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GARDEN Design 2015 - 2017


Montrouge, France

Moss garden Intentions

The idea of ​​this garden is to create a soothing atmosphere to relax. The references and codes are borrowed from the Japanese garden. There will be multiple colours and the scales used are implemented to create a unique universe.

phyllostachys aurea rhus typhina laciniata phormium tenax gaura lindheimeri malus x purpurea

saxifraga black composite soleirolia soleirolii

metal fountain black gravels phyllostachys nigra

heuchera obsidian acer palmatum fragaria ocimum basilicum trachelospermum jasminoides

Live in a painting Contemplation As the garden is small, it is important to compose it as a painting for the people in the house who look out the window. The details are of paramount importance, to create a universe with various scales. These significant details come to break the lines of leaks.

High in colors In this small garden I want to bring height to feel a ceiling of greenery. Between the grass level and the level of the leaves of the trees a reassuring atmosphere is created. I wish to create a maximum height with the use of a plant rhus typhina laciniata.

Serenity as a family I designed this garden for a couple who were expecting a child. They were eager to create a cocoon in which they could rest after work. The main use of the garden was to rest, have a drink or smoke a cigarette while watching the garden from the terrace like a painting.


Belleville, Paris

This terrace project is located in Belleville, a cosmopolitan and artistic district in Paris.. Here we can observe the modeling of the terrace on Sketchup.

Previously the atmosphere of this terrace was dull and gloomy. It was unpleasant because of the difficulty to spend a good time in this environment. The order my company received had a primary objective to be able to receive friends, have great parties and corner to rest.

Vegetable garden at hand Edible garden

The idea of this ​​ terrace is to bring joy of living in this urban atmosphere. Alex is an artist, and we worked together to opt for a colorful and inspirational kitchen garden. The choice is focused on the pallet wood for the terrace.

+ pallet recovery

= kitchen garden


Elevation phyllostachys aureosulcata allium schoenoprasum linum usitatissimum mentha spicata

fragaria ocimum basilicum rosmarinus officinalis

hedera helix thymum

Plan 1/50

To live the edible party This garden is divided and defined by two boundaries. These two spaces are within sharp colours of red and blue. The first space is within the red colour and it is dedicated to the reception of friends and parties. The second space of blue colour corresponds to the space of calm and rest. The recycled colour palettes gives this terrace a playful atmosphere. The tones of the wood and the use of edible plants reflect the spirit of the inspirational kitchen garden.


Paris, France

Enjoy the morning sun « A little girl towards autonomy who bravely raises this well filled watering can to take care of these plants. She is not quite alone, the cat laying on her a benevolent look, at home her mother carefully tidies the last book read, «Vol de Nuit» from Saint-Exupéry and the sun accompanies the little girl on the small terrace. »