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March 2012

Featuring Maria Pizzeria


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We are two baby boys, two art and design students, that each month choose a theme to be inspired by in our creative process. The result are these fanzines.

Made by two baby boys: Tim Karlsson Karl-Joel Lrsn

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The food issue

Welcome to the f ood issue. For this issue we wanted to do something tasty that we could eat with our eyes . Food can be ugly, fresh, warm , sexy, cold, tasty, not so tast y, good-looking, cheap, fun, sad, green, plastic, full of chemicals, blue, animals, dangerous, floati ng — that ’s why we love it.

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Panc P 3


cake P 4

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P 6

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P 8

Food tattoos cute baby b

P 19

s on boy

Dancing pizza tattoo on face

P 20

Pie tattoo on baby boy

P 21

Face tattoo picture on face

P 22

Hotdog tattoo on a shoulder on baby boy’s belly

P 23

Singing hamburgerface tattoo on face

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P 25

P 26

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Featured artist:

P 40

Maria Pizzeria P 41

Who are you? I’m Maria Pizzeria, a girl who’s in love with fast food (pizza ofc), 90’s, homemade food, cats, nice people, flea markets and can’t live without music. Enjoyed crafts since I was a kiddo and internet is my favorite place ever to get inspiration, met new people and also inspire other. Some friends call me Internet-Marre, apparently I’m always online, if not, people think I’m dead or something.

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P 43

What did you have for breakfast? Kebab and fries leftovers from yesterday and a pepsi. (I’m a coke lover but pepsi was on the reduced price shelf so…) What’s the most grossest thing you’ve ever eaten? I don’t know actually, I’m not that into feta cheese but I’ve tasted a grasshopper when I was in thailand, can’t remember the taste but the thought of it is just super gross. P 44

P 45

If you want to eat something disgustin London, where should you go? The wrapped sandwiches from the groceries stores as Tesco or Co-operative. I bought a with mayo and prawns once and it was so disgusting. Maybe it was old or maybe it was my own fault that I was so fucking lazy and bough a sandwich...

P 46

ng in

What do you miss the least of Swedish cuisine?

Hm, I really don’t miss the bad variety of places to buy food at. I don’t miss the groceries stores and I don’t miss the “restaurants”/ McDonalds or pizzerias, haha. And I really don’t miss lingonsylt or filmjölk.

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P 52

Tell us, have you ever been offered food that was so disgusting that you couldn’t eat it, but you had to so you wouldn’t seem rude? I guess I’ve been lucky to not have been eaten that much gross food in my life or maybe I’m just easy to please ha! But if I don’t like the food I’ll try to eat a bit and then tell them that I’m full ha ha...

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P 54

P 55

”Instant dog on a burned sandwish of the mind”

P 58

P 59

”O. S. T .

Original Soundtrack”

P 62

Shades of Cheese

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P 67

P 68

P 69

P 70

P 71

”Shake - tr

P 74

e to make pancakes raditional style�

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What is food?

P 84

Who is food?

P 85

Why is food?

P 86

This is food.

P 87

Mor Perberg

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