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THE STORY SO FAR... 17/1/11

1500 scouts assembling for the biggest 10:10 aerial shot on 10:10:10


EVERYONE’S AT IT 10:10 is a simple idea: everyone cuts their carbon by 10% in one year. You, your neighbour, your business, your school... everyone. It might sound difficult, but it’s really not. Thousands of businesses, schools, hospitals, football clubs, individuals have already shown it is possible and it can make us healthier, happier...and often save us money at the same time.


Everyone’s at it...are you?

105,248 people

4,100 businesses


EVERYWHERE’S AT IT What started out as an idea amongst friends in the UK in September 2009, is now a truly global campaign with hubs in more than 40 countries. From China to Croatia and from Mexico to Moldova, 10:10 is spreading around the globe. We are proud to be possibly the first ever ‘no-flights’ global campaign.





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As at 21/01/2011


CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS Cities & municipalities - Capital cities Zagreb, Paris, Amsterdam and Mexico City alongside villages and municipalities across the globe such as Lund municipality in Sweden and Curridabat in Costa Rica committed to cut their emissions by 10% in one year.

On 10th October 2010, the Dutch team challenged 15 celebrities in a carbon-quiz on a 1.5 hour live TV show watched by 950,000 people. The Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs kicked off a challenge to plant 101,010 trees across Eastern Europe - Lithuanian soldiers, Croatian school kids and many more followed his example.


Yann Arthus-Bertrand of 10:10 France and Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë celebrate Paris’ 10:10 commitment

10,000 Parisians celebrated their carbon cutting commitments with a low-carbon concert in front of Paris’ Town Hall. The people of Barcelona got together to power the Bicycle Music Festival’s music system.

Tottenham Hotspur show off their 10:10 commitment at White Hart Lane


Football clubs - 10:10 is for everyone! Major football clubs around the world show that they can reduce their carbon footprints. Tottenham Hotspur has turned down the temperature when washing their kit and set up 160 new recycling points for their fans, whilst Sporting Lisbon is focusing on improving public transport options for fans and has installed solar water heaters. Further sporty sign ups include Benfica, FC Saint Etienne, Dinamo Zagreb, Red Star Belgrade and FC Groningen.

The 10:10 tag - once a Boeing 747 defying volcanic ashes over West Java, now a symbol for carbon cutting around the world. In October, it featured in Britain’s Cosmopolitan and Esquire manazines and was reinvented by 10:10ers in Malyasia who collected discarded plastic bags to produce their very own 10:10 tags.


10:10 Businesses and Organisations - from coffee shops and schools to multinationals like Microsoft and L’Oreal, 10:10 is a great tool for businesses and organisations to cut emissions, engaging their employees and communities in the process. Aviva France, Philips and Accenture in the Netherlands and Europe’s largest car sharing service Mitfahrgelegenheit.de are just a few examples of the over 6000 businesses and organisations signed up to 10:10. 10:10 celebrates everyone’s efforts but we have had some favourites along the way; the British Embassy in Argentina were declared “World cut Winners” when they reported a 33% saving and thriving theatre venue Hall for Cornwall have led the UK arts sector with a 17% saving.

1010global.org 10:10 - A GLOBAL DAY OF DOING

From top to bottom: Low-carbon bento box. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s low-carbon lunch recipe in the Observer magazine. Low-carbon lunch-time at 10:10


On Sunday 10th October 2010, people around the world contributed to the largest day of positive action on climate change ever. Globally, more than 7,000 events took place. Massive, iconic events, like a 10:10 music festival in Paris and a 10:10-themed TV show in the Netherlands watched by 950,000 people complimented hundreds of community events in locations as varied as South Korea, Ghana, Thailand and Japan. In Russia, Eastern Europe and North Africa, 50,000 trees were planted while bike rallies, silent discos and nature restoration projects took place across the globe to raise awareness of climate change. Over the 10:10:10 weekend, three capital cities – Paris, Mexico City and Amsterdam – promised to cut their carbon and signed up to 10:10. Meanwhile people across the UK and beyond

We all have lunch and we can all cut the carbon footprint of our food of choice with just a few simple tricks. In the UK, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall equipped the nation with a low-carbon Sunday lunch recipe and encouraged thousands to go out in search of sustainable and seasonal food. In Japan, low-carbon bento boxes full of pumpkin, pomegranates and onion pickles from local farmer’s markets were on the menu on 10:10:10. Meanwhile in Canada, 10:10:10 coincided with Thanksgiving, encouraging Canadians around the country to opt for in-season veg and have a lowcarbon Thanksgiving celebration.

got stuck into small, practical actions to reduce emissions. More than 30,000 people visited the 10:10 website on Sunday, 10th October, and over 2,500 people joined the 100,000-strong movement of individuals, businesses and organisations pledging to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in a year. As the day unfolded, visitors to the 10:10:10 webpages were updated with live blogs, photos and video bulletins (above).


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Stick to speed limits

You car’s fuel efficiency plummets when you travel at speeds higher than 60mph. According to the Department Of Transport, driving at 70mph uses up to 15% more fuel than at 50mph. Travel at 80mph and you could be using up to 25% more than at 70mph4 .


Keep up the pressure



Air conditioning increases fuel consumption at low speeds, but at higher speeds the are less noticeab effects le (all electrical load increases fuel consump tion, so unless you need them turn off your heated windscreen, demisterrear blowers and headlight s too.)8



Look after your car

Inefficient, underserviced engines can reduce fuel economy by 10% or more, so have your car serviced regularly. Dirty air filters can also seriously reduce your fuel economy so change them regularly.

Shed some baggage





Be a ic romant


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Pick the


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It’s better if computer your is in a quiet location with background little Move your noise. laptop to somewhere (here at 10:10quiet we have a shed for Skyping!) Oh, and don’t sit with a window behind you, or you’ll a silhouette! be

Downloa d and insta ll

Download a conferencin video programme g There are online. plenty of free ones and we like Skype. It’ll come with instruc tions on how to install your comp it on uter.



A webcam – check into your there’s not computer before buyinone built g one! A computer broadban with a decent d internet connectio n Someone else another servi already on Skyp e or ce who you can chat with!


Make it look good

If you’re Skyping at work, while down-loadi all the ng and installing is someone happening can be thinking about a backdrop – printing out your comp logo, or even any some flower just putting would be s in shot cool.

Plug it in

Plug in your if it is separa webcam te.


Echo.. echo..

Check that everything is workin g by out an “echo carrying test”. It’s a call to the Skype test line – contact name is echo 123.











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Lift share

y and catc cams, Every day, there to hold mee are h up with jumping tings 10million empty friends rela in the car. seats in cars on our roads9 Sure tives with . Sharing face con your car journey out tact is a mus , there are time to work rem s whe t, but by could save you otely you hundreds holding con n face-tocan dram of pounds a year, business as vers atically cut well as easing emission traffic your pers ations s. congestion, and Here ona ’s how to saving wear and tear get started… l or on your Find your commuter car. companions at Choose liftshare your www.skyp e.com


Plan your journey

Getting lost, or stuck in traffic jams, is the easiest way to waste petrol, so make sure you have a map or a satnav, and avoid rush hour traffic and roadwork s.


The heavier your car and more air resistant your car, the more petrol it uses. So take anything you don’t need out of the boot (except for the spare tyre!) and lose the roof rack if you can.



