEB.15 -MAR.15

WLC Graduation SPC Stephens, Joshua graduated from WLC (Warrior Leader Course) on March 13th. He brought pride to the Outlaws by making the Commandant’s list. 16th Sustainment Brigade CSM Taylor, Eric was at the graduation ceremony to congratulate the Soldiers for their accomplishment. SPC Stephens is a dedicated and hard working Soldier who will excel as Enlisted or Officer. According to SPC Stephens, Knights University was a very helpful tool for him to have before going into WLC. “After completing Knights University, I feel like I have an advantage over those who have not attended the course. The best part of the course, in my opinion, was the land navigation and being able to practice marching a squad and leading a formation. Being in front of a formation on a daily basis, practicing exactly what I will be tested on, has given me more confidence and the ability to relax and do the best I can in WLC. Another positive taken from Knights University is that they use the same power point presentations that WLC uses. So you basically get to preview the information and take notes before you attend WLC. I’m extremely happy that I attended that class beforehand. It has made my time in WLC much less stressful. My skills and knowledge are more developed and my abilities to max the various exams have been increased because of the Knights University class,” said Stephens.

A 106 March newsletter  
A 106 March newsletter