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(-l=)o'RECT) let yoLr rurnber do the talklng

Seven eG.l Probl. Me... Ju~m ~ Start-ups have but Could EaSily AVOId:

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(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

Why are we doing this eBook? CMte simple really AIte, tallang to many business S\llIt路ups who regIStered WIth us we ooticed that a lot 01 them were having" the same old problems, So we'"" ~t ~ thlS .. Book to show you how tt- pitfallscan be easily 8"'Jided by Wnq" !lOll QeOIIJaplUcal


Here 8t 08 Ouect you can register a


number for free!

SouOOsgreat -x-it It? All we llSk in return is fof you to II<!'Jertise it p!operly 8IId en)oy the ..rviceIIlhatoome with it.

We hope you enpyOOJI l'We .. Book. Feel free lO ..nd itOll to your

tnends and &fl\'OIIll else you lIunll ilCO<lld help.

(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

A small business with only one phone: BLII, a young e<l\lep<eneu:; is all excited as he swtS his new ~ He'. just set up Ius new computer compo.ny, IT Nerd LID, He"s fUnning it lrnm lIi!l spare bedroom at

the back of his nat wtth lIi!l business jl(UtneT lis he', ju$I starting" up he only has one landh... wlUch he shares, 80 when the phone rirVl he doesrit know wllethel it is. tusine$$

lead CO" •


call. 80 he always answolI. 'heUo7

ScWti<rl - Call Whisper"

WIth • call whispe< se!V'<:e 8m will be alerted when he _ _ • call en his oon-QOOllIllphical numbeL

•• 'l1IllI1Illows Bill 10 always answeI his Cftllsoorlectly

ensuring thai his new business Jool<$ pro!esl:ional

(-I=)C'RECT) let your number do the talking

Lost Faxes: BOO is ~ 0UecI0r cJ Company 366 He Iwl_ office based em~ and SOon路the-roe<! ..."""""n. The office has 8

<:en\laJ fa>< machine which isll!led by o.ll memberso! otaIf,

Wherl a newcuswmer signs up, the comrllC\ l\a$1O be faxed bOIcI< to t - i office to be Pl" I as qwcIdy ... p::ossilile. 11wI quite often - . . to prol>lelllll'" the lax lMChine IS unreliable and papa", goa< lost due 10 the numbeo: 01 ino:::minQ" ~ SoIu!i<fl- Fax-lO-EmaiJ WIth a / number lhe otfio&._ emplojoee$ will receive the fa>< Waight Ie their elMilllddresgell, avoi<llrog' the

uMlIiabIe lax machine. p&per jams. and loot =8oCt$i~ The saI=nan can also reoeive a ""py 01 the lax SlIaIght to his BJackl>erry, .., he knows the fa>< has been recelved lor his per90Ml


(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

Analysing the effectiveness of Marketing: Duane is marketing managoeI 01 Crayons h U Ltd, a smal1 mall路 order business. He investS heavdy in twO media p"bliCthOns aM achieves pretty l/OOd _ , But he doesnl know whidl magazine is h.av'1ng the bWst ut'lP"Ct

Duane twO _ate C8 numberson NCb campaign I&adinQ

So. when the phone no"" it a~ '/his IS ltOIJiJ!ImIlhe yellow pages ~', or '<his <Sa Cfj/j from lhe M~ 6YetIirlg _ ~Iisemllnt . Using tIus sysIem Duane d~ that the Yellow _ campalgn W_:lt worlang So lie "'vested in anclher publication. to the same mquuy h.....

(-I=)C'RECT) let your number do the talking

Staff on the go: Trev has been running tuaQWl1 ecaffoIding <XJnlpany /0< IOye&l$ He has 10 t,,"I<le~ ""O<I<ing fa" lum and 8 part-time _ n t , fewy, whodoeo the """'"-lnl!l and day路to-day papework,

I'eWY only ""lIks Monday 10 n.",llday 91ill 4, and a ~of the Ume she has 10 lea"" the oIfice 10 l/IOft bits and pieoeoOU\ 101 'nev.