The RAC says you can improve fuel consump tion by up to 2% if you check pressure s regularly, and keep them at the correct pressure. It's safer, too7.

Switch off the air con

Join a car club

If you only drive a bit, you could join a car club like Streetcar, the UK’s biggest car sharing network. Each car club vehicle on the road represents a reduction of 26 privately owned vehicles5. And 25% of car club members have ditched their own motor since joining6 .





Get the gear right

A car travelling at 37mph in third gear uses a quarter more fuel than in fifth gear. Shift to a higher gear at 2,500rpm for petrol cars and 2,000rpm for diesel cars3.


vege Steaming energy and uses less boiling and water than vitamins. more ideal retains ves are Microwa more and far for this than a efficient oven. standard ent research Governm using a that r than shows ve rathe microwa oven gives tric gy an elec 1 age ener an aver about 50% . of saving

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dairy Meat and n puts more productio se gas into the greenhou re than atmosphe Why not transport! nt with some experime me veggie urso flavo There’s nty at dishes? n a-ple . inspiratio tfreemondays mea t do wan When you go for fix, a meat e pork or, even free-rang ken, which chic better, ion of the has a fract rint. footp carbon


Drive smoothly

If you see a traffic light, roundabo ut or bend up ahead, don’t hit the accelerat or and then brake just before you reach it. Speed up and slow down gradually and you can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 30%2 .


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Get in touc with the s season



Go loca

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10 rk 10:10: y to ma great wa better for our ch is a t is also day lun do it… how to rbon die rbon Sun a low-ca ing for a low-ca e, too! Here’s anc holding opt bank bal ture but news is that our ges all for d sm ter goo Green m like a often bet ons. The It may see your emissi economy and steaming al uce Rot on! and red ter for the loc bet Easy on health, tables


10th October wasn’t just about one day – it was about raising awareness of 10:10’s work around the world and creating a legacy of behavioural change. For this reason, 10:10 made available a selection of resources in the run-up to 10:10 in its own 10:10:10 microsite. Tip sheets explained in ten easy steps how people could reduce the energy used in their home, drive more efficiently, and start their own vegetable patches, to name just three. A ‘poster maker’ allowed people and organisations to create their own 10:10:10 posters, and a wide array of stickers and other graphic resources were made available. A short film of inspirational examples (above) of what to do on 10:10:10 was watched by more than 8,000 people.


Green driving – or ‘hyper miling ’ The following steps could increa – is about travelling as far as you can on one that’s £6 off the se your mpg and tank average tank chop around of petrol. Better 10% off your petrol of petrol. still, why not ditch bills1 – the car and join a car club?


10:10:10 AND BEYOND!



When we called it the ‘Global Day of Doing’, we really weren’t joking. Did you, your business, organisation or school miss 10:10:10? Watch out for 10th October 2011 - 10:10:11 is coming up and we’ll be there to support you!




10:10 was created in the UK where it was launched in September 2009 by Franny Armstrong on the back of her climate change blockbuster The Age of Stupid. This was a brand new way of campaigning that would use a positive, simple and fresh message to inspire people and organisations from across society to take immediate steps to cut their carbon. Within weeks, the 10:10 idea had rippled out across the nation, picking up support wherever it went. Local authorities, individuals, celebrities, faith leaders, economists, universities – virtually everyone who heard the plan wanted to be part of it. The Guardian newspaper has been a key supporter since the campaign’s inception, with three front-page 10:10 features in the paper’s G2 supplement as well as numerous articles examining the successes of 10:10 sign-ups and a whole section dedicated solely to 10:10 on their website. The campaign has gone from strength to strength in the UK and now over 2,966 business, 225 Universities and higher educational institutions, 165 health organisations, 214 local authorities and 1448 schools have made a commitment to cut their 10%. The list of businesses and organisations signing up is incredible ranging from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to Royal Mail, the London Underground and mobile phone giant O2. 75,000 people have also committed to 10:10 and this amazing momentum has led to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron signing up the entire central government to the campaign in his first few weeks in office.


The UK campaign has also been active in lobbying for carbon-cutting legislation in the form of the Lighter Later campaign to pass the Daylight Savings Bill which would see Britain align its clocks with continental Europe in a move that would save over 500,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, not to mention numerous other benefits to society. The bill passed its second reading in December 2010 and the team is keeping the pressure up for it to become law.

Contact: Daniel Vockins E: daniel@1010uk.org W: www.1010uk.org

10:10 branded recycling truck in Crawley. 10:10 branded buses in Brighton. Poster for London Underground. 10:10 campaign materials.



Lighter Later website and petition

10:10 Launch at the Tate Modern


From left to right: 10:10ers at Reading Festival. David Cameron and Nick Clegg commit central government to cutting their carbon by 10% in a year. The Sage Gateshead unveils their giant 10:10 tag. 10:10 across the screens at Piccadilly Circus for 10:10:10. The UK Foreign Office signs up to 10:10



BALKANS AND ADRIATIC, MEDITERRANEAN, RUSSIA AND CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE The Balkans and Adriatic, Mediterranean, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe hub spans 24 countries all the way from Egypt in the south to Lithuania in the north. It was set up by Sandra Antonovic of Nektarina, a non-profit organisation based in Zagreb, Croatia, on May 27th 2010 and is run by teams of volunteers and delivery partner NGOs in each country. The campaign has gained high-profile support from MTV Serbia, Croatian actors Rade Serbedzija and Goran Visnjic, Croatian tennis superstar Goran Ivanisevic and other celebrities. & )*( !"#!" "&'( &'/ % $ )%. !"# ,%-! %&'%())*+ # 9 !"#$ Produs






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As part of 10:10:10, over 500 schools across the region took part in a mass tree-planting event which saw over 50,000 trees planted. Education ministries in each country were involved and many provided funding in support of this unique event.

Ţine-o ! tot aČ™a

obiČ™nuim să ne energie. Trebuie nomisim să eco afiČ™e, ĂŽmparte ază ĂŽntâlniri organizetive Č™i implică astă informa ala ĂŽn ace Č™co toată re. provoca

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Monitor regulat ul de consum , ideal energiepe o dată ână. săptăm este electrică Energia uČ™or de plu cel mai zat. Este sim Č™i monitori contoarele ĂŽn Č™ti cite imbare să o sch să faci bine.

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Increasing numbers of cities, towns and municipalities are signing up across the region including the capital cities of Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Nicosia (Cyprus). These capital cities alone represent a population of over 2.5 million people whose governments are now taking measures to reduce their emissions by 10%.



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Volunteers have held 10:10 presentations at numerous eco-fairs and run carbon-cutting workshops in schools and other public spaces across the region including in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Monetenegro, Malta and Bosnia. Among exciting plans for the coming year are a carbon-cutting reality TV show that will broadcast at prime time across the Balkans, a 10:10 project aimed specifically at teens that will reach over 20 countries across the region and the launch of an eco-friendly 10:10 tote bag in all 24 countries.



