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Daytona 125


in Barcelona by Leonart Motors and with the cooperation of the best custom garages of the country. Taking several of the development themes used in the creation of the existing first model Spyder as starting point, The Daytona design team set out to create an unusual and distinctively attractive new bike that could provide many of the appealing features of larger displacements motorcycles.

The Daytona 125 impressive proportions and confident look. Recognisable at firs glace, the Daytona distinctive lines. The main goal of the project was to create an all-new concept in the class with a machine offering ample size and impressive styling that wouldn’t be humbled when pulling up next to a larger displacement motorcycle. The Daytona is full made and manufactured in Barcelona. It’s unique and styling bodywork will certainly prove to be major attention-getters, while its ample size and performance provide comfortable long-term riding enjoyment that is a rare commodity in its class. Developed for young riders, commuters and day-trippers looking and exiting new way to get around, the Daytona sets the pace in its class with performance, panache and wide range of all-day riding pleasure that is difficult to match, yet easy to enjoy.

Other superbly styled features are the large attractively designed die-cast aluminium advanced step holders and foot pegs finished in chrome for all motorcycle combinations. The Daytona broad tandem seat is an uncommon feature in its class. Contourned to offer a high level of control for both rider and passenger on par with larger motorcycles. Its cover is constructed with two materials and with an accent stitch in red.

Technical specifications Engine: 1 cylinder 4 valves 4 strokes water cooling Made in Italy Gears: 6 Displacement: 124,6cc Power: 11Kw / 15CV – 9500r.p.m. Max Speed: 110 Km/h Supply: Carburetor Frame: Soft tail double cradle Front suspension: Inverted fork Rear suspension: Soft tail double piston Front rim: Aluminum 21 inches Rear rim: Aluminum 16 inches Front tire: 90/90 21” Rear tire: 160/80 16” Fuel tank: 14L. Weight: 140Kg Measures mm: Large 2335 Width 965 High 1100 Axles 1660 Made and assembled in Barcelona

Leonart Motors, S.A. Carrer Germans Thos i Codina 35 08302 Mataro BARCELONA, Spain +34 937 576 101

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Leonart daytona 125  

Leonart daytona 125