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Academic Internship Program

Program Introduction

The Academic Internship Program (AIP) promotes career development and self-awareness by integrating academic learning with applied workplace experience. By participating in Rollins' AIP, students can earn course credit while exploring various career fields as an intern for a professional organization. The academic assignments are specifically designed to enhance the learning experience through in-depth reflection and critical analysis of the work environment. Each semester, students report that by engaging in this practical experience, the internship has help clarify their career goals, and has enhanced their academic, personal, and professional development.

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Register for the Summer 2014 Internship course Contact Information Office of Academic Internships Mills Memorial Bldg, Rm 303 TEL: (407) 646-2391 FAX: (407) 646-2445

All A&S, CPS, and Hamilton Holt students can now register for a summer 2014 academic internship via FOXLINK by clicking on “Academic Internship Registration Form” in the left-hand column under the appropriate student tab. Registration Deadline: Tuesday, May 6th by 5:00 PM Mandatory Orientation (choose one to attend): 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM, Tuesday, April 29th 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM, Wednesday, April 30th Located in the Bush Auditorium If you have any questions or concerns about the orientation, please contact the Academic Internships instructor immediately. Lisa Johnson, Director of Academic Internships, (407) 646-2391 Sharon Agee, Director of INB Internships, (407) 646-2113 For more information on how to register for an academic internship, visit here.

Lesson Learned from Spring 2014 Internship Interview with Andrew Lesmes, ‘14 A&S Internship Site: Society of St. Andrew Location: Orlando, FL

Q: What is your major and how did this internship relate? A: I am an environmental studies major, and the organization I worked for is concerned with two issues of public health—hunger and food waste, the latter of which has serious environmental implications.

Q: What does your internship site do? A: Society of St. Andrew is a non-profit hunger relief organization that takes volunteers out to Florida's farms and groves, "gleans" produce that would otherwise to go waste, and then distributes it to food banks, pantries, and other organizations; the Florida branch, for whom I worked, are responsible for over 30 million pounds of produce being saved since their opening in 1995.

Q: What were your personal responsibilities as an intern? A: As an intern, my responsibilities fell under two categories: office and field work. The office component consisted mainly of grant research and event planning/volunteer coordination, as well as learning other aspects of managing a non-profit. In the field, I was given the opportunity to lead my own gleaning event (with over 60 adult volunteers) and also visit many key centers of Central Florida's hunger relief community (including Salvation Army, Coalition for the Homeless, and Second Harvest Food Bank).

Q: What did you learn or find enjoyable? A: Above all, I learned how helpful and charitable people can be; I never ceased to be amazed by the wonderful members of our community, who were willing to get up at sunrise on a Saturday morning to work on the farm for a great cause. Also, even after having learned about food waste and hunger many times in my studies, I was amazed by how novel and fun gleaning can be as a solution to both issues—volunteers get the opportunity to spend a morning on a beautiful farm, and in return, thousands of hungry people receive fresh produce. To be part of it was both an honor and a privilege.

Q: Did this internship experience help solidify what you want to do in the future? Why or why not? How? A: Though it has not necessarily changed my specific desires for the future, it has provided me with a lot of skills that I never would have expected to learn. I have gained a much greater understanding of people—the opportunity to interact with volunteers, hunger relief workers, and the hungry themselves has given me incredible perspective. On top of the practical experience and responsibilities placed upon me as an intern, the personal skills I've gained will certainly come in handy on whichever path I take.

Excerpts from Spring 2014 Intern Journals What are your impression and expectation of this internship? Since I have been working with the school guidance counselor, I’m learning more about individual students. I am very impressed with how well students do in the Montessori learning environment. And often times, I am blown away by the scores they receive on assessments. Almost every student at the school is at least one grade level above in all subjects, which is truly impressive to me.

Lauren Teets, ’16 A&S (not photo) Lake Montessori Academy

My expectations for the upcoming weeks are to learn more about assessments and to really focus on how those scores are implemented into the classroom, as well as, the children’s individual work plans. Also, I hope to continue getting the opportunity to meet with families, as I am very interested in the psychology field relating to marriage and family; meeting with families will help me better understand how the home environment influences students school experience. - Lauren Teets, ’16 A&S Lake Mary Montessori Academy, Lake Mary, FL

What tasks are you accomplishing at the internship?