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alno Racion o troĹĄim hranu

Contact: Sandra Antonovic E: sandra@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/bar, www.1010global.org/cee, www.1010global.org/med, www.1010global.org/ru



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Kalemegdan, Belgrade. Kids from a kindergarden in the Croatian town of Krapina. . Fojnica Bosnia & Herzegovina


Fojnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina - over 70 years old and signing up to cut carbon

FRANCE 10:10 France was launched on the 5th June 2010 by UN goodwill ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand (best known for his stunning series of aerial photography books, ‘Earth from Above’) and his team at Good Planet Foundation. The formidable team behind 10:10 France have had huge success in signing up businesses, local governments and raising the profile of 10:10 in the national press. Key sign-ups so far include the likes of L’Oreal, Accor, the French Tennis Federation, Football Club Saint-Etienne, Danone Water, Danone Fresh Products, WWF, Swisslife, Aviva France, Capgemini France, Canon France, JC Decaux, Cisco, and the mayors of Lille, Paris, Le Mans, Lyon, Bordeaux and Cannes. Partnership with France’s largest broadcaster and newspaper have seen to it that the campaign has been featured on TV shows “Mots Croisés” and Le Grand Journal as well as on French national radio and in Le Monde. The national newspaper Le Figaro recently featured an article profiling the city of Lyon’s efforts to meet its 10:10 commitment. Political momentum is also building at the national level, with political parties UMP, Parti Communiste, PS, Verts, Cap 21 all supporting the campaign, as well as the Minister of Education and the Ministry of the Interior.


On October 10th 2010 10:10 France celebrated the city of Paris committing to 10:10 as part the Global Day of Doing by holding a low carbon concert in the centre of Paris. Over 10,000 people attended the event which was hosted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and featured live performances from international artists such as Asa, Liz McComb and Tété.

Contact: Olivier Blond E: olivier@1010global.org W: www.1010.fr

10:10 posters on the Champs-Élysées. Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë. The 10:10 stage in front of l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris


10,000 Parisians celebrate 10:10:10 with a low-carbon concert in front of Paris’ town-hall

The studio just before the 10:10 test live show started on 10:10:10. The Dutch 10:10 crew and the radio team “Vroege Vogels” launch their partnership. 10:10 flash mob.

NETHERLANDS The Netherlands team are led by Henriëtte Brons and Wijnand Duyvendak who launched 10:10 with a bang on April 21st on Dutch National Radio show “Early Birds”. The team now has a weekly slot in the “Early Birds” show which reaches over 400,000 listeners. Early on into the campaign they welcomed onto the carbon-cutting bandwagon the likes of MTV-Netherlands (who aired a 10:10 commercial during September in the build up to 10:10:10), Microsoft, the Dutch driving association ANWB (with 3.5 million members), state broadcaster VARA, a gaggle of Dutch politicians including Job Cohen, Jan Peter Balkenende and André Rouvoet, ethical bank ASN, Friends of the Earth, head of the UNFCC Yvo de Boer, leading newspaper Trouw, Accenture, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Oracle and Philips...to mention just a few. 10:10:10 was a huge success for the Dutch campaign. Teaming up with TV giants Endemol, they put together a 90 minute 10:10 TV special “The Big 10:10 Test” - which aired on the state broadcaster VARA and was seen by 950,000 viewers. The show featured carbon-cutting tips and pitted contestants against each other to test their carbon-cutting knowledge. They also received a huge boost on 10:10:10 when Amsterdam signed up to the campaign joining other Dutch cities including Breda, Nijmegen and Utrecht. The Dutch campaign boasts over 9,000 individual sign-ups and 380 business sign-ups in total, making it the second largest 10:10 campaign, behind the UK. Towards the end of 2010, 10:10 supporters Microsoft developed a personalised carbon cutting tool for Dutch 10:10 signups which now has over 3,000 users and the campaign garnered endorsements from celebrity chef Pierre Wind and the first Dutch man in space Wubbo Ockels!




Contact: Henriëtte Brons E: henriette@1010nl.org W: www.1010global.org/nl

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The great 10:10 test on Dutch TV - 15 celebrities are quizzed about their carbon cutting knowledge


PORTUGAL 10:10 Portugal launched in June 2010, led by João Barreto and his enthusiastic team of volunteers in Lisbon. Achieving big things for such a small hub, 10:10 Portugal has featured in two articles in the national newspaper Público and negotiated the sign-up of Portugal’s most successful football club, FC Benfica. Not wanting to be outdone by their local rivals, Sporting Club Portugal, were quick to follow suit. !"# $%&'( *+,&! ) (232 %&+-). /0./1) ')*+4 #,


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10:10 Portugal had a major presence at 2010’s Andanças music festival, producing carbon-cutting checklists for music-loving festival-goers.


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João and his team have been particularly successful in signing up educational institutions with over 50 schools and universities now cutting their carbon by 10%. 10:10:10 for Portugal was focused on activities in schools which held carbon-cutting competitions and workshops in the week leading up to the Day of Doing. As elsewhere, the British Council has been a key partner in Portugal and helped 10:10 reach out to schools, businesses and organisations throughout the country.


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É simples: cada um reduz as suas emissões de CO2 em 10% durante um ano. Você, eu, os seus vizinhos,



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o seu emprego, a escola dos seus filhos, a junta de freguesia, o café da esquina, o hospital, a faculdade.




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Estaremos todos a ajudar-nos mutuamente à medida que tomamos os primeiros passos em direcção a uma sociedade sustentável. Não se preocupe se 10% parecer demasiado difícil. Dar-lhe-emos dicas práticas para tornar os seus hábitos de vida mais amigos do ambiente (e da sua carteira).


Inscreva-se hoje em 1010.pt

Contact: João Barreto E: portugal@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/pt



Cortar as nossas emissões em 10%

Cortar as nossas emissões em 10%

The 10:10 team goes for a cruise on the “Aldebaran”.

The German hub was established on 1st June 2010 by über-enthusiastic hub coordinator Katie Griggs and a team of fantastic volunteers, with 10:10 founder Franny Armstrong and 10:10 Global Director Lizzie Gillett attending the launch. To date they have gathered over 1,100 individual sign-ups as well as 40 businesses and 20 organisations. The main hub is based in Berlin and there are local chapters active in Esslingen, Hochdorf and Stuttgart. Key sign-ups include the Hannover International School, Urbia.de - Germany’s largest online network for new mums and families - and Mitfahrgelegenheit.de - a Europe-wide lift-sharing platform. They have actively participated at the Cleantech world exhibition, Utopia Conference and Berlin Environmental Festival as well as holding their own events on 10:10:10. They hold regular live talks and skype conferences with regional environmental and renewable energy groups and are a growing name in German environmental activism circles.

10:10 Germany coordinator Katie features on Utopia’s Christmas wish list - special and suggests the Age of Stupid DVD as the perfect low-carbon present






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Artists Booka Shade support 10:10 at melt! festival

Contact: Katie Griggs E: katie@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/de

From left to right: Keen and creative 10:10ers mark Bielefeld climate week and 10:10:10 with a candlelight installation in front of the clock tower. Berliners all around the Brandenburg Gate and across the Silent Climate Parade join 10:10. The German 10:10 checklist in the hands of a keen supporter.


Katie presents 10:10 at the Utopia conference

DENMARK 10:10 Denmark launched in October 2010 with strong support from the British Council and the team of volunteers put together by Brid Conneely. The launch took place at Niels Brock School with a screening of the Age of Stupid and an online video Q & A with members of the 10:10 UK team. Danish Newspapers 24 Timer and MetroXpress are supporters of the campaign which has signed up Microsoft, KLS (Denmark’s first carbon neutral graphics printing company) and Culturel - an energy company. The Danish team are working closely with GAM3, an Urban Sports initiative which boasts over 3,000 members, to motivate and educate their young members about 10:10 and carbon cutting.



