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Overview The city of Yucca Valley would benefit by adding sidewalks and bicycle lanes to its roadways so that pedestrian related accidents are reduced and the health and safety of the community is increased.

Table of Contents 1. Yucca Valley Pedestrian/Auto related statistics 2. Benefits of Sidewalks and Paved Shoulders 3. Who needs Sidewalks? 4. How can we get Sidewalks? 5. Conclusion 6. References


Chart Title Dark Blue Bar: Yucca Valley Light Blue Bar: California Average

accident statistics Mortality rates involving pedestrians and bicyclists with vehicular manslaughter is much higher in Yucca Valley than comparable California cities.








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Benefits of icon to addSidewalks and k c li c r o r e ld o h e c la picture to p Paved Shoulders • Can prevent up to 90% of pedestrian/auto accidents • Encourages community exercise • Provides an emergency stopping space • Reduces numerous crash types • Improves roadway drainage • Provides space for message signs • Reduces the number of cars on the road

Who needs Sidewalks? Pedestrians who: Do not have enough safe walking space Have uneven or broken walkways Face long crossing distances across roads Share their walking space with bicycles

How Can We Get icon to add k c li c r o r e ld o h e c la picture to p Sidewalks?

To augment available funds, some planning programs have found a variety of potential sources, both state and federal, which may be used to fund future sidewalk installation projects. The National Transportation Enhancements Clearing house has a helpful web site for municipalities looking for funding options.

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Conclusion It’s time the city of Yucca Valley solved the dangerous climate for its pedestrians and started a comprehensive plan to make sidewalks and bicycle lanes a part of its communities. Sidewalks are a simple and effective way to prevent accidents and improve the quality of life, while making Yucca Valley a more desirable place to live.

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Watch this little plea for sidewalks in Yucca Valley....

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