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Teachers: Guillermo Mata - Gildardo Cortés

Cota, Cundinamarca



Top 10 10​- voltermam- photo to the thief in case of theft, camera in wallet, synchronization with cell phone, connects local networks to more than 48 countries, three sizes, 98-160 dollars Category: Security 9​-Neato Botvac d7 connected-Robot Vacuum cleaner with recipe integration, application with map of the house, is connected to everything in the house, own control recipe, better precision- 800 dollars category 8​- DJI mavic pro platimum-silent propellers, small remote control, 38.5 km / hour, electronic speed control, 4k camera with stabilizer, 1200 dollars 7-​ Lenovo Explorer- Mixed reality windows, 2880-1440 pixels double screen, several control methods, full browser extension, not only play all aspects, it performs all kinds of movements, 399 hands-free - 499 with hands 6​- Sony LF-S50G- new speaker for home with google assistant full range, two stages, 360 degree radio, connected with services like youtube, spotify, netflix, water resistance- $ 199 5​- Segway mini lite and mini plus- the two new skateboards, electric-self-stability, can be directed with the knee, speed of 16 km / hours, charging time 3 hours, 27.6 pounds, system of customizable lights, handling distance is guided by the movement 35 km / h 4​- Iphone x new invention apple, lighting frames, water protection, 2496 pixels, facial identifier, wireless stack 4k- thousand dollars videos 3​- Sonnet- you can surf without data or wifi, improve communication, connect through smartphones, 89 dollars 2​- Token ring that replaces money, keys and passwords - fingerprint sensor, only works if it is carried by the owner, optical sensor, blocks all information, can be paid with the ring, is downloaded application, active networks, cards and other . $ 249 1​- Renault symbioz- car and house together- 2030, 4 opening doors, 4 interior seats, level 4 autonomous driving, electric, intelligent energy sources, from the house or from the car

The two invents to compare -​ Iphone x -Token ring Exaggeration and innovation The video showed some l of the latest technological inventions that the human being has created, some are for greater efficiency in the home, others are more recursive in the daily use of a common young of the 21st century. In this case my attention I focus on two inventions, quite different, a new smartphone with minimal updates and a notorious price rise, which continues with a monotonous line of an industry that focuses on generating new updates and minimal changes in a specific product which for that reason same monotony has become the largest obsession of the current population. On the other hand, we find a fairly new product, innovative and especially what I am most interested in, its the functionality. The ring has so many and varied uses, with a much lower price being a comparison quite easy to do. The token ring can replace your wallet, your keys, your keys and it becomes your own memory, because this ring when you download the company's app, you can have access to all the accounts and all the aspects that require a key for the same access , also has a method of fingerprint and other visual security, at the time you do not have the ring put all the information will be blocked until you use it again. I think there isn't better gift and ring to give and conquer to a girl than the ring token



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Ring Token

Iphone x

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New technological inventions

Notes reading plan  

New technological inventions