C02 F DIT 10 % A SKÆRT I 2010 ED! STAR - VÆR M 10:10

Contact: Gavyn Edmunds W: www.1010global.org/dk E: 1010@1010danmark.org

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The Danish 10:10 team spreads the word on the streets of Copenhagen

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Barcelona’s citizens celebrate 10:10:10 and assemble for tis great aerial shot

From top to bottom: 10:10 Denmark team. Singer Tamra Rosanes is on board 10:10 Denmark launch on 1st October: Lots of new 10:10 supporters join the campaign.



The 10:10 Spain hub is run by the Spanish 350.org team in cooperation with ecounion in Barcelona, led by Christian Weber. 10:10 Spain launched in July 2010 and has since held various artistic events in and around Barcelona. Working closely with 350, much of the work done by 10:10 in Spain has been focussed on using artistic initiative and creativity to generate greater public interest and participation in climate change events. There are over 500 signups in Spain, including over 50 businesses and organisations. 10:10 Spain has organised and participated in numerous events in and around Barcelona 2010. A highlight was the low carbon concert held to celebrate 10:10:10, with cycling musicians from Bicycle Music Festival cycling all the way from Hungary to take part in the event. Other events include holding a flashmob in downtown Barcelona, taking part in 350’s eARTh day photography in the build up to Cancún, and an EcoDay at Sony in which over 200 members of staff visited the 10:10 stall for carbon-cutting tips.

From top to bottom: The team of 10:10 Spain and Pleasant Revolution musicians celebrate 10:10:10. 10:10 Spain promotes 10:10 at the Global Eco Forum in Oct 2010. 10:10 Coordinator Christian Weber.

Contact: Christian Weber E: christian@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/es

La ca m parte paña 10:1 0 d comp e un cam te invita a b romis o de io real, co ser 10% de n reduc n un uestr CO2, as em ción de u empe n is zand o en iones de 2010 .

¡Pásam e a un no m am e de le tires desp igo, erme! ués

From top to bottom: The 10:10 Costa Rica team. Costa Ricans celebrating 10:10:10. New 10:10 recruits.

COSTA RICA 10:10 Costa Rica launched in June with an eclectic coalition of a British Embassy rep, a biologist, a designer, a selection of business brains and an environmental campaigner. With 4 Costa Rican checklists available, hub coordinators Monica Araya, Kate Cruse, and Felipe Castro wasted no time linking up with schools, businesses and celebrities to swell the movement. One of the first to sign up was Manuel Obregon, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport. Reaching out to unusual suspects was also on the team’s to do list, so they presented 10:10 at Costa Rican’s Fashion Week and the Annual Mr Costa Rica event. With at least 95% of Costa Rican electricity being generated from renewables, the Costa Rican campaign also decided to focus on promoting electric cars and public transport usage. In October, 10:10 Costa Rica linked up with the organisation co2neutral2021 and gave five youth representatives the chance to attend the climate talks in Cancún. Contact: Kate Cruse E: unite@1010.cr W: www.1010global.org/cr

HUNGARY 10:10 Hungary was launched in July 2010 by Daniel Nemet and Ákos Lukács in Budapest with the support of the British Council and the Climate Office Network. Hungary boasts over 600 sign-ups, including the British Embassy, Weleda natural care products and the Hungarian branch of British American Tobacco.

Contact: Ákos Lukács E: akos@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/hu

“2010 Climate Card exhibition” in Budapest on 10:10:10. Scientists and sportsmen compete in a 10:10 football matchBritish Ambassador to Hungary, & Sec, of State for Environment & Director of the British Council Hungary. Collecting signups on 10:10:10


The campaign in Hungary has focussed on events in and around Budapest to raise the profile of carbon reduction in a country where it is a relatively little known concept. The 10:10 team has held events at the Sziget festival, the Hungarian National Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Hungary’s 10:10:10 events took place at the Gödör Cultural Centre in Budapest, and included the signing of hundreds of carbon cutting pledges from Hungarian citizens, which were then displayed in a beautiful art exhibit. 10:10 Hungary also held a climate change football match to celebrate the day, pitting themselves against the local Greenpeace team!


Costa Rican 10:10er Monica Araya visits the 10:10 office in London



BANGLADESH Bangladesh launched its own 10:10 campaign in August 2010 at the Bangladeshi Eco-Tourism, Green Trade and Environment Fair with the most beautiful 10:10 stall we’ve seen to date (see picture on the far right). So far over 200 individuals have signed up to the campaign, with key organisational sign-ups including Sepal Group, a leading group in Dhaka’s garment industry, and JAAGO, a children’s education NGO. Student mobilisation has been a key feature of the Bangladeshi campaign, with volunteers from AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organisation, and BRAC University taking a prominent role in the hub’s 10:10:10 events which included a major march in Dhaka.

Contact: Muhammad Fareem Faruq E: faheem@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/bd The Bangladeshi cricket team supports 10:10. 10:10ers at the Eco-Tourism Fair in Dhaka, credits to Tamara Zafar and Adnan Haque.



China joined the campaign towards the end of 2010 and is being run alongside the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots campaign in Beijing. The campaign focuses on engaging youth in issues of climate change, and engineered a real coup in the first few weeks of operation, managing to steal an audience with the UK Prime Minister (and 10:10 supporter) David Cameron on his visit to Beijing in November 2010 to discuss their current 10:10 initiatives and plans for the future. As part of 10:10:10, 10:10 China held a mini ‘green Olympics’ in Beijing with various carbon cutting competitions being staged across the city in an effort to engage wider society in dialogue about climate change and highlight individual actions to improve the environment.

10:10 Ireland launched in January 2010 with two 8 ft tall polar bear ambassadors setting off from Dublin Zoo to encourage the people of Ireland to reduce their emissions by 10%. To date, they have garnered over 1,000 individual sign-ups and over 150 business, organisation and education sign-ups. 10:10 Ireland is run by Tony Lowes of Friends of the Irish Environment.

Contact: Lei Chen Wong E: lei@jgichina.org W: www.genyuya.org.cn/en/

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Contact: Tony Lowes E: ireland@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/ie

10:10 Ghana was one of our first hubs, launching in March 2010. The campaign is headed up by Kenneth Nana Amaoteng in Accra who runs the campaign as part of the Ghana National Youth Coalition on Climate Change. The campaign in Ghana has focused on encouraging government, youth groups and religious bodies to become more involved in climate issues. For 10:10 Ghana, the first step for making progress on climate change in Ghana is improving education and awareness around the issue. In its first year, 10:10 Ghana has been working to increase the visibility of climate change as a political issue and lobbying the national government to put a comprehensive programme of environmental education into place across the country, targeting children and young people..

Contact: Kenneth Nana Amaoteng E: kenneth@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/gh 10:10 Ghana introduces the campaign to local schools.


