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ICT In Education & Training Innovation “An Interactive Perspective” Looi Kien Leong Chairman, Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO)

An Overview

Knowledge-based economy becoming increasingly important.

 Key to moving towards knowledge-based economy is innovation in education / training.

This can be achieved through ICT.

The Digital Class / Training Room Mobile Devices

Learning Software

Interactive Technology



Interactive Technology is at the centre of the Digital Class / Training Room

A closer look at

Interactive Technology

OLD, Static & Passive Blackboard & Chalk

Whiteboard & Marker

NEWER, Basic Interactivity OHP

Digital Projector

What’s Next?




Interactive Multi-Touch Technology NOW / FUTURE Dynamic & Interactive Interactive Whiteboards, LEDs, Surface Tables, Gesture Recognition etc.

It Must Be:

 Easy-to-use - like a giant tablet.

 Seamless - interactive, intelligent and dynamic.

 Simple integration - mobile devices, cloud computing applications and existing infrastructure on a single, unified platform.

 Customizable – ability to create an array of teaching & learning applications.

 Green – paperless & energy-efficient.  Supports Distance Learning – such as through telepresence.


Resize Annotate

Draw Record




Encourage Collaboration & Participation

Enhance Deeper Learning

Increase Engagement Levels

Tutorial Rooms & Classrooms

Research & Resource Centres

Training Rooms

Lecture Halls & Auditoriums

Science, Arts & Music Labs

IT, Multimedia & Design Labs

Traditional & Digital Library

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive LED

Gesture Recognition

Interactive Surface Table

Transparent Display

In Summary

 Paradigm shift from passive to dynamic, hands-on interactivity.  The central core of any modern education / training environment.  Greater engagement for learners.  Enhances teaching and training capabilities.

Thank You!

ICT Innovation in Education / Training - "An Interactive Perspective"  

Presented by 1001 Technologies' Executive Chairman, Mr. Looi Kien Leong in his capacity as Chairman of Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry (AS...

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