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Who we are? Our mission Macedonia2025 is international, independent, nonpartisan, non-profit “think and do” tank, founded in 2007 by Macedonian expatriates who envision a proactive way of contributing to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia. With headquarters in Skopje and supporters around the globe, we encompass a wide array of programs that enable expatriates to give back to their homeland.

What we envision? Our vision We are dedicated to helping create a prosperous economic climate and a “stronger nation” that will improve opportunities fo r citizens, companies, and foreign investors. We promote sustainable economic growth through fostering competitiveness, entrepreneurship innovations and values-based leadership .

Our 5 main objectives “Think” (provide independent perspectives, foster discussion, incite calls to action) and “Do” (execute programs, convene key stakeholders, impact policy) in 5 main areas: 1. Accelerate economic development 2. Implement education programs that accelerate leadership development and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia 3. Provide the Diaspora an opportunity to strengthen and improve linkages worldwide 4. Advocate the ideals of transparent, democratic and inclusive society good for the citizens, good for economic development, and good for the Country 5. Maintain and help facilitate discussions on a ‘Country Dashboard’ to ensure broad progress on growth and quality of life is being made and headed in right direction


Robert Arsov Chairman of the Board

Macedonia’s republic remains fragile and faces challenges that are as complex and disturbing as any time since inception. Many of the obstacles are self-inflicted primarily by the political instability within the country while others are imposed by strong instability in the European Union and its periphery (e.g. Brexit), immigration flows resulting from conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa that have displaced millions of people from their homes, as well as slowing global and regional growth. Consequently, we know that business as usual will not be enough and that our efforts and commitments need to increase even further, now more then ever. Macedonia2025’s mission is to facilitate country’s pursuit of a more competitive, dynamic, democratic and diverse economy with ultimate goal to better the lives of its citizens. I remain thankful for the ongoing support by all benefactors and members of the organization. You should be all proud that our organization and programs are making a difference for Macedonia as well as our peoples within the country and globally. As per our organization’s founding father’s, John Bitove Sr., words: “I always felt that those who give will receive – as long as they do it with their heart,” I encourage every Macedonian to find ways to get engaged and give back to their community and country. We continue to dream that one day we can all be proud to see Macedonia and its peoples achieve their potential. I look forward to what we can all accomplish together in 2017! Sincerely, Robert Arsov Macedonia2025 Chairman of the Board


Biljana Markovic Stamenova Executive Director

Dear supporters of the organization, During 2016, we continued to make large significant strides towards accomplishing our mission. Following the successful fundraising event in 2015, we launched the Zafirovski Executive Development Program in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management, synonymous with excellence in business leadership. We trained 40+ entrepreneurs through the Leader Project and we enabled six managers to experience a remarkable study tour in Canada by attending a course at the Schulich School of Business and by doing executive internships at renowned Canadian companies. We have also organized a Diaspora Summer Road-trip and provided six young Macedonians who live abroad with an opportunity to connect with the country and participate in internships at Macedonian companies. Our Business Forum for returning expatriates who have invested in the country had highlighted significant challenges that have been communicated with the relevant institutions. Our Diaspora outreach event in Vienna was a wonderful opportunity to promote cooperation between the diaspora professionals from Europe and the Macedonian business community. Our fifth flagship MK2025 Summit in Skopje opened discussions about important topics such as renewable energies and clean technologies in an effort to share best global practices and drive change. These events are a great platform for us to interact with experts from the global diaspora and enable us to expand our membership by bringing in remarkable leaders from our community. In addition to expanding our board, we also have new young professionals in our Leaders Club and grew our impact in Macedonia to 8 dedicated staff members. In 2017 we will focus on utilizing our resources and conducting research as part of our “think and do tank” activities. We will also regularly monitor progress with our Country Dashboard and we will provide input for the country’s development. We will also work on rounding up our educational programs by developing new opportunities through the Bitove Entrepreneurship Development Program. We will also work on locating successful Diaspora professionals around the globe and we will develop services that facilitate the Diaspora investments in the country. The Annual Report is an overview of the events that have engaged audiences with the goal of stimulating forward-thinking and forward-doing in support of Macedonia’s economic development. I invite you to find out what Macedonia2025 does and to support our work so that we can continue building a better, stronger nation. On behalf of our board members and staff, we sincerely thank everyone who has participated at our events, donated to our cause and supported our organization!


