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Aquatic speaker, with bluetoth and mini jack

ruggie alarm clock: carpet with digital clock, with a weight sensor so it only goes off when you are standing for 3 seconds,

Piano fingers, glove with notes

Bottle thirst: smart bottle that records our water consumption to notify us when needed, this vibrates and sends a reminder to an associated app

Bracelet blu fox: anti-choke bracelet, throws a balloon, which comes to the surface, and an ultra-powerful light

Portable oven, steel cups, stone bas, gas, wood or charcoal, thermometer on the outside

slippers moon walker: sole made of bioelastic foam, and with magnets in it, of m45, own force field

Jmgoview projector:

backpack lumos aster: lighting backpack

triton gills: Artificial gills for swimming under water for up to 45 min Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and with this the creation of many inventions in charge of giving us the day to day, and that allows us to lead a safer life, the video showed us some of the creations that have taken place in these last years, such as intelligent alarm clocks, portable ovens, water speakers, among others, if we talk about a favorite I would choose, asos lumos backpack, because compared with the piano fingers, the backpack has a real use, the piano fingers doesn't even work properly as a real piano does

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