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Here are the job that contains information and llustrador Photoshop



introduction Throughout human evolution, man has had on hand many inventions but formerly any image that you wanted to buy had to be a plastic artist in order to obtain the image you want but this was made with fon pigment canvas form evolved man was created the ultimate creation that has the man who is the computer and created several programs for the same use as Photoshop and Illustrator for a better quality image editing any photo if you want or desire and these two programs are the most commonly used by designers in the world



-Know the different types of designs can be made by photoshop and its effects. - Inform the public about the ideas that provide these programs and that can be used .. - Propose new designs .. -create new brands through these two programs are photoshop and llustrador ..



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Adobe Photoshop

cs3 This program is adobe, this is essentially a software application in the form of how to create and form new details such as painting and photography would like to touch up some paint then we resort to photoshop ... To edit the picture and started to touch through various processes that must be taken during the development of painting ...

Any canvas, painting and photo retouching images and photographs Modifying've Given him the reputation as the editing program in the world 's most famous images.



Initial versions is working on a bitmap space formed by a single layer, where they could implement a range of effects, texts, maracas and treatments currently does with multiple layers. It also has the addition of a multi-workspace but also have things like vector element, advanced color management (ICM / ICC), extensive font treatment, control and color retouching, creative effects, whether to include any third-party plugins, export to web sites.

Photoshop: It is most commonly used by photo retouching, but also used extensively in many disciplines of the field of design and photography, as web design, bitmap images composition, digital styling, typesetting, graphics and video editing and basically any activity that requires digital image processing.

Photoshop:   Ceased to be used only by the designers, is now a tool also used by professional photographers around the globe, and using it to carry out the process to make the printing process and digital extensions, without having to go and by a laboratory rather than printing the material ...


Fon innovation of digital photography in recent years been improving photoshop is there for the professional but also for home photo retouching. Photoshop puede trabajar con muchos tipos de archivos de imágenes como, BNP, JPG, PNG, GIF… peros estos son los más utilizados por photoshop…

But most of all photoshop is used to create images, effects, graphics and more in very good quality. Although for certain jobs requiring the use of vector graphics is better to use illustrator for this program will speak later ...

Below we present the lock down areas The program will observe different bars and panels distributed in the working environment in the following image ... we'll see different options that are available ...

Now open the photoshop program had to edit the photo in Photoshop panel image will open all the bars and panels are active and work area takes this way of working…



Can we see e in this s picture e are Several Ways W off workin ng and tools Photosho op That Gives Us U the ba ar at the e top en nd we find f the menu bar b

s the too olbar This is



And also a find the e contrrol pan nel is the t

his imag ge In th we

can see e

curs sor

eral tools seve Very ry

essential for

mod dify an Typ pe

this s

of ima age

tool is

Like e it ...

to sele ect All tha at Like it ...

s is the color window where w yo ou can select s th he colorrs This you want to o manag ge in the e image that we e will mo odifyr


his we can c also o take a color to o apply addition a nal layerrs In th of coloring the image we want w to retouch h.

s can de egrade the colorr applied d manua al .. This


These are a few tools and tables where we can create new ways to modify an image, there are more but these are useful to the following examples below lodges ... This designs are created based on photohop and very creative as it is very important to have a lot of imagination to be big things and create things never before seen by imagination and creativity of the wearer in the following examples we see also other accessories, and tools to use so a better way to see how to use photoshop tools'




As you can see in this image first opened photoshop ... create a new window to work .. is selected and give it new photo, then pixels and dimensions that we want to work .. in this picture we see how it looks ..


2 spent In the same way you created the first step in the same way it is created within the same one for editing the image that we use ... In this picture we see how it looks ...


3 spent We proceed to edit another image to paste into the back window where it will work and the background behind the photo will stick forward to start designing ..

You'll see this picture ..


3 spent Place the image where you want it to be useful or just where we want then we will see in the picture

below ..

Or just put up the fund and established ... As we shall see below ..


