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Sports Betting Software 100 Percent Winners True sports betting software is something that is hard to come by, because there really isn't any way that a software program can actually tap into the betting market and do an investor any justice. The next best thing are sports betting systems, and there are quite a few of these, but they require a huge learning process and they are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. In other words, these might help....but they are HIGH RISK. They are just some dude's strategy in the long run... Have you ever heard of FAPTurbo? It was the monstrously successful FOREX trading robot that was developed by the brilliant minds of Steve C. and his partners. These guys are number crunching experts and this passion drives them to release high quality products that are powerful investments as tools for people who are serious about making money.

100 Percent Winners They have developed a software tool called 100 Percent Winners that is breaking the mold. Nothing like this has ever been offered before. The secret behind it's success is the name 100%! Do you know what arbitrage betting is? If not, allow me to explain real quick. Arbitrage is the process of taking advantage of two or more markets at the same time. It really is an art form and involves leveraging your risk so that no matter what you win. This process has been used for decades by very successful business

people. People have been asking around, interested in the process of arbitrage betting, because they want something that's less risky, and they have heard of savvy bettors using this powerful technique.

Here's where 100 Percent Winners comes in... This is a software program that does the process for you. It taps into the websites of many bookmakers and finds the best events to bet on. It then allows you to place a bet, right in the system (without leaving your computer) on the two athletes or teams competing against each other. What this means for you, is that you will lose on one team, but win on the other, because they are competing against one another and you have bet on both. You simply pay back the bet that you placed on the loser, and reap in the rewards of your gain from the winner. It's called 100 Percent Winners because it allows you to win 100% of the time and make a profit. This is totally legal, and it can be repeated as often as you want.

Read The Full Review The software is not complicated to use – full video instruction and resources are provided with it. There is no other program currently on the market that scans the internet looking for the best events. There is also no other program that can allow you to control your bets and place them right within the software. You simply fill out a few forms, click a few buttons and then you just wait for the match to end. But, you might be skeptical – I mean it really does sound too good to be true, and that's quite understandable. Making profit 100% of the time is a huge claim to stand by. So here's the good, and here's the bad.

The Good It does work. People are already making money with it. The reason is because the concept of arbitrage has always worked. All this software does is scout out the events and allows you to automate the process. It makes sense – build a program that runs on numbers, has the coding to look for the events, allows you to tap into the bets and you are good to go.

The Bad Not cheap. With such a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the market, you can imagine that it won't just be given away. The price is $149.95, and after that there is a monthly fee of $20 so that you can keep using the tutorials and the service. However, you can outweigh the purchase price of $150, because you can make that back with the software.

Check Out Screen Shots, A Video And Learn HOW it works!

100 Percent Winners Overview  

100 Percent Winners is an arbitrage sports betting software program that is very powerful, but does it really add up?

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