Sincerely, Biljana Markovic Stamenova Macedonia2025 Executive Director

Our 2016 accomplishments


ICT/BPO Roundtables We invited representatives of ICT and BPO companies in Macedonia to partake at round table discussions for mapping-out the steps towards strengthening these sectors so that the companies create more jobs and generate better value. With a viable and maturing business ecosystem already in place, companies in this sector should be able to engage in joint ventures, provide mutual support and develop informal framework for staffing and training university graduates. Macedonia2025 considers this sector as crucial for the economic growth of the country and will continue to engage with diaspora professionals who want to help Macedonian IT entrepreneurs maximize their impact and capacity.


The Leader Project 2016 We are counting several milestones this year and the most exciting one is the successful organization of the 9th edition of the Leader Project- the MBA-styled business training in cooperation with Richard Ivey School of Business. The Leader Project has trained up to 300 entrepreneurs, novice managers and future business leaders in Macedonia. Furthermore, Macedonia2025 has become a regional hub from where the program has now expanded in two more locations - Belgrade and Sarajevo, thus creating one of the best examples of regional cooperation in business and education. The roster of Leader Project alumni has been growing thanks to diaspora Macedonians who have initiated our cooperation with Richard Ivey and thanks to those of you who donate to our educational programs.

Nikola Maljanovski Marketing Manager, EkoKlub DOOEL, Skopje

“The Leader Project is an excellent opportunity where young professionals can gain additional skills and knowledge that will be practically used in Macedonian companies. I will work on implementing the ideas that were discussed together with the instructors and whose purpose is to manage more efficiently with the company resources as well as improve the organizational structure.�


Networking Reception in Vienna

The Vienna Reception is a continuation of last year’s forum in Paris. We organize events in cities across Europe to connect with Macedonian professionals and friends of Macedonia outside the country. The event in Vienna was attended by 100 people, including investors in Macedonia and representatives of the Vienna business community who learned about investment opportunities in the country and about the solid business relations between Austria and Macedonia. The Vienna Reception attracted expatriates from Macedonia living in Europe who were interested to connect with peers and to learn more about the business climate in the country, but also to hear the presentations of globally successful Macedonian brands. In addition to the presentations, this event was a great chance for the participants to enjoy choice wine and cheese from Macedonia.


Executive Study Tour to Canada This program combines participation in management development courses at Schulich School of Business part of the York University and interactive visits to notable local companies, aimed at business professionals as well as young entrepreneurs from Macedonia. This year we placed five people, bringing the total number of participants to more than 30. All of the participants have stated that this experience has helped them broaden their understanding about managing processes and resources. We would like to sincerely thank the members of the Macedonian community in Canada who did their best to find the most suitable companies that were visited by the tour’s participants.

Aleksandar Stamenkovik, MSc EMBA, Organizational Manager of Public University Hospital- Skopje

“I sincerely thank Mk2025 for giving me, and others, the opportunity to take part in its professional cooperation with the Schulich School of Business and Canadian companies, which I find to be a wonderful experience and prompt model for networking and knowledge sharing between the two communities.�


Summer Business Road Trip for young Diaspora professionals In 2016 we initiated a program whose purpose is to connect young Macedonian professionals from around the world in a week-long stay in Macedonia. The pilot program included 6 participants from Australia, the United States and Europe. Through their internship the participants gained on-site practical knowledge at notable companies, organizations and institutions in the country. The road trip was concluded with a networking event, visits to sites in Skopje and wine tasting in the renowned Tikves winery. Macedonia2025 is thankful to our Board Member Zhivko Mukaetov and Alkaloid AD Skopje for chairing and supporting this program.

“I always had deep connection to my culture, and I loved coming here and seeing how the country is progressing. As part of the Macedonia2025 program I was an intern at Project Hope as I have interest in humanitarian efforts and really enjoyed it.�

Samantha Mangovski Program Participant


Diaspora Investors Business Forum

Filip Jotevski Global Chairman | Generation M NDECC Ohio Fellow | DNC

“I’d like to congratulate Macedonia2025 on the incredibly successful event. We all learned a great deal on the climate for diaspora investment and were truly inspired by the success stories presented. “

In 2016 Macedonia2025 organized the first forum for members of the Macedonian diaspora who have invested in the country. The event had 100 attendees among whom were representatives of government ministries, entrepreneurs and returning Macedonian expatriates. During the three panel discussions the Diaspora investors presented the advantages of investing in the country, the challenges their companies are facing and what actions the government can take in order to support their growth. This forum has the potential to become a game-changer because Macedonia2025 has earned the credibility and reputation for creating platforms that are free of politics of the day, where poignant, constructive observations can be directed at representatives of government’s agencies. The nurturing of an open, forward-thinking dialog between the business diaspora and the government gives the Macedonian diaspora community confidence that they can continue investing in Macedonia. Following the event, Macedonia2025 drafted a White Paper for stimulating Diaspora investments with recommendations and projects for economic development that are set to be communicated with relevant government bodies. To get a copy of the white paper, please contact our office.


