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Started on the premise of an infantile idea, Caravan has become a reality, and Natalie Kucken and I, Lucas Regazzi , are pleased that you have decided to pick this up and glance at the talent of some of the most up and coming youth photographers and writers of our generation.

OUR MISSION: is committed to publishing works of young artists, poets and designers alike who are innovators; producing elegant, emotion evoking art

With all said and done, we have collected some of the finest works from across North America from the most talented youth we could find. Reading this magazine will give you a new sense of inspiration, which is its intention. Go outside, capture the world, it’s all at your fingertips. Age should, and will never be a set back to the potential and talent you have deep within. Enjoy the read, we know you will.

Caravan Magazine

Regards, Lucas Regazzi, Editor-in-Chief

Natalie Kucken, Head Photographer

Caravan Magazine Produced in Toronto, Canada & Detroit, USA 2011 / All Rights Reserved /

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Joe Curtin

Sisilia Piring


Natalie Kucken Arinaceous Seams

Amber Ortolano Descent into Confusion

Jordan Tiberio

Words and Images

Ashli Hunt

is a sixteen year old high school student, that calls Los Angeles, California his home. Joe creates photographs that are not only works of art, but are honest by nature. A monochrome dream comes to life., as Joe shows Caravan magazine a fragile adolescent amongst a vast wilderness.


Q: Simply put, where are you going, Joe? A: “Photography will always be a hobby at the very least for me. i'm not entirely sure if i am capable or willing to have a career in photography so i'm hoping to pursue filmmaking. my mom works in the movie industry and i'd love to follow in her footsteps. although most people want to go far away for college, i'm considering staying in los angeles and going to film school, seeing as los angeles is pretty much the center of the entertainment industry. then, right out of college, i will take a year or more to travel the world and document my travels in photos and through video. there are hundreds of places i want to visit and it would be fantastic to go to those places and capture beautiful photos and videos.”

Q: You can tell that with your photos you have a real eye and passion for creating images and scenes, when did this love for photography surface? A: “In august 2009 I started my 365 project on flickr and began taking photos frequently, but it wasn't until I found my mom's old minolta film camera from college that I really started loving photography and taking it seriously.”

Q: With all this evident inspiration, who would you say was your muse? If you even have one? A: “The closest thing I have to a muse would be my mom's friend Kristy. She's an artist and her photos and paintings are phenomenal. We had lunch together recently and it was great to talk to someone with the same interests and she really encouraged me to try new things in the art and photography realm.”

Q: Off the topic of photography, do you have any personal quirks or vices? A: ”My vice is that I am constantly eating food. Constantly. Thankfully I have a fast metabolism because I'm also really lazy”

Q: And finally, could you describe your fondest memory? A: My favorite memory took place in Maui, Hawaii a few years ago. My mom and my siblings and I took a trip from our hotel to Hana on the other end of the island. We never actually made it to Hana, but we stopped at many places along the way. We saw a glassblower at a small town, ate burgers overlooking a beautiful beach, explored a shut down sugar cane factory, and then drove up to the top of a large hill and sat on the car and watched the sun go down behind the ocean. It was fantastic”



My name is Natalie Kucken, I am seventeen years old and living in Michigan, but soon to be everywhere. I spend most of my time daydreaming and striving towards what I want. I am a quiet, light and striving youth, I collect crystals, dreams and dried flowers. I think that's who I am as a photographer also, a collector of pretty things striving to make them into quiet documentations of light and youth. my favorite words are dawning and fragile. I helped start caravan because I am addicted to creating, and to create something that does all of the things this project could and will do is too much to resist.

This series was shot very early in the morning on the lower east side of New York City. Everything was unusually quite and cold, more than it usually is at sunrise. It felt alien to be walking around in all of the silence among the homeless, sleeping in the parks' grassy areas and how strong the sunlight was in our sleepy eyes. So that's where the distortion came from, the feeling of that strange morning.

Model, Lauren at Direct Models Styling , Natalie Kucken

“I t felt alien walking around in all the silence.�

Arinaceous Seams from

Don’t be fooled by the quality of her works, Amber Ortolano has recently turned 15 and is wowing viewers around the world by her beautiful and haunting images. Situated in a small town in upstate New York, Ortolano captures herself in the ins and outs of day dreams and reveries. When asking Amber why she liked photography, she had this to say,

“I like photography because it’s a form of literature for me. I can speak for myself and other people by using my photographs as the words. I feel as if I have a purpose, which is to tell my story, and the stories of other, which otherwise would remain untold.” is thrilled to be showcasing her lovely captures. caravan


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Styled by Jordan Tiberio

�I’ve recently moved to New York City to study photography and the move has proven to be a bigger change for me than I originally expected. I am very inspired by nature as an artist, so one can imagine being surrounded by concrete and buildings imposed a challenge on me. This small series is my way of conveying the feelings I've had recently with my new environment. The first part of the series being full of motion represents the freedom I felt I had with my work when I was living in the suburbs. I was comfortable with my work when I was home because I knew my way around the bubble I created for myself. Here, I haven't yet formed that bubble because of how unfamiliar I am with what is what and what is where here, which is represented in the second half of the series with the caged girl. I believe that I've created a cage around myself by narrowing the way I think, believing I must have nature as a backdrop to create my art. I plan on creating more images here at school revolving around the theme of being caged or confined in an environment one is uncomfortable with. I hope that through this series I can show an adaptation to new places, and feel safe with where my work is and who I am; I want to break free from my invisible cage.�

Photography to me is a method of story telling, but also giving the viewer the ability to create a story of their own. Perhaps you don't see what I see in this series, and I think that’s fantastic

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words and images by Ashli Hunt


Caravan, Issue One  

First ever issue, enjoy

Caravan, Issue One  

First ever issue, enjoy