10:10 Argentina was launched in Buenos Aires on October 10th 2010 to coincide with 10:10:10. The Argentinian campaign is being run by Sanra Ritten - co-founder of Ambientate, an environmental NGO dedicated to behaviour change. Still in its early stages, the hub is focusing on signing up individuals (over 200 so far) and is dedicated to providing people with tools and resources that will allow them to adopt lower impact lifestyles. As part of their launch event on 10:10:10, they held a huge clothes swap and ran various workshops on green city-living, including urban composting and how to grow your own produce. They produced their first checklist for individuals in November 2010 and are currently working to create partnerships with other environmental organisations and educational institutions to reach out to the public and provide innovative support to their sign-ups.

The Canadian hub launched in September 2010 by hub coordinator Sarah Jane Saska, a member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC), the campaigns’ partner in Canada. The campaign has begun to build the number of commitments to 10:10 including from the Calgary Board of Education and numerous small businesses and charities. Due to its connections with the CYCC and the strength of the global campaign, 10:10 Canada is now at the forefront of climate campaigning in Canada, and is seeking to extend its visibility throughout the many networks that CYCC has in North America.



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Contact: Sanra Ritten E: sanra@ambientateargentina.com W: www.1010global.org/ar

Contact: Julika Niehaus E: canada@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/ca




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MEXICO 10:10 Mexico was launched as part of 10:10:10 on October 10th 2010. Headed up by Marcelo Quintanilla of 350.org, 10:10 Mexico’s first act was to sign up Mexico City - now the largest city committed to 10:10 with a population of 22 million people. The city agreed to reduce its emissions directly by 5%, and create incentives and initiatives for its citizens to reduce their emissions by a further 5%. Marcelo and his team spent the latter part of 2010 in preparation for the COP 16 talks at Cancún in early December and will be looking to continue getting to build the campaign into 2011.

Contact: Marcelo Quintanilla E: marcelo@350.org W: www.1010global.org/mx Students at Aguascalientes university promote the campaign to fellow students and teachers. The Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, signs the city up to 10:10 Mexico’s student group “Green Boys” do 10:10.



Nepal’s energy scenario is dominated by a forestry sector which currently supplies more than 80 percent of total energy demand through unsustainable logging practices. Launched in June 2010, 10:10 Nepal therefore seeks to decrease the use of wood fuel as an energy source by promoting renewable energy sources in rural communities in partnership with financial and business institutions. 10:10 Nepal provides the community engagement and motivation, with businesses and financial institutions providing the capital for renewable energy sources. 10:10 Nepal envisions a low-carbon society that protects vital ecosystems and biological diversity and enables Nepal to thrive while stabilizing the earth’s climate at levels safe for all of humankind, in particular those living in poverty and vulnerable to climate change through energy transition and low-carbon solutions.

10:10 New Zealand is based out of Christchurch and led by Rhys Taylor, a freelance community educator, project manager and science researcher. 10:10 New Zealand boasts over 500 individual sign-ups and support from WWF New Zealand. On 10:10:10, the team organized a Climate Smart Film Festival, which ran throughout the day, and offered a feast of entertainment and information about climate change and cutting carbon to the 80 visitors. The event featured five speakers and also hosted the informal launch of the Christchurch City Council’s Smart Strategy. Elsewhere in New Zealand 70 people of all ages flocked to the coastal dunes for ‘TrancePlant’, a surprising mix of electronica music and tree planting. Hungry volunteers were rewarded with a BBQ after planting hundreds of shrubs and grasses. Next door, South Shore residents got up early to do some planting, making them one of the first 10:10:10 actions in the world!

Contact: Bhuwan K.C. E: nepal@1010global.org

Contact: Rhys Taylor E: rhys@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/nz

The Niger Delta’s Women’s Movement for Peace and Development launched 10:10 Nigeria in September 2010 with a focus on environmental preservation and the provision of green jobs. As one of the world’s leading oil exporters, activities in Nigeria are geared towards signing up government officials and lobbying for a better environmental regulations surrounding the extraction and transport of oil.

Contact: Caroline Usikpedo Omoniye E: caroline@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org/ng The 10:10 Nigeria launch kicks off with some singing.

NORWAY 10:10 Norway was well ahead of the game and launched its own campaign in October 2009, just a month after the launch of the UK campaign. The city of Oslo became the first capital city to sign up to the campaign on the back of 10:10 Norway’s hard work, and other successes include getting 10:10 commitments from some of the biggest trade unions (with 420,000 members), energy suppliers Fjordkraft, and coffee giants Friele. National recognition was achieved with some great TV coverage featuring a Norwegian family who joined the other 4,000+ individuals to have signed up to the campaign in its first year.


The 10:10 campaign in Sweden is run by Nicole Forsberg and Richard Lindberg of the Congress for Environmental Advancement (www. congressea.com) and was established in September 2010. Early activities have been focussed on signing up businesses and organisations in the Lund Municipality (which has also signed itself up), with other big sign-ups including Sydsvenskan, the biggest newspaper in Southern Sweden.

Contact: Nicole Forsberg E: nicole@congressea.com W: www.1010global.org/se

10:10 Global is receiving applications from organisations keen to roll out 10:10 in their country all the time. Currently, teams of 10:10 campaigners in Italy, Australia, Finland and Chile are getting ready to launch the project in their countries in early 2011. If you’re interested in getting 10:10 going where you are, email us at hello@ 1010global.org



Contact: Nina Dessau E: info@1010norge.no W: www.1010norge.no





10:10 Germany coordinator Katie and her husband Mark at their 10:10 blessing

EVERYWHERE’S AT IT 10:10 is not just active in more than 40 countries, it is active everywhere. We have sign-ups from 186 countries and the Global Day of Doing took place in nearly every country in the world. The beauty of 10:10 is that it is open-source. We actively encourage everyone to use our resources, materials and ideas because this is about making the world a better place, not about a brand! Malaysia In Malaysia local schools collected 680kg of used plastic bags and converted them into these great 10:10 tags! The first 500 people to sign-up to the campaign were given free tags. Belgium In Belgium, students at Ghent University were inspired to call on not only their own university, but universities across the country, to cut 10% of their emissions! Thanks to the support of the Chancellor, Ghent University launched their commitment on 10:10:10 and has offered great incentives such as a green energy fund to the first faculty to make 10% cuts. Chile In October, a delegation of senior business people joined the country’s President on a trip to the UK. After a visit to the 10:10 office, several of the business leaders were so inspired,they are setting up their own hub in Chile.


