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Product Design Portfolio Amy Owens

I am a second year student at Nottingham Trent University studying Product Design. I have a keen interest in design, and am highly motivated to learn more about form, construction and composition within design. My strongest areas within Prodcut Design is my creativity and my ability to come up with new concepts

Upcycling Denim Jacket

Speedo Swimming Fin App

InstrmntTable Clock

InnoviaBBC Bus

Upcycling Denim Jacket Brief Develop and produce a fully refined final prodcut that reuses household packagin or evertday waste materials. The final product must be something wearable (i.e. clothing, hats, jewellery, shoes, bags ect.)

Speedo Swimming Fin App

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Brief Through primary and secondary research, the task is to identify key insights and opportunities within the Chinese athleisure market


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Speedo Bespoke Fin app allows its users to customise swimming fins from the comfort of their home. The app allows users to decided whether they want the fin to short or tall depending on how they will train with the fin. Allowing users to decide what material they would like the fin to be made out of so that maximum comfort can be achieved. The stiffness of the fin can be decided using the gauge. Whether the fin is open heeled or closed heel depending on users preference. Colour, form, and style can be decided, giving users thousands of options to chose from. - Mission Our aim is simple, to give swimmers the opportunity to be comfortable when in the water. Out solution, to create swimming fins specifically made to fit each customers foot perfectly.You can provide a brief and authentic description of your values and the code of conduct your company embarks upon in the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Missionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; section. This will build a trustworthy relationship among your customers.

- Vission To progressive the technology to incorporate it into other swimming products.


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InstrmntTable Clock Brief Through focused primary and secondary research, design and develop a complementary tabletop timepiece for www.

Ivory walnut wood with gloss finish Sapphire crystal glass Quartz movement mechanism Aluminium clock hands

InnoviaBBC Bus Brief Through focused primary and secondary research,the task is to propose new innovative and accessible products for a BBC media service, that promtes virtual reality


- V i s i t i n g s c h o o l s a c ro s s t h e U K -

Contact Details Mobile: 07495518650 Email: Linkedin: Https:// amy-owens-B60910B2/

Product Design Portfolio  
Product Design Portfolio