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N O I S N E M I D W E N A G N I R E T Č EN I V O P A R K A H T I W ak r Your Kawas fo s m te s y S t ance Exhaus High-Perform

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ECE Type Approval Akrapovič exhaust systems that meet ECE type approval are designated in this catalog with the EC Type Approval Akrapovič exhaust systems that meet EC type approval are designated in this catalog with the





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Design: Akrapovič Kreativa d.o.o., / Photos: Akrapovič, Kawasaki Racing Team, Alex Štokelj, Bor Dobrin


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about akrapovič Akrapovič exhaust systems are renowned for increasing performance, having an unmistakable sound, state-of-the-art designs, significant weight reductions, quality workmanship, and durability. This ethos has been in Akrapovič’s DNA since the beginning, and the brand has now grown to international prominence, standing proudly at the top of the performance exhaust manufacturer’s tree. Innovative technologies, including the development of unique titanium alloys, have led to unmatched high-quality components produced and casted within its own in-house foundry. Akrapovič has pushed performance levels to outstanding heights and created a unique soundtrack for its exhaust systems. With boundaries being broken in the design world, leading to numerous impressive and prestigious honours for the ground-breaking exhausts it has produced − including Red Dot product design awards − Akrapovič has received a true recognition of all it has accomplished.

STAND OUT WITH AKRAPOVIČ Increased performance Advanced technology Quality workmanship Unique sound Innovative design Improved durability


25-years and counting

Akrapovič is marking an important milestone in the company’s history in 2016, when the Slovenian exhaust specialist is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since its inception in 1991, when founder Igor Akrapovič began tuning engines and making exhausts in his garage for local motorcycle racers, Akrapovič has grown to international recognition as the foremost manufacturer of premium exhaust products in the world. Racing has always been the lifeblood of Akrapovič and, as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, its rich racing heritage with Kawasaki – including many world titles – has been further enhanced with even more success. To add to Akrapovič’s 100 world champions – a feat achieved in 2015 – Kawasaki has celebrated victory in two more world championships because Jonathan Rea from 4 the Kawasaki Racing Team was triumphant in World Superbikes, and Kenan Sofuoğlu from the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing team won the World Supersport crown. This further cements the racing DNA that links the two companies.

racing is deeply rooted in our dna cooperating with kawasaki Akrapovič has more than 20-years of racing experience at the very top level of the sport, winning more than 100 world championship titles. These champions and their teams have trusted our exhaust systems to give them the performance and results they need. It’s this heritage that makes Akrapovič the desired choice among racing teams and riders alike. From WorldSBK machines to national championship bikes, Akrapovič exhaust systems are designed to reduce weight, increase performance, and extract additional power. Akrapovič exhaust systems harness and enhance the linear power from the motorcycle’s engine, making the bike more ridable and giving the rider the true feeling of the engine and its performance through the science of throttle control. This dedication to produce the best is a philosophy that is channelled through to road-bikes, making them lighter, faster, and better.

Right from the outset of the collaboration between Akrapovič and Kawasaki, this venture produced success and trophies when Akrapovič celebrated its first victory in an individual Superbike race with Akira Yanagawa of Japan winning on a Kawasaki in 1997. This cooperation has flourished, and in 2015 the Kawasaki Racing Team in WorldSBK won the title with Jonathan Rea riding a Kawasaki ZX-10R, a feat that he repeated in 2016.

Motorcycle racing performance is 100% related to the riders’ abilities and the team behind them. The KRT WorldSBK project is the sum of all the human staff involved and all the suppliers giving their best possible performance in their area of specialization. Akrapovič is a high-quality technical supplier and partner, assisting us with the best exhaust products and expertise we can find in this field. Commitment and the pursuit of perfection are definitions of Akrapovič’s spirit, and they fit 100% with the spirit of excellence.

Guim Roda, Team Manager of the Kawasaki Racing Team

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R / 2016 + 16.5 HP / 6700 rpm, - 5.4 kg (- 58.1%) S-K10E9-ZC / Evolution Line (Carbon) S-K10R9-ZC / Racing Line (Carbon) S-K10SO16-HZC / Slip-On Line (Carbon) ECE EC EPA CARB RP S-K10SO17-ASZ / Slip-On Line (Titanium) L-K10SO7T / Optional Link Pipe (Titanium)

Kawasaki Ninja Ninja H2R/H2 / 2015-2016 + 1.9 HP / 6900 rpm S-K10E3-HX2C / Evolution Line (Carbon)

Kawasaki Z900 / 2017 More power / Less weight Kawasaki Ninja 650/Z650 / 2017 More power / Less weight S-K6R8-HEGEH / Racing Line (Titanium)


S-K9SO4-ASZT / Slip-On Line (Titanium) S-K9SO3-HZT / Slip-On Line (Titanium) ECE EC EPA CARB RP S-K9SO3-HZC / Slip-On Line (Carbon) ECE EC EPA CARB RP H-K9SO1 / Optional Header (SS)

*Only valid with catalytic converter P-KAT-061


Kawasaki Z800 / 2013-2016 + 3.8 HP / 10700 rpm, - 4.8 kg (- 63,2%) S-K8SO2-HRC / Slip-On Line (Carbon) EC EPA CARB RP S-K8SO2-HRT / Slip-On Line (Titanium) EC EPA CARB RP E-K8R1 / Optional Header (SS)

Kawasaki Ninja 300/Ninja 250R/Z300/Z250 / 2013-2016 + 0.4 HP / 10650 rpm, - 2.8 kg (- 63.6%) S-K3SO1-HZC / Slip-On Line (Carbon) ECE EC EPA CARB RP S-K3SO1-HZT / Slip-On Line (Titanium) ECE EC EPA CARB RP

KAWASAKI ZZR1400/ZX14R / 2016 + 5.7 HP / 7050 rpm, - 5.7 kg (- 39.6%) KAWASAKI Ninja 250SL / 2015-2016 + 0.4 HP / 9750 rpm, - 2.0 kg (- 42.6%) S-K2SO7-HRSS / Slip-On Line (SS) ECE EC EPA CARB RP S-K2SO8-CUBT / Slip-On Line (Titanium)

S-K14SO6-HZAAT / Slip-On Line (Titanium) S-K14R3-ZAAT / Racing Line (Titanium) E-K14R1 / Optional Header (SS)


*Only valid with catalytic converter P-KAT-054


Kawasaki KX250F / 2017 + 2.0 HP / 12550 rpm, - 1.0 kg (- 25%) S-K2MET9-BNTA / Evolution Line (Titanium) SA S-K2MR9-BNTA / Racing Line (Titanium) SA S-K2SO9-BNTA / Slip-On Line (Titanium) SA

! n o o s coming Z1000SX 2017 Z1000 /017 Z800 2s 300 2017 Versy