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Method to the Madness As the plug, you become a go-to person. A connector. This is the fastest and most effective way to grow a productive network. Introduce and bring people together on a regular basis. Not only do you benefit, but you are helping others along the way. You'll open the door to endless opportunities, not all will be a good fit, but some may change your life for the better. 

Be You Growing your network never stops. Over the years you may change careers, leave the workforce entirely, or start a business. In every situation there will be a call for change. Be flexible and remember that only YOU can define YOU. No matter what you are doing, employed, unemployed, lots of clients, or no clients, bring YOU to the table.

When You Don't Hear Back DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL

give them a break You stand in line at an event waiting your turn for your 20-30 seconds to speak to a panelist and they hand you the golden ticket, their business card. They even encourage you to email them and you never hear back. Now before you lose your mind and start calling them shady...

Reality Bites Understand that people are busy and get hundreds of emails per day. Yours just won't be a priority or may get lost in the sauce. You should still send it because you never know. Make sure to follow up in a week or so because persistence does pay off, but also know when to fall back. Look some people just don't have the time or wants to make time and you could be using your time more wisely. (Continue on next page )

Honestly ask yourself, how can I make this person's life easier? This is the place you should be coming from. Helping them helps you, not the other way around. These days you don't need a personal relationship to know what someone is thinking or to receive mentorship. Just follow them online, attend their events, listen to their interviews. I can honestly say that some people are more hype than substance. We tend to build people up in our minds and are often disappointed when they don't live up to the hype. 

In the Meantime... Start from where you are, not where the Beyonce of your industry is. Work on establishing yourself in your industry.  Work on acquiring the skills you need to accomplish your goals.  Get to know who's who in your industry, learn names, companies, and stay updated on the latest news and trends.  Remember that success doesn't happen overnight. What looks like someone coming out of nowhere, took about ten years or more to make happen.  No two stories are the same. There are just too many roads to success. But there are patterns that you should study.   Success isn't destination. It's a "yes I got that out the way". Once you accomplish a goal, you're already on to the next.  Everybody struggles and nobody is perfect. Learn from other's mistakes to make your journey less of a struggle.  Learn life's lessons. They are non-stop and if you don't, they keep repeating themselves over and over in different situations until you do better.  Get advice from people who have accomplished what you want and/or those who wish they did. Anyone not in those two categories should be considered unreliable sources.  Be kind to yourself.





Attracting Your Tribe CHECKLIST


Join a group/organization


Create and share content


Follow like minded people online


Host your own event


Be nice


Join a Group/Organization I put joining a group or organization first because you need to see what exists and if a particular group can fulfill what you are looking for. There are a lot of great organizations and meetup groups that exist in all parts of the world that serve all sorts of different interests. If you aren't able to find what you're looking for that is when you should create it and move to Tip #4 Create and Share Content This is a great way to get people to find you. If you have a blog or website, share stories and tips that speak to you. This will attract people who are likeminded. Also share and create content on social media that appeals to you.  Follow Like-Minded People Online  Follow people you're interested in and admire. You can get a great feel for who is out there and that you may have things in common with outside of the person you both follow. It may sound far fetched, but I developed friendships based on being apart of numerous online fan groups back in the day. The fan clubs no longer exist, but I still have my friends.  Host Your Own Event When all else fails, host an event that can bring people together. It doesn't have to be big or cost a lot of money. I started #100BusinessGirls with an idea for a networking event for 100 women in business. When we inquired about the venue, they told us they were shutting down on the date we wanted. This sent us back to the drawing board. 100 people is an overwhelming number and how many would I actually meet and remember? I came up with Let's Do Brunch! instead and two people showed up. But they were quality people doing BIG things with their life. That brunch was an awesome time. In six years, I've had brunch with over 200 women in business. Imagine if I would've let that first meetup stop me?  Be Nice  Being nice is a strength. People will remember you based on how you treat them. Effective networking is about building relationships and the best way to build relationships is to be giving, compassionate, and to be interested in people. 







The key to effective networking is knowing your WHY, WHO, and WHAT Why are you looking to network? Who would you like to meet? What can you offer them? 

Show Them What You Got! Sometimes showing is better than telling. If you have a special talent and you're sitting around waiting for people to take notice...don't. You are simply wasting your time.   Take some initiative and show what you do.  If you're a graphic designer, make something.  If you're a caterer, offer to sponsor an event.  If you're a fashion designer, stylist, make up artist, etc. Get some professional photos done showcasing your work. If there is someone who you want to work with, offer your service for free.  This is a way of giving people a sample of your work. This is your internship. Why should someone hire you based on your word of how good you say you are? If the shoe was on the foot, would you? Write a professional email and make an offer. Showing your work is the best thing you can do instead of just asking for something. But make sure it's a one-time offer because people will take advantage. 


Be the person that you want to meet.

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Zero to 100: How to Grow Your Network the #100BusinessGirls Way  

The Zero to 100 playbook addresses the pain points of networking and how to stay motivated and inspired to build your network authentically...

Zero to 100: How to Grow Your Network the #100BusinessGirls Way  

The Zero to 100 playbook addresses the pain points of networking and how to stay motivated and inspired to build your network authentically...