10:10 Wedding! Inspired by the film ‘The Age of Stupid,’ Katie Griggs has become an amazing 10:10 ambassador, not only setting up 10:10 Germany, but also having the first ever 10:10 wedding! Katie and partner Mark encouraged all guests to share cars to the ceremony, had a low-carbon meal and gave everyone a DVD of the Age of Stupid as a gift. We wish you a happy, low-carbon, life together! Mexico In November we were delighted to receive an e-mail from the self-titled ‘Green Boys’ of Aguascalientes in Mexico. They heard about 10:10 from an ecology teacher and are now encouraging all their fellow students to get involved. Their wedding present? Everyone invited to their ceremony signed up to 10:10 and received a copy of this special wedding-checklist From top to bottom: Checklists from all of the hubs. 10:10ers in Malaysia recycled old plastic bags into 10:10 tags. The chancellor of the University of Ghent and student Natalie Eggermont present the university’s 10:10 commitment. The “Green Boys” promote 10:10 at a university fair.


de Volkskrant, Netherlands (April 2010)

Canal +, France

Europe 1, France

MTV1 Hungarian Television

Trouw, Netherlands

Joop, Netherlands

La Nacion, Argentina


Destak, Portugal


The 10:10 issue Today the Guardian is helping to launch 10:10, a major new climate campaign that asks individuals, businesses and organisations of all kinds to try to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. The hope is that thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of you, will get involved – and in doing so send a powerful message to politicians that we want tougher action against warming. In this special issue of G2 – with an original cover by the distinguished sculptor Anish Kapoor – Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz explains how 10:10 allows all of us to make a meaningful contribution to tackling a problem that can seem overwhelming and intractable; Stuart Jeffries meets Franny Armstrong, the brains behind the campaign, and leading green living expert Chris Goodall offers some gritty advice on how to cut down your carbon footprint without donning a hair shirt. Meanwhile high profile figures from Colin Firth to Sara Cox explain why they’re taking part, and we look at how three prominent 10:10 pioneers – Delia Smith, Tate galleries and Tottenham Hotspur – plan to cut their 10%. Plus! Turn to the centre spread for your very own 10:10 poster.

You are invited to . . . Join us at the campaign’s public launch at London’s Tate Modern from 4pm to 7pm this afternoon and be part of what could be a historic moment in the battle against climate change. You’ll be able to sign up as one of the 10:10 trailblazers, get a free 10:10 tag made from a recycled aircraft (see p13 for details), and hear a free concert by two of our favourite bands, Reverend and the Makers and Stornoway. There’ll even be a free glass of champagne – courtesy of Ocado – for the first 1,000 people to sign up. Tell your friends, and hope to see you there.

Metro, Portugal

Cosmopolitan, UK

2 The Guardian 01.09.09


Guardian’s G2, UK

Observer, UK

Daily Mail, UK



4 Planète Sécheresse au Sahel

Près de 90 % des Français ont confiance dans l’eau du robinet, selon un sondage publié par TNS-Sofres, jeudi 3 juin. Trois Français sur quatre trouvent l’eau du robinet bonne contre deux sur trois en 2003. Le nombre de buveurs exclusifs d’eau du robinet a doublé depuis 2003.

Les Nations unies ont lancé, jeudi 3 juin, une alerte sur les risques de famine que fait peser la sévère sécheresse qui règne dans l’est du Sahel. Dix millions de personnes sont menacées, dont 7,1 millions au Niger, où la moitié d’entre elles sont jugées en état d’insécurité alimentaire élevé.


www.lesjourneesdelamer.fr Organisées du 4 au8juin, les Journées de la mer,des lacs et des rivières visent à mieux faire connaître le milieu marin et aquatique aux Français, grâce à des ateliers découverte, sorties en mer, baptêmes de plongée, démonstrations de sauvetage…

«10: 10», une campagne pour chasser le CO2 au quotidien


tanniques auraient aussi adhéré au projet. « Nous voulons montrer que les gens s’impliquent », dit Mme Armstrong, « afin de peser sur les hommes politiques pour qu’ils fassent avancer les négociations sur le changement climatique. » La campagne, qui se veut non culpabilisante, a été reprise en Irlande, Norvège, Pays-Bas, Australie, Ghana, Allemagne, et maintenant en France. Le Parti socialiste et l’UMP ont déjà signé l’engagement. Pour quels actes concrets ? Xavier Bertrand, secrétaire général de l’UMP, indique que le nouveau siège de

Démarche volontaire Du côté du PS, Martine Aubry vante les réalisations de la ville de Lille, dont elle est maire : « On a initié nombre de politiques, qu’on va continuer. J’espère qu’on pourra faire -7 % dans l’année. » La première secrétaire du Parti socialiste apprécie particulièrement que la

campagne « 10 :10 » « fasse entrer les gens dans une logique collective » et que « l’écologie n’y est pas vécue comme une contrainte. » Toute la campagne est en effet fondée sur unedémarche volontaire. Si les entreprises disposent des outils pour mesurer leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre, c’est plus difficile pour les particuliers. Yann Arthus-Bertrand lui-même ne connaît pas son bilan carbone : « Il a été calculé à la Fondation, mais je ne le connais pas. » Alors, que va-t-il faire ? « J’ai remplacé ma chaudièreau fioul par une chaudière à bois. Et puis je ne mange pres-

que plus de viande rouge. Mais si les gens n’arrivent pas à moins 10 %, ce n’est pas grave, l’important est de créer une dynamique. » Cependant, par rapport à des campagnes précédentes comme celle du Défi pour la Terre, lancée en 2005 par la Fondation Nicolas Hulot et l’Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie (Ademe), « 10 :10 » est originale car elle fixe un objectif chiffré. Pour Jean-MarcJancovici du cabinet Carbone 4, « le sens de cette campagne est de dire, “quand on veut, on peut”. Cependant, réduire de 10 % ses émissions est tout sauf simple.


« Draquila » Inconscience? Ignorance? Jeudi 3 juin, le parquet de L’Aquila a ouvert une enquête, sur la requête de certains habitants de la ville, contre sept membres de la commission.«Cesresponsablessonttrèsqua-




lifiésetauraientdûdonnerdesréponses différentes à la population », a estimé le procureur Alfredo Rossini. «Nous avons enquêté parce qu’il y a eu des plaintes de gens qui ont subi cette situation. Il y a eu des décès et nous ne pouvions pas ne pas suivre cedossier»,s’est justifiélemagistrat. Au lendemain du séisme, des voix se sont élevées pour souligner l’absence de mise en garde. Pourtant, un scientifique, Giampaolo Giuliani, avait diffusé par Internet des messages sur l’éventualité d’un tremblement de terre fin mars dans les Abruzzes. Sa méthodebaséesurl’étude dela concentration du gaz radon 222 libéré par la croûteterrestreavant les secousses avait été regardée de haut par les experts. Il fut traité « d’imbécile » par Guido Bertolaso, le responsable de la protection civile. « C’est un pashistorique»,s’estfélicitéM.Giuliani, à l’annonce de l’ouverture de l’enquête. « A présent, j’espère que les chercheurs sérieux prendront la place de ceux qui constituaient cette commission. » La décision du parquet est aussi une victoire pour les associations deL’Aquilaqui contestentlerôlede la protection civile dans la gestion du séisme. Le film Draquila, l’Italie qui tremble, présenté au Festival de Cannes, témoigne de leur combat et de leurs doutes. Avant même sa sortie et sans l’avoir vu, M. Bertolaso avait jugé que « l’Italie n’y fera pas bonne figure ». p Philippe Ridet

résentée comme la panacée pour financer les universités, la collecte de fonds auprès des particuliers et des entreprises risquait une mort prématurée en Europe en raison de la récession. Il n’en est rien. « La philanthropie dans le monde éducatif est une tradition perdue avec laquelle l’Europe estentrainde renouer»,assureLaure-Anne Garnier, consultante chez Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Case). Mais il est vrai qu’elle y renoue d’autant mieux que les Etats l’encouragent. Au Royaume-Uni, les fonds levés en 2008-2009 ont dépassé pour la première fois les 500 millions de livres (598 millions d’euros), selon l’étude annuelle réalisée par le Centre national de recherche sociale (NatCen) pour Case et le Ross Group, un réseau de professionnels du « fundraising » publiée fin mai. Ce montant représente une augmentation de 18,8 % en un an. Le nombre des donateurs (168 547 personnes ou organisations) a progressé de 12,4 % et les anciens élèves se sont mobilisés (+12,8 %). Le tandem Oxford et Cambridge raflent 51 % de la mise. Seul bémol, les promesses de dons pour les campagnes à venir chutent de 21 %. Dans ce pays, le « schéma d’abondement des donations 2008-2011 » de 240 millions d’euros par an a dopé la collecte. Pour le premier exercice de cette loi, qui s’est clos en février, le gouverne-

