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Top Inventos

•The video just make a top of 10 inventions, given some information and prices in each one of them.

What is the intention of these video?

•The video is focusing on the most receant inventions of the world to show people how far the technology is going.

My work

•On these case, I need to select two inventions by my personal opinion around the concept of likes and utility

The Comparison of the inventions For this, it is preferable to watch the video before to start the comparison, because it's easier to understand my choice. After this, the inventions for this work were the following: The best invention; Volterman;

Characteristics This wallet is synchronized with your phone, so in a case of a steal you will have the position of the wallet, other important point is that it has a camera to take a photo to each person that open different to you when you choose the lost mode, and if that was not enough you can active a distance alarm that is connect to your phone and your wallet in case that be on this side that you forgot your phone, besides it has a charger adapter to use for your phone or If you want, you can

charge by a wireless way just putting your phone over this wallet and finally the price is between 98 and 160 dollars. The worst invention; Segway mini lite

Characteristics It lasts 3 hours to charge, it includes an ambient light, it has a weight of 12,5 kg and includes a storage compartment for a remote camera that have high resolution, compatible with an sd card, an angle adjuster and others more, handles and knee pads, steering bar front with led light, reaches 16km/h and a range 18 km to travel and finally an app for conectivity and control. For the Segway mini plus we have more characteristics as an intelligent follow mode and it can reach a speed for 20 km/h and a range of 35km to travel, the price is around 999,00 euros more or less.

So as you can see, the difference between these two inventions are that while the wallet is focus to improve to security, the Segway mini lite is focus for transport but the thing is pointed more for children, it means that it could decrease the physical exercise, so that incrising the obesity levels, but in general, this invention also have an adult version, and even this also can affect adults. It is usesful a wallet as the Volterman than a Segway mini because the real uses, a means, we are most exposed to forget the wallet and steal it to be useful to travel on a "skateboard" which excessive use causes the problems previously written, and taking to account the high difference of prices. For me, this inventions have a good intention, to make an easily live, but sometimes we just acquire things that isn´t necessary for our lives, or in other cases we feel that our actual things are outdated, so we justify this purchase, In addition to this, as I said before, just observe the high cost of these inventions, so for this, is important to analyse if it is necessary to buy them or is for a not real pleasure.

Glosary Outdated: When you have some outdated it means that is out of the time of this epoque.

References My personal opinion about two recent inventions extracted from a video: Top 10 Inventos Tecnologicos | Lo Ultimo En Tecnologia #8

Inventions useful or useless  
Inventions useful or useless