4 spent In this step we will create another design with the same model then we will see ...

But you say that was the easy change in the picture above the picture is the girls went with everything and context and background but this was cut out pictures of the girl and that alone was pulled without the background ...


5 spent In the next image we see another type of design ...

In the next step we will see how to put things dare cut and paste ..


6 spent In this step we will see how to change another image through only going to cut and paste ...

Note well the image to distinguish what is shown below ...


7 spent In this picture I hit a flower and then place it near Eagle this design is that anybody can be ...


8 spent Now create another image with the same design with the same picture we have in the background ...


in the above picture we w can se ee that I hit h the flo ower girl gift imag ge is de egraded image i We ell this was w thank ks to a tool that photosho op proporsiona

ntinuacion n see tha at what is s that HER RRAMINT TAS acon

With this tooll we can degrade the arias s of the im mages orr just blen nd the image as shown on the pre evious pag ge ..



But this t tool has h more e options for use as a we willl see belo ow ...

e 'we can see se everal op ptions we w can use degra adation by b Here blend ding the image yo ou want horita h we e have va arious op ptions fro om the smallest s to the la argest to melt eac ch numbe er tells us u how big will be b the kin nd of deg gradation but also have the e option of o a kind of pointtillism that makes s it very in nterestin ng when applied a ....

Here e we see the numb ber of deg gradation n that we e can use the spac ce as siize and so o on. ....




So we know a bit of photoshop and some tools but we need many things and with this we can create different shapes colors, designs to suit the uses it but mostly we have a great desire to design but more importantly, always have a lot but While much imagination to develop our design and that at all times we must keep improving our design dare Photoshop To end with the theme of photoshop then brought to his notice the latest designs ... Hope you like ...

To do it right




Adobe Ilustrador One of the most popular programs is essentially an application for creating and manipulating digital vector as applied to the technical illustration or graphic design, among other As a branch of the Art Illustration Intended for artistic drawing and painting for Illustration Illustrator contains creative options, easier access A tools and versatility graphics with uses





Phones Are given in (Layout-Journal) print, video, web publishing and devices to understand It is most recognized for quality and artistic level of the artwork created there more than anything else, being frequently used by highly skilled artists that, moreover, that also requires a certain amount of time and effort to

Environment Adobe Illustrator is composed of a series of panels, bars and windows that can move and shift. And any provision of these elements is known as a work area.



We will w see e later what w thes se elem ments. To o displa ay panels s, try to t open an imag ge or a docume d nt alrea ady crea ated..

Men nu Bar B

a superrior des sde la que se desplie egan lo os Es la barra nús com mo Archiv vo o Ediición. Es sta It is the top bar from m men whic ch menus are displaye ed as File F or Edit. E Th his bar is i com mmon to o most Window W ws applic cations,, so you u alread dy know w it worrks. Panel of too ols.


On the lefft side we fin nd this panel, which include es draw wing too ols, editting, etc c.. Some e tools are a grou uped intto a sin ngle ico on, the whic ch diffe ers by having a trian ngle in the low wer righ ht corn ner. To deploy d s should h hold the e mouse e a few seconds s. You can als so acces ss their propertties by double d c clicking.

Then we will w see e some e exercises do one witth Adob be Illus strator

s is a de esign cre eated firrst as a sketch but it de es This pain nted with severa al layers s degrad dation is s layere ed one afte er anothe er that requires r s lots of patienc ce ...



Here's H s anotther examp e ple...

esign is s only d designed d for line draw wings no n For this de ger has any fac ce or fiigure bu ut it is very difficult to t long crea ate in the am mount of o colorr and finish f liines an nd Illus strator




In the prior written mind I realize that for many programs, but only one is not so is the wit of man to form his evolutionary path as dare these programs have created new ways of seeing things as well as creating new sources work but it is essential to improve the quality of images ..



Personal guide to Photoshop's great book Author: Dagoberto molan

Quick Photoshop free white Author: Carmen Gonzales córdoba


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