ment a versé « le maximum de fonds disponible ». En Allemagne, le gouvernement s’apprête à mettre en place un système similaire en octobre, s’engageant à doubler la mise pour tous les dons concernant les bourses d’études jusqu’à hauteur de 160 millions d’euros. Le principe a été testé en Rhénanie-Westphalie où il fonctionne depuis quatre ans. Résultat : « La crise n’a eu aucun effet sur la levée de fonds », assure Angela Poth, en charge du « fundraising » à l’université d’Aachen. Son université a levé 3 millions d’euros en 2009, une somme qui reste cependant très modeste au regard d’un budget de 600 millions d’euros.

Baisse des promesses Outre l’encouragement des Etats, l’autre moteur de la collecte repose sur un bon « ciblage » des campagnes. L’argument le plus porteur aujourd’hui : les bourses auxétudiants.Les grandsprogrammes d’aide à la recherche attendront, car les donateurs veulent un impact immédiat. L’université de Navarre, à Pampelune en Espagne, a ainsi recueilli 1,2 million d’euros pour lapériode 2008-2009, des fonds qui ont permis de financer les études de plus de 200 étudiants. En Italie, le premier objectif de la campagne de l’universitéBocconi –lever 100millions d’euros d’ici à 2015 et dont 40 millions ont déjà été engran-


Mundo melhor em 2010

METRO maravilhas: falámos com Johnny Depp e com Tim Burton {págs. 8 e 9} Especial Óscares 2010: passe este domingo com o comando numa mão e o seu jornal na outra {pág. 2}

gés – est d’apporter une aide aux étudiants « méritants ». Mais non portées par une aide gouvernementale, les promesses de dons enregistrent toutefois une baisse de 10 % à la Bocconi et même de 20 % à l’université de Navarre. En France, où la culture des dons individuels n’est pas encore installée, les universités misent sur la création de fondations chargées de la collecte auprès des entreprises. Vingt-six fondations ont vu le jour depuis 2007, levant 62 millions d’euros dont 30 millions pour la seule fondation de l’école d’économie de Toulouse. Car crise ou pas crise, les raisons qui poussent les universités du VieuxContinentàsolliciterla générosité du secteur privé n’ont pas changé. Les fonds publics étant devenus plus rares, « 90 % des universités européennes ont entrepris de diversifier leur financement », explique Thomas Estermann, de l’Association européenne des universités (EUA), qui vient d’achever une enquête sur ce sujet auprès de 160 institutions européennes. Les financements gouvernementaux représentent les deux tiers de leurs budgets mais la palette tend à s’élargir grâce aux droits d’inscription (9 %), aux recours à des fondations et à des entreprises (7 %), à d’autres institutions publiques que les gouvernements (4 %) et aux « fonds philanthropiques » (3 %). p Brigitte Perucca

Reduzir 10% as emissões poluentes é o objectivo do 10:10 Gestos simples no dia-a-dia fazem a diferença Andar a pé e de bicicleta são exemplos {pág. 3}


Le site de la campagne « 10 :10 »

Rome Correspondant

Amanhã 9° | 13°

Director: Sérgio H. Coimbra

n Sur leWeb

L’argent collecté sert en priorité à l’attribution de bourses étudiantes

alentour, et faisait des dizaines de milliers de sans-abri. Ces mots, beaucoup à L’Aquila ne les avaient pas oubliés. Ceux du président par intérim de la commission, Franco Barberi, qui avait estimé qu’« il n’y avait aucune raison de dire qu’une séquence de secoussesde faible magnitude pouvait être considérée comme précurseur d’un événement de plus grande ampleur ». Ceux de cet autre membre les invitant à boire « tranquillement un verre de Montepulciano », le vin local, plutôt que de se faire du mauvais sang.

Hoje 12° | 13°


« En moyenne, un Français émet 8,5 tonnes d’équivalent CO2 par an, et même 10,5 tonnes si l’on tient compte des produits importés, dit M. Jancovici. Réduire de 10 % en un an est impossible, hors effondrement économique. Entre 2008 et 2009, du fait de la récession, on a baissé de 3 %. Cela montre l’ampleur de la tâche. » Comment connaître ses émissions personnelles ? L’Ademe a élaboré un calculateur carbone. La Fondation Nicolas Hulot prépare pour septembre un outil plus complet. « Cela nous apprend des choses intéressantes, dit Benoît Faraco, de la Fondation. Par exemple que plutôt qu’éteindre les appareils électroniques, le mieux est d’en limiter le nombre, parce que c’est à la production que les émissions sont les plus fortes. On a découvert aussi que le rôle de l’alimentation est très important. » p Hervé Kempf

Une enquête devra dire si le séisme du 6avril 2009 était prévisible


Publico, Portugal

son parti, en 2011, sera aux meilleures normes énergétiques. « On va aussi essayer de réduire nos déplacements en avion, et de faire plus de co-voiturage. A titre personnel, je vais faire plus attention à mon alimentation. »


sexta-feira 5 Março 2010 ano 6, nº 1167

L’idée de réduire les émissions individuelles de gaz à effet de serre a été étudiée par le gouvernement britannique en 2006. Le projet « Carbon limited » imaginait des quotas individuels pour toute la population. Les dépassements donneraient lieu à l’établissement d’un marché. Le projet est en sommeil, mais plusieurs pays, notamment la Finlande, continuent d’explorer cette piste.

En Europe, la levée de fonds privés pour financer les universités résiste à la crise

ormez tranquilles. » C’est par ces mots adressés à la population des Abruzzes, région au centre de l’Italie, le 31 mars 2009 que la commission des grands risques avait conclu sa réunion au bout d’à peine une heure. Les scientifiques et responsables de la protection civile qui la composent s’étaient voulus rassurants malgré les 400 secousses sismiques ressenties par les habitants de la province de L’Aquila durant les quatre mois précédents. Une semaine plus tard, le 6 avril à 3 heures 32 du matin, un tremblement de terre de 6.2 sur l’échelle de Richter causait la mort de 308 personnes, ravageait le centre historique de la ville et plusieurs villages

{pág. 6}


Vers des quotas individuels d’émissions ?

