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The City As An Aggregated Object Studio Leaders: Peter Trummer School or Institution: University of Innsbruck

city as an object. The current investigations are: the city as a field, the city as an aggregated figure and the city as figural field.

Country: Austria

3. Studio description

Website: InstituteOfUrbanDesign 1. Studio Leader Biography Peter Trummer is Professor of Urban Design and Head of the Institute for Urban Design & Spatial Planning at the University of Innsbruck. He was Head of the Associative Design Program at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam from 2004 to 2010. He is a visiting professor at Sci-Arc the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Guest Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He recently published articles in AD Reader-Computational Design Thinking, AD Digital Cities, AD Versatility and Vicissitude, Volume 18, Arch+189, Hunch 9, Morpho-Ecologies and in Manifold. 2. School ioud – the institute of urban design is part of the department of architecture of the university of Innsbruck. Since 2010 the head of the institute is Peter Trummer. The institute commits itself towards a disciplinary approach of urban design. The focus of research is to understand the


The city is gone. Urbanism no longer exists. What is left is architecture. Architecture turns into the ground for architecture. The city becomes an aggregated object. Within the city, architecture was considered an anonymous mass and the ground was carved out of this mass as a figure (Nolli). Within urbanism, the ground becomes a grid of circulation and architecture becomes the left over figure for inhabitation (Cerda). Modernism transforms the city into projects. Architecture becomes a figure liberated from its continuous ground (Le Corbusier). Within the 21st century architecture becomes the ground for architecture. Architecture is figure as well as ground. The city turns into an object of aggregated architecture. The boundary was a diagram of the pre-capitalist city. The grid was the diagram of capitalist urbanization. The project was the diagram of the welfare state. The aggregated object becomes the diagram of late capitalism.

Team Members Ursula Frick Thomas Grabner Allison Weiler Erik Czejka Lukas Härtenberger Oswald Jenewein Daniel Klausner Andrea Perle Jörg Stanzel Theresa Uitz Lisa Wiesgickl THE CITY AS AN AGGREGATED OBJECT The manifesto for Maribor 2012 is a manifest for the becoming city of the 21st century. The project proposes a new diagram for the city. This diagram defines the city as an aggregated object of architecture. Architecture becomes the ground for Architecture. Projected Start: 2012 Projected End: 2112 Category: Commerce


2112Ai [Architectural intelligence]


2112Ai [Architectural intelligence]