By USUlg a R>llow me number any C41lIlIO the oIfice are not ~ ~ I'eWY is (IUt doing he< ",rand$. The phone wtll ring three time$ in the oIfice thefl will be redtlEoCled 10 b:xh Thev'$ phone and lull si\8 """"'II"L 1lIis way ooOll!ls are missed If eve,.,.::ne is bu$y then the caller will be dLJEoCted to a "'*::emaJ! servioe.

wtuch bolh nev and Peggy can I>O:ll!8!I with a pm number.

(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

Professional image for small business: I'Iuth runs a roaw SIaIl·up ~ called Furniture 365 ilP'!(:iahsiJ'lg in the !eotOfalial 01 furniture. Ruth in the local .-pape, and wants to:!tand ooL She wants C\lSIOmerS to leeIlhat she's

running al$l)& and established oompany.

Sritltim • Wok:ome _

& II. memorable number

1b p:xUay .. ~r company image Ruth could have .. welcome IlleIlMge lor he! C\lSIOmerS e.I} ''NeIcome to Furniture 3f£ P\ea$e l>I:*:I wtule we connect y(:OJ to a $akllllldviso<" Ruth could also haV'&. memoo-able numbe< SO heI CU$IODIIlfS are mme likely to remember he'lXlIlljlafIydetails



504 4 366.

(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

Start-up suffering from growing pains needs intelligent call routing: Swart and ~r tIWt8d the~ SUlt>:::nary ~ three ye&IlI-o<J-


Alter 8 slow stan _~ expanded fllpodly. "They have r>:>W employed"'-' '"""'" mernl>e1'Sot otatr, four salesman. \>YO oIlioe $I8tI and 8 ~ They..- to lUlSW'8I all theil calls on 1.tIe shop fIooI. but they r>:>W want _calls to be dlleCted to the oaleII flooI and all o<her er>quir\e$1.O be peked up by !lie ~ Sciulion - Auto Allelldant WIth 8

Mn-veograplucal numbe< it is easy to oet up

"" 8ulOattendant service and redllEO. your calls to

1.tIe relevant<lep&tment !b Stuart and Peter's

I>usi.- they ~ three ~ fIeIo:me toStabMaly Ltd, _

I kw _



Press 3 kx all <JC1>BI 8nqWJes.

(-I=)C'RECT) let your number do the talking

Moving offices: RlI """'" bus1r.esoeI ~ Io::o.tioruI is an ulla\cidable in:>:>rlvenlence. Lucy had to """"" he! new business aflet only 25 months 01 trl'ding due to proI;JIemo With her I.ardI<J<d A common problem busl_ face when IIIOYing' k>::ationo is 10'''''0 phone 0'lll!l1O the~ previous phone numbe:t Sa'ulioo - Take yair number with yw

When Locy moved hom t>er old otfioe to he, new w.uprem.... she had 00 ~ with ""'""'" phone calls to he< old numbel Lucy a1Ieady had a llOIli/OOlllSphicaI number and this

wa. $imply remapped to he< new to.Jsu>ess location on the_ day she moved, This m.nt she didn't lose phone caU. to an old number.and the_on ller bus>neoo literature, _teand Qlio<lary didn"t need changinQ'

(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

How is all this Free? Clco1 question! NI UK businesoos are entitled to use a non路 geographical numbeI loT theiJ business. We make our IIlOlleY by Teoe:Iving a. small percentage 01 the call charge inallIed by the calleT when they dial;WI business number This

way ~ can take advantage of all these geIVices at no

additional coot to yom busmess. Th ,egiswr y<JU1 business a Fioo !lOll geogIaphical Ilumbm visit:

(-I=)c'RECT) let your number do the talking

Who are 08 Direct? 00 Direct aIe a privately owned UK telecommunicatlons

oompany wI禄 specialise in suf,fllying tulineooes Wll.!l oon-geog,arnical numbers l.O gIve them a prOf<#OOnal imaoe a<xl improve their inlxJoJnd call etficlency.

We are regulat.e<j by Olcom and

we directly receive all

<'XJI nwnbms from them. We alO tho only <Xl!IlIXUlY in the UK to &Jrflly a. oompeoollS'w call rTI1l.J'I1I9(!rTlCnt package with all Ow 00I1iJOOl),ap/ucal numbers路

{melones lrooOO nwnbcls.) Number mrqes available

0644, 0345. Cll'llJ. 0871, 01372, 030'J. C8Cll

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