Abron Ards, ‘16 Holt Sara Brady Public Relations

I am responsible for writing press releases and media advisories for client events. Also, I participate in meetings on client updates, which allows for me to get a better understanding of the client’s needs and how I can better serve them through the training. In addition, I have been working on the media list, which is consisted of local news contacts that the company works with in collaboration to support client needs and narratives. I enjoy this assignment because it is a great chance to network with various public relation professionals for my future career. - Abron Ards, ‘16 Holt Sara Brady Public Relations, Winter Park, FL

What are some challenges you experience? When the new Creative Director on boarded a couple weeks ago, I offered my assistance to help him settle in and informed him of my willingness to take on projects. However, it was difficult to prioritize his tasks with projects within my department while meeting high expectations at the same time. I met with my supervisor, who consistently completes a heavy workload with admirable efficiency, and gained a helpful perspective on time management. Additionally, I was asked to manage the Creative Director’s large

contact list by importing business cards and converting the information into a format compatible with his google documents. However, due to differences between Mac and Microsoft operating systems he suggested trouble shooting via email with an IT consultant in Australia. After days of delayed responses because of the time difference, I decided to research the problem on my own and eventually found a solution. - Alexandra Colvin, ‘16 Holt Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL

Alexandra Colvin, ‘16 Holt Dr. Phillips Performing Art Center

Pre-Med Shadowing Program Tip of the Week This spring semester, the internship reflection course continue helping students make the most of this valuable learning experience. With the ‘Tip of the Week’, students receive a weekly blog posting with helpful suggestions on how to expand their understanding of the world of work, and apply these tips during their internship. Here are a few tips that can improve your internship experience:

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Showing Initiative Make the most of your time Improve relationship Ask for Challenges Personal Communication Networking References Future Opportunities

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During Spring Break, Rollins partnered with Radiology Department at Florida Hospital to offer shadowing opportunities for two pre-med students, Annamarie Bryant and Cardiff Howell. Both students had a rewarding experience, and stated that it greatly impacted their future careers in healthcare. To read more, please click here. Health Professions Advising Program strongly encourages pre-med students to apply for summer enrichment programs offer by medical schools around the country. Students can better prepare for medical school application and future pursuit in healthcare. These programs are promoted via social media, Blackboard, and emails. For more information, please click here.

Spring 2014 Academic Internships Do you know? 62 students enrolled, including:

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38 A&S students 10 CPS students 14 Holt students

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Credit Type 21 General elective credit 20 INB major credit 14 COM Studies major credit 3 CMC major credit 2 PSY major credit 2 ENV major credit

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Competitive Internships for Summer and Fall 2014 Smithsonian Gardens Internship The Smithsonian Gardens provides an exceptionally wellrounded array of experiences in its intern program thanks to the wide diversity of services it offers to the Smithsonian, the world's largest museum complex. Interns will learn skills in a broad range of horticultural endeavors from SI's expert professional staff and can provide a strong practical background to emerging professionals hoping to enter the public gardening world. Deadline: June 1, 2014

HACU National Internship Program The National Internship Program (HNIP) recruits college Career Field students for paid summer- and semester-long internships at 20 internships are in the career federal agencies and private corporations in Washington, DC, fields of journalism, public and throughout the country. These internship programs give relations, and marketing college students direct experience in a diverse array of careers 4 internships are in psychology in the federal and corporate sectors. Other career fields include event Deadline: June 13, 2014 planning and organizing, arts and museum administration, business administration, environmental, education, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Internship finance, human services, media The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which specializes in production, politics, project research and analysis oriented toward practical policy decisions management, and theater and produces solid analytic reports on a timely basis that are accessible to public officials at national, state and local levels, Industry to nonprofit organizations and to the media, offers a one7 public relations internships semester internship program. 6 internships in non-profit Deadline: June 15, 2014 5 internships in education 4 internships in healthcare Northwestern Mutual Financial Internship 3 internships in counseling Northwestern Mutual's internship is ranked "One of America's 3 internships in marketing Top Ten Internships" for a good reason – it gives you real-world 3 internships in finance experience from Day One. As a financial representative intern, Other industries include you are trained and mentored by industry veterans who know art/design, entertainment, environment, human resources, what it takes to succeed. You learn how to run a practice from one of the most respected companies around. And you test publish, real estate, and sports drive a career where you can achieve your goals and have an impact on people’s lives. Deadline: Rolling, ASAP

Spring 2014 - Internship Orientation

Bankers’ Insurance Agent Internship Bankers' Insurance Sales Agent Internship Program offers students real world experience in business management and sales, providing them an opportunity to build their career just like our independent contractor Agents. Supported by Bankers’ Home Office, training programs and mentoring, Insurance Sales Agent Interns will have access to the resources our Agents use to understand the needs of our customers and provide insurance solutions to help families protect their financial security and prepare for retirement. Deadline: Rolling, ASAP

Research Internships at Lincoln Park Zoo The zoo's Research Internship program provides unique opportunities for undergraduates and recent graduates to gain research experience on exotic species in a captive setting. The internship program is based in the Conservation & Science Department and offers a unique opportunity to conduct work in a variety of areas and gain valuable experience while being a part of the zoo’s team approach to research and management of small populations. Deadline: Not specific

More internship opportunities can be found on

Rollins Office of Academic Internships Newslette spring 2014  
Rollins Office of Academic Internships Newslette spring 2014