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The best and the worst invention in technology. JUAN PABLO SERNA PĂ EZ. 10-A

Summary of inventions. My opinion. Glossary. English level

1. water speaker- 25 min under water. 2. ruggie alarm-is a rug that serves as an alarm clock, speaks to you so you do not fall asleep for longer. 3. piano fingers-connects to the fingers with a surface and so you can experience the feeling of playing a piano without having one. 4. bottle seed-record how much you have taken of water, if you do not drink water it warns you that you should drink water and how dehydrated is your body. 5. blue fox bracelet- warns if someone is drowning and thus can facilitate the work of lifeguards. 6. roccbox portable oven heats things up in 90 seconds, is easy to transport and does not take up much space. It is ideal for a barbecue in any place you want. 7. moonwalker shoes - is made by NASA, simulates the physical conditions that are in the moon and gives the feeling of being an astronaut. 8. projector jmgo view- 180 inches, 3d and Android operating system, connects to the cellular and so you can have a tv where you want. 9. backpack lumos aster, serves to reduce the accidents of cyclists as it shines at night and gives better visibility to drivers. 10. triton gills - serves to breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes, so you can make your swimming sessions more durable.

Among all the technological inventions that we saw, that personally many of those that appear in the video had never seen them, I thought they were very good. But among all those who were in the video the one I liked the most was the projector with an Android operating system and which is also 3D. It was the one I liked the most because if I'm on a trip and I'm staying in a place where there is no television, I can connect my cell phone to the projector and see everything on the wall at an incredible size.

The one that I liked the least was the bracelet to save lives, I do not find it very useful since it is a device which at any moment can stop working.But in general they are very curious inventions and some very useful ones, the bad thing is that most of them can be very expensive.

Glossary. 1. Appear: Aparecer 2. Projector: Proyector. 3. Among: Entre.

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