Get in the ring Competition Macedonia2025 and the National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial learning co-organized a business idea pitching contest for high-school students and experienced entrepreneurs GET IN THE RING. The jury was comprised of Macedonia2025 Board members and speakers at the 2016 Summit, and the prizes were provided by our corporate partners and supporters. The best startup will travel to the global Get in the ring competition in New York or Singapore and the costs will be covered by Macedonia2025 and the partner organization. Besides pitching a number of very interesting ideas, the high school teams presented themselves in a professional manner and had an excellent sense of communicating with the audience. The entrepreneurs in charge of year-old startups made it apparent that influencers and enablers should look into the capacity for innovation that is present among young people in Macedonia.

Irena Stojceska High School Professor of Business and Management - Struga


“I want to thank Macedonia2025 for organizing the Get in the Ring business idea pitching competition. Events such as this one are rare but very important because they enable the students to step outside the school’s walls, present their ideas to the world, build their self-confidence, and reflect with their peers on the subject of business and entrepreneurship.�


Macedonia2025 Summit 2016 Summit Overview This is Macedonia2025’s landmark event and as such it is representative of what our organization stands for in respect to the future of Macedonia. The Summit is the only forum in the country that enlists notable experts and professionals to address a variety of topics related to economic development, business, innovation, leadership and technology. Furthermore, the Summit is a unique regional platform where people can meet other professionals whose goal is to build better businesses, to acquire new ideas and expand cooperation across borders. The focus of this year’s Summit – renewable energies, smart cities and the green economy – reflected Macedonia’s topmost priorities as a developing country. We are hopeful that the ideas disseminated in the conference will have an impact now and well into the future.


MEASURING PROGRESS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (HOW DO WE MOVE AGAINST THE COUNTRY DASHBOARD) Macedonia has implemented many reforms but a lot more can be done: • Labor code reform; • Tax administration reform: make taxes simpler in order to reduce avoidance and corruption; • Restructuring State Owned Enterprises (SOE); • PPP – Public Private Partnership; • Public services: importance of reforming public service to reduce corruption and to be kept accountable i.e. be fired if they do not perform. We need diaspora engagement to further growth, but this engagement should be driven by the private sector. Diaspora is not a political issue but an economic issue. ENVISIONING THE FUTURE: RENEWABLE ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND TECHNOLOGY • Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 85% until 2050 through methods which are being implemented globally; • The opportunities for Macedonia are various, from using hydro, solar and wind power, to producing biomass and biofuel and using a common grid connection with neighboring countries. Macedonia can prosper while generating green energy; • It is not a one size fits all. All cities have different needs, structures, problems and opportunities and therefore it needs a lot of flexibility in the approach of making a city smart; • There is often a mismatch in the communication between industry, private sector and local authorities. Local authorities should challenge stakeholders to come up with a blueprint that envisions the future and then this idea can be brought to the industry with what they have to offer designed specifically for these realities.


EUROPE’S GATEWAY TO SPACE The European Space Agency and the Macedonian companies and Universities can look into opportunities for cooperation. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY • Foundations for innovation in telecommunications: a good network, increased storage, increased capacity and speed. New trends: convergence, big data, cloud computing; • Previously only hospitals gathered data on health but with wearable monitoring technology this model is changing. Health data can be gathered anytime and anywhere. Dr. Tulevski’s company has started using ‘wearables’ with the software developed in Macedonia; • Big Data will make a big difference. As we collect data we will be able to predict illnesses earlier just like engineers diagnosing and predicting problems in aircraft; • Huge potential in the agricultural business in Macedonia: monitoring of harvests; However, Macedonia is missing out with technology incubators: working out ways to turn M2M into new products. LEADERSHIP DISCUSSION ON GIVING BACK TO THE HOMELAND - THE ISRAELI CASE • Birthright Israel was founded with the goal of strengthening the links with the diaspora and helping people of Jewish origin to embrace their heritage. We found that Israeli youths that go on Birthright trips gain a greater pride of their country and are less likely to leave even if they could be paid higher elsewhere; • You have to believe that you can do more than you can, that you can get to the hilltop. If you don’t believe in miracles you are not a realist!; • What ignited the culture of start-ups in Israel: the right conditions are very different. The situation of need, we developed areas because of the lack of resources. Many spin-offs from the military because military service tends to mature people. EUROPEAN AND REGIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION • Macedonia has to bring in new technologies in order to boost competitiveness and to prevent best talents from leaving Macedonia; • Physical proximity to the region is an advantage. Better transport infrastructure can facilitate greater economic integration and specialization; • Demographic structure is a key future issue for economic growth within Europe; • Politics distorts reality and people have an aversion to free trade, which is an example for southern Balkan;

