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Under His Wings Psalm 91:4

March 2013

Joel & Missy Davis

Serving through Aviation in the Philippines

Davis Photo Journal - 2 Years in Review

In April of 2011, we moved to this mountain town in the middle of the island of Mindanao,

where God provided this wonderful house for our family.

Joel started flying this airplane


to small grass airstrips in the jungle like this...

to provide air support for our missionaries who live in these remote locations...

so that tribal people like this have access to the Gospel and solid Bible teaching.

Joel brings supplies like this, along with frozen meat, dry goods, building supplies, mail, muffins (from Missy), medicine, and just about anything the missionaries need.... as long as it will fit in the airplane.

He stuffs the plane like this and delivers everything to the villages to keep our missionaries stocked up, well fed, and encouraged to keep doing their work in their villages.

I (Missy) stay by the radio to track every flight Joel makes, track him on the internet via GPS, and check on our missionaries in the jungle every day. I also do lots of billing and bookkeeping. (No picture, too boring.)

Joel’s Flying Stats 2011-2013

Last year Joel got to fly a newly finished New Testament into one of the villages... super exciting!

As a family we started studying Visayan, which is the language in our town...

Number of landings: 1,013 Hours flown: 229.9 Passengers flown: 299 Cargo hauled: 99,444 lbs Unusual cargo on the plane: a monkey (see below), a f u l l s i z e r e f r i g e r a t o r, motorcycles, a stove, a washing machine, 8 foot sheets of plywood, and a really scared cat.

We were pretty excited when Joel and Joel flew us into the jungle where In one of them, we had a jungle we got to visit a couple of the villages picnic with rice, sardines in tomato brought Baxter to live with us for a few months. Baxter got evicted when where our missionaries work. sauce, all on biodegradable banana he decided that jumping on our leaf plates! heads was more fun than just watching us walk by his perch.

hmmm maybe not. Ryley and Camryn love their friends from next door... and they love catching critters like the shrew in this box... *shiver*

What will we miss from the Philippines? and this big old warty Joel: Our ministry and our coworkers. toad... Mang Inasal (a BBQ Chicken place here) Missy: Our friends & our job. Mangoes. The convenient little stores right next to N o w o u r 6 - m o n t h our house that have fruits, veggies, and furlough is upon us and we eggs. are looking forward to seeing Ryley: My stuffed animals. Our pets. YOU, and telling you more Our house and our swings. My friends. about what God is doing here Camryn: Brody & Boone (our dogs). on the island of Mindanao in My friends.

the Philippines! We will be Stateside March 15-September 13, 2013. Please let us know if you’d like us to come share at your church, Sunday school class, or small group! We remain Under His Wings...

What are we excited about in the USA? Joel: Family. Friends. Food. Fishing. Missy: Seeing everyone we miss. One stop shopping. Blending in. Public bathrooms with toilet paper and soap. Target. Publix. Yummy food. Ryley: Seeing our families. Disney World. Swimming and playing at the beach. Camryn: Picking up shells at the beach. Seeing our family.

2 Years in 5 Minutes or Less  

march 2013 letter

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