La responsabilité des scientifiques mise en cause dans le drame de L’Aquila



{pág. 7}

Née au Royaume-Uni en 2009, cette initiative est lancée en France, samedi 5juin, par Yann Arthus-Bertrand ’est dans une bonne humeur affichée que Yann ArthusBertrand lance, samedi 5 juin, par des pique-niques à Paris, Lyon, Toulouse et Bordeaux, la campagne « 10 :10 ». « Etre écolo, c’est aimer la vie », considère le photographe. La campagne, organisée par sa fondation Good Planet, veut inciter particuliers, entreprises et collectivités à s’engager à réduire de 10 % leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre en un an. L’engagement s’appuie sur dix principes pour les individus, tels que faire du vélo, réduire le niveau de chauffage et de consommation électrique, prendre moins l’avion, manger plus de fruits et de légumes – issus de l’agriculture biologique – et moins de viande, éviter les emballages inutiles et « passer plus detemps avecla familleet lesamis » afin de «moins consommer ». La campagne est la déclinaison française d’une initiative lancée en Grande-Bretagne en novembre 2009 par Franny Armstrong, la réalisatrice d’un documentaire sur le changement climatique intitulé« Age of stupid », un grand succès dans les pays anglo-saxons. « A la fin des projections, les gens venaient me voir en me demandant ce qu’on pouvait faire », explique Mme Armstrong, qui sera à Paris samedi. « Cela m’a donné l’idée de réduire les émissions de 10 %, et l’équipe du film s’est investie dans le projet. Le quotidien The Guardian nous a soutenus, et le succès a été immédiat. » Des vedettes ont signé de suite, ainsi que le gouvernement de Gordon Brown – celui de David Cameron a lui aussi, dès son intronisation, adhéré au « 10 :10 ». Près de 60 % des conseils municipaux bri-


0123 Samedi 5 juin 2010

Eau du robinet

Altar da polémica Apoio da câmara em causa {pág. 4}

Helena Costa. Já ouviu falar? “Mourinho de saias” convidada para selecção do Qatar {pág. 14}

3 dias para oss Óscare

Carla H. Quevedo FOTOS: AFP

‘Bullying’ em Mirandela: inquérito chega tarde {pág. 10} PUB

Le Monde, France

Metro, Portugal Very hard centres How chocolate-coated diamonds bankrolled British communism

When graffiti becomes art The public gets to vote

This section Page 13

This section Page 3

Metro, Portugal

£�.�� Tuesday ��.��.�� Published in London and Manchester guardian.co.uk

From the melting frontline, a chilling view of a warming world Public fi and business sign up to climate drive

Patrick Barkham Sermilik fjord, Greenland It is calving season in the Arctic. A flotilla of icebergs, some as jagged as fairytale castles and others as smooth as dinosaur eggs, calve from the ice sheet that smothers Greenland and sail down the fjords. The journey of these sculptures of ice from glaciers to ocean is eerily beautiful and utterly terrifying. The wall of ice that rises behind Sermilik fjord stretches for 1,500 miles (2,400km) from north to south and smothers 80% of this country. It has been frozen for 3m years. Now it is melting, far faster than the climate models predicted and far more decisively than any political action to combat our changing climate. If the Greenland ice sheet disappeared sea levels around the world would rise by seven metres, as 10% of the world’s fresh water is currently frozen here. This is also the season for science in Greenland. Glaciologists, seismologists and climatologists from around the world are landing on the ice sheet in helicopters, taking ice-breakers up its inaccessible coastline and measuring glaciers in a race against time to discover why the ice

Metropol, Hungary

An unprecedented coalition of scien companies, celebritie organisations spanning the cultural and political spectrum will today commit to slashin an ambi warming. The 10:10 campaign, which will be launched at London’s Tate M afternoon, aims to bolster grass warming ahead of the key global summi in Copenhagen in December. Those signin which is supported by the Guardian, pledge to mak carbon footprints by 10% during the y 2010. Groups committed to the 10: range from Tottenham Hotspur club, online grocer Ocado, the Tate ies and the Women’s Insti schools, universities and NHS trusts. F of the major energy companies, Bri Gas owner Centrica, E.ON, EDF and Scot tish and Southern, have customers hit their 10:10 targets by pro viding information on how their energ use compares with past consumption. The campaign is backed by public figures ranging from the climate chang expert Lord Stern to Radio 1 DJ Sara Co chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, D Smith and Ruth Rogers, screenwri Richard Curtis, directors Richar Mike Figgis, designers Nicole F Vivienne Westwood, TV presenter Kevi McCloud and actors including Saman Morton, Jason Isaacs, Pete Postlethwai Colin Firth and Tamsin Greig. A clutch of Britain’s most eminent artists including Anish Kapoor, who has produced a special cover for today’ G2, Antony Gormley and Gillian W ing, have pledg as have several literary heavyweigh including Ian McEw an, Sarah Waters,

The proportion of the world’s population – 600 million people – living in areas vulnerable to a one-metre rise in sea levels

in Greenland is vanishing so much faster than expected. Gordon Hamilton, a Scottish-born glaciologist from the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, is packing up equipment at his base camp in Tasiilaq, a tiny, remote east coast settlement only accessible by helicopter and where huskies howl all night. With his spiky hair and ripped T-shirt, Hamilton could be a rugged glaciologist straight from central casting. Four years ago he hit upon the daring idea of landing on a moving glacier in a helicopter to measure its speed. The glaciers of Greenland are the fat, restless fingers of its vast ice sheet, constantly moving, stretching down into fjords and pushing ice from the sheet into the ocean, in the form of melt water and icebergs. Before their first expedition, Hamilton and his colleague Leigh Stearns, from the University of Kansas, used satellite data to plan exactly where they would land on a glacier. “When we arrived there was no glacier to be seen. It was way up the fjord,” he says. “We thought we’d made some stupid goof with the co-ordinates, but we were where we were supposed to be.” It was the glacier that was in the wrong place. A vast expanse had melted away. When Hamilton and Stearns processed their first measurements of the glacier’s speed, they thought they had made another mistake. They found it was marching forwards at a greater pace than a glacier had ever been observed to flow before. “We were blown


Continued on page 2 ≥ The Sermilik fjord, where hundreds of icebergs are calving from Greenland’s vast ice sheets Photograph: Philippe Roy/Getty

Five ways you can support the 10:10 campaign Find out more about 10:10 and what it would take to cut 10% of your own emissions in a special issue of G2 with a collectable cover designed by Turner-prize winning sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Commit individually or sign-up your school or other organisation rganisation to 10:10 1 :1 at www.1010uk.org .1010uk.org ≥

Be a 10:10 pioneer by taking part in the mass sign-up event at London’s Tate Modern from 4pm-7pm today. You’ll get a free 10:10 tag, made from recycled airliners and a freee glass of champagne courtesy esy of Ocado if you are one of the he first 1,000 people to o make your pledge. There will also be a free ee cconcert featuring Revv erend and the Makers rs and Stornoway.

Share your experience of trying to live a lower carbon life and l get from our et advice ad green living experts at guardian.co.uk/10-10 ≥ uardi

If you want to help the campaign financially you u can c donate at www.1010uk.org/ ww donate n ≥

Continued on page 10 ≥

The Guardian, UK

Open evening Thursday 3 September 2009, 4–7.30pm Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG

London’s evening university 0845 601 0174 www.bbk.ac.uk/guardian

La Nacion, Argentina



David Adam Environment correspondent


10:10 has come a long way in its first year, but climate change isn’t letting up and neither are we. In 2011 we are ready to achieve even more. We’ll bring thousands more participants on board, support them with cutting-edge tools and resources and shout their achievements from the rooftops, painting a picture of climate leadership that no politician can ignore. We hope you’ll join us.

10:10 Global Julika Niehaus, Campaign Manager 8a Delancey Passage London NW1 7NN T: +44 (0)207 3886688 E: julika@1010global.org W: www.1010global.org

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