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Brigade Bulletin 15 October 2010 FROM THE COMMANDER:

Only eleven horses have ever won the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes). Between 1998 and 2002, six races were won by less than one horse length. It is a Marginal Difference to Greatness.  We must all find our Marginal Difference to Greatness in everything we do for our customers. In order to be the best support brigade that we can, we must push ourselves to excellence, not just adequacy. Our customers deserve the very best that we can provide them.  What is your MDG? Where can you apply the power of the principle? What do you need to do to overcome your marginal difference and find greatness?  I’d like to give a shout out to all of our TACOM personnel currently deployed downrange: Steve Shotwell, Curtis Wisniewski, Darren Mays, Keith Hayes and Gary Smith. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon. 




 


It is time to start planning our brigade Christmas party. Please submit the name of on individual from each section to be on our Christmas party planning committee to me by COB 20 Oct. The CFC has begun. We all know that the CFC is a worthy cause that helps many people around the world. Please find it in your heart to participate. Contact SPC Chanel Walton or SGT Charles King for more information. The Daenner Kaserne mail room will cease operations on 1 Nov. If you have a mailbox on Daenner Kaserne, you must go to the mail room on Kleber Kaserne and sign for a new mailbox and fill out a change of address card between now and 1 Nov. If you are working overtime, you must get prior approval from your supervisor. We are working in a mixed environment (military, civilians and contractors). Keep in mind that civilian grades equate to military ranks. We should all be familiar with those conversions. If you receive a tasker from the commander, the suspense is 24 hours from the time of receipt unless otherwise noted. If you need additional time, get with the deputy to the commander to request an extensions.


CSM Sharpe is currently in training. Each employee is encouraged to find their own leadership skills and develop them.

FROM THE S-1 (Personnel): For those employees who converted from NSPS to TAPES, the rating period is extended to 31 Oct. 2010.  Employees should concur and certify time and attendance in ATAAPS on the Friday after each payday.  Overtime must be documented and approved by supervisors. 

FROM THE S-2 (Security): A farewell luncheon for Peggy Perry will be held on 20 Oct. See the flier sent earlier this week for more details.  If you are traveling outside Germany, visit for information on the area to which you are traveling or contact Manual Balderaz at DSN 483-4025 for updated information.  Stay alert, stay alive. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

FROM THE S-3 (Plans and Operations):  

The S-3 will conduct MRT training throughout the month of October. The S-3 has reorganized with the intent of providing synchronized and concise communications and collaborations and ensure quality customer support. 

FROM THE SPO: The SPO continues to support exercise Saber Strike in Latvia. Patrick Lynn and CPT Tony Dela Rosa are conducting transfer of authority. Patrick Lynn will redeploy this week, and CPT Dela Rosa will complete the exercise.  The SPO visited Schweinfurt on 13 Oct. Rita Cucchiara presented a briefing on the brigade to the warrant officers in the community prior to briefing the 1-77 FA on their upcoming LBE operations.  At the brigade’s request, DA G-4 has updated the UIC tree in the MWO database, removng 81 UICs from the database and, on average, reducing the volume of open MWOs being reported by the European theater by 25 percent. 

FROM THE S-4 (Property and Supply): The S-4 cleaned up PBUSE to create a catalog to convert non-standard LIN by using the standard LIN automated management and integrated system and input into PBUSE.  The S-4 is working on the SSSC account to establish a new account for 1st and 2nd battalions to order office supplies online at the office supply store in Kaiserslautern.  The S-4 continues to work on campaign property accountability and turn in excess items to the SSA or DRMO. 

FROM THE S-5 (Public Affairs): The PAO is currently out of the office. She will return to the office on 18 Oct. Slides from the latest KMC community meeting have been posted online at http://  To report threat activities, follow the instructions posted online at http://  

FROM THE S-6 (Information Technology): 

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Users are reminded to use strong passwords. Some things to consider: Is the password as strong (length and content) as the rules allow? Is the password unique and unrelated to any of your other password? Can you remember the password without having to write it down? Have you changed the password recently?

FROM THE S-8 (Resource Management): The S-8 is beginning preparations for the FY11 ASC OIP. The OPORD should be published by the end of the week establishing the dates of the inspections for the brigade and battalions.  The CRA is still in effect. Continue normal operations with no new start or expansion of programs.  The OPORD for the FY11 manager’s internal control program should be completed by the end of the week.  Beginning next week, the office will be closed for a few hours for the GFEBS training. GFEBS is the new financial system that will go live next spring Army-wide. 

FROM THE AL&T OFFICE: Further tracking of AMC contracts continues to be refined. The AL&T will gather more information and details from the brigade, battalions and LCMCs to better pursue avenues to ensure AMC contracts are well monitored.  MAJ Lloyd Togisala is still tracking DPW work orders from the previous engineer section. As the contractors complete work orders, please notify MAJ Togisala. Please submit new work orders to Le Marco Walters or MAJ Togisala. 


The safety focus for the first quarter of FY11 is workplace safety inspections and the prevention of slips, trips and falls. All supervisors are required to conduct and document monthly safety inspections of their areas and provide to the safety officer. From October until December, the safety officer will be conducting safety inspections of subordinate elements.


LAR Larry Callahan is departing Europe for a position at Redstone Arsenal, Ala. SSTR Chip Moore has arrived and will be stationed in Illesheim.


The C4ISR regional support centers provide total life cycle (or interim) contractor support warranty management and limited depot, GS and backup DS maintenance support for fielded C4ISR weapons systems and non-standard and non-developmental item systems. The RSC is moving to a new facility on Panzer Kaserne. If you are interested in learning more or having a tour of the facility, contact Mike Haase at DSN 375-5348 or email


The TACOM SARET team will reset small arms for the 1-10th Special Forces from 18 Oct. until 23 Oct.

FROM JMC:  The JMC SCR is deployed in support of Saber Strike 11.



Col. Ronald Green Jennifer L. King The Army newsletter Brigade Bulletin is an authorized publication for members of the 405th Army Field Support Brigade and other members of the Department of Defense. Contents of Brigade Bulletin are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, or the Department of the Army. The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of Ms. Jennifer King, 405th U.S. Army Field Support Brigade Public Affairs Officer. Brigade Bulletin can be reached in writing at the following address: 405th Army Field Support Brigade, ATTN: Public Affairs Officer, Unit 23152, APO AE 09227. Via telephone: 49 621 411 4099, DSN: 314-483 4099. Via email:

15 Oct 405 AFSB Bulletin  

15 Oct 405 AFSB Bulletin

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