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10 Inventions Santiago Alba 10°C

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Sumarry. Personal opinion. Glosary.

Summary (Smart Art)


• Ax blade that fits its handle


• Wireless mouse with scanner function

Leap Motion Microsoft Hololens


• Motion capture in the air

reality glasses

Hydra light


that produces energy with salt water


No electric washer machine

Tap Strap

•Sensor of

manual movements


• Shaving machine with laser

Personal Opinion: I think that all inventions are too ingenious and good, since they all have a great use both when it comes to being practical and being something for a specific task. For me, the two best inventions are the KLAX and the Hydra Light, both are inventions for the outdoors, like a camping trip where it is very important to have natural resources to survive. The KLAX is the answer for anyone who wants the utility of carrying an ax in their adventure, this is a magnificent handheld device with 7 different tools that can be used without a handle since this metal sheet can be easily adapted to any type of mango that human believes, the restraint system is exactly the opposite of a traditional ax; the head of the ax is fastened to the wood instead of the wood that expands to grasp the ax. The Hydra Light that must-have in emergency situations and for camping, boating and off-grid adventures. this lanterns and chargers offer extended usage times, lower operational costs and non-toxic materials. Its ecological operation is based on the production of energy by salt water that were at in the cells of the lamp produces energy.

Glosary: Boating: Activitie, using boats for pleasure

Ax: Chopping instrument

Outdoor: Outside

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