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It is with a great deal of delight that I with this book present my most recent work. The book deals primarily with the painting-related work in situ, also referred to as the expanded painting, created during the period 2003-2013. What I am aiming at through the presentation of images, texts and sketches is to render visible and promulgate certain processes in the artistic treatment. This is done through a selected assortment of painting-installations of a more experimental nature, typically made for exhibition-related contexts in a more provisional perspective, and similarly through a selection of permanent in situ assignments created inside rooms and buildings, indoors as well as outdoors, also created during this period. Seen in the clear light of hindsight, certain very early works can now be drawn into the context of space-interventions as the tender buds of the subsequent work with the field of the expanded painting, which I still have a burning desire to explore and unfold. In this book, six different writers have written succinct essays: an author, two visual artists, an art theorist and two art historians. Each author has chosen a form and has proceeded to write on the basis of his or her chosen angle about a work, about a process or about a context: accordingly, taking a historical, a political, a poetic, a philosophical and an art theoretical approach. These text condensations have played a part in determining the form of this book as well as its particular selection of pictures. Malene Landgreen, Copenhagen, March 2013 translated by Dan A. Marmorstein

Ml forord (malene landgreen)  
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