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2 By ... Shutterman. . This year 2008 is regarded as a D-SLR camera, because these really big campground to transport D-SLR camera out to show me the different generations have to face it.


Name “to sit”. This was the first pitcher. Casanova’s Paradise again. That it was not a nice woman. We’ll have doctors and accountants to sit and drink in the same group. I have ordered four jars. Each delicious flavor to it. I want to be like new eating (laughs) I have ordered from Apple. Something like Japan. Casanova’s Paradise. I then called smoothie “to take” personal opinion is that most delicious apples. But it was all a really similar taste. Off to drink a little crush grew numb to it. The red part, but it is superseded by yourself, it means the rest does not matter. (Or is that not the Abby?) Just know that we know this is a bit like me wordlessly. Eat a lot but do not have symptoms. I drink and so on. I mounted the hilarious things people do. We can do that. I think if they had gone ahead to warn the patient that the patient not to eat it too? I’m a medical student to do this (laughs).


APP 2012 Note that the bottom footer of any program will be advertised in the area when it opened a full-page ad on the screen of the phone. The ads can be formatted either video or web app, too small to be able to close at any time. After that, it will return to the screen of the app to launch it before the original ad. Try to Watch This Video that Apple made an impression on many forms, the advertiser can choose according to different purposes, and a campaign to attract people to do. What iAd supported. Ads that Apple has shown to all in this standard HTML5, which is that Adobe Flash is still an issue is that it is compatible or not, because the ads are Flash has a number in its answer is iAd supported. HTML5 and iPhone 4.0 API, this time onwards. It is unclear whether Apple will limit iAd on iPhone OS only, or try and expand access to cross-platform competitors like Android and BlackBerry, but this is Apple launched business mobile ad clearly as possible, and there is a very high possibility that iAd will lead to a number worthy of the hand of the iPhone, it is now.


SAMSUNG for Social Video Marketing. This is another video on Youtube, but the production of a product itself. Campaign out to the Internet and Social Networking for syndication to a pure question of watching the ad and send it to a friend to take part in the decision on visiting this Ad. The filming This ad brings the product itself is Samsung I8910 HD phone new mobile from Samsung has the camera up to 8 megapixel and can record video in format HD video used in the production of films. In the movie ad was filmed in one (1 take) is the production and special effects any more, everything you see is in the camera phone Samsung I8910 HD phone, only by the excitement of use. video phone. The clips also raises the question of the audience for this video. The confusion in the shoot out how to see without a technic to cut or not, and certainly one of Samsung’s release of the video comes out. As a solution to run this ad. To emphasize to clients that this is the image that I have of the product. Of course, this is a trend in the Internet especially Social because someone sent a video ad to see, and much of the filming lot, especially on Youtube, they have to look high as 1 million Pageviews then (for 07. / 2009).




Japan has a total area of ​​over 377,930 square kilometers. It is ranked 61 in the world [8] The islands of Japan consists of islands more than 3,000 islands, the largest island is Koh Hong Chu Hokkaido schema that holds and Shikoku, respectively Islands of Japan, most of them are. mountainous islands. In which there are a number of volcanoes. Such as Mt. The highest mountain in Japan is a good example of a population of 10 of the world’s estimated 128 million people [9] capital of Japan is Tokyo. Including the metropolitan area, with a metropolitan area is the largest in the world with a population of over 30 million people. Assumption that humans lived in Japan for the first time since the Old Stone Age. Mentioned Japanese first appear in the records of the court of China, since the first century, Japan has been heavily influence d by the Chinese government in many aspects, such as language and culture. But at the same time give their own unique modifications. As a result, Japan’s dominant culture until today. Several centuries later. Japan was adopting Western technology and bring the country to become the most advanced and most influential in East Asia. After losing World War II. Japan was ruled by the Constitution in the Year 2490. Japan is a leading nation economically. The GDP is the third highest in the world in the year 2553 [10] Japan is a member of the United Nations, G8, OECD and APEC and has been active to participate in solutions of different country Japan has a good standard of living.


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Articles by Platform ( Met again with Mr. Page’s Platform old old (555) after an absence of nearly two years, I have watched some of the time. I did not dare leave her out. This will conclude with a review like cut drastically. If you do not like what I saw in front of me would like to talk to me then. So as to improve the next generation. I fear so that you readers will also leave out too well I can read it again. Today we have to deal with it. Or I do not really get to play it for the first time, the world’s Oops I may boast a little bit more down to earth as the first. Thailand undertook to review the Nokia E75 Business Post. Launched in mid-February when the new Eseries Symbian system in 2009, complete with the right size keyboard. And functions that need to be smooth and easily without a degree, you can use the mobile version. Or those who have never used Symbian phones before it is closed as well. But it is better to do the wrong eyes on the machine crashes, we will not be together. I did not adjust to it after review appease his mobile phone reviews please clear up the old ones ... But it is not working to be more fitting. I was beginning to be attracted to the versatility under extreme ease, but we do not think you can use the advanced functions ... I think it’s really fast. Yes, that is the Poon and lost everything I had to do something to offend. The loss of a brother Song - Wasan.


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