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1LT SI PARK REAR DETACHMENT COMMANDER Inside this issue: Outlaw Overview


New Disbursing Agent


Arms Room Inspection


Annual Certificates


Squad Movement Training




PT: Insanity







Outlaws Overview 2014 is here. The Outlaws are ready to tackle a new year with motivation and determination. A lot of things are expected to happen this year. Some of our Soldiers will be PCS’ing and faced with reenlistment questions, while others are staying here focused on going to the

board and getting that next promotion. One of the most exciting events will be the return of the rest of the Outlaws who are currently serving downrange. As for the present, the Outlaws work hard with missions, processing, and training. Now that organization has been

put in place for our Customer Service office in Bldg. 244, it is time to focus on our Detachment Bldg. 536. Computers are being prepared and arrangements are being made so that one squad will work there focusing on missions and travel vouchers, while the other squad takes care of the CST and cash cage. No matter what building a soldier is located in, every Outlaw will all be working together to get the job done.



New Disbursing Agent SGT James, Diandra has taken on a new duty as the Disbursing Agent for the Grafenwoehr cash cage. As a DA, a few of her responsibilities are funding the cashier, approving all transactions, and submitting all documents at end of day. With a background as a cashier during deployments, SGT James was excited to get back into disbursing. Pictures of her “little man� started to appear as she settled into her new desk. Every day is a new experience, whether it is making sure we have enough Euros for our customers or simply finding a way to log-on to Deployable Disbursing System (DDS), she finds a way to get it done.



Arms Room Inspection

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When our fellow Outlaws left for deployment, Rear-D was left without an armorer. PFC Gregory, Jason stepped up to fill the roll. As an armorer, he is responsible for storing weapons and other sensitive items such as night vision goggles. When it comes time for the Outlaws to go to the range, PFC Gregory makes sure each Soldier is given their assigned weapon along with any other equipment they might need. On Jan. 13th there was an inspection of the arms room. The inspector verified that systems were in place to effectively maintain the equipment and records in the arms room. He also ensured procedures were in place to store ammunition. Finally, he made sure paperwork, storage areas, and SOP’s were properly displayed and up to date.



Annual Certificates

As Soldiers we are taught to always be mission ready. Completing the online Annual Certificates may not be the most exciting training, but it helps accomplish this goal. Every Soldier needs to be prepared for any situation especially in a different country where things might operate differently. The courses include SHARP, TARP, Drug use, Computer Safety, Suicide Prevention and many others. Knowing procedures in these categories may help save the life of the Soldier or battle buddy.

With many new soldiers, and the turn of the new year the Outlaws made sure everyone is up to date on all of their Annual Certificates. When all of customers were taken care of or there was some extra time at the end of the day, the Outlaws were busy making sure all of the courses on the checklist were completed and certificates were printed for record keeping.



Squad Movement Training On Jan. 9th, the Outlaws conducted Squad Movement Training with the Dismounted Solider Training System (DSTS). All the Soldiers listened to a brief and suited up for battle. For some it was their first time at this training location, so there was an introduction on how to use the system. Once everyone started to get the hang of the movements and controls it was time for action. Following directions from their squad leaders the Outlaws worked together to enter the compound and take down the enemy. The soldiers learned that communication is a must. This virtual training was a great way for the Outlaws to grow as Soldiers as well as a unified team. We are there for each other every day in the office, but there is always a chance that one day we could be covering each other’s backs in a real battle situation.



Reenlistment Congratulations to SGT Ferdinand Moulton on his re-enlistment for an additional 3 year of service on 8 JAN, 2014! SGT Moulton first joined the Army on 28 OCT, 2008 with the intent of serving 4 years and getting out to pursue other things. He has enjoyed his time in the Army, and wants to continue serving as a Solider for his country. The military has given him many opportunities and life experience. He has gained survival skills and has become a stronger person. The Outlaws are fortunate to have him and wish him the best for the remainder of his time in the military. SGT Moulton is an inspiration to all of his Soldiers showing that if you work hard you can gain success and the desire to turn a job into a career.



PT : Insanity Staying physically fit is a very important thing as Soldiers. PT is a part of our daily routine to keep our bodies in shape and healthy. During the cold winter months in Germany, it is hard for some to find motivation to exercise out in the elements. Due to our small numbers in Rear-D, the Outlaws are able to conduct PT in the form of Insanity on occasion. Insanity is a series instructional workout videos that really works up a sweat. Most of the videos include a warm-up, intense fast-pace workout, and a cool down with stretching. The videos that the Outlaws use are easy to understand and require no equipment. Some work out the whole body, while others focus on a particular area such as cardio or abs. Ultimately Insanity makes a great PT session.



Working The afternoon before cut-off the Outlaws received a list with the names of Soldiers who had returned from deployment and needed to verify the location and status of their paperwork. The office was about to close, but all the Soldiers stayed to make sure this was taken care of. They divided up the tasks: some finding the actual documents and others looking to see if anything had been processed for those Soldiers. With teamwork the Outlaws were able to find out that most of the documents had already been taken care of, and prepared the rest of them to be coded that next day. There were also some that had not been processed for per diem and they were moved to the urgent list to ensure that the Soldiers got paid as quickly as possible. The Outlaws are not always guaranteed a set time to get off work for personal time; however, we as Soldiers dedicate countless hours of our time to accomplish the mission.

A 106 january newsletter  
A 106 january newsletter