• Economic convergence is not guaranteed when you are a part of European Union, so countries need to have the right policies and conditions to achieve convergence while maintaining their macroeconomic stability. THE FUTURE OF SMART MOBILITY • Vision of the future is zero emission, zero noise and car sharing; • Simple strategies include: encourage people to move from driving their car to car-sharing, busses, taxis etc. MACEDONIA A HUB FOR SMART INDUSTRIES • Tools of cultivating local human resources towards technological and high tech segments in Macedonia: cultivating R&D; stimulating government involvement (VCF; High tech incubators and more…); • Creating new work places for young local Macedonian professionals to be engaged with the high-tech segment; Setting up an attractive segment for startups and joint R&D in Macedonia; Tools for local universities and industry for finding joint “applied research opportunities”; International Cooperation; • Students, local businesses and young entrepreneurs should leverage their talent to build cloud-based applications on well-established platforms as a server; • Focus on building intellectual property and sell it to the world as a Macedonian product, not just outsource. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN USING RENEWABLE RESOURCES • Energy generation from by and waste products while ensuring maximum protection of resources: Biodiesel and Biogas plants; • Generating biogas and electricity from waste - Goss brewery in Austria generates electricity from yeast waste; • We need to change our attitudes towards recycling but at the same time we need to be enabled with better access to collection bins – separate bins for separate materials; • We need to make recycling cool and provide incentives for recycling; • We saw a gap in the market for a luxury water brand with unique properties and we used it by taking the naturally carbonated water from a pristine environment – the Kozjak Mountains. Today the Macedonian ORO Water has an international award and it is sold all over the world as a luxury product.


REQUIRED ROLE OF WOMEN AS LEADERS FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE • Secret competence that women possess is Emotional intelligence and they should embrace it; • Girls have to be taught at an early age about how valuable they are and should be reminded regularly that they deserve to be successful; • Macedonian companies do not have a prejudice about hiring women so the willingness about hiring women is not a problem here. It is the willingness of the society to allow women to work and to create appropriate positions for women to develop and to be successful, which is the real challenge. CHANGING THE WORLD WITH TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION • 2.5 Exabyte’s of data are created every day. (An Exabyte is equal to approximately one billion gigabytes). 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone which means that the rate at which we are generating data is increasing dramatically. We are generating a tsunami of data; • Cognitive computing is a partnership between people and learning, reasoning machines. What search is to information retrieval, cognitive computing is to decision making; • Machines are not going to be autonomous but they are going to work as partners with people and that partnership is going to help us solve the big problems; • Cognitive era is about augmenting human intelligence: learning at scale, reasoning with purpose and interacting naturally with people; • A vision of the future: Every professional will have a cognitive assistant.

“Hearing the vision of Mike Zafirovski about advancing the skills of the young leaders, hearing about Mr. John Bitove Sr.’s initiative for helping Macedonia by launcing Macedonia2025, I discovered a renewed sense of self-confidence, belief that people have true values and love for my country.”

Sasho Pandilov Sasho Pandilov, Macedonia2025 Summit attendee and Project Manager of B-P Filters

Top 3 Sessions

Top 3 reasons why the participants attended the summit

Changing the world with technology innovation

To support Macedonia2025

Measuring progress of economic development


Sustainable innovation and technology

Exploring business opportunities


Jasmin Bilalovikj Young professional and scholarship recipient

“As a recent graduate in the field of Machine Intelligence and Robotics, I am constantly seeking possibilities to speed-up the transition of education to industry. Opportunities are all over, but we always focus on the finest offers. Without any idea that an event of this caliber, intensity and quality will take a place that close to us, I immediately inquired registration for the Summit and received the scholarship. I can say that the Mk2025 “think-tank” is a game changer, not only in Macedonia, but in the region as well. The MK2025 team is a great contributor towards the citizens and companies with state-of-the-art models brought and presented in R. Macedonia. It was a great pleasure to attend and extract all the benefits of Summit.”


Special initiative: Macedonia2025 Flood Relief Fund The organization received $15,000 from its donors, members and supporters as additional assistance to the region in Skopje that was affected by the August 6 floods. Macedonia2025 staff members supported by several volunteers dedicated hours in identifying the most affected families and households. The organization was determined to deliver the aid directly to those who are in dire need of furniture, construction material and household appliances. We did our best to maximize the effect of the donation and to make sure that every donated cent reached the affected families. On Saturday, August 26, 120 families received vouchers that they used to purchase products necessary for rebuilding their homes. The financial contribution may not be large compared to the overall damage of the homes, but nonetheless, it gave all those families a boost of confidence to get back on their feet and restart their lives. The recipients of the vouchers were very appreciative of the help that has been extended to them by Macedonians from around the world. Furthermore, the Macedonia2025 office team also distributed clothes, blankets and shoes which our organization has received as donor aid from our board member Mitre Kutanovski in Indiana, USA. Macedonia2025 is humbled for having the opportunity to extend the gratitude that the affected families expressed to our flood relief fund.

Flood Fund Raised funds Committed Capital Macedonia2025 Contribution Value Added Tax*

$10,963 $1,145 $1,351 $2,954

Total *VAT will be refunded



Flood Fund Total amount given Families that received a voucher Value of the voucher

$16,413 120 $136.78


Testimonials from interviews with Diaspora Donors “To return to the homeland and to give back by developing a capacity that has so much potential has been an amazing experience for us. Macedonia is developing not just in the tourism and hospitality but in many other sectors and there are opportunities that you need to locate. There are people who are coming with a great idea, with strong will, that are bringing their experience and working ethic, who in the end succeed.” Alexander Nechovski, Manager, Lakeview Hotel Otesevo “If I had the opportunity to attend the Leader Project earlier, I would have had a much better starting position and knowledge in operating a business. I would have had an easier and more efficient time in growing the business. Macedonia2025 has also helped us on many occasions by including us in activities and in networking events with businesspeople from the diaspora and from Macedonia; one of the roads to success are personal acquaintances.” Vladimir Robevski, Managing Director, iSource “There are people in Macedonia who are experts, who are dedicated employees, who make things work. Instead of them going abroad we should help them stay here and make products for the rest of Europe by investing in Macedonia.” Mihail Angel, Director and Owner, Angelus Energy

“We want to leave a footprint that great products can come out of Macedonia that have high standards and supreme quality. Macedonia is a beautiful place to start. If we can make it in Macedonia we can make it in the world.” Kris Popovski, CEO, Signori

What others say about Macedonia2025 programs and activities? “We are especially happy that we had the opportunity to meet representatives of Macedonia2025 before we started our organization. Restart Bosnia was inspired by the ways in which Mk2025 is working to connect with entrepreneurs from the diaspora and how the organization receives their support.” Salih Music, Managing Director, Restart Bosnia & Leader Project 2016 participant


“I would like to express my pleasure in regards to Macedonia2025’s excellent coordination and cooperation during the Vienna Networking Reception. It is my pleasure to relay the positive impressions by my company’s representatives about the reception.” Darijan Radenkovikj, WINNER Vienna Insurance Group Macedonia and Vienna Event Sponsor

Macedonia2025 Dashboard The ‘country dashboard’ was introduced in Summit 2015 to help define ‘aspirational and achievable’ targets for Macedonia in 2025. It also provides a way to track progress towards those targets. The dashboard’s metrics and peer countries were chosen by Macedonia 2025 in consultation with a diverse group of experts from the Economic Development Boards of Singapore, Turkey, McKinsey & Company and in consultation with the former Prime Minister of Georgia, Nika Gilauri. he dashboard consists of 14 economic, financial and social metrics, with each metric having a corresponding goal. The metrics measure economic growth (‘Growth Measures’) and those factors that help enable economic growth (‘Growth Enablers’). Together they provide a more holistic view of Macedonia progress compared to what is provided by more traditional economic measures. The goals for each metric are defined relative to 33 peer countries at similar stages of economic growth.

Growth Measures GDP Growth % 5-year average

Key 1 YOY % change 2 2013 value 3 2014 value

2005 Value

2014 Value

2015 % on Value last yr





2006 Q2 2.9%1

2005 Rank

2014 Rank

2015 Rank Target

32/35 22/35 21/35

4-5%, 1st QTL

21/35 20/35 19/35

>$10k, 1st QTL

24/24 21/212 21/213

<12%, 3rd QTL

GDP per capita (2010 USD)

$3,787 $4,920 $ 5,094


Unemployment Rate



Net Expor ts (% of GDP)

-16.2% -17.3% -16.3%


24/35 22/33 19/26

>-10%, Top half

GovS pending (% of GDP)

16.2%1 6.9% 16.7%


17/34 15/32 11/25

~20%, 1st QTL


16/29 16/29

BBB, 1st QTL

26/35 34/35 25/35

>5%, 1st QTL

Credit Rating (S&P)


FDI (% of GDP)












Growth Enablers 2005 Value

Key 1 2000 value 2 2012 value 3 2013 value 4 2010 value 5 2011 value

2014 Value

Education Quality (PISA) Investment (% of GDP)

2015 on Value last yr

2005 Rank

3851 25%

R&D (% of GDP)



0.4%3 33.3% 14/19

Democratic Freedom



Corruption Index rank


Ease of doing Business rank


2015 Rank Target 5/81

19.2%2 3.4%

Environment (C02 mtp er cap)

2014 Rank


23/34 15/33 10/26 9/162


1st QTL #1 1st QTL



18/33 26/35 26/35 Top half















1st QTL 1st QTL

30/34 26/354 27/355 Top half


Financial Summary


Macedonia2025 mobile application Web Factory and Macedonia2025 developed a Macedonia2025 Mobile App that will keep you posted with all the programs and activities. You can download the app on Google Store: or Apple Store: We sincerely thank the amazing team of Web Factory. More info on them here http://


Call to donate! If we have more funding, we can do more amazing things for even more people in Macedonia. Our programs have been set in place and are touching the lives of those who are energetic, capable and willing. We need to make sure this continues in the time ahead. Please remember to give to Macedonia2025 regularly. Together we are supporting a country that needs all the help it can get. 100% of our donations go to our EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES! You can donate at:


2016 Membership and Staff Macedonia2025 Board Members Robert Arsov, Chairman Vera Stavroff, Vice-Chairwoman Mike Zafirovski, Co-founder and Chair of Strategy Committee John I. Bitove Jr., Co-founder and Chair of Communications Committee Mitre Kutanovski, Co-Founder & Treasurer Zoran Martinovski, Board Member & Chair of the Education Committee Chris Pavlovski, Board Member & Chair of the Economic Development Committee Jim Nikopoulos, Board Member and Chair of Membership Committee Peter Simeon, Board Member and Chair of Fundraising Committee Igor Popovski, Board Member and Chair of Events Committee Zhivko Mukaetov, Board Member Robert Stevanovski, Board Member Nevenka Dimitrova, Board Member Honorary members Education board Emil Hristov, USA Lou Naumovski, Canada/Russia Guido Galleni, Macedonia/Bulgaria Mile Terziovski, Australia Jerry Naumoff, Macedonia Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, USA Steve Sharpe, UK Slavica Waite, UK Susan Niczowski, Canada Zoran Jolevski, Macedonia Bert van der Vaart, USA Leaders Club Members Alan Castillo, Macedonia Aleksandar Orovcanec, Canada Aleksandar Stamboliev, Macedonia Ana Shukrieva Filipcheva, Macedonia Borche Ilioski, Macedonia Branimir Zelenkov, UAE Dejan Leskaroski, USA Dijana Indovski, Canada Dino Gramatikov, Switzerland Emil Matevski, Germany Filip Popov, Macedonia Goran Pejkoski, UK Kiril Savovski, Austria Lidija Gjorgjievska, USA

Maria Karanikova, France Matthew Zafirovski, USA Metodija Papazovski, Poland Michael Cklamovski, USA Miodrag Arsov, USA Mitko Andonov, Macedonia Natasha Koneska, Australia Nick Lazarevski, Australia Nikola Kjurchiski, Russia Pero Jolevski, USA Petar Kajevski, Austria Petar Spaseski, Macedonia Snezana Zivcevska Stalpers, The Netherlands Vahit Alili, UK Vera Lalchevska, Switzerland Vladimir Robevski, Macedonia Zlate Koviloski, Germany


Macedonia2025 Headquarters Office in Macedonia: Biljana Markovic, Executive Director Jordanka Kacarska, Program Manager Vase Georgievska, Finance Officer Ivan Stamenov, Marketing & Communications Specialist Martin Anastasovski, Content Contributor Maja Staleska, Program Assistant Elena Zhurkova, Program Assistant Aleksandra Kolozheg, Marketing & Communications Assistant Filip